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Lifestyle changes and financial actions often, even usually, go together. For example, investing in a house and paying a mortgage causes a lifestyle change. If you lose everything in a stock market crash, or make unexpected millions, a lifestyle change is sure to follow. In all these, what astrologers call the “eighth house” is involved. To find your own 8th house, count your own sun (or rising) sign as #1, and count around the zodiac to #8. For example, Aries’ eighth house is (in) the sign Scorpio. Leo’s 8th is the sign Pisces. The 8th is full of mystery, and karma is strong here.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Romance continues, Aries. If you’re already attached (and even if not) creative surges, gambling urges, beauty, pleasure, charming children, games and sports bless you until late August. You remain very lucky until May/23, esp. in law, weddings, far travel, media, and academia, but you might feel you’re running around in circles until November, or that your luck, your projects, just won’t gel. That’s okay, these 3 months ahead are a good time to revise, study the landscape, rest and gather the tools/materials you’ll need. Be patient!

Money still rushes to you — and through you, if you overspend or have worked yourself into a debt corner. Home, family remain affectionate, but only through Wednesday. After that, Venus enters your romantic (etc.) sector until early September, sweetening your love (and aiding you at the casino). “Advance notice” of chores that will arrive August 22 onward.

Sunday’s very lucky very early (before 2:20 pm PDT) but holds a money-friends or money-wishes conflict/failure, that leaves you in doubt right into Monday dawn. Midday Monday to midday Wednesday brings career and ambition, prestige and worldly standing issues — generally a fine interval, but you might have to let something or someone go Monday. Tues./Wed., you might start a new, deep, ambitious path. (Deep = powerful consequences — probably for good!)

Popularity, optimism friends and social delights arrive midday Wednesday to midday Fri. Play it lightly, as disruptions and obstacles abound, esp. Thurs. to dawn Fri. Retreat, rest, ponder Fri./Sat. Not much worth doing.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The accent remains on home, family, property, security and mom nature, Taurus. (Until Aug. 22.) Connections with gov’t, head office, institutions have been fortunate since May, and will remain so until next May, but now to November either a) that luck will be “on hold,” or b) you can use it to correct or handle gov’t., etc., matters from the past. (E.g., now to November 23 would be a great time to settle old tax issues with the CRA, IRS, etc.)

Communications, travel, casual relationships remain pleasing until Thursday, then this mild but sweet luck transfers to your home area until early Sept. You might give up on a casual affair and transfer your affections to home, family. Romantic threads, awakenings, hints begin now, last until romance becomes a capital R in late August.

Sunday to midday Monday emphasizes investments, debt, lust, secrets, crimes, manipulations, power plays, lifestyle changes and possible surgery. This starts really well early Sunday, but don’t fight an enemy who’s/that’s too big, same day. Doing so, letting your rather recent anger or aggression run wild, will create a blockage to your fondest hopes.

A mellow mood of wisdom and tolerance steals over you midday Monday to midday Wed. A great interval for law, media, higher learning, far travel, religion and international affairs. That bit of challenge Monday might introduce someone good, or an opportunity. Be ambitious midday Wednesday to midday Fri. Others have problems, but you can actually use obstacles as stepping stones to higher levels. Noon Friday (PDT) through Saturday brings optimism, friendship delights, flirtations and entertainment — enjoy!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The emphasis remains on trips, calls, paperwork, witty exchanges, errands — light stuff. These will grow more affectionate, mildly luckier, this Thursday into early Sept. Explore, ask questions, be curious. You’re making more friends, broadening your social circle. But now to late November, the “new” part of this falters, stumbles — so until then, stick with old acquaintances.

As before, until May 2023, you will gain mightily from joining new groups (but this is best Nov. to May, while now to Nov. favours sticking with groups already joined). Until November, fine-tune future plans. Continue to avoid dark alleys and belligerent people until Aug. 20. Conversations begin in earnest about home, family, where to live, repairs/ renos, etc.

Sunday to midday Monday features relationships, fresh (and far) horizons, opportunities and public dealings. These are very lucky early Sunday, then are “blown apart” by a potential flaw, enemy (angry spouse?) or gov’t interference, leading to indecision Mon. Life’s depths rise to the surface, as does your intuition, midday Monday to midday Wed. A good interval, which will likely satisfy some craving: for lust, power, financial success. Pick your spots, but investments look good, esp. Tuesday night, Wednesday morning.

