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Okay, I’ll  take a shot… 135 E  19 N…for the missing Malaysia plane. First time I ever tried this….. (oops, I meant 19 S…but here’s the thing: when I asked, I rec’d “135 E 91” — I assumed South latitude, but there is no 91, so I converted to 19. Now, 91 S might mean 19 North (mirror image). Or it might mean 135 and 91/100ths East longitude. So it’s all a puzzle.)


In mid-February, the Moon’s south node, an indicator of karmic difficulty, moved into Aries, where it will stay until November 2015. This means something in all our lives, and in the past few columns I’ve tried to show each sign what it means.

On a macro scale, we should see declines or dead-ends in high tech, computers, bio-tech, and in “uprising peoples.” For example, biotech firms dropped suddenly March 26. The Arab  Spring, which contained many revolts across Africa and the Middle East, has recently run into delays or declines. In Syria, the news now is that the dictator is winning and the rebels losing ground. In Egypt, the commander of the armed forces just announced (March 26) that he will run for president – a significant step backward, and a strengthening of the hierarchy. These events have/will occur because Uranus (the planet of revolt) is in Aries (military, war) with that south node (bad karma). These situations/events should increase or intensify around January/February 2015, when the lunar node actually contacts Uranus.

The south node in Aries also means militaristic actions will be pre-doomed, yet military types will be more tempted than ever to dive into war…

Manufacturers of large engines, especially of cutting-edge engines, and of military equipment, can suffer loses. In the first few weeks of this Aries nodal influence, GM announced huge, costly recalls, and now must face courtroom gauntlets.


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The Prince (now King) gave his love a dozen magic flowers: they lived forever — almost. For each time the prince was unfaithful, one of the flowers wilted and died….



For the first seven months of 2014, Taurus, your life is filled with short trips, phone calls and emails, visits and errands. If you already have a love, this describes the state of your union – busy, scattered, chasing each other in fragments of bliss. But if you’re single, these activities, errands, trips, etc., can bring you a friend who is both chatty and sexy…and intimacy can easily follow. You might be attracted to a co-worker, but it’s not wise: after time, he/she could prove to be a psychological enemy. This entire period – especially if you met someone since mid-2013 – revolves around sexual attraction more than, say, freshness, joie de vivre, social acceptance, etc. If you find your attitude is constantly serious, if you wear a wee frown, perhaps you need to up, to pursue a more balanced approach.

April fulfills at least two dreams – one could be a love wish. In May, your magnetism soars and attracts admirers. Still, communicating isn’t easy – find a way. Your best qualities show in June. It’s a great month for personal grooming, new clothes (first week only) etc. A Scorpio or Capricorn shows interest. July is mixed for everyone, but you find your “love feet” (as a sailor finds his “sea legs”) by mid-month.

August begins a new year-long period of splendid luck in the home. If you’re married, expect more boudoir intervals than most years! If courting someone, get them alone – whether in a crowded restaurant or on your back porch. You’ll impress more in private situations. August and September bring someone volatile, assertive and attractive. You might have found your beautiful opposite. Words of romance come easily. Rather heavy responsibilities accompany love now, but this time can also bring a wedding – or plans, or someone you can later wed. October’s sexual, intimate – and hard work surrounds you. Be patient. November raises partnership flags again (green ones!) Love is always a chance, a risk, one worth taking now. December accents intimacy, sex, pregnancy, and financial sharing. A new love might represent a new lifestyle.


