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PREAMBLE: (POLITICS ARE IN THE AFTERAMBLE, after Pisces’ weekly forecast.)

Hi, Everyone, I’m back!  Thanks to Diana Warwick for filling in during my absence.

Rafa Nadal will have one of his best winning years in tennis, despite his age.

From May 2018 to July 2025, traditional banks will be drastically reformed, or be in trouble. There might be a depression. Same period, many castles will fall. Iran will face many upheavals and disruptions, perhaps another revolution.

In 2027 (July?) the U.S.A. goes to war. This will take place while the world economy is growing, in good shape, which hints the war is an ideological one, or about land, “homeland.” It might even be internal.

In 200 years, the feminist movement will disappear. Also, in 200 years, male chauvinism will disappear. This process has already started (November,1983 onward). (Obama has boosted this cause, but only slightly — the pace of equality will be glacial, but certain.)

Now through the 200 years ahead (1983 to 2239) death will be a constant, prime subject, but there will be few and limited wars. (For example, AIDS, Rwanda, Chernobyl, Zika/Nile mosquitoes, ISIS — these are “death,” not war. — ISIS is not an army, but a death cult.)  We will study death, too, and try to pry open his secrets. (Odd how we call creation feminine, death male.)


Saw a news clip, Feb. 12, about Muslims/Syrians or Somalians fleeing into Canada from the U.S., hundreds of them walking across snowed and iced forests and farms at the BC, Manitoba and Quebec borders. One married couple in a small Manitoba town recounted the one night they heard voices, too loud and talking way too much, laughing too much, too cheerful to be Canadians or neighbours. So they looked outside, and down the snowy street of a small town, they saw a group of about ten people walking along, some carrying bags or suitcase, some had babes in arms, and some were small children, walking too. They were taken in, given hot drinks, and the police were called. They’ll become Canadians.  And here I have to cheer Canada: in this country refugees are welcomed, given food and shelter, language training and help finding employment. The boys and girls are taught hockey, etc. It might be clever editing, but every time I see immigrants from the war-torn countries in Canada, they are always smiling, happy,  grateful. Mostly, they shine with hope, and their children pick up on this, and are happy for a new adventure in a peaceful land. How can you not feel for, help and open the doors to such people, so brave – even their toddlers walk in the freezing cold — and so cheerful!

Perhaps Trump and Trudeau should solve the U.S. problem by letting all their illegal aliens come to Canada. (Hmmm…not sure about that: 1] what about the terrorists within these refugees, and 2]  if terrorists are embedded in these immigrants, they could, in future, simply re-enter the States, over the same open border they crossed to come here. On the other hand, this huge untapped land mass — and the people it breeds — have a way of accepting, embracing, and turning new arrivals into survivors rather than fighters. And, too, the RCMP seem pretty astute in finding and charging jihadists.)  Canada has 35 million people, but has a land mass bigger than China and India combined (2.5 billion people) or than Europe and the U.S.A. combined (almost 1 billion pop). This cold, wild country could support 2, 4, even more times its present population. All of us are humans, and it’s time for humans to love humans, period.  It’s time.

Which makes me think: if we could eliminate all borders, if all humans could flow to, work and live wherever they wanted, this world would be richer — and even the “have” states such as Canada, the U.S. and Europe, would benefit, and not experience the economic collapse they fear. (Which is really a fear of having their advantageous positions, higher wages, and brighter toys taken away.  It is a juvenile fear, much like sibling rivalry — “he might get more than me.”)



