ASTRAL REFLECTIONS February 5 – February 11, 2017

Diana Warwick

BY DIANA WARWICK, ASTROLOGY TAROT 8 TEACUPS AGENCY,  Text;604.440.2317, Call 604.971.0832


Tim, is recovering slowly but steadily from his operation. He would like you to know he appreciates all your well wishes. He is sure your collective positive vibes are speeding up his recovery. He returns on February 19th 2017.

People often ask, “Do pets have a horoscope?” And of course they do. In my last preamble,I hope I made a cogent argument for why astrology works on all of us, sub-lunar beings here on earth. Animals are no different. I suppose in medieval times or during the  renaissance there may have been a religious edict refuting the efficacy of animals having souls, therefore having horoscopes. In the Bible, I am no scholar, and certainly not on biblical matters, but I recall a passage in Genesis whereby we are instructed by God that we have dominion over the beasts of the World.

I suppose,  the premise many far right types view their rape and pillaging of Mother Earth as a sacrosanct right they,or humankind over all other species in the world. It fascinates me just how myopic some individuals are. And please I am not a vegetarian or a vegan. No people I am not that pure. No way, but I do recognize the sacrifice the world of domestic animals makes for me to enjoy good health, a robust body, a solid mind owing to eating them. Okay yes I am a carnivore. Okay? I confess. Regardless the cow I just ingested last night for dinner, had a soul, was a unique being. Form into Matter. Spirit into Body. Platonic ideas from a millennia ago circulate through the annals of .my mind like ghosts haunting Macbeth, Hamlet whoever… my point is I find the first nations approach to consuming animals very intact, holistic and true. If we are to eat these critters than let’s make sure we utilize the whole animal. I digest, I mean, I digress, apologies.

My dog Bizous who is pictured here with me hiding behind her pretty little face is so much her horoscope. Truly it’s uncanny. Bizous, an Aquarian, with a Moon in Leo and Gemini rising. Now here is what I mean, she has a Gemini rising to the nth degree. Her Primary Motivation:Read her Prime Directive ( yes Star Trekkies, with my hand upright,  fingers in the Vulcan salute, the middle finger raised, no, no I take that back, spread apart with the Saturn digit,veering to the right and your ring finger, pinkie to the left, yup your hands speak astrology too) in life is to acquire knowledge, information, intellectual understanding about her environment and then spread the wealth of her comprehension of things to everybody, anything up to and including the fire hydrant. Yup I am calling Gemini’s gossips.

But it’s true, to see her in the dog park, she is the most social creature,and yet she has a very nervous nature. She will react instantly to the slightest noise or movement I make, constantly on alert. She is a nervous dog. And it concerns me as she was diagnosed with a murmur in her heart. Now just listen to this… she is an Aquarian with the Sun in her 10th house of the public, authorities, her mum( me) and with the Sun in detriment(meaning:Opposite the sign it rules which is  Leo, which rules the heart!!). And she has a defect in her little brave beating heart. Can someone please try, just try and tell me there is nothin’ going on here?

Not only is she this amazingly living, breathing sentient creature, she actually saved my life. Both Bizous and Principessa, my cat in 2015 when I suffered a depression so deep I never thought I would speak about astrology ever again. This emotional dip the result of many moving parts, but  one part was Saturn in Sagittarius transiting my natal Moon.Honestly, I am not just waxing romantic about my dog and cat. When there was no one, nobody who could reach me, no one. When I was so low, I could barely decide on which pair of underwear to put on, it was the unbridled affection, unconditional love, support and constant companionship these two little braveheart angels who saved me. No doctor, no talk therapy, no medication, no, nothing brought me out the Deep.  I will forever be in their debt. How lucky, eh?  To be the one beholding to them.

When I am walking Bizous her Moon in Leo really shines, she loves to be center stage. She will place herself between another dog and its owner just to be the one getting all the accolades. And with her Sun/ Mercury this dog is beyond bright. Her vocabulary is remarkable.I frequently refer to her as an alien because her behaviour is not canine, she is an extraterrestrial, no doubt, hence my theory that Aquarians are the “hosts”on the HBO hit West World.

Next time someone says something disparaging about animals, or you hear of mistreatment of some form just know that science is discovering practically daily just how stupid humans are, with their hubris, thinking they alone hold the corner market on smarts, communication and so on. Did I mention dogs use both hemispheres of the brain, just like humans.Chickens aren’t just clucking, science has discovered they are actually communicating with each other. Yeah the hens  are having a party. Go figure you poor Kentucky fried bird was just telling her/his/ze BFF she felt there was something about to go down…

Okay I am climbing down off the soap box now, Reach me for a reading at

I am looking forward to hearing from ya’ll. And please let me know if any of this gibberish ( this word is the bastardization of an Arabic astrologer’s, circa 11th C.  by the name, Al Gibar: This insult, hurled your way if the conversation sounded crazy ergo, ’gibberish’) is making sense, will ya? Thanks.

Aries.svg    ARIES March 21 – April 19

TAROT CARD X OF CUPS: Wow! Aries you are hitting the trifecta of good luck these days? As the depiction of ultimate domestic bliss, good fortune, the X OF CUPS is the penultimate pip card to express this sentiment. Hey buddy? Would you mind sprinkling a little my way? Holy Cow! You really have your bum in butter! Don’t you? It’s all rosy, your family life is just tootling along with great gusto, completion, success, harmony.Yawn! Go Away, things are just too over the top good for you right now. I am jealous. Ciao!

Okay, so everything is turning up roses, well bully for you, Aries. Hey you deserve, I know how hard you push to achieve things in your life. Did I mention of ALL the signs in the Zodiac, bar none, you will, apologies for the  Victorian phrase, but here it comes, you will, in your lifetime, rise above the station to which you were born into. If born in poverty, you achieve middle class, if born to a middle class status, welcome to the upper class, and if born upper class, nere I say, you enter the elite class. In times past I would have said ‘aristocracy’ but nowadays i guess I’d have to say, uber wealthy? Yeah so how does success taste?

Now look with Venus  just newly in Aries in direct motion until March 4th 2017, you have partners galore coming onto you, don’t you?  You’re like a magnet, you have cash lining your pockets, people want to get next to you. Yes, yes, yes I mean in the sexy, joy! joy! way, dudes/ dudess/ dudzers? And also business wise, you are charging on all 10 cylinders, you jaguar you. Jump in, take control, rejoice cause this ain’t how it always works, right? I guess Uranus is sort of supercharging your personal attraction, your primary motivation for fame, recognition, applause etc. Sunday to very early a.m Tuesday younger siblings, communications of all types, people in your hood, neighbours, errands, paperwork, all move along with a serendipitous alacrity.

You are beaming, things are ticking along with great flourish, as if by magic. Yes I believe in magic. Do you? Your social circles, associates from work who may at times appear a little sullen or down in the tooth are happy to meet up, be cheered by your funny stories, even if we heard them a thousand times. We love you, so we’ll bear it and hear them over and over,  if it makes you happy, Aries.

Your social scene, associates from work and more importantly, your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future continue to be stoked right through to 18 February 2017. Enjoy. You know those hopes, dreams and wishes are very important, cause when you are in a positive mind set, vibing out to the world those good thoughts, those uber upbeat prayers, yah I know you don’t believe in ‘God’ per se but you do recognize a power above you, outside your ken, which you are not operating, right? Well that ‘power’ that force of Nature when you are rollin’ Bob, to quote an old Dylan record, well anything can and  will happen. I don’t know why, it’s a mystery, some might call it, magic.

