WEEKLY FORECAST — JUNE 11 – 17, 2017

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START NOTHING:   11:45 am to 4:45 pm Mon.; 10:40 pm Wed. to 3:17 am Thurs.; and 4:33 am to 10:55 am Sat.


Someone was upset last week by my comment that Michael Flynn, the General under fire for Russia contacts, should destroy all his documents rather than hand them over to investigators — it was a joke! I simply wanted to remind people that Hillary Clinton did the very same thing and wasn’t even slapped on the wrist for it.(*) But I’ve promised that Reader I’ll go to remedial school for comics, to sharpen my rusty wit. (It just steams me that Martha Stewart, who destroyed no evidence, and did nothing prosecutable, was thrown in jail by the same FBI for telling a lie or two under their pressure and intimidation — compared to Hillary’s thousand lies and astounding destruction of evidence, in the face of which the FBI genuflected and begged forgiveness for even questioning her. (And only questioned her due to public pressure.) This FBI is the lapdog of the elite’s elite, nothing more than a simpering suck-up to power. Poor James Comey!

(*) – Evidently both Clintons are now under FBI investigation again.

Bill Maher, the late night comic who’s in trouble for saying the “n” word, shows the danger of the south lunar node in Aquarius. He’s an Aquarian, and now to Nov. 2018, Aquarians have to be doubly-vigilant to police themselves, or they might do something similarly self-defeating. Apropos this, Donald Trump’s legal woes and his difficulties with radicals (now the left) and revolt, will continue for 17 more months. Yet at the same time, he himself will be protected and his enemies  will trip on themselves. An odd combination.

See the AFTERAMBLE (after the Weekly Forecast) for Tim’s Compendium — Pluto’s effects.


Aries.svg      ARIES:  March 21-April 19
This is your last week of errands and other easy chores, Aries. Just glide through. You’ll complete tasks swiftly. Your money picture remains bright, bright enough to let you buy a luxury item — especially for your mate, lover. Continue to be light, gentle on the home front — avoid friction/fighting, not because you’d lose, but because you’d win too cruelly, and that is a deeper loss. Your ambitious, conservative side is uppermost Sunday to almost 5 pm (PDT) Monday. Act Sun. rather than Mon. — even if the workplace is closed, you can prepare a presentation, a proposal, etc.. Monday eve to predawn Thurs. brings optimism, friends and social joys, entertainment, flirtations — but events are mixed. Tuesday holds great luck in relationships (and could even bring a marriage partner to some singles) but it’s also a day of some confusion, or of wrong but strong gossip. This whole small internal ends with a “no” or at least major reluctance in an ethical, legal, cultural, intellectual or international (travel?) situation. Retreat Thurs. morning to pre-noon Saturday. Despite your weariness, Thurs. offers a fine investment (real estate?) or other monetary event. Friday’s fine, mildly challenged in communications, mail, travel. Still, avoid aiming for long-term success or launching a project — it would meet obstacles too large to overcome. Saturday, 11 am onward, brings a boost in energy, clout, charisma and effectiveness. You might meet an opportunity soon which will require sacrificing your home, domestic life. Could involve relocation, even a new partner, marriage.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20
Chase money, Taurus — you have 10 more days to grab that $ bird in the bush, to make a smart purchase, to memorize important lists, documents or test material, etc., and to pull someone close sensually. Do it now, while your mind’s so alert, and your possession instincts so  high/apt. You’re going to receive an admiring glance or two this week and the next few, as your physical charms radiate. Great time (all June) to buy clothes, accessories or anything beautiful. You’re very busy with paperwork, calls, errands and “busy details” until late July. These — especially paperwork tasks — can weigh you down, so handle them lightly, swiftly — do it and done, don’t agonize over perfection. but do quickly double-check to make sure you haven’t insulted anyone or revealed a personal secret you don’t want out. The six weeks ahead are a good time to speak with a therapist, counsellor, psychic, or agent. A wise, mellow mood floats over you Sun. to late afternoon Monday. Best time for far travel, education, intellectual or cultural pursuits or media: Sunday before 6 pm (PDT). Love figures here, too — you might meet mate material. But in all these (travel to love) the “final note” seem disruptive, so keep a skeptical eye out, also. Be ambitious Mon. eve through Wed. — you can take some significant steps forward Tues./Wed., but avoid rosy glasses or pie-in-the-sky thinking: hard work works, dreaming fails. Happiness arrives Thurs. to mid-morn Saturday. Friends, popularity, optimism, light romance, entertainment greet you! However, quit while you’re ahead Friday. (Late night and early Sat. will bring rejection, especially if you’re after physical intimacy.) Not a good investment week. Retreat, protect yourself or your reputation, Sat. morn onward.

