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Preamble:  Good Morning!

It’s February 6th, 2017 06:45 a.m. As I write this missive, it’s snowing in Vancouver.
I am excited, usually, at this time of year, we are under a deluge of rain. Not so today!  It’s snowing!
Being a native Montrealer, despite living my entire adulthood here, in Vancouver, BC since 1980.
I still refer to myself as a “Montrealer.” I guess you can leave the city, but you can’t get the city out of the woman. This is it. I leave you beautiful people, today. Giving you back to our dear,
Vancouver’s own ‘Sydney Omar.’ Astrologer, good friend, creative genius, Tim Stephens.

Before I do, Creative Souls, May I, once more get up on the ‘ye ole soapbox? Thanks, you don’t have an option, do you! O! The  AWESOME POWER! OOPS! Did I forget to tell you? Am I an inveterate control freak? Did I fail to mention:

1.) I have a SCORPIO Ascendant. With SATURN & MARS in SCORPIO, rising in the 1st house.
(Look, please, knock it off!  Stop, trembling, will you? It won’t hurt, much, I promise).
2.) I have a Moon in Sagittarius/ opposed by Jupiter in Gemini Retrograde from the 8th house.
3.) My SUN, AQUARIUS is with VENUS/ Cazimi Within 3′ of the heart of the Sun. My Sun/Cazimi Venus is in a separating squared by Saturn in Scorpio in the 1st house.
4.) My Mercury in AQUARIUS is Under the Sun’s Beams, squared by my Mars in the 1st house.
This is my Horoscope. In a nutshell.  Now you know. You to have my SOUL, in a bottle.
Magicians! All of you, astute, informed Readers of ASTRAL REFLECTIONS.

Be gentle, now, okay? I’m very sensitive. Some say, overly reactive. But in my defense (because, no one else will, LOL!).  I never attack first. But if attacked or someone, I love is, I swear, I will fight to the death. It is my code of honour.  (Remember, the scene from the Star Trek TV series? When Spock or Kirk have to fight the super-villain Klingon?)

My Primary Motivation is I need ’emotional security’. Hard to come by, let me tell you.
Basically, both men& women can not bear me! Is hate too strong? (Sun/ Venus, squared by Saturn & Mars/Mercury in square aspect.)  Remember, I own it.

I am confessing. Not trying to be self-concerned, overtly egotistical.Who, in their right mind, would want this karmic cluster***k? Personally, I do not like to be exposed. I am very private. Shy by nature. I prefer to be alone, be quiet. Mute, meditative with my beloved Angels, Bizous/ Principessa. Because they love me, right?

(Especially, when I occasionally feed them. Weird? Do you have to feed pets? Who knew?).
But for those of you, and believe me, there are a lot, who know their astrology well.
(WOW, Over the Top! Truly.) So you can see, Astrology has a lot of ‘moving parts. ‘It is very complicated. Not an easy study.  I want to give you something back. You have taught me more in these past three weeks, than a lifetime of study. Half a century of considered study, ever could! Since the age of 12. I am 63 now.

The order, I have given here, is instructive. When you are reading a ‘sun sign column’.
Read it in this order:
1.) Ascendant
2.) Moon, if female, the Sun, 3rd.
3.) Sun, 2nd if male, the Moon,3rd.
And for the ZES/ZERS: Ascendant, first.
Then, either or: Depending, on your preference.
Choose, according to which bathroom you prefer. Just sayin’.

Yes, innocent, creative, hugely intelligent, astrologically savvy, Tim has schooled you well. For the folks who are the community, the global village; Astral Reflections.
I, confess. Before I disappear into astrological obscurity. You, who took the time from your busy lives, loves, work. Working from caring for your children, your aging parents, your beloved pets. You who work hard every day. Some, well off, some poor, most in the middle. But one thing connecting all of us is you, that’s right. This community of Astral Reflections.You, the Audience. You have a very impressive knowledge of and sophistication, astrologically speaking.
Your facile nature regards looking at any issue. You embraced it. You never told me you were bored of my ‘soap box’ rant. Nope, you held fast to hear: Another astrologer’s view of what makes us tick through the lens of Astrology.

I want to ‘ Thank You.’ One and all for your support. Incredible.Great, teachable moments from each and everyone. Every single email text, phone call: Thank you; I tip my hat to you.
Readers, please, Take a bow, People of Astral Reflections Nation. I never have, in my entire study of Astrology learned so much as I have from you, The people.

But, before I get into the fluff, the cotton candy section, the sweet treat:  The Sun Sign column.

Hey! Here’s your chance. Quick! Pivot.Right Now. If I am boring you to tears. Take your leave. Quick. Split. Now, Skip to the Star Sign column.  No worries, hell I won’t take offense. I understand completely.

As one astute critic pointed out: ‘We’re”, the AR readers she meant, “we’re not interested in your political, clothing or food opinions. Just stick to the astrology column”.  Continuing with her rant, this lovely reader continued, pointing out facts. Statistical facts. OMG. Was this true? The alt. right has now, donned, the mantle of, TRUTH! OMG!  The reader continued to tell me:

“All you are qualified to do is the sun sign column. You are not a political scientist”. (Wow now, the alt.right wants professional opinions?) What strange universe did I just land in?
The reader, apparently offended by my comments, last week about, The Sexual Aberrant Pervert presently occupying the Oval.  (What me? Reactive? Come On; I am not.)
Then with unflinching certainty, this person said: “You will lose 1/2 your audience if you continue to denigrate the Prez”. Mind she did not use the same words I have here, that would be difficult for her. She was sort of like the O.O., POTUS. Monosyllabic.

