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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Still in a wishes-come-true phase, Aries. You’re optimistic, popular, social, and flirtatious. Delays in your career, prestige area have ended, so push on this front now, while communication lines are open between you and higher-ups. Until May, you are favoured in (and to enter) management zones.

You’re full of energy Sunday, but without much result. This afternoon (PST) through Tuesday, your focus slowly, subtly switches to $, income, prices, possessions, rote learning and casual sex. Some very fortunate stuff here, perhaps a pay raise, a bargain when shopping, intimate squeezes — one glitch, you and a higher-up don’t share the same future goals (nor, perhaps, ideals).

Communications, trips, visits, contacts, errands, paperwork — these fill Wednesday to mid-afternoon Fri. Charge forth here, mostly good results. Don’t quarrel with a “hidden person.” Lean toward home and family Friday eve, Saturday. There’s comfort and relaxation here — but don’t get into a challenge Sat. night.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The general accent lies on your career, prestige relations, worldly standing, and ambition. Delays have ended in academic, international, legal, cultural and publishing/media zones — these interests will flow along smoothly and fortunately for 4 more weeks. If you’re in love, it might be time for a discussion — about the future if you’re single. Until May, wishes are coming true!

Rest, sleep in early Sunday. By mid-afternoon (PST) your energy and charisma rise — through Tues. This is a very fortunate interval, so push your agenda, see and be seen, start significant projects or relationships. Only glitch: don’t quit your job w/o good reason, nor defy a higher-up. The future you build Tuesday is better than the one you build Monday.

Chase money, buy stuff, hug someone warmly Wednesday to mid-afternoon Fri. A mixed interval, but your luck is good except in future-oriented, group, or “light love” situations. Do those errands, return those calls and sit down with that paperwork Friday pm through Sat. All’s well, if you don’t get into an “opinion challenge” with someone Saturday night.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The general accent lies on intellectual, international, cultural, legal, media and travel zones, Gemini — and on love. On the worth of love, of its meaning now, in your life, with — someone. Recent delays/indecision in “deep areas” end now, freeing you to invest, manipulate finances, research, investigate, make major life changes, and join with someone sexually. All these will remain fortunate for 4 more weeks. Investigate, then plan, then act.

You start Sunday with optimism and bright eyes, but by mid-afternoon (PST — evening in EST, late night in Europe) your energy softens, and quiet, contemplative solitude draws you, through Tuesday. This is a great interval for interfacing with head office, institutions, large corps, gov’t. — and for seeking advice, planning. Stay away from an Aquarian, and all legal things.

Your energy and pizzazz come bouncing back Wednesday to mid-afternoon Fri. (PST). (Act Wed./Thurs., not Fri.) Now legal, Aquarian, academic stuff “works.” Chase money, shop, Friday eve through Sat. Something lucky here — ask for a pay raise? But don’t invest, nor push too hard for intimacy.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The general focus lies on sex, secrets, research, financial actions, medical and lifestyle decisions — on commitments and consequences. (Not saying these are bad — in fact, if single, your mate search somehow involves this area. If attached, your partner is quietly drawing you — until March 2023 — into a financial or life-changing situation — e.g., pregnancy? A mortgage?)

A strong secondary emphasis lies on partnership, relocation, opportunities (esp. career-related and social-related doorways) and relationships in general (until early March). If single, you might talk about marriage for the 4 weeks ahead.

Early Sunday nudges you toward ambition, but no one wants to co-operate, to “join you.” This eve through Tuesday brings happiness — friends, popularity, optimism, light romance. Your luck’s high, and a cherished wish might come true. Tuesday’s a better day for your future than Monday.

Withdraw from the loud crowd Wednesday to mid-afternoon Friday. You’ll be content, but might feel a “divine discontent.” Rest, meditate, plan, contact big orgs, such as banks or gov’t. Your energy and charisma roar back (sort of — life maintains a mysterious patina, atmosphere) Friday eve, Saturday. Lucky stuff, Saturday morning (PST — late day in Europe) but avoid a challenge this night.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The general accent lies on relationships, Leo — and on “similar things” — relocation, environment, opportunities, public dealings. Last year and this one (and until March 2023) partners, prospective mates, opportunities, etc., seem slow to emerge from the cosmic depths. Two solutions: 1) chase a co-worker; and 2) start chatting up people at least 10 years your junior or senior.

Your work place is filled with affection, wisdom/ advice/ learning, optimism, plans, and chatter. The chatter will die down by mid-Feb., but the other trends will travel into March 5.

Sunday’s mellow, thoughtful, dreamy — then this afternoon through Tuesday, a more vibrant energy nudges you toward ambition, prestige relations, worldly status and career. Act alone; do not depend on co-operation before Tuesday. But do act — deep, wide good luck accompanies you!

