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6:16 am to 9:59 am Sunday, 6:34 pm to 10:08 pm Tuesday, and 7:12 am to 10:45 am Friday.


Can we stop fighting now? We’ve been fighting back-and-forth, back-and-forth, like the tops of trees in the wind. And she says “yes, let’s try.” Then she says, “I’m so thick and numerous,” as he bends toward her.


Christianity was represented by the cross, four sticks pointing to the four compass points, signifying spreading the gospel. 2229 will bring, or start to bring, a religion represented by a sphere: all-inclusive (whereas the cross only included those who followed one of four “rules,” i.e., conformed). The sphere is not only inclusive (for it “holds within” — prefigured by the Bhuddist ideal of the rotund stomach) but it is also multi-infinitely directional (versus the simple 4 directions of the cross). (Those 4 directions are heaven, hell, purgatory and limbo. Or above, below, past and future. Or… etc.) Perhaps there needs to be an intermediate stage, which is not a sphere, but flat, a circle. BUT the sphere can also collapse to a point… and heaven is filled with points of light, each one is a world of consciousness, or an “angel,” which drifts among the others, and when two points touch, worlds are revealed, in bliss, one to the other. This is how angels communicate.


God must be decentralized to work. Say I’m trying to interact/pray with God, to ask Q’s or be noticed, or whatever, but to God, and the universe and its multiples, I am not only a grain of sand, but one among trillions times trillions of grains on trillions of beaches. Flies have multiple eyes in their heads, to see as if they had different TV screens going on. (The prophet Ezekiel describes God’s 4 beasts, or cherubim, in the Bible, as covered with multiple eyes.) But to hear my cry, to note it and maybe answer, or not — I think one being or entity would go crazy trying to respond to it, to, say, 100,000,000 trillion trillion requests per second. One answer is that God is decentralized; God is a being, but not a singe or defined being, so any portion of God, at any time, can attach to, answer, protect, or deal with any single person, animal or plant, because God is multiple and indeterminate, residing in every rain drop, every leaf, every atom, for nothing is barred to God. So we can say God is within us, as God is within every thing, rocks to stars. So, God being within us in every cell, we can also say “God is us” or “We are God.” That might sound arrogant, but because God permeates us, we are inseparable from God. Or we can say that although God is in every atom or neutrino, or whatever, God is still separate in every tiny instance, although still inhabiting each thing.

If a neutrino, which can travel through the entire earth without hitting an atom, molecule or anything which can stop or change/alter it — if a neutrino can do this, go though the earth w/o a collision, this demonstrates a God so complex and… that we could not possibly reproduce God, even with massive super-computers. OR, it might be that the neutrino does not “miss” every obstacle, but actually, say, “hits” a proton, yet comes out the other side unaltered and still discreet — then even protons, or the basic building blocks of existence, are themselves super-huge, bloated with space. Or, some things, such as neutrinos, can combine with anything and at the same time pass through it and maintain their integrity.

Number 8 equals a change which improves (or destroys) the situation. The U.S. Supreme Court building has 8 pillars. The front of the White House has 8 windows on either side, and 6 in the middle — 22 total. 22 is the number of domesticity OR sacrifice for humanity. The W.H. combines the two meanings.


Aries.svg     ARIES:  March 21-April 19
The focus remains on home, family, security, nutrition, rest, soul and business territory. This week and the next two are a good time to end wasteful, unproductive situations and relationships — and a good time to lay out future plans on a broad, non-detailed canvas. A good time to plant seeds. Sunday mid-morn (PDT) to late night Tues. accents secrets, mysteries, sexual yearnings, financial actions, research and detective work, possible lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. Your home might be suffering from a recent angry episode, but these few days can bring the balm that heals. Investments, debt reduction, sexual interludes, dealings with agents, advisors or civil servants — all go well, but avoid computer or electrical involvements. A wise, mellow, loving mood steals over you Wed. to mid-morning Friday. Legal, international, far travel, intellectual, educational, cultural and publishing affairs are mixed. You might catch a great plane, ship, but head in the wrong direction. A mate (or potential one) won’t hop on board your project. (Patience: he/she will, late month or August.) Be ambitious Fri. morning through Saturday — you’ll make the right impression, even if no one will join you.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20 – May 20
Life’s still busy but easy, Taurus. Lots of details, paperwork, errands, trips and communications, but none of it is overwhelmingly important. So proceed, but stay relaxed. Sunday morning (PDT) to late Tues. night brings relationships, small and large. You’ll get along well with Pisces and Cancer people. Yes, you could fall in love, or meet a viable mate. Good opportunities arrive, especially in social zones. But don’t discuss ambitious or career plans: it will trigger negative surprises. Life’s depths and mysteries “surface” late Tues. night to mid-morning Fri. If you want to invest, wait until Thurs. daytime into pre-dawn Fri. — technology favoured. Earlier, although Wed. says no to sex, it says yes to flirtations, thrills, even love. A wise, understanding mood enters Friday mid-morning through Sat. — see far, travel afar, handle legal, ethical, media, cultural, educational and love matters. You might witness two friends (one a good friend, one casual) falling in love — or becoming enemies. Your money picture is about to improve. Family members grow active, talkative.

