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I’ll be out of the hospital by the time you read this, but am taking a few weeks off to be lazy and recuperate. So Diana Warwick will be writing the next 3 columns, then I’ll be back.

If I say it without blame, I see it; if with blame, then I see only part of it, and am blind to the rest, even should the rest prove encouraging, affirming, right, healing — to me.

Do you see the split in the U.S.? It’s partly because the nation is at a juncture, a cross-roads — as big as the Civil War, or WWII. (I’m not hinting at a new big war. That’s very unlikely.)

Through most of 2017, Jupiter is in good aspect to Saturn, and both  co-operate nicely with Uranus — this is good support for the economy and stock markets. But be careful in March/April.

My advice to Trump:  invite Kim Jung Un to the U.S., befriend him, let him tour America’s industrial/military strength, and, again, befriend him.

Feeling disappointed about love? Well, since January 2 both Venus and Mars have been in conflict with Saturn, a rather dire influence that advises against starting a new love. This double influence peaks this week — it ends Friday, technically at 9:50 am PST.

U.S. PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION DAY occurs January 20, but I won’t be writing again until the February 19 column, so I’ll look then at the light/shadow it casts over the next 4 years.




Aries.svg    ARIES:  March 21-April 19
The weeks ahead bring social joys, popularity, optimism and buoyant luck. You’ll be happy! Legal, international, educational, travel, cultural and philosophical matters flow Sunday (deceptive, indecisive) Monday (success) and Tuesday (disagreement: drive carefully). Love’s possible, just not that probable. Be ambitious Tuesday afternoon through Thursday – show your stuff, make proposals and impress higher ups. Be careful around Thursday dawn (PST) – otherwise this interval is very productive. All week before mid-morning Friday, try not to start new romances or love affairs: they would be squelched by the crowd’s disapproval, or by your own “inner father.” The rest of Friday/Saturday brings social delights, flirtations and romance, optimism and bright plans for the future, entertainment– and plain old happiness. Now to early March, you will be filled with sexual magnetism and determination. This will attract the opposite sex (same-sex for gays, of course) but be sure to mix your strong impulses with gentleness.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20 – May 20
Be ambitious during the weeks ahead, Taurus. Higher ups will observe your progress, might even put a test or two in your path. Don’t worry, if you apply yourself you will pass these tests with flying colours. The main thing is not to be drawn off course by social pleasures. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Much work has been and will be laid upon your shoulders until October. If you tackle these eagerly, especially in January/ February, you could be rewarded with either more pay or a promotion. Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday brings secrets, research, lifestyle decisions, sexual desires, Health concerns and financial activities. Your luck is very mingled in the zones– Monday is best, could even contain a career opportunity. A mellow, wise mood flows over you Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. This is a good time to publish, travel, seek school entry, handle legal affairs, and to tell someone you love them. Friday/Saturday intensify the ambition and career theme — successfully, 10 AM Friday (PST) onward. Show your talents, go for a promotion! All week before Friday noon, avoid entering any new love affair – it contains the seed of cold cruelty. Friday to early March might increase your athletic prowess, but it can also make life a little dangerous: avoid reckless driving, dark alleys and belligerent individuals.

Gemini.svg    GEMINI:  May 21 – June 20
You will love this month ahead, Gemini, for it contains many of your favourite things: travel, intellectual discussions, media, ideas, culture and love. (These are doubly emphasized Friday/Saturday, when a lucky new project or relationship could begin in these areas.) However, speaking of love, strictly avoid starting any new affectionate relationship Sunday through Friday morning. (It would turn into alienation… in fact, this applies to almost any relationship first formed after January 2nd.) Relationships fill Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday. Cooperation mixes with challenge. Be diplomatic. Don’t join others’ bandwagons Sunday (deception) but do hop on Monday (understanding with higher-ups, friendship). Beware of an impatient boss Tuesday. This afternoon through Thursday brings secrets and clues, sexual and financial urges, lifestyle choices, health concerns, commitment and consequences. (Remember, no new relationships.) Your luck is mostly good here, so march forth and get things done. Be careful Thursday morning when disruptions or accidents could occur. Friday/Saturday bring a mellow mood, wide vision, understanding and love – after 10 AM (PST) Friday. From Friday to early March your social life will expand powerfully. Love will come!

