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Greetings To All the loyal, sophisticated and global supporters of our dear friend and fantastic Astrologer, Tim Stephens! And many thanks for your continued support of Tim. TIM HAS JUST UNDERGONE THROAT AND BACKBONE SURGERY, AND WILL RETURN TO WRITE THE BLOG IN 3 WEEKS. I will keep you abreast, minute by minute,  as soon as I get an update on his progress, I promise.  But until then guys, you are stuck with me. LOL.

Let me introduce myself for those who are unfamiliar with my work. I have been a professional astrologer for nearly 4 decades. I have loved astrology with a passion since my early teens, and I started reading Tarot Cards at the age of 12.

Like many young boomers of the day we had a unique fascination with all things Eastern and occult-like: Astrology, Tarot cards, Carl Jung, Aleister Crowley, Buddhism. For instance, reading Siddhartha at 12 was inspiring. Reading the sacred scrolls from the Chinese Book of Changes, “The I Ching” with the still famous translation Jung commissioned and wrote the foreword to, these texts were a true mental turn-on. By the way, Jung studied very closely the Mystic Arts. He did an interesting study of 500 marriages, employing over 1,000 horoscopes. Through his control group he studied the ascendant, the Sun and Moon, Venus and Mars in the charts of these 500 married people. His conclusion was that more than 96.8% of the time each partner had the same rising, Sun or Moon, Venus or Mars made a significant aspect with their romantic partner. Very interesting stuff of a scientific nature in the proof of efficacy of astrology. So shocked was Jung by these results he conducted the test 3 more time with the same results. And in my opinion, astrology when it is properly practised, is our only reliable measure of objective reality.

As young people, we wanted a different perspective from the “Leave it to Beaver” upbringings of our childhood. So rather than place my trust, my fate in the hands of the school system of the day: science, language, mathematics, algebra and so on; I began what would turn out to be and continues today, a half century quest. 50 years of studying the occult, specifically Tarot and Astrology, Tea leaf readings and the I Ching. I am a predictive astrologer as opposed to psychological astrologer, which is what many modern astrologers employ.

Honestly, I can say, for a fact, there is no other reliable observable objective reality other than Astrology. Why I say this is because we, each one of us, are sub-lunar beings, meaning we live on Earth and starting with the Moon as our first celestial orb, in constant motion above us, ergo we are sub(below) the Moon. Astrology holds a unique, powerful and brilliant place in the pantheon of sciences. And it is unequivocally, no pseudo-science. Anyone who has studied astrology, actually used it, watched the constant motions of the celestial wanderers known as planets; anyone who has followed a Moon cycle; anyone who has recently, a few weeks past as of this post, gazed on the waning Moon square, (meaning the Moon going into her balsamic phase with Jupiter at a 90 degree angle to her); anyone who breathes; has consciousness – is alive – cannot help but see all this as it relates to our planet, our lives, our pets, our loved ones. One cannot dismiss it. You would have to be brain dead, seriously, to not get the “drift”.

Astrology is subtle. Prediction is arduous. And no one can tell you the future, but given the correct data: correct time of birth; correct place of birth; correct location of birth – as a predictive astrologer, which is what I do, you can, and I do say more than I know. There are many types of astrologers, horary, psychological, evolutionary, sideral, many types. But I, like Tim, am a predictive astrologer.

So people, it is with this attitude, this knowledge, this passion, this commitment to my Art that I will try to give you an interesting read for your weekly horoscope. Normally, the work I do is natal astrology, business and corporate, as well mundane – this is astrology used to predict outcomes in the global arena. For me this means predicting political matters.  Please let me know how I am doing, I would really like to know, either way:  yay or nay. But please remember I am not Tim Stephens so my approach, while different, I can safely say I agree with Tim that astrology is about prediction. And astrology never lies, or makes a mistake. Astrology is an eternal “ism”. Only the human reading the stars is culpable for making a mistake. Prediction is possible but very difficult.

So with that, Hello,… I am Diana Warwick. Kindly email me or call me at:

diana.warwick@gmail.com or telephone 604.440.2317 or 604.971.0832.
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At the beginning of each sign please note, I have cast a Tarot card for each sign for the week’s horoscope. Just a little extra for your entertainment and hopefully, illumination.  Kindly enjoy the following:

Aries.svg   ARIES March 21 – April 19

TAROT CARD X OF CUPS: Joy, happy family, unity, harmony, a blissfully happy family event occurs over the next 10 weeks. Enjoy the fruits of creating and maintaining this harmonious family hearth and home. Everyone you know enjoys the fruits of your hard earned labour and your enormous generosity.

Sunday through to Tuesday noon, Aries, lay low, play the “behind the scenes” game. Meaning don’t let the opposition see anything, hold your cards close to your chest. Despite this sage advice, you likely feel like a racehorse setting off on the Triple Crown, raring to go, to do, to act, to initiate a program, a plan, a new strategy. With your ruler Mars in Aries over the next 41 days, little can stop you! This means you have carte blanche to ‘Go For It’. Attack, charge, full steam ahead wherever your primary directive is, Just do it! Get my drift? With this kind of celestial kismet, most are powerless to your charms, positivity, courage and resolve. Little  impedes your path. Your 10th house of career, professional liaisons, bosses, those in positions of authority, all these are marked by an impressively strong impenetrable person. As if a Marvel Comic matinee hero just landed in your career house, this gent/gal holds power, speaks with authority, has sway with all the right people. And this all takes place at your work site, in public view.

Things lighten up come Wednesday, especially, if Ms/Mr. Charisma sporting a black vinyl catsuit wielding a whip is focusing negative gossip your way. Be wise, just listen. This is the stuff “power trips” are energized by. You could also be seen a major player; the person wielding the ‘whip”. Better to be the whipper than the whipped, right? Wednesday through Friday AM – OMG you are pumping on all cylinders aren’t you? With the Moon in your sign Tuesday until late Thursday your charisma, sex appeal, powers of persuasion are magnificent. Just allow the accolades and adoration to pour all over you, you sexy thing you! And as if it couldn’t get any better, now with the entrance of Venus into your house of skill, wit, talent, personality, and character, you are like a pheromone laced super-charged “Attractathon”. I know it’s not a real word. But there is no word amazing enough to describe the immense attraction, waves of pounding sex appeal you exude. Wow, either that or a very appealing, supercharged lady comes into your life over the next 29.5 days. Hey it’s Saturday, could you relax? Just chill with an interesting eccentric, scientifically oriented secularist, humanitarian? Good, ‘cause that’s what’s on tap.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS April 20 – May 20

TAROT CARD KNIGHT OF SWORDS: Avoid rushing pell-mell into a project, a battle without thoroughly checking every angle. You are ill prepared for the fight. Be wise. Do not rush in. Wait, listen, watch and hold off on any reactive response.

Taurus you start this year in fine fettle. Sunday to Tuesday early PM you are perplexed by an enigmatic, charming mystery afoot in your orbit. Watch as this unfolds over the next 3 days. Change is a big component of the following mystery.  It’s connected with those directly involved with your career, public persona, your boss or your reputation. Likely a social or dance group, perhaps an art lovers community are involved. Regardless of the strong magnetic attraction, and your passion for art, dance, literature, poetry and  theatre, Be Warned, there is something not being revealed: meaning these groups are either over indulging in booze, dope, prescription medication etc. or some hidden activity which is not revealed. A woman of great physical beauty is involved until Thursday PM. Sorry, I can’t be more specific. I simply cannot put my finger on it, you see somethings are not revealed, sometimes matters are cloaked in an seductive fog. And one just has to wait and see. Thus, you may want to curb your participation, not quit just cool it, Capiche?

This next ominous prediction is loaded. Over the next 41 days starting Sunday secret, covert, martial, aggressive actions are undercover, hidden from view affecting matters connected to large hospitals, prisons, charity organizations or a chronic health matter connected to you. The topper is these activities/concerns are instigated by or emanate from a business  partner, a very tight personal friend or your love interest, your partner. I hope this is not the case, but let’s remember, O Gentle Taurus, Forewarned Is Forearmed!