Gemini.svg     GEMINI:  May 21 – June 20
Chase money, Gemini — it comes easily, if you’re hard working. But it also flows quickly away from you.  So be cheap, bank it, pay bills. If you’re unattached you might have wondered, lately, if this is supposedly your great romantic year, why isn’t anyone chasing you? Well, they/he/she will now, as your physical charms blossom this Tues. to July 31. Be available. Tackle chores and protect your health Sunday morning to late night Tues. Eat nutritiously, dress sensibly. You’ll get plenty done, but you’ll do more if you avoid computers and your social group. Relationships confront you Wed. to mid-morn Friday. This trend will favour your career, relations with parents, bosses, clients, VIPs, etc., (Wed.) but don’t try to turn a romantic attraction into a marriage or co-habitation — yet. An Aquarian sympathizes, will try to aid you. You might spy fresh opportunities, perhaps involving computers. Life’s secrets are revealed mid-morn Fri. (PDT) through Saturday. You could be tempted to overspend on an investment. A sexual attraction could explode into physical contact — avoid triangles. Dig deep: valuable answers available.

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21-July 22
Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness remain at a yearly high, Cancer. Charge forth, be a leader, start projects, contact allies, seek favours, present proposals. Dispatch chores that formerly intimidated you. You’re filled with intensity and ambition — so much so, that a bit of gentleness might be good. Sunday morning to late night Tues. brings romance, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure — take a chance, you’re riding a winning streak! However, avoid chasing an investment or “boudoir interlude.” (And don’t ask for a pay raise yet.) Dive into chores Wed. to mid-morn (PDT) Fri. — you’ll succeed terrifically in international, legal, educational, media, cultural or travel projects — and in computer work. (It’s a good time, Thurs. pm, Fri. pre-dawn, to purchase a computer or software.) You might spy a real estate bargain, especially in commercial zones. Relationship confront you Fri. morning though Saturday. Some Cancers will meet true love; others will struggle to understand a complex, secretive, stubborn (yet perhaps good!) person. This Tuesday to July 31, enhances your private world, favours meditation, yoga, planning, gov’t contacts.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22
Remain in the background this week and the next two, Leo. This is a good time to work on legal issues with the gov’t, to apply for education grants/loans, to study the ethics of a recent or anticipated romantic attraction, or to learn more in spiritual/religious zones, whether via books, gurus, or travelling to your favourite ashram. Be quiet within, contemplate your life thus far and plan your future. Above all, snooze, rest, recuperate. Agents, counsellors have good stuff for you. These themes deepen beneficially from 10 am (PDT) Sun. to late Tues. night, as you settle into a domestic situation. Hug the kids and spouse, take nature walks, upgrade security and retirement plans. You’ll spy/sense a valuable secret (or medical cure) Mon. Excellent day for a doctor visit, investigation, or a sexy cuddle with your mate. Be careful with rumors, even truthful ones, Tues. (Buy no computers nor software this interval.) Romantic notions, beauty, immediate pleasures, sports, creativity and speculation/gambling lure you Late Tues. to mid-morning Fri. A Wednesday investment, lifestyle change, investigation or sexy liaison looks very smooth, easy — but don’t mistake sex for romance. Violate no social/legal boundaries. Tackle chores Fri. morning through Sat. A steady pace will accomplish enough. A health matter might climax — if so, get to a doctor — could be gastrointestinal. July 4 to 31, your social contacts will treat you more affectionately.

