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Until late July, Gemini, 2014 is good for sensual affairs. These might not be the best starting points for marriage, though. If you have entered an affair since last summer (’13) or do before late July, be patient, wait and see: time will tell whether this is a keeper or not. In the interval, you and your lover will float along in a nice, comfortable, affectionate, polite, easy way. (Notice I didn’t use the word “passionate” – and that could be the flaw. However, older folks might want things just that way. Younger Geminis, under, say, fifty, might be wise to avoid a long-term commitment.)

Accompanying this nice, easy companionship, is another trend: since last December, and enduring until late July, a true spark of passion is lit: deep within, you wish for a friend who is also a seductive, entrancing soul-mate. These two trends, the “nice sensual” and the “seductive soul mate,” might combine in the same person. But you might be sailing along with someone sweet and easy, when, pow! – that soul mate, or someone who promises to be him or her – walks into your life. If so, Gemini, you face a dilemma of choice. Here’s my advice: if the “passionate soul mate” arrives (or did) from February 14 to May 19, and is someone new, things are not likely to work out, probably due to sexual problems. But if a soul-passion type arrives from the past during this interval, is an old flame, all can work out splendidly. If a brand new “soul romance” individual first appears/appeared December 8/13 to February 13, 2014, or from May 20 to July 25, a huge potential for meaningful love, and eventual marriage, exists.

(A Pluto square can wreck all these scenarios – in, say, about 25 per cent of cases. But since that square won’t end until 2024, you should just take your chances and hope for the best – or join a hermitage for 10 years.)

As mentioned, if these “two people” – easy sex and soul mate seducer – are one and the same, case solved. But if they are two different people, you need to make a decision. Follow your heart, be honest, look ahead ten to forty years, and then decide.

Your popularity rises in April, bringing exciting, impulsive people into your sphere. One of these might follow you into May, a month of cosy warmth and affectionate conversation. In June, your magnetism will attract suitors; but the best thing you can do is raise your sights, to pursue someone you want (or have wanted in the past). A good-looking Libran or Aries will welcome your advances. July is very similar, and might contain a “destiny note.”

August onward brings many more contacts. An atmosphere of adventure, exploration, and variety mixes with short trips and visits. Conversations spring up everywhere – and one of these could introduce you to a compatible amour. You like discussions, wit and sharing information; those most compatible with you do also. You will be at your most natural self, and you’ll tend to attract Librans, Aquarians, Aries, Leos and Sagittarians. A Leo intrigues you in August. September “quiets down,” romantically, but after mid-month, through October, a bold, adventurous person might set their sights on you; a deep, sweet, almost magical atmosphere surrounds you. Again, there might be two people: the cheerful, adventurous one, and the seductive, alluring one (who might be an old flame – around mid-October). November brings powerful sexual desires – be socially moral, avoid extra-marital temptations. December brings bright, sparky people – among them is a very idealistic one, perhaps even a “warrior of ideas.” This person can entrance you, if you listen long enough!


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Your energy, charisma and clout  remain very high, Aries, especially this Sunday/Monday. Why then is  someone opposing you? Here’s a hint: an enemy wants to be a partner/friend, but will oppose you until you offer this. (Until July.) In general, although you have the short-term advantage now through April, you don’t have it for the long term. Use your increased energy and pizzazz to attract  others, to join others, to build a co-operative project. Independence just “doesn’t work,” now to November 2015. You might meet a mate or sweet friend in a group – so attend one or two. Chase money Tuesday/Wednesday – it’s also an excellent time to buy used articles, time pieces, or specialized high tech. (That last should  be in the service of your ambitions or career.) (You might be changing your career path this week.) Communications, short trips, paperwork, details, errands and casual acquaintances arrive Thursday (caution: deception possible) and Friday (charge ahead). Saturday, rest, home, loving family.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Continue to rest, contemplate and plan this week (especially Sunday/Monday) – but don’t throw your whole self into these, as they represent a subtle trap or “waste” now to November 2015. Ditto for government contacts, institutions, agents, warehousing, administration, delegating tasks, psychic explorations, meditation, yoga, and charities – you can find these slow, cumbersome to deal with – and in these zones, delay is your friend. Your energy and charisma rise mildly, nicely, Monday night through Wednesday – all is well here, so step forward optimistically, start things, get things done, contact faithful friends and loves. But DON’T engage in legal matters, fights, buy travel tickets, attend cultural  venues, nor oppose a mate. Chase money Thursday (carefully, deception possible) and  Friday (great). Buy machinery Friday. Late Saturday, affection, satisfaction.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Your popularity remains at a yearly high, Gemini, especially Sunday/Monday. (Though not a lot goes right Sunday, you won’t mind; your mood soars above problems.) Get out, make friends, join groups – doors will open to unions, political parties, and less serious venues. You could meet a light, fun and flirty romantic prospect. (Which could turn serious, deep.) Old friends, contacts stand out. Issue invitations, and accept them. (Old chores stand out, too.) Your income picture remains bright. Retreat briefly Tuesday/Wednesday, when your energy levels fall. Rest, contemplate, plan: your career stabilizes, but investments and sexual relations could hit a bump: be willing to adjust. Your energy and charisma roar back Thursday to Saturday. Start new projects in career and reputation areas Thursday, and in any area Friday. Saturday pm might bring a sweet, sensual “companion.”