Meanwhile, again starting Sunday working through to Wednesday, higher learning, foreign travel, in-laws, legal issues, courts, settlements through lawyers are literally ablaze in your Solar chart. An extremely powerful, spiritually inclined, but in reality, a more intensely, psychologically sophisticated, yet oddly gossipy, articulate to the nines, extremely ambitious, powerful individual is in your midst. Or is in communication with you from abroad. This individual actually has the power via their intense personality and their overwhelming commitment to their agenda to change your worldview, Taurus. Yes! Taurus known for your stubborn, dogged nature, of all the zodiac signs, Taurus, you alone are the strongest, physically speaking. And it’s true of your mindset, opinions, outlook on life. You will be hypnotized, sucked in like an innocent child. Beware! It could be a cult. Seriously, this person is like a Darth Vader/ Loki combo. The Nordic myths speak about word magic or “thaumaturgy”. The Vikings used it, Wickens practice it. Thaumaturgy, word magic, is like a brainwashing technique actually for the practitioner, hoping to command time and space. But this “Magician” is actually conjuring/ casting verbal spells, arguments, call it what you will, using word magic.

Tuesday and Wednesday, there occurs a shocking revelation – it was hidden, you had no clue about it, however, over these two days, this covert issue erupts, is exposed, comes to light. The foreign ‘magician’ is somehow pulling the strings! Thursday there are indications this person (or it may be a large consortium, very powerful), from foreign climes will have a direct impact on your finances, liquidity or possessions, items not fastened down, such as cash, jewellery, designer fashions. The good news is your drive, sex appeal, powers of attraction and general bien etre,  soar after 6:00 PM Thursday through to Saturday. Remember, Friday begins a 29.5 day period of  direct experiences or adventure through large institutions, hospitals, charities or prisons or an issue connected to a chronic health concern. Saturday, communications from lawyers, judges, gurus,  foreigners or a travel plans are in the ethers…   Enjoy.

Gemini.svg   GEMINI May 21 – June 20

TAROT CARD: ARCANUM XIII DEATH: Changes are afoot regardless if you are ready or not. No you are NOT going to die. But like a butterfly must shed its cocoon in order to actually become a butterfly, so must you clever Gemini. So kiss whatever ‘it is’ so long. Embrace the constant, change.

Here we go Gemini, follow this closely. Sunday to Tuesday PM, your career,  professionalism, public persona, authorities, those in positions of power, your CEO, for example, all sit up and take notice of you, maybe.  Certainly you have your eyes, ears and nose trained on them. Why? Because there is “something wrong in the state of Denmark”. You have Neptune, the gas giant, in this most concrete, influential of houses in your horoscope aka an angular house: Translation: very Important, strong influences at play orbiting the house of profession, where you extract an income from, your job, your livelihood. No matter if you’re pumping gas for a living or making billion dollar deals with an international flare the presence/ influence of Neptune persists until 2025. And over the following 2.5 days, this is exacerbated, churned up by the Moon. Not to mention, Venus has been sitting pretty (make that extremely beautiful) in this sector of your chart until February 3, 2017.

While many modern astrologers love to wax on about Neptune being the ‘higher octave’ of Venus, extolling how Neptune is a real tickety-boo influence, not to mention their assertion it is also the modern ruler of Pisces. I couldn’t disagree more vehemently. Neptune is full of nuance, he swims both ways. And in Pisces is sure to deceive, or maybe not, who can say?  Not really letting you know you are in the subtle midst of a con, a mystery, a fog that rolls in, moist and cool off the ocean thus creating havoc and danger for ancient mariners and us mere modern mortals alike. No, this presence of Neptune in this house I would conjecture would only work if you are a movie star, a conman, or a magician. But for the rest of us, it will only create confusion. It will be difficult to pin down anything from those in positions of authority. One day it’s “Sure you have my full support”. Then the next day “What the hell were you thinking”. And back and forth this “game” will play out. Jerking your professional patience to the max. My advice, for what it is worth, is, be very observant. Be still. Watch as this gaseous nebulous wanderer makes mincemeat out of those in authority. Those in positions of power will be incoherent in their ramblings much like a certain individual presently running the USA . One day the twitter will praise and the next, rip you to shreds. Be very careful, in all your public dealings.

You have been cushioned recently, since January 3rd, 2017 by exalted, magnificent Venus in her splendour in Pisces. And as a result, luck has surrounded matters of not only your profession but those of a covert nature, involving hidden issues, large corporations, hospitals, prisons, charities etc.  And too, chronic health issues.  But this comes to an abrupt end on Friday. The veil, the veneer is ripped right off. Also be aware from Sunday through Tuesday, while your intention is set on borrowed money, the funds of a business or marital partner by Thursday, these power moves you thought were a sure thing could land you in a difficult position, especially if gambling or entertainment is part of this odd mix. Need I remind you, partnerships have been, how shall I put it? Frosty, serious, without mirth since December 2014. So any dealings with other people’s money had better be on the up and up cause Karma is a bitch, be wise, be prudent. Don’t pilfer or fiddle anything that is not yours to begin with. And shed the idea you have an exceptional, unique brilliance of perception, an x-ray vision if you will or a unique comprehension of the machinations of borrowed money, mortgages, loans or the cash of your partner, because you do not – unless you are a professional financial person, Gemini. Friends, social groups, causes beckon Wednesday, Thursday. Friday and Saturday, lay low, relax, have a glass of wine, smoke a blunt but for heaven’s sake dispel your fears/concerns for the moment regarding professional concerns. One cannot solve the whole mystery in a day, so chill.

Cancer.svg    CANCER June 21 – July 22

TAROT CARD: THE ACE OF WANDS: Wow the force is indeed with you! Manifest yourself as the creative tour de force you are. Drive straight forward with your creative inspiration. Reap the great benefit of your innate creative verve, instincts and intuition. All of which emanates as if out of nowhere over the next 12 months. Proceed knowing you have God’s Blessings.

Sweet tender Cancer, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: you are sensitive, emotional, intuitive, a fabulous cook ( or at the very least you know all the best restaurants in town), great with kids, loving towards your family and home. Yet you carry an exterior that most find impenetrable. Your “shell” is there to protect you, especially because of your tender innards, with your ‘heart on the sleeve’ persona. O yes, you are shy. You do not boast about your many talents and skills. You have an ability to master skills, talents, an inherent genius for mastery of the domestic sciences. You may be a physicist, a journalist, a scientist, a high school teacher, a nurse or a cop. Regardless of these many skills you so readily achieve, your needlepoint work and your quilting plus your apple pie… is to die for, simply out of this world. And should a person, a pet, a job, anything get through your tough persona (read; crust) into that tender interior, you will hang onto them with all your might.

Ever been bit by a crab? They are strong little critters, ouch! And you never let go, Cancer, ever. Especially if you are in love (and you tend to fall in love for life). You hang in for the duration: tenacity, this is your word. Retiring, self effacing, giving up centre stage for your more outgoing mate, children or siblings, you are not envious of their ability to entertain or play the buffoon, no rather you see he/she/ze would not be the person, pet or job without this quality, so Sweet Cancer, rather than compete or harbour envy, you nurture, yeah, you show LOVE. The Dalai Lama recently said ”Love everyone, Love the way the Mother Loves the Child”. Imagine if we followed his advice? Cancer this is just how you act in the world. Did I mention you have an extraordinary ability to recall the minutiae of every memory of things, events, pets and people from your past?

The one flaw I have observed from the Cancers I know and love, is for some reason, when the Moon is in her dignity, her rulership, and sits in Cancer; my Cancers get really cranky, moody and are quite a handful. But more of this anon. Sunday to Tuesday around 4:00 PM sees your interests, your vitality, personality leaning towards higher learning. But this is no ordinary university is it?  You’ve been engaged likely for some time and will continue to until 2025. Yes, an extraordinary study, isn’t it?  Something you keep very private:  an esoteric, occult or mystery school. If this is not the case, then you may find yourself in the middle of a film, theatre or art school. And yes, you will excel in this creative milieu. My one proviso is, avoid indulging in mind altering drugs, alcohol or debauchery of an intellectual or spiritual nature.