Cancer.svg    CANCER:  June 21 – July 22
The weeks ahead feature hidden valuables, mysteries and investigations, health concerns, sexual yearnings, financial actions, commitments and their consequences. These themes intensify Fri./Sat., when a new project or relationship could begin. (However, BEFORE 10 AM Friday, be cautious in all things legal, international, broadcast-oriented, advertising and intellectual — and DO NOT start a new love affair.) Tackle your chores Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday. Perform tasks which do not require moral choices Sunday. Same Tuesday. But in between, Monday offers great progress, Especially in deeper, hidden areas such as investing, investigation or medical research. Relationships fill Tuesday afternoon to Thursday — be diplomatic, emphasize others’ goals and needs. You will succeed, except in financial and sexual zones Thursday morning. You WILL succeed in these zones — and in any kind of research — Friday/Saturday. Friday begins five weeks of significant ambitious action. Your willpower and drive will be strong – add a little gentleness to improve your chances.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23 – August 22
The four weeks ahead emphasize relationships, relocation, negotiations, contracts and agreements, litigation, dealings with the public, fresh horizons and new opportunities. These are intently and luckily emphasized Friday/Saturday, when a new project might begin in these areas. DON’T start a new relationship this week before 10 AM (PST) Friday — it would have sexual problems. That said, Friday PM and Saturday are an excellent time to meet anyone new — you could even meet your future mate now. Romance calls Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday — so do creative projects, speculative ventures, charming kids, beauty and the pursuit of pleasure. Sunday is a bit deceptive (the “sex problems” warning above) but Monday it Is beautifully aligned for friendship, love and life-mating. Beware of investments, and purely sexual attractions. You might as well dive into your chores Tuesday PM through Thursday. You’ll get a lot accomplished, but take care Thursday morning when disruptions and accidents enter. Friday PM and Saturday – exciting meetings, opportunities, maybe love! This Friday through March 8 your intellectual and worldly side will awaken powerfully. On the plus side, your writing, thinking and conversational skills will sail along with new energy. Far travel may come. On the negative side, you might let yourself be drawn into a lawsuit. You would probably win it, but is it worth the stress?

Virgo.svg    VIRGO:  August 23 – September 22
The weeks ahead are filled with work, Virgo. Watch your health: eat and dress sensibly. This will be a good time to buy machinery, but after Friday. Friday/Saturday intensify the work theme, and bless your efforts with luck — a new employment or other practical project could start during these two days. DO NOT start a love affair before Saturday — it would die of coldness on one person’s part. Focus on home, real estate, security, basics of life, nature and nutrition Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday. Be careful with relationships, spouse, on Sunday, as misunderstandings or “shifting responses” occur.  Monday’s sweet, friendly. Careful Tuesday — no fights! Tuesday PM through Thursday plucks your romantic, creative and risk-taking strings. Other than a possible tense moment Thursday morning, you should fare well. Dive into work Fri./Sat. — you’ll accomplish a great deal, especially Saturday, and a money reward seems imminent. This Friday until March 9 your sexual magnetism will intensify — so will your urge to invest, and to investigate. All these are fine, if you respect legal/social boundaries.

Libra.svg    LIBRA:  September 23-October 22
The general accent for weeks ahead lies on romance, creativity, speculation, teaching kids, beauty and “immediate” pleasure. These reach a peak this Friday/Saturday, which days offer a chance to start a new project in these areas. In addition, Friday night begins five weeks of intense and significant relationships, until early March. If you’re single, you are almost certain to meet a life-mate prospect during this interval. However, this five weeks will be immediately followed buy two months of indecision about love and partnership. You will be able to make up your mind by May. This also applies to business partnerships, relocation and opportunities in general. All January, you can be attempted to throw yourself into work or into a co-worker romance. Both are ill advised. Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday brings errands, short trips, communications and casual acquaintances. Best time to act: Monday. Tuesday eve through Thursday emphasizes home and family, security and retirement. Your luck is pretty good through this little interval, but be careful Thursday morning when tension can lead to disruptions. Finally, romance hits with a powerful swing Friday/Saturday. But all week to Friday noon (PST) do not start a new Love affair.