Gemini.svg     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20
Your energy, charisma and effectiveness remain high. Do significant things, launch significant projects, make/establish/solidify valuable (or loving) contacts. However, all week, financial, investment, sexual, pregnancy, research, and medical pursuits are dicey, might not work out: be careful, avoid risks here. You might love, embrace a Sagittarian or Capricorn, or you might fall out with one. Sunday to late afternoon Mon. (4:45 pm PDT) highlights all these (financial, sexual, etc.) but if all’s well that ends well, then, here, the reverse is true: all’s difficult that ends in difficulty. Careful! Love, gentle love, far travel, intellectual, media, cultural and philosophical pursuits fill Mon. eve through Wed. These are all lucky, unless you let ambition or career duties tie a rope around your ankle. Someone’s attracted! Be ambitious Thurs. to late morning Saturday. But realize ambition, climbing the ladder, accomplishing in prestige areas, though not “negative” as in the last 18 months, remains a hard slog until late December. Don’t give all your energy, your life, to this area. (Message to Trump, a Gemini: take some time off, you deserve a vacation.)  Proceed with some care when dealing with higher-ups. Best Thurs., when your career efforts could open the door to more income. Saturday pm brings hope, happiness, popularity! (But make no commitments.) Your private life, inner world, remains sweet, even romantic, all June. Chase money until late July, but don’t over-spend.

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21 – July 22
Hey, Cancer. Continue to lie low, rest, contemplate and plan. Deal with government agencies and charities. Be restful not only to rejuvenate, but to listen to your quiet spirit, to re-establish a connection to your intuition and finer thoughts. In ten days, your “rest period” will be over, weariness will end, and your energy will come surging back. You’re more assertive and determined than usual (despite your weariness) — channel this into your career and practical ambitions. You’ll attract more suitors, and pursue love more aggressively than usual, but this can also turn people off. Be gentle, diplomatic, even while “pushing.” Also despite your weariness and low charisma, friends flock around, show affection — or at least, will show as much as you do. You’ll learn a “secret,” perhaps from the gov’t. Relationships, exciting meetings, maybe opposition, arrive Sun. to 5 pm. Monday (PDT). Sunday’s better, but this little interval ends with disruption, so don’t pursue anything big, significant. Life’s mysterious side emerges Mon. eve through Wednesday. Investigate, delve deep, for treasures lie hidden here, both sexual/love/pregnancy treasures, valuable insights, and actual gems of investment. Good for debt reduction also, and medical procedures, real estate, and family therapy. But avoid an “intellectual” view — rely on your emotions, hunches. If you sniff possible deception, your nose is right. Gentle love, cultural venues, legal affairs, far travel, internationalism, publishing and religion are highlighted Thurs. to late morning Saturday. Don’t seek too much here: keep expectations low. Thursday’s great, but the long-range picture seems cloudy, grey. Saturday pm heightens your ambition, but also threatens your reputation you act on impulse. After Sat., only 2 more days until luck, energy and attention (to you) return!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22
Hope is a major blessing. It inspires us and nudges us into action. Your hopes remain high all week, but realize that now hope needs to mingle with a serious, sober outlook. Now is the time (week) to separate the doable from the un-doable, the practical from the wishful. If you don’t, you’ll set up a future disappointment — but not too far into the future. (That said, 1] friends continue to gather around you; and 2] bosses, parents and VIPs favour you into early July.) Continue to stay out of legal, governmental, or administrative fights until July 20. Plunge into work Sunday. Ditto Mon. morn, but with caution, especially around electricity and “partners.” From 5 pm (PDT) Mon. through Wed., relationships face you. Exciting meetings, flirtations, even a life-altering love could occur! Fresh horizons, possible relocation, new opportunities — and, very minimally, possible opposition — also arise. One caveat: sexual “permission” might not be part of a romantic attraction, if it forms Mon. night or Tuesday. (Also not a good interval to research or ask a loved one too many questions: listen and observe instead.) For “true love” that can survive, seek from 8:45 pm (PDT) Tues. through Wed. The sexual curtain is pulled aside (as are all curtains) Thurs. to late morning Sat. — dig deep, research, listen to your own hunches. Thursday’s lovely, lucky in short-term finances, intimacy, learning secrets, dealing with the gov’t., but these areas in general (sex, research, medical procedures, lifestyle choices, pregnancy, investments, debt, etc.) conflict with your practical options, so go slow, realize no goal here is worth passion or haste.

