START NOTHING: Before 0:34 am Sun., 10:41 pm Mon. to 5:05 am Tues., 7:37 am to 12:40 pm Thurs., and 6:54 pm to 10:41 pm Sat.


I’ll continue the ‘YEAR AHEAD” forecasts next week…

(Your 2013-2014 LUCK FORECAST is in “PLATFORMS” above.)

Notice last week’s “Start Nothing” period Friday was 3:14 am to 8:03 pm — 6 am to 11 pm Eastern Time. In other words, the entire shopping day. This “Black Friday’s” sales were the worst since the financial crisis began — down 2.8 % from last year. Perhaps someone out there follows astrology, for a fair number of the large retailers initiated a “Black Thursday” sale….

The National Academy of Sciences published a study in February 2001 that demonstrated that longevity of life depends on the month a person was born. (Evidently people born October-December live longer than those born April to June.) Nowhere, though, is astrology mentioned.

Just last month (15 Nov./13) The Atlantic magazine ran a long article encapsulating scientific research on disease and birth month. These studies, overall, show that your season of birth (spring, summer, fall, winter) gives you a higher or lower risk for Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, allergies, sleep disorders, glaucoma, S.A.D., epilepsy, down syndrome, Parkinson’s, autism, and schizophrenia. (The schizophrenia-birth date study included 86 million subjects, in 27 countries.) If you google this article, read the comment by “Kristof” – it’s dry and abstract, but makes some good points…. (My thanks to Francesco L.  for the above items.)….


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

The emphasis continues on higher learning, intellectual pursuits, far travel, foreign-born people, cultural, religious and philosophical involvements, and gentle love. This is a nice, smooth week, with some slow but very beneficial progress (or opportunity) in real estate, financial, sexual, and health zones. If you’re in love, this can be a good time to house hunt. (Buying will be easier after next February, but – especially if you’ve already searched – a good property will show, or “appear again” before then.) Retreat, rest Sunday/Monday. Your energy and charisma soar Tuesday/Wednesday – start major projects, seek favours, see  and be seen. But remember, to next July, you will be crucially involved with others and their needs, demands and desires.  So use your extra energy to cement or form relationships. You’ll need allies soon. You also might meet true love – tho’ that’s more likely AFTER next July. Chase, but be wise with, money, Thursday pm onward.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

The focus remains on secrets, dreams, hunches: your subconscious bursts to the surface. Research, do detective work. Large or significant financial,  intimate, health and lifestyle choices face you. It’s better to do something than nothing; it’s also better to seek advice than not, and it’s preferable to work in tandem, or for a mutual goal, than alone. You “own” a work duty now  to July: tackle this, work steadily on it (not necessarily every day!) – ignoring a somewhat unpleasant task will only cause the load to deepen, chores too accumulate. Until July, also, protect your health from burns, cuts and rashes. Avoid physical confrontations. Love is not denied – in fact, your  overtures or approaches are welcomed. Talk, travel, paperwork Sunday/Monday. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan midweek. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thursday pm to Saturday – you’ll get your way!


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Relationships continue to attract the majority of your time and attention. You could find that any “interlude” you have now brings a  certain sweetness with it, or that you walk away feeling sweet, filled with romantic optimism. This trend continues to next July, as your romantic sector heats up for seven months in a way that lifts  your spirits into “The Land of Hope.” If single, you could establish/enter a major love affair. But remember, this might be more a sensual affair than a marriage-oriented one. Ask yourself: will this person bore me in two, five years? Then act, with this question answered. Especially for the next three months, romance can lead to sexual intimacy fairly quickly. Perhaps for the first time in a long time, others actually want to go to bed with you. (Late December to about January 20 will be a superb investment period – plan to upgrade/revise your stock accounts, retirement savings plans, etc.) Take advantage. Be ambitious Sunday/Monday. Show the boss what you can do. Happiness, hopes, popularity, light romance fill midweek – with some hiccups around midnight Tuesday. Retreat, rest and plan Thursday pm to Sat.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The focus remains on work, health and care of dependants. Eat and dress sensibly; sleep regularly. Your home can suffer some conflict or friction until next July – soft-pedal disputes and be gentle with children. This influence also offers you a chance to work from home, or to advance your status by repairing/renovating your home, or dealing in real estate. If you’re young, this is a great seven months to lay the groundwork for future ambitions. If you’re older, this is the WORST time to retire (causes an angry, work-filled retirement) – delay it until July. (At worst, if you’re to be officially retired before July, find another job, even at 7-11, to keep you working until