I DIGRESS:  I won’t be offended. I am quite used to it. My older brother, an Aries/Leo Ascendant stares blankly at me (My Eyes Glaze Over), looks bored. And either pivots to his stuff Or if he has an audience when I am mid-sentence in one of my more passionate rants,(Yes, I’m worse in person, especially if you know me. Ask Barb, a long-suffering friend, who when I call, I am convinced, puts the phone on speaker, then goes and does whatever needs be done, returning at some point.

I know this because my Mother did this when I would start up on a call to her. She’d pretend she was listening. While in fact, she’d gone off to do whatever. It became clear, one day I was going on, I stopped, being a polite, civilized Soul, after all, it was supposed to be a conversation.

I paused,”Mum” I called out “Mum?!!!”. A few minutes later, she returned to the phone. Of course, I confronted her; she started to laugh… me too, actually, replying in her very attractive English accent, which seemingly never abandoned her, after 54 years in Canada “Oh Didi! You may as well be speaking Greek to me”.
Back to this idea. Permit me to escort you down a mindscape, let me compose this word song for you? May I paint this picture for you? For just a nanosecond in our Time/ Space continuum

A Montrealer to the core:
I have many fond memories of beautiful, soulful Montreal. Especially during the long dark winters. The piles of snow, snow banks as high as the sky. The ice, the skating. The arena smelled like french fries and licorice all at once.  The cold winter winds, coming home at 4:00 p.m. in the dark. Frozen feet, hands, nose after an afternoon playing ‘goalie’ for my older brother, Paul. He always put me in goal.

I was ’The Goalie,’ at five! His buddies who were nine were also very gifted hockey players, trust me. He used to say:”Didi, you are the Goalie.” “Why?” I remember asking. He would reply, “Because you have a smile like the sunrise.Huge! And so it is easy to shoot the puck at your head! Okay? ”. Older brothers, eh? Do not try this at home.

I guess I am nostalgic because of the snow. It’s my last hoorah, for Astral Reflections. For Tim’s sake, I hope so. Truth be told, I feel like Cinderella. At the stroke of midnight, February 18th, 2017, my carriage will disappear and turn back into a pumpkin. My four gorgeous coachmen, (who look a lot like the Chippendale male dancers you see at 29. At best friend’s stagette) turning back into my four furry rodent buddies. Little pink noses were wriggling in the cold night air.

At midnight, tonight, I find myself, standing, gazing down in shock as the beautiful ballgown made especially for me by my fairy godfather, Timeus, Astrologus Grandius, falls from my body to the ground. Once again, I am clad in dirty sooty rags, barefoot, having lost one of my golden glass slippers.  Such is Life, in the recesses of your childhood memories, and present day imaginings.

But for now, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to fill in for Tim. Not the easiest act to follow, believe me. Thanks, Tim I hope I have not lost half your couple of million readers, which would be a bummer, indeed.
To you gentle reader:

I pray your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future come to fruition.May your children thrive. May your work life be prosperous but not detract from your real life with those you love, your families. May your entertainments, fun and wondrous memories last well past their due date. May you all find true love, a Soul Mate, alto’ not perfect, a someone, you can love, who loves you right back. And with whom you have years of adventures with, who you can talk to, argue with, makeup with. I wish and hope all this and more for you, everyone single one of you.

If like me, Soul Mates come in the four-legged variety; with a lovely little black and white face. How lucky can a gal get? I have Soul Mate # 2 as well. Only because she is five months younger. By no means does this diminishes her stature in my pantheon of Great Loves. My beautiful, affectionate Principessa, a tuxedo cat,  truly a Magnificat!.

Speaking of Soul Mates, when I think about it, Valentine’s Day fast approaches (I will be posting stuff, Astrological, Tarot et al. on my Facebook page. Join me, if you feel inclined. I’d love to friend/ hear from you).

As I reflect on my life, love, specifically, I begin to recognize not only those I cherished deeply, but even those casual interactions, those fleeting intimacies, those friends whose names now escape me, but who I spent time, expressed emotions with, conversations with whom there was the flicker of Souls connecting. I begin to see it’s all the same message.

Love your mother, you brother, your son, your teacher, your husband/wife, child, your neighbour, your boss, your employee, your Postie (gotta get one in for the yea ‘ol Postman/girl/ze). Just love them as they are. Don’t try and change them, or yourself. Hang onto who you are. Love what is in front of you, right now, no, not in a carnal sense. If this is your thing, sure.
Love the essence of the ‘human being’ before you. A wondrous opportunity to see, look at, the beauty, the person, right there. How incredible is it? In this vast world of ours, you are having this moment, this nanosecond with me! Right now. Yeah Me!

I guess what I am saying is: Love thy neighbour as thyself. As an ancient saying from astrological texts says:
1.) Love thy self. As Plato’s Socrates said, “The Unexamined Life is not worth living.You need to understand the power, the force each one of us possesses.

2.) Love thy highborn as thyself: Because now that you are ‘living the examined life.’ You know you recognize, your neighbour is JUST LIKE YOU.  He/ She/ Ze wants a happy domestic scene, a healthy body/mind needs a partner, requires a job to earn an income to support the family. or Whatever shape, family, comes in. See yourself in everyone you meet when you consider this side of Life, humanity.

3.)Fear of God: Okay. (Now, She has lost it: You must be saying? But wait before you throw me into the recycle bin)  Listen here: Fear of God is not some construct of religion. Fear of God is the knowing, from the examined life, we have the capacity to hate, to seek revenge, to feel envy,  to covet the other’s person’s partner, to betray trust, to speak ill of someone, to be angry at everyone, spiteful, harsh, unkind, inhumane, watch others starve. We are capable, all of us of killing the Other. This my friend, is called ‘consciousness of the malefic nature within us, within the human being.’