Sunday to Thursday, discussions with your partner, business or marital or with a bestie (BFF) turns to the TALK. Yes the subject of money, their money, borrowed money, mortgages, loans etc. are not only intense – to put it mildly, they are downright transformative. Not a comfortable conversation to say the least. Nonetheless ‘the talk’ you must have. It will start with a discussion about the ‘other’s, aka your partner’s’ finances. And as conversations tend to go, it will morph, splatter into issues connected to your siblings, your locale, your community, your neighbours and communications, emails, texts etc. It may well include discussions re counselling, perhaps a financial advisor is required. O and by the way, your indulgence in higher learning, law, foreign affairs, in-laws, that mystery school you are attending and learning how to cast a “Harry Potter” accio spell? well all that gets caught up in this intense (read: Heavy, Controlling; Oppressive) conversation. Then as happenstance would have it, (cause s**t always comes in threes haven’t you noticed?), the conversation which was contained to those two areas, now balloons, spreads like an STD, to include your public reputation, your career, your boss, those in positions of authority, the government, need I say more? You get my drift.

And Tuesday through Thursday, your boss, your immediate supervisor, who ever it is you report to exclusively, acts in an extremely authoritarian, ruthless, warring manner. My advice is either:  stand up if (and this is a BIG IF), if you have, for sure, the truth or facts on the subject on your side. Otherwise just nod politely, do not incite any more rage by accidentally smiling or moving your eyebrows – freeze Bucko.  Just slowly back out of the room, maintaining eye contact with this rabid creature that is your boss.  Do not let he/she/ze see your internal terror, just slowly very slowly, retreat out of the room sideways like a crab, LOL. Friday, continue practising your spells, or whatever you have mastered through your recent and ongoing sojourn through higher learning etc.  Saturday, seek out the comfort of good friends and social groups to commiserate regarding the events of this harrowing week. Discuss, analyse, gossip with solid, close friends. Two heads are better than one, right?  Good Luck!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO July 23 – August 22

TAROT CARD THE QUEEN OF PENTACLES:  A beautiful women who gazes into a small glass globe of the world she holds in her bejewelled hand. Our Queen is likely a Capricorn or Taurus, maybe a Virgo (this could be their Sun Moon or Ascendant), she enters your orbit, Leo. A beauty for sure, a beauty of certain health, wealth and wisdom. Do yourself an enormous favour, Leo, if she\ze is offering you advice, especially if the offered advice concerns finances, real estate, gems or Art, follow her dictum to the letter. She is enormously successful. Let’s hope some of her stardust sprinkles land on your Lucky Leo lap!

Leo, let’s try and see what’s cookin’ in your neck of the woods, shall we? Over the upcoming 7 days partnership, business and marital plus very close personal friends, (you know those you would confide your darkest, deepest secrets to), these people are lit up like a Christmas tree! You are in no position to argue or show your pouty face or be disagreeable with. Do not do act out Leo. No, this is not your time to pivot it all to “me, myself and I”.  I know, it is very difficult to be you and not be the centre of the Universe, after all this is the natural order, right? But Leo you forget, once every 12 months, like a curse in a Grimm’s fairy tale… it comes back. Always in the winter. Yes! Winter is Coming! Those cold, dark, long foreboding winter days and everlasting nights. And you know it’s coming, don’t you? You’re aware of this indignity you needs must suffer: The Sun in Aquarius, ahhh!  And for 30 whole days, 30 long cold nights!!!

How can the Gods be so craven, be this cruel, selfish, unconcerned with you? Leo, the Star, the front man/woman\they, the funniest person at the party, the best dressed, the great gold watch, the fabulous hair like the mane of a Lion. You, Leo, the snappy dresser, who women love, men love, they/we all love you, I love you! You are really hard not to adore, place on a pedestal, to admire, to flatter, and flatter, and flatter some more. Magnificent Leo, sorry buddy, but get to the end of the line, it’s not your turn this month.

Sunday through Thursday, you have a major snafu (I really want to swear here cause this is No snafu, it is a major screwup, ya dig?). Your subordinates, those who offer you a service, it could be your employees, your housekeeper, your doctor, your notary public, your sanitation engineer, your postie – omg it could be YOUR HAIRDRESSER, ahhhh! You understand who I am speaking of, right? People, humanity who serve you, Leo. Needless to say they are, how to put this delicately: uppity?  Look, you are facing a tour de force, a force of nature, so overwhelming it is larger than a neutron bomb. Today, Sunday, presently, YES today, is about to explode in this area of your horoscope, (I just hope to hell you haven’t done anything untoward recently to piss these people off). You will find out this week, cause Karma it seems is instant these day.

Moving on, there is something in the house of finances of your mate, business partner, or open enemy or mortgages you have or loans you owe, that smells like a three day old fish on your kitchen counter. Stinky! Leo, my friend, it is connected to the following: children of your partner, meaning, your step-children especially the first born child, large social groups your mate is a member of,  people who work for the government or large agency, corporation. Behemoths few of us ever have an opportunity to meet, let alone discuss financial matters with. And unfortunately, your house of self-undoing is in play as well. Yes Leo, your chronic health matters are under a veil, a fog, a blanket of mystery. Very similar to the financial issue described above. Advice: Go, no Run! to your doctor, find out what is going on health-wise. {PLEASE BE ADVISED *** I am NOT a doctor, I am an astrologer; therefore, I am giving this admonishment as a WARNING: I am NOT a medical person. I do not wish to alarm you but follow this advice. Of course, ultimately: Do what thou wilt****}.

This influence re: health, finances of  your significant ”other” really needs your attention, Sunday through Tuesday.  By Wednesday, Thursday, the effluence floating in your house of skilled people, those offering you services, your housekeeper, your gardener, your secretary or lawyer, doctor or your staff are ignited by a circumstance, an event, perhaps a male instigator from a foreign land. The explosion, electric shock, lightning bolt however you want me to describe this monumental upset to the status quo takes place over the next 2 days. It will come from: legal quarters, people in places of higher learning, judges maybe, foreigners for sure. Hunker down, get ready cause the splatter is ubiquitous. O, by the way, your career sector is equally fogged up, those in positions of authority, your boss, people you report to, your public image, your public persona/reputation, all this in your career house: remember my admonishment re karma etc. on Sunday?  Well by late Thursday PM through Saturday, this sector, your career, how you make your income, your profession, from whence your cash flows, is like it got hit by a wave, a tsunami and the effects of the financial quandary profoundly, especially on Friday at 12:00 PM put you on your derriere.

Having said all the above I now offer you this nibble of hope. Saturday, reflect on the above, review your week past. Now take solace, count your blessings because there is great comfort, peace, tranquility, wisdom, beauty, art, philosophy and yes mirth, joy and happiness in the following areas of your life Leo: your locale, immediate neighbours, short trips, your siblings, communications of all types from texts to Instagram through to a love letter. All these marvels we so often take for granted, present themselves like honoured servants at your feet Leo. Why? Because they love you, that’s why. And cranky, solitary, stiff, seemingly cold child is really just waiting for you to come to him/her/ze. Confide in them, talk to them, show them that parents, adults also have vulnerabilities. And sometimes Life will knock you down. You can hit the ground hard.  But Leo what is important isn’t that you get knocked back a peg or two. O no, it’s how you, Leo with your dignity intact, your pride, your self confidence, your hair perfectly coiffed,  stand up again, to fight another day. This is what is so impressive about you, Leo. Good Luck.

Virgo.svg     VIRGO August 23 – September 22

TAROT CARD ARCANUM XX JUDGMENT: Gabriel’s Horn Blows Aloud. All Humanity are stunned, bewildered by the force, the reverberation the sound of his trumpet makes. But here is the skiffy; you are about to enter an entirely new phase of Life. Over the upcoming 20 months, watch as you rejuvenate like a salamander regrows his lost tail. You will prevail. And now the new dawn is upon you. Rejoice!