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Your ambitions, career goals, prestige relations and neighbourhood reputation continue in focus, Virgo. You’ve done well in these the last few weeks, but this week isn’t a cake walk, partly because either 1) your family isn’t on board, or 2) you haven’t built a big enough or durable enough base to launch an ambitious project from. Rather than lose the advances you gained recently, find a middle ground, compromise with skeptics or those who insist on a different approach.  (You can find this compromise, because these people basically like you.) Expect much talk, emailing about a position or project. Until July 20, your social life continues to pop — you could form a powerful sexual attraction toward (or bond with) a friend or someone you meet socially. This, your social group, could also be the source of valuable financial information/opportunities. You are favoured in gentle love, legal affairs, far travel, cultural/religious zones, and intellectual pursuits until July 4. Romance tickles your attention Sun. to 5 pm (PDT) Mon. — but the ultimate outcome seems sudden and disruptive. Ditto creative projects and speculative risks — take care. Plunge into chores and protect your health Mon. eve through Wed. — you will accomplish a huge pile of work. But don’t seek co-operation, nor work with your spouse before 9 pm Tuesday. (Wed.’s good for everyone, but esp. husband-wife teams.) Relationships face you Thurs. to late morning Saturday. This starts well, people are agreeable Thurs., your loved ones are loving — others might even aid you with financial themes or accept your intimate embrace — but the end result isn’t great. See far ahead before committing. Sex, secrets, major finances and health concerns Saturday pm — DON’T enter.

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Your wise, mellow mood continues. Keep seeking, furthering far travel plans, cultural and religious venues, intellectual, media and legal matters, and love. However, overall, expect some headwinds to all these this week, as practicalities and, perhaps, skepticism, slow your progress. Be willing to see what isn’t going to work, and abandon it. Intimate, sexual, health, financial, research, medical and lifestyle trends favour you until July 4, so don’t be afraid to commit or dive into these zones. Bosses, parents and authorities are not amused, so tread lightly with them until July 20. Don’t ask for favours or propose projects unless you are willing to partner with those who would grant the favour or approve your plans. Sunday to 5 pm (PDT) Mon. turns your thoughts toward home. Embrace the family, enjoy nature, tend the garden and repair the house, etc., but do these Sunday, and be wary Monday, when disruptions arrive. From Mon. eve through Wed., a romantic spark lights your heart. You might fall in love. Creativity, risk taking, beauty and pleasure pursuits flow well. However, beware mixing work and love, or work and ethics, Tues. Avoid alcohol, tainted food. Tackle those chores Thurs. to late morning Saturday. You’ll get a lot done Thurs. through Fri. mid-afternoon (PDT) but step back after that, as rejection, wrong moves or disappointing results occur. Still, a satisfying week!

