WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JULY 10 – 16, 2022



START NOTHING:  Before 1:34 am Sun., 6:42 pm Mon. to 2:01 am Tues., 9:17 pm Wed. to 1:13 am Thurs., and 9:36 pm Fri. To 1:18 am Sat.


An unusual amount of “Start Nothing” periods this week, affecting every day of the week. But most of these occur late at night to pre-dawn the next morning in North America, so will hardly  affect most people there — but will frustrate “new projects” in Asia.


ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent remains on home and domestic situations, Aries. Hug the kids, repair, prune the orchard, rest and contemplate — and discuss. This is the “bottom” of your year, a time when the past dissolves and the future begins. So let stale, unworkable relations, situations or projects go, and plant the seeds of new ones. This is a very lucky year — so in your planning, focus on adventure, love, publishing, far travel, higher education, cultural events, and similar things.

These lucky zones are highlighted Sunday/Monday. (And are especially fortunate Sunday morning and afternoon.) Money will flow to you until late August. Good — but rein in spending and debt, or you could end up with a thinner wallet than now. Visits ring an affectionate bell. Career, prestige relations and worldly standing face you Tues./Wed. Possible tug-o-war between home and outside ambitions, esp. Wed. No major “bumps.” A love or intellectual relationship benefits from an affectionate conversation. Friends, popularity, wish fulfillment, joie de vivre lift your heart Thurs./Fri., but a few money or “jealousy” obstacles might slow you. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan future projects Sat. — great hunches, intuition, esp. about domestic issues.


TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The main emphasis, Taurus, lies on swift, easy chores such as errands, communications, paperwork and short trips. Your best luck in 2022-23 lies in two areas: management, liaising with gov’t or admin people, rest/recuperation, spirituality and charity; and (secondarily) in research, occultism, finances, investment, lifestyle change, and sexual joining. (A great year, until May/23, for young couples to achieve pregnancy.)

All these, from management to sexual intimacy, are highlighted Sun./Mon. — most fortunate Sunday daytime. (Morning to mid-afternoon, PDT.) Until August 20, you are fired up with determination, courage, and sex appeal. Be gentle, but do march forth! Your $ luck continues this week, then will falter. If you want to ask for a pay raise, or sell/buy an item, do so 3 pm to 9 pm Tuesday, or 4:30 pm to 9 pm Fri. (All PDT — add 8 hours for Britain, 15 hours for China, 17 for Australia, etc.) Sunday/Monday are deep, mysterious, and contain a treasure. Tuesday/Wednesday bring a mellow, wise mood, gentle love, physical or mental travel. (For some, a love might climax, move to the next level.) Be diplomatic with higher-ups Thurs./Fri. Yes, be ambitious, but carefully — Friday slower, but better. Saturday’s for celebration — hit the sports, party, club or cafe scene with friends, enjoy life’s goodness! A good week.


GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

A pretty mellow, good week, Gemini, focusing on money, possessions, memories (and memory-intense learning) and casual sex. Buy/sell, issue invoices and pay bills. Avoid belligerent people and dark alleys, be ultra diplomatic if in a car crash. (This until Aug. 20.) Your main good — even great — luck this year will come from 2 sources, which might blend into one: 1) friends, popularity, groups, wishing and hoping, and 2) relationships, partnering prospects, opportunities and public dealings. This last arena (relationships, etc.) is highlighted Sunday/Monday — Sunday is esp. fortunate. You remain romantically attractive to others, but take advantage now, as this “dissolves” next week. Money discussions occur — should favour you.

Midweek (Tues./Wed.) features a deeper level of money/possessions: investments, “deep” sex, lifestyle changes, medical procedures. However, these aren’t particularly favoured, so proceed with caution. You might cement a love relationship (esp. late Tues.). Gentle love, understanding, far travel, academic, legal or cultural themes enter Thurs./Fri. — but obstacles exist, esp. Thurs., so don’t risk a lot or plunge too quickly. Be ambitious Saturday — you’ll make headway, impress higher-ups. Your intuition, inspiration about your ambitions are superb Sat,/Sun. — listen to that small nudge, and follow it.


CANCER:  June 21-July 22

It’s your time. Cancer! Your energy, charisma, decisiveness, clout and timing are at a yearly high. This won’t last forever, is use this week (and early next) to launch significant projects, to approach people you want to know, to pop the question, etc. Until August 20, you will be optimistic about your ambitions, career, and could meet several people who can advance you, if you mingle socially in the right places. (You know the right places.) Your great good fortune, until next May, lies in career, prestige relations, and, secondarily, in work.