Virgo.svg    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Wishes can come true, Virgo, especially this week and the next two. A doorway to happiness hovers near you: it could be social, popularity, entertainment; it could be romantic, flirtatious; or could be a project that can lead you to your dream goals (e.g., buying a ticket to that South Sea island, or starting a garden). Be optimistic, follow your hopes, visualize the future. (Hint: money wishes or sexual aspirations are more likely to come true than romantic ones.) Sunday morning (10 am PDT) to Tuesday night brings errands, calls, communications, short travel, paperwork, details and casual friends. A new person (Mon.) might become very important to you, could evolve into a mate, or open the door to new worlds, new opportunities. Don’t mix friends and sex or finances (or secrets). Look homeward late Tues. night to mid-morning Fri. Again, someone attractive hovers nearby — and could be a future mate, partner, or opportunity-revealer. He/she’s a dreamer, but a good one. Again, too, don’t mix friends and money. Your income is blessed, might shoot upward this autumn, but don’t push it this week. (Though Wed./Thurs. is okay for buying/selling real estate.) Romance, creativity, speculation, gambling, pleasure pursuits and life’s heady beauty — these visit Fri. mid-morn through Sat. — and reach a climax. You could fall in love!

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22
The three weeks ahead emphasize ambitions, career, prestige relations, reputation, pressure, and dealings with authorities. (E.g., now the judge judges.) Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc., Sun. morning (10 am PDT) to Tues. night. Mostly, your luck will be good, but don’t count on a partner nor a new opportunity. A sensual affair might begin, but it will not lead to marriage. Errands, short trips, visits, calls and emails, news media, paperwork and casual contacts fill Wed. to mid-morning Friday. Work will succeed — you could even be promoted. Wednesday daytime and Thurs. to pre-dawn Friday are best. Head home, at least in your heart, Friday morning through Saturday. It’s a good interval to alter your business/sales territory, too. I’ve long mentioned that something needs changing or improving in your domestic sphere. You might come to this same conclusion Sat. night. Still, the day and week is pretty darn benevolent — so charge ahead and believe in Lady Luck. Your mental attitude — and love — sweeten July 4 to 31. Your social/communications skills blossom July 5 to 25. You’ll be popular, and a light, friendly romance could spring up!

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21
This week and the next two continue to accent understanding, mellowness, intellectual pursuits and far travel. A significant relationship could develop with a foreign-born person, teacher, or lawyer. (Be very wary of entering any lawsuit before July 21.) Now to July 24, you grow more talkative, and receive more information, on the career scene. Now to month’s end, you might start a very sweet sexual affair, or, if married/attached, find a sweet well of affectionate intimacy. Your charisma and energy surge upward from 10 am (PDT) Sunday to late Tues. night.  Luck accompanies you, so charge forth, start significant projects, make new contacts, ask favours and propose action — be the leader. But shy away from work and ethical/legal combinations — or, put another way, don’t try to mix any of this month’s travel, cultural, legal, intellectual or religious pursuits with your employment. (E.g., preaching on the premises would earn you a reprimand.) Chase money, new clients, a pay raise, buy/sell, Wed. to mid-morn Fri. These might meet an obstacle Wed., but will succeed mildly Thurs. A sensual bond might a sparked, or a romance gets the green light, Wednesday. Errands, paperwork, communications, casual friends, travel and curiosity fill Fri. noon through Sat. All’s well, but watch your money, spending Saturday.

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21
The weeks ahead toll the bell of change. This can come through finances (a major investment, a mortgage, a debt-reduction program, an inheritance, etc.) through physical sex, especially with someone new (which creates new bonds, maybe breaks old ones, brings babies and lifestyle changes) or through investigation, crime, research, medical emergencies/diagnosis, or simply through your own need for change. (“I’m off to Beijing!” “Or London!”) These aren’t just a possibility now, they’re intensely probable. (“Intensely:” a sexual attraction, for instance, can be very hot and compelling.) Your relations with everyone become more affectionate, gentle, until month’s end. Now to July 24, you might get the travel bug, or propose a wedding. (That charming, talkative person, though, is “just talking” — for now, anyway.) Be restful, lie low, contemplate and plan Sunday 10 am (PDT) to Tues. night. A sex-romance conflict could “blow up.” Charitable, spiritual, administrative and gov’t-related tasks go well. Your energy and clout, charisma and effectiveness rise strongly Wed. to mid-morn Fri. Be the leader, work with quiet determination, go for a significant goal — it’s within reach, especially if it’s a home, family, security, realty or retirement goal. However, mere “self-promotion” won’t work. Chase money, buy/sell, Fri. late morning through Saturday. You might decide (or need to) between short-range money policy (earn and spend) and long-range (invest, pay off mortgage, etc.) — or between a sensual attraction, and real love.