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Sex, secrets, major finances, lifestyle decisions, medical diagnoses, sensing the currents under-running everything, research and commitment (and consequence) —these have coloured the past few weeks, and continue for 10 more days. However, some sluggish but wide headwinds make progress in these areas a bit more difficult now. Proceed with caution, planning and deliberation. Be willing to ebb in your efforts, or even to quit the field, should obstacles be insurmountable. (E.g., don’t invest in a burning building.) Strictly avoid legal hassles before July 20. Others treat you with affection and grace until July 4. This week, sex, finances, et al (and secrets!) are “talked about.” Errands, small tasks, trips and calls/emails fill Sun. to 4:45 pm (PDT) Monday. Do what’s needed here Sun., as Mon. is disruptive. Home calls Mon. eve through Wed. — kids, repairs, renovations/decoration, security plans, gardening, retirement preparations, nature and deep rest, all are immensely favoured. But loving sex, gambling wins, somehow elude you. Stick with love, solid prospects. Romance does enter Thurs. to late morning Sat., but act early: from Fri. eve onward, your advances won’t work. Same re: creativity, gambles, risk, beauty and pleasure. Tackle chores, but cautiously, slowly, Saturday pm. Guard your health: dress, eat sensibly.

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21
You remain in an important relationship period, Sage. The last few weeks have granted you a pretty easy, benevolent pathway to association, partnership (love or business), relocation, fresh horizons intellectually, and new opportunities. All this continues for the next ten days, but without quite the speed or effectiveness of recent weeks. By now, if you have made a strong connection, you should be veering into more private clinches, into sexual intimacy/bonding, to July 20. If you’ve seized a business or other opportunity, now to July 20 accents the funding, the actions which back up the agreements. But starting a new relationship can be a bit difficult. Deal with earnings, money, purchases Sun. to 4:45 pm (PDT) Mon. — Sunday’s better; Mon. holds disruptions. Errands, casual friends, trips, communications and paperwork fill Mon. eve through Wednesday. Though everything goes well, even splendidly, especially with your spouse or a Gemini, don’t mix relationships and home. If you’re looking for security, wait for another time. If you’re single, a May-December attraction could blossom. And a wish might come true, perhaps involving your social life. Be home, at least in your thoughts, Thurs. to late morning Saturday. Thursday might bring “funding.” Take care Fri. eve onward, as practical barriers impede progress. (Oddly, perhaps, some of those practical barriers are your creation.) Romantic feelings Sat. pm, but not successful ones.  (Maybe next Monday.)  Not a terrible week!

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Only ten days of drudgery left, Cap. Well, keep working and do protect your daily health (eat and dress sensibly, etc.). Your efforts to progress in your chores could face some sluggish opposition this week — it’s not personal, but seems situational, to come from conditions in the environment. (E.g., you’re tearing down walls to renovate your house, but this is the week you discover you have to obtain government permission to handle the asbestos in your walls.) Realize communication is, this week, essential to accomplishment. Now to July 20, relationships intensify, could become warlike — or loving. The latter seems more likely, at least until July 4, as another trend makes romantic, parent-child, and other relationships sweet and affectionate. Still, that long period of intensity could also accompany the end of a bond. (E.g., divorce anger.) Your energy and charisma remain nicely high Sun./Mon. — but only Sun. yields results; Mon. is disruptive, and “money challenged” as the PC’ers like to say. Chase that very thing, money, from 4:45 pm (PDT) through Wednesday. A very good luck rides with you, so ask for a pay raise, seek more client approval, start employment, hold a garage sale, whatever. A splendid interval to purchase career or status enhancing items, machinery or tools. One flaw (it peaks about 8:30 pm Tues.): you might not make any headway if you bury yourself in minor, distracting chores, such as emails, errands, low priority paperwork — or if you chatter too much. (Don’t talk your boss OUT of a pay raise!) Errands, communications, casual friends, short trips and easy chores fill Thursday to late morning Saturday. Thursday offers a solution to a real estate or “breaking up” situation. Friday’s good, easy, but late afternoon Fri. to late morning Sat. stymies your efforts. Head for home (or your local ‘hood) Sat. pm — rest, start nothing.

