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START NOTHING:   11:44 am to 3:06 pm Sun., 2:12 pm to 5:41 pm Tues., and 1:34 pm Thurs. to 0:02 am Fri.


(Sorry, no AFTERAMBLE this week.)
Remember the huge London apartment fire last week? Hours later, the leading Republican congressman was shot at a baseball game. Look at this: the south lunar node (karma) now is in Aquarius. Uranus, which rules Aquarius, is in Aries, the sign of fire and violence. When the Moon was in Aquarius, it “caused” the spectacular, deadly fire in London, and the shooting of a congressman. See how astrology works? (Even further, Aquarius rules groups of people and co-op or condo housing — the London apartment — and political revolt — the shooting of a Republican politician by a Democrat.)
Ever notice how the great singers — e.g., Sinatra, Beatles, Stones, Dylan — sing about much more than love, and often focus on the most mundane things? Their gift isn’t limited. Sinatra sings about suicide and self-determination, the Beatles about getting ready for work (and a hundred other things) the Stones about revolt and evil, Dylan about social justice, etc.
When Pisces women are hurt, they shut themselves in the bedroom and bawl — loudly. When Leo women are hurt, you’ll hear about it — after a huge, angry dramatic gesture. When Sage is hurt, she protests loudly, loses her fine temper. When Aries is hurt, she stands back, surprised, then cold-cocks you. When Libra is hurt, she withdraws in noble silence. Gemini tells you her other lovers were much better equipped. Cancer goes into a sulking mood that can last weeks. Capricorn withdraws to a position of disdain: you’ve just become smaller in her estimation. Aquarius is unpredictable, and usually acts as her moon or ascendant would indicate: but Aquarians can be adamant and forceful, and will argue your head off. Taurus? I don’t know. I suspect they become “unavailable.” A hurt Virgo just abandons you — or details your 1,000 flaws. Scorpio? This sign, when hurt, often says nothing: but you’re on her revenge list. (Though contrary to reputation, this is one of the most forgiving signs — after they get even.)
Lincoln, Republican, shot. Kennedy, Democrat, shot. Reagan, Republican, shot. Gabrielle Giffords, Democrat, shot. Now Scalise, Republican House Whip, shot. Neither party seems to have a lock on being assaulted by violent madmen. But in this latest instance (June 14) we can probably blame: Kathy Griffin, “comedian,” who held a wax head of Trump, dripping with red paint; Madonna, who spoke of attacking the White House; The New York Times, which paid to stage a public assassination of a Trump look-alike in New York (with people in suits repeatedly stabbing him); the San Jose police (and their mayor) who encouraged/permitted Democratic millennials to beat up Trump supporters; the Spanish TV network and CNN, both of whom, in separate occurrences, staged phoney street protests against Trump, so they would have some “exciting news” to fill their cynical agendas. All of them have Scalise’s blood on their hands.
The publicly staged “Julius Caesar” in New York, with Caesar played by a Trump look-alike, stabbed repeatedly until dead, might prove prescient. Even Republican senators and congresspeople approved the Special Prosecutor investigating Trump, even praised him highly, despite the fact that one of the main witnesses is his good buddy, and all his staff are dyed-in-blue Democrats. Even the Republicans seem eager to be rid of him.

I’m not really sure why Trump is not fighting back. He should appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Comey, Lynch, Hillary and Bill, Obama and Mueller, The New York Times and the Washington Post. That S.P. would surely find more incriminating evidence (more “there there”) than the Special Counsel investigating him. He should make sure the S.P. hires only Republicans, just as the present S.C. investigating him has hired only large Democratic donors as his lawyers and aides. He should make sure the S.P. is a good, loyal friend, as Mueller is to Comey.

(Legally, Mueller, the S.C., should recuse himself, as he is a “best friend” to one of the people he’s supposed to be investigating, James Comey. But the U.S. justice system has always been political, rather than fair. I suspect this is why American police are so corrupt. [Who wouldn’t be, when it’s obvious to everyone that your bosses are corrupt?] Corruption and openness are an odd combination, frequently found in U.S. courts and politics.)

But I’m going go try, once again, to pull away from this internecine, fur-flying fight. I can’t predict unless I have no emotional investment, and I think predicting’s probably more… useful, somehow. So once again, I promise to let politics go. Maybe this time I won’t break it.


