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START NOTHING:  3:29 pm to 9:06 pm Mon., 11:20 am Wed. To 4:47 am Thurs., and 4:24 am to 9:39 pm Sat.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Ah, love, romance, the scent of flowers drifting thru the summer air, beauty and pleasure everywhere, waiting to be plucked… No one is luckier than you are now, Aries, until late August (and really, your luck is expanding to next May, 2023). Money still pours toward you for 3 more weeks, but keep your balance, or your cup could tip over, spilling $. Home, family remain sweet. Send love messages before Thursday.

Sunday offers a beautiful beginning of a work project, and/or a great opportunity to buy machinery — and, perhaps, a love or legal, academic or cultural breakthrough. Chores, Sun./Mon. Eat, imbibe sensibly. Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons and possible relocation fill Tuesday/Wednesday. Immediate things go well, but you still need to solve a domestic-vs-career, retreat-vs-ambition dilemma before wide, solid progress can be achieved in love.

This “dilemma” (which has already existed for over a decade) will disappear on its own in 2023, but for now it might be wise to go along to get along — stick to surface, let deeper stuff go for the moment.

Thursday to mid-morn Sat. (PDT) brings depths, sex, pregnancy, investments, debt, research, medical procedures and lifestyle changes. Friday’s disruptive, unlucky here, but all ends well later. (9 pm onward, PDT.)

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The accent remains on home, Taurus — on family, kids, garden, nutrition, mom
nature (vacation), security — and rest. Get your power naps these weeks ahead. Communications, short trips yield affection, satisfaction. You’re very sexual, determined and brave now (to Aug. 20). This can help you lasso a willing co-operator, partner, lover…Until next May, remember, your management (and investment and research) luck is very high — follow it, create it!

Sunday/Monday feel romantic, stir your creative side, and blow a small bugle of pleasure/beauty — two beautiful days with some real connection — and management luck. (E.g., apply for such a position.) Tackle chores Tues./Wed. You’re still having trouble with some legal or governmental (or admin) or academic situation: this will “solve” (be resolved) in about a year — it’s been going on for over a decade — but it still impinges on your job performance. Still, you’ll accomplish a lot these 2 days.

Relationships, fresh horizons and new opportunities appear Thurs. to mid-morn Sat. . Almost nothing works persuasively, co-operation is hard to find, esp. Friday.  But late this night (after 9 pm PDT — midnight EDT, 5 am Britain) suddenly hearts soften and success seems imminent. Late Saturday, chase investments, pay down debt, research — a fine investment opportunity might appear — it DOES NOT involve your present career, nor gov’t, nor large corporations.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

A  busy few weeks lie ahead, Gemini. Trips, calls, paperwork, reports, facts and figures dominate the days. It’s a natural time for you, so be yourself and enjoy action. You remain very lucky in group and friendship zones until next May. August is a banner month for this, a time when you I likely to meet many new people. (But avoid “drunken bars” before Aug. 20.) Be curious. Ask people questions; some will become friends. Try to settle any problems (taxes?) with authorities or admin types before Aug. 20. Your income and spending look fine, lucky.

Be close to home or in nature Sun./Mon. — good actions, good results. Romance might curl your outlook into very pleasant visions Tues./Wed. A good interval, but it ends with the recognition, again, of a long-standing problem, perhaps affecting work, income, assets, land, finances, medicine, and/or sex. This problem will fade in late 2023, and has existed for over a decade, so don’t let it “ruin the day.”

To work, Thursday to mid-morn Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. A bit of difficulty, esp. Friday, but here is also scope (after 9 pm Fri., PDT to 1 am Sat.) for career and management-related success. Saturday noon to night brings relationships — some very fortunate, some not.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Chase $, Cancer — buy/sell, collect/pay, etc. A good few weeks lie ahead, for learning/ memorizing, casual sex, and sensuality. (E.g., fine time to choose living room drapes.) Men, and perhaps Taurus natives, befriend you, mostly with good intent (and one sneaky one) until Aug. 20. You shine with “good hair days” this week and most of next. Until next May, your career stands at the doorway to major success. Keep an eye on that!

Sunday/Monday bring errands, contacts, trips, communications — very fortunately (esp. for your career) Sunday, and (with a little ethical or legal glitch) Monday, too. A male friend important, Monday. Be home Tues./Wed. — do repairs, hug the kids, cook and garden, etc. Mostly good, but at the end you might recognize an “old problem” (decade old) — maybe separating lust from romance? Or adjusting to someone who’s unadjustable? (The problem will disappear in about a year.)