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Your romantic streak continues, Aquarius, although recent intensity has ebbed, and your love affair, if it exists, grows a bit more sluggish, as your and your lover’s emotions face a practical reality (that, thankfully, will only last until December/17). That practical headwind could be anything, medical, kids, money, sexual stamina, etc. (For “romantic” you can also read: pleasure, creativity, sports, gaming, speculation, beauty.) In the long run, if you have begun a deep romance in the last few months, it can outlast and overcome these obstacles, and could even lead to a wedding (this year, or 2019). In other words any romantic set-back this week, if it occurs, is not “final.”  Communication is half of love now. Your work intensifies until July 20. Your home/family embraces you with affection until early July. (June’s a good time to start decor projects.) Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sun. to 4:45 pm (PDT) Monday. (Sun. best for action, chores, career duties, etc.) Your energy and charisma soar Mon. eve through Wednesday. You can attract love — and many other “opportunities” — you can even make a major wish come true — but you’ll trip yourself if you let money or assets influence you (esp. Tues.). Be bold, be brave, and approach others with “union” in mind. Chase money, but watch for “closed doors” Thurs. to late morning Saturday. Thursday helps you convert work into money — e.g., ask for a raise. Friday’s okay until evening — then obstacles appear, especially Sat. Saturday pm, do easy errands, avoid impulsive action.

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20
One last week of domestic concerns, Pisces. You might have to decide between home/security and outside/ambition. If you opt for outside/ambition, you might make a dream come true, perhaps about your career. But the major strength or “biggest result” will come from steering yourself toward home/security. (Example: in a rising market, your home can earn more per year for you than your job does.)  Either your romantic or creative passions flare hotly until July 20, or you grow speculative, creative with money. Either way, keep your impulses under control: feel the urge, then think about it and plan your actions (without procrastinating). Everyday communications and interactions shine with affection, until July 4. But for now, home and family, security, mother nature, soul and stomach are your most important concern. Wish fulfillment, popularity, optimism, entertainment and flirtations spell happiness Sun. and Mon. to 4:45 pm (PDT). Sunday’s better; Monday’s disruptive. Retreat from the clamouring crowd Mon. eve through Wednesday. Rest, examine, pray, contemplate, plan. Meditate, be spiritual and give to charity (or, if broke, seek charity). This little interval is quite lucky, so you can succeed in almost anything, especially career and financial, research and medical goals. But don’t seek a mate, or co-operation. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs. to late morning Saturday. It isn’t the best time to start projects, but it is a good period to attract attention, impress others, and seek/gain money or romance, especially Thurs. Friday’s for contemplation of bigger truths, world views — and for calling a friend or two. But this eve to Sat. morning says “no” to wishes and practical actions. Be cautious with money, purchases Saturday pm.

The End.



Pluto and History: Part One.

iN ASTROLOGY, when the Moon, Sun or a planet returns to the exact degree, minute and second of arc that it occupied when a person was born, this is called a “return.” Many astrologers erect and read solar and lunar returns to predict the year or month ahead for a client. Planet returns are used for specific insights; for example, the return of Saturn is often used to portray (or more accurately, to find clues about) a 28.5-year period involving practical matters, maturity, restrictions, etc. (In addition, a person’s planet return will indicate the future in whatever area that planet rules for the individual. The Saturn return for, say, a Gemini, besides predicting practicalities, restrictions and aging, as it does for everyone, will also indicate Gemini’s sexual and financial “fortunes” for the 28-29 years following the return date. For Cancer, the Saturn return will also predict partnership, marriage, relocation; for Libra,  it also offers an insight into home, children and security.)

But there is another kind of “return” that doesn’t involve the Moon, Sun, or planets returning to the position they held when a person was born. Instead, this “return,” called an “ingress” occurs whenever a planet or Sun or Moon enters a zodiac sign. For example, if a person was born when Mars was at 15 degrees Gemini, Mars’ return to that exact degree forms that person’s “Mars return” — and indicates trends only for that person, no one else. But whenever Mars enters Aries, or Taurus, or Libra, or any zodiacal sign, it’s called an “ingress.”

I am proposing that when — and only when — a planet returns to its own sign (Jupiter into Sagittarius, Pluto into Scorpio, etc.) it forms a special, significant ingress, which I call a “sign return” or “home return.”  This special “return” doesn’t affect* any individual in particular, but affects everyone (and everything) on Earth. (For example, the Moon entering Cancer affects agriculture worldwide, not just one farmer.) (The Moon entering any other sign, Leo, Scorpio, etc., will not have one-tenth the “power of indication” as its entry into Cancer, because the Moon does not rule those other 11 signs.) Remember, to erect a chart for the moon’s return to Cancer, or Jupiter’s return to Sagittarius, or the Sun’s return to Leo, we must draw the chart for the exact day, hour, minute and second that entry occurs.