Scorpio.svg    SCORPIO:  October 23 – November 21
The weeks ahead feature rest, home and family, food and shelter, nature, renovations, repairs and landscaping – back to the basics of life. Friday/Saturday are steeped in these themes, and will offer you a chance to begin a very fortunate project in these areas. All January and the first two days of February tempt you to plunge into an attractive romance or a speculative gamble (creativity is a gamble also) – beware, potholes and pitfalls exist here. It’s time to settle down. Chase money Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday. Your money luck is mixed, so proceed carefully Sunday and Tuesday – Monday’s superb. Errands, communications, paperwork and travel fill Tuesday eve through Thursday.  So get things done; these days are filled with small helpful bits of luck. Stay in your neighbourhood Friday/Saturday. All week up to Friday noon, do not start a new romance: Godzilla, disguised as circumstances, would crush it. Friday begins five weeks of very hard work. (In February, that hard work can lead to monetary rewards or a co-worker romance – the latter is NOT advised.

Sagittarius.svg    SAGITTARIUS:  November 22 – December 21
The weeks ahead bring a flurry of errands, communications, short trips and paperwork. These should flow pretty well. Do not let your home and family demands hold you back: strike a note for freedom, especially Sunday to midday Tuesday. You’re might make a new friend Monday, but watch your temper Tuesday morning (PST). Chase money, buy/sell, and indulge in some sensual sex if you want, Tuesday eve through Thursday. Be cautious Thursday morning — disruptions and accident are possible. Friday/ Saturday brings those errands, et al mentioned in the first sentence. You can now start a project in these areas which should have a good future (e.g., a mail campaign or a new office phone system). Do not start a love affair Sunday through noon Friday. Friday night begins five weeks of romantic intensity. This will be followed buy two weeks of slightly different affection (more gentle, more affectionate) and this also will be followed by another month of pure romance. Good luck, my friend.

Capricorn.svg    CAPRICORN:  December 22 –January 19
They weeks ahead feature money, earnings, buying and selling, possessions, good memory and rote learning; and a sexy fuzzy sensual attraction (the kind who might bore you later). These themes will come to a head Friday/Saturday, at which time you might be able to start a successful new venture in these zones. From Sunday to noon Friday do not start a love affair. Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday. Protect your energy and your reputation, especially Sunday. Monday offers great progress. Your energy and charisma rise nicely (but not hugely) Tuesday eve through Thursday – a good little interval to start new projects, make yourself noticed by important people, and to seize what you want. Be careful Thursday morning (PST) with electricity, driving and money. I’ll repeat my usual advice (until mid-May): don’t waste time with small tasks, Errands and empty conversations.

Aquarius.svg    AQUARIUS:  January 20 –February 18
This is your power time, Aquarius. Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness it at a yearly high now through late February. Get out, make contacts, impress people and start significant projects. That energy and charisma will reach an annual high this Friday/Saturday; anything you start Saturday should have a lucky future. All January, continue to avoid the temptation to simply earn money and to keep your blinkers on: the world is bigger than this! If you feel restless now to mid-May, chase investments or debt reduction rather than buying things. Friday begins five weeks during which you will be ultra-busy. A wish can come true Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday. Although Sunday is deceptive, and Tuesday morning can be a little hot and bothered, this interval brings happiness, flirtation, social delights, optimism and plans for the future. Chase money, buy/sell, Tuesday PM through Thursday – all will go well here except Thursday morning – be diplomatic and a “slow thinker.” Your energy and attractiveness are sky high Friday/Saturday. However, be cautious Friday morning. From Sunday through Friday noon, DO NOT start a love affair – it would end badly.

