WEEKLY FORECAST — JUNE 18 – 24, 2017

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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. The world clock in the right margin gives you some clues. You can also Google “time zone converter.”

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START NOTHING:   12:42 pm to 2:53 pm Mon., 9:25 pm Tues. to 3:44 pm Wed., and 11:45 am to 3:07 pm Fri.


Country A was a long-term adversary of Country B. A “cold war” existed between them for sixty years. Then B had a brilliant idea: it dropped a gaseous chemical over the entire nation of A. This gas had no other effect than to make A’s citizens happy. In this way, B won the cold war.

I’m not a Trump apologist. He’s arrogant, narcissistic, bullying, he often lies or exaggerates, but he’s also intelligent and — most people don’t see this — psychic. (A good majority of his “outrageous” comments or assertions, which people generally laugh at, later come true or prove true.) He’s also compassionate, once the battle’s won. (Witness his demurring to prosecute Hillary Clinton once he became Pres.) His main value, to me, is that he’s poisonous to the coddled, fat and happy denizens of Washington, DC. As if someone injected a wiggling gopher into Jabba the Hut.

The U.S.A. media is 95% Democratic, reflecting the views of the urban affluent coastal regions, while ignoring the vast “red” (Republican) heartland. To solve this problem, Trump tweets. His tweets go directly to the heartland, the millions of people who are ignored by the dying press. The Democratic media hate Trump’s tweets because they do an end-run around a clubby group long accustomed to being in control and forming the nation’s agenda. Though he doesn’t always succeed, Trump’s tweets render these Washington lap dogs irrelevant.

Watch the body language. Back up two months: when Trump was under heavy fire, he sat in meetings with his arms crossed over his chest. This is a (male?) gesture of anxiety and defence. Then, June 8, Trump’s lawyer outlined how James Comey, the ex-FBI Director, in his public testimony, both proved Trump’s innocence and revealed that he, Comey, had committed a felony by leaking FBI documents to the press. Immediately after, on CNN, with a panel of anti-Trumpers, Anderson Cooper, who had been one of the most persistent and sneaky media hyenas slavering over Trump’s horrid guilt, sat with his arms protectively crossed over HIS chest. The screw is turning.

Cooper and the other pundits hate Trump, partly because he has never sucked up to them, and partly because his crude roughness threatens their tea cup world. So for about a year, they have been trying to destroy him through biased reporting. Yet the real story now is that Comey might go to jail, perhaps with Loretta Lynch and a Clinton or two. (I read somewhere that the Clintons are once more under criminal investigation, although the media will not report this story. In fact they’re so silent that I wonder if I’m mistaken.) They absolutely deserve to be indicted — but that’s up to the American people and their politicos, and their moral fibre.

And then there’s civil war, very civil (as I predicted during the campaign)…. the U.S. has already split between the coastal people and the population in the middle. For many years, the Coasters have ruled, and have grown rich while the heartland slowly died. The attempt to keep this pattern, to fight change and fairness, is behind such disingenuous twit-caravans as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc., which are basically owned by, and propaganda arms of, the coastal elites. They’re so afraid of their power structure being upended that they will lie, distort facts, ignore actual news events, and even (as CNN has been caught doing earlier this month) stage false “protest rallies” with staged actors. Washington is the centre of the coasters, which is why Trump has trouble even with his own Republicans.

Events are subject to a general zeitgeist. Several weeks ago B.C.’s female Premier Christy Clark won the most seats in the provincial election, but not a majority, and the two male opponents, while receiving fewer seats than Christy, joined together so their seats outnumbered hers by 1. Now Theresa May, British PM, did the same thing: won the most seats, but not a majority. Whether she will form a coalition gov’t with another party, or the parties will band together to become the gov’t without her, remains a question. It’s a sign of indecision and voter schism, of uncertainty, worldwide. I think this is a result of a major “T-Square” — Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries, both squaring Pluto in Capricorn.