Aries.svg   ARIES:  March 21-April 19
The weeks ahead focus on your home, family, security, and basic needs. Be restful, soak up a bit of nature, upgrade your nutrition, and plan for, invest in, your children’s education, your own retirement, etc.  Sunday morning’s unpredictable, but this afternoon begins a romantic, creative and risk-taking trend that lasts until Tues. suppertime (PDT). If you feel attracted to someone in your home or close neighbourhood (other than your spouse, of course) stop and think. This is a security fantasy, not love. Instead, study the real estate ads, or correct a plumbing problem (or build a swimming pool). Overall, you’ll experience joy, beauty, pleasure — but a “legal” agreement might not hold. Relations with the govt. yield great results — be forward, seek. Tackle chores Tues. eve through Thursday. Protect your health; eat, sleep sensibly. You might have to choose who to help, or how — and whether to stay home or show loyalty to an outside situation (e.g., your career, your employer). Be careful about buying machinery: buy nothing used. Relationships fill Fri./Sat., and some of them look contentious: be diplomatic, even if you’re right. Why make enemies, when you can just let them go?

  taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20
The weeks ahead fill with paperwork, errands, details, communications, short trips and casual friends. (Sunday morning is filled with these, but in a disruptive way.) It will be an easy time without major consequences – but a good time to handle anything such as job applications, school admission forms, etc. You’ll work very quickly in these areas so remember: haste makes waste. Your physical charms continue to shine. However, all week, be diplomatic in your speech, especially to a partner or spouse; if you don’t, you could cause an explosion, or an unrevealed resentment. Mid-afternoon Sunday (3 pm PDT) to Tues. eve nudges you to stay home or in the neighbourhood. Some great things can come from this: friends might gather Sunday evening, repairs go well Mon., and you can absorb some much needed rest – choose rest. Romance, creativity, speculation, charming kids, beauty and pleasure bless you Tuesday eve through Thursday. Be somewhat careful Thurs., as the morning says your romantic interest will not agreed to intimacy (or a financial gamble it Is not a good investment). All day, be polite in speech/writing — someone you contact casually might become a future mate or cooperator. Tackle  chores Friday/Saturday. Protect your health Saturday, and don’t expect quick progress.

Gemini.svg    Gemini:  May 21 – June 20
Chase money, Gemini. Much can flow to you now, but various people and projects are trying to drill a hole in your bank account. Save, or at least spend on things you enjoy. Your inner life continues to be sweet but romance is encountering some mild obstacles — that’s okay, for July will bring your charms back to the surface. Sunday morning is a bit disruptive – buy nothing. From 3 pm (PDT) Sunday to Tues. eve – errands, communications, short trips, paperwork and casual friends enter. Sunday can inspire you about a great career/earnings idea, or open a lucky career door — enter! Tuesday might further this theme. Enter no legal zones, though (this advice applies now through early Nov., 2018). Head for home, in heart or actuality, Tues. eve through Thursday. Note a wee deception Wed. suppertime. Don’t bother seeking co-operation Thurs. You could spy a good investment AFTER noon Thursday. Romance, creative urges, speculative desires, beauty and pleasure call Friday/Saturday.  This isn’t a romantic month, so don’t expect much. Someone might purposely misunderstand you Saturday. All week, money, investments, sex and power struggles need care.

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21 – July 22
Your power, leadership, charisma, energy and effectiveness are at a peak now to late July, Cancer (esp. Sunday). Don’t waste this important month. Start projects, make contacts, ask favours and present proposals. Your determination and intensity are at a two-year high. So is your sexual magnetism — but all these could involve you in a fight or competition with someone suave but very strong — or with a sexy, romantic, stubborn person who might, someday, be your mate. (If so, it will come with struggle, and with depths and heights seldom touched by your yearning heart.) Chase money, buy/sell, Sunday afternoon (3 pm PDT) to Tuesday eve. Don’t buy items for the home or children, but do purchase travel or lecture or entertainment tickets (foreign best) or apply for school. Special Cancers will sell a film script. Errands, visits, calls, trips, paperwork and casual acquaintances fill Tues. eve through Thursday. All goes well, smoothly, until Thurs., when machinery, employment or health affairs stymie. Disagreement with a partner or stranger possible. Be diplomatic. Friends will be sweet. Home, kids, garden, Mom, Nature, nutrition, security, retirement, a brief rest — these fill Fri./Sat. Friday’s fine, but go slow Saturday, especially if your temper’s short. (“Damn, spilled that bucket of house paint all over her favourite flower bed!”) All week, peaking Sat. (or the following Sun., July 2) there is some potential for violence or a battle royal (or cruel words) because you’re a bit of an unstoppable force now, and you’re meeting a rather immovable object/person. Decide when to be discreet.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23 – Aug. 22
Remain out of the spotlight, Leo. Seek sweet solitude, examine your life course, be spiritual and charitable, uphold you duties but don’t overwork, and DON’T volunteer. The weeks ahead favour rejuvenation, spas, hospital visits, government liaising, research, dealing with agents, counsellors, therapists or psychics. Two things affect all these zones: one, they’re more intense than usual, and you could be taken aback by a temperamental outburst from a guide or helper; and two, these things (solitude, gov’t, therapy, etc.) somehow advance your wisdom and give you a wider view of the world. Sleep in Sunday. This afternoon (3 pm PDT) your energy bounces back, mildly, to Tues. suppertime. Show clout where you need it, take the lead, but don’t start huge new projects. You’ll get some attention! Romance, not much; sex, not bad! An investment could be good; research yields rewards. Pursue money and make purchases Tues. eve through Thurs. — but avoid used items, cars, and water-gas-ocean related expenditures (e.g., don’t buy fish). A brief health crisis might occur Thursday. Errands, communications, travel, paperwork and casual friends fill Fri./Sat. Friday’s good for getting things done, but Saturday is filled with obstacles — go slow, take a laid-back, restful approach. All week, a struggle exists between hands-on work and management duties. Not the best week to buy any machinery.