    Pisces.svgPISCES:  February 19 – March 20
Plump your pillows, Pisces: you face four weeks of rest, sweet solitude, contemplation of your life and pleasing plans for the future. These weeks will also be advantageous for interfacing with governments, institutions, head office, charities and spiritual organizations. (Spiritual, not “just religious.”) These themes reach a climax of sorts – and a superb opportunity to begin projects in these zones Friday/Saturday. (Saturday will be better.) Despite the overall atmosphere of withdrawal, for your own good, make yourself get out and mingle with people. But DO NOT start a love affair before noon Friday. Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday heightens your ambitions and puts them through several tests, especially Sunday. You can improve your success Monday, especially if you speak to someone behind the scenes (e.g., a civil servant). Wish fulfillment, entertainment, flirtations and light romance, popularity and happiness, and optimism — these buoy your heart Tuesday eve through Thursday. Remember, you are still in the midst of a quiet, restful month, so don’t expect huge popularity or flirtations accompanied by fireworks, etc.  Friday night begins five weeks of monetary fortune. Much moola will flow to you, but so will many bills, sob stories and enticing purchases. Listen, Pisces, be stingy and selfish for a few weeks.



Last week I looked at Trump’s bright side. He’s a Gemini, so there is certain to be another, even ten other, sides to his personality. Much of what I could say here has already been noticed by his many detractors. Uranus in the career house shows that he will be very impulsive, erratic, and unpredictable in his career and in his dealings with any kind of authorities. Immediately beside this Uranus lies Trump’s lunar North node, usually an indicator of fate/destiny, and usually but not always a protective and benevolent influence. Beside that North node, still in the career sector, is his Gemini Sun. (The Sun is the focal point of our energy and effectiveness in the world.)

Trump’s south lunar node, which usually indicates both destiny and bad karma, temptations, bad acts and obstacles, is in his sector of family (especially children and his mother) of home and real estate. This has various meanings: as we know, Trump has made his fortune through real estate. We also know that Trump has had some spectacular failures in real estate. The media reports that Trump’s business morphed sometime ago into a licensing of his name and cachet rather than remaining directly in real estate. Those real estate failures are indicated by the South node in his real estate sector – the real present success of his life has come from his ability to project his personality, and to build a Martha Stewart type business model — i.e., one that sells style and image.

In deeper, darker ways, that south node might indicate something not quite copacetic on the home front. If you watched his rallies, you probably noticed that his daughter, Ivanka, looks at her father with adoration, much more than at her husband. You might also have noticed a remarkable stiffness between Trump and his wife Melania. That South node of his is smack on (less than a degree apart) his Moon. When a man is young, the Moon often indicates his mother; when he is mature and has progeny, the Moon often refers to his wife. Trump has been tempted so strongly, nudged so subtly, that you could almost call it destiny — to marry women who, as soon as they become mothers, either repulse, bore, suffocate, abandon or otherwise cannot abide him OR vice-versa. (Thus, Melania and Barron stay in New York while the Donald turns his political loom in DC or Florida.) Because this takes place in Sagittarius, he marries foreign-born women.

With younger, flirty (non-maternal) women, I suspect Trump’s reputation far exceeds his grasp. Trump is probably not one-tenth the Don Juan he (and virtually every man) wants to be. Despite the democratic and feminist outcry about the “grabbing her pussy” claim, that claim was probably both exaggerated and false. When Trump is approached by a beautiful sexual woman, he becomes stiff (not down there!) and self restrictive, almost awkward. This occurs because Trump’s Venus (attraction to young – never pregnant women) is held in the strong, disapproving arms of Saturn. Venus rules Trumps third sector (communications)  and his tenth sector (career, reputation)  — so young flirty women become two things in his life: something to talk about (3rd); and they affect his reputation, and he uses them in his business/career (10th) often promoting them. (E.g., KellyAnne Conway).

Trump’s real estate (and family) ruler is in his 12th sector, indicating privacy and perhaps something hidden. This Pluto sits in 10° Leo, which says that all his real estate actions and efforts over the years will come to nothing; this degree states that the native has a higher purpose. Oddly enough, that higher purpose is also destructive.

To quote Carelli: “He is either an instrument of fate or its victim. Whether good or bad, such a man is destined to destroy, not to create… no one can oppose his cunning and his cool determination… he will not listen to objections when is made up his mind to act… he knows neither privileges nor distinctions; all are equal in his eyes; and he cannot bear the big shots.” Carelli describes him as unstoppable, ruthless, “no power on earth will be able to ward off his murderous hand” and yet “he will extend his kindness…even to the undeserving.” (These dichotomies, ruthless yet kind, are easily broached or embraced by Trump’s Gemini/Sage duality.) Remember, this whole paragraph refers to family, real estate — and to covert actions or his relations with civil servants and bureaucracies.

