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 ALL SIGNS: Life sets up one of the most frustrating temptations possible Saturday (March 29) –Venus trines Mars at noon, indicating great romance; then Venus squares Saturn two hours later, indicating emotional coldness of the worst kind. It’s not the day we should worry about, but its future. People who first meet Saturday, and fall in love, will almost certainly separate, sometimes years later, after much tragic struggle; the struggle will be worse than usual, for the Venus/Mars trine will nudge these unhappy lovers to keep believing the romance will succeed. Don’t fall in love this day…In fact, you’d be wise not to begin a romance any time this week.


ALL SIGNS AGAIN: The Moon’s south node entered Aries in February, to stay until November 2015. This in many respects means we should not pursue whatever Aries represents to us (e.g., career to Cancer, real estate to Capricorn). Yet for the four weeks ahead the Sun travels through Aries, so your personal (sun sign) messages below will emphasize Aries things. It’s laborious to include a warning in every sign message for every week ahead. So this is the warning: treat lightly, now to late 2015, whatever Aries represents for your sign. (Self for Aries, retreat for Taurus, light romance and groups for Gemini, career for Cancer, intellectual pursuits, law and far travel for Leo, finances and sex for Virgo, marriage/partnerships for Libra, work and daily health for Scorpio, romance for Sagittarius, home, real estate for Capricorn, casual acquaintances and short travel for Aquarius, and earning/spending for Pisces…

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PUTIN:  Here’s  a quote from my 2014 Year Ahead forecast: “…armies might grow restive. Nations whose names begin with…R…might engage in actual war – small skirmishes.” I should have spent more time, looked at  Putin’s chart: he’s a Libra, and there’s Mars, the war planet, in his sign until July, a very rare occurrence. He’s the war-maker now, and this will be the most significant war of his life, certainly of his political career — though it’s hardly a “war” in the usual sense.

CORRECTION: MY little sketch of Putin was based on the wrong birth date. I saw October 7, 1952 in St. Petersburg, and transcribed it  as Oct. 2. So he remains a Libra, a sign of justice, but now his Sun is in 13 or 14 degrees (it changed about 11:58 am, or halfway through the day of birth) — no longer a degree of fighting and conquering. The 13th degree indicates difficulty in marriage; the 14th is a degree of theatricality, cunning and self-conceit, love for the beau geste and a flamboyant style — for different reasons, he is still coated with the scent of narcissism. The new birth chart actually emphasizes even more the following sentence: He is lucky sexually, but a poor mate: he loses in love. (His Moon is probably in Gemini, but could be in Taurus, if he was born before about 4 am. In either case it, with lucky Jupiter, is in the sector of fooling around, lust and extra-marital affairs: hence, a poor mate. This moon also explains the KGB background.) IF his Moon is in Gemini (I mistakenly thought Pisces) he still possesses the indecision and evasiveness that keeps the West uncertain of his actions, and aids him in disguising his motives. His Achilles heel, though, is no longer Leo — though Taurus remains so. That means Leo Obama is not really an effective enemy to Putin (though Obama, and all Leos, will be doorways to bad karma for Putin).  Putin is being unreservedly condemned  by a Taurus, Canada’s Steven Harper, though it’s hard to see how Harper can hurt him. (BTW, Taurus – Harper – and Leo – Obama – seldom co-operate; hence the Keystone Pipeline delay, possible demise.)

Mars in Libra until late July suggests Putin will be waging a bigger (or merely longer) war campaign than at present. Mars retrograde to May 19 hints that some of his plans will go awry. He began the invasion of Crimea while Mars was retro – he’s returning to an old/former fight. It’s a bad fight, one he will eventually lose in quiet, deeper, perhaps “disguised” ways. For example, he might annex Crimea easily enough, but begin a process that removes Europe from his natural gas thumb. (The Ukraine problem might be the incentive to build massive LNG import terminals across Europe’s 3 seas, to eliminate Russia’s natural gas hegemony.) This would almost ensure an end to Russia’s expansion/protection  attempts, and might begin the decline of the nation, just as the 1980’s brought the decline of the empire.) Putin wins quick success (I’m talking only about December 2013 to July 2014) but Pluto says the masses will eventually revolt against him. Slow and careful in retreat and preparation, the rebels might never win the war, but they will be stubborn and lasting – outlasting, probably, Putin’s political career.