Tuesday to midnight approx. Thursday, sees lots of domestic life burst forth. And there is likely a nuance that is emerging at home you could find quite annoying as it is nebulous, under the radar, bubbling up from the unconscious. This is not your style, nope,  you are blunt, to the point, let’s get ‘er done kind of action, thinking individual. Nip it in the bud but you are actually dealing with this nebulous, gas ice giant in your house of self undoing, chronic illness, secret enemies, large corporations., charities, prisons, hospitals and the like until 2025.

I implore you, nay I demand and I do not want to freak you out, okay. But seriously dude get the chronic health issue addressed, if at all possible. Stop putting it off. And no you are not going to die, it’s just smart to try and get the MD’s focusing on a potential problem before it balloons. Tuesday also heralds the entrance of Mercury into Aquarius, so dig this man, your eccentric, beatnik friends will be telling you all kinds of s**t, and you need to hear this, despite your strong tendency to pivot when bored by others rants. Yeah so for until February 25th, just suck it up. .Daily health issues could be an issue,specifically your calves, circulatory system. It’s not chronic but it could be niggly, bothersome. Have it checked out.

Thursday to Friday, especially Thursday morn to afternoon, your creative joie de vivre is lit up. Children, speculative ventures, money from inheritances, real estate, your entertainments are all rolling along. Enjoy the party. YOU, of course, are its centre of attraction. One proviso, watch you aren’t too cocky with an older, more serious minded buddy. You could sorta rub them the wrong way if you are too attached to you zealot point of view. And with Uranus sextile the Sun this day, don’t shock, rebel or be the disruptor, you’ll regret it later. Friday, use the same message I just gave you, capiche? Saturday, those who offer you a service, from your GP to your lovely Postie, if they are not clear, ask what is meant. Changes to your weekend ritual are likely. Go with the flow, Superman, woman, zer.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS April 20 – May 20

TAROT CARD VIII OF SWORDS; A darkness looms over a solitary figure of a woman bound to a post, hands behind her back, eyes covered by a blindfold covering her from seeing. Behind her, out of the mist, rises a majestic castle. If only she would turn around, if only she would realize her mental binds are so loose, she can easily shake off these entrapments which bind her so to a sad past. Turn around, turn around, turn around! O Fair Maid! Please I beg of you, turn around! See what you really are! See your place in the world. Look! A majestic, strong, noble, beautiful fortification, a secure place, a real home, with comforts you only ever dreamed of….. This is you! Here is your future!

N.B This card is one of 13 Bardo cards of the Tarot. Perhaps it is images like this which give Tarot it’s sinister reputation. But I am here to tell you, these cards are NOT malefic. Aux contraire, they are enlightening. Rich with spiritual/philosophical ideas to enrich the World, not harm her or her inhabitants. But because images are so much more powerful than words, my beautiful spirits of the Tarot are maligned.

Taurus, you have your work cut out for you until 3 March 2017, your ruler, Venus sits in your solar house of self undoing (how appropriate is the Tarot Card VIII of Swords as a depiction of the mental trauma one can inflict on oneself when anxiety, low self esteem are permitted to run wild). And in the true sense of self awareness you must guard against thinking in this vein. Avoid negative self talk at all costs.

Your Solar 12th house has dominion over the following areas of life: Charities, large corporations, secret enemies, prisons, hospitals, large animals like elephants, hippopotamuses  (hope to heavens the hippo isn’t eating you out of house and home! LOL!) and horses.

And with Mars  the ruler of your solar house of partners, business or marital, contracts, close friends running shotgun with your ruler Venus in your solar 12th house, you need to be mindful: All is not as it appears, ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’ and there are ghosts appearing on the parapets, in your orbit of influence who I do not think have your best interests at heart. Taurus, I do, you are my client, therefore I have a vested interest in your continued well being.

Against your better interests the following matters churn: foreigners, publishing, law, legal affairs, universities, professors, higher learning. And those who offer you a service, your doctor, lawyer, your candlestick maker. You get my drift?

Sunday/Monday, your personal assets, liquidity, cash, jewellery, clothes anything that is not fastened down or secured, like your home is.. All these are under flux, change. Your social circles, friends, associates from your career or government employees are somehow involved. Again there is something that is hard to describe, call it intuition or a vibe, but these people are not helping you financially.

Tuesday/Wednesday the energy shifts as it is loath to do. Issues in your locale, with siblings, your neighbours, communications of all sorts are in flux, whirling with energy and spinning at a fast pace around you. Keep up with the paperwork, answer emails before you find yourself struggling to dig out from underneath a slew of correspondences. Wednesday @ 12:00 p.m, beware of accidents in your immediate surroundings. It may involve a car, or a slip on the sidewalk but regardless be careful, watch out.

Thursday/Friday are busy for several reasons. One biggie is it’s a Full Moon weekend! And you know how crazy the natives get, howling at the Moon at all hours of the night. But I was talking about this at the beginning of this tome.

Look back to the beginning, for this matter raises its ugly head in your home, with your family, or ancestors especially on your father’s side of the strong oak tree which is your ancestry!

So hidden matters, self undoing, secret enemies, watch out for these ne’er do wells showing up. Friday, watch as opposition, actually knowledge emanates from circumstances connected with your public persona, your private life, your home, your place of employment, your reputation, your intimate relations with family. Issues are mitigated the result of Jupiter’s benefic influence on both your career sector and your private life.Worry not sweet Taurus, it’s a mystery but it will all work out. Saturday, look to enjoying a movie or a demanding detail oriented hobby.  

Gemini.svg    GEMINI May 21 – June 20

TAROT CARD PAGE OF WANDS; Messages, calls, communications are flooding in Mr./Ms./Zer Popularity!!! Keep on your toes,  rush about dealing with all the information being fed to you. After all Gem, you are at your best disseminating information, whispering a juicy tidbit to a dear friend. And if the friend isn’t there, tell the old guy on the bus sitting next to you. Everyone loves wee bit of gossip now and then. And in the next day, week, 30 days but I’d place my $$$$ on 48 hours. Watch the wheels of gossip, messages come flying in as if on a stiff wind bearing really good news to fall around your winged silver slippers, O ethereal Gemini. How come you are not singing from the rafters ” Don’t fence me in” right now ?

Monday/Sunday, you are cooking on all burners. Looks like the finances of a partner, marital or business are in full throttle transition, change, radical change as in ‘boom or bust’?  Mercury,your ruler in this house doing a farewell lambada with Pluto, giving you an extraordinary power, a neutron powered control, an abiding passionate desire to rule the World’s finances. Keep it going Gem!!! You just might end up doing it! After all look at your fellow Gemini: The Orange Orangutan, some refer to as POTUS. (Apologies, folks if I offend. But I will not utter this flea’s name & Apologies to the flea community.  Guess, I’m just a real ‘NASTY WOMAN’)

Tuesday/Wednesday looks to me there is a real strong sou’wester ‘bout to blow right through your solar house of friends, acquaintances, people associated with your career, government bureaucrats, so and so’s with a modicum of influence, power, control over  your career, reputation. An elder sibling is involved. As your precious hopes, dreams and wishes for the future.

N.B. Until the 3rd of March 2017 you engage some pretty, nasty woman yourself over the next month. Yea ‘ol male buddies are beating their chests, pounding their male survivalist drums. Result! These he-men end UP stirring UP their testosterone to the point they’re so intoxicated with their own piss’n vinegar, now, believing their own boasts, believing their mythic conquests mit aggressive behaviour to boot until March 10 2017. True Legends in their own minds, hmmm? Sounds a lot like an Orange Orangutan, presently masquerading as POTUS? Doesn’t it ?

Remembering our Moon, inconstant Moon translating the light of the planet she is with to the next planet her motion spins her to. Tuesday morning,  the  MOON dances her light by square to both Venus then Mars, respectively. Seems there is a bust up, a brew-haha breaks out connecting your solar house of finances with friends, associates you work with. As well, your hopes, dreams, wishes for the future, your elder sibling. And by the time she’s landed on Neptune’s knee, circa 6:00 p.m. Well  the Gods only know what happens next…..