Each of us gets up with the best of intentions, every day. You and I do not, wilfully, get up, go out, and harm or hurt another person.We are enlightened creatures.We are conscious.The fragility of our humanness binds us. Yes, conscious of the ‘Wrathful God’ within necessarily holds us from the wrong action. We, each know as humans, we are culpable/capable of, really hurting/ killing another person. It is this knowing which enlightens us.To behave better and not indulge in wrong actions.

As the Old Testament says of God. He can smite thee, kill, plunder, flood, rape, bring on the locusts, defame, shame, bring low, starve, humiliate another. Steal from one another. We are capable of genocide. Not only in WW II, Vietnam, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Ukraine were crimes against humanity happens /happened, as I write this note. Complete races of people wiped from the face of the earth. Documented/recorded throughout human his/herstory.

Read the mythic tale: The Trojan Women by Euripides (yŏŏrĬp´Ĭdēz), 480 or 485–406 BC, an entire city-state is decimated, brought low. Women once noble, enslaved for the remainder of their lives after witnessing, Greeks throwing their male children from the highest walls surrounding Troy. It was a myth you say. Or was it?

Read the play. You too will say: We’re in a Loop. We are repeating it/ Life; loving, hating, giving birth, killing, making love, eating, starving, drinking, being pious, being debauched, being human, over and over again.

Look at what happened in Aleppo, Syria. recently As fellow humans, it is OUR KARMIC responsibility to DO SOMETHING. No matter where, no matter how far you think shit is distanced from you. Not my problem, you say, no hit, no foul. But it is happening to me and you.
These horror stories, real as can be,  to our fellow human beings. Our brothers, sisters, our families, our mothers, fathers, OUR children. If it does not concern you, or you’re ‘bored’ by ‘bad news’. Your, my actions, reactions, thoughts, ideas, speech make it, our reality. How do we fix it? Remember the 3 rules given to us by people just like us, trying to be conscious:  Know thyself, love thy neighbour as thyself and fear of God.  Let’s try it. Listen, for a nanosecond.

To be, Our Better Angels.

Aries.svg     ARIES March 21 – April 19
TAROT CARD VI OF PENTACLES: A nobleman, a person of means tosses coins into the outstretched hands of two impoverished souls.  Looking up to him, the noble looking down at them seated on the ground. The image creates a visual message. A triangle.

Triangles considered the strongest shape in nature is rivalled by the circle because of it’s innate, inner strength. This is significant. Relationships, giving money to an impoverished person, receiving money, food, shelter from charity or a philanthropist, as we see here, suggests, as all the sixes do there is a decision to be made between the profound and the profane.

This card infers charity, a well-heeled philanthropist is doling out a measured amount of sustenance. In the nobleman’s left hand, the scales of Justice. The intention, good. Balance is sought. Charity, or more importantly the relationship of give and take but with, limits. Offer only what is appropriate. No more more less, stay within the bounds of what, as a gentle-person, you can afford, and no more.

Sunday to Monday noon: Continues with change, flux, ebb/flow in connections to skills, your talents, your abilities to start projects. Get it set up. But let’s face it, Aries you do have an awfully short attention span. Usually Aries, you require a fixed sign: Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus to maintain the mojo.  Or a mutable, preferably a Sagittarius to keep the fires of inspiration, glowing. You’re just not into her/ ze/ him or the project, after the initial ‘newness’, excitement wears off.

Like a puppy, interested in their ball for a bit, seeing a butterfly, better yet, a squirrel, runs off in another direction. With Pluto in your all important career sector until 2023, a long, long  way down the road, you’ve seen your whole career path, Poof!

Forever, changed, transformed since 2008. For you, boomers, still in the warp and woof of career, bosses, powerful people, your reputation, public persona. Now, you have become the ‘top dog’. This suits you just fine. Your Primary Motivation, after all, Aries is for fame, recognition, power, influence.

Older workers, boomers, gen Xer’s looking towards retirement. Don’t do it.Think what the word ‘retirement’ means:  From Middle French, ‘retraite’ meaning to pull back, abandon, leave.
The result is a seclusion from the World. Loneliness, by removing yourself from an activity you have passionately pursued lo’ these past, what 20, 30 odd years? I don’t think so, not Aries.

Unless you have a solid retirement plan. You will be bored to tears. Look Aries, you  thrive when busy, pushed, required to produce ’perfection’. And under pressure, coal turns to diamond.

The Sun, your exalted ruler, leaves Aquarius, leaving behind the solar house of social liaisons, associates from work, your favorite sports groups, friends. The Sun, on February 18, begins a 4 week sojourn through the house of self-undoing, large corporations, prisons, hospitals, charities, large animals; horses, tigers, bears, Oh my!

Prepare to have an authority, a person with power attempt to square off with you. What’s it all about? Warring philosophical tenets,likely. March 15 until the Sun returns to homebase, March 19 2017. Which is of course is the 1st day of Spring.
Naturally, the day you bounce from any binds holding your feet to the fire re; legal matters, charities, foreigners, hidden matters. Rising, as you do, every Spring, filled with bright ideas, plans galore and too $$$$ in your pocket.

Tuesday/Wednesday, Happy Valentine’s Day, Aries! I hope you brought your honey something home for VDay. I HOPE you play some, Lady Gaga for interesting Aries bedroom frolics!

Do it to avoid unnecessary flare ups, be sure to bring a gift stupid, not the frolics. Or arguments, disappointments on the part of your spouse, ensue. Even if only a romantic story, a memory of the two of you, back in the day.

With Moon in Libra for the next 2 1/2 days expect activity to be rife, filled with enthusiasm, ‘court & spark’. Hence my admonition. Make Valentine’s special for your better half. It’s the old ‘scratch my back’ idea. And today, you might just get your back scratched! Happy? Good!