Aries.svg    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The weeks ahead feature quietude, weariness, healing, rest and recuperation. Dive into romance, creative and speculative ventures and pleasure pursuits Sunday/Monday — you’ll win, especially Sunday. Be ambitious Tues./Wed. — Tuesday’s fine, but Wed. erects a thorny gauntlet in your path. Be careful, respectful, Tues. night.  Wishes come true Thurs. morning to Sat. eve. Popularity, optimism and social delights visit you.  Retreat Saturday night, which is similar to the entire month ahead: seek rest, sweet solitude. Deal with government, institutions, head office; meditate and be charitable, spiritual.  But don’t entirely give yourself up to this “solitude” period — being a hermit, rejecting relationships would hurt you (applies now to mid-May). Despite your tiredness, with Venus and Mars in your sign, you’ll receive romantic attention — and give it.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The month ahead brings social joys, optimism, popularity and wish fulfillment. A friendly love affair might begin, but don’t put too much weight on this relationship; it cannot handle/embrace your whole life.  Many background issues and quiet voices call you all month –if you’re married, this could manifest as an extramarital temptation.  (Stay out — it’s toxic.) You might also have some administrative or government related work to complete. Sunday/Monday are very sexy, and also lead you to financial success, especially in investing or debt reduction. Everything goes better after 10 AM (PST) Sunday.  A mellow, wise and understanding mode flows over you Tuesday/Wednesday. Tuesday is nominally successful as long as you avoid gossip and are not hit with a government edict. Wednesday, however, is pretty terrible – start nothing, maintain a self-protective stance. Thursday morning to Saturday eve – display your talents, make proposals to the boss, ask for bigger duties or a pay raise. Luck rides with you here: it’s almost impossible to make a mistake!  Saturday night is likely to be social: if so, be wary of making promises or signing anything.

Gemini.svg     GEMINI:  may 21 – June 20

The four weeks ahead emphasize your career, practical ambitions, prestige relations, your reputation and dealings with the authorities. Enter this area with one eye askance: look for pitfalls, unsavoury temptations and wrong motives. Until May, this whole ambition zone contains subtle traps. If in doubt, do nothing – withdraw. Your social life and (light, friendly) romantic prospects continue to excite and intrigue you until March 8 – and to sweetly reward you until April 1. This rather long phase of friendly romance could prove very significant, for some it might even bring your future mate. But back to the present: Sunday/Monday bring relationships, mostly very good ones. Cooperate, propose, be flexible and enjoy someone else. Tuesday/Wednesday bring secrets, mysteries, sexual desires, investment and financial actions, research, lifestyle changes and medical revelations. These generally go very well Tuesday, but smack you around like a punching bag Wednesday. Both days (all week to this point) avoid mixing friends with money, or your cherished goals with unethical actions. A mellow, wise mood floats through you Thursday morning to Saturday eve. This is a splendid interval to travel, pursue intellectual goals, consult with a lawyer, or dally with love. Avoid the boss or other authorities Saturday night.

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21 –July 22

The weeks ahead emphasize far travel, intellectual pursuits, cultural activities, religion and philosophy, and gentle love. Handle this zone somewhat carefully, realize promises and temptations are traps in disguise.  Money continues to flow swiftly toward you – and saving it is the only good course, at least until March 9, when you’ll be tempted to spend even more than you’re making. Money, earnings and purchases will occupy your thoughts now to early June. You might have to make a momentous decision about dollars. Tackle chores Sun./Mon. — you’ll get a lot done, quite easily. (But DON’T start plumbing chores before 10 am PST Sunday.) Relationships confront you Tuesday/Wednesday. You can gain cooperation, allies and relationship peace Tuesday, but almost everything goes wrong Wednesday. (All week to this point, evade a home versus career showdown — or handle it very diplomatically.) Sexual yearning, financial actions, research, medical findings, commitment and consequence fill Thurs. morning to Saturday eve. Dive in, commit, sign — consequences will please you!  “Mellow love” Sat. night.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23 – August 22

The month ahead emphasizes sexual desires, financial actions and prospects, shared money or assets, mysteries and research, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, occult forces, and commitment and consequence. DO NOT dive deeply into these, as they contain a subtle, hard-to-discern pitfall — and if you fall in, it can take a significant sacrifice to get out. e.g., you are so sexually attracted to that person that you climb into bed with them even though they’re married — then find out you now have an STD, or a law suit.  Investments made now, especially before March 2 (but really until May 10) are very likely to fail.  Instead, lean toward earnings over investments, etc.  Sunday/Monday bring romance, a creative or speculative surge, pleasure, and charming kids.  DON’T enter a sexual relationship that appears before 10 AM (PST) Sunday — otherwise, good luck, good fortune ride with you!  Tackle chores Tues. (better) and Wed. (terrible). Be careful, especially with chemicals, sharp instruments. Relationships fill Thurs. morn to Sat. eve — all is pleasant, all co-operative and workable.  Are you married to this person? Why not? Avoid sexual escapades Sat. night.