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Ambition, prestige relations, reputation, status – these occupy your thoughts and steer your impulses now, especially Sunday/Monday. One particular ambition, perhaps a significant one, might have stalled lately (and will, until May 19) – decide whether to chuck this one, or to, over this first half of the year, strengthen its base or widen its territory. Your boss’ tendency will be to let it die. Many “sixty something” Cancers will retire in the first  seven months of 2014. (Young Cancers, in their 20’s and 30’s, will be aided by a parent – probably of  the opposite sex – to start a business or buy real estate, before August.) Your popularity and optimism rise Tuesday/Wednesday – issue invitations, mix and mingle, seek entertainment, and flirt. But realize a romantic or creative circumstance must change – adapt. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Thursday to Saturday afternoon. Legal matters hit barriers, but home, security and government affairs go well. You revive, and win, Saturday late.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead (especially this Sunday/Monday) emphasize intellectual pursuits, far travel, cultural venues  and social rituals  (e.g., weddings) legal matters and life philosophy. Don’t dive too deeply into the pool of these, as they can trap you in a dead end, now to November 2015. (This week, midweek, a sudden event, an “opportunity” or partnership/love situation, might try to propel you into this region – resist.) Instead, look to short trips, light conversation, casual links. Dance with  clerks, not priests (and NOT lawyers!). Be ambitious Tuesday/Wednesday. Higher-ups concede your performance is tops, but are not quite ready to reward – patience wins, “rebellion” won’t. Your optimism, cheerfulness and popularity surge Thursday to Saturday. Wishes will come true – but not purely lustful ones, as Thursday will prove. Talk things over with a good (probably male)  friend Friday. You’re happy, life’s fresh!