O dear Virgo, chaste, pure, acutely intellectual, physically a classic beauty always and forever. Since November 2015 and continuing until May 2017 you’ve been heading forward, not gazing back. No, you do not turn your head to look at Sodom and Gomorrah fall. No turning into a pillar of salt for you my dear. Rather this period is more like a rush to the goal post at the end of the final quarter. You have the ball and are heading for the winning touchdown. Yes, extremely well played, you’ve done it. And only a few more months, 4 to be exact.  It’s as though you actually planned it this way, but you and I know this is not the case. You have observed over these past, what will come to be, 18 months, as of May 2017,  a total evisceration of your house of partnership, significant other, open enemies, business partners, your wife perhaps your husband. Yes, you have witnessed it all fall through your hands like sand in a hour glass. And there was nothing you could do about it. The more you turned and struggled and fought to maintain the status quo, the quicker the sand would slip through the tiny pipe. Finally, not because of your brains, for which you have a lot, but owing to humans, like all creatures who dwell with us beneath the Moon, we know, we are, all food for the Moon, and you accepted that change is the only constant in this world. No matter what you did, how much you compromised, promised, lied, fabricated, no matter what amazing story you fed those who dwell in your house of partnership, marriage, business, besties, deepest friends, or open enemies they have all changed, if not physically, then there is no denying it, your relationships are not the same. It’s okay. You have to do what is necessary, you need be practical.

Your primary motivation in life is for physical security. You need to know you have cash in the bank, a roof over your head and where your next meal is coming from, or you are one nutty Virgo. And that is not a pretty sight.  As you well know, Virgo, there are 4 pillars in Life: 1.) Your primary motivation 2.) your home  3.) partnership  4.) career. If any one of these main events are rocked you risk having a serious breakdown. Virgos are especially sensitive, you are after all ruled by Mercury, the quickest planet we know. It darts around the Sun, disappears, appears again, causes great upset in communication and information realms when he/she/ze goes retrograde. Everyone listens carefully now about those 3 week periods. What I am trying to imply is you are like a fine stereo system, and if the floor or the roof  of your home is rocked the record will skip. It is just that simple. And while this 18 month period means good advancement for you personally, you have sacrificed a lot. Seen a lot of loss vis a vis relationship. Not an easy period. I feel your pain, truly.

Sunday through Tuesday, partnership is lit up like the 4th of July. There is something not quite right in this scenario. It is difficult to put your finger on it, but there is a “deception” at play with a marital, business partner or with a best friend. Something is up! And it behooves you Virgo, you need physical security, not evasion, deception, not floors beneath you shifting, your relationships require/ need solidity in order for you to function at capacity. Drugs, booze, kinky sex may play a role in this difficult hard to decipher environment. In the same moment, your 1st born child is transforming into a powerhouse dynamo before your very eyes. Like a scene out of a bio flick on Steve Jobs, your child is exploding with power, transformative ever changing might, deep psychological insight emanates from every word he/she/ze expresses. You must simply sit down, shut up and take notes. The force, the message they are transmitting is so dynamic you’d be a fool not to take stock of what is being said. An event takes place on Wednesday, which will explode, with the force of a lightning bolt through your child’s home. Likely a domestic argument of grand proportions, but it could as well be an electrical snafu, or a technical problem which really upset the proverbial apple cart. I simply cannot say. If I was reading your Tarot cards, for instance, I would be able to pinpoint the colour commentary to this event. The most likely explanation is the following: a money matter that is volatile to begin with escalates and your children are affected by this sudden shock. Thursday, you offer a helping hand financially to your kids, it is well worth it and you will not regret helping.

Money, by the way continues to roll in, as if by magic to your personal coffers until October 2017.  Friday take a breath and go to things of an intellectual or spiritual nature. Here you will discover a calm a certain peace and rejuvenate your inherently nervous nature. With Mercury, your ruler, now under the cloak of the Dark Lord Pluto, one cannot help but hope wee Mercury will survive. Of course this is a metaphor. I am implying that Pluto, the small mighty mouse at the edge of our Solar system, albeit, its status as to whether or not he/she/ze is a planet, regardless, packs a wallop of nuclear proportion. I have personal, empiric knowledge, understanding perhaps of this mighty force, having had it transit over the last 20 odd years to hit every single personal planet and go through the angular points; read, very strong and significant areas of my personal horoscope.  Advice: do not take this transit through your house of creativity, speculative investments, children, projects connected financially to your home, ancestors lightly. Pluto will without a doubt transform, whether you like it or not, your entire landscape in this regard. Capiche?

And just a quick heads up Virgo, you should know as Pluto of course made his/her/zer entrance into your house of home, real estate, ancestors especially on your father’s side of the family, wealth that is securely fastened to the ground like a house etc. from 1995 to 2007, so you know of what I speak when I say it changed every aspect of this area of your life. Saturday, looks like a great opportunity for you to venture into the realms of foreign shores, higher learning, spiritual quests, legal matters and combine these events, ideas with those of your children or your creative verve. Cheers,  Virgo here’s to a delicious meal tonight, bon appetite!

Libra.svg     LIBRA  September 23 – October 22

TAROT CARD VII OF WANDS: With all that is whirling about you these days, isn’t it wonderful to know, over the upcoming 7 weeks you will defend, you will protect and you will be victorious in overcoming the issues which have dogged you this past while. With the enormous, shocking opposition you’ve had to deal with, take solace in these messages from my sweet spirits of the Tarot when they say; “Surmounting overwhelming odds, you find success”  Brava!!

O Libra!  Tell me, who can match your physical beauty, your cerebrally gifted balanced mind, your inherent ability to bring peace, tranquility to even the most dire of situations? The answer is: No One. You are the quintessential peace broker, your motto ought be “Peace at all Costs”.   A true warrior for Peace, apologies for the mixed metaphor.  Without malice, sans spite, without a cruel bone in your entire being, you were born. Truly this is who you are. You walk through this horror of a world with its ongoing atrocities, its continued biases, its ignorance about how humans ought to treat one another, but you Libra with the grace of a beautiful white Arabian stallion, proud, head high, yet delicately, you wander through life without disturbing not a single blade of grass as you canter along your karmic path. You would never consciously insult, offend or cause pain.  Without a doubt the most remarkable people I have known, have either a Libra Moon, Sun or Ascendant. And from what I have personally seen in how they live their lives, practice their areas of expertise, deal with others, respond to conflict – I am constantly in awe of the composed, elegant, sophisticated and informed manner in which they walk the talk. If you need a person to listen to your story of serious abuse, or maltreatment, I don’t think you will find a kinder, more empathetic, humane ear, or balanced yet truthful person to confide in. Not only will the Libran listen, offer very wise counsel, they will gently tell you if you are off base.

And funny thing about how they all behave – my mother had a Libra Moon, I have many friends, relatives with Libran personal points or planets and honestly it is not just me waxing on romantically about these special humans, they are truly all like this: they all have this inherent quality, this humanity within them. I know a nurse, an IT person, an astrologer, my sweet mother and clients, seriously they all exude this marvellous human angelic quality. And trust me, their lives have not been easy, nor have they been born with the proverbial silver spoon. Yet at an early age, Librans embody this unique ability, skill, intelligence and form. Libra, not only grace but diplomacy is your calling card. And the beauty of it all – you leave the indelible mark of this angelic infusion of peace, bien etre wherever you go. Truly Blessed is the person who has a Libra in their life.

Good news for you sweet Libra, you have Jupiter in your sign into October 2017. And people, when Jupiter rises at dawn, transits the MC at noon or sets in the evening, you can feel the peace fill the room. Hell you can feel it sprinkle its goodness all around. It is ubiquitous, the peace Jupiter in Libra bestows upon earth. And as the Great Benefic of our solar system, it will award accolades, success in all your endeavours involving your personal skills, wit, inherent talent and your primary motivation for partnership, intellectual study, philosophical debate, aesthetics, art, interior design, architecture and the ancient notion, the Aristotelian concept of form (that which unifies matter into a singular object, ergo, Soul into Body).

Sunday through Tuesday your home, your oasis from the maddening world, your father, your ancestors,  immovable wealth, end of life issues, your legacy, are undergoing a massive shift. It started back in 2008 and goes through until 2023.  I am referring of course to Pluto in Capricorn. But today, Sunday, with Mercury in tow, doing a little shimmy with our Dark Lord Pluto (just kidding about DL, not Pluto) there is a decidedly verbal, intellectual, perhaps argumentative quality to the vibes about the house. Involved are the following culprits: chronic health issues, large institutions, hospitals, prisons, charity groups, foreigners, those from abroad (meaning further away than a 3 to 5 day walk. Sorry, did I neglect to tell you I’m a medieval predictive astrologer? Many of my reference are from the 11th century. Think of me like Barbara Eden, the genie in the bottle… remember that great 60’s sit com “I Dream of Jeannie”?).