Aries.svg     ARIES:   March 21-April 19
Go slow Sunday — you’re in charge, your energy and presence are high, but problems and obstacles abound. Don’t inadvertently hurt someone as you march though them. Monday morning offers solutions, new progress. Chase money, buy/sell, use your memory late afternoon Mon. to late afternoon Wed. All flows smoothly. Your talents with money could impress a VIP or higher-up Tues. Errands, trips, communications and paperwork fill 4 pm (PDT) Wed. to mid-afternoon Friday. This interval offers sweet progress in relationships, deception in news or talk (or directions) and reluctance by those you seek permission from. (I could say, “from whom you seek” but that’s lifeless formal grammar.) Mid-afternoon Fri. through Sat. emphasizes what the entire month ahead will bring: home, security, family, real estate, Mom, nature, nutrition, stomach and soul… and a bit of restful hibernation. (This general trend actually begins Tues. night.) Friday’s fine — ask for a pay raise; it will come later. Saturday needs a bit of care — don’t step between two fighters. A tantrum or impulsive action could break a moral code or law. It’s time to sit back and watch others expend all the energy.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20
Be restful, quiet and self-protective Sunday, Taurus. Not a good day to launch a project, nor to tackle big repairs or chores. You’re weary Mon. before 3 pm (PDT) but all is well — you could learn valuable career or business-oriented “inside info.” Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Mon. afternoon to mid-afternoon Wed. — and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Charge forth, launch projects, present proposals to key people, take charge, be the leader. You’ll be admired, helped. Tuesday night begins a month of light duties, travel, visits, paperwork and details, errands, friendly relations and communications. (This same pm aids agreement with someone you love or want.) Chase money, buy/sell, memorize, start a rote learning course, catalogue possessions, cultivate clients, etc., mid-afternoon Wed. to the same time Friday. Work success, a possible pay raise are offered, but deception (or unrealistic wishing) and possible rejection (esp. in sensual matters) are possible, too. Friday afternoon through Sat. brings those errands, trips, communications, et al. Friday’s fine, could even bring, like Tues., a door to love. But Sat. (night) could trigger a dispute — involving work? Health?

Gemini.svg     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20
Sunday holds happiness, but obstacles and problems fill events. So enjoy friends, love, but stay light on the commitment/action side. Monday’s happy, too — and this day, actions bring good results, especially in intellectual, travel and flirtation zones. But withdraw early (by 3 pm PDT) to contemplate how good life is — and to rest, plan, and deal with charities, government levels, or spiritual needs. Stay “down,” restful, until mid-afternoon Wed. — all’s well, and you could enjoy love’s intimacy. Excellent day, Tues., to visit a psychic, therapist or advisor. Your energy bounces back Wed. mid-afternoon to mid-afternoon Friday. Your romantic, creative and speculative luck soars Thurs. — make sure these don’t interfere with your career, or tarnish your bosses’ opinion of you. (If you’re single, someone not of your generation is your best present choice.) Tuesday night begins a month of favourable income and good purchases. The month ahead also favours rote learning, memory enhancement, and sensual intimacy. Make sure you’re not with someone as a “fill-in” until “major romance” comes along: you’d pay a karmic price. Accept surface appearances. All this, in focus now to late July, is emphasized Fri. eve and Sat. (Including the choice between true love and a sensual stop-gap.)