Intoxicated, dazed and confused by her encounter with Neptune, smelling a lot like a Mola Mola fish.Now Wednesday, early mornin, around 2:00 a.m, dizzy, d fuzzy on details, sporting a throbbing hangover, our heroine, the Moon is found speaking intimately with the Dark Lord, Pluto AND we all know what that means: The GroundHog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, didn’t he (see everyone is in on the prediction thing now). Pluto and Moon descend underground when she reemerges with her lipstick smeared, her tresses a little dishevelled. By Wednesday @12:00 noon the Moon flying through the night sky, she ends up in an argument with Uranus. Rushing past this disturbing encounter, the  Moon translating all these influences, ideas, forms, seeds, archetypal messages, energy, she carries then all on to Jupiter for another yet another heated discussion/dispute: Get ready, start dipping into your pockets, reach for your cash. Resign yourself to shelling out $$$$ to your eldest & second eldest child. Either that or a creative endeavour pulls in partners but not without you coughing up the dough.

What alarms me, is,  the players in this scenario  impact your pocket book adversely. Your solar house of personal finances, cash, jewellery are involved. Keep a close  eye on any dubious types dropping by for a visit.

I reckon friends, social groups, hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future are revved up to the max. With Moon and Mars in excellent zodiac state, in strong positions in your solar chart. Their true nature allowed expression in pristine zodiacal state will act in accordance of their nature:. Forcefully, speaking at the top of their voices. Absolutely! Unequivocally!

By the time Thursday/ Friday rolls around,,, the Moon comes to your ruler Mercury by opposition (meaning: you’re about to gain insight, knowledge) around 7:00 out.  As your hood, messages increase in volume, errands are over the top with urgency, gossip/information is swirling around, coming at you from all sides but especially from foreigners, publishers, lawyers, religious types. Wow! Da think the Pope might call?

All these interactions/ conversations will be packing quite a punch. Conversations laced with high drama, tears, laughter all happening at  seemingly the same moment. Go slugger! Work that southpaw. And ‘dance like a butterfly, and sting like a bee’. Friday, around noon, with our Lady of the Night Sky now fecund, filled with information, gossip both uplifting and sad, but mainly good tidings fall from her: All the messages, trips throughout your hood, younger siblings, those who live close to you, counsellors, posties, people bearing parcels, are ballooned fecund with information regarding the above as well as political intrigues come to the fore.

Are you embarrassed by these revelations from on high, or vindicated /proven right, sound, prophetic. Because by Saturday,afternoon the energy shifts, with restless yearning, a desire for change, flux, ebb and flow, matters shift beneath your winged shoes: You are critical, analytical. A domestic matter vexes you, worries you.The following: Home, secured assets, ancestors, real estate, end of live stream in your consciousness flowing like a torrent from Heaven to your ears. Commiserate with known associates from profession. Clarity with your words and action, create better outcomes for both male and female, zer authorities, who are decidedly nebulous at the moment. Listen. With all this you see the absurdity of life. Enjoy your giggle. Let’s hope the rest of us are quick enough to get the joke!

Cancer.svg    CANCER June 21 – July 22

TAROT CARDS II OF CUPS: Without a doubt this is the MOST romantic card within the entire Tarot deck. Yes, the Lovers Arcanum VI is beautiful. We witness,  FORM and MATTER, directed by the High Priestess Arcanum II, embedded in the simple image of two Lovers gazing adoringly at one another. Each holds a chalice, indicating their solemn vow. With a winged lion hovers above a caduceus, above our Romeo & Juliet. Let’s ring it out, a love affair is in the air, an intense emotional, spiritual relationship begins, with all the passion, verve, joy, bliss one hopes for in Life.

Sunday/Monday sees change, movement, flux, ebb & flow like a rip tide in the ocean, swirling about your horoscopic sector of chronic health matters, secret enemies, self-undoing and large animals: Horses, elephants, tigers, bears! Oh My! Hope I haven’t startled any of you soft centered folks! (Did you get the ‘crab’ reference, Cancer?)

You will experience in the next 2 days or so a lot of activity connected to prisons, hospitals. Large institutions, nursing homes for example.These hidden matters/ issues/mysteries will surface, as Jung says ‘ nothing stays hidden forever’. But for now things are hidden, for you.

But, for me, the astrologer, I can with the proper procedures in place, say more than I know. Why do I say this? Because NO ONE KNOWS  the future. But properly practised, Astrology can say more than would be normally said. It’s a mystery right? Afterall, it’s metaphysics.

I suppose there are 2 arguments one could make here regarding knowing what is going to happen in opposed to being oblivious to situations that will present themselves:

                1)  Simply: Live in the here & now. Be present, every moment in the Now. Do not concern yourself with issues you have no knowledge of . Yet.

                   2)  Or as I prefer, the major reason people come to an astrologer in the first place. To analyse their horoscope. Give a cogent answers to life’s problems. Most people will agree. Forewarned is Forearmed.

This is not true for everyone I have discovered and to those who do not want to be told, the Good and the Bad. Please stop reading now. Enjoy your life and do not be vexed, worried with what will come. It is simply not for you.  

With your ruler the Moon in Gemini, a talkative placement to begin with,  but coming as she does through your house of mystery, self undoing, therefore not the best of  houses in your solar chart. And certainly not in good zodiacal shape: Meaning the Moon in Gemini will not function according to her true nature, as she does when in Cancer, her ruler or Taurus, her exalted ruler. Therefore as a predictive astrologer I will say: Expect to hear some gossipy garbage or smut about neighbours, those close to you physically. Or about siblings especially, younger ones.

Pluto, the Darth Vader of our Solar system, of our outer planets, slowly traverses from 2008 to 2023, like the villain in the Marvel comic blockbuster movies, Pluto paces, back and forth. First direct then he retrogrades over certain degrees over this extended period of time. AND because he sits in the house of : Your partners, marital or business, your closest friends. It is incumbent on you to be supportive of your mate, business or marital. Your BFF, regarding contracts,  or any formal dealing of a business nature.

Since September 2016, until October 2017 your exalted ruler, Jupiter, sits in the peace loving sign of Libra. What to expect? Well expect the best of things in your life over this period to emanate from: Home, family, real estate, ancestors, especially, on the paternal side of your family’s ancestral tree. The fruits of which, are plentiful, filled with funny stories, anecdotes your whole brood loves to share tales of familial hijinks . And share you do.

Cancers are the most home loving folks around always preparing a meal, or making something of comfort for their home. Cancers let’s face it take pride in one’s home to a new level. Dollars to donuts, Home Sense, Home Depot were founded or shrewdly read the Uranus in Cancer generation primary motivation for a nest, a comfortable, clean home. And with your exalted ruler in the sector of home etc.. until October 2017, I imagine the normal attention to home comforts is/will only expand, balloon, grow.

Be of good cheer, Cancer, while many are having difficulty maintaining their abode, trouble paying rent/ mortgages or ensuring a hot meal for their families. You are blessed with prosperity in this area of Life, for now. Make sure you count your blessing. Enjoy spreading the largesse amongst those you know are not as fortunate as you.

Tuesday/ Wednesday, no longer needing to cocoon inside your home in case you were in fear of being  pursued by a large hippo down the street, LOL. You are at a monthly high, with your spirits up, optimism abounds. Energy-wise, luck wise especially, you exude your true colours and sweetheart they are of a rainbow esque quality.