A slow, deep current, from 2008 to 2024, supports your romance and pleasure sector, and quietly promotes marriage, Cancer. Another long, deep trend, 2011 to 2025, is steering you toward a formal wedding, and is stirring a gentle, wise love into your passion.  If you’re unhappily married, this same trend can produce divorce. Even if single, you can find some relationships are like wrestling matches – except that you’ll be wrestling with urges, motives, personalities and things so deep you only catch dark glimpses of them. (These are bits of your unconscious floating by.)

So you face both alienation and deep embrace this decade: but embrace almost certainly wins. (That’s ultimately up to you.)You are likely to fall in love and marry over the next several years. Slow-moving but powerful waves of love and matrimony are likely to float you toward a shared destination. However, certain requirements apply: that you demonstrate loyalty, be prepared for a possible age difference, be willing to accept a very stubborn (but fascinating) mate, and reject impulses to oppose others. That’s the big picture, one I’m sure I’ll repeat in future years.

More immediately, Jupiter has made you optimistic, friendly and cheerful the last nine months, and will through mid-July this year. Happiness attracts others, so you are at least more popular than usual now. Your new confidence can also attract you to (and lure) local celebrities or more powerful people than you would usually chase. For the last 18 months, and continuing to December 2014, romantic situations are likely – slowly, step-by-solid-step – to lead gently and peacefully to marriage.

There’s one exception to that “peace” – from last December (2013) to late July, your domestic situation breeds friction and conflict. A new love begun during this period will have more than its share of arguments: but it might still be happy, if argument combines with love to fan passion’s fires. (The underlying problem, March to May 2014, will usually be sexual flagging, or a problem with the male’s drives.) Now to late July is NOT a good time to move in together: be patient.

From July onward (into summer 2015) your sensual contacts or prospects will swell; these, also, can lead to a life mate – or to boredom after a few weeks. (If the latter occurs, turn away.) But the most special time in the short term will be August 2015 to late summer 2016, when a true heart-melding can occur with one who will marry you. (August/September 2015 are the best months here.)

In 2014, April is ambitious, workdays are long, but a thread of sweet mental attraction flows through. May brings compatible acquaintances – light stuff. You might be tired in June, inclined toward solitude, but an old flame or friend appears. In July, your magnetism soars – late month, calls and spoken affections bring a smile to your eyes. In August/September, your romantic courage surges and sparks fly everywhere. A casual friend might “transform” or otherwise bring a love wish true. October’s best spent in rest and contemplation. November can bring true love – or, if not, an affair, a flirtation, that you will remember for a long time. December’s sexy – a physical attraction might nudge you toward the altar.

One thing, Cancer: you sometimes marry for security or for ambition: both are ill-advised to July. After this, to November 2015, an “ambitious marriage” is a path to a labyrinth of disappointment; a security marriage might cause a subtle, ongoing, mild bad luck for your new spouse. Better to marry for love!



Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness reach a yearly peak now to late April. Start important projects, make contacts, urge others to action, see and be seen – you’re the leader now! A frustrating relationship continues – to July. (Could be anything from a hot but challenging attraction, to merely an enemy.) (This person could give you an answer by May/June.) Your home, food, security, retirement, parent/kid situation is packed with new luck to July. The winter’s delays are over in these zones. Look for a new home, invest in real estate, welcome a new baby, etc., during the months ahead. Be ambitious Sunday pm to Tuesday afternoon – if you are, nothing discourages. (Whereas much will discourage the lazy.) Your popularity surges, wishes are fulfilled, and a light, flirty romance might begin Tuesday eve to Thursday. (Don’t expect it to be super-sexy, tho.) Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Thursday eve to Saturday.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Lie low, Taurus, to late April. Avoid competitive situations and the kind of temptations that can tarnish your reputation. Not the best period to impress a (potential or real) lover – or even business associates. It’s a good few weeks, though, for R&R, contemplating, planning, meditation or otherwise connecting with spirit, health regimens and investigations, for helping or nursing others, especially the disadvantaged, and for dealing with civil servants, institutions, and “head office.” Plan retirement finances. A “hectic” and fairly major chore gives you a breather March, April and half of May – these are good times to correct any flaws in the job done thus far. Conversations and communications, especially about finances, research or intimacy, continue, even increase, so you won’t be lonely. Sunday eve to Tuesday enlightens, bring gentle peace. Midweek demands ambition – or good behavior. Two friends might announce their love affair. Late week (Thursday eve onward) blesses you with optimism, happy wishes, happy, flirty friends. DO NOT start a new love.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Your mood rises, Gemini. The weeks ahead bring you a swelling popularity, social delights, possibly a light, flirty romance, entertainment and celebration. A wish might come true about a deep, significant (and probably former) romantic prospect, or about a creative or speculative venture. Announce your plans to the public, to friends. Life equals happiness! Your income picture chugs along fortunately (to July, so earn as much as you can now, and try to set up permanent income sources). Your focus turns to investments, debts, sexual intimacy, secrets and mysteries, research, health diagnoses and potential lifestyle changes, Sunday pm to Tuesday. You don’t seem quite ready for any big change yet, but contemplate the possibilities. A mellow, understanding mood steals over you midweek – love, far travel, higher education, intellectual pursuits are favored, esp. where they involve your income or professional status. Be ambitious Thursday eve to Saturday: grab a rung on the status ladder Friday morning!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead emphasize ambition, status, prestige relations, your skills, and your reputation – at work and in the neighboUrhood. Be duteous, don’t shirk. Approach bosses, parents and VIPs – demonstrate your talents or lay out your proposals – you could be handed a whole new job! There’s one glitch in the whole career area – it’s that your career planet, Mars, is stuck in your security/family sign until July. This sign also means “the ending.” So one career might end, another begin. Or you might be rebuffed by higher-ups who send you back to build the foundations of your project(s) before you attempt to launch. Or, you might find the real estate, domestic, food, shelter, baby-oriented, security side of life becomes a vibrant channel for your ambitions. This unusual Mars influence might also trigger temper tantrums: stay level and ignore those who don’t. Relationships fill Sunday to Tuesday: be diplomatic, seek common ground. Midweek’s mysterious; your subconscious rises, drawing you to sexual radiators, or to financial treasures. Luck’s mixed, so remain astute. Friday/Saturday bring gentle love, expanding horizons, intellectual pursuits. DON’T start a new romance.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead emphasize intellectual pursuits, higher learning, publishing, far travel, gentle love, cultural venues and social rituals, law, and widened understanding. Don’t seek these too eagerly, now to November 2015; they will promise more than they deliver, and could even get you into difficulty (e.g., an expensive lawsuit). Aim for a more casual, friendly, humble (rather than profound, proud) approach. Sunday morning’s beautiful, but tackle chores this afternoon to Tuesday. (Take care Monday, with tools, electricity – and boundaries.) Relationships thrill and challenge Tues. afternoon to Thursday. Grab opportunities, lift your gaze to new, fresh horizons. A bit of research or sexual “vibe” could be the key to treasure. And that treasure might show Thursday night to Saturday – these few days are filled with mystery, financial, sexual and health concerns – all’s good, but DO NOT fall in love/lust.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead emphasize mysteries, research, subconscious promptings, dreams, large finances (debt and investment) sexual urges, health concerns/diagnoses, lifestyle changes, commitments and consequences. You’d be wise to enter these zones only lightly and cautiously through November 2015. (For example, invest only one-tenth in an alluring stock, then see what happens.) Strictly avoid starting a new love affair this week. Sleep in Sunday: this pm to Tuesday brings romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges – gamble, but don’t invest. Tell someone you love them (just not someone new!). Tackle chores and health needs Tuesday afternoon to Thursday (Wednesday’s best). Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships bring excitement Thursday night to Saturday – charge ahead with lucky introductions, fortunate new horizons, deal with the public, negotiate and co-operate – but DO NOT begin a love affair, nor gamble.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead hold relationships of all kinds. You’re very much in charge of most (at least one) relationships now through July – but that can be a double-edged situation. You could steer you  and another in the wrong direction – and  the wrong direction, oddly enough, will be toward increased/intensified partnership. In general, until November 2015, you would be wisest to exercise your independence, and to avoid interdependence. (This doesn’t mean abandon anyone: if you’ve  been married for 20 years, your spouse might be a bit “down in the dumps” now to Nov. 2015, but he/she will spring back. Rather, my advice is not to make new partnerships before then, and not to let ongoing partnerships steer you by the nose.) Sunday morning’s active, breezy, but the pm, to Tuesday, emphasizes home, family, property and security. Be diplomatic! Romance, beauty and a creative streak bless you midweek – seize a work-career opportunity. Work and health concerns fill Thursday night to Saturday – in lucky ways! But do not agree to  a payment “contract.”


