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START NOTHING: 10:08 am to 5:46 pm Sun., 6:07 pm Tues. to 2:13 am Wed., and 8:11 pm Thurs. to 8:39 am Fri.




The first seven months of 2014 are a little low on the romance meter, Leo. Much of your luck remains in background areas such as counselling, managing and government interfacing. Still, during these same seven months you might correspond with a lively, assertive person – and you wonder, will he/she ever break out from the narrow confines of casual friendship to become something more profound to/with you? A light, casual “we need each other” romance might fill these months. One thing, Leo: don’t enter a love affair just to feel emotionally secure; it would bind you, eventually, with uncomfortable ropes.

March is sexy; unexpected urges slowly swell to beguile you. In April and May, you might meet an intellectually compatible person; despite early “take it or leave it” feelings, this can turn into a gentle, magical love. June brings a witty chatterbox – perhaps an old flame. July is mixed; sweet, faithful friends stand by you.

From late July onward (into the summer of 2015), your solitude dissolves: energy, cheerfulness, luck  and a plethora of romantic opportunities will fill your days. Your charisma will soar; you’ll attract others simply because you’re so optimistic. One warning: don’t push a happy relationship too quickly into profound areas: a wedding agreement will elude you now through November 2015. Be patient, keep the commitment side of things light; talk, joke, whisper sweet things, but not “will you marry me?”

In August, either your magnetism attracts serious attention, or you feel so brave and optimistic that you approach someone you’d normally feel is unavailable. You’ll make an unforgettable impression, and the great thing about love is that it thrives on impressions. (However, don’t set up house with anyone July 25 to September 13 – domestic friction would strain love, perhaps to the breaking point.) After the 13th, September through October grows powerfully romantic – you’re brave, and you know who you want. Snuggle at home in November. December could bring sparks – how could someone misunderstand your intentions? If he/she does, clear the air and show again how you feel. Romance could flare! A former flame might return.


 Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Thursday will end your weariness and solitude, Aries. Until then, continue to rest, contemplate and plan – and deal with government agencies. Sunday’s for chores. Significant relationships confront you Sunday eve through Tuesday. Take care Monday afternoon/eve (power struggles) but welcome everyone earlier Monday, and Tuesday. (Tuesday, an opportunity also carries a promise of telling you a little more about yourself.) Mysteries arise Wednesday/Thursday – a great time, especially Wed., to invest, seek medical diagnosis, change your lifestyle, or seek intimacy with someone. Commitments lead to lucky consequences. Your energy and charisma begin to trickle back Thursday (and will become a river by mid-next week). Start gearing up to brave new shores, start new projects, seek significant relationships. A wise, mellow mood enters Friday/Saturday – Friday’s a bit irksome, but Saturday flows with accomplishment, maybe love.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Enjoy your fun while you can Taurus – a quiet, rest-oriented month begins Thursday. Before that, Sunday is romantic, beautiful, pleasure-filled – love, or a creative project, could climax – or you might heedlessly throw everything at a gamble or risky investment. (And it might reward, if you do so before 10 am – still, it’s like buying stocks at the market peak.) This night through Tuesday brings chores and health concerns. These do better Monday early and Tuesday – Monday pm holds unpredictable events or moral dilemmas. Relationships of all kinds meet splendid luck and harmony Wednesday and (milder) Thursday. Grab opportunities, go “out” to another for success. Mysteries, sexual urges, deep health matters, large finances and lifestyle decisions face shifting, illusive conditions Friday, but meet with success late this night and Saturday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