Carelli also says, “Others might reap what he sows down here. He can sow only for eternity.” I take this as an indication of his present dilemma/process: that he has to give up his private commercial empire to become what he thinks is the ultimate peak of achievement, but is really the central seat of sacrifice: the presidency. He has been led here by pride and unconstrained ambition to become the world’s uber-alpha male, the most powerful man on Earth. But destiny uses many tools — chief among them our own personality — to place people where it wants them.

Trump also has Mars rising in the 12th sector, the athlete’s and warrior’s signature  — hence, he grew up in a military school. He can also be aggressive, warlike, unpleasant, etc. — to government functionaries also. His fight with the 14 intelligence agencies is an example.

Donald’s Jupiter is at 17° Libra, guaranteeing that he will get in trouble through his speech or casual comments. His use of Twitter is an example. Neptune is conjunct his Jupiter, swaying the Donald toward lies. Yet a fascinating thing takes place here: Neptune is the planet of mediums and psychics, and often when Trump’s comments or claims sound outrageous (and are outrageous to most points of view) they have a strange way of either coming true or of being true, sometimes on a different level. For example, the entire world, Democrats and Republicans, howled with laughter and disbelief when in the primary debates Trump said he would build a wall along the Mexican border. “What a clown,” was probably the common reaction. Yet weeks later, all his republican opponents were celebrating the idea of the wall. His followers during the general election loved the idea. Some pundits are now talking about a new paradigm in politics: generally, the idea is that — I mean openly, not as a deception accompanying a crime – the idea is that factual truth is secondary to “real truth.”

This is a man who is used to having his own way, and will insist on it. He can be warlike (Gemini is one of the most violent signs). He chose Rex Tillerson, an Aries, ruled by Mars, to be his Secretary of State. Trump’s Mars (ruler of Aries and war) is the most prominent planet in his chart (sits right on Trump’s ascendant).

The trouble with discussing Trump’s dark side is that his weaknesses and flaws (e.g. arrogance) are also his strengths. So when I look for bad things in this chart, I find many of the same planets, placements, etc., as I do when seeking the good.

One scary thing: Trump’s Neptune is square (by sign) his Saturn —showing fantasy and practical reality fight each other. When tight, this aspect is often found in the charts of psychotics and schizophrenics. (Trump’s aspect is very loose, 18 degrees. Many astrologers — wrongly, I feel — won’t accept that such an aspect exists, unless the orb is far smaller, say 5 degrees. In other words, Trump’s “psychotic potential” is loose and weak, but still there. It is a contributing factor to his suspiciousness or mild paranoia. But while accepting this, we also have to admit that many, if not most, of his seemingly outrageous accusations have later turned out to be true, or somewhat true. Still, a danger I can’t quite conceive seems to lurk here.

Yet another, very tight (and therefore strong) aspect occurs between his Neptune and his Mercury, showing a possible tendency to misread or not recognize the truth, especially in matters involving spies, his nation, motherhood and domestic needs, and justice. This aspect can distort the truth, but it is more likely to make the life, the mind and the affections so complex that the person can never be absolutely sure of his impressions, facts, details, reports, etc. Many poets have this aspect.

Trump’s Saturn and Venus are square (by sign) to his Neptune/Jupiter. Saturn square Jupiter is counted by traditional astrologers as a barrier to affluence, yet Trump is certainly affluent.

These “bad aspects” from his Cancer to his Libra signs, are the only bad or difficult aspects in his chart. This is very unusual. Most of us have “bad aspects” (squares and oppositions) all over the place. Trump was “born lucky”, although he might contract age-related dementia.

Here are the degree “meanings,” (from Carelli) of Donald’s planets, greatly shortened (and in the order they appear in his birth chart):

Mars (aggressiveness): “a deep investigator of nature and will love it from the depth of his soul… shoulder[s] the hard, ungrateful tasks which the majority shun, but which… are necessary… to society.”

Pluto (death and rebirth, secrets, crime): “can sow only for eternity…either an instrument of fate or its victim.”