Your professional life, career matters, authorities/bosses who  you must answer to, important clients, the rules of the game career-wise are in  a torrent of activity to 9 March 2017. There is an expectation upon you to perform and keep up with this dynamo of a boss. Until March 4, a female superior acts in an overly authoritative fashion. I agree with you she is rude, unnecessarily flippant and prone to be emotional explosive. Be cool, stay out of her/his/ zer’s way.

Thursday/Friday, your personal assets, cash, jewellery, objects that are not fastened down, are in a whirlwind of drama/hot discussions percolate with  your partners’ own financial records are also  being highlighted until February 18, 2017. Yours are under the spotlight come Friday pm. The full Moon is always an energy you feel, are filled with plenitude, abundance and good vibes. No matter what the sign, no matter what season or month, you will always ‘know’ it is full Moon time. It is neither in rulership, exaltation in Leo. But as we all of know, who have a Leo friend, the drama Queen just came in until Saturday, when over the upcoming 21/2 days your hood, those who live close, errands, counselings, calls, messages, younger siblings contact you, people on your street want to come to your place. The party is on Cancer and you are it. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO July 23 – August 22

TAROT CARD ARCANUM III THE EMPRESS: I don’t think there is a more fitting image especially for the female Leos out there! A Goddess, sits on her throne, she is pregnant, she wears a bejeweled crown with 12, count ‘em, 12 precious gem stones atop her head. This is the quintessential image of prosperity, well-being. And for you Leo artists out there,,, Look out, over the next 3 months, more likely 3 years, your creative talents, wit and skill soar. Recognition/fame is surely courting you shortly. Bien Faites mon Lion!

Leo as discussed last week, this is not your month. Nor is it wise to stick your pussycat nose into places someone may smack it, Ouch! But you do have a habit, if not centre stage, the focus of attention on somebody else,you will attempt to have everyone pivot back to you. Now don’t get me wrong, this is part of your character we love, you are a true showman/woman/ze . And many of us, including myself love our Leo siblings with a ferocious loyalty. We enjoy you childlike mentality with humour only close siblings get,,,at least, most of the time. But only until 18 February, 2017  need you show your statesperson, regal side, your ability to be humble, even if it’s a crock.

Sunday/ Monday with the Moon sojourning through your social life sector of friends, buddies from work (of which you have a ton of admirers), associates from your profession which is directly connected to your reputation,connected to your public persona. It is important you give allowances to all those who usually sit in ‘wait’ to court you. Presently, these associates are being zapped by the rays of Neptune. The gas giant languishes  in your partners’ house of personal finances, your buddies, house of profession. But what is doing this to your friends is this: confusion, feeling like they’re not in charge of their professional life. Chums, pals are under the gun. Be super supportive. You know you will get it back in spades come July/ August 2017.

Tuesday/ Wednesday take a break, have a mental health day, seriously. When you have a 30 day period of opposition from your ruler the Sun whilst its in Aquarius, it is tiring, exhausting and likely right about, NOW the last thing you need to hear is, during this period your open enemies are getting a lot of air time, So slip out of your gorgeous business suit, nice cut BTW! Curl up with a movie and a bucket of ice cream, a book or just surf the Net. But do not feel the need to make an appearance.

Thursday/ Friday, look out world she/he/ze is back. And you are not fooling around. Your energy soars, conversations with BFF’s, marital or business partners are effective, powerful, intense. Hold your power. Do not be put off by the impassioned pleas de rigor of partners arguments which do tend to veer towards scientific fact, knowledge which qualifies this ‘methodology’, rather than your more ‘from the heart’ approach.Do not allow anyone to knock you off your stride. No drama Queen mentality, okay. Friday, power of the Full Moon is in your sign, be sure to wear gold, it doesn’t matter it is real or not, just make a petition to your ruler, the Sun, sport gold or gold coloured objects, gold paper tigers if necessary, but have gold around, near and about you.

Of course, Thursday prior to the Full Moon tomorrow, your contacts abroad, publishers, legal eagles from administrative assistants to lawyers, professors, universities, places of higher learning, your yoga class, for instance. All these and oh too many more to mention here, are ablaze, a veritable  hive of activity right through to March 9, 2017. And an attractive yet aggressive woman from abroad acts in a rude uncivil, crass manner, not at you, but at a person who is from another social status than them. It likely turns your stomach to hear or watch this behaviour go unchecked. Saying something in my opinion would be the correct actions. But hey, we are not all vengeful, nasty  warrior women like me, are we?

Saturday, the heat is off you and your spouse, no more domestics to report. So kiss and makeup in time to go out and spend all that loot sitting collecting dust in the pocket of  your gold lame catsuit. Have a lavish dinner out tonight, followed by an in-home massage treatment? Now that’s my Leo. Be regal, head high as you treat your other half,  after all  being magnanimous suits you the best.

Virgo.svg    VIRGO August 23 – September 22

TAROT CARD ARCANUM XIX THE SUN: Here is the quintessential card of joy, bliss, childlike enthusiasm. But above all the wonderful and amazing things associated with this Arcana card,  friendship is the most profound, a connection with another human being, a community who love you, people aiding one another in non egocentric fashion, not because it’s in or it relieves your first World anxiety, but because it is the most natural state we can achieve. Like the song,  ’We’ll walk in the sunshine everyday’ the image of an innocent naked child on top a beautiful white stallion, speaks to the absolute assumption, all is right in the world, our own innocent natures. Where is your innocence? What is your tolerance to run naked without any concern for being scorned, rebuked, or worse, reprisals to undermine our ability to be as a naked child, so in line with his/ her/ze world, the child laughs, giggles and really truly enjoys this fleeting moment to the max…. only a child could pull this off. Over the next 19 months, years be a child innocent, free of concerns. Enjoy this boundless state. Lucky you.

O Virgo, what do say to you? How can I take away the burden you have carried low these last months? Your feelings of exhaustion, mental, physical and too spiritual, the result of watching/ experiencing first hand as the South Node in  Pisces has sucked the oxygen out of you most intimate, deepest relationships. Here is the GOOD NEWS come 8 May 2017, it leaves this section of your solar chart and this will not recur for another 18.6 years. Yeah!

 Your fleet of foot ruler, Mercury, flies through each sign of the zodiac with the alacrity of a well honed, elite athlete. But because you embrace each sign so quickly, it requires a nimble, supple, flexible mind. Being a mutable earth sign, Virgo, you employ this skill with unmatched elegance, style and panache,all the while sporting a poker face.

The kind of consciousness that absorbs the characteristics of the sign it finds itself in, is in the truest sense of the word: A shape shifter, a trickster, a magi, you old soul you!

Mercury’s orbit, so close the Sun, usually means ( this is true of most people I have the  honour to read), is ‘combust or under the sunbeams’ this remark refers to the zodiacal state Mercury will be in, in a given horoscope. He/ she/ze, Mercury,  takes on the ‘disguise’ of whomever he is with. This is crucial for you to understand, Virgo. While these arcane astrological expression sounds weird and while many modern astrologers dismiss it, categorically, this omission is at their own peril.

A horoscope only gives up her secrets, if the astrologer knows his craft..And a planet cannot function at it’s maximum potential when combust or under the beams. Period.  Malefic/ benefic, are not terms modernity likes to employ. Rarely will you encounter astrologers, Tarot readers, psychics using this terminology.

Our society is so whipped by psychological mumbo jumbo, one is no longer allowed to describe even the most vile acts as ‘bad’. Judgement rendered mute under these oppressive regime. We’ve been cowed,  force fed, ‘lo these last 50 years or so?  Given a terrible wrap predictive astrologers have, in our modern western societies.

In order to differentiate, in order to delineate, in order to judge a person’s horoscope, guess what? One must look at both the light and the dark. Carefully weigh the odds, count the beans in column Number 1, against those in column Number 2. As And like Ma’at, we, astrologers must make a judgement. After All,  this is what I get paid the big, real big bucks for, right?