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  Aug. 23 – Sept. 22
Wishes can come true, Virgo, this Sunday morning (slim chance) and over the weeks ahead. You’re going to be happy, as your optimism and popularity grow, and social delights, entertainment and flirtation enter. Every little breeze could waft your heart aloft. Interactions are intense, swift — you might have to respond to an invitation “immediately.” You could be sexually drawn to someone in your social circle. Think ahead: the consequences are? If all’s honest, ethical, jump in, have a fling. It’s unlikely to become a marriage, but you’d never forget this person. (Exceptions might occur if you meet someone Sun.,Tues. or Thurs. this week.) Sunday afternoon (3 pm PDT) to suppertime Tuesday brings a brief rest and solitude — use this to catch your second wind, and to get old duties out of the way. (E.g., settle taxes, perform outstanding paperwork, rake that yard.) Make no promises involving the home; sign nothing. Your energy and charisma charge back Tues. eve through Thursday. Use that charisma to offer love, or to chase a business opportunity. All week, romance might be destined, or its pursuit might bring you a bit of a slap in the face. Struggle is certain, but it might end in love, maybe in rejection. Don’t step between two friends if they’re fighting.

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  Sept. 23 – Oct. 22
Your mood becomes ambitious, Libra — or the opposite, if you don’t like the pressure. Higher-ups remain impatient, temperamental until July 20, so grin and bear it, do your best without argument. (You’d lose the argument.) On the other hand, you have a unique opportunity to a) turn a boss into a partner, or b) swiftly grab an opportunity, or c) co-operate with an associate, friend or spouse, and form a partnership of ambitions. It all depends on, as they say, the amount of “fire in your belly.” Whatever happens, you face challenges and tests, which you can pass splendidly if flexible and empathic. Prestige relations with bosses, parents or authorities, and your worldly reputation, are involved. One or more of these trends are evident Sunday — don’t argue with a cop! From 3 pm (PDT) this day to suppertime Tues., happiness, optimism, friends, flirtations and entertainment enter — so does good luck. Your work goes very well — you can find a new job, or gain a promotion, if you use your communication skills. Accept any invitations, social or work-related. Retreat Tues. eve through Thurs. — regather your energies and thoughts. Rest, contemplate and plan. Again, luck rides with you — but avoid communications, short trips and paperwork Thursday. All week, peaking Thurs. and Sat., you might have to choose between home and career. Home’s stronger, but… your choice. Your energy and charisma roar back Fri./Sat. — use this energy ambitiously. There’s a partnership question: for now, wait and see: examine another’s actions and your feelings: is she/he (or you) being cruel? If so, back away from commitment.

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23 – Nov. 21
You remain thoughtful, mellow. You’re standing on a quiet, deep base of happiness, Scorpio,  this week and the next two. (Actually, that base is rather permanent; but sometimes you slip and forget it’s there.) Look far ahead, especially where love, justice, travel and education are concerned. For the next 16 months, you will find a smooth, easy path in career, and “pitfalls” in real estate or “withdrawing to home.” The few weeks ahead open the door to further education designed to boost your career. Sunday rings this bell, but you might have to “break the bonds” of home, security. From 3 pm (PDT) Sun. to Tues. suppertime, your career and social ambitions are emphasized (and fortunate). Simultaneously, romance, creativity or risk-taking blossom! Tuesday eve through Thursday brings friends, social delights, flirtations, optimism and happiness. A wish might come true — but a “couple” might interfere. Retreat Fri./Sat. — rest, contemplate and plan. Be charitable, spiritual — let “earthly conflicts” go their own way — you go toward peace. Until July 20, strictly avoid lawsuits — and avoid getting in the middle of “warring factions,” especially Saturday night. Silence is better than wrong words.