Venus (love, affection, beauty): “A high-spirited being, full of noble purpose and setting his aims high, cherishing freedom above all earthly things… great works likely to exert a deep influence …and to leave a mark in history… secret of his success is his unshakable self-confidence… his daring might become a reckless love of adventure; his zest for work, wild and fickle fanaticism; his lofty aspirations, selfish ambitions. Might… make him… a pioneer.”

Saturn (restrictions, behaviour of mature people, practical considerations): “An inborn drive to rise higher and higher and to try new, untried paths… fitful unbridledness, rudeness or brutality, or… selfless dedication to an idea.” [Tim’s note: Trump is a Gemini; therefore BOTH these “either/or” descriptions apply: Gemini is always two-fold or three-fold, and often contains many paradoxes in his/her personality.] “… the danger of tumbling… as well as a manly daring… thus victoriously winding up the climb to the peak of glory… seems to dispose of always fresh energy and exceptional gifts; but he is unsteady and, at times, too rash.”

Mercury (communications, daily business, short trips — and Trump’s ruling planet): “A lazy and sensuous being, much too prone to self-indulgence and wantonness… horse sense and a mind cut for life’s rough-and-tumble existence… cunning that often replaces intelligence in fools.
A general tendency to aberration and to illicit ties… will expose the native to the dangers of adultery…. more or less serious indiscretions [ranging] from petty, mischievous gossip to veritable libel… even to breach of friendly trust… [might] stoop to publishing infamous defamation and anonymous letters.”

Sun (already described in the Jan. 15 column) (the source of energy and desires): “A gentle, winning disposition, a delicate nature… too talkative but pleasant… led by the honest desire to be in harmony with everyone… his conciliating tendency might sink to weakness of character… [if the chart is good] happy in marriage; harmony and well-being would sway in his home and about him.”

Lunar North Node (good karma, usually): (symbol: the Sorcerer’s Apprentice — remember the Disney cartoon): “Above all, he ought to remember that anyone who rouses powers beyond his own control runs the risk of being crushed by them… this applies… to political power as well…. The Sun was in this degree when Benito Mussolini declared war on Great Britain and France on June 10, 1940.” [Tim’s note: Trump’s Sun degree is the same as Italy’s.]

Uranus (ideas, invention, ideals and principles, as well as all humanitarian urges/actions): “Birthright, personal prestige or occult powers may grant the native supremacy over others…”

Moon (emotional core, relations with mature women, spouse; also home, real estate): “… can admirably exploit the uncommon energy God has granted him; will thirst for truth and justice, and his judgement, his self-possession, his wisdom might make him into a guide for mankind…[OR]:  a resigned, dull, unpractical mind… would… render him suspicious of all and everyone.” (Again, Gemini Trump is likely to possess both extremes.)

South Lunar Node (generally considered bad/difficult karma, or karmic tests): “Here is the perfect embodiment of stubborn and relentless dissension… an unmitigated faultfinder… idea[s] displayed by others can be but worthless trash… [his] spirit of wanton denial reaches the freakish height of its childish hideousness.

“At the bottom of all this there is an unavowed thirst for applause… [for] his critical thrusts against other[s]. He will tirelessly throw stones, polemicise, heckle and run down their works…he will be in for quarrels, brawls, squabbles, lawsuits for libel, and well-deserved boxes on the ears… death on the dulling ground cannot be ruled out.” (This degree is associated with politicians by the author.)

Jupiter (planet of expansion and good luck — and of philosophy): “a perennially youthful spirit, an enemy of the powers that be… critical sense and… fluency… might degenerate into… an idle quarrelsomeness that looks for trouble…”

Neptune (planet of spirituality and of pornography, of perception, sleep, dreams and the subconscious): “A winged, impulsive, enthusiastic nature full of lofty inspirations but impatient to see its dreams realized and chafing at obstacles…. an essentially fiery and martial being, born to fly and bound to reach his goal with one great heave of his wings.” [Carelli goes on to say this person can fly, but can’t walk, as his wings are too long and large.] “He is born to wage a titanic struggle with himself.”

The End.