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21-July 22
Your luck, charisma, energy and effectiveness rise from 9 pm (PDT) Tues. to July 20. You’re going to be in charge, active, and can launch significant projects, especially in domestic or realty zones. You’re ambitious Sunday, but you face major obstacles, including a lack of co-operation. However, Monday morning contains the same ambitious urge, and opens the door to success. From 3 pm (PDT)  Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed., happiness arrives — expect popularity, social delights, flirtations and light romance, optimism, and general good luck! There’s not a cloud in the sky, so charge ahead! (If you’re in love, talk about marriage Tues. pm.) Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan mid-afternoon Wed. to 3 pm Friday. Deal with gov’t agencies, administration, institutions, therapists and advisors. Real estate, home, family are lucky Thurs. — make a commitment if you feel the urge, for this is a hugely fortunate year (to Oct.) for buying/selling realty. However, two small cautions: 1) don’t violate legal/ethical boundaries; 2) help someone rather than be selfish (to pre-dawn Fri.). Friday afternoon and Sat. bring surging energy and rising charisma — a condition that will last for four weeks. Avoid an overly-impulsive action or commitment Saturday.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22
Take a long-range, wide view Sunday, Leo. See beyond present squabbles and struggles to the overall benevolence of life. (Protect your health a bit this eve, too.) Monday hold similar themes — law, justice, a wide view, tolerance, cultural and international involvements, intellectual pursuits — but now in a workable, co-operative atmosphere. Monday afternoon (3 pm PDT) to Wed. afternoon nudges your ambition, brings reputation concerns, prestige relations, and hard work. Plunge in, Leo, for good luck and smooth progress ride with you — there’s not a cloud in your career sky! Happiness, optimism, popularity, social joys, entertainment, flirtation and light romance enter Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. Travel, love, communications go well, but sex might be denied (and investments are dicey) — and you might have to choose between a dowdy or sluggish/skeptical lover and a bright, light sweet person. Also, even as this interval of friendship and happiness washes over you, you sense winter skies, a slight lessening of joy. That’s because Tuesday night began a month of overall weariness, retreat, planning and recuperation for you. This trend becomes much clearer Fri. eve and Sat., as your pizzazz flees. This is nature’s way of nudging you into rest. Expect a few weeks of sweet solitude, as a chance to gather your thoughts, appraise your progress over the last year, and plan for the months to come. Don’t try to overcome this short trend by travel or chatter Saturday — relax!

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Sunday/Monday open the door wider to secrets, financial actions/events, sexual desires, and strong health matters. Your intuition/subconscious rise to the surface. Sunday’s filled with obstacles, so commit to nothing, neither make nor accept promises. Monday, march ahead with these. A sweet, mellow, understanding mood steals over you Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. This is a splendid interval for far travel, intellectual pursuits, cultural, international and legal affairs, media/publishing, and love. It would be hard to find a luckier, smoother few days, so plunge in. Your career and community standing come into focus Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. You could grab a pay raise. But go slow with relationships (esp. spousal, and practical partnerships) and choose between a home that wants to slow you, and a career scene that is buoyant and healthy. Tuesday night begins a month of optimism, hope, happiness, popularity, entertainment, flirtation and light romance — and Fri. mid-afternoon through Saturday emphasizes the same trend.

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Sunday/Monday continue to emphasize relationships, opportunities, co-operation, new horizons and possible opposition. Be diplomatic, especially Sunday pm, when you might have to decide whether to treat someone casually or with profound embrace, and family/home matters might “disagree” with what you want to accomplish. Monday gives you a clear field — run to meet others at least halfway. Sex, secrets, high finance, research and investigation, medical exigencies and lifestyle choices fill Mon. afternoon (3 pm PDT) to Wed. afternoon. Charge ahead here, as mild good luck accompanies you, without any obstacles. You could make a good investment, slip sweetly into intimacy, discover a valuable secret, or “cure” a domestic or realty situation. If you’re struggling under heavy debt, this is a great time to consolidate, seek aid. A wise, understanding, gentle mood flows over you Wed. mid-afternoon to Fri. mid-afternoon. Far travel, communications, media, casual acquaintances, international affairs and legal, philosophical, religious or educational pursuits go well; but employment, chores and “minor health” matters stumble. Again, you might have to choose between a casual (family?) relationship and a more profound one. Tuesday night begins a month of ambition, prestige relations, business, and dealings with authorities. This general trend focuses sharply Fri. afternoon through Sat. — you could launch a good new career bid or business project, esp. Friday pm.  Two things: 1) be willing to go against your family or “security fears,” and 2) your optimism (high lately) might rub a higher-up the wrong way: proceed, with an eye on the effect you’re creating. Until July 20, be diplomatic with temperamental, impatient bosses/parents — during the same period, you might partner with someone to chase a practical or career goal.