Sunday/ Monday is no different. You don the mantle for these 21/2 days of Mercury, not in your sign of Virgo, but that of Capricorn. Mercury, as previously stated,  has been the consort to the ‘Dark Lord/ Villain’ of so many famous films, the man in black sporting a really mean look in his eyes, our guy, Pluto.

Ask your Scorpio pals, especially if it is their rising sign, as Pluto continued to hit upon all their most personal areas of life. Just out of interest, ask: “How has your life changed since 1984”. I bet the description/events they went through will make your toes curl.

With your ruler in the fun/entertainment sector of your solar horoscope, try and loosen up, enjoy a spontaneous outlook/ demeanour if possible. Remember, it’s a character role you are perfecting. What a great method actor you have become!

Tuesday/ Wednesday, in particular, Tuesday is rife with astrological innuendo,  machinations. Read Gemini for Tuesday/ Wednesday for the allegory I described to then.  A long drawn out piece of hypnotic proportions, (giving the reader the affliction known as MEGO: My Eyes Glaze Over). Nonetheless, it made my point. Read it for yourself,  you will get the gist, I have no doubt.

So today, Tuesday sees Mercury enter Aquarius until  early March 2017. Prepare yourself for a new 3 week role as master scientist/come/new age aficionado/geek/conspiracy alt right defender!

In your solar house of daily routines, people who perform a service for you, doctors, lawyers, candlestick maker, ceiling wax suppliers,,, all take a decide clinical, scientific analytical approach to the services you require on a regular basis.

No need to do anything, except ask the service person involved to kindly NOT  treat you like a ‘lab rat’. You prefer your meat cooked not squirming in terror at the edge of the cage! LOL. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m a pretty sick puppy.  But you are stuck with me until Tim’s back. Ya dig? So stop your sniffling, or no porridge for you, Oliver Twist..’

With the Sun in this area of life as well until February 18 2017, a hidden person ( read; Secret Enemy, sporting a black fedora, dark shades, trench coat with white sneakers while smoking a Gitane cigarette with a really long, long…. No,  longer than that, ash hanging from his smoke, completely oblivious of our health codes, of course) surfaces at your local mechanics garage or whilst minding your own biz sitting next to you at your family therapist’s office or right behind you while ordering your fat free, lactose free, caffeine free, non GMO peanut allergy free, but nonetheless a real kick in the pants early morning, get your arse out of bed kind of beverage.

Regardless as you grab  your detail rich double double along with, two extra large  large jelly donuts smothered in icing sugar at Timmy H’s. And as you make you escape out of T. H’s, spilling into the crowded street: The donuts leave little snowy tracks as you race from your nemesis. Good thing about the trail of sugar, cause you can follow it back and find out all the lurid details of this nere do well. No worries, dude! You are the picture of perfect dietary discipline/ health. No worries. Really.

Or a chronic health matter which is potentially connected to your heart is discovered, cured, rectified, thank God. These white coated lab rat consumers, our noble medical team. OMG I can’t control myself as I now stand up straight with my hand over my heart, OMG here it comes,,,, ” O Canada. We stand on Guard for thee”… Please don’t allow the Drumpf to screw with our medicare because it is an obstacle to being fleeced by Big Pharma & Big Medicine. But today, they are a shining light, a truly talented lot, aren’t they?

Thursday/ Friday,  get ready to nest, pull yourself out of the game. Reclusion is the best solution. Seriously Virgo. With the South Node, traversing your solar 7th house of partners, marital or business, your BFF, contracts, important deals, which, BTW as quickly as the deal/contract appeared over the last 14.5 months, it would evaporate. Poof, gone. Despite all your exemplary work, diligence, acuity, your tremendous ability to fex the sitch, and create a brand spanking new project, or idea, or product: (No doubt about your immense drive/ perseverance to produce quality product, Mr. Walter White.

Take my advice: It’s a good idea, as the Full Moon in your solar house of rest, relaxation, hidden matters dominates the weekend’s energetic field. Just take it easy. No running around, no cleaning, no cooking, Nothing. Just rest.

If you must, find an amusing sun sign column to read. Have a giggle. The put pen to paper, it’s stronger than the sword, right?  And email the dumbass who wrote this schlock. Despite the fact she/he/ze spent hours labouring over your sun sign blurb for your enjoyment, entertainment. Go ahead, complain bitterly he/she/ze has ‘scared the bejesus’ out of you. Only to admit in your closing critique, you were really saying it all with  ‘your tongue firmly planted in cheek’ Brava!! You really showed her, that nasty woman/astrologer.

Saturday, it’s all my 5 alien thumbs up, Virgo. Go for it, your charisma, your natural beauty, savvy snappy outfits, so contemporary, so hip,, All keep the mystic, the aura which you exude with flair that is perfect for the 21st century.

Libra.svg    LIBRA September 23 – October 22

TAROT CARD ARCANUM VII THE CHARIOT: Starting today and for the next seven months, seven years you hold the rains of power. Ata Boy, gone are the days of you being led by your emotions, Mental concepts, physical restriction’s or lack of creative verve. Today is the first day of your becoming victorious, successful, Grace and a leader in your field of expertise. You have finally won the battle and put all your ducks in row…

Libra your luck remains into 2017, but you know it’s more than just sweet luck which you possess. I am constantly refreshed,invigorated by your astute, focused manner. Your way of letting the “ugly” parts of human nature roll off your back. You’re intense yet calm approach to life’s pitfalls and heights with fairness and consideration ( Con“SIDER”ation derives from the Latin word”sider” star.). Like the astrologer, you weigh, balance, weigh some more, the many angles (again with the astrology) a situation, a person can have, and just as an astrologer MUST do, you make judgements.

Sunday/Monday your ruler Venus has just started her transit through your house of partnerships, marriage, contracts, important deals, business partners. With Venus in Aries until to 4 March 2017, events, people, open enemies move swiftly, rushing, trouncing on people, situations, events as she is loath to do in this poor zodiacal state. When Venus in Aries retrogrades  ( In Detriment: Meaning NOT functioning according to her true nature) She then becomes what I call an ‘accidental malefic’. Already Venus in Aries cannot produce what is promised, but now in retrograde motion, Venus can wield a mighty hard wallop. Turning from a gentle Goddess of Love into an Avenging Warrior of destruction. Venus in retrograde motion until 14 April 2017 guarantees somehow you or a person in your partner’s orbit will engage in aggressive, belligerent, coarse acts. These events will undermine your,  your mate’s lives for the duration of this accidental malefic running ramshod through your most important area of Life. Marriage, partnership, intimate, close relations with BFF’s and too with business partners is the bedrock of your world. Forewarned is Forearmed, right?

Tuesday/ Wednesday with the ingress of the MOON through your solar house of career, authorities, your public persona, reputation this will most certainly churned up throughout this sector. With the MOON growing into fullness this 21/2 days will be charged, infused with crabby people, bosses more emotionally reactive than usual. Mind your step. Don’t push hot button issues or you will be shocked at the explosion. This is especially true Wednesday at noon. READ Gemini for these days for a further explanation of what this transit incorporates.

Thursday/ Friday proves a weekend charged up by the to and fro of reactions, drama Queens, over blown descriptors, whiners bent on dragging everyone into their sphere of oxidizable rantings. Specifically influenced by this FULL MOON are your social groups/clubs, friends, associates from work, government bureaucracies, casual friendships are ALL rocked.