So all these players are hangin’ in your hood, actually, in your crib to be precise. If not physically than metaphorically because you are concerned, discussing, arguing like a banshee with your partner, business cohort, you BFF or an open enemy on these topics. And these issues are dancing, nay, doin’ “Hit the Quan” around your living room. These ideas have truly taken form. Be mindful, legal issues, lawyers, lawsuits, judgments from yeah, judges, duh? Also higher learning, universities, professors all are in this hoedown at your place. Like I said this goes on for most of the week. However, over the upcoming 41 days guess who just arrived?  Yup, Mars is sitting in your house of partnership, business or marital, best buddies or open enemies – all surface for a wingding of 41 days of aggressive, argumentative, say it, war, comes to roost in this area of your solar chart. As if things haven’t been volatile enough with Uranus in this partnership realm of yours since 2011 and remains in play until 2018. And Tuesday at 4:00 PM to Thursday at 8:00 PM things get really shaken up with the Moon’s entrance into your house of partnership, marriage, contracts, deals, BFF’s, and business partners. This transit of the Moon brings with her issues related to people who serve you: doctors, lawyers, gardeners, cooks, cleaners, and basket weavers all enter into this cluster mess of a week. And you gentle Libra have to calm everyone of them down!  Boy do you ever have your work cut out for you and your inspirational ability to maintain the “peace” will be tested. Thursday amidst all this action and hullabaloo, your wit, talent and skill imbued by Jupiter in your solar first house of self, must qualm the rumblings of a ferocious force, impenetrable strength, power, dynamism and a verbal onslaught the likes of which one only wishes to observe once in a lifetime! Again your partner/et al  is part of this exciting (read; stress filled) scenario. Finally, Friday, Venus your ruler, enters a 29.5 day sojourn through Aries. What does this mean?

Well for starters, you are the warrior princess/prince over this period. Take no prisoners. Friday as a result of your capacity to see through BS, you discover, there is something fishy going on with your partner’s finances, loans or a mortgage. And I believe this info either comes to you in a prophetic dream or a psychic revelation. Or perhaps the result of reading this blog!!? Saturday, questions regarding this mystery need to be addressed. Wear your battle fatigues, it’s gonna be a long night.  I’m with you Libra, go for the jugular!

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO October 23 – November 21

TAROT CARD ARCANUM 0 THE FOOL: A young ebullient androgynous individual dances upon a cliff. He gazes skyward oblivious to the steep precipice he is on the verge of going over. A small black and white dog, stares lovingly up at him and prances around him. Faith is the message here. Consummate faith, fearless, joyful, complete surrender to one’s instinctual self. Scorpio, this card calls you to trust 100% in yourself.  It is a mystery, but by taking your leap of faith, by simply dancing along your karmic path, you find out what life has in store for you. Your hope, trust and self confidence is infectious. Leap Now! Be Free!

Scorpio, where to start, wow so much to tell you. The big news is since 1984 when Pluto went into Scorpio,  therefore over your Sun, Moon or rising degree, either way, Pluto, our Dark Lord in the black swirling cape, (NB: This is a metaphor, people, not a reference to Satan, okay?) which shimmers, vibrates (his cape, is vibrating right?) constantly with the sheer force of his energy. Our Dark Lord of the outer reaches of our solar system has essentially altered everything in your life. Especially true if it went over your Ascendant. Regardless, in your solar chart if it merely touched you with his cloaked golden hand, you were forever changed. You were, moved in such a way, by necessity, to stop, lick your finger, raise it skyward and figure out which way the strong winds of change were blowing. Kudos Scorpio, you did it! You survived. You mastered this most humbling of transits. Pluto reminds me of childbirth, it is the most painful thing you can imagine, most humiliating, humbling of life’s experiences, but once you’ve popped that sweet bundle of humanness out, it’s over, you’ve been through it,  you got to the other side. Voila you can let it go, forget about it, move on.

Yes, yes Pluto is a tough task master. And should your arrogance persuade you somehow you were not touched or entirely transformed by this mighty little piece of space debris orbiting the outer reaches of the solar system, then sorry to say this, but you, my friend are totally unconscious. My observation of Scorpios, I know a lot of them, Leos too, I have a pride of Leos and a ‘clutter of Scorpions’ plus a ‘murder of crows’. You are not a surface skimming kinda guy/ gal/zer. No matter what’s up, who, what when, where –  I know I sound like the bubble blond on the 6:00 news – but honestly Scorpios, do not leave a shred of anything unexamined unless they are under some sort of restriction/ imprisonment. Scorpios are by far the best researchers on the planet. And if you need back up in a fight?  Forget Aries, Leos or Tauruses, run nay fly to your BFF Scorpio. You will find a warrior King/Queen/ZE waiting to do your bidding. IF they have placed their trust and love in you. Otherwise, slowly back away, out of the room, maintain eye contact, HEY! Look out for the stinger, it’s lethal.

Yup, Scorpio is a very very loyal sign but cross them, humiliate them, if in relationship with them should you try and make them jealous?  OMG, sis/bro/zer you have just committed a serious, serious faux pas. Stand down. Good luck trying to fix this screwup. You’ve ignited a simmering flame that is constantly burning but by your act of betrayal, you’ve placed not just gasoline on the fire, you’ve dropped a neutron bomb on it.  Frankly, this is too heavy to discuss now. Believe me, I can and do listen to/ take a lot of seriously heavy dark s**t as an astrologer. Suffice to say, I do not envy you. The mess you have just unleashed by this slip up, will never ever, ever be forgotten. Capiche?

Moving on, with Mercury in your house of short trips, communications of all kinds, smoke signals, texts, instagram, psychic vibes and communication from the other side (I am not kidding) until February 7, 2017 at 1:33 AM, he/she/ze (Mercury, I mean) is riding shotgun, yup, you guessed it, with the Dark Lord Pluto. And today Sunday, well they are conjoined at the hip. Advice: try not to obliterate those close by, ie. your siblings, neighbours, people who are in your hood, on your daily rounds, people who you might bump into in your neck of the woods. Please Scorpio, listen to my admonishment and please do not shoot the messenger (just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean “they” aren’t out to get me). Be civil, do not react. Hold your power, be still. Be elegant. Do not explode or blow up at those relationships on which you survive. Remember, your primary motivation is for emotional security. That’s right, not $$$$, not possessions, not things but emotional security.

So Sunday through Tuesday, tread lightly (be as light as a feather, I double dare ya) with your rhetoric, your vernacular, your comments, especially with your children. Not only are they totally listening to you, but the Moon transiting Pisces during this 2.5 day period means that every word you say, every criticism, sarcasm you utter – and face it Scorpio – you can wield a pretty hard hitting, toxic rant when provoked. Do not subjugate the innocent to your rage and wrath. They simply cannot tolerate your heavy vibe, or for that matter your habit of putting them in the deep freeze when you decide to punish them and others by being mute, knock that off too. It verges on abuse, seriously. You, Scorpio, Just Chill Out. Try this exercise. SHUT UP! ZIP IT! Suck it up, grow a pair and be zen. Get it, got it, good?  LOL!

Over the entire week, your home, ancestors, the elderly, your grandparents etc. require your undivided attention. Do not delay, time is fleeting. You never know what can happen vis a vis the elderly. One minute they are sharing a story, a drink, a meal with you and then poof, they have exited stage left, and will not be returning. Right? January 28, 2017, and for the next 41 days your ruler, Mars is in your solar house of skills, talents, but more importantly people who offer you a service, a majorly important relationship sector for you which includes: doctors, lawyers, cooks, housekeepers, gardeners… anyone you pay money for and receive a service from, your grocer, hairdresser etc. All these people, in your life, and by necessity use over the next 6 weeks, go high should they attack. They are pumped up, energized by Mars in his rulership sign.  If these folks are slightly, (read: supremely uptight, agitated), take the high road, dismiss any loose lips you might take offense to, just ignore it.  People have their moments. And it’s not always pretty, but you of all people ought to know. Show kindness, compassion, equilibrium, respect their space. This is true as well for the next 2.5 days, Tuesday to Thursday at 6:00 PM approximately.

