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Sorry, no year-ahead love forecasts this week. I’ll resume them next week. Only Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio remain to do.


Decades ago, I said both democracy and communism would be replaced by a new, third “politic.” A year or three ago, I said the west’s leadership would be replaced by the rising east. This is self-evident, but look at this: in the last millennium, empires conquered the world by force of arms. Then, in the last half of the 1900’s, the U.S.A. conquered the world by economic means, much of it, though, of a “conquering” nature: horse-trading, cunning, industrial and technological out-performance, and the famous Rooseveltian intimidation (“walk softly but carry a big stick”) etc.

Now, a third phase: the east – that is, China – is starting to conquer the world, also by economic means – but in a co-operative way. The new Asian Infrastructure bank, which will either replace or compete with the U.S.-controlled World Bank, is, at least on its face, co-operative. Already dozens of nations – many of them democracies from Europe – have joined China to become founding members of this new “world bank.” It’s a turning point — and one many astrologers, who decried the end of the world in (was it 2010?) when a massive amount of “hard aspects” occurred, would be smart to study. That conglomeration of hard aspects — the most seen in thousands of years — will slowly “play out” over the decades ahead. But the Asian Bank is one of the keys, a turning point.

The great thing about all this: it trends toward supporting my decades-old prediction that from 1984 to 2232, there would be no more massive wars, no WW III. The new wars are smooth, subtle, economic, even polite – as the Chinese are.


Note: the following item was in the Feb. 15/15 column, but it was placed after a very long item on the family courts justice system, so many might have missed it. Here it is again:

(I am using only first and last initials. But from the method applied, you can infer the letters’ meanings, and then interpret middle initials also – and even whole names, first letter to last.)


First, the alphabet: A, R = Aries. B, I = Taurus. E, X, and sibilant C (sounds like “s”) = Gemini. M, O = Cancer. F, W = Leo. G, N = Virgo. P, L = Libra. K, hard C (sounds like “k”) = Scorpio. J, U, Q = Sagittarius. S, H, Y = Capricorn. V, D = Aquarius. T, Z = Pisces.

These letters help you “sense” one of the main personality traits of anyone you meet. For example, the first initial of someone’s name will often indicate their Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising sign. In the remainder of people, it will indicate a pattern or a dominant planet. For example, my name is Tim. The first initial, T = Pisces. But I’m a Gemini Moon and Sun, with Libra rising. How is this Piscean? Well, the planet Neptune (ruling Pisces) sits right on my ascendant (rising sign) so I am shy, quiet, passive, intuitive and empathic (so much so that I sometimes hear another person’s inflections in my speech, or find myself involuntarily copying – no, living in someone else’s gestures or mannerisms, for a moment). It’s a spooky thing. I work, in essence, as a Piscean: counsellor, card reader, astrologer.
My full name, Tim Stephens, or TS = Pisces/Capricorn. Because Capricorn is Pisces’ 11th house, I deal with the public, or am a bit of a public figure. (The 11th house rules groups and popularity.)
Another example: someone with a P or L first initial (indicating a “Libran” personality) will, 8 times out of 10, have a Libra Sun, Moon or rising sign. But the P or L might only indicate a Libran “pattern.” Libra rules marriage and all partnerships. So this P or L person could be a Taurus rising with a Scorpio Sun, or a Gemini rising with a Sagittarius Sun, or a Cancer rising with a Capricorn Sun, etc. All these patterns show that the person has the Sun in his/her marriage and partnership sector. His or her life will revolve constantly around relationships in love and business. In other words, the pattern is Libran (the sign of partnerships) even if the sun, moon and rising are not….

Say you meet someone at a party, and they say, “Hi, I’m Joe,” then you can know this person has a Sagittarian personality, whether it comes from Sun, Moon, rising sign, or “pattern.”

The first initial of the surname offers only a small indication of the person – in essence, it reveals their “clan connection.”

But we can also put together the first name and last name (surname) initials, and get a wee reading in itself. (I showed this above, about my own name’s initials, TS.)