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  August 23 – September 22

The weeks ahead bring opportunities and challenges, cooperation and enmity, new horizons, and an emphasis on relationships (casual and significant). Treat this entire area with caution and skepticism. Realize there are no easy solutions, no suddenly-found true-love mate prospects. The bigger or more luscious the temptation, the more likely it is empty – or worse, a trap. This state of affairs actually lasts until May 10, but is heightened now, especially this week and next. For example, you could meet someone who seems like a direct link to paradise; but if you woo you probably will not land him/her.  If you do land him or her, and marry, you will likely wish you didn’t within a few years. There is an exception: if a job, a love affair or some such drops into your lap, this can be destined, and good. E.g., a man trips in a restaurant, falls onto you and your table, and you both fall instantly in love. Good. But if subsequent delays occur (e.g., telephone tag) this indicates that even this is no good, has traps. Powerful sexual temptations surround you February through may — so have sex, but don’t commit your life to someone.  Focus on your home and family Sunday/Monday – all is well, even fortunate. But avoid (forever) someone alluring who appears before 10 AM PST Sunday.  Romantic and creative notions intrigue you Tuesday/Wednesday. Tuesday morning is splendid for love and friendships, but the rest of this short interval (especially Wed.) is hard — risk-takers lose. Tactile chores Thursday morning to Saturday eve. You’ll accomplish a lot; no frustrations appear. Saturday night is for relationships — re-read the sentences above.

Libra.svg      LIBRA: September 23 – October 22

The weeks ahead are filled with chores and mild health concerns, Libra. You’ll be bored, overworked, tired and frumpy, just as you are every March! But this time around I urge you to step lightly into your chores rather then plunge in. Stick to routine, and don’t invent work for yourself. Wherever you can, delegate chores rather than doing them yourself. If you are unemployed you can find work during this period; if you do, realize that within a year or two you should probably seek a different job. Pharma drugs, therapy, spas or other retreats will have a more beneficial effect then over-the-counter cures. Errands, short trips and paperwork fill Sunday/Monday. Avoid a job that appears before 10 AM PST Sunday. After this, everything goes well. Turn your thoughts toward home and family Tuesday/Wednesday. Tuesday runs a lot better, but both days are difficult. Protect your family.  Your spouse might want to argue — deep down, he/she feels that your home/children prevent his/her career success. Romance, creativity, speculative ventures, charming and talented children, beauty and pleasure – all call you Thursday morning to Saturday eve, in a mildly lucky way. Eat sensibly, protect your health (stomach?) Sat. night.

Scorpio.svg      SCORPIO:  October 23 – November 21

Romance, creative and speculative ventures, beauty and pleasure (immediate pleasure) and charming kids filled the month ahead. I hate to say don’t dive into such a pleasurable zone, but I’m going to. These areas (romance, etc.) contain potential traps through May 9, especially through the present week and the next one.  (Trap — here’s one: you romance a beautiful woman, then find out she’s your boss’ spouse.) Read Virgo’s message about “exceptions” and destiny — and the meaning of delays.

A lot of work surrounds you, and will through April, and WILL reward you, so keep plugging. You might have to make a momentous decision about employment in March/April. Chase money, buy/sell, seek sensual sex, memorize something, or organize your assets Sun./Mon. — your luck’s good throughout, AFTER 10 am PST Sunday. (Before this, the wrong romance might appear.)  Casual friends, short trips, communications and paperwork, errands and curiosity fill Tues./Wed. Tuesday holds some progress and success, but Wednesday is almost entirely disruptive and difficult. Both days, avoid arguing about work or health affairs (or endangering them). Turn your attention toward your home and loved ones Thursday morning to Saturday eve. This interval is packed with cooperation and mild progress. A good time to settle feuds. Romance calls Saturday night – remember my warnings (above).

Sagittarius.svg        SAGITTARIUS:  November 22 – December 21

The weeks ahead emphasize your home, family, security, nutrition, garden, emotional health, retirement themes, real estate, and nature in general. Dip a toe in this zone, Sage, rather than plunge in. Subtle, disguised pitfalls exist. Refuse to be confined by an overly-needy child or spouse. DO NOT purchase real estate (nor attempt to sell) before May 10, but especially this week and the next. A rather major romantic situation might be building around you. This has been hovering all February, then enters indecision mode from the first week of March to mid-April. Then, mid April to May you’ll wonder if this romance will turn to marriage. Your answer will come in June. This whole time — February to May — might bring an old flame. If so, judge him/her through the lens of your past interactions. You shine Sunday/Monday – your charisma and energy surge upward, and good luck suffuses these two days — except Sunday before 10 AM PST, when a home-based temptation is just that: a temptation without merit. Chase money, buy/sell, and memorize important facts Tuesday/Wednesday. But act cautiously both days, Especially Wednesday, when disruptions and loss are possible. Avoid a love/money conflict. Errands, casual friends, short trips, communications and paperwork fill Thursday morning to Saturday eve. Charge ahead — all’s well, everything works! Be curious: valuable info exists. Forget any domestic or realty ideas that occur Sat. night.