Romance, creative surges and risk-taking urges — and beauty — and charming kids — fill Thursday to mid-morn Sat. Some real glitches — a few Thurs., many Fri. — but this interval might end with “undying love” (or separation) — 9 pm to midnight PDT Friday, Saturday, tackle chores.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your charisma, energy, effectiveness and sense of timing remain high, Leo. Use the weeks ahead to go after what you want — think big, especially in areas of international affairs/travel, law, culture, higher learning, profound ideas, media — and love. (This superb good luck lasts to next May.) If single, you might be “dealing with” your future mate.

Higher-ups remain irritable, impatient, until Aug. 20. Still, you will be treated fairly, and will make wise decisions in career/prestige areas until next summer (2023). If you need a favour from the gov’t, an institution or “head office”, request it soon — your “approval” there ends Aug. 11.

Sunday/Monday are for money, buying/selling, etc., and for casual intimacy. Both days are smooth, fortunate. (If the casual sex is Sunday, this person might grow more and more important to your heart in future. You might end up married.) Errands, contacts, paperwork and communications fill Tues./Wed. Mixed luck, but nothing bad. Very late Wednesday, alienation might brew.

Thursday/Friday are for home, family, rest/naps, garden, nature, security — and letting go of unproductive situations/people. A problematical interval, but it ends with love and “deep assurance” by late night, early morn (pre-pre-dawn) Sat. Saturday’s for romance — true love might be hovering around you! But some conflict between your ambition’s duties, and your “partner.”

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remain quiet, Virgo. Rest, regather your physical, mental and emotional batteries. The weeks ahead are a good time for hospital visits, dealing with gov’t, institutions or head office, for research and possible investing, for meditation and charitable acts (or applying to receive some). Ponder your life thus far, and where you want to go — then make plans. Until next May, you are greatly favoured in lust, finances, medical and lifestyle actions.

Until Aug. 20, avoid lawsuits. If there is already one in process, concerning assets/finances, you should win. It’s very likely most Virgos will exit this “year” (May/22 to May/23) richer than they entered — maybe much richer! Until Aug. 11, despite your low energy/low charisma, some friends will contact, gather ‘round. These are good friends. Also, despite your quietude, you might start talking a blue streak Thursday onward.

Sunday/Monday bring the best two days this month — your energy climbs, and success/good fortune accompany you. Be nice to a puzzling person Monday — you could end up with a true, good companion. Chase $ Tues./Wed. — buy/sell, pay and collect. Casual intimacy very available. You might ask, late Wed., can I afford such indulgence?

Errands, new contacts, travel, communications and paperwork fill Thurs. into pre-dawn Sat. Lots of frustrations — until late Friday, into early Sat. (9 pm Thurs. to 1 am Sat., PDT — 6 am to 10 am in Europe) when love, sweet friends bless you. Saturday? Head home, rest — something big (and lucky) is brewing on the domestic front.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Biggest good luck on the horizon, Libra? Relationships, opportunities, public dealings and possible relocation (to mid-May, 2023). Biggest trend for August? Flirtation, light romance, friends and social delights, blue-sky optimism, entertainment… if you’re unattached, you might meet your future mate in a group, whether political, social, mountain-climbing, whatever — if 2 (or more) people are with you, that’s a group. If you’re already attached, such groups can bring opportunities in many areas. Now to Aug. 20, deep sex might be slated — or deep finances. Eschew impulsiveness in the latter. Bosses favour you until Aug. 11 — take advantage.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. Your energy is low, so is your charisma. Still, this is a very fortunate interval — allowing you to work things out with the gov’t or head office, or to quietly, subtly, attract someone special. Your energy and pizzazz returns Wed./Thurs. — a nice run, social happiness, but in the end you might realize a decade-old “enemy” (really, a dilemma) still exits. It involves home, children, security. (This problem will end in about a year.)

Chase $, buy/sell, pay and collect, Thursday into pre-dawn Sat. (PDT). An irritating, frustrating interval (so don’t shop) Thurs./Fri. But very late Friday to pre-dawn Sat., prestige and good work bless you. (Sex/love, too.) Saturday’s for friends, errands, trips and calls. Be curious!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent remains on your prestige relations, career, worldly status, and ambitions. That makes August an important month this year, as it “fits in” with the expanding work load you’re going to assume between now and May 2023. You might receive a message or “instructions” from higher-ups before Thursday. That day to late August, your messages and communications (and travel) will be oriented toward, arise from, social life. Until Aug. 20, be careful with relationships — others are temperamental, ready to “fight.” Until Aug. 11, you remain wise, mellow, judicial — good!