That last appears strongly Sun./Mon. — most fortunately Sunday daytime and late night Monday (PDT). Your inner (spiritual, emotional) world remains benevolent all week — ditto your relations with management, gov’t, and institutions. Your gift of gab reaches a peak now. Tues./Wed. bring relationships, opportunities, relocation themes. Results are mixed, but lean toward favourable. Be diplomatic, welcoming, and eager to embrace another’s ideas. Life’s secret depths rise to the surface Thurs./Fri. Your subconscious, your intuition are in high gear, as you turn toward financial, debt, research, medical and lifestyle pursuits — however, be cautious about these Thursday into Friday morning, when obstacles can stymie you. Saturday’s for far travel, legal, cultural, academic/intellectual and similar interests — the start of a great weekend.


LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Remain quiet, Leo, in recuperation mode. Rest, ponder and plan, seek spiritual or charitable situations. And tackle neglected chores. Higher-ups are temperamental, impatient, until Aug. 20. Grin and bear it. These are quick to attack, quick to forgive people. This week, you’re still optimistic about love — and friends display affection. Avoid gossip. Secrets (or confidential discussions) scatter through the week also. Your great good luck until May 2023 lies in intellectual, international, legal, cultural, and love zones, and secondarily, in romantic, creative, beauty/pleasure, sports/games and risk-taking zones.

These latter interests blossom Sun./Mon. Sunday’s best. Monday says, “sorry, no sex.” (Be wary of investments, debt this day also.) Tackle chores Tues./Wed. Eat, dress sensibly, seasonably. A conversation or missive (email, etc.) might help cement a slow-to-develop relationship Tuesday, early Wed. A friend’s intervention can do the same. Relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities and public dealings arise Thurs./Fri. Many glitches face you, esp. Thursday, so proceed carefully. Saturday’s for lust — lust for power, money, or intimacy. A good start to a fine weekend.


VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

These days (until the 22nd) are filled with good feelings, optimism, popularity, social delights, flirtations, and wish fulfillment, Virgo. Until August 20, beware law suits and lawyers generally (unless they’re involved in an investment project). Higher-ups continue to like and favour you — but only for this week, so take advantage. A good friend or two has/have uplifting news for you. Your great good luck this year (2 months ago to May 2023) lies in “deep” areas — investments, research, depth psychology/therapy, lust/intimacy, debt, medical procedures and lifestyle changes — and secondarily, in domestic situations, real estate, security enhancement, children, retirement (finances) and similar areas. For example, you might make a great investment in real estate.

These latter areas are emphasized Sun./Mon. Sunday’s lucky, but Monday might stir non-co-operation (followed, quickly, by an understanding that soothes the bond). Romance, beauty and pleasure fill Tues./Wed. — better Wednesday than Tuesday. (“Mad love” possible!) You might enhance work and career benefits/efforts/results during this interval. (E.g., a part-time job might become full time.) Tackle chores Thurs./Fri. Dress, eat sensibly. Thursday’s difficult, Friday morning, too — but you end with praise from the boss or a good feeling. Saturday starts a weekend of splendid relationship success, or bright opportunities.


LIBRA:  Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

The accent continues on ambitions, prestige relations, and worldly status, Libra. This is a fairly easy, balanced week, so steadily pursue your goals. Communication will be important. Higher-ups favour you this week — but not next. You and another could be caught in the embrace of pure lust until Aug. 20 — if it’s legal, ethical, dive in! (I.e, nothing extramarital.) The same period can excite you about finances, debt, investments, research and/or a lifestyle change. Act bravely, but NOT impulsively. Surgery might occur. Your great good luck this “year” (May ’22 to May ’23) comes from relationships, contracts/agreements, public dealings, opportunities and possible relocation. (If you’re unhappily married, this can also spell separation.)

This luck is somehow tied into communication, short distance travel, and curiosity — these are highlighted Sun./Mon. (Lucky Sunday; possible deception or indecision Monday — which might be cured Monday night [PDT] by the aforementioned “lust.”) Lean toward home, family, property, security, garden and Mom Nature Tues./Wed. Hug the kids. You might make a fairly major decision. Love is stable. Romance calls Thurs./Fri. — but be careful, many slips and obstacles Thurs. into Friday morning. Late Friday night, “gentle” love might conquer all. Saturday starts a weekend of work, accomplishment and health improvement. Excellent interval to buy machinery, tools.


SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your wisest, understanding side continues to flower, Scorpio. Teachers, foreign-born people, lawyers, writers and thinkers, all or any will “co-operate” with you now. Profound communications are slated. However, until Aug. 20, others might oppose you in temperamental, impatient “explosions.” (You’ll see any such explosion building, as these are slow-to-anger types — which gives you a good chance to start being diplomatic.) The same period can offer an opportunity in work. (Actually, work opportunities will expand now to May, 2023 — a good time to buy major machinery/tools.) Intimacy, investment, research and medical procedures remain mildly fortunate.

Sunday/Monday emphasize $, income, buying/selling, and casual sex. Sunday daytime’s lucky, but Monday’s a bit romantically deceptive (Wednesday night, too, PDT). Communicate, travel, do paperwork Tues./Wed. Good progress. You might make a good, stable, long-term investment. Turn toward home, family Thurs./Fri. Thursday, and Friday morning, are fractious, obstacle-filled, but Friday night offers affection, sex, good financial ideas/impulses. Saturday starts a superb weekend of love, beauty, games, pleasure, charming kids.


SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent continues on the deeper forces of life, Sage: intuition, the subconscious, karma, medical and lifestyle decisions, major finances, lust and investigation. Dig deep for treasures. Others will tell “secrets” (or simply valuable information) if you ask. Peer relationships remain affectionate, could help make a wish come true. (This is separate from a fortunate, growing wave of romance, creativity and lucky risk-taking, that will hit the shores of your life sometime before June 2023.) Your chores/work are growing both more creative and more intense, demanding now to Aug. 20.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Sun./Mon. Sunday’s better, features something lucky in romantic, creative or sports zones. Monday (late) reminds you that everyone, everything, comes down to earth eventually. Chase $, buy/sell, memorize, or seek casual intimacy (i.e., sex without deep love) Tues./Wed. Good machine purchase or job performance. A friendship might stabilize, grow deeper. Travel, visits, paperwork, contacts, calls, emails (etc!) fill Thurs./Fri. However, obstacles exist, Thurs. and into Fri. morning, so go slow, double-check. Friday ends with sweet agreement. Saturday starts a domestic weekend — a great one, esp. if you’re handling water! (E.g., building a pool, redoing the plumbing, taking kids to the beach, etc.)


CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your last full week of significant relationships, Cap (although a strong romantic streak hovers around you until late August). (This streak can bring an intense attraction that ends in establishing a home, or it could break up a home.) Another is quite chatty, and might want to talk about a legal, travel, media or education idea, or about marrying. Be diplomatic, not challenging. Work mates are pleasant, gracious. As I’ve mentioned many times, great good fortune awaits you in real estate, food/shelter situations, and anything connected to the earth (e.g., agriculture, mining, forestry). This, until mid-May 2023.  You could find this luck in myriad ways: buying/selling property, establishing a home with one you love, buying a farm or running a food business, buying mining or lumber or toy or maternity or furniture stocks, etc.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sunday/Monday. Sunday’s good for spying (future?) opportunities in these food/shelter zones, but Monday brings indecision, or a reluctance to communicate with someone. Your energy and pizzazz leap skyward Tues./Wed. Use your charisma to attract others, rather than to push your own agenda. Chase $, buy/sell, memorize, embrace casual sensual intimacy Thurs./Fri. — be aware of glitches, obstacles Thurs. into Friday morning. Late Friday, everything works out. Saturday begins an active weekend with some significant visits, communications or paperwork — excellent time to buy a car or a plane ticket. A deep talk can win over a loved one.


AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It’s your last full week of chores and health concerns, Aquarius. These generally flow well. A talkative person might reveal a soft spot for you, or might open the door to financial or other secrets. Romance blossoms sweetly. Your home situation has been “significant” for a few years; now (to Aug. 20) it grows intense, perhaps argumentative. You’re almost ready to “go somewhere else” for your home. Wait, see what the autumn brings. The months ahead (to May, 2023) promote travel, learning, communications, new contacts and curiosity.

Happiness visits Sun./Mon. — more Sunday. A minor wish could come true. Friends, popularity, optimism and entertainment fill this interval — but be careful with money Mon. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan your future Tues./Wed. Be charitable, spiritual. Deal with head office or gov’t. Love might stabilize, reassuring you. Your energy and charisma rise Thurs./Fri. — use these to overcome the obstacles that arise Thursday into Friday morning (PDT). Saturday starts a hugely lucky, smooth weekend of $ dealing, shopping, selling, etc. You might become intimate with someone — not forever, though.


PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Twelve days remain, Pisces, of good luck in romance, creative binges, gambling or sports/games fun, beauty and pleasure — so don’t waste this week! (In truth, your “shining moment” will be Saturday and next Sunday, July 16/17 — but don’t wait until then.) Someone is very willing to talk love, even to travel for it/you. Your home and family remain peaceful, beautiful and affectionate. A new restlessness is coming over you, you want to travel, talk, get your two cents in, until Aug. 20. You might successfully travel for money or wages, or to see a desired item. As I’ve said many times, your money/income fortunes are high and strong until May 2023.

Your ambitions, parental role, career, and prestige relations are in focus Sun./Mon. Both days good, but Sunday daytime (PDT) is a bit better, esp. in career/$ terms. Popularity, social delights, optimism and flirtations fill Tues./Wed. Dive in, success/happiness awaits! Rest, recuperate, meditate and plan, contact spiritual or charitable orgs, and protect your daily health Thurs./Fri. Glitches and obstacles pepper Thursday, and Friday morning, but by Friday night you’ll find peace, family affection. Saturday starts a weekend of huge energy, charisma and effectiveness for you. Set your sights on a goal, and charge after it. Your success could surprise you!


No Afteramble this week. (I’m on holidays.)