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
You remain in a “private mood” until July 22. Your subconscious bursts to the surface; your intuition rises, as does your curiosity. You’ll be dealing with sexual attractions, financial events/opportunities, research and investigations (perhaps medical) revelations, and lifestyle changes. This area is tied up by Mars until July 20, which can make those sexual urges a burning fire (and a romantic one)  and can make you impulsive with finances, changes and commitments. Think things through before acting, for your own sake. (You probably will, as you’re steeped in one of the most cautious two years of your life, 2016/17.) Sunday highlights these themes, but in a disruptive, unreliable way. From 3 pm (PDT) this day to Tues. suppertime, your mind stretches and flows to new horizons, expanded understanding — and perhaps lucky contacts with foreign born people, scholars and travellers. You might invest — fortunately — in real estate or any food/shelter entity (e.g., a food store, or a building materials company). One small caution: don’t mix money and friends: they’ll hold you back from a good investment or other “opening.” Be ambitious Tuesday eve through Thursday. Display your skills, propose projects, contact important people. However, leave money discussions out of the picture. Happiness, popularity, friends, optimism, entertainment and friendly flirtations fill Fri./Sat. Problems and obstacles arise (esp. Sat.) but they will hardly dent your buoyant mood. All week, carefully examine big money versus earnings, or sensual/pleasure sex versus “deep sex.” Decide which you want before you act.

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
The focus remains on relationships, fresh horizons, new opportunities, challenge and possible opposition, even enmity. You’re a natural diplomat, so the enmity part is unlikely. Still, others are uber-intense until July 20, so step carefully, be kind and gentle. Ultimately, you hold the power; but temporarily, others can swing a mean punch. You might decide to end a relationship. Rare Caps might start a real estate partnership. Sunday emphasizes these themes, but in a disruptive way (money conflicts?). From 3 pm (PDT) this day to suppertime Tuesday, a door opens to the “deep side” of relationships — to the sexual, financial, security and consequential sides. Now’s the time to commit, or to dig deep until you find something/someone to commit to. A note, email or call could help fulfill your wishes here. (Yes, write that love note.) Seek profit, depth, not prestige. A wise, mellow mood flows over you Tues. eve through Thursday. Don’t waste time with chatter, gossip, short trips and errands — instead, aim for the profound: far travel, ethics, intellectual pursuits, love, etc. All week, especially Thurs. and Sat., a significant development might occur between you and a special person. Listen to the other, be open to what might be an opportunity. (Listen to any complaints, also.) Be ambitious Friday and — carefully, discreetly — Saturday.  Sidestep any relationship conflict this might cause. Work alone.

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
Groan — three weeks of work and drudgery face you, Aquarius. Ah, well. Just plod ahead and get it done. Protect your heart with good habits. Now to late 2018, reject independence — if you approach another, even if he/she rejects you, you’ll still feel happier than had you not tried. Some Aquarians will become famous, some will luckily relocate, some marry, in the 16 + months ahead. The few weeks ahead could nudge you to buy machines, tools or a computer. If these are video-related, or for the express purpose of earning money, you could land a superb item, especially Sun. to Tuesday. However, back away from such purchases Thurs. through Sat. Sunday morning almost creates a chore for you. This afternoon (3 pm PDT) to Tues. suppertime features relationships and meetings. Chase someone, but be diplomatic. Alienate no one. (A Libra or Gemini won’t be easy; a Virgo or Pisces might offer sensual intimacy.) Chase opportunities, new horizons. Life’s depths — and your subconscious — rise to the surface Tuesday eve through Thursday. Investments, debt, sexual yearnings, investigation, lifestyle decisions, commitment and consequence loom large. Be cautious — hidden factors or flaws could have you building something which might later collapse or bend the wrong way. Don’t invest nor pledge your loyalty Thurs. Love, gentle love, wisdom, expanded viewpoint, perhaps far travel, intellectual pursuits, philosophy and culture fill Friday (okay) and Saturday (frictions, misunderstandings).