Capricorn.svg       CAPRICORN:  December 21 –January 19

The month ahead is filled with easy things, Capricorn. Errands, paperwork, communications and a bit of travel. But don’t waste a lot of time with these easy chores. Whenever you feel surrounded by unimportant tasks, look skyward, at least figuratively. Seek the bigger picture, focus your thoughts on more profound subjects — in these you will find peace and perspective. Your home life is still filled with intense activity – and with affection. If you are contemplating renovations or decorations, realize that slowness and indecision will hit these projects from March through mid-April, perhaps even until early May. Lie low, rest and contemplate Sunday/Monday. All is well, but don’t go on a wild goose chase Sunday morning. Your energy and charisma surge upward Tuesday/Wednesday. Although this is usually a good time to start new projects, it’s not this time, as your aim seems to be off target. Tuesday morning might bring a splendid money or earnings opportunity, but otherwise these two days raise a gauntlet of problems. Use your energy and diplomacy to solve them. Chase money, buy/sell, go to garage sales, ask for a pay raise or hunt for bargains Thursday morning to Saturday eve — everything proceeds with mild good luck and good feelings. Don’t start on a trip Saturday night.

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  January 20 – February 18

The weeks ahead emphasize earned money, possessions, sexual contacts, memory and rote learning. Don’t dive too deeply into these things, as they contain some dead-ends, pitfalls and wasted time.  If you want to act, seek the deeper side: investments rather than earnings or sales; emotional intimacy rather than a purely physical encounter. This advice lasts until mid-May, but is especially crucial this week and next.  A casual friend might become a friendly lover. This influence has already filled February, but lasts until mid-March. A wish might come true Sunday/Monday — at the very least, these two days will be filled with friends, optimism, wit and flirtations and general joy.  Buy nothing before 10 AM Sunday PST.  Retreat from the crowd, rest and rejuvenate, contemplate and meditate, and make plans Tuesday/Wednesday. Deal with charitable, governmental, and spiritual organizations. Be cautious both days, especially Wednesday, when various problems and disruptions litter your path. Strictly avoid gossip, and don’t bother trying to get the government on your side. Tuesday morning is an exception – love might take a big step forward, or an international, legal, travel, educational, publishing or similar affair receives a lucky boost or faces a fortunate open door. Your energy and charisma surge skyward Thursday morning to Saturday eve – get out, make contacts, impress people – but DO NOT begin a new monetary, sexual or purchasing project. (This applies doubly Sat. night.)

Pisces.svg    PISCES:  February 19 – March 20

The month ahead belongs to you Pisces. Your energy and charisma are tops, and your actions yield strong results. For this very reason, due to another phenomena, your best actions will be in the service of another or for a partnership. Now to mid-May, but especially this week and next week, everything you do for yourself (other than routine things) will tend to be wasted; whereas everything you do for others will yield contentment, enriched relationships, and success. Your money picture continues to be quite strong and active.  Before March 9, you are in danger of spending more than you earn, but from that point to mid-April you will easily earn more than you spend, and you might splurge on a luxury item.  Be ambitious Sunday/Monday – a whole bevy of great aspects helps you advance.  (Sunday night holds a money opportunity.)   A minor wish could come true Tuesday/Wednesday. These two days emphasize social delights, popularity, optimism, flirtations and entertainment. You will feel happy, especially Tuesday morning (PST) when a great investment, a secret, government aid, or valuable research findings might await your attention/action. However, the rest of this interval contains some disruptions and negative practical results. Other than Tuesday morning’s financial opportunity, do NOT spend. Retreat, rest and rejuvenate Thursday morning to Saturday eve: your energy declines sightly, but everything flows smoothly and easily; you can make real headway now in planning, spiritual pursuits, charity, and dealing with government agencies. Your energy and pizzazz return powerfully Sat. night.