Hopes, friends, flirts, wishes coming true — these bring happiness Wednesday to mid-afternoon Fri. Keep romance light — pushing for intimacy can backfire, esp. Wed. and Thurs. late nights. Withdraw to rest, contemplate, review and plan, Friday night, Saturday. Some good luck, good research or financial actions, esp. Sat. Morning (PST). Avoid a confrontation (or illegal temptation) Saturday night.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’re in a month of work, Virgo — until Feb. 18. So hunker down, get the job done, and eat/dress sensibly to protect your health. This is usually a good timer to buy tools or machinery, or to hire others or seek employment — however, there are not a lot of good days for this, so proceed cautiously.

A powerful secondary trend boosts your romantic fortunes (or your creative, pleasure-seeking, sports/games activities). This “boost” lasts through March 5, and could bring single Virgos a deep, significant love affair — which can easily turn to marriage or co-habitation by/before mid-May. Now to May also favours opportunities, relocation, public dealings and good practical partnerships. Remember this: others have the luck, so join rather than go it alone.

Early Sunday’s mysterious, tempting. But this afternoon though Tuesday brings a mellow, understanding mood, ideas, intellectual, legal, cultural and media involvements — a long trip might be sparked. Great good luck — except in work, machinery. Be ambitious Wednesday to mid-afternoon Fri. Good fortune in career, prestige relations, but work alone — a “partner” doesn’t quite understand. Friday night, Saturday, are for celebration, partying, friends, popularity, and optimism. You’ll be happy. (But don’t push for intimacy Sat. night.)

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general accent falls on romance, beauty, pleasure, charming/talented kids, creative and speculative action, sports and games. This is the main trend for two more weeks, Libra, but a secondary influence strongly affects you — a call toward home, family, nature, property ownership, security and blissful rest. This will last to March 5. Now, the  deep draw toward home might interfere with romance (et al) — even if only by limiting your time on the “meet market.” Work grows now to May, and you might buy a new(er) machine, car, tool set, etc.

Sunday’s for compromise, at least early. By afternoon, you enter two days (Mon./Tues.) of depths, of sexual temptations, financial manoeuvres, lifestyle changes and of medical procedures. Plunge into these, as your luck is quite high. (Tho’ not in romance nor creativity, so avoid these.)

A sweet, mellow and understanding mood steals over you Wednesday to mid-afternoon Fri. Again, good luck overwhelms any bad — good time to buy tickets, attend cultural venues, apply for college, or deal with legal, intellectual, love matters. Love is strong. Be ambitious Friday eve, Saturday — esp. Saturday before noon (PST — all day for Europe) when work and ambition aid each other.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 22

The main emphasis lies on your home, daily stuff, security, nature, nutrition, and rest, Scorpio. But a secondary, strong influence wants to keep you “on the move,” travelling or writing, calling. Co-workers, partners, researchers and sexy people are involved. Until May, your romantic prospects look great.

Chores early Sunday, then, this afternoon through Tuesday, relationships — and opportunities, and relocation, and public dealings — loom. This is a lucky interval, so charge ahead. The only thing that can interfere is home/family (or insecurity). Sex, lust, financial actions, lifestyle changes, medical procedures and research — these “call you” Wednesday to mi-afternoon Fri. Again, the auspices are mostly good, so march ahead.

A loving, mellow mood enters Friday eve, Saturday. Good time for international dealings or travel, publishing, law, academic stuff and culture-sampling. Best before 11:30 am Sat. (PST — 2:30 pm EST, 7:30 pm Greenwich, etc.)

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 23-Dec. 21

Your main focus, Sage, rests on errands, paperwork, contacts, trips and communications. But a strong secondary trend brings money, casual sex, and rote learning into prominence. Now to early March, you can make more $, collect from others, maybe have an intimate but easy, non-passionate affair. I’d concentrate on the money, because now to early May you face one of the most fortunate times to sell, buy, or rent a home.

Early Sunday is romantic, or nature’s beauty enthrals you. But this afternoon through Tuesday brings chores and mild health concerns. (OTC stuff.) You’ll get a lot done, as this is a splendid period — but not if you chatter or travel. Great time to buy a car, machinery, etc. (Tuesday better than Monday).

Relationships pop up Wednesday to mid-afternoon Friday. So do opportunities, public dealings and relocation ideas. A good, workable interval — be diplomatic, treasure others’ values. The deep and dark rises Friday eve, Saturday — sex, pregnancy, investments/debt, medical or lifestyle concerns. Some good (great?) luck here before noon Saturday PST (before 8 pm UK, 3 am Sunday in China, etc.). Think about real estate!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

For 12 more days, Cap, the emphasis remains on money, income, buying/selling, rote learning, and casual sex. Simultaneously (until March 5) you are radiating strength, assertiveness, impatience, executive qualities, love and romantic notions, affection, allure — and you’re talkative, with “big ideas.” Until May, you can communicate deeper feelings, your hidden self, to sympathetic people.