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21
You move, this week (Tues. night) from secrets, large financial actions/prospects, sexual desires and heightened intuition, to a month of a broader, open, more philosophical view of life. Practical matters are left behind, the meaning of life (and of those practical matters) will enter. This trend, which includes far travel, publishing, cultural, legal and intellectual pursuits, is emphasized Fri. mid-afternoon through Saturday. (During this day and a half, love thrives, and some singles could meet a “destined love” — but you might have to choose between a casual and a profound relationship. Also, a legal/ethical situation needs care, wisdom, especially if a govt. agency or “head office” is involved.) Earlier, Sun./Mon emphasize work and minor health concerns. Take care Sun. pm, when money, purchases and communications/travel meet obstacles. A sexy interlude? Not likely. Monday afternoon (3 pm PDT) to Wed. afternoon brings relationships — good ones. At most, your could meet a great partner; at least, you’ll gain co-operation by being co-operative. Opportunities, new horizons, even public attention, are fortunate, so plunge in, commit. Mid-afternoon Wed. to mid-afternoon Fri. brings an echo of past weeks: secrets, investigation, finances and sexual urges. A “secret” or government-related transaction succeeds, lays the groundwork for “fat” future profits/earnings. But don’t chase romance, and, for now, be conservative with spending.

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21
A month of open relationships and opportunities turns, Tuesday night, into four weeks of deeper waters and commitment. Sunday/Mon. bring romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure. You’ve been a little more serious and sombre than usual the last two-plus years — and more possessive/money conscious. Sunday might show you how others react to this “serious” side. (They see you as sexy, but not quite uplifting!) If you really want that romance, you might have to drop your monetary/possessive leaning. (It will fade by late December anyway, but by then you might have missed a truly special friend/sweetheart.) Monday holds the same romantic/creative urges, but without problems — a missive, email, phone call could spark a wonderful meeting, even a new friendly love! Monday 3 pm (PDT) to Wed. mid-afternoon brings chores and minor health concerns — dive in, everything goes well. A splendid time to buy tools, machinery. Relationships prominent Wed. mid-afternoon to Fri. mid-afternoon — be diplomatic, eager to join — don’t push others. Again, a light love or friendship thrives, but watch that you don’t squelch it by being skeptical and “down-mood.” From Wed. onward, relationships veer from open, honest, even public, to deep, intimate, sexual. Business opportunities and agreements (or fights) now veer into “payment due” territory. Forget security, home mid-week – these only interfere. Friday afternoon through Sat. brings the theme of the entire four weeks ahead into sharp focus: depth, mystery, secrets, sexual yearning and intimacy, major financial actions/events, medical diagnoses, basic changes, life style choices, commitment and consequence. Friday’s best — you might start a new investment or tumble into a “destined” money situation. Artists sell paintings. Workers should ask for a pay raise, or equity in the company. Saturday’s similar, but go slow this night: friends and money don’t mix, nor do sex and friendship.

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:   Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Settle down to earth, home, family Sun./Mon. Go slow Sunday. Others aren’t really co-operative, and you could be a bit heavy-handed, especially with family. Monday’s fine, productive — tackle repairs, programs for the kids’ future, security needs (get that alarm installed) etc. From 3 pm (PDT) Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed., romance blows in, and your creative, risk-taking, beauty-and-pleasure desiring sides emerge. Jump in, Cap — luck aids you, and not even a wee cloud obscures your emotional blue sky. You might even meet your destined mate. Switch to a work-like mood Wed. mid-afternoon to the same time Friday. Your career is favoured — you might climb a rung of ambition’s ladder. But realize (hands-on) tasks are not (management) duties. Choose one approach for now. Watch communications: for instance, re-read an email twice before sending it. Tuesday night begins a month of crucial relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, possible relocation, and possible partnering or fighting. These themes are highlighted Fri. eve through Saturday. Friday’s better for action. If single, you could meet your future mate, or convince your present one to take a ride on love’s express. Saturday eve/night might bring someone stunning: be gentle, flexible! Love won’t go far if you put it in one corner while you chase career success.