The End.


When Trump ran his campaign and was elected, the lunar south node (“bad” karma) was in Pisces, Trump’s ambition/political sign. Putin’s Moon is in Pisces. The Donald likes Putin (and vice-versa) because one’s a Gemini (Trump) and the other’s a Libra — signs that usually love each other. There is something fated or destined, about Trump becoming President under that Pisces’ karma (south node) influence. He’s been picked to preside over some decisive fight or “split.”

I told you, a few weeks ago, that Trump would begin doing things without delay. His first week looked like a multiple rocket launch. (Obama’s inauguration held a Mercury retrograde, indicating his administration’s slow start.) However, the extreme left’s violence, and the democratic hatred toward Trump (mainly because he won) has started a new weakness in the USA.  (Actually, it began with Obama and Congress) — the refusal of election losers to accede to the winner. In a muted way, the US is in a civil war (very civil) which prevented Obama from accomplishing anything, and is already shredding Trump’s initiatives, mostly by constant criticism. If Trump accidentally broke a pencil, CNN and MSNBC would shudder in howling outcry about his vicious tendencies.  I’m not excusing Trump here, I’m saying the U.S. is headed for a significant decline if the people cannot embrace the concept of a presidency. In a sense, they are refusing to be led.  So far, this has undercut D.T.’s immigration controls; destroyed his ability to push China; and his ability to stop North Korea’s nuke program.  In essence, the divided population is diminishing or destroying the US’s ability to operate in the world. Remember, months ago, I wrote that the group we need to watch/fear is not the elite nor the “great unwashed,” but the Millennials. (Since then, they have held tens of marches and at least one riot at Berkeley.)

When Trump and Pena Nieto (Mexican President) do meet, I would urge Trump to be magnanimous and say,  “Listen, let’s tell everyone we decided to split the wall’s  cost. You supply the cement, and I’ll supply the workers (or vice-versa).”  Trump should have said this at their first meeting in 2016.

Canada’s PM, Justin Trudeau, is not the bright-eyed, innocent and idealistic character he assumed during the election; he’s pragmatic and practical, a subtle master of manipulating power — a Capricorn. When he and Trump meet Monday (Feb. 13) not much will happen. The Moon is “void” until 3:43 pm in Washington, so only anything said/agreed after this time will have any consequent result. If the meeting does last this long, the only real medium-term result will be a quiet bow (by both leaders) to the status quo. But in the far long view, a rift, perhaps sabre-rattling, and perhaps a total split might occur — then, much later, reconciliation, even a “bromance” between the two nations.

In the “modern era,” which I think began with Roosevelt (though it could be argued that Eisenhower began the modern era) 7 of the 14 Presidents — half of the total —were born in an air sign (2 Aquarius, 2 Libra, and 3 Gemini. There were only 3 earth signs (1 Taurus, 1 Virgo and 1 Capricorn). And even fewer fire signs (2 — both Leo, the sign of kings) and water signs (2 —both Cancer). (* List below.)

Clearly, the populace prefers air signs, especially Gemini. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Cap) come in second, but at less than half the air signs. Fire and water signs are tied at the bottom at 2 each. Notably, both fire signs are Leo, and both water signs are Cancer (the birth sign of the USA). In modern times, not one President has been an Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio (Dukakis, Hillary Clinton) or Pisces.  So if you want to run for President, be born a Gemini. Note that both past Gemini Presidents were “short term” — JFK, 3 years; and G.H. Bush, one term. Gemini is quick, but usually rejects the long haul. Trump, a Gemini, might go only one term.

  • List:  Roosevelt, Aquarius (air sign); Harry Truman, Taurus (earth sign) Eisenhower, Libra (air sign); JFK, Gemini/Leo (Gem: air sign); Lyndon Johnson, Virgo (earth sign); Richard Nixon, Capricorn (earth sign); Gerald Ford, Cancer (water sign) Carter, Libra (air); Reagan, Aquarius (air sign); G.H. Bush, Gemini/Leo (Gem: air sign); Bill Clinton, Leo/Libra (Leo: fire sign); G.W. Bush, Cancer (water sign); Barack Obama, Leo/Gemini (Leo: fire sign); and Donald Trump, Gemini/Leo (Gem: air sign).