Sunday starts with sluggish peacefulness, but this afternoon through Tuesday sprinkles you with magic romantic dust and creative sparkles. Go, chase someone, or write or paint, create, play games. You’re on a 2-day winning streak. (Only glitch — don’t chase money, or it will “dissolve” the pleasurable stuff.)

Tackle chores Wednesday to mid-afternoon Friday. You’ll accomplish a fair pile! Protect your health: eat, dress sensibly. An “okay” period to buy machinery — not the best nor worst. Friday eve and Saturday bring relationships, exciting meetings, relocation themes and opportunities — all best before noon (PST) Sat. Be diplomatic — strictly avoid an argument Sat. night. (Sunday in Europe, Asia.)

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

The main spotlight falls on you, Aquarius. You’re at an annual peak, in energy, charisma, decisiveness, timing and effectiveness. So get out, see and be seen, start important projects, be a leader! Despite all the “personal presence,” your inner life is also active and significant. Your money picture continues to look very fortunate — if you have something big to sell, late Feb. and early March will be the best time.

Early Sunday’s busy with calls, talks, short trips. But you sink into relaxation this afternoon through Tuesday, as home, family and security embrace you — in fortunate ways. Good time to buy furniture, paint, redecorate, etc. — and to enhance your kids’ futures. (E.g., start a college fund.)

Romance calls Wednesday to mid-afternoon Fri. Creative juices flow, risk-taking calls, and beauty/pleasure surround you. All’s good — but avoid chasing money or being “mercenary.” Tackle chores Friday eve, Saturday. Eat, dress sensibly. One chore, Saturday morning (evening in Europe) can be a wee money fountain.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You remain a bit weary, Pisces, for 2 more weeks. Good time for management, dealing with the gov’t, seeking advice, seeking spirit. Despite this, February’s usual solitude (for you) seems a bit absent, as friends, social “do’s,” optimism, and working with a group in money or similar zones, keeps you hopping. A wish can come true. A friendly romance might start. When the Sun enters Pisces (Feb. 18) until March 5, our world might explode with good fortune!

Sunday’s for buying or selling, bank accounts. But this afternoon through Tuesday brings errands, calls, trips, paperwork, and curiosity. — Dive in, you’ll succeed (except in background, gov’t and spiritual areas, briefly). Home, family call you Wednesday to Friday afternoon. This is a good interval also, so dig into your garden, mother nature, nutrition ideas, security enhancements (motion lights?) — and get a good, full rest. Friday eve and Saturday bring romantic notions, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure. But side-step a belligerent individual, or a simple argument, Saturday night.



Remember when I told you — was it two years ago, or three years ago? — anyway, when Amazon was eating everyone’s lunch, wrote here that Dollar Tree and Dollarama, all those dollar stores would effectively compete with Amazon. Well today (Feb. 2) Dollarama stock hit a record high. (Amazon, like most high tech, is wilting a bit.)

Oh and another one — back when I said the NASDAQ would fall more strongly than the general market, because it was full of high tech — yep, it fell, 14% year to date? But the Toronto stock exchanges high tech index fell even more, a whopping 20%.

Remember when I said, “Facebook sucks?” (Months before it banned Trump and interfered in U.S. elections. They weren’t held accountable for this because the people they cheated for won.) Today (Feb. 3) Facebook (now “Meta”) stock fell 26%.
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So here’s my puzzle: even tho’ objects of different weight will still fall at the same speed, a hammer dropped in water will sink to the bottom, because iron is heavier than water. No question, heavier, that is DENSER, objects will always lie closer to the earth than less dense masses.

If that is so, and it seems to be so, then why is our breathing air a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc? Why isn’t our atmosphere layered, with the heaviest elements/gasses on the bottom, and the lighter ones unreachably high in the stratosphere? Why aren’t we drowning/gasping in a near-earth-surface atmosphere of say, pure oxygen, or pure nitrogen or pure carbon dioxide?

Is the addition of the sun’s energy and constantly evolving weather enough to keep everything stirred up in a breathable soup? Or does the answer lie in the chemical compounds, e.g., we don’t breathe pure carbon, but carbon dioxide, CO2. But why is H20 (water) a thousand times heavier than CO2, when hydrogen is far lighter than C or O?

If our air is 21% oxygen (actually 02) and oxygen is heavier than nitrogen, and we actually do not breathe a chemical compound of both, but each float separately into our lungs, why doesn’t oxygen exclusively fill the bottom, say, 10 miles of our atmosphere (remember the hammer in water) and why isn’t the whole earth burning after anyone lit a match, anywhere?