Your solar house of creativity, your eldest child, speculative ventures, money from real estate holdings, inheritances are all topics, people who will want to present logical, cogent, scientific backed facts regarding these philosophically infused subjects, ideas. It all flows from Saturn in Sagittarius in your solar house of short trips, communications, early education, siblings, errands, counselling, paperwork.  And because it’s Saturn we are discussing, expect, delays, obstacles, disruptions to occur resulting from His unique ability  oppress the flow of your solar 3rd house, normally a fluid, conversant area of life for you. BTW this restriction lifts by October 2017.

Friday specifically is bound to bring up with the above concerns. Partners, close allies or conversely open enemies are involved. In no way helpful,  whatsoever. In fact these people will add fuel to already volatile circumstances Tread very carefully. Be the consummate diplomat you truly are: Be Switzerland! ‘Peace at all costs’  right?

Saturday, what a relief, just curl up with a good book,a glass of Chardonnay. Allow, permit yourself precious ‘alone’ time. During the next 21/2 days recharge, eat lots, rest lots and remove the images of the past week’s events, conversations to drift into oblivion, where they belong. With Moon in analytical Virgo is well disposed to uncover any daily health , matter which had evaded you. Remember to just breath and RELAX.

Scorpio.svg    SCORPIO October 23 – November 21

TAROT CARD VII OF SWORDS: The 13 ‘BARDO’ cards in the Tarot serve as caveats. Likely the source whereby Tarot got it’s ‘bad’ scary, ooga booga reputation.The Royal Road as Tarot is respectfully referred to, is really a pictorial of the Soul’s passage through Life. Culminating, hopefully, with enlightenment.Let me tell you, read: NO ONE passes through this life of ours without a few bumps along the way, trip ups, crashes, or being brought low: Listen S.V.P.  Be kind, listen: It is NOT the bump, the crash which ought concern us or skew our imagination. Taking over our precious consciousness, mind.

The rising up, the recovering, the dusting off , the standing back up…. This is what is crucial, most important and necessary. The releasing, the letting go, THI is what is profoundly Soul provoking, cooking, evolving. When someone thieves from you, sure cut off their right arm if you want to get biblical….I prefer this solution: Discover the source, the culprit of the theft. Try and recoup if possible. Then let it all go… DO NOT spend one precious minute of your incredible life, your gift of creative force ruminating, emotionally contorting yourself, replaying the affair over and over again.

DO NOT allow ‘The Thief’  the power to turn you from your Sacred Quest!  Time, my elegant Scorpio Knight, capable, strong, loyal, dignified as you are, time’s too short.

Scorpio, my lovely, it’s time you had a break from life’s battles, am I correct? Unfortunately, this is not what life’s about my friend. Life is struggle, stress, battles,  at times even, war. And certainly Life can be wrought with danger, betrayal, abandonment…. But of all the signs in the Zodiac, Scorpio, you and  you alone possess the emotional depth, strength, steadfastness, loyalty. Your  power of spiritual recuperation/ recovery are remarkable. In order for you to rise up, like the Phoenix from the flames, to soar another epic day. Or the snake who sheds her skin, renewed, rejuvenated more adept/equipped than ever before to hunt, hover, slide, slither past all the garbage life hurls at her… This is you Scorpio, Never forget it! You are a SURVIVOR, an elegant, sexy one at that!

Sunday/ Monday your ruler, Mars is in your solar house of those who perform services for you. Your doctor, your lawyer, your accountant? Your mechanic? Your masseuse? Your hairdresser? Your housekeeper? Who, over the upcoming month or so, takes charge, in an  executive style? Full tilt, straight ahead, ambitious, action oriented, willing to tackle big problems others would rush in terror, screaming from?  Hmm, who would be so reckless, without concern for their own safety? Courageous, loyal, fighting to the end for a ‘just’ cause, Scorpio, who? I know you don’t like questions much,  nor do you like to be exposed, right? I apologize for shooting questions at  you like a Gatling gun (the 1st machine gun, circa ?1866?) Sorry, eh. Here is why I am like this….

(OKAY, I admit it! I have this spy, inquisition/questioner complex I know, it’s rude. My super hero fantasy. The result/fault of a Russian, as an impressionable teenager of 15 years, I saw a photo of Veruska, a famous Russian model, strikingly beautiful AND 6 feet tall!

Back in ‘69 Veruska was a very unusual creature, to say the least. But I digress: I fantasize, I’m a six foot tall woman decked out in a tight black leather jumpsuit with tighter fitting leather boots, gloves, mask etc..on. Plus… I am able to perform feats of epic proportion, saving humanity, animals, little old ladies, small children etc.

In reality…I’m 5’5, old, plump having lost my youthful fit figure years back. And no, no, sorry, no hero here…..

Back to you Scorpio (remembering the next 30 days you are focused on the above people, situations, events) regardless, over the next 21/2 days, your interest/focus turns to borrowed money, loans, mortgages, your partner’s wealth (unsecured). Someone who, for the moment, remains hidden from your view, helps you financially. This person is a foreigner, likely old, say over 50 years of age. And through a sudden twist of fate, $$$$ lands in your lap. Your own cash, which has been under siege lo’ the past 2 years, remains tentative/iffy. DO NOT start spending, be tight vis a vis $$$, lending or borrowing or spending. Nothing worse than a financially strapped Scorpio, not to mention very unusual.

Tuesday/Wednesday, the Moon sojourns through your solar house of foreigners, philosophy, deep thinking, higher minded matters, meditation, petitions to the Spirits perhaps. First, there is a connection with your solar house of services others offer, likely a hairdresser/barber, or it could also be your therapist, someone who is female and on your side. Secondly, you fight/argue/discuss with either a lawyer, a professor or some spiritual type. Is it connected to something you have written? An imaginative narrative a publisher finds appealing or an ‘argument’ of some sort. A ‘complaint’ you have lodged against the Machine? And now, you are contacted by legal people to discuss possible resolution.

But come Wednesday, (we are working through a very complicated celestial narrative with enormous ramifications for everyone, but for now,  it’s you Scorpio). The Moon continues her slow, voluptuous dance ( Moon will be Full by Friday) through your pantheon of higher minded matters, legal debacles/ court matters, publishers remarks on a book you’ve yet to submit.

With the Moon translating her light(read the previous paragraphs if you are lost, it’s not easy to follow even for an astrologer) which tweeks off a ferocious response/ verbal attack which totally subsumes you, lays you flattened. And I might add, comes at you ‘as if’ out of nowhere. Who else could it be? Pluto, of course,  lurking in your solar house of neighbours, short trips, errands, writing, journaling, communications of all sorts, texts, Snapchat, Twitter, Google HangOuts, siblings especially younger ones, counsellors.

Suddenly just  before noon on Wednesday, to add insult to injury, an explosive event/argument likely the one I just described is fueled by players  in your solar house of people who perform services for you. Later in the afternoon, by the Grace of God,  a hidden advocate comes to your help. Justice will be yours. But remember, this ‘attack’ comes from someone who serves You….

Thursday/ Friday a welcome shift from the antics of the previous days arrives. Your focus now on your profession, career, reputation. A discussion with your family, who veer towards, science, secular humanism are available, offering good suggestions.

Friday’s Full Moon @ approximately 0:4:30 p.m. PST, sees a confluence of energies again starting with your profession, your home, your public persona, family members, specifically on your father’s side of the Tree, your reputation, real estate. Conversations abound with those who serve you, work for you. And with regard your unique skill set.

By 05:35 p.m PST, contact from a benevolent person or group aides your position, boosts your morale. And by 09:50 p.m actions taken with regard your profession realize a financial gain for you, but it is less than you might have anticipated.

Saturday, looks like a wonderful moment to spend time with friends, romanticize about things you want to accomplish with your creative verve. Today is ideal for you to dream, reflect and imagine your future. Soon no longer mere ‘pie in the sky’ your hopes, wishes for the future will come to fruition.