Remember last autumn when I wrote here that the American democrats (DNC) faced this dilemma: if Donald Trump wins, he might be a Hitler/dictator in waiting, then is it democratic to do undemocratic things (vote fraud, character assassination, theft, collusion, colluding with the media, etc.) to prevent a potential dictator’s win, and to preserve democracy?  But in so doing, kill democracy, if only temporarily?

The DNC evidently found its answer. The Dems decided to kill democracy in order to avoid the dictatorship they feared. When Hillary knifed Bernie Sanders, when the DNC conspired to destroy his campaign, they again destroyed democracy (in addition to all their other tricks) in order to appoint their Queen, H.C., who was drawing crowds 90 per cent smaller than Bernie’s. By being so undemocratic, they insured that Trump (“dictator” to them) would win!  Unintended consequences.  I’m tempted to say they elected Trump by their own arrogance and criminality — but it’s bigger than that; I suspect Trump’s win was destined, and Hillary and all her legions of operatives were destined to fail — simply because destiny wanted it so.

So I guess the answer to my posed dilemma was simple: remain democratic throughout the process.

The Real End.

14 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — FEBRUARY 19 – 25, 2017

  1. dora

    This is the most amazing forecast i have ever read … !! The way IT is written is so cool, i was laughing, and if it is true i am going crazy Soon ,,,!
    Write more please !
    – a totally-in-love-gemini


  2. B G

    Hi Tim,

    So glad to have you back!!! Missed your writing 🙂 Just wondering if you’ll be writing your annual love forecasts this year? I realize we are past V Day but I do enjoy reading your column. If you do write sign by sign would you start with Pisces? It’d be a great bday gift 😉


  3. naasia

    Hi Tim
    Good wishes for your recovery & health.

    You always warn about pursuing matters that are concerned with the transiting south node. But I wonder if there are any exceptions to this; esp. after you mentioned how Donald Trump succeeded in what could have been a pitfall for him. Is south node ALWAYS carrying a red flag?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, naasia,

      I think about 10-20 % of the time, the lunar south node actually brings something you’re “owed” due to past good actions — e.g., sometimes it brings a destined mate, job, etc. In Trump’s case, becoming Prez with the south node in his ambition/prestige house seems almost certainly destined (which was why, perhaps, HC couldn’t win). But we’ll have to wait and see — that destined role might not have favourable results, long -term, for Trump. Often the south nod expands, tempts, before crashing — e.g., stock market bubbles that crash, etc.



  4. nadine25

    Sending you good vibes and best wishes Tim, I hope you are feeling awesome 🙂 I devoured this forecast spot on as usual!
    Tim, I wondered -I can’t recall reading anywhere in your forecasts about the struggles of our First Nations Peoples of North America and where it is all going, will they over come these struggles and reconcile with the rest of the inhabitants of this land? I often wonder why they don’t form their own Nation Party in this country- I would think this would be pivotal move and shake up the two party playing field in this country, the Liberals would need a new platform and would be running scarred if such a movement occurred.
    I hope the sun is shining on your face today !

  5. aquarianLight

    Since the beginning of Feb, things have been more challenging for me. I am an Aquarius. Any signs of challenging times for Aquarians at this time?

  6. camouflage

    If you eliminate borders then Canada will become a combination of Mexico and Pakistan. There is no need to transform Canada. All that are unhappy with Canada should move to Mexico or Pakistan now. Do they allow for astrology under Shiaria law?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Camouflage,

      I have deleted your links, as is my policy. Astrology (we think) began near Baghdad, and the Arabians improved western astrology by a huge leap about a millennium ago. What they think of it now, I haven’t a clue!



  7. gdavi

    Welcome back, Tim!

    Sounds like an interesting, if not terrifying, future lies ahead for the US in the next 10 years. One could argue America has pretty much been at war continuously since Desert Storm in in 1990, if not longer.

    Do you believe this war will be waged on US soil? If so, I am hopeful that your position on refugees is shared by most Canadians. Many Americans will find themselves in great need should this come to pass.

    However, given the close ties and proximity of Canada to the US, I don’t see how Canada wouldn’t also suffer greatly under these circumstances. Let’s hope you’re wrong on this one!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, gdavi,

      Actually, I wrote about this a column or two ago, and about a year ago (discussing Trump-HC) saying there would be a kind of civil war, its peak around 2020, but likely not with opposing armies. Much of what you’re seeing in the Town Hall meetings is of this trend.



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