Wednesday, with the opposition of Moon/Jupiter to Uranus in Aries, what did you do to upset these two gentle, diplomatic planets, now incarnate as your family?  How did you manage to upset what is universally known as “ great peacefully abundant vibes” kind of day? Essentially, pissing off your marital partner, your business collaborator or your BFF. Advice? Apologize, right now, immediately. Profusely!

Thursday/ Friday sees money matters connected with mortgages, loans or cash, personal assets of your other half. Your comrade in business or a contract undergo a nebulous, foggy, unclear, worrisome interference as yet to be revealed instigator.

Friday, an extremely powerful force from career, it might be an affluent business person comes to your financial rescue. All is well, as a result.

Saturday, from distant shores, the ‘sirens call’ beckons. Strap yourself to the ‘mast’ of your ship, Aries. Put beeswax in the ears of those around you, in an attempt to avoid any mystification, seducement entering your plans. Sideswiping your plans with foreign business contacts, publishers, people or legal matters, spiritual leanings.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS April 20 – May 20
TAROT CARD IV OF CUPS: “What’s the use of sitting alone in your room? “Come join the Cabaret”. Not quite as dire, yet, as Berlin, circa 1931. I understand why people are feeling depressed, oppressed by the present situation in the World brought on by none other than, O.O. himself, (the Orange Orangutan, code name for the flea-brain occupying the Oval office. I can’t even say his name!). The card depicts a sullen individual with worries aplenty.

But he/ she/ ze neglects to look, as a hand mysteriously appears out of nowhere bearing gifts, another Cup. Cups represent our emotional state. Depression,  is not to be sneezed at. Realise to there is a silver lining to even the most difficult of situations. Recognize yours.

Sunday/ Monday, children, speculative investments, your property value, an inheritance, a familial money situation is rife with details, splitting at the seams with the minutiae you need to be completely aux faits with & up to speed on, all of it.

These themes swirl, undulate, dancing through the machinations, the complexities our lives so frequently get caught up in. A powerful legal aspect is brought to light. A person or issue of great transformative import gets involved.

Tuesday/ Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s Day, Taurus! You ‘ol smoothy, you. Ever the romantic, someone has arranged a wonderful surprise for you. Involved are those who offer services to you.  Your masseuse, your manicurist, hairdresser. Your barber, your golf pro. Any of these luxuries are being offered up. By a secret admirer? Or your partner of many years, is sneaking about so as to elevate the playfulness of this (entirely fabricated for commercial reasons) celebration.

Wednesday in the a.m. an eruption, a volatile disruption, takes you by storm. Your normally peaceful routine, your daily rounds are thrown into disarray. Even your benevolent doctor, or professional charming, well educated is ruffled by this turn of events.

Thursday/Friday your partner’s needs, practical concerns dominate. Taking you away from matters, only yesterday seemed insurmountable. An alluring personality or cause has been around for quite sometime now dances through your solar house of friends, social groups, pulling you et al, as though mesmerized by it.
Friday, arguments, disagreements, involve a business partner or mate are directed to your employer. And so, the gossip mills at work go into high gear. Yikes.

Saturday, enjoy your friends, large groups, associates from your public life, their empathetic musings help you tremendously. Money matters connected to your partner, your business collaborator or a potential deal are all highlighted today.

Gemini.svg    GEMINI May 21 – June 20
TAROT CARD ARCANUM  I THE MAGICIAN: Ruling over all the Aces in the Tarot deck, our shape shifting wizard utilizes all the tools in his box. Not afraid to leap deftly into action, in order to manifest his creative quest.

He will mesmerize you, hypnotise your pets, make your mother swoon! And bedazzle your BFF. His agenda is to bring that which is above to us here, below.

In a word, this gentleman/ woman/ ze is a going concern. You can  rely on the Magus to pull the proverbial rabbit  out of his hat. Gemini, this is what we are all waiting for, so hurry up! Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo!  Hold your power, make it come through. Manifest to your hearts content. We ready to applaud and laud you, if necessary.

Sunday/ Monday,  Mercury,  your ruler,  remains in your solar house of spiritual pursuits, higher learning, legal matters, publishers, astrology, meditation to February 26 2017. After this date, once Mercury transits into your solar house of career, profession, reputation.

Get ready to rumble, albeit with a wet noodle. Neptune fogs thing up to the point by the time the s**t hits the fan, you will not have a clue who to swing the noodle at! And by February’s close, you see a profound impact, as slippery, gaseous Neptune likes to produces.

Years already clouding up professional concerns, relations with authority figures, putting your reputation in a slip knot.

You attempt to stay warm, protected from the chilly damp wind of Neptune’s fog. Now in combo with the Sun this will produce dire, unclear directives leaving you on unsure footing. Look to the boss who is as clear as mud. Yipee! it’s up to you to sort out the dang office equipment too? Yikes.

Tuesday/ Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s Day Gemini! Actually this could be quite the romantic moment for you. With the Moon/ Jupiter combo serenading in your house of romance, courtship, flirting and dance. And since the conversation between your solar house of romance and foreign travel is hot to trot. Are there plans for a foreign trip with a new love interest you have met online?

Thursday/ Friday look to your skills, routines like car maintenance, dental appointments which creates costs/ unforeseen expenses. Not to mention placing your wallet on the  ‘depleted notification’  roaster.

Friday, an uptick, yet slow moving train, derailment is in play. Should, your partner prove sloppy, not careful in their money transactions, the spending department or with their finances. Restraint, or a per diem is in store for your partner,

Saturday, the action begins with your BFF, your partner, business collaborators. Your social scene is involved. Hopes, dreams and wishes for the future, collide.