Sagittarius.svg    SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21

TAROT CARD II OF WANDS: A nobleman looks out from his parapet. Gazing at all he owns. His fecund land rife with crops. The villages spread across his domain, filled with skilled workers, artists, actors musicians, master craftsmen/women/zer. Our nobleman looks out on the ocean. Clasped in one hand is a glass globe of the earth. Depicting his dominion over vast tracts of territory/ people.

In the other, he holds a magical Wand. Out the top, along the shaft of this wondrous living thing sprouts greenery and blossoms flourish. His creative zeal, in constant, robust activity, from which ideas, projects, work for his citizenry abounds. Creating affluence..

Look deep into the heart of this successful person. I defy you to find one shred of greed, avarice or debauchery. A leader, a true hero, a noble soul working everyday in everyway to make life better, for all. Much like you, Sagittarius…..

N.B. I received quite a few comments from Sages last week. My Moon is in Sagittarius. I can relate to what Sage has been going through. Considered a harsh transit, Pluto, no fun as anyone who has been through a Pluto impact on their horoscope will tell you. Pluto  hit every single personal planet in my chart.

It went over my ascendant ostensibly hitting all the major house cusps. Meaning:

  • My physical body.
  • My home, family.
  • My most intimate partnerships.
  • My profession.

With that said, I’ve never had as horrid a transit in my entire life. At 63 years of age and today, is my birthday, I say that Saturn in Sagittarius has been, hands down the worst transit, ever. It almost killed me.

With respect and deep solidarity for my fellow Sagittarians, I say:”Please, Stay Strong.”  October 2017 is liberation month.

Sunday to Monday: Your ruler, Jupiter, continues his 12 month transit ending, October 2017,  through your solar house of friends, social groups, associates from your profession. But more importantly, Sagittarius, your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future.

During the upcoming, 21/2 days, the Moon traverses your solar horoscope of intimate/close partnerships, both marital/ business, BFF’s, as well, open enemies, contracts, large important business deals. Monday,  look to social groups, friends for interesting activities to enjoy with your mate or BFF. Conducive vibes in your hood are promised while the Sun remains in your house of short trips, errand, siblings, calls, communication to February 18, 2017.

Tuesday/ Wednesday money matters have your partner worrying. Naturally this is off putting. Are there disagreements with spending concerning your children? If yes, take a breath, step away, especially today. The planets are not in an agreeable mode. Leave the BIG TALK until another time. Over the next 30 days or so, your creative heart beats like a big bass drum. Find your medium. Express how life, love, work, prayer, art, literature is for you.

With Venus accompanying Mars in your solar house of children, money from real estate, inheritances, speculative ventures, Fight the urge to spend the whole ball of wax on all the above mentioned people, places or events. Nothing spells success like a little nest egg for the purposes of  a rainy day, down the road a bit.

Thursday/ Friday get ready for the Full Moon happening in your in your favourite zone. Look to foreign climes, people from abroad, publisher. Lawyers, legal issues, political matters, foreign/ domestic policies are top of mind. You discover a real cool older person in your hood, Thursday. Perhaps walking the dog, shopping for baby clothes, or perusing the new arrivals at your favourite second hand book store.

Wherever it takes, the seed is planted and root spring forth., Try as you might , you can’t help but be pulled in by the magic of human curiosity, the need/ the desire for contact with another person.

First, they melt the ice by complimenting you on your eldest child, or your beloved pet or a creative project you simply cannot stop raving on about. By the time the yardarm strikes noon so ensconced in your conversation, the afternoon has slipped by.

Ain’t it the truth? A little social meetup like this, et Voila. You’re chatting like an old married couple. Your extensive travel log, their mastery of winemaking,  your favourite books on the state of particle physic, they grandchildren, the Hadron Collider in Cern. And why the heck haven’t they found concrete evidence for  ‘dark matter’ yet? Mystics have been describing it all for millennia. Politics, astrology, the whole gamut. The whole shebang,  thoroughly vetted by the time you two ‘ fast friends’ are through.

Friday as the Full Moon peaks later in the p.m. seek out your favourite imported beer, wine or spirits. Time to entertain at home.  Look for a get together. Incorporate your eclectic assortment of  friends, foreigners, an newly minted friends in your locale.  Social groups, clubs are all involved.

Saturday, career, your boss, professional liaisons, authorities and your public persona merge with your home, family, ancestors. Ancient myths, tales about the sea, combine with imbibing a little vino for ‘spirited’ discussions. Enjoy the fantasies/ imaginings, you weave so well with those you love the most.

Capricorn.svg    CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

TAROT CARD VI OF WANDS: Victory, success, triumph. As one of the most joyful cards with respect to success in creative endeavours, business.Given the correct cards surrounding it, in love too. Pictured is a hero riding his white steed draped in a green cloak, the horse of course! It symbolizes the returning ‘hero’ in all of us. Imagine if we celebrated our internal victories: Overcoming envy, releasing our parents from our adult criticisms, embracing our defeats, not as such, rather our soul’s growing down as the famous Jungian James Hillman wrote in “Soul’s Code”. If you haven’t read it already. I highly recommend it. It too like the VI of Wands, celebrates our Soul’s journey. Each moment if we could just detach from the charge of emotion, the need to analyse the minutia of our lives. And see even the most dire of experiences, open our awareness/our consciousness. Ain’t that something to celebrate?

Wow!!! Capricorn, how do you do it? I mean the surge of power, influence and dynamism swirling around you, leaving little love notes from the Gods at your every footfall. I am impressed. Again. Wow!!!

Sunday/Monday, it would appear your home, family, ancestors, interests in secured assets, including real estate. And as well, end of life issues demand your attention. Your exalted ruler, Mars in Aries, in the above described area of your solar chart, reads like the bio of a tycoon on the verge of great renown.

In the upcoming 30 days, your home is control central vis a vis the litany of planets(read; activity galore) occupying your homebase. Put this good use, to maximum effect by starting a useful project. You may consider a renovation under these stars.

People who supply services to you: Labourers, plumbers, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians. Right through to your housekeeper/nanny describe with a compelling voice their ideas, desires and briefly, if you are listening, like you need to be. You will hear concerns, considerations which had not been understood before. Beware of electrical problems, or machinery around your home early/ to mid morning, Monday.

Tuesday/ Wednesday sees a real uptick in activity. The following are areas lit up by this confluence of celestial action: Partnerships of all sorts, sizes and complexions. First there is a loving, peaceful conversation regarding home affairs. From elder care to repainting the basement. No matter what the topic, remember you heard it here first. Secondly, someone’s bruised ego gets his/her/ze nose bent out of shape. This erupts and the game is on. Like a stack of dominoes, you watch as ‘familial’ peace is dashed. Your partner is snubbed. While neighbours drop a nebulous request. Owing to the subtlety of this remark, it’s lost in the parody of the “Hatfields and McCoys” the family is presently acting out.

Thursday/ Friday as the gunpowder cloud drifts off, into the sunset, the tension over the last couple of days ceases. Praise be to God! Mercury in your personal house of finances, cash, jewellery, designers outfits,shoes, purses, suits or running shoes, briefcases and so on are highlighted over the next 3 weeks.

Seek out an accountant, a lawyer or some professional  person to guide you. Unlike the right wing fascists alive/ kicking around the globe. And presently  running the largest economy in the free world (what an oxymoron, emphasis on the root of this word; Moron).

Fortunately Canadians have yet to abandon a “professional’s “ opinion over the ravings of an underdeveloped, sexual perverse geriatric 70 year old. And prefer to seek out said professional’s opinion when required.

( Please can someone let me know exactly when intelligence, informed opinions by trained articulate people become a detriment? Something to be ashamed of, repudiated and scorned? Please explain it to me!)