Sunday/Monday bring a gift: popularity, optimism, flirtatious friends, social delights — forget your troubles, just enjoy! Retreat to quietude Tues./Wed. Ponder and plan, meditate and be charitable. Seek advice. All’s well. Your energy and charisma shoot upward Thurs. to pre-dawn Sat. (PDT). You might face a row of obstacles, but if you fight through them (or even side-step them) you’ll end with success late Friday (9 pm PDT) to pre-dawn Sat., esp. in love. Saturday, chase $ or go shopping.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A wise, mellow and far-ranging “mood” (mostly mental mood) lifts your heart gently in the weeks ahead. Until Aug. 20, work hard and keep your daily health intact. After Aug. 20, a powerful intensity will enter relationships. (A romance could turn to “mad love.”) Until Aug. 11, secrets, research, finances, sex and lifestyle changes are favoured. After Aug. 11, your thoughtful meanderings grow even more pleasant; love grows sweeter, gentle and powerful.

(I’m tired of saying it, but May/22 to May/23 offers huge romantic luck. — If not triggered yet, it might be August 20 through September. If married, that can be a period of conflict — get ready to repeat, “Yes Dear,” one hundred times.)

Sunday/Monday offer great luck in career, prestige relations and worldly standing. Be ambitious, go all out, esp. Sun. Your hopes rise Tues./Wed. — social delights, popularity, flirtation, optimism and bright plans race in. All’s well, but in the end, you might face a love-vs-money dilemma. Retreat from the rat race Thursday to pre-dawn Saturday. Contemplate, plan, seek advice, be spiritual and charitable — and, most of all, rest deeply.

Friday frustrates, but late this night sentimental, happy feelings swell. Saturday mid-morn (into Sunday) brings great presence, energy, charisma, and huge luck — get out and start/do something, explore, seek someone!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Life’s occult side, subterranean forces, deep emotional and sexual currents — these lure you for the next few weeks, Cap. For success, maintain a high moral, ethical position. (E.g., sex great, but not with someone else’s spouse.) It’s important financially, also. Be honourable, and others will treat you similarly. (To a point, at least!) You’re probably fired up, or will be soon, about a romantic situation. Is it true love? Doubtful.

Relationships remain sweet, affectionate, until Aug. 11. (Then the lustful or intimate side will really grow.) Remember, you are highly favoured to find “the perfect home” (or to renovate, etc.) before May/23.  As August is a powerful financial/debt/investment month, you might be wise to start looking for a new home or other property — even to complete a sale or purchase now. Don’t overestimate your income; it will be tight for about another year.

Sunday/Monday feature wise, mellow thoughts, far travel, higher learning, media, law, and cultural events — and love. All’s well here. You might spy a realty bargain Sunday. Be ambitious, prestige-and-career oriented, Tues./Wed. — mostly smooth progress, but it all comes down to a “conflict” between your ambitions and your dreams/wishes.  (Odd for you that they’re separate.)

Hopes and wishes, popularity and social delights, flirtations and entertainment — these fill Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. You won’t be as “merry” as you’d like due to the “subterranean forces” mentioned above, and due to several “stand-offs” or obstacles. But all ends well, affectionately and with “clear mind.” Saturday, retreat, find a comfy private spot, then rest, nap, ponder and plan.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent remains on relationships, opportunities, public dealings and relocation themes, Aquarius. This fits in with your ’22/’23 curiosity and wanderlust. You’ll meet many new people in August. Until the 11th, work and chores are easy, friendly. Until the 20th, your home life is a bit frayed and fractious — keep the peace! (After the 20th, into late September, romance and lust intermingle in a potent brew.) Talk with another now, as after Thursday, secrecy begins to draw its curtain over motives and desires.

A good example of this “secrecy” occurs Sun./Mon. — two very fortunate days which can bring success in investments, debt reduction, sexual coupling, medical procedures, or lifestyle decisions/changes. A wise, thoughtful mood steals over you Tues./Wed. — most things go well here (esp. far travel, higher learning, law, cultural venues, media) but you might end by facing a 15-year old problem, involving tawdry motives or secrets you want to keep. Somehow your inner life, or your deep but not “public” ambition, prevents a smooth embrace of intellectual, travel or love zones. This problem will disappear in about a year.

Be ambitious Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. Lots of obstacles, esp. Friday, but you somehow end on a successful note, late Friday into midnight (PDT). Saturday’s for friends, popularity, hopes and flirts — you could meet true love this night or Sunday following. (But beware a domestic situation that is undergoing a “revolution.”