Cancer.svg    CANCER June 21 – July 22
TAROT CARD II OF CUPS: Two lovers stand in front of one another. Hands clasped, staring lovingly at one another. The man reaches for the woman’s golden chalice. These chalices hold their future. And things look bright. Love comes in many shapes and sizes. All forms of love are transforming. Romantic love, is held in high esteem in the West. But long sustaining love holds great merit. This card is saying; Go for Love. L’amour toujours.

SUNDAY/ MONDAY Your ruler, the Moon continues her sojourn through the solar house of errands, cruising the hood. Look to siblings, especially a younger one, for help. Their meticulous eye for detail will prove helpful with a contract, or deal. You desperately want your partner, business or marital to sign this contract.
Monday, the upcoming 2 1/2 days begins a burst of activity with family, home, ancestors. The ebb and flow, flux. Change is key. Get‘er done. Be it helping your father, with family relations of a paternal nature or with him. Real estate, home all this and more are of great import.

N.B. Regarding career until 4 March 2017 deal with an extremely aggressive woman. She, to put it politely is NO picnic. Unfortunately, management, authorities have enlisted this aggressive woman, and her tactics. Bear with it, no matter how abrasive.
Over the next 30 days look to her ‘as a passing burden’ one must bear. Her whip is cut short from 4 MARCH to 14 APRIL 2017. Take solace, gentle Cancer.

Tuesday/ Wednesday Happy Valentine’s day, Cancer! Your exalted ruler, Jupiter, in the solar house of home, family since September 2016 for 12 months suits you. Augers major well-being, benefit for: family, real estate, father/his ancestors, end of life issues. With both rulers, Moon and Jupiter, the emphasis will involve change, adjustment to it.

With JUPITER retrograde on 7 FEBRUARY 2017 TO 10 JUNE 2017 utilize this motion to reinvent, redo, reassess all the above matters.
On December 23, 2016 Jupiter met in opposition , Uranus. Now in retrograde motion, REVISITS  the disrupting influence of Uranus in Aries, 5 MARCH – 24 MARCH 2017. What happened in December. Think! You will revisit all of this and more. Chin up Cancer, you can handle it.

Thursday/ Friday sees you solar house of entertainments, creative intelligence soar. Watch as the fires of love, hot romance burn, sizzle over these 2 1/2 days. Burn Baby Burn!

Saturday, the energy shifts, over the next 2 1/2 days attend to chores, pets. Have a massage to give your endocrine system a boost.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO July 23 – August 22
TAROT CARD II OF WANDS: The nobleman gazes over the tracts of land, he owns. Looking seaward, his vessels full of bounty. His lands, filled with prosperity, abundance. Happy are his artisans, his workers, his wife, his children, his employees. All cherish and love this man.

He has created such blessings in his their lives. Funny thing about our nobleman. He doesn’t brag about his net worth. If you ask, he will help you. If struggling, he will carry your burden. If you are ill, he’ll provide health care. If you wish to ‘thank him’ a simple ‘thanks’ works just fine.
LEO, you have just hit the plus side of the Karmic ledger. CONGRATS, LEO!

Sunday/Monday finances are stirred, change regarding your partner, a best friend or a business associate. Means: Your pocket book takes a hit. No worries with your light, your heart, your goodwill, it will come back 10 fold.

Monday, until 26 FEBRUARY 2017, your partners are all chatty, quoting the latest in scientific research, tech, space rockets, Mars shot boosters. You get my drift. They are over the Moon with new innovations/ discoveries. Look intrigued, when it’s explained to you.

You’ll hear a chorus singing like ‘Tweetie Bird’, ’where is dat darned ’puddertat’!’  In fact you are somewhat MIA. Your feline sentiments/ habits of self cleaning, meticulous hair, polished presentation is at an all time high. Navigating Pluto, the Dark Lord of transformative reinvention, change of a the permanent kind, has you looking for a ‘new look’.

Hey! Maybe the O.O.( Orange Orangutan, aka POTUS) will have new hair plugs attached ’cause the hair loss from pulling his hair out must be leaving a trail of wilted orange hair all over the Oval. What a mess, eh? He’s a Leo Ascendant. OMG. What a sad thing to have any kind of affiliation!

Tuesday/ Wednesday Happy Valentine’s Day, Leo! Over the next 2 days you’re abuzz, busy, busy w/errands, love messages pour in from your adoring fan base. Take a trip throughout the locale, the hood, younger siblings are calling.
Show the LOVE, Leo! With the MOON causing the ruckus, in the solar house of neighbors, calls, texts, paperwork, bill payment. And short trips by foot, less than 3 to 4 days, leaves you wondering if you will ever get there. Hitch hike, get a Yak, the Himalayan bovine, if walking bores you!

Thursday/ Friday look out the Moon stirring up the home. Family members are feisty, more so than usual. Taken in the drama, you love a good detective story. You’ll need all your inner detective skills to decipher these cryptic messages/ long drawn out silences.
Use the quietude to contemplate your navel, oops, their navel. Friday before noon: Avoid a dust up with the Missus/ Mister/ Zers. it isn’t you, honest, the better half is, MOODY.

Saturday, children, frosty as of late. Lighten up. Listen to their ideas, even if some of the chatter is super annoying. Do they remind you of  your partner? Well, now you have a mini-me version of your mate. Success, Leo you are filled with abundant humour. Now is the time to use it.

Virgo.svg    VIRGO August 23 – September 22
TAROT CARD ARCANUM XII HANGED MAN:The image of a man upside down is a little off putting.  But this is a yogic posture, used to stimulate the brain, sending blood to it. Not a CIA or FSB dark site. Enlightenment is the goal. Of course it’s painful. How else do you progress in Life, without a little pain?