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Your energy and charisma, clout and effectiveness remain at a yearly high, Aries – go forth and conquer! But remember, the first conquest must always be of oneself. That way, every subsequent conquest has the right direction. Here’s a puzzle: to conquer yourself this year, you must entwine or link with another. (In business, love, sex, simple friendship, etc.) (This will take a bit of courage/faith, as you will tend to see partnerships as restrictive.) Despite your heightened “presence” among others, solitude grows increasingly sweeter. A balance would be quite successful: contemplate and plan in sweet solitude, then go forth with words ablazin’ – but don’t talk yourself into a trap (especially around April 21). Your domestic situation is highlighted Sunday/Monday – great real estate or home/family luck early Sunday afternoon, then a gamut of problems (relations, career, spouse) then a quiet “settling” Monday. Romance calls – and answers! – Tuesday to Thursday. Don’t hesitate (i.e., Thursday’s too late). An opportunity to “conquer yourself through union with another” comes now. Tackle chores Friday/Saturday – progress certain.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Continue to rest, dream, recuperate, contemplate and plan – but don’t give too much time or faith to this area. For instance, rest when tired, but don’t spend the whole morning in bed. Retreat, but don’t turn people away. If you don’t need to, don’t deal with civil servants, managers/agents, institutions, charity organizations or large companies (e.g., IBM, Telus). As much as you can, perform tasks yourself – don’t delegate. (All this advice applies to Nov. 2015, but is more significant now to April 19.) Sunday/Monday brings errands, acquaintances, short trips, visits, communications, paperwork and details – be careful Sunday and pre-dawn Monday, drive safely, and watch what you  say/write. Midweek brings rest, home, parent/kid themes, the beauty of the earth. A tussle might occur over duties, who does what, Tuesday, and watch legal/moral challenges Wednesday night – otherwise it’s a great little period for home and (faithful, family) love. Romantic notions fill your head Thursday eve to Saturday – a potent, poetic Friday could lift you into sweet daydreams, or bring a new friend/potential love.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Life’s filled with apparent contradictions, Gemini. This week builds to a beautiful status opportunity or “job birth” Friday, but it occurs in the middle of three days that nudge you toward home, retreat and rest. Best way to combine these: build or strengthen a new foundation for future career launches/actions. Bosses and VIPs will favour you all April. You’re filled with hope and cheer this week – others like you, social delights come. You’ll hear from a new group of people over the next two weeks; others will coalesce around you. But don’t expect too much from this: there’s a great past here (or a reward for your past actions) but not necessarily a bountiful future. Chase money or spend it Sunday/Monday – but don’t buy high tech, engines or cars. Errands, casual friends, communications and paperwork fill midweek – be curious, seek variety. A romantic possibility might flare into reality. Your domestic situation assumes importance Thursday eve to Saturday – Friday’s best, brings peace, beauty. (Great day to paint the place!)


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Safety lies in the word “security.” Be ambitious, but not too ambitious: stop when you sense unexplained or seemingly unreasonable delay, or when your “spidey sense” tells you an action is a bit self-serving or only 90 per cent moral, or that an anticipated reward is too good to be true. Subtle traps lie here. The exception might be food and shelter industries (real estate, landscape, food, clothing, furniture, etc.): here, success awaits through hard, sweaty work. Until August, be gentle with children. Your energy and charisma soar Sunday/Monday – although you face problems (or non-cooperation) you can accomplish things: most of all, you can take a firm step in one direction, which is an accomplishment. Relations heal Monday forenoon. Chase money and/or shop Tuesday/Wednesday (but not after Wed. sunset). Used items, no; high tech, status items, yes. Errands, visits, communications, paperwork, details and variety enter Thursday eve to Saturday – be curious, ask questions. Someone “good looking” is approachable Friday: take a chance! Or see a movie.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

It’s the last time I’ll say it, Leo: now to Nov. 2015 (but especially now and next March/April) strictly avoid lawsuits (and illegal activities, of course) and “go light” or short in travel, communications, publishing and relationships. Favour casual over profound, short trips over long, stories over novels, etc. You’ll be lucky in sex, finances, investments, research and health diagnoses for the rest of April. (And you remain lucky in dealing with civil servants, to July.) Retreat from the hectic crowd Sunday/Monday: rest, contemplate, form a “safety plan.” Your energy and magnetism surge skyward Tuesday to Thursday. Tuesday afternoon might start a fight (someone’s bluffing) but it’s followed by an opportunity for friendship. Wednesday’s lucky – start a project, not a practical one, before supper. Chase money or spend it Thursday eve (dicey) Friday (good) and Saturday morning. You might spy a good investment Friday, or a poetically sexy person – enchantment’s possible!