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The month ahead accents work and health concerns, Scorpio. Live up to your commitments here, do tackle neglected chores, and do protect your health with sensible eating/dressing – but don’t go beyond this. Now to November 2015, avoid over-work, refuse to be your kids’ slave, and don’t use work as an excuse to avoid deeper or riskier or more intimate things. Someone who wants to “really work you” seems to be in control to July. You won’t suffer if you reject this person. Sunday afternoon to Tuesday brings errands, communications, visits. Midweek accents your home, parents/kids, security, retirement, garden, nutrition – a special word or note can move a romance to a deeper love (or to travel afar): propose! Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative urges and speculative risks – these bless you Thursday supper time to Saturday – but avoid risk Saturday (and avoid a new love attraction all week).


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The few weeks ahead emphasize romance, creativity, speculation (risk taking) beauty, charming kids, pleasure and teaching. View these as promising more, probably, than they will deliver – and possibly producing loss. This holds until November 2015. To that month, you’d be wise to aim in a similar but different direction: toward light romance, playing the field, socializing, group affairs, entertainment and popularity. (E.g., instead of writing an opera, go see one.) Your energy and charisma float nicely Sunday. Spend, buy/sell, and collect or seek earnings Sunday afternoon to Tuesday. Careful both mornings: they’re disruptive. Midweek brings errands, visits, travel, communications, paperwork – luck rides with you: a home or work bonanza could await! Seek security, the embrace of family, rest, nutritious foods, Thursday eve  to Saturday. Again, everything’s smooth, productive – but do not gossip, nor do anything to produce gossip, Saturday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The weeks ahead accent home, security, nature, rest (hibernation) digestion, food, soul, retirement, and foundations. Don’t spend too much time on these, and DON’T buy real estate, now to mid-November, 2015. Instead, be ambitious, get out of the home. Now to July, you might find home and ambition mix – e.g., your might be ambitious about real estate, or your parent promotes you (or that a boss complains that you spend too much time at home). In any case, remain alert and step cautiously. You’re tired early Sunday, but your energy and charisma come back nicely Sunday pm to Tuesday – start things, see and be seen, call the shots. Chase money (and/or shop) Tuesday eve to Thursday. Communication with a love or business partner can bring excellent results – so make that call or email. Thursday night to Saturday brings errands, calls, visits, travel, paperwork, details – and variety. All’s smooth, easy, friendly. Do not fall in love or begin a new romance this week. (See PREAMBLE: ALL SIGNS above.)


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan 20-Feb. 18

The month ahead brings the very things you should be quietly avoiding for the next 20 months (Nov./15) – errands, chatter, short trips, acquaintances, siblings, communications, paperwork and details. Handle what you must, and what’s routine here, but turn your spare energy, and your faith, to the broader, deeper side of these: far (international) travel, profound communications, publishing, law, higher education, social rituals and cultural venues. It’s better to wed than to seek casual friendship. You’re hopeful, happy Sunday morning, but retreat this afternoon to Tuesday: rest, contemplate, plan, meditate, deal with civil servants and disadvantaged people. Your energy and magnetism soar back Tuesday eve to Thursday – start something significant! Communicate about a work-income project (or launch one) – it’s lucky. Chase money, buy/sell, seek more clients or a pay raise Thursday night to Saturday. But be alert: realize someone is immune to your charms Saturday. Don’t start a love affair this week.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Money becomes the main topic of your thoughts for the several weeks ahead, Pisces. This time emphasizes earnings, sales, spending, as well as sensual attractions and memory. Don’t depend on these for the 20 months ahead – they will be like cloth covering empty pots (or worse, empty pits). Instead, to stay safe, focus on the deeper side of  these: mutual money, investments, debt, deep sexual commitment (e.g., pregnancy). Research, investigate: don’t accept surface appearances. DON’T keep a lifestyle just because it ensures your weekly paycheck – seek change. All to late 2015. You’ll be popular, optimistic and full of plans Sunday to Tuesday – even Monday’s obstructions and glitches won’t bother you. But retreat Tuesday afternoon to Thursday eve – rest, contemplate, meditate. A call or note to a loved one succeeds superbly: you’ll be cherished. Your energy and  charisma return Thursday night to Saturday: start a significant project (or two) see and be seen, chase romance and career. But DON’T start a love affair this week.

The End