Acceptance is key. Use your mental gifts to silence the “wild hound’ that is your untrained mind. Like a dog, teach your it, your mind to ‘sit and stay’. Life is much easier, this way.

Sunday/Monday Virgo you remain on good footing despite feeling turned around. You’re being hit with a projection by a partner. The next 2 1/2 days enjoy the ebb/flow of your peculiar genius, wit, skill and talent.
To 10 MAY 2017 you are cookin’ on all burners, your pistons are so fired up, hot with innovation, high tech expertise.You’re blowing the competition out of the water.

Tuesday/Wednesday, Happy Valentine’s Day, Virgo! With the Moon for the next 21/2 days in your solar house of finances, personal assets, cash, designer clothes, shoes, purses, running shoes, fine wool suits. You’re inclined to increase this area of life, especially with Jupiter in the house adding more, more and then you say’ more please’. Voila, MORE appears. Geez what petition to the Gods of Abundance did you use?

Thursday/ Friday,  your messages, IM, twitter, GMail, texts are blowing up! A neighbor, a person offering you a service gets into it. Heated words are exchanged.  Don’t get involved. My money’s on the service person, your mechanic, your lawyer or a medical person. All very bright, talented people.  But the person living close by has a bone to pick .They are looking for ‘emotional reaction’. Fighting for the lonely person, means interaction,relationship, Filling the void of spending too much time, alone.

Saturday, home, family, ancestors, your father, real estate are lit up like a Roman candle. Don’t allow your partner’s reckless spending to play havoc on your place of tranquility. Your home. The philosophy of Zen helps stay cool. And too do not give out anymore cash to BFF’s, partners until they have paid you back!

Libra.svg    LIBRA September 23 – October 22
TAROT CARD VII OF PENTACLES: Looking at a tree filled with coins. There has been a boon for you. What fun! Why are you complaining? Things are about to unfold for you. You keep raging against the Universe. Hey, friend, guess what? It takes time for the process to to unfold.The problem lies with those who pretend to know the future. You are not living in the NOW. Wake up. Keep working your discipline. In 7 days, weeks or months you will be counting your pentacles. And it will add up to more than 7. Trust me.

Sunday/ Monday: Lay low, relax.Let problems just pour away. It will be okay. Right? Be Positive. I know. When you’re the only person on earth without a partner. It’s tough. But not insurmountable. Just stop obsessing. You’ll see. It’s there, that’s right. Love awaits you! You must open up. Use your heart chakra. Cast a prayer, heavenward. The Big Guy/Gal/ Ze in the sky. Yup, They heard ya’.

Tuesday/ Wednesday Happy Valentine’s Day, Libra! Over the next 2 1/2 days, it is completely appropriate the Moon sits with you in your solar house of skill, talent, wit (‘wit’ to wit; to see your inherent talents, skills, your peculiar genius: Wit found in the slur, ‘Witch’. Think about it ladies: If you threatened the powers that be, what would be one way to defame you?) Watch out as your energy rises to new heights. Go Libra Go!

You are the quintessential sign of love, partners, lovers, being with that special person. If this is not in the ‘cards’, treat the person, who is in your life with the same love, attention. Get used to giving out the Love in your heart. You’ll be amazed how much your point of view just changes.
Make the most of what, who you’re with right NOW. Wednesday, look out for a low brow women trying to lure you into a fight, upset your balance. Your sense of aesthetic.

Thursday/ Friday your personal assets are in flux, ebb/flow. See your creative efforts as worthwhile, but they shouldn’t deplete you entirely. Nor should your eldest child be leaning on you too heavily.  Of course if they are minors, they need things. Older adult kids need to make it on their own. Life can be tough. But the struggle makes that steak taste, Oh So Good! Do not argue over cash with a child. Do spend it on your own entertainments. You’re worth it.

Saturday you texts are off the wall, calls, errands are piling up. Neighbours, short trips, communications of all shapes/ sizes come roaring in. Take them one at a time. You’re up late fielding call, requests from those in your locale.

Scorpio.svg    SCORPIO October 23 – November 21
TAROT CARD THE PAGE OF WANDS; Messages over the next day, week, month are coming fast,.. Wands move at the speed of Star Light! Get ready to respond to a business offer. Money? Yes of course it’s in the deal. Go on, spice up your life. Say, repeat after me: Yes!
Sunday/Monday, friends, social groups, associates from your profession are keen to connect. By May 2017 you find your eldest child, who’s been ‘out of sight’/ disappeared, vanished into his/her/ze’s own life, returns. They express their love, need and confidence in your subtle yet firm counsel.

The communication with children has experienced a chill, a cold foggy cloud cast doubt on your role in their lives! The cause: Nebulous circumstances. Worry Not! It will all be okay.

Tuesday/Wednesday,Happy Valentine’s Day, Scorpio! Rest, relax. Have a spa day, just take it easy. I know, if single, you want to curl up in a ball under the sheets, longing for a mate.Right, well do that, sure. Soon something ‘good’ comes a knockin’. You’re an attractive catch. You’ve had a rough, nebulous unclear few years. And yes, the romantic person you pinned your hopes on,  thought was Mr./Miss/ Zer. Right.
Now you find, it ain’t what you thought. Look at the wisdom you have gained. ‘With all thy getting, get thee Wisdom” King Solomon said. And that dude knew how the cows eat cabbage.

Thursday/ Friday, you bounce back from fatigue, ennui, ready to tackle your next adventure. Not matter how churned up, stirred the next 2 1/2 days becomes, remain poised, elegant, sophisticated. Don’t be sucker punched again. A great, good circumstance hangs in the wings, hidden from your view.