Legal, intellectual, far travel, international, media, academic, love and cultural situations arise midday Wednesday to midday Friday — it’s a tough interval, so proceed cautiously. Be ambitious Friday noon (PDT) through Saturday — all’s well here.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Continue to pursue money matters, Cancer. Buy/sell, pay and collect. Casual sex is easy, but is it worthwhile or ultimately satisfying? By Thursday, you’ll suffer a mild drop in charisma, but enjoy a good rise in money zones (until early Sept.). Conversations start, perhaps with strangers or new friends.

Your career and practical ambitions, prestige relations and worldly standing are blessed with superb good fortune (best in 12 years, for many) from May/22 to May/23. But forward progress seems mildly stymied now to late November — this is a “catch your second breath” time; time to reconnoitre, adjust plans, study possibilities, etc., and prepare for a big push Nov./22 to May/23. Friends and specials connections have aided your ambitions; they will continue to do so until Aug. 20.

Tackle chores Sunday to midday Monday — but be quick and early Sunday when your luck is very high — by noon you could hit a barrier (or argument) that involves secrecy, large finances, sex, research, or power plays. Be diplomatic. Accept temporary indecision Mon. This afternoon to midday Wednesday brings significant relationships, fresh horizons, new opportunities, public dealings, and possible opposition. But luck’s on your side, and you should finish with a nice flourish. (A new or old, but powerful relationship looms late Monday with a stubborn but deep-feeling person.) (Happy friends Tues./Wed.)

Life steers you into its depths midday Wednesday to midday Friday. This is a difficult period, so step carefully. Lust, power motives, secrets, major finances might be involved. Noon Friday (PDT) through Saturday brings a peaceful, understanding mood, “helpful” with far travel, law, higher learning, cultural and social rites — and gentle love.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Yes, Leo, you’re still on top — at least as far as energy, charisma, clout, timing and accomplishment go. Enjoy your “power” — but don’t get arrogant! Conversations (and paperwork, possible visits) arise involving money, income, until late month. Bosses remain impatient, temperamental, but they are also on your side “philosophically,” so grin and bear their whips for two more weeks. (If you’re a lawyer or teacher, a promotion or praise seems possible.)

Your inner life, and relations with gov’t, head office, institutions, have been pleasant and productive recently, but this trend passes Thursday, replaced by three weeks of extra gracious charisma — possibly putting a love affair onto a new, sweet level. Until May 2023, your legal, travel, international, academic, love and cultural involvements/initiatives will bless you with success and praise, But now (it started last week) until late November, these matters seem to tread water; they remain lucky, but go nowhere. That’s okay — take a breather, re-examine, re-plan, but DO remain optimistic.

Sunday to noon Monday (PDT) bring romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, sports/games, and creative juices. These can be very successful before noon Sunday, but be alert to a career/status conflict with a long-standing relationship. Tackle chores (and eat, dress sensibly) midday Monday to midday Wed. Mostly successful! Don’t let someone who is really an enemy lure you into a “sweet trap” Monday, early Tues. (The “trap” could simply be an attempt to foist a difficult job onto you.)

Relationships, exciting meetings, challenges and opposition fill midday Wednesday to midday Friday. Be careful, wise and diplomatic. Disruptions, glitches abound, esp. in career/prestige zones. Yet, some will fall madly in love. Sex, secrets, investigations and investments, consequential actions arrive midday Friday through Sat. Nothing you need to fear nor to chase; let this be a fairly neutral time, without major commitment.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You remain cloistered, in a quiet place. Rest, reconsider your past and future plans, contemplate and seek advice. Friends break up the monotony until Thursday; after this, to early September, your inner world glows with pleasure and cozy reassurance — mentors, gov’t, admin types, institutions, all will favour you.

May 2022 to May ’23 is one of the luckiest years of your life in terms of assets, investments, major finances, debt (reduction?), power plays, lust and intimate appetite, research and lifestyle changes. But now to late November, these “interests” seem to slow, even stop. (They remain lucky, tho’.) That’s okay. Use these intervening months to study finances (e.g., the stock markets) or to plan your lifestyle change, etc. November to May, the great luck will resume speed. Avoid legal fights until Aug. 20. You “find your voice” now.

Sunday to noon Monday features home, kids, property, security. Rest, rejuvenate. Sunday’s lucky early, but by noon a legal/work/ethical or similar problem could spoil the day. Your spouse (if married) will not support your point of view. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative surges and risky urges fill midday Monday to noon Wednesday (all PDT). A good interval, that ends on a good note. Sex and romance mix well.