*I use the word “affect” — but more correctly, one should say “indicates,” for we don’t know if the planets actually affect developments on Earth, or simply coincide with them. (I favour the latter, which points to an over-all design, cosmic and/or spiritual.) Still, I’ll use “affect.”

In the following, to refer to a planet ingressing into its own sign, or “returning to its sign,” I’m just going to use the word “return.”

Ingress returns have different “realms of affect.” For instance, a Moon return, as stated above, indicates (among other things) agricultural trends, though only for a 28-day period. (The time elapsing until the Moon again enters Cancer.) Mars indicates (among other things) war, martial actions, for a 2-year period, for that much time will pass between one Mars “return” to its own sign, Aries, and the next “return.” Jupiter’s Sagittarian “returns” cover 13 years, for that is the length of its orbit, or the time between returns. Uranus, 84 years, Neptune, 184 years, etc. But the grandaddy of them all is Pluto, which only returns to its home sign of Scorpio every 247 to 248 years. When we’re looking at history, at major movements and developments in mankind’s progress, our longest yardstick is Pluto. (Actually, there is one longer yardstick, which I call the “Pluto Mega Era,” which varies, but generally covers thousands of years. I’ll show you this phenomena later.)

When Pluto returns to Scorpio, major historical trends/events begin. The key here is “begin.” Often these beginnings are very small, seminal, and slowly grow to historical proportions. Bureaucratic scientists claim that Pluto is not a planet, as it’s too small for consideration. But these scientists forget their own discoveries, viz., that small things pack an outsize punch, and can lead to the biggest results. Tiny Pluto rules nuclear energy. The atom’s tiny beyond tiny, but its bomb can destroy a city, even our Earth. Pluto (and its sign, Scorpio) rules semen, inception, conception, death and birth. The male semen is microscopic, but joins a female egg and creates a 200-pound man. With Pluto, small things lead to massive results. Above all else, Pluto is seminal — though Pluto destroys what it has birthed, this is essential to evolution and reproduction. When Pluto kills, it is making way for birth. A species cannot evolve if no one dies.

Now, history: If in multiple instances Pluto’s “return” to Scorpio does coincide with seminal historical developments, this is almost (only almost, for it remains subjective) as sure a proof of astrology as Michel Gauquelin’s statistics. But remember one thing: we are not looking for big, bombastic events, but for tiny “beginnings” or events which later expand to affect humanity (human history) in large ways.

In examining Pluto-into-Scorpio returns, I have avoided erecting a rising chart, for two reasons: 1) where would you locate it? (for ascendants change not only in time, but by location) and 2) the travel of light from Pluto to the Earth is long and occurs in varying distances from the Earth, which makes our measurement of its actual return slightly approximate, at least with my little astrology program. Pluto’s light takes from over 4 to under 6 hours to reach Earth, depending on where the two are in their orbits. (I.e., Pluto and the Earth could be on the same side from the Sun, or on opposite sides, which alters the distance by 2 AU’s.)

For these reasons, I have used only Solar charts for the Pluto return. (In closer planets, with more accurate return or “light landing” times, one could use a rising chart, located to the place one wonders about. For example, a Mars return to Aries or a Jupiter return to Sagittarius could be “placed” in London, or New York, or Boise, Idaho, to see its effects on that locale. To see the effect on a nation, locate the return in the capital of the country: e.g., Ottawa for Canada.)

I call the approximately 250 years following a Pluto return, the “Pluto era.”

Here’s an example:
Pluto entered Scorpio on November 27, 13  AD. If the Bible is right, this is the year Christ left his family and joined the synagogue — that is, started his religious career, which as we know ended in the “Christianizing” of 2.2 billion people (stats: 2010) or 31 per cent of the earth’s population. This has had an overwhelming, permeating effect on western thought, literature, religion, law, etc.