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Others will treat you graciously, affectionately now to early May. Your talk or thoughts might want to take this attraction to deeper levels, to intimacy or financial commitment: don’t. Mystery, subconscious urges and “pheromones” surround you…but these can contain subtle traps, so step carefully. Money flows around you until July – make sure you bank it, for things bought now (especially mechanical things) might contain a flaw. Your popularity rises mildly but nicely Sunday/Monday. You’ll feel optimistic, flirtatious, you’ll see life’s fresh horizons. Phone someone, go to an entertainment venue. Retreat Tuesday to Thursday: rest, contemplate, plan, deal with civil servants or institutions. All goes well, but romance will disappoint: don’t make that call. Your energy and pizzazz return Thursday eve to Saturday. I hate to say it during this sexy, dangerous month, but love might visit you Friday, good love. Be open, realize this is greater than lust, and state your case honestly, even if only with a glance.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your work feels more rewarding, and your co-workers more affectionate, over the four weeks ahead. Many discussions/negotiations  can take place in the next two weeks about a partnership, marriage, a contract or a “public interface” situation. Realize anyone you meet now to November 2015 will not “work out” as a partner, in business or love. (This isn’t a death sentence, Libra – you still have great indicators in casual and heavy sex, friendship, light and heavy romance, and in supportive or ally-relations. Life isn’t all partnership!) This spring is a good time to mull over what you want in a partnership, or to negotiate yourself into a better position. Be ambitious Sunday/Monday, but don’t count on co-operation. Money remains stable. Midweek brings social delights, entertainment, flirtation. Your popularity soars, so does your optimism – enjoy life! (But don’t chase a good time late Wednesday night.) Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Thursday eve to Saturday. Solitude is sweet – so is working alone. Watch sugar intake, especially Friday: a good movie will satisfy you.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Work faces you – do what you must, without overdoing it. Avoid the temptation to significantly alter the work place. Manage and delegate whatever you can – others will do a better job than you hope! Maintain good health (and dental) habits now to November 2015 – but  again, don’t overdo it. Sunday/Monday bring gentle wisdom, a wide, understanding view of the world. That wisdom will be needed, when various irksome situations confront you. Far travel, social rituals, culture, learning, gentle love can bless you immensely Sunday before mid-afternoon. If you’re single, the four months ahead can bring the kind of love that becomes marriage. (More likely after April 19 than before.) Romance weaves a minor but strong thread through your life now to early May. Be ambitious midweek – someone up there favours you. Whatever you do, don’t defy authority Tuesday afternoon. Your hopes and popularity rise nicely Thursday eve to Saturday. You might meet someone and feel the poetry of attraction work its magic – this is a good one, a light one with deep streaks.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS    Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Romance, creative and speculative urges, sports, games, charming kids, beauty and pleasure surround you. Realize that the deep, visceral side of these can subtly entrap you over the 20 months ahead, while the light or group-oriented side of them can boost you – and provide you with a smooth, green path to your “right” future. (E.g., infatuation no, friends with benefits yes.) These two “states” – light and heavy – can be difficult to tell apart, even to pull apart, this month. Your domestic situation swells with affection and mild, sweet luck during the four weeks ahead – this is a superb time to paint, decorate, pretty up the yard, etc. (Especially this Friday, when a home/beauty project can begin, one that has an almost magical result.) Life’s mysteries surface Sunday/Monday – avoid investing, seeking intimacy, or making life changes – at least until after Monday dawn. Midweek’s wise, gentle, filled with understanding. Love is possible! So are far travel, higher education, cultural venues and rituals, legal and publishing success. Be ambitious Thursday eve to Saturday – you’ll make “inspired” headway Friday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Much discussion – pleasant discussion – will occur this month, much of it about home, family issues, vacation, real estate. Take this in stride, don’t let it knock you off the course you’re on. Now to November 2015, it’s better to be ambitious than to retreat to home, security, family. Sunday/Monday bring relationships, and disagreements. Be diplomatic, co-operative as you can. Much of the conflict revolves around a domestic issue. Sunday morning’s lucky; and Monday morning favours your views, your ways. Mysteries enter midweek – so do lifestyle  changes, investments and debt issues, sexual urges, secrets, research and health concerns. Luck’s mixed here, so be wary to mid-afternoon Tuesday, then assertive to supper time Wednesday. Don’t do anything that “violates your future” – e.g., that goes against your cherished wishes, goals. Thursday eve to Saturday brings a wise, mellow mood, new faces, and someone, whether new or known, with whom you can share a sweet, poetic moment (Friday night) or a whole future.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your money picture improves now to early May: you’ll be able to afford a luxury item. The general accent lies on communications, trips, friends, errands and paperwork. Don’t get lost in these: the hours you spend in a good book are worth ten errands. Relationships dominate midweek. You could face an exciting meeting with a temperamental, volatile person (Tuesday). Could be a fight or an instant friendship. Romance is okay, just not exciting. You’ll succeed, find co-operation, and face fresh new horizons – the only failure or problem will arise if/when you attempt to “pull rank” or engage in gossip or interface with civil servants (Wednesday night). Your subconscious bursts to the surface Thursday eve to Saturday: you’ll display psychic tendencies, so follow your hunches. Large finances, intimacy, lifestyle changes, research or detective work and health concerns fill these days. A new, good income source might appear – grab it!


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Chase money, buy/sell, and seek new clients – but don’t force these areas. If a money situation in earnings. If you deserve a pay raise, but your employer cries the poverty blues (they do that well, don’t they?) ask for equity instead. It will be more valuable, eventually, than your pay stubs. Someone promises money now to April 22, but it might be bogus, or slim. Your personal aura grows subtly fascinating now to early May – others will be inexplicably attracted. It’s a good time for photo sessions. Romance calls Sunday (to mid-afternoon) and Monday forenoon. Beauty, pleasure, a winning streak fill both days, but so do problems in money, taxes, government “grabs,” and in social/group connections. Be sweet, calm: save your passion for love, don’t spend it on war. Tackle chores midweek – you’ll get a lot done (except Thursday). Relationships swell – perhaps into poetic, sweet significance – Thursday eve to Saturday. The camera loves you Friday.


The End