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Tuesday night starts a month of work, health concerns, service personnel, dependants’ affairs, machinery and tools. These themes rise to prominence Fri. mid-afternoon through Sat., when you might start a new project or job. Your security might be enhanced by a hidden ally, or a large corporation or government. You might find a program that helps you buy a home. Money’s favoured, but work is intense. You might have to choose between work and far travel, intellectual pursuits or other “elevated” pursuits. Earlier, Sun./Mon. bring errands, communications, short trips, paperwork and details — careful Sun., when these could be mistake-prone, or reveal a secret you don’t want revealed. Monday’s fine — march ahead. This afternoon (3 pm PDT) to mid-afternoon Wed. brings your home, family and security into lucky focus. Garden, seek Nature, landscape, repair, build, buy real estate, relax, give the kids a hug or plan their future — it’s a beautiful interval for all these! Romance enters Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon — so does a creative surge, a risk-taking urge, an openness to beauty and immediate pleasures. This isn’t really the month for these, so huge success is unlikely. Love with someone from another country or culture, or with someone met at school or in a legal or travel office, can blossom! But don’t risk money/earnings, and realize even the best romance has, one day, to face a test. This one will, before September.

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20
Tuesday night begins a month of romance, passion, beauty, pleasure, creativity and risk-taking. You’ll be happy (or, more correctly, immersed in a mood of enjoyment — romance can be thrilling, joyous, deeply pleasurable, but is only “happy” for the luckiest of couples.) Every July until 2024, it’s possible that romance will lead to a wedding, and will only survive if it does. That might be this July, or another. This July (especially this Saturday) you might plunge into a love in which sex is denied or rare — yet this romance (et al) is intense, fiery, and might carry themes of money or possessions. Friday afternoon through Sat. will emphasize these (romance, creativity, etc.). You could meet a friend, or someone in your social circle, perhaps in a casual way, or while travelling around town, who could, very smoothly, become a friendly love. (This is the kind that creates happiness, is good for marriage.) However, romance and sex won’t mix: choose one. Earlier, chase money, buy/sell and cultivate clients Sun.(careful) and Mon. (success). From 3 pm (PDT) Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed., errands, short trips, communications, paperwork and details, and casual acquaintances pour in — charge ahead with these, as a green light shines, and not one obstacle exists! Steer toward home or spend time with neighbours mid-afternoon Wed. to the same time Friday. Intimacy, investment, research, family therapy, repairs and alterations go well. You might have to decide between home and career Fri. morning.


5 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — JUNE 18 – 24, 2017

  1. Nadine

    Dear Tim,
    I love all the after ambles and preambles and everything you write in between. I m thank full for your predictions. May I ask your advice … I m a Leo woman (July 25 1978) ….I have had an on off relationship with an Aquarius man (1969 ) for three and a half years … he is married… I feel like a yo-yo I don’t understand my attraction to this man who hurts me so much. At first I thought we were fated to be together instant powerful chemistry… but he is hot and then runs cold… please advise… my attraction to Aquarius men has been nothing but problems but it seems like they are always in my path and always a struggle.

    Thank you

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Nadine,

      Aquarius is both your marriage sign and your divorce sign, your war and your peace sign, your agreement and disagreement sign. With Less and Aquarians, it’s all or nothing. He runs hot and cold because he’s married. You are setting yourself up for decades of hurt. You should walk away from this one, then ask yourself why you would pursue a married man — to have your cake and eat it too? To enjoy the thrills of love without the responsibilities? Married men (and women) almost never leave their mates to marry a lover.



      1. Nadine

        Thank you Tim, before all of this drama, I was in a common law relationship for 17 yrs and produced two children. I was faithful to him… then one day he said he wanted an open relationship (my common law) at that moment I felt broken from then on the thought of relationships as a burden . I m committed to my children and job only… to me marriage is now quite a foolish idea. The married man came into my life during the turbulent time claim unhappy marriage and children keeping it together… at first I thought we would just fool around and I would feel nothing for him… I was wrong and quickly. I m looking for a new distraction and abandon him completely the longer this goes on the clearer I see. This situation has made me wonder why people marry to begin with especially when you desire others . To me after this I refuse to commit to anyone. Thank you I appreciate every word you said. Thank you

  2. details4767

    hi tim,

    I’m born in july 1967 cancer sign, just wondering about you real estate comment for cancer,
    do you feel its a good luck year buy?


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