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  Feb. 19 – March 20
Ah, sweet romance! This week and the next two highlight beauty, pleasure, games/sports, risk-taking, creative surges, and your heart’s passion. These are more intense than usual, even heated. You might have to make sure you don’t run roughshod over someone you’re pursuing, or talk too much, or try to buy someone. You might sell your creative efforts. Sunday highlights these themes, but in a disruptive, unpredictable way. This afternoon (3 pm PDT) to Tues. suppertime brings chores and mild heath concerns. Eat, dress sensibly. You might meet a very intriguing (and marriageable) person — a sexy person if Sunday, a talkative one if Tuesday. Tackle chores; you’ll succeed. Relationships confront you Tues. eve through Thursday. Wednesday’s fine, but Thurs.’s complex. The morning can hold rejection/dejection, but the afternoon (and Sat.) might force you to choose between deep romance with a chatty, detailed type, or light romance with a deep, silent type. Your choice. If you’re lucky, you’ll get both rolled into one. Be diplomatic, but eager to join. New horizons, fresh opportunities are in the air. Tackle chores Friday (progress) and Saturday (obstacles).

The End.

AFTERAMBLE: (Sorry for delays: I’m waiting until I can discover how to display an astrology wheel here.)

8 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — JUNE 25 – JULY 1, 2017

  1. karen

    So… next week, are we going to read about what guys do when they’re hurt? Or do they all just go to their caves haha! 🙂

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Karen,

      I think they’re going to their caves! (BTW, those 12 descriptions were my “best guess,” not meant to be “factual.” It’s almost impossible to “isolate” a single-sign trend/quality, as every person has not only a Sun-sign, but a rising sign, moon sign, and 8 affecting planets, placed differently in every birth chart.



  2. ninefive

    I am sorry but your comprehension of american political dynamics seemsto be very heavily skewed based on tv and 2nd hand understanding.
    There are scores of people where the “coastal elites” live who don’t have anything to their name. The poverty level in the coastal city I live in is almost at 40%. The reason why people are so upset is because everything they need/want are being taken away. Dodd-frank was reversed, EPA funding gone, clean energy funding gone, healthcare and medicaid, even though it’s not a perfect system is being taken away, abortion services (regardless of your thoughts on the ethical nature as other 1st world countries support it) are gone, we’re selling billions and billions of weapons to the Qatar and Saudi Emirates (as has every administration since the 80s). While during all of this, the only legislation that has gone through have been things to improve Trump businessess and the donors funding the GOP, like private prisons. Which is a business used to put as many people in prisons as possible, leading to multiple different issues. (I can’t get into all of this right now. Please watch the documentary 13th to understand more)
    You seem to be caught up in Trump’s rhetoric. What CNN and the like say are drivel. Their opinion means nothing, as they are just trying to get people to watch and are not interested in bringing about real reform. It seems like, you and the rest of the bleeding heartland of the midwest see Trump as this hero who’s battered but must still survive for the good of the land. Meanwhile him and the GOP are passing through tons of legislation that is CRIPPLING the middle class, and every other class that isn’t wealthy. There hasn’t been any service or program or funding bill to help anyone in the US except the rich and corporations. I mean that literally. If anyone knows of one let me know. If you or anyone else don’t think that the gov’t should have no hand in helping people that’s fine. But I don’t think that it should be that way and am doing what little I can to stop it.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, nine five,

      1) you say not one thing has been passed by Trump to help anyone but the rich. Perhaps you forgot the Veteran’s bill. 2) when I wrote that, I contrasted the coastal elites with the heartland’s population. That was a generalization. Of course Baltimore, for example, is on the coast, and is poor. But I’m writing a general astrology blog; I’m not going to create a 2,000 item list of exceptions to the general situation. In general Liberals hold the coast, conservatives hold the centre.



      1. elfteacher

        tim, there is more than one kind of elite. you disapprove of the dominance of the cultural elite but at the moment seem to be approving of the financial elite. the cultural elite has the media dominance it does because it is informed, educated and cosmopolitan. the financial elite has so little but greed and influence going for it that we see it having to manipulate the heartland non-elites by any crooked means it can.

  3. cherylchad

    Hi Tim, I have a Libra Sun but Cancer ascendant and Pisces moon and a clutch of planets including Venus and asteroids and my north node in my 5th house of Scorpio. I read here under Libra that I should stay away from deep romance which is associated with 5th house because of south node and instead enjoy groups, organizations and light romance. I have been consciously doing so and have been happy to do so as I feel light and easy. However should there be any change in my modus operandi once Jupiter moves into my 5th house Scorpio in October? or should I continue to operate the same way and focus on groups for my own benefit. It may help to know that earlier this year I developed strong feelings for someone whom I have known for decades but who is entirely unavailable at work, so I took your advice and made efforts to go the opposite way and it helped me feel more at peace though dreadfully empty.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Cherylchad,

      You’re a bit bitter or disappointed now, but if you left him you made the right decision. If in future you refuse to engage with married men, etc., a viable single man will eventually enter. We have to be good first, then good things (eventually!) happen.



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