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  1. doudini2

    Dear Tim, I wrote before but i did not clarify and you called him just a catalyst. May I start over? Please accept my wishes for speedy recovery 🙂
    I am currently moving out from 12-12y marriage. It is 3 years overdue due to procrastination. But my new place is ready now.
    Now, This new person is not a rebound. I have already met a catalyst in the past few years. He did not have my values but reaffirmed my hunger for true love and more authentic life. I have grown and realised what matters. The person I will describe here on, I met physically on 4/8/2016, (but through online friend and email on 2/25), for a nature project. Hes leo and borb on day 6, and im a sagg born on day 11. 18 year difference in age. That morning I had minutes notice to make a swift if unethical decision to call in sick and join urgent conservancy effort in freezing rain 3 hours drive from me or I would probably never meet him. In fact, that day, i remember thinking: its now or never! although this feeling pertained to the cause, not the person, as I didn’t know him yet. At initial meeting we easily grew friendly and then inexplicably grew closer over only 5 other meetings in course of year. All innocent though, a true friendship grew. (truly! In past I knew if I flirted, this was not it) We just talk a lot. We share passion for birds and simple life. 3 hours into our second meeting he told me things about his life that one does not share with a casual friend. After each outing i missed him dearly although I was not physically attracted to him yet. The feeling was: I never not want to NOT see him again. Last november our luck and closeness became undeniable on 2 day trip to nature. Our host kept asking us how long have we been a couple. We laughed it off. Later when looking through our selfies and photos, we both looked radiant and I looked rather beautiful (I am rarely ever photogenic or even passable) but what strikes me is our couple like quality and even resemblance! I suddenly saw him as my mate. (He’s 18 years older and lives 200 miles away and I frankly did not find him attractive at all). There was starting to be magnetism then but nothing untoward has occured. Today I finally found out he’s been interested in me from the start. He was never easy to read so i didn’t dare to assume he likes me. Also we both were careful not to cross any boundaries as i was married. You see, I only informed him in december 2016, that I’ll be separating from my current mate in 2017. And that too only because i was worried that if I leave for my long solo volunteer trip without letting him know my life story, he will meet someone new and I’ll loose him. But I never actually told him to wait for me and that i liked him..:-(
    Today finally we both shared separate stories of how we felt about each other. His version sounded as if i wrote it! I was elated. But then he revealed that while I was away he did meet someone serendipitously.
    Although i had no visual while i was away I felt he met someone and also I felt a shift between us. He doesn’t know yet how special this lady is, but he wants to honor it as they are technically dating long distance already. This whole year, I lie in bed thinking of him while he was doing the same. He was in shock at how bad our timing is. If only I told him clearly how I felt before my trip he would not start new relationship. We both talked for hours today, then he hugged me lovingly and freely for the first time, put his face in my hair and we held hands and each other while looking at the stars. Then we said goodbye. We did not kiss. But I did cry on my long way home while my heart physically ached inside me. All radio stations i was tuning in played my favorite songs which i always listen to when I’m thinking of him! When i turned on my GPS, it told me i’ll be home at 11:11….help I’m at a loss. This feels different.

  2. Nav

    Thanks Tim.
    Its one thing to have a bad relationship with someone n totally another to have no relationship at all.
    Where i live it’s acceptable to have two wivies(I know it’s against your cultural norms)
    It’s not about HIS being married..my question was ..will it turn into good relationship.
    So i guess your answer was based on the fact he is a married n if he was not ..do you think it would have been still a bad future for me.

  3. Nav

    Hello Tim,
    Hope you doing well after your surgery. I like your work.Always look forward to reading.
    I am in a complicated relationship with a man who is separated from his wife but not divorced.
    My DOB is 13/08/80 .He is Pisces 24 feb and 38 years old.
    Please tell me would this relationship will turn into long term relationship or not ?

        1. Tim Stephens Post author

          Nav, you are a Leo; he is a Pisces. He is your sexual and extra-martial (cheating) sign. The south node is in Pisces, meaning this sign, if you bond with it, will open the door to bad karma, bad luck, endless delays, immoral choices, etc. People who are separated but not divorced are sill married (and want it that way) so he is not even offering you a “whole person.” I’m not saying this relationship has no future’ I’m saying it only has a bad future. If you don’t believe me now, you will in a year. It IS that simple.



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