Tackle chores midday Wednesday to midday Friday. Proceed carefully, follow safety regs. NOT a good time to buy tools/machines. Relationships, relocation themes, fresh horizons and opportunities fill Friday noon through Saturday, but, as you are in a quiet phase until Aug. 22, little excites or even happens.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’re in the middle of a very social month, Libra. Don’t let (a potentially powerful) romance tie your friendship wings. If single, you could meet a future mate in a group, whether political, spiritual, sports or whatever. Your relationship prospects are the best in a decade, May 2022 to May 2023. (If married, this refers to business associations, etc.) But now to late November, relationships seem to tread water, to go nowhere. That’s okay — be patient, realize this “delay” time gives you an opportunity to know someone more deeply, or to revise your partnership plans, etc.

Then, late Nov. to May ’23, forward motion kicks in again. You might be on your way to paradise. Same influences, timing, for general opportunities, public dealings and relocation. Higher-ups have favoured you recently. This ends Thursday, as this favour and good luck transfer to your social arena for 3+ weeks. Your sex life, financial interests, surgery, lifestyle changes, have been intense since early July — this continues to Aug. 20. A good time to seek pregnancy, esp. very late Tuesday night.

Errands, calls, visits, paperwork fill Sunday to noon Mon. Great luck here early, but by noon a conflict intensifies: lust, financial goals “fight” real romance. Don’t do anything that will break a bond. Steer toward home, family, security, physical and mental rest, property, and mother nature midday Monday to midday Wed. A good, productive interval.

Romance calls midday Wednesday to midday Friday — ditto pleasure, beauty, creative and risky actions, sports/games. But you’d be wise not to answer, as obstacles and personality conflicts (and sexual upsets) might be “ingrained” in this attraction. To work, Friday noon through Sat. Dress and eat sensibly. Boring, but all’s well.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent remains on career, worldly standing, prestige relations and ambitions generally, Scorpio. Work has been expanding at a strong pace since last May, and will again November to May 2023. But in-between, now to Nov., some relief comes: work demands slow slightly, and you catch a breather. Use this quiet interval to plan, revise, examine production lines, machinery, review employment prospects (or employees to be needed) etc.

Relationships, esp. at work, remain intense, perhaps even “warring,” until Aug. 20. (It’s been so since early July, so you now how to handle this. Diplomacy is your best weapon.) Messages, calls, spark a minor social revival, which will turn broad and deep by late month. Thursday to early September, your ambitions get a boost of good luck as higher-ups favour you.

Chase money, buy/sell Sunday to noon Mon. (PDT). Your luck is superb early Sunday, but by noon (if not earlier) relationship hostility could impact your home and/or family. Again, diplomacy! Errands, trips, communications, paperwork fill midday Monday to “early noon” Wed. A good, smooth interval — a relationship succeeds, excites late Tuesday and early Wed.

Steer toward home, family, security, property issues, mother nature, gardening, etc. midday Wednesday to midday Friday. Be alert and careful, though — disruptions, obstacles abound. Don’t “gamble” with a relationship. Romance tweaks your heart midday Friday through Sat. — but not strongly enough to drive you into meaningful action. Just enjoy what pleasures are at hand.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your “mental state” continues, Sage — far travel, international affairs, law, culture, social rituals, ethics, higher learning, gentle love: these are natural for you, and at present also fortunate, to August 22. The great fortune of your present year, romance, creativity and risk-taking, dovetails nicely with August’s influences. E.g., romance is favoured, and August favours weddings or engagements (social rituals). Or, creativity is favoured, and August promotes writing and publishing (that creative novel).

BUT now to late November, this luck might seem to slow down, or tread water. Progress is hard to find, hard to enact. Use this slowdown to examine, adjust, revise and prepare for the resumption of huge (romantic, etc.) luck from Nov. to May ’23. Work remains intense, two more weeks. Follow safety rules. A “sweet temptation” dissolves Thursday.

Your energy and charisma soar Sunday to noon Monday. A lucky streak early Sunday (affecting you, love, romance, home, property, finances, assets) yields to a conflict over work vs communication/travel later this day. Chase money midday Monday to midday Wed. Buy/sell, pay and collect. Sex goes well, so does work. Errands, soft, easy chores, paperwork, communications and travel fill noon Wednesday to midday Friday. This is a difficult interval, filled with disruptions, so proceed cautiously. Head for home, family Friday noon through Sat. — all’s well, but not much exciting. Hug the kids, relax on the porch.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’re still exploring the caves of experience, Cap. (I was going to say “swimming in the depths,” but you like hard, solid ground.) Investigation, financial action, assets, lifestyle changes, medical procedures, lust (for power or sex) — these are prominent. Overall, take an optimistic, not overly cautious approach this August. You are in a hugely fortunate year (May ’22 to May ’23) for real estate, or any food/shelter project. (E.g., start a restaurant, buy a farm, trade lumber or minerals — anything from the earth.) August “fits in” with this major luck.