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, to work, Pisces. The weeks ahead emphasize chores, daily health, dependents such as pets, and machinery. If you’re a boss, you might be seeking employees; if a peon like me, you might be seeking employment. Both favoured. Now to May/23, you are favoured with money, buying/selling, income, and daily $. Seek a pay raise. But this money luck might be a little elusive for the next several months, as Jupiter retrogrades. Still, don’t drop the ball — keep pushing $, and eventually piles of them will come to you.

Until Aug. 11, romance remains sweet. Until Aug. 20, communications, errands, and paperwork might revolve around your $ plans — same period, sidestep arguments, avoid careless driving. Pretty good period to buy a car (to the 19th).

Sunday/Monday bring lucky relationships — an exciting meeting very possible. Be yourself — that way you’ll attract puzzled but intrigued approaches. Dive into life’s financial, sexual, karmic, or research depths Tues./Wed. — most goes well, but in the end (around 11 pm PDT Wed.) you might realize that something is not ethical or legal; if so, drop it.

Your mind turns to more distant horizons Thursday to mid-morning Saturday: far travel, International affairs, higher learning, law, culture — and gentle love. Saturday, be ambitious — there’s a money prize and a love prize late night, Sunday morning.



I MIGHT HAVE SPOKEN TOO SOON: last column I called Cassidy Hutchinson a perjured witness for saying Trump tried to grab the steering wheel away from his S.S. agents, in order to go to the capital and join the “insurrection” — a claim flatly denied by the S.S. (And what S.S. person would ever tell her that, anyway? She was a medium-level functionary in the last administration.)

But now it’s reported that the S.S. wiped their phones clean, deleting all data from Jan. 6 (and 7, I think) AFTER they were told to preserve them.

So who’s lying, the S.S. or Hutchinson?

This is what I hate about politics — you never know the facts. Everyone from Biden and Fauci down to your local civil servant, all have reasons to obscure the truth (even assuming they know it!).

I rest my feeble case.

We always speak of insight, and while this is valuable, what about outsight? You never hear it mentioned,  but it’s important; the army, for example is outsighted.

One direction is spiritual, the other is practical. But it can only help or enhance the spiritual if it can look far far, with strong outsight.

Wow, The January 6 committee has virtually written a Bible or a novel. But as a novel, it leaves you  unsatisfied. Then you realize what’s missing: antagonism, a heroic struggle, the suspense and victorious role-playing of the heroes. There isn’t any argument, or fights, simply because everything is on one side. It should be called the yes panel – no one gets to deny or refute, much less disprove, any of its accusations. It’s more an autobiography than fiction or essay.

As a Bible, it reflects the beliefs of the authors at the time. At this time, this holy committee believes that there can be nothing more evil nor more threatening to America’s cozy democracy – that is the democracy ruled by the elite and the Democratic Party, than Donald Trump. Trump is so evil and so unpredictable and so insane that any method used to remove him from the political scene is justified. As they say, all is fair in love and politics.

It wasn’t really a hearing to determine or discover guilt; it was a hearing to paint guilt. (Oh God, please don’t let me be dragged into politics again. It’s such a low profession.…)

A cat entered the room like a shadow.

My life is lucky: when I was in the Marines in San Diego I wondered why people who I thought were less skilled or intelligent were interviewed for officer school; but I never was. For decades, I attributed this to my eccentricity, or to security: I was from Canada and some of the courses I took required a top secret clearance. I guess the war was making them hurry so they thought they would teach me now and get the classification during or afterward. I guess. Because I was from a foreign country, they couldn’t seem to finish my clearance. I now suspect the investigators kept shuffling the file into someone else’s inbox until it finally entered some obscure box in a file of undone, forgotten stuff.

At the time I felt a bit ignored, but I didn’t have a very deep desire to become an officer anyway. I was here (the military) for the experience, not for a lifetime. Also, though it was probably exaggerated, The book on Camp Lejeune, the office training base, was that it was a hell hole.  I was uncertain enough that I didn’t apply, or ask my D.I.’s to recommend me. Deep down I suspect(ed) they would refuse in some ways (my eccentricity).

But the point of this long story is: yesterday I saw an ad on tv urging people to join a class action lawsuit against the US military and various other parties. It seems that between 1956 and 1984, the drinking water at this officer training base was polluted with a cocktail of toxins, including a strong carcinogenic substance. The ad listed 20 or 30 cancers and it was so gloomy it almost made you feel like you had it one of them. If I had gone to officer school in 1968 I would’ve spent six months or more at camp Le Jeune. The cosmos, which I had suspected of trying to thwart me, was in fact protecting me.