Christ’s birth/death times are uncertain and disputed. Perhaps he was born in 13 AD, or 13 BC! In either case, it hardly matters: as Pluto’s orbit is approximately 247 – 248 years, the difference of even 20 or 30 years is still tiny. (Though I try to keep to a much smaller range.)

Below, I’ve listed a series of Pluto returns, and their seminal event, and in some instances their long-term effect. I have ignored wars and military events, as these litter history — and are seldom seminal. Also, I have to admit that for some Pluto returns I can’t find anything to note. This, ironically, is part of the whole Pluto aegis: because it rules the tiny that later explodes or blossoms, the mouse that roared, it is sometimes impossible to find that darn mouse or tiny spark in the litter of events of 1,000 or even a few hundred years ago.

I also should note that in the following list, I have left out various seminal events which do qualify as history-changing, but which in the rush to write this I can’t locate again. (I gave a talk to the F.V. Astrology Guild, and had these events noted on my cardboard; but I gave that list to the Guild, and didn’t have a copy.) Among events which qualify as seminal, and occurred during or close to a Pluto return, were the invention of stamps, musical notations, and others. If any reader can contribute seminal events for these returns, I’d be grateful.

One last note: astrologers have long noted (at least since Bradley) that the effects of, say, a person’s solar return actually begin some time before the precise return — many say as much as 3 months before. So, for instance, a Taurus whose solar return occurs May 14, 2017 at 2:33:02 pm in New York City, will “feel” or experience the effects of that return from as early as March 2017 — and by March 2018, this return will begin to “fade” as the new return, although not occurring until May 14, 2018, will begin to affect the client by March 2018.

In looking at Pluto-into-Scorpio returns, giving such a wide margin of affect would be ridiculous: we could claim any event within 60 years before the return, and who knows how long after! But some leeway seems appropriate. In general, I think we should accept a leeway, before and after the Pluto return, as lengthy as the tie Pluto actually spends in the sign Scorpio, before moving on to the next sign. So generally, I have allowed 20 years “leeway” in allocating or pinpointing events, but in many cases (see 13 AD, 1490 AD, 1983 AD and others below) the seminal events occurred within a mere 2 years — in some cases, e.g., the birth of Henry VIII or Watts, the very year of the return.

Here is a list of the last 9 Pluto returns and some of their seminal effects:

13 AD, Nov. 27 — Christ. — 2.2 billion believers. Massive effects in law, religion, culture, thought and literature — and the underlying structure of the dominant civilization on Earth for 1,500 years (and counting). (Christianity was not dominant until about 500 AD.)

259 AD, Nov. 18 —? Can’t find anything. (286 AD, Rome divided into East-West. This is not a seminal event, as little grew from it.

505 AD, Nov. 15 — ? Can’t find anything. Ultimate downfall of Rome? (This is not seminal, though it might be Plutonic.) European pagans begin the eventual rise and “civilizing” of Europe?

751 AD, Nov. 21 — Arab Caliphates invade Europe, bring the “zero” to Europe (from India). Result: all modern math, science, the Moon Landing, etc. (None possible w/o the concept of zero.)

997 AD, Dec. 2 — Vikings discover North America, establish small colonies — according to Norse literature/records.  (Wikipedia says “late 980’s. Another source — can’t find it immediately — says close to 997.) I call the Viking discovery a miscarriage — see 1490 below. (More generally, the Normans conquer England, and the modern English language — actually Middle English — is birthed.) Paper money (China?)

1243 AD, Dec. 28 — 1235, scientific method created. Optical lens, leading later to telescopes, “glasses,” and microscopes. Genghis Khan? Beginning, roughly, of the Renaissance. (NOT accurate/reliable — generally considered to be 1300-1500.) Again, hard to find/pin down a seminal event.

1490 AD, Nov. 6. — In 1492, Columbus found an entire missing third of the world. This is probably the greatest seminal corporeal event of the last few millennia — on a par with the spiritual/social event of Christ. (On a minor note, Henry the 8th — 8 is the Scorpionic number — was born in 1491. He was obsessed with birth (Pluto) and killed (Scorpio) his infertile wives. To a certain degree, Henry was seminal, in that he freed England from the Catholic leash. In 1514, Copernicus publishes discovery that earth revolves around the sun. Mechanized clock.