For instance, this month promotes investment, and your “lucky year” includes real estate.) But now to November, this huge luck seems to end, or stall. It certainly won’t end, as late year into next May will be the most powerful segment for success. In-between (now to Nov.) be patient, keep the faith — adjust plans, prepare. A romantic intensity — yet one that might end a relationship — continues until Aug. 20. Relationships have been affectionate, gracious recently, but Thursday ends this, and moves the luck, the attraction, into deeper, more private and committed zones: e.g., dating leads to sex, friendship might lead to co-investing in a project, etc.

Lie low, rest and contemplate Sunday to noon Monday. Early Sunday’s smooth, fortunate, filled with sweet fantasy, but romance and money are “enemies” this day. DON’T invest. Your energy, charisma and timing rise strongly midday Monday to midday Wed. (All PDT.) Get out, see and be seen, but esp., drill into what you want to accomplish, particularly financial, medical, lifestyle and sexual goals. Love, romance, creativity are very favoured.

Pursue $ Wednesday noon to midday Friday. Buy/sell, pay and collect. But do so cautiously, as many disruptions face you. Casual sex? Not likely — perhaps Thursday night. Friday noon through Saturday brings calls, messages, texts, trips, paperwork, curiosity — a light, unimportant time.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent continues on relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, relocation themes and dealing with the public in general, Aquarius. You’re starting to learn secrets, sharing perhaps someone’s financial “portfolio” — could involve a lover. Work (and work mates) have been mildly fortunate, affectionate recently, but Thursday switches that luck and affection to your personal relationships. A Leo might figure prominently.

Your home life remains intense, maybe argumentative, until Aug. 20. May ’22 to May ’23 brings a rush of information, travel, communications, paperwork, small chores — but these “quiet down” now to late November, before resuming the rush then to May ’23. That’s okay — it gives you time to exercise your curiosity, which is a fertile, rewarding “thing” until May ’23. (BTW, May ’23 to June ’24 will be one of the luckiest real estate years of your life. Look ahead, plan to sell/buy, peruse the internet or physically travel on a “curiosity mission.” A place you stumble upon before May ’23 might become your home later.)

Big hopes and a social urge (or flirting) bless Sunday morning, but later this day a conflict climaxes between home/family and your own conservative, worry-prone outlook/mood. Retreat, lie low, rest, ponder and plan, Monday noon to midday Wednesday. Seek advice, deal with gov’t or “head office.” Be charitable, spiritual. A good interval, despite your weariness.

Your energy, charisma and confidence rise sharply Wednesday noon to midday Friday — but remember you’re in a relationship month, so be diplomatic, willing to bend for another. Your family or domestic situation (or need for security) might disturb or hold you back. Chase $ midday Friday trough Saturday, but don’t expect a lot, nor go overboard — luck is neutral, results okay but nothing spectacular. Same for sex. Good period to study something.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, work and drudgery, Pisces. Well, just put your head down and trudge through it. Protect your daily health. If buying machinery or tools, do so Tuesday night or pre-dawn Wednesday, Saturday eve, or next week, August 14 afternoon/eve, or 16, morning. May/22 to May/23 offers great good luck in earnings, buying/selling. Definitely ask for a pay raise during this year. BUT now to late November “stalls” this luck, initiatives seem to tread water. That’s okay — forward motion will resume in Nov., to next May. Meanwhile, plan, perfect, examine, etc.

August’s work somehow will contribute to or lead to extra money gains. Errands, communications remain intense, hurried — and revolve around the subject of money. Romantic sweetness fades after Thursday, but this week starts a dialogue with partners or prospective mates.

Be ambitious Sunday to noon Monday. Sunday holds both tremendous luck (early) and a conflict that might involve an attempt to keep a secret (esp. a secret wishful plan). Optimism, flirtation, popularity, social delights visit you Monday noon to midday Wed. A good, smooth interval, esp. Tuesday eve, pre-dawn Wednesday (all PDT). Retreat, lie low, ponder, examine the past and what went wrong, and plan the future. Avoid driving, communications and gossip.

A surprise might lurk, like a tide that rises and carries you along. Your energy and charisma, timing and effectiveness rise smartly Friday noon through Saturday. Get out, see and be seen, tackle a chore and conquer it. But don’t start big new projects, they’re not supported.



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