Friday’s Full Moon places emphasis on the finances of your partner. Business associate, best friend. Or an open enemies pocket book balance is revealed. Stunning everyone. Who knew. Seek out the best professional advice you can afford. Especially if your marital partner is under water.

Saturday the heat is off. You look to the following: Higher learning, professors, lawyers, foreigners, educated people of merit and accomplishment. Go Capricorn Go.

Aquarius.svg    AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

TAROT CARD ARCANUM VI THE LOVERS; Okay Aquarius, why are you holding out about your new love interest? If love is not your ken, a major decision requires you search your Soul. Delve deep. Look into your heart. You must choose between the profound or the profane? I mean the answer, to my way of thinking is pretty darned obvious. I am no rocket scientist,  but what numbskull would want the profane? I guess we just witnessed this exact question being answered. The former was picked for Prez. I guess every epoch has its quota of fools that Fate deems necessary to paraded out in public. Is it in order for us as a collective,as  humanity writ large: We share the same air, water, earth, fire. Regardless, you’re a billionaire or poor as a pauper, we must rely on one another. No one, absolutely, no one is inured  if from this factoid. So here’s the skiffy. You must make a decision. Door number One or Door number Two? It’s your call. Choose.

Aquarius how is birthday month treating you so far? I hope it’s filled with the ones you love. Not things we are told we need.  It has been a weird couple of years. I mean normally Aquarians have a coterie of people they share their eccentric point of view with, or establish a pocket protector club, or have a patent pending on their new eyeglass cleaning unit. Point being, they normally have friends. But with Saturn in Sagittarius, this whole area of life has been scorched. Have you noticed since September 2016, with Jupiter’s ingress into Libra, things have lifted? Even if, only ever so lightly.

Sunday/ Monday your dance card my sweet scientific geek, is full. Activity, action, flux is apparent in your solar house of entertainment, children, money from secured investments, inheritances. And of course, your creative genius. Your locale, your hood (to coin the vernacular of the day. See I too can sound hip,too.  HA!).

Short trips, errands, communications are at a frenzied pitch for the next month. As well a female neighbor is on the warpath. My advice is: Let it Be. Do not engage in any kind of exchange likely fraught with traps, snags and faux pas.

First, you will not win. Second, you will both be neighbors come the next day. That’s right. So do not provoke or react. Monday looks exciting except,  Uranus is in play. Thus, rendering a definitive directive impossible. You will have to play this one out on your own. Sorry no advice here.

Tuesday/ Wednesday Yipee, Mercury is in the House. Yo dude, it means you have 3 weeks to figure out what needs be done. In any effort,  it is reassuring to know the Smarts are with You. Yes, exactly like the Force from Star Wars.

Money matter remain an elusive chimera for you right into 2025. It makes sense to speak to a financial advisor. Trust this person deeply, for obvious reasons, he/ she/ ze must be vetted completely.

There is a powerful, dark force working behind the scenes. Obscured from your purview. Trust me when I say, screwing with the powers that be, is a dangerous game. Forewarned is Forearmed.

Wednesday, look to those who offer services to you. Despite an upset with a neighbor, a sibling, or through a message, or text, try to just, let it go.. Support arrives from unexpected sources. Outrage at the lack of  kindness, civility and mannered interactions has everyone complaining.

Thursday/Friday, the Full Moon in your solar house of partnership, marital or business, contracts, open enemies, your BFF, are riding high, super enthused over this weekend. You discover an aggressive female in your locale is playing both you and your partner off against one another. Don’t get sucked in. Friday at approximately 04:30 p.m be together with your partner, if possible. Enjoy your romance and all the wonderful feelings, and trust you have i. The power of the full moon to draw lovers out across the globe is legendary.Display your emotional range. Be the Lovers in the Tarot, choose the profound.

Saturday, income, cash, possessions, liquid assets, money on hand are all part of the conversation,  you and your partner have today. Good news, your partners finances are in pretty good shape. Take a page from their playbook.

Pisces.svg    PISCES February 19 – March 20

TAROT CARD ACE OF PENTACLES: The Aces are in a league of their own. Prosperity, good money luck, happy outcomes in business, with loans and mortgages etc… Financial blessing  pour out with the Ace of Pentacles.What lies behind the Ace of Pentacles?a And this is true for all the Ace. Twenty two cards differentiate Tarot from our normal playing deck. The Magus, is the archetypal energy behind each Ace. He  is a magical figure, (like Prospero in William Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’)

It is the Magi’s hand  bursting out of the cloud offering whatever object, in this case, a pentacle is being offered. Only the Aces hold this imagery. The image of course focuses one’s eyes on the object being held. More importantly, this the hand, we extend in  friendship, love, caring. healing.And too the hands we use to harm one another. Here in lies the message of the ACES. Are our hands used for peace for love for healing  or for war. It is up to each person to decide.

Sunday/ Monday over the next 2 1/2 days opportunities arise allowing time for work on your home. Utilise this time while the Moon is gaining her strength As she graciously moves toward the Full Moon phase on Friday. Real estate issues, matters connected to the paternal side of your family, end of life subjects are rife with the warp and woof of the Moon transiting this area of your chart.

Your exalted ruler Venus sits in your solar house of money, assets, possessions, things, objects not nailed down. While Mars transits with his beloved consort, Venus in your solar this house over the next month or so.

With this comes money flying out of your chequing account. Be sure what you are purchasing is really necessary. Monday beware of what you say, the tone you use, all these habits/affectations are amplified under a harsh aspect to Neptune. Be mindful, an important message could get misconstrued.

Tuesday/ Wednesday the energy shifts away from your home, familial issues to speculative ventures, your children, creative projects.Your love for music, dance, entertainment of all kinds especially film is undeniable.

Children and you income or a creative project, money, personal assets clash as demands are made.However, funds may not be readily available. Wednesday, disruptions are a ‘Wake Up’ call and come early this morning.

Many of these distractions are simply that, noise to be dismissed, but certain matters require your unfaltering focused attention. Prioritize the necessary duties. Use your time effectively.

Thursday/Friday with the full Moon around the corner highlighting your solar house of skills,  people who serve you,  professionals who offer their expertise and crafts to you. From the lawyers to plumbers, from doctors to carpenters, dentists to veterinarians. Every type of service you use will be highlighted.

Jupiter your ruler is transiting the house of  your  partners finances, loans mortgages and the available cash. Tread carefully when asking questions. The financial picture of both marital and business partners has improved dramatically since September 2016. The trend will continues to October 2017.

Friday at 04:35 p.m. the Full Moon sets off a series of interesting, important events,circumstances required for you Pisces to absorb the soul’s attempt at growth. The following areas of your solar horoscope: People who offer you services. Secret/ hidden matters, including large institutions, hospitals, prisons, large corporations, charities. It must be emphasized, this particular area of your solar horoscope also adds:self undoing.

Be mindful that people involved in any of the situations, events of a 12th house nature do not have your best interests at heart. Your finances, an extremely important component to the wellbeing of your own life. But also those who depend on you getting it right. Your family, from aging parents, to children. Or the people who rely on the income they receive from you.  Your precious pets, who each time they look at you,,, all the time? All they do is look at you filled with love. The entire cast of characters who are your life, involved with because they too love you, are caught up in this scenario. Your skills, abilities, talents. How you run your daily life.

Saturday, still fortified and strong the Moon shifts into your house of partnership both marital and business. Contracts, best friends, open enemies are still players in your weekend. With the Sun sitting in your solar house of rest and recuperation take the next few weeks to relax, enjoy your own space and rejuvenate. Rumour has it: February 18 2017 something big, really big is in the air. Hmm?  I wonder what the Stars might be talking about….hmm? Guess we’ll just have to wait & see. Until then… Good Luck !!

The End.