1736 AD, Dec. 6 — Watts born, 1736, invented/promoted the steam engine, which started the Industrial Revolution, which in turn affected all mankind and led t cars, trains, planes, machines, engines, all the “conveniences” of modern daily life — until 1983, when the Pluto return “caused” (more accurately, timed) the present Technological Revolution.  Jean Jacques Rousseau  promulgates democracy in 1750-70*.   J. J. Rousseau’s writings led to the French and American revolutions.

*(These dates, 1750-1770, exceed or stretch the transit of Pluto through Scorpio. I include Rousseau here because it illustrates another phenomena of the Pluto return — that is, every time Pluto transits each successive sign after Scorpio, it develops or forwards the Pluto effect through the lens of that sign. For example, Pluto rules change and creation; so in Sagittarius  Pluto indicates a major change of Sagittarian things: philosophy and political ideas. I call this the “Manifesto Stage.” In our present Pluto era, this planet is in Capricorn, so we have deep, significant changes of hierarchy, and/or hierarchical struggles, many of them secretive. The current term swirling around the Trump administration — “Deep state” — is an apt description of Pluto in Capricorn. Historians now tell us that Barack Obama was the most secretive President in many decades, perhaps more secretive than Nixon. Obama began his Presidency  the year Pluto entered Capricorn. I believe these Pluto “sub-states” can also be “read” — simply by erecting a chart for the planet’s entrance into each sign.)

(If Pluto’s return to Scorpio creates another Era, and its entry into each succeeding sign creates a “Sub-Era,” we also have to recognize that there are what I call “Mega Eras,” which I will describe in the second part of this article. These Mega Eras vary between 2500 and 6000 years in length, and are a fascinating field of exploration. But later.)

1983 AD, Nov. 5  — First mobile phone, 1983. Gorbachev elected Soviet leader, 1985. This begins a process of disintegration (perestroika, glasnost) that led to the break-up of the Soviet Union by 1991. Hubble, first space telescope, launched 1990; first extra-solar planet discovered, 1995; internet, 1990?; polymerase chain discovered 1984, and human genome project launched, 1990;  AIDs, mid-1980’s, cloning, major wars replaced by police actions. (This last remains a prediction.) The historic decline of universities. (Also remains a prediction.) (In fact, many of my predictions in the 1980’s, remembered, I hope, by long-time readers of my column, were based on the Pluto return: AIDS, the break-up of the Soviet Union, Chernobyl, metro-sexualism, the decline of crime, the rise of females raping males, the growth of police states, especially in democracies, the general environment of stagnation interrupted by massive upheavals (e.g., the 2006-8 credit freeze) etc. These predictions were created simply by reading the actual 1983 Pluto return chart — I’ll show how/why in Part Two of this article. Later, using the Pluto-entering-Sagittarius chart, I predicted that both democracy and communism would be replaced by a third system. (I think modern China is an example of the new system, both capitalist and communist.) Other predictions — The Challenger shuttle crash, falling interest rates, the Dow bull of 1980 to today (and all the stock predictions in-between, some of them wrong!) the first Gulf War, Japan’s economic fall, etc. — were not Pluto-based. (E.g., the shuttle crash was Mars-Uranus.)

A sceptical reader might bring up the atomic bomb, invented and deployed almost 40 years before the 1983 Pluto Return. This needs much thought, which I lack. But two points: 1) the atom bombs dropped on Japan were the result and peak of the Industrial Revolution (a war-like return cart). And 2)  perhaps Pluto being in its own twelfth sector (i.e.Libra) was discovering or uncovering its deepest secrets for us. This might also indicate mankind’s ability to collectively sense the future, and “force” or “rush” events. Also, we can refer to the phenomena, mentioned above, occurring in personal solar returns — wherein the effect seems to occur before the actual return. It’s also possible that my thesis is simply wrong.

Next week: Let’s examine actual Pluto entry charts, which I believe “picture” or indicate the 250 years following. I’ll use two examples, the Christ chart and the Columbus chart, and then look at what the 1983 return chart portends for our present time (now to the 23rd century).