Here are some examples:
AA (as in “Allan Appleby”) (Also AR, RA, and RR): Aries-Aries: Assertive in everything. Pleasant, good humored and good sense of “what must be done.” Impulsive.
AB (also RB, AI, and RI): Aries-Taurus: Assertive in money matters and possessions. Impulsively sensual, so might have many affairs. Honest. Probably an artistic talent, drawing emphasized, for this person loves boundaries. At least, skill in interior decorating, etc.
AC (also RC): Aries-Gemini if the C is sibilant, as in “Cindy”; Aries-Scorpio if the C is “hard” as in Cathy: If sibilant: Intensely restless, talkative or otherwise a communicator – often very skilled in this, so a good salesperson, negotiator, pr person, etc. Must avoid “surfing” – being too speedy and/or superficial. Needs a car.
If “hard” C: Secretive, very good at assessing people. Not impulsive; takes pride in self-control. Sometimes will explode as pent-up energy and purpose can’t be held down any longer. Usually a good investor, researcher. Many sexual liaisons. Fertile.
AD (also RD, AM and RM): Restless and assertive, yet ironically the object of this assertiveness is security, usually expressed as having a home, being a mother or father, being “tied down.”

AF (also RF, AW and RW): Very romantic. The vision can be clouded, especially in youth but even in maturity, by a rosy, unrealistic strong naivety, gambling urge, or romantic weakness. A “P” or “L” person (first name) could seduce this person with flattery and attention: AF’s greatest aphrodisiac is the belief that another loves him/her.


MIKE DUFFY, the Gemini Canadian senator charged with 30-plus counts of fraud and bribery, will probably lose his case. His ruling planet, Mercury, was “upper squared” by Pluto the day his trial started (Apr. 7). So the RCMP and the political hierarchy (Plutonic elements this decade) will win, or dominate.  Still, Gemini is the one sign that can “hurt” Pluto people, so I still think, as I wrote a year or so ago, that Duffy will damage the head of the hierarchy, Prime Minister Harper. Harper says he will not be called as a witness. Is that for him to say? Don’t think so. Perhaps he’s been informed of such, by both defence and prosecution? Or by the judge? Even if true, that he won’t appear as a witness should be voiced by his top aides, or a senior cabinet minister. His machine should rally round him. That Harper had to say it himself shows that he’s isolated even in his own party. I watched Jim Flaherty’s face in parliament as Harper was initially denying a financial connection to Mike Duffy. (Flaherty was Harper’s close ally in politics, and his Finance Minister.) His face was disappointed, saddened by Harper’s performance. Flaherty died soon after, probably from despair. Add that to the fact that Harper is a well-documented liar, and you can put the picture together.


I try to write for efficiency. So whenever I write “the opposite sex,” all you LGBTs (is that in the right order?) please assume I also mean “same sex.”
Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Your energy and charisma remain at a yearly high. Get things done, start significant projects. One of the most significant (and success-producing) things you can do is to seek partnership, relocate, interface with the public, engage in negotiations or seek love. (One of the worst things you can do is to take a secretive, selfish action.) Four weeks of “sweet friendship” begins now. Travel, errands, visits and communications will please you, could bring “friendly love.” If you’re married, these weeks are made for good, happy conversations with your spouse. Romantic, creative, speculative and teaching (or raising kids) situations leap forward now to August. Many single Aries will fall in love – and with someone who will be willing to wed. (This could be someone with whom an “involvement” began last year – but it has stalled since December. Could also be someone new.) Money continues to flow your way – bank it, slow your spending if you can. Contemplate rather than act Sunday morning. From mid-morn (PDT) to noon Tuesday, your happiness, popularity and optimism soar – social joys, entertainment and flirtations arise – and a wish could come true. Love could blossom Sunday afternoon. Retreat Tues. noon to Thurs. noon – lie low, think, plan, be spiritual and charitable. Beware any commitment Tues. pm. Your energy and pizzazz soar 2 pm Thurs. to 2 pm Sat. Be cautious Friday afternoon; otherwise, charge ahead. Money, Saturday pm.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
This is your last week of being under the weather – or under, period. You remain weary, contemplative, mildly sequestered. This is a good period for summing up – where you’ve been, and how you got here – and foreseeing where you’re going – or want to go – in future. It’s a great time for soul-searching. Be spiritual, charitable, visit shut-ins or institutions, deal with civil servants, the tax department, etc. Sunday to midday Tues. brings career demands, ambition, dealings with higher-ups and/or authorities – this starts off well, and your good luck runs 3-1 over any bad, so march ahead. A wish or future goal will be disappointed Tuesday pm – reality just won’t bend that way. (Don’t toy with love this day, unless you want to feel deeply rejected down the road.) Wednesday and the first half of Thursday do help wishes come true – and let you know that others still find you amusing and attractive, though huge popularity might be asking a lot. Retreat Thurs. pm to Sat. afternoon – rest, soul-search, enjoy sweet solitude. Don’t be too assertive, or you could start a scrap you don’t really want to suffer through. This is good advice all month, and into mid-May. Saturday eve, at last, brings a lift in energy and charisma – and this is just the start of a whole month of rising vigor, magnetism, clout and effectiveness – at last!