A more recent example: last week, I saw ING bank fell in price to the mid $10 range. I tried to buy 1,000 shares, but each time I placed the order the website refuse to accept it. It happened twice and I felt spooked by it so I left it alone. After this, for several days it kept rising in price $.20-$.50 every day. I was starting to doubt that little voice inside, when suddenly the price began to fall — right into the mid-eight dollar range. I was almost fuming when I couldn’t make the trade, but in less than a week it saved me two dollars a share.

Gotta quit complaining.

The tech industry is having a breather now because Saturn in Aquarius has turned retrograde (since early June). It will stay retrograde until late October, When It resumes forward motion, the NASDAQ Exchange might fall fairly precipitously again, although not as strongly as during the last few months.

Beware of being caught in a trap … ie, thinking the NASDAQ won’t fall again — it will, probably, from October/22 through Feb./23.

Inflation will last until March 2025, but from March/23 onward it will be more subdued than now, and will mostly affect gov’t spending, hierarchies.

The second fall of high tech will probably foreshadow the new techwhich will be birthed at approximately the same time (2023). Something economic will be your clue. Some income streams begin to dry and others to show signs of strength. The latter will survive. But the interesting story will be written about the new tech. It will be equivalent to a change in direction for the whole human race.

Wow. Gemini politicians are under some unknown stress. Trump, being fairly successfully assassinated by the Jan 6 committee, Boris Johnson of England who was forced to resign, and Xi-Jinping in China has just had to jail over 350,000 of his enemies — That’s a lot of stress! All these fellows are Geminis.

I have just finished a book given to me by my good friend professor Jurgen Sygusch in Montreal. The book is called “The Dawn of Everything,” and it does live up to its title by trying to examine cultures and human activities from the Ice Age onward. This is an extremely interesting but terribly difficult book to read; I often couldn’t go more than 20 or 30 pages in a setting. The authors — and their thoughts and data — are scattered and framed in confusing structures. Often one sentence will begin with one idea in mind and then suddenly switch to some other statement that has absolutely nothing to do with the first part of the sentence. The authors often misuse antecedents; “they were right about this,” they state, but you scratch your head for five minutes trying to figure out what “this” refers to.

There doesn’t seem to be any design or structure to the book until when, at the very end, in a chapter called “Conclusion,” they wrap up or re-state their main themes in a clear way.

This unreadability is a shame, because the book has very valuable things to say. I have absolutely no training in anthropology or archaeology, but the authors illuminated ideas about the human race that I never would have suspected. For example, they point out that even ice age mankind, mammoth hunters, long before agriculture, built huge monoliths and large communal buildings. That money was invented long before writing. (I suspect money was a form of writing.) And that democracy did not come from Jean Jacques Rousseau, but was more fully implemented in various societies thousands upon thousands of years ago than in any nation today.

The authors point out that we used to have (through most of history and much of pre-history — and practiced by many Amerindians when Columbus arrived) three basic freedoms: one, the freedom to not obey orders from anyone else; two, to move wherever we want and live wherever we want; and three, to reform our society whenever we want.

They point out, quite fairly, that none of these three basic freedoms are enjoyed to any deep extent by humanity in our century, or in any of the last several centuries.

One of the most interesting “finds” was that philosophically and politically, North American indigenous people were actually on the same path as Europe’s “Enlightenment” thinkers, and, it seems, many developments in thought and social organization took place in parallel, simultaneously, in Europe and pre-Columbian N.A. If this assertion of parallel paths is true, it hints that something larger than logic or anything else we understand is at play.

Astrology is the only candidate I can think of at this moment (besides God) because its’ furthest planets rule such things as mass movements of populations, subconscious and unconscious ideas, etc. These planets of course are in the same Sign of the zodiac for everyone on earth, and in the same relationship to each other for everyone on earth, whether in North America or Europe, China or Africa. So even totally isolated, disparate civilizations would still tend to react to these influences and have similar results or developments.

Other than corruption, we live in close to a perfect world in North America — and to a large degree, across the “Western world.” Wars are small and few  – which is why Putin’s gambit in Ukraine is so disturbing; due to its blatant immorality and cruelty, displayed on a international scale, Europe has decided to oppose the war — to the point that at present all of Europe is ready for military action. Europe would easily win a conventional war with Russia, which is why Putin threatened to start an atomic war within mere days of invading Ukraine. This hints that Putin really does fear the west and its military superiority. But Europe blinked at the nuclear threat. Was Putin really prepared to use nukes, even if only tactical small battle nukes? I don’t think so. It was classic braggadocio wrapped in a threat. Even Putin knows no one wins a nuclear war.


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