Remember when an incident in your solar house of people who offered/ need to serve you. But gave some pretty crummy, shoddy workmanship? Well, the day approaches.Your complaints hit a home run. Go Scorpio, Go. YUP you’re on a role.

Saturday, If money is still an issue?  Look to remedies up to and including returning to refresh your skill set. No harm in taking courses to improve your viability in the workforce.

Sagittarius.svg    SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21
TAROT CARD VI OF WANDS: Entering your home turf on a beautiful white steed. The horse of course, wears a cape of green. Success is pretty much in the saddlebag. Naturally, having paid your dues. It’s about time. From your vantage point, success looks pretty darned good. Cape, stallion, cheering crowd. Need I say more?

Sunday/ Monday, you career, public persona, professional reputation soars. Churned, stirred but not shaken. You have been through the fires of hell. And now you bounce back. Similar to the Wheel of Fortune, your luck, tides of change bring better news.
By October 2017 you’re clear. Just remember what you learned, how you have ‘grown down’: Soul’s Code: James Hillman. If you haven’t read it already, do so. It will speak to your, well, Soul.

Tuesday/ Wednesday, Happy Valentine’s Day, Sagittarius! Parties, social events, friends, large get-togethers are the order of the day. Share this uber romantic albeit commercial moment with the ones, you love. No point in hiding, staying alone. You impulse, instincts are solid, my dear Centaur/ Human.. Go and rock, your hooves off.

Thursday/Friday time to just relax, chill out. Do not engage in public events. Keep to yourself. Dig deep into your private side. Do not let anyone pry, do not reveal, your secret.
Enjoy the mystery, the quietude. Listen. Hear that? It’s peace. By 18 February 2017, your home becomes a real hive of activity. What’s with all the glamour? Nebulous as it is, it sure looks cool.

Real estate, ancestors, money comes into the interesting mix.

Saturday, time to get going. You are hot, on fire, filled to the brim, with renewed energy. People notice, there is something in the way you present yourself. Great ideas, innovative additions only improve your home, add value. Look at it as an investment that will not go wrong. For sure this one, is in the bag.

Capricorn.svg    CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
TAROT CARD V OF WANDS: You presently feel ‘as if’ you are struggling, not with any specific issue. More akin, to the general struggles of Life?

For instance, if you are a student, perhaps, nervous about getting a summer job? Or if you’re a Boomer, struggling with retiring, (Advice: Don’t. You will be bored to tears, unless you have a solid retirement strategy.)  At hand, we see, an image of young people play fighting. Readying themselves for the real ‘battles’ Life presents.  Keep going,Capricorn, within 5 hours, days, weeks. You prevail.

Sunday/Monday, you find interest, relief from the powerful transit you are presently living through by rushing asap into either philosophical pursuits. Or looking into a foreign country, for travel or simply, to study the culture.
This exercise will calm down any jitters, anxiety. Please see: N.B below, Capricorn: Re: Pluto at the bottom of this star sign. Today, you feel the energy of Pluto in your solar house of physical well being, primary motivation and profession.

Stressors from a family argument need to be squelched. It does not serve you to be aggressive, not matter what. Do not explode, be marshall, terse with parents, especially your father.
You could really piss off important familial harmony by acting in a belligerent fashion to 3 March 2017. You may think it’s a good idea to be a martial/forceful. It’s not. Remembering you attract more bees with honey, than s**t. And too show a little humility, not condescension.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s Day, Capricorn! A public display of affection, love, l’amour may not be your cup of tea.  I think you had better get ready. Today’s Love Fest, happens in your solar house of the public, profession, reputation, authorities, professional persona.

And how you react, will be of great significance. To your family, for your own self-image. And while there is certainly a ‘glamour’ surrounding your existence vis a vis your locale, neighbours, errands. Perhaps, more importantly,  with Valentine’s brewing, a fog drifting in from ‘yonder sea, Matey’. Be extremely specific in all communications. The tendency to not respond or be vague, does not serve you.
Thursday/ Friday: Let loose with buddies from work/school. Attend social gatherings. Join a demonstration against the Machine,  O.O., the fool in the Oval.

A social cause is just the activity required to pull you from a sense of ’Entitlement’. Meet the people. See, hear their cries, their fears, concerns. It will be instructive. Friday a.m. to Noon, a growing matter with an associate from work, bureaucrats/government workers:  Perhaps a student loan matter, or your CPP, some issue comes to you directly. If friends, cool. If it is more pressing you need to attend to it. Do not procrastinate. Again this will not serve you well.

Saturday: Over the next 2 1/2 days, kick back, relax, let your hair down. Sleep, eat, pig out if necessary. Come Monday you are back in tip top shape. Take on the World. Good Luck!
N.B. Here, I hope you find this instructive. As I did when I went through the same transits, years back.

Namely, the Dark Lord, Pluto, since November, 2008 to 2023, transits through the MOST important house of your Solar chart. The only house in your horoscope which speaks about you. It is the most important part of your Horoscope.
Once Pluto is finished with his transit of your 1st house, you will be a very different person. It is as close to giving birth as you can get, without having to do it.
In the truest sense, you’re going through the Alchemical transformation of Soul. In Tarot, the Higher Arcana, the unbound book of Wisdom, the 22 card you don’t find in your regular playing deck, speaks directly to this topic.

Advice: Go to your nearest occult, New Age bookstore. Buy a deck of the classical Waite Ryder, Tarot. When home, spread out the 22 Higher Arcana cards. You will observe from O The Fool to XXI The World, you cannot miss these cards, they are entirely unique to any other playing cards you’ve seen before.  In spreading out each card; O through XXI, so 22 cards total. A visual depiction of the Soul’s’ journey through the material plane, and then some. It will be instructive.