A month of career striving, and of dealing with authorities, ends Thursday. Until then, remain ambitious, and protect your reputations (for you have at least two, probably several). Sunday’s for home, family, R&R – and a possible climax in your urge to quit or begin anew, in career areas. This night through Tuesday bring romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, and the urge to take a chance. Your creative quotient rises. Monday begins well, perhaps with a glimpse of beauty or love, but progresses to surprise, unexpected events, perhaps sexual difficulties, or someone’s refusal to be intimate. Tuesday, though, is pure, hopeful romance – reveal your feelings to someone! Wednesday brings chores – you’ll succeed strongly in these, so plunge in. Thursday, ditto, but in a weaker way. Relationships could stymie you with their complexity Friday eve, but they reward you with sweet acceptance Saturday: seek an agreement, contract.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Your time of day dreaming, of seeing far and placing your life in perspective, of intellectual pursuits, ends Thursday, when a month of much more immediate concerns begins. These concerns will be ambition, reputation, interacting with higher-ups: practical things. So you switch from understanding to exercising your power. Sunday continues  a weekend of visits, travel, errands and communications. This night through Tuesday brings domestic concerns to the fore, in mostly productive, warm ways – but step cautiously Monday mid-afternoon and eve, when erratic driving, electricity, or quiet alienation could arise. Don’t seek a showdown with a partner. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity and risk-taking yield splendid rewards Wednesday and (a bit mild) Thursday. Tackle chores Friday (watch for misunderstood directions, or confusion with water, plumbing) and Saturday (solid progress). A month of ambition begins Thursday…until late July, your career meets odd conditions: a strong foundation is essential, so build one!


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Most mysteries are being solved, or you’re growing less fascinated by them. Thursday starts a month of understanding, light, love and compassion. You might travel afar, attend/apply to a prestigious school, or become involved in the media in the weeks ahead. Let these things play a lighter role in your life than usual: accent the casual over the profound, “just friends” over a wedding, conversations instead of a contract, etc., “easy” courses instead of philosophy, etc. – to November 2015. Same period, strictly avoid lawsuits (unless you’re a lawyer, of course) – try to settle things with letters, offers, reasonableness. DO NOT sue: you will not be as right as you think, and life would force you into a loss. DON’T dump big bucks into a publishing, insurance or scientific venture. Daily, Sunday’s a good money/shopping day (to 10 am PDT). Careful with driving, computers and machinery Monday pm; Tuesday favours these, and communications. Home sweet home Wednesday – real estate lucky. Sane Thursday, but milder. Friday/Saturday bring romance (not sex, Friday eve) and beauty, pleasure and a winning streak.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The heat and intensity of relationships is starting to ebb, Virgo, as your links veer from open and honest (or confrontational) to quieter and deeper areas of interaction – though one or  two of these might grow even more intense. For example, a bright, nervous bond might enter intimacy, or a potential business partnership shifts from agreement to commitment. You move from talk to funding. This switch in direction occurs Thursday, though it could take weeks to see solid results. You yourself might be the investor. In all these, be careful, and keep your commitment light, with an escape clause. (In general, DO NOT invest now to November 2015.) You can find – and it’s a good thing, if so – that an attractive relationship turns to casual sex rather than binding sex, or that a funding agreement turns toward an “earn as you go” scenario. Your charisma and energy remain high Sunday. Chase money Monday (carefully, don’t gamble) and Tuesday. Errands, friends, emails, travel succeed splendidly Wednesday, somewhat Thursday. Be home, Friday (some difficulty with mate or “plumbing”) and Saturday (all’s solid, sweet!).