With the Moon transiting your solar house of people offering services, pets, your skill set and daily health routine, while this will be a wonderful time for you to start a new diet, or workout regime, new beauty make over, remember what has been advised. This area of your horoscope is charged with explosive Uranus until 2019, so trust me guys you really have to be careful. Do not offend those who take care of you. Friday, partnership, your love interest, the one of a serious nature, open enemies, your best friend are all highlighted. And they are imbued with a soft, sultry, illusive vibe. This is very attractive, a real turn-on for you. But beware, there is a situation with your partner’s social circle, friends or associates from work. This matter requires an exceptionally skilled move on your part. The circumstances are mired in a fog of miscommunication, drugs, booze that likely cloud the clearly problematic scene. Don’t get aggressive, just observe how your partner handles things, talks with you about it.  Are they being truthful, sincere?  Be gentle, empathize, be tolerant to a point, but do not be sucked in and thus turned into a doormat, okay? Lay out, calmly but forcefully your boundaries and where you feel the limits of your immense patience is being violated. You know what I am referring to. Saturday, partners, marital, business, close allies or open enemies surface. Be quick on your feet. Ask questions. Don’t let it slide. It’s important. Your house of communication, short trips of  less than 5 days (by walking) are involved with your main partner, best friend or business buddy. Do not allow the wool to be pulled over your X-ray vision.  Play it smart, calmly get your answers.  Remember:  Do Not React … yet.

     Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21

TAROT CARD THE IX OF PENTACLES:  Success, yes! Absolute success over the upcoming 9 weeks; you discover you’re more than blessed. You are conscious of your life, you may be on your own but the richesse of your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly motion forward through time keeps unfolding this wealth of wisdom, compassion and grace. Just look at what you espouse, you help others, animals and humans alike. You are an enlightened being, wow!

O Sagittarius, wise warrior, philosopher, motor mouth – politics for you are a blood sport. And the wonder that is you, you are never without an opinion, a viewpoint to pose to whoever will give you their ear. Often you get accused of ranting, railing on… so what. If they can’t take the heat in the kitchen, ask them to leave. You are never without a cadre of companions anyway. You are an independent person regardless of the responsibilities placed on you. For some wonderful reason, actually because the Greater Benefic, Jupiter is your ruler, you exude optimism, a certain talent for impassioned rhetoric, a sense of humour difficult to match, a natural athleticism, an enduring love of animals and nature. Why then are you so sad Sagittarius? What has gone awry?

I can tell you what I think. It started in December 2014 and grew stronger over these two years, until it almost wiped the smile off your cheerful, fun loving face. Good news is Sage, finally this ominous oppression will leave you in peace by December, 2017. And know this for the next 30 years, you will never have to succumb to the pressure, the restriction, the imprisonment of spirit that this Saturn transit through your sign has wrought. Boy o Boy what a bummer it’s been. But you know – and trust me I am not trying to ignore the seriously profound issues that fell at your feet during this period – not now, but in time, down the road a bit, you will be able to look back at this ‘Debbie Downer” 2 year period in your life, and at the very least, you can boast you got through it.  And there will be someone there for you to talk their ear off about it. Hang in, don’t let the bastards, in this case, Saturn get you down. Personally I have never experienced so harsh a transit as Saturn over my Sagittarius Moon. I wouldn’t will that on my worst enemy.

The good news of course is your ruler Jupiter entered Libra last September and remains in your solar House of friends, associates from work and most importantly: your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future until October 2017. So embrace this blessing from our celestial guardians. And while it is a comfort to have a good friend, an interesting social group, holding onto your hopes, your dreams, your fabulous wishes for the future, (now that’s a movie I’d pay good money to go and see), hopes, dreams and wishes for the future are the ferment on which our human Souls thrive. Hope brings a spring in our step, dreams cloak us in a soft cape of tender musings and wishes – well, who doesn’t love a good wish, especially if it comes true! Think of Tinkerbell, she’ll cheer you up. And she is very good at granting wishes, not to mention her hot little figure was caricature based on Marilyn Monroe.

Sunday, there is a heated debate regarding your liquid assets, your cash. It looks like your partner, business or marital significant other, are hot on the warpath. And this time you are unable to fly away to Never Never Land.  Yup, you will have to face the music. Better to get over it now rather than drag it out over the next 7 days. The problem lies in your bestie’s desire to be a “conventionalist”. And those tickets to see the Weeknd or travel abroad to break the spell this Saturn transit has wrought, all these great ideas are not passing muster with your newly minted socially liberal but financially conservative mate. Who knew? Certainly not you, did you? You’ve been co-habitating with this cloaked Republican for the last 20 years!  Egads, man!  Regardless of Ms/Mr/Zer’s tight wade attitude, my advice is:  sometimes you have to kick back at the dismal side of life. As my beautiful gracious mother used to say: “Go head, Didi, Go for it! Get yourself something wonderful!” I know, this is a recipe for disaster, and of course, this is not the most practical advice to give, but you know it not about practicality is it? It’s about living, being, feeling, loving, spending too much but hey, it’s also about the digging yourself out from under and knowing you kicked back. You did not let the dark, dismal side take over. We all face from time to time an existential loneliness, a certain darkness but that is not the point, nope the point is: You fought back. You won!! So go ahead celebrate life. Treat yourself to something you really want.

So Sunday through Tuesday embrace the rapid changes on your home front, with ancestors, especially those on your father’s side, real estate matters, end of life and wealth that is secured. Since Neptune entered your solar house of home, family etc. February 2012 and remains there until 2025, you have to accept the inflation, the fog, the lack of clarity, attention to detail and just surrender to the mystery this behemoth bestows whenever he/she/ze sits for long periods in an individual’s solar house. Of course it’s more exacting to manage and accept when it is an angular house like this; meaning very important, strong, and an enduring area of your horoscope.  And until February 18, 2017, a sibling, or neighbour, communications, short trips or a counsellor within your hood possess a certain interesting take on life. He/she/ze will be scientific, secular, markedly intellectual, albeit slightly eccentric. Enjoy the banter on pretty much any topic as this person has a huge repertoire of subjects he/she/ze is renowned for understanding and explaining. This person is somewhat of a polymath, so you can really plumb the depths with this individual.

Wednesday over the next 2.5 days as you discover a verge, energy, force of incredible quality and strength circulates over the next 40 or so days in your solar house of creativity, children, speculative ventures and money from inheritances or your own real estate holdings swirl with action, decisive momentum. You are filled with a sense of bien etre, despite all that was said above, you can embrace some radical new extreme sport with your eldest child. And the two of you will have a blast. But please be very careful around electrical wires or machinery. Avoid any sharp utensils, this is not the time to take up knife throwing with your progeny. Your recent renovation to your home or art purchase is finally complete, by Friday. And over the upcoming 29.5 days entertainment, dance, poetry, art, film combine with extreme sports. Better this than arguing with your eldest child.  Join in and fly down the mountain on a para-glider or try scuba diving near Squamish. But regardless of what entertainments you choose, what hobbies you practice, be mindful not to allow your eyes or head to be exposed in anyway to an injury; same goes of course for the children.

There is an interesting culinary treat coming your way, Friday, it will involve your home and a skilled chef or practising one, either way, Bon Apetite. Saturday, remain unflinching in the face of changes, routines are likely thrown askew today. If an argument resurfaces with your partner, deflect it by suggesting a romantic dinner at their favourite haunt. Do your best, dear Sage, you’re on the right track.

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

TAROT CARD ARCANUM XV11 THE STAR: Every act of creation externalizes spiritual energy which is the source of the material world. You see here an Angel pouring water into a pool. She is the quintessential Angelic figure of the Tarot, altho’ there are other depictions of angels, the Star cannot help but fill you with hope, zeal, trust in the universe to supply you with all that is required to continue your quest, spiritual or otherwise. Over the upcoming 17 months (I really want to say 17 years!) look to becoming the embodiment of human kindness, compassion, understanding and wisdom.