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
You remain hopeful, social, might even be surprised by some of the attention you receive. (Some of it might come from people you don’t really want to get closer to.) You’re a bit of a magnet to the opposite sex now to early May. But enjoy as much of this week as you can, for the last ten days of April and most of May will bring a weariness and mild inner solitude. This combination can bring extra-marital temptations, so behave. You might begin to notice that the old and the young are attracted to you, but not your contemporaries – this influence will last until late 2017. Sunday to Tues. noon brings a mellow mood, mental acuity, gentle love (compassion for mankind, too). Far travel, intellectual pursuits, culture and social rituals, import-export, religion, philosophy – all are favoured. Love could wink at you midday Sunday. Your ambitions could hit a wall Tuesday pm – perhaps the wall of another’s disapproval, or a wall titled: “lack of funds.” Wait until Wednesday, when progress is fairly easy. Thursday afternoon – through midday Saturday – brings the peak of this month’s popularity, social delight, and optimism. A wish could come true, flirtations abound, and entertainment calls. But take care Friday afternoon/suppertime, when a conflict could arise over work, intimacy, finances or a secret. Travel could frustrate. Still, you’ll remain happy! Saturday eve brings rest, contemplation – and starts a month of the same. Through mid-May, avoid belligerent people, dark alleys and biker clubs.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
You approach a climax – and an end – to an ambitious scheme, project or development. (Not an end to your career, except in rare cases. If you are unhappy with your bosses, the atmosphere, or you find your present position stultifying, boring, enslaving, unappreciated, you might be tempted to change jobs or employers – don’t. The present “cloud” over your career will dissipate by November. If you jump to a new place/position, it will later prove just as bad, but will NOT “cure itself” by November. It’s negativity will last, and last. One of your options is to quit – and if you do so, you will likely benefit somehow. For example, I quit my $ 100 k job, buy a $ 500 k farm to retreat to, then months later a developer offers me $ 900 k for the farm. I just made 4 years [likely tax-free] salary in 4 months, by quitting! This is ONLY a rather rosy example, but in some way, financial, spiritual, emotional, you will gain from quitting – but not from changing – your job. Thus, to November.) Secrets, investigation, sexual yearnings, intimacy, financial and life-style commitments, health diagnoses, fill Sunday to Tuesday noon. Charge ahead here – luck’s mostly good. A mellow, wise mood enters Tues. midday to Thurs. afternoon. Be careful Tuesday – work or health barriers defeat success in love and home, travel and intellectual endeavors – but the last two succeed nicely Wed. Thursday afternoon to Sat. afternoon brings that career/prestige climax mentioned above. Make sure you want what you pursue!

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Friendships become a sweet thing, now to early May. Issue and accept invitations. You could attract a flirtatious “invitation” from someone in a group. You could be accepted into a club or circle you didn’t expect to qualify for. Friends and networking contacts could also help your career – which might need some help now to mid-May, as higher-ups are impatient and temperamental. (They might not seem impatient, then explode – so keep a sense of humor – and don’t push them!) (Another trend starts for your career Tuesday, lasting to May 1. This brings a small wave of travel, emails, communications, a “busyness” – make sure it doesn’t waste your time.) You might start Sunday a bit under the weather, but soon bright, happy relationships perk you up (someone very sweet around noon PDT) – new faces, fresh horizons, opportunities, relocation themes, negotiations, agreements (and disagreements) flow until midday Tues. Many of these will be created by you, or depend on you seizing them – go ahead, you’re the lucky one these days! However, take care with legal matters – these can arise early this week, and climax late week, not in a good way. (In general, avoid legal fights right into November). Tuesday afternoon to midday Thurs. brings mysteries, investigation, health diagnoses, lifestyle changes, sexual desires, intimacy, “big finances” (investments, mortgage, etc.) – these fail miserably Tues., then succeed nicely Wed. – act accordingly. Thursday pm to midday Saturday brings that possible legal climax, as well as alluring far travel, intellectual, cultural and love goals – examine your heart before you act. Only chase what you truly want, and what’s clean, honest.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Financial and/or sexual situations could reach a climax this week – but not a good climax, in most cases, so don’t push these matters now. Or if you must, examine yourself first – are your motives pure and clean? If not, you’ll be weaving your own trap. Be wary of investments, of taking on debt, of lifestyle changes and of intimate commitment. (This advice lasts until mid-November, but is crucial this week.) Sunday morning’s beautiful, but soon the day brings chores or minor health concerns, both lasting to midday Tuesday. Dive in, get them done – all’s well, smooth, progress is easy (but DON’T invest). Tuesday afternoon to midday Thursday brings relationships – open, honest, exciting and sometimes challenging ones. Be co-operative, jump on another’s bandwagon, negotiate, interface with the public, welcome new opportunities and fresh horizons. However, do all these Wednesday, as Tues. erects insurmountable barriers, and Thursday is a bit empty of results. From Thurs. afternoon to midday Sat., those financial and sexual temptations arise, lure you. Somehow, these “fight” your luck, especially Friday, so go slow, examine your own motives before acting. It’s too late to start a project in these areas (new launches would fizzle out) – and that’s just as well. Saturday afternoon brings a mellow, understanding mood, gentle love, far travel or intellectual pursuits – and starts a whole month of the same. Avoid legal fights until mid-May. Your career and reputation are blessed, bosses favour you, now to early May. Take advantage!