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A month of chores, health concerns and general drudgery ends Thursday. That day starts a month of relationships, new horizons, relocation, dealings with the public (anything from being a store clerk to being famous) negotiations, agreements and litigation. The whole spectrum, from co-operation to opposition, will face you. Treat all these things lightly, Libra, DON’T make them your primary focus, now to November 2015. Gently assert your own independence. This will be a complex thing until late July, as you will be assertive, even challenging, and yet “partner hungry.” Don’t assertively chase another. Rest Sunday: all’s balmy. This eve to Tuesday, your energy and charisma soar. Use your temporarily increased clout to solve problems Monday pm; to attract love Tuesday. (BTW, yes, I am saying don’t marry before Nov. 2015, but you can seek sex [casual or deep] friendship, romance [light or intense] social contact, etc. – marriage isn’t everything!) Chase money or spend Wednesday/Thursday – good results, esp. Wed. Casual friends, short trips, communications – confused Friday; clear, solid Saturday.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Keep pursuing romance, love, beauty and/or a creative or speculative project, Scorpio – you could capture a last-moment success, right up to Thursday (especially Sunday morning, Wednesday, or Thursday). Thursday begins a month of chores, health issues, and care of dependants. Don’t give everything to this sphere, Scorpio, not only for the month ahead, but until November 2015 – don’t become a slave to your kids/pets, and don’t waste good opportunities that need a little planning and preparation by “defaulting” to ordinary work – that’s a form of laziness. Choose large corporations, government, institutions and bureaucracy over small, private firms. Be a manager, not a hard, hands-on worker. Delegate tasks. Sunday’s for social joys, light romance, optimism. Retreat, rest Monday/Tuesday: careful Monday, when gossip, family members or chores involving machinery need care. Don’t attempt a “job too big” Tues. Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs. – you could hit an emotional jackpot! Chase money, or spend Friday/Saturday – careful Fri. eve, DON’T buy video or telephony equipment.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You might have felt confined or supported, suffocated or warmly embraced, the past few weeks. Home, kids, security, real estate were big tropics. This continues to Thursday. Sunday might bring a brief dilemma between your ambitious and your security urges. Your hopes rise Monday/Tuesday; mild popularity and mild social delights are slated – light romance too.  Events might disappoint Monday, but you’ll hardly care. Retreat, rest and protect your health Wednesday/Thursday – contact the government, or a social agency, or institution Wed. – the results could please you, now or later. Your energy and charisma surge upward Friday (a bit of confusion or someone’s deceptive this eve) and Saturday (green lights everywhere) – start something significant. Thursday begins a month of deep romance, pleasure, beauty, self-expression and risk-taking. But view these sceptically, Sage – they can promise but disappoint, now to November 2015. Instead, aim for the lighter side: friendly romance, social engagements, fun, entertainment. A group is your salvation.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A restless, active, communication-filled month will end Thursday – but in the meantime, be as active as you can Sunday morning and Wed./Thurs., when you will tend to contact simpatico people, and will discuss very workable ideas (theirs or yours). Ambition and dealings with higher-ups fill Sunday night through Tuesday. Some danger, Monday afternoon, that you or another will act unpredictably and rock the boat, and a subtle danger, Tuesday, that you might meld real estate, domestic or security elements to your ambitions – don’t. (E.g., I’m ambitious but I’ll keep one foot in my old job, just in case; or, I’ll buy/lease larger-than-needed premises for my business – both wrong approaches.) Wednesday/Thursday bring wishes true, bring light romance, social delights and optimism! But retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Friday (be sceptical) and Saturday (be accepting). Now to November 2015, be wary of real estate investments, ultra-domestic urges, security “traps.” Not the best time to seek pregnancy.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A “money month” will come to an end Thursday. Meanwhile, seek to enhance your income prospects, especially Wednesday (best) and Thursday, when your “cred” with VIPs, bosses and parents will be high and strong. (You could also be “freed” by an authority, cop, judge, from a bad situation.) Earlier, Sunday’s for secrets, research, sex, intimacy, investments – all before 10 am. This night through Tuesday brings a mellow mood, wisdom, intellectual pursuits, far travel, legal matters, perhaps love. Monday pm is disruptive, could nudge you to say the wrong thing, or to quietly plant unease in another. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. – luck accompanies you! Your optimism, popularity, and happiness soar Friday (wee confusion) and Saturday (inspiration). Thursday begins a month of chatter, errands, variety, short trips, communication, casual friends, paperwork and details. But don’t bury yourself in these things now to November 2015 – they will form a subtle trap, waste time, perhaps turn you from more valuable, profound things.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Your energy, charisma and clout remain high, but Thursday turns you quietly away from developing your personal talents, and begins a month of money, earnings, possessions and sensual contacts. Don’t fall  in love with these things, though, as they are not likely to yield much, and might even cause  disappointment or loss, now to November 2015. (For success, seek meaningful, binding sex instead of casual sensual attractions, and invest, rather than buy depreciating items such as clothes, cars, for the 20 months ahead.) Sunday’s for relationships; you might reach a morning decision about one. Life’s depths (and your own subconscious) float to the surface Monday/Tuesday – you’ll have an intuitive sense about sex, finances, and research. Monday’s good to 2 pm, then difficulties and money conflicts enter. Tuesday’s smooth, but that sunset money idea is complex. Wisdom, love, far travel, social rituals, intellectual pursuits – these succeed splendidly Wednesday (best) and Thursday. Be ambitious Friday (some glitches) and Saturday (green light!).


The End