Holy cow! Capricorn, whatever happened to the pocket protectors, the flat shoes, that frumpy look? Since 2008 you have steadily changed, grown into quite the powerful, dynamic, assertive and sophisticated individual, haven’t you. Not that you weren’t like this before ‘08, but you are no longer shy about telling it like it is, are you? And you put “power” on notice and in its’ place should the  powers that be dare cross a line or personal boundary with you. ‘Speak to the Hand’ is your new motto!  Wow!  I am impressed. You are awesome! Since September 2016 your career, your public life, dealings with those in positions of authority have just expanded to the point where you’re on a roll that NO ONE can stop. Professional matters are running smoothly for you right through to October 2017. Reach for the brass ring, if you haven’t already, ‘cause career-wise this is the best it gets for another 12 years.

So drink from the golden cup, inhale deeply the rarified air of success, appointments to positions of authority, recognition for your hard work, your nose to the grindstone attitude (BTW, your nose to the grindstone? well, it’s leaving a lot of shavings on the ground around, lots of dust swirls from your progress into the shocked faces of any naysayers or competitors who are just standing now on sidelines with their mouths agape, open, in absolute shock at your ability to run the whole damn show!!!) Brava Capricorn, Brava! Not only are you capable of running the whole shebang but you could likely do a marching band pirouette, playing the trumpet at the same time – honestly sweetheart you are running on all cylinders now. And guess what?? There is only one way for you to go now beautiful, that’s right, straight forward. So buckle up because from here on in, it’s up, up up, right to the top. Executive style, first-class, style, sophisticated, ahead of your time, dare I say an icon!! Truly people will be following you, not the other way round from here on in. Present yourself in the tasteful, chic style you have cultivated over the last what, 9 years. People, us, the entourage watching your meteoric rise are waiting for you, baby, we are cheering, all rooting for you. Do whatever you want. Listen to that inner voice you have refined so carefully.

Of course you are no dummy you will seek out other people’s opinions, that’s just wise, common sense (which is not so ‘common’, believe me). It looks like it’s gonna be a wonderful sunny, fulfilling future for you. Take pride in the fact that you did it all by yourself, you really did. You have reached a level of confidence that only comes from the inside, your inner knowing. Your rulers, Saturn and Mars (the exalted ruler of Capricorn) have two different themes that are actually quite harmonious, thus kickin’ in the door to your promising future open just a little wider. (I know it sounds too good to be true, right, but honestly, this is what I see.  And you know it is not a healthy practice to argue with the soothsayer).

Saturn, your ruler is presently sitting in your solar house of large institutions, hospitals, prisons, big corporations, charitable institutions, chronic health matters, hidden enemies and self-undoing until 20 December 2017. So recognize there will be restrictions, oppression, rules you will need to follow, older individuals, seniors for instance; listen to what is being said to you, glean what you can from them. You see your solar house of profession, the one you keep power hitting home runs out of the park from, well it’s exalted ruler is also Saturn, so analyse the stuff I mentioned vis a vis your profession, apply a little of that stardust to this more oppressive area of your solar chart right now. This would be the optimum way to handle the quasi oppressive issues afoot in this area of life. Sunday through Tuesday, use your inherent power to persuade those naysayers around you. This applies to matters connected to universities, professors, foreign travel, law, philosophy and in-laws. You have the power, use it.

Wednesday, Thursday, focus on issues connected to the following: your home, ancestors, real estate, fixed assets, your father, his side of the family. Over the upcoming 40 days or so life at home is frenetic. Be careful of electrical outlets of any kind especially Thursday. And avoid arguments with your parents, grandparents… it just ain’t worth it. Friday to Saturday, chill with your romantic love light, enjoy a good meal, do a massage together, get physical in a nonsexual way. Make sure your communications are really clear with those in your immediate neighbourhood as there is a tendency until 2025 for you to come across as vague. You don’t want that as what you have to say is important. Remember: Clarity. And sing your song from the rafters. You are a winner!

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

TAROT CARD III OF WANDS: Practical knowledge, business acumen, strength, enterprise and of course negotiations. All these things are whirling around you during this busy period. Over the next three weeks see if you can’t go for it, meaning push yourself , get out there just a wee bit more. Know this: Kismet with you.

Happy Birthday Aquarius! I know it’s the season of Aquarius for a few weeks now but hey, it’s Birthday month. You know and I know, the people, the masses have been duped.  They think Aquarius is this humanitarian, loving sign that is consumed with causes, “free the orangutans” Aquarian supposedly shouts en masse.  This has been nurtured, in part the result of the 1967 classic hippie show “Hair” and it’s anthem to the Age of Aquarius, “when peace will rule the skies” you know the one, right?  Well the truth is, that is not what the Age of Aquarius is about. If you cast a horoscope with Aquarius on the Ascendant which is what the Age of Aquarius requires, this is no musical, no not at all. Quite the contrary. You see, modern astrologers have this bee in their bonnet that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Therefore every electrical invention since March 13, 1781, anything remotely modern, uber fab, or blue must be Aquarian, thus ruled by Uranus. And this includes astrology, as if astrology was invented or discovered by the hippies in the 60’s. To quote Alec Baldwin’s Trump imitation on SNL, ”Wrong!”. Astrology has been practised extensively by many cultures throughout the millennia, is ruled by Mercury and Saturn, definitely NOT Uranus.

But I digress, back to the Age of Aquarius:  Dear Aquarians, you are really ruled by Saturn! Wow! I know, please don’t hyperventilate, but it’s true. You see science, physics, mathematics all these strong intellectual pursuits that you are so into, studies that require years of focused study to master? These are things you find fascinating but your friends go MEGO[my eyes glaze over] when you start to pontificate on your eccentric and but definitely not wacky. No, Aquarians are not wacky,  in fact they can be/are very conservative but the public doesn’t get it, because you the public don’t see your dear Aquarian pouring over ancient scientific texts burning the midnight oil.  All your friends, family neighbours see is this affable friendly looking humanoid,

(Aquarian are the Aliens you hear so much about, great get up eh? Yup, WestWorld employed a lot of Aquarians to portray the hosts for the HBO hit). All Aquarians are trying to do is to be “normal“ or at least trying really hard to fit in. And so when they speak, no one understands a word they are saying because they are steeped in science. And they aren’t anymore humanitarian then you or I.  Not humanitarians, no more than anyone else is. Actually truth be told, Aquarians, especially the hardcore end of January to mid-February types, these guys are bad-ass scientific types hell bent on crushing the next neutrino to smithereens, just because they think it’s really cool. And hey, so what if the Aquarians of the world, create a black hole and suck up the entire Universe, it’s for science right? Now we poor mortals are mere lab rats, charming to exchange pleasantries with but really what you are is an observable being, a human life form, serial number xxixxz by your Aquarian companion. He/She/ Ze is studying you! Just like a lab rat. And to top it off, Aquarians are really invested in all things of an intellectual nature so really it’s all ruse, perpetrated by a bunch of hippie stoners from the 60’s. Geez am I the only honest person left in the room?

Back to the age of Aquarius, briefly – if Aquarius is on the ascendant, then Saturn rules the first house and guess what people?  Guess what rules the tenth house of those who run things in the world, yeah you know of what I speak… the heads of government, the NSA, the CIA, the SVR or FSB, the Illuminati etc… well folks it is Mars because with Aquarius on the 1st angle of the World horoscope then Scorpio is on the MC. And therefore, happy happy joy joy the malefics rule the angles and yes real bad things can, do and are happening. This has been the case for quite sometime, as astrologers simply cannot agree as to when the Age of Aquarius started. We all know the secretive, silent nature accorded to Scorpio, right? Well just think “your government” as the Scorpio in your life. Do they tell you much?  Didn’t think so. This might make you want to leave the room for a moment to collect yourself in the bathroom.

Sunday to Tuesday, your personal assets, income, liquidity, cash, assets that are not nailed down are in flux, subject to change, ebb and flow. You have Neptune the grand deceiver, the master of illusion sitting in your solar house of finances, of unsecured assets until 2025, you will need, “Wrong!” must have someone, hopefully your beloved, fill his/her/zer ears with beeswax. And tie you to the mast of your vessel, so that the Sirens who play beautiful music, are very seductive, who will cry your name in an effort to cannibalize your money, cannot do this to you and your cash. Bound as you will be to your mast, you can listen to the beautiful music, witness the seduction, but do not let anyone allow you to dispense your cash, not a single red penny. And you need to heed this advice to 2025! Tie yourself this minute like Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey.  Put this message on your fridge/mast:

“Me, me alone, with fetters firmly bound, the gods allow to hear the dangerous sound. Hear and obey; if freedom I demand, be every fetter strain’d, be added band to band.”