Use this tool to comprehend what is going on with you. It is not an easy transit, Pluto. Actually very humbling. But once through it, like most obstacles in Life, you will have grown, flourished, lost, gained, loved, been loved, lost love, recaptured a sense of what in heaven’s name is happening. See if you can’t put a card to the state you are presently in.

Aquarius.svg    AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

TAROT CARD THE PAGE OF CUPS: A SURPRISE! WOW! What could it be? Well. Expect the unexpected! An invitation, a post, a call. Could  it be a text? I have absolutely no idea.You’ll be happily flattered Aquarius.

These kind of invitations do not appear every day. So come on, retiring,  shy, scientific Nerdie You. Drop the pocket protector, ditch the orthotics. Get out your dancing slippers, NOW! No time to waste. Man are you ever stubborn.  Look get the ‘roadkill’ off the back of your head. That ‘do’ was in fashion during Thatcher’s tyranny.  What’s with the ‘do’ anyway? Fix it, right now.
Your little small Saturnine heart must be racing right about, Now, eh? Well my guess, don’t quote me, but something you wrote, said or commented on has ‘hit’ a homer. It is, involved with your, O? Okay. Umm, Sorry, the Spirits say: Let him/her/ze wait and see! A girl’s gotta follow orders right? Sorry.

Sunday/Monday: Your ruler, Saturn sticks around until October, 2017. You, I suspect will be relieved to see the ‘ol Boy move on, out from your house of buddies, groups, social movements.
By 26 FEBRUARY, 2017, Mercury presently in your solar 1st house, glides like the 60’ rocker, T.Rex on ‘Slider/ Electric Warrior’ out of your influence and into PISCES.  For now, it’s your baby. And matters connected to loans, mortgages, the significant other’s cash, liquidity, assets dominate for the next 21/2 days.

Tuesday/ Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s Day, AQUARIUS! Interesting VDay for you, foreigners, publishing, legal matters, foreign travel are stirred not shaken. An analytical approach is always preferred. Wouldn’t you agree.

Your locale with Firebrand Venus & the Galactic Gunslinger, Mars, in the zone of trips in your locale, your hood. Messages, call, smoke signals, Morse codes are fast. And I dare I say, do I ever lie? Never. FURIOUS.
With Venus in the zodiacal shape, she is in: To 3 MARCH 2017. Watch it! You are on thin ice. And O! Hooray! Venus retrogrades, with plans on retracing everything she hit, to date.
With regard, neighbour’s, siblings, every single, cotton pickin’ issue, presently confronted with. gets rehashed, The things you’re grappling by/with, now. Her first run around. Just wonderful (Sarcasm intended): No, not happy about this, are we?

Errands, missive, letters, complaints, commentaries will not be civil. Check all correspondences very carefully. Look over any contracts with a fine tooth comb. If not, things WILL come back to likely bite you, Aquarius, in the derriere. Brace yourself for Impact. Deep Impact.
Thursday/ Friday: Reputation, public persona, professional concerns, bosses are up for grabs. Under this lunation for the next 21/2 days. Be observant. Think. Be brave, courageous but not gullible, naive.

Friday, behind the scenes, unbeknownst to you, your public persona could take a hit, today. Isn’t it always the way, just when you thought you were in the red. It maybe a long weekend of stress, with the depositor of the Moon, in rulership, whatever, has fired up your boss, your public person, hits your locale, correspondences likely turns a professional situation, into a ‘fight’: Advice: Try to smooth things over. If this fails, call me. I will be in the boat next to you “sans” paddle too.

Saturday: Okay now with the Moon in your solar house of: friends, associates from work, your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future. It might not be as bad as first thought!
The harmonious relationship to this, the house of the ‘Good Daemon’ and your ‘fired up’ solar house of issues mentioned in the TUES/WED’s. Paragraph, make more sense, now don’t they?


Pisces.svg    PISCES February 19 – March 20

TAROT CARD X OF SWORDS: Look, no way to sugar coat this card’s  meaning. Considered one of the 13 “Bardo” cards, things look dire. And, no I am not talking about Bridget Bardot. Notice the “T”on the end of her last name?  Not even close. No cigar. Do Not Pass Go! Ideas, concepts have become obscured. Now laid flat with worry, ask: “What do I do now?”.
Simple answer, suck it up, take the hit like a MAN. Do not sniffle. You have brought this upon yourself. No doubt, Pisces you want to deflect blame. By doing so you will make it worse. Stand up. Admit what you have done. Now move on.

Sunday/Monday: Feeling a little under the weather? Owing to present meteorological, barometric pressure, just watch. The South Node in your solar first house of emotional security, physical well being is a must. By May 2017, things lighten up substantial. In the meantime, just chill, no point in wriggling against the hook, Pisces.
Tuesday/Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s Day, Pisces! With your ruler, Jupiter, retrograding from 7 February to 10 June 2017, you must renegotiate many financial matters, loans, mortgages, credit cards.

Do it systematically. With the help of your ever patient, practical partner. Whatever you do, put a break on personal spending. You will regret it, especially,  if you’ve overextend yourself. March 3 2017 will be most enlightening.

Thursday/ Friday: Over the next 2/12 days look to philosophy, foreign climes, legal issues, publishing for support, solace. A friend, a powerful ally comes to your aide. Is this person a foreigner? I think so, or is he/she/ze a lawyer, publisher? Either way things perk up as a result.
Saturday: Your career, profession, your public persona, reputation are all highlighted over the upcoming 2 1/2 days. With Jupiter, the ruler of both the solar first/ tenth houses the following are likely to come into play: Money from associates connected to your boss, people in authoritative positions, which have a direct influence on your career, come into sharper focus. Now you know where the money came from, don’t you?

The End