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Handle intimacy, commitment, large finances, sexual desires, research, health investigations (especially Sunday/Monday) without being ruled or overwhelmed by them, now to November 2015. (To travel the safe road, concentrate on earnings, routine spending rather than investments, and “friends with benefits” rather than deep intimacy.) Accept surface appearances – digging deep will only alienate those who trust you, and expect the same. This week, an unexpected event or sudden attraction might throw a powerful temptation your way: be level, look far down the road before acting. A dilemma of choice might occur: pick romance over “promised sex,” chose a gamble over a long-term investment. Wisdom, a mellow mood bless you Tuesday/Wednesday: the love you have is the best love. Pursue intellectual goals, education, foreign travel. Resolve indecision about a relationship or opportunity Thursday by choosing whatever is most ambitious. Higher-ups favour you this day and Friday. Saturday night, your hopes, and love quotient, rise.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead (especially this Sunday/Monday) emphasize relationships, new horizons, relocation, negotiation, litigation, agreements and dealing with the public – in general, going out of yourself to entwine/interface with another person or place. This is your life’s purpose – but everything comes in cycles, and now to November 2015 you are meant to strengthen yourself, to accent your own personality, to be independent. Inter-dependence, for these 20 months, will tend to bring loss, disappointment or delay. So only relate as needed, no more. (This doesn’t apply to sex, romance, friends, intellectual companions, etc. – these are fine, even great. But make sure that fascinating person who appears midweek is for fun, not marriage.) Lust, mysteries, subconscious promptings, heavy finances (investments, debt, etc.) research, discovery, health diagnoses – these fill Tuesday/Wednesday. Good luck outweighs bad, so march forth. A fine, wise, loving mood enters Thursday (watch work/health glitches) Friday (splendid!) and Saturday.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Sunday/Monday bring chores and health concerns, as do the weeks ahead. Do what you must here, but no more. Now to November 2015, you’ll be better off if you contemplate, plan, meditate, retreat, rather than work. Manage and delegate rather than dive into hands-on work. Tuesday/Wednesday a door opens to relationships, negotiations, agreements, contracts, fresh horizons and opportunities – enter, luck accompanies you. Chase intimacy, funding, large finances, intuition, deep desires, investigate and research Thursday to Saturday. Careful Thursday before supper time: a bit of deception or confused thinking could make you think a gamble is  a solid investment, or cause you to confuse romance with lust. All week, your home and family are sweet, affectionate. It’s a good week, also, to communicate with an attractive person – give your words a romantic tinge.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The weekly accent lies on romance, creative and gambling urges, charming children, beauty, pleasure, games, especially Sunday/Monday, when a new project might begin in one of these areas. Better for you if it doesn’t, as the next 20 months weave a subtle trap or dead-end from these materials. (Light, playful romance, playing the field, group associations, marriage and partnership, entertainment, popularity and spectator sports are fine – a “safe haven” – during the same 20 months.) Either way, you’ll feel invigorated and lucky in the weeks ahead – joy will visit, often. Tackle chores Tuesday/Wednesday: all goes well. Eat sensibly, dress for the season. Relationships confront you Thursday to Saturday. Be co-operative, diplomatic. An exciting meeting could thrill you Friday (remember, light romance!). But be cautious Thursday, when a choice might exist between security/home and adventure/new horizons. All week, adjust your pleasures to your budget.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Now to November 2015, Cap, avoid an over-emphasis on home, family, security, real estate, retirement, rest and napping, gardening, and diet. This might be difficult Sunday/Monday (and most of April) when just these things are emphasized. To “escape” a subtle, almost invisible trap (it will be plenty visible in hindsight, in a couple of years) aim instead for ambition, the outside world, and worldly goals (sans real estate). Romantic and creative urges rise in you Tuesday/Wednesday – there’s no danger here, so enjoy yourself. If romance is lacking, pamper yourself with  beauty, pleasure. Call a friend Tuesday eve. Midweek might bring a sudden change in your domestic or security outlook. Don’t react impulsively: wait for everything to settle, then work on a solution (Friday for practical or “hammer and nail” solutions, April 11 for human, legal or emotional solutions). Tackle chores Thursday to Saturday – careful with water, plumbing Thursday, but charge ahead confidently Friday.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You can feel a split between the casual and the profound this spring, especially this Sunday/Monday. Between short and far travel, between “just friends” and a bigger commitment, between a verbal agreement and a written contract, between daily gossip and profound ideas. Stick with the profound, the long, big, philosophical, written agreement, etc., for 20 months ahead. Tuesday/Wednesday feature home, family, security, garden, stomach, nutrition. Green lights shine here, so proceed – or plan a major project in these zones for late April/May. Joy enters in the form of romance, creative surges or gambling urges, beauty, charming kids, pleasure and self-expression, Thursday to Saturday. Be aware that you might overspend Thursday, but other than this, take a risk, be adventurous! You might fall “madly” in love – a  Gemini might be involved. Chores float in Saturday pm.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Patience and an investment in your future, in your net worth, is far safer and more rewarding over the next 20 months than wanting “immediate money” and spending on depreciating items (such as a car). The distinction is important this spring, and especially this Sunday/Monday. (You can be fascinated this week by a very clever invention, or the internet/computer, but keep any purchase small.) Errands, casual friends, communications, paperwork and details fill Tuesday/Wednesday – all’s well here, so charge ahead. Adjust your hopes and goals to fit your income. Reading, searching, curiosity can help you find a great solution (e.g., a cheaper vacation). Your domestic situation grows in importance Thursday to Saturday – you’ll make good, steady progress in gardening, with kids, real estate, repairs, family affections. Saturday eve’s good for romance, creative things.


The End