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Relationships reach a climax this week (especially Thursday to Saturday) but be wary. New horizons and opportunities, relocation, negotiations and contracts, litigation, dealing with the public, and forming new partnerships in love or business – all need a sober second look from you before you make any commitment. Look at the situation, but also at your own motives, and the motives of the other. It’s likely a flaw exists, perhaps a buried or half-hidden flaw – if you see/sense it, don’t ignore it! This advice lasts until mid-November, but is crucial this week. (After this week, the “danger,” the flaws, diminish until November, for most October-born Librans. If you’re October-born, avoid forming a bond with a co-worker, until Nov.) Sunday morning to midday Tues. brings romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, creative urges and a risk-taking attitude – everything’s good here, except “partnership” funds, lust, investments and marriage urges. These remain a bit dangerous until mid-May. Tackle chores and minor health concerns Tues. pm to midday Thurs. Be careful Tues. pm, when barriers stop progress. (Do NOT fall in love with someone older or younger Tues.) That climax I mentioned in the first few sentences above arrives Thurs. afternoon to midday Sat. Stay away from arguments Fri. afternoon. Now to early May, travel, intellectual pursuits, legal affairs and love – all bless you. Now to mid-May, investments and lust need a wary eye.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Now to May 7, investments, new financial arrangements or actions, intimacy and sexual congress, research or detective work, all bless you with a sweet, mild good luck. Now to May 1, relationships become talkative, swift, might involve travel – and are sexually alluring. Now to May 11, relationships are also a bit like sand-paper, a bit frictional. (This same interval offers hands-on employment opportunities, but I’d be wary – during this greatly lucky career year, seek a prestige position rather than a hands-on one.) This week rises to a climax, Thurs. to Sat., in employment, machinery, general chores and minor health matters. It might not be a good climax, so treat this area lightly, don’t dive into anything. (This advice lasts until November, but grows a little less relevant after this week.) Sunday starts sociably, but soon your energy flags, and you feel like veg-ing out at home, napping (hopefully on a sunny day under a shady tree) embracing your family, perhaps gardening. Nutrition, stomach and soul emphasized. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges call you Tues. afternoon to midday Thurs. Tuesday’s barriers ($ ones?) prevent success, so act Wed. (Thursday’s a bit empty, result-wise.) Thursday pm to Sat. afternoon brings that work, machinery, health climax – stay light, non-committal, especially Friday afternoon – refuse to have a money argument. You might, this day, see the difference between hands-on employment (yuck) and career (lucky!).

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Romance, creative or gambling projects, raising/teaching children, and the pursuit of beauty or pleasure – these draw you now, and they reach a climax late week. However, this isn’t necessarily a good climax, so approach warily, and be ready to “default” to the social. E.g., let a romance turn to friendship, or opt for “creation by committee” (most films, concerts, songs are created by a group) and/or join an investment club rather than gamble on the stock market yourself. This advice applies to November, but is crucial this week, especially Thursday afternoon to midday Saturday. (Friday afternoon, avoid intellectual work or travel-oriented employment.) Earlier, Sunday to midday Tues. brings errands, short trips, visits, casual friends, communications, paperwork and details. All goes well, but again, avoid infatuation – stay light, social. Tuesday afternoon to midday Thursday emphasize your home, family, nature, nutrition, garden and neighbourhood. Barriers and refusals mar Tuesday I(so just take a long, sweet nap) but Wed. is smooth, productive. Now to May 7, relationships are sweet, gracious, especially with a Gemini. Now to May 1, work mates are talkative, restless. Now to May 11, you can be extra-creative at work, or have romantic feelings toward a co-worker – careful with this!