Tuesday at 4:00 PM to Thursday 8:00 PM look to your neighbours, younger siblings, short trips of less than 5 days by foot, communications of all types, smoke signals, texts, twitter, Instagram, email, the postie (show the love to your postie, they are a dying breed on the verge of extinction – and we want to maintain the species right? Show the LOVE, my fellow Aquarians) the UPS guy, all are in a weird outer planetary conflict of epic proportions. And unfortunately, Aquarius you are caught in the laser beam cross fire and I want you to avoid being in the crosshairs. Be very careful when driving in your hood, avoid electrical wires, electronic equipment if possible.

Over the upcoming 40 or so days, this area of your solar chart is pumped up, big time. Busy Busy Busy, running errands, answering important life altering communications on a multitude of topics, matters, issues of great importance to you. Try to be calm and avoid blowing up at your sibs, neighbours, your postie, ok? Be careful in your hood until 2018 re; electrical gadgets, or any form of machinery that might emit an electric shock. And if you are outside when a lightning storm hits, grab the rubber tire and duck! Thursday after 8:00 PM to Saturday, looks like there is a wonderful chance your dinners will be yummy. What time shall I arrive, do I need to bring anything?  A nice chardonnay, perhaps?  BTW, Friday around noon avoid spending on a luxury item for your home or a family member on your father’s side, save your money, you don’t really need it. Saturday, from 12:00 noon to around 3:00 PM watch out for incoming complaints, or nasty remarks from a secret enemy, a large corporation, or disturbing news regarding your chronic health issues. Visit your doctor if  the latter is true. Other than that, have a wonderful weekend, you ‘ol saturnine Aquarian you.

Pisces.svg     PISCES February 19 – March 20

TAROT CARD VI OF CUPS: Memories, they tell us, are not remembered in a factual way rather are based upon an emotional template. We embellish our memories. Nonetheless our memories are uniquely ours. Even for those of us with close family ties with whom we share many memories. It is still your memory. A profound message is being given: Your memories, unique, inventive, perhaps prophetic are ultimately your creation. Be sure to gift yourself as you’re becoming, your present now, your future now, with this magic of imagination.

Pisces, O sweet Pisces, how do I love thee? Me and everyone you meet. You have a certain magnetism, like a soft summer’s breeze off the warm ocean, you have the habit of growing on people, you’re sort of like a drug. I know it sounds weird but you are intoxicating, seductive, mysterious. And you can really boost a person’s mood – sounds like a drug, doesn’t it?Ms/Mr/Zer endorphin releaser You! Trouble is, you’re so kind, often you find yourself not really being honest. Not out of malice, oh no,  but you fib in order to protect your loved ones from being let down. However your prevaricating leads you into trouble. You think you have effectively persuaded whomever is your target. Trouble is, people only listen to 7% to what is spoken, 38% goes to tone, and a whopping 55% to body language. Of course dogs for instance, with their ability to read humans it is truly remarkable. Dogs gaze into the human face, focusing solely on the right side of the face, exactly what humans do. Dogs do not do this to other animals, only humans.  And they are the only non-primates to do this!  My point is: you can fool some of the people/dogs some of the time, but you won’t fool all the people/dogs all the time.

Since 2014 until the end of 2017,  the career sector of your solar chart has been under siege with Saturn in his slow, ever so slow way moves through this important area of life. You’ve had some relief since September 2016 with the entrance of your ruler, Jupiter into Libra offsetting the dark, foreboding presence of Saturn. Somehow, the financial state or money help from a partner marital or business really helped you out. And it took the load off this ominous situation you were in re: career, bosses, your reputation, the public and your position in society. And with the South Node travelling through your solar house of skills, talent, wit, physical endurance and essentially your professional determinate: meaning what you are best suited to pursue professionally since November 2015, it has not been a cakewalk for you. May 2017 you’ll be off the hook.

Sunday through Tuesday, there are two distinct issues happening. On the positive side you are energized, jacked up over the next 2.5 days. Your magnetism is at an all time 30 day high. Add to this over the past several weeks, your exalted ruler, Venus is travelling through your solar house of skills, talent, your peculiar genius, physical stamina, your primary motivation and also what you are best suited for professionally speaking. Luck has come to you from siblings, communications of all sorts, emails, texts and also neighbours; travel throughout your hood have proven profitable, enjoyable, fun. Now Sunday to Tuesday,  your house of finances, cash flow, unsecured assets, like jewellery, clothes, things that are not battened down, enter a forceful drive to engage, take action, to acquire, to spend, to go on a spending spree. All of your mojo to spend will be heightened for the next 41 days. And this may prove problematic because since in 2011 with Uranus in Aries travelling through your solar house of finances it has, to say the least, been one upset or shock after the next, I’d like to say a sudden windfall, but I suspect this not to be the case. Friends, social groups, associates from work, have had a difficult, if not confrontational impact on your money house.  Sunday, a discussion with friends, social groups really hammers home this statement. Stand your ground if you are being pressured to put out financially, it’s not your responsibility.

By Friday, your exalted ruler, Venus, moves into Aries for the next 29.5 days. Now Venus in Aries is in detriment, meaning not acting according to her inherent character or correct nature as she does when in Taurus, Pisces or Libra, for example. The thrust of this missive is to warn you off spending your hard earned cash on things, bobbles and the like you don’t need. This 29.5 day period somehow incorporates mortgages, loans and the finances of your partner – business or marital. Tuesday at 4:00 PM to Thursday at approximately 8:00 PM, your house of finances really heats up over these 2.5 days. Patience Camille, people in your hood, siblings, messages, conversations, short trips lasting less than 5 days by foot all have a hand in your pocketbook, Yikes! And beware what an associate tells you re your money on Thursday, you may not be getting the whole shebang. Friday through to Saturday, enjoy a movie with a pal who lives close to you, or a sibling perhaps. Travels throughout your hood are great and your local fave restaurant is itching to serve you up a delicious morsel, Sunday.

Cheers, DEW

9 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST- JANUARY 29-FEBRUARY 4,2017

  1. penelope

    Diana, I’m blown away by your prose! Thank you for lifting me up…re. Saturn conjunct my moon and recently my ascendant! Tarot, Carl Jung have at times been big influencers in my life too. Pluto in my 1 house means I must update, I think.
    I’m thinking hair…get light not so god damned serious. ?

    Tim, you know I love you. Libra ascendant. Be well.
    Penny xo

  2. Pix

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Tim!!

    Not sure why but it’s my birthday month and I feel so down and just Blah with everything/one. Just once I’d love to have an upbeat happy scope geesh, I’d settle for lies.

    Wondering if I’m the only Aquarius feeling this way. My birthday is Wednesday and after reading my scope here and another couple of sites I’m almost afraid to leave my house nxt few weeks – Yikes! Will things ever remotely look promising/happy or something worthwhile to look forward to? Anyone?

  3. adgee

    I’m a Leo and this is first time I’ve read a horoscope that feels so foreboding. I’ve just applied for a new position at work, my boss is coming next week and I’m freaking out.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, adgee,

      That column was written by Diana, not me. I was in hospital. Lets start a beautifully lucky run in May, to last 18 months.



  4. sylvall

    Hi Tim/Diana,

    You’ve both recently predicted significant financial improvements for us Virgos with money ‘rolling in’. Unfortunately, not so for me – I became very ill last July/August and haven’t been able to work since. I’m haemorrhaging cash that was intended for my retirement.
    What’s going on? (DOB 9/9/56 – Birmingham, England).



    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, sylyall,

      Your Scorpio Moon (which has a lot to do with money and with optimism) is “under the neutral luck level” until October. And for the last 15 months, one of your money rulers has been holding hands with the lunar south node (bad karma). I suspect life is trying to get you to stop, rest, and contemplate a new life and new opportunities. Since you refused to take this rest, life made you sick, to enforce the rest. Thinking is often better than action. Until october, think.



  5. svetie43

    Have absolutely loved Diana’s astrology and tarot. Had a good laugh too! Thanks for heaping so much praise on my Virgo sun and Libra Asc.

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