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Relationships fill the three weeks ahead — and thrive. Your workplace and co-workers grow more affectionate now to month’s end. Talk, especially about “private” areas (sex, money) reveals secrets, valuable financial openings, and ways to grow a relationship. Still, relations in general remain volatile and intense until July 20, so step softly. You might decide to end a link or commitment. Sunday morning (10 am PDT) to Tues. night boosts your popularity, optimism and general happiness. Expect social joys, entertainment, and flirtations. A friendly romance might begin, and morph into a serious, significant bond. Avoid preaching to co-workers; DON’T buy a car. Retreat Wed. to mid-morning Fri. — relax, meditate, examine your life and relationships thus far, and, in response, plan your future. Be charitable, spiritual, kind. All’s well, but do respond to an ambitious impulse (rather than purely relaxing). Your energy, charm and effectiveness return Fri. pm through Saturday. Start new projects (but avoid over-paying for materials, wages, etc.) — be decisive, opportunistic. Use this rise in charisma to attract someone, or to nudge a relationship toward agreement, solution. A good, easy week!

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Three more weeks of work and health matters, Aquarius. Protect yourself against rashes, burns, headaches and too much sun. Much more communication will exist between you and a spouse, partner, or others in general — until the 25th. A streak of romance, beauty or “immediate pleasure” lasts from this Tues. until late month, and helps relieve the general drudgery. But that “drudgery” remains intense and deep until July 20. Much of your work could be directed toward communications, travel or paperwork. The present week is a good one. Sunday morning (10 am PDT) to Tues. night helps your work efforts pry open the door to career advancement or to a fatter bank account (Mon.). Don’t buy a car, bicycle, computer, etc. (Even if you do, as you might, find a “perfect specimen.” If car or computer, an electronics glitch; if a bike, the gears throw the chain off.) Wednesday to mid-morn Fri. brings happiness, optimism, social joys, popularity, entertainment — and a money/earnings wish might come true. Whatever occurs, it won’t dent your buoyant mood. However, strictly avoid legal entanglements and travel ticket purchases Wednesday. Retreat Fri. morning through Sat. — rest, contemplate, plan, study, be charitable, spiritual. Don’t let an overload of work crush your spirits — say no, avoid volunteering.

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20
Ah, sweet romance! (Which lasts three more weeks, and which, this year, can combine easily with deep sex, and/or with “deep money.” E.g., you could fall for a wealthy person.) Romance, and creative, speculative and pleasure pursuits, remain “hot” and intense until July 20. Until the 25th, work grows more active, conversations jut up everywhere. Now to month’s end, your home and family grow affectionate, your garden bountiful, beautiful. A great month to “invest” in retirement plans or your children’s futures. The present week is a good, benevolent one. Romance turns to wisdom and gentle love Sun. morning (10 am PDT) to Tues. night. You might even discuss marriage — but many changes will come first, so remain mildly elusive. DON’T combine money and risk/love. Be ambitious Wed. to mid-morning Friday – intuition, not investigation, character (your character) not romance, will boost you foward. Display your skills rather than seeking pleasure. Friday morning through Sat. brings optimism, happiness, social joys, popularity, and flirtations, friendly romance. Enjoy, don’t “overpay,” and don’t question — all’s well, for now.

The End.

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  1. cristinutza7

    Hi Tim,

    I think it does not make sense to try and define/understand God using our reasoning powers. If indeed God is our maker, we would rather be parts of him than he would be part of us. If we would be parts of Him we could safely say we could never have access to the whole, so we would never be in the right position to define/understand Him using logic. It is true that we are created in God’s likeness but that is not to say we are identical with Him, so our logic would resemble His but never be identical with His logic. No matter how we turn it around, we lack the proper instruments to define/understand God. We assume he has logic because we have logic, but we cannot understand a different type of logic using our logic. We are confined to the limits of our mind in this matter, which is why we have faith, which has no such limits. We could assume that faith has limits or different degrees, too, but we cannot perceive or measure them. We need to think in such categories to make the world understandable, but God does not have that need, these categories do not exist for him, only for us. So God must not necessarily be decentralized to work, it is easier for us to imagine such a thing because we only use our mind. The mind is a beautiful thing but it is not enough, I think.

    Anyway, this was just a thought

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