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Home, family, security, real estate, nature, garden, agriculture, nutrition, retirement and soul matters reach a climax this week (especially Thursday onward) but it’s not necessarily a good climax, so exercise a light touch, avoid important commitments. If you’re unsure, default to your non-home ambitions – for example, your career, which is gently blessed this year. Don’t buy a new home, nor change home rentals, but office/commercial realty might proceed well. Now to May 7, your work place will be pleasant; you might even start a co-worker romance. Now to May 1, you grow more willing to talk in romantic areas, you feel restless, might begin to speak about marriage or a wedding. Now to May 11, your romantic courage and assertiveness are high – beware this, as the more your chase, the more elusive he/she might become. You might unconsciously use aggression as a way to end an affair. Shop, earn, pay and collect money, Sunday to midday Tues. You might pursue a sensual person: if so, keep it physical. “Going romantic” will probably lead to failure. Errands, trips, visits, casual acquaintances, news media, communications and paperwork fill Tues. pm (poor, rejection and barriers exist – but that rejection might be so subtle you won’t realize it until later) Wednesday (good, solid progress) and Thursday morn (results lacking). Thursday afternoon to midday Saturday bring that “home” climax discussed in the first few sentences above. Saturday afternoon effectively begins a month of romance, creativity, beauty and happiness!

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Now to May 7, your romantic life (and/or relations with children) grow affectionate, gracious. If single, you might start an affair that could in a short time become a lucky, cheerful marriage. (In astrology, “marriage” means living together, sharing life; “wedding” means the legal, social ritual.) Now to May 1, you grow restless at home (and of home). You want to be off on a trip, or charge around town. You’ll express your opinion volubly, which could be a problem, since now to May 11 you remain argumentative and friction-prone at home. (So don’t “marry” before May 12!) The present week can bring a climax, though not particularly a lucky or good one, in errands, communications, with short travel or casual friends or news media. Treat this area lightly, especially Thursday afternoon to midday Saturday. Don’t let it waste your time or distract you from more profound, presently beneficial things such as legal affairs, higher education, far travel or religious/philosophical pursuits – or love! Be profound, not casual. Earlier, after a tired morning, your energy and charisma soar, Sunday mid-morn (PDT) to midday Tues. All’s well – start significant projects, collect favours, impress others – seek romance or chase a desired partner or opportunity, in love or business. Chase money, buy bargains, take a sensual little detour, Tues. pm (barriers, so don’t even try) Wed. (success, productivity) and Thurs. (stick to routine purchases). Thursday onward has already been described – but take care Friday afternoon, when a subtle alienation, a harmful secret, or a domestic argument – or all three in one – might occur.) Saturday eve starts a month of rest.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
Money (income and outgo) matters and/or a sensual affair and/or a school course that demanded a lot of memorization – these reach a climax, and perhaps an ending, now. Be cautious with all these, as they can hold traps or dead-ends. If any of these withers and dies now, let it – even show it the door! (This advice lasts until mid-November, but is crucial this week.) Sunday starts with hope and optimism, but soon you grow a bit weary, and wish for privacy. This retreat and rest period lasts until midday Tuesday – welcome it, recharge your physical and emotional batteries, be charitable and spiritual, and deal with civil servants, institutions, shut-ins and the disadvantaged. Contemplate your life, and plan your future. Your energy and charisma rise smartly Tues. afternoon to midday Thurs. – but be patient Tues., as barriers will halt/reject anything but the most routine or impractical activities. Act Wednesday, when all is smooth, productive – start projects, see and be seen. That monetary and/or sensual climax I mentioned in the first few sentences above, occurs Thurs. afternoon to midday Saturday. Be prudent: defer spending. Be particularly cautious Friday afternoon, when travel/communications influences conflict with work/career duties. (Worst case example: you’re recorded criticizing your boss.) Until May 7, your home life grows affectionate, sweet – a great period to redecorate. Until May 11, don’t be too hasty, impulsive in emails, on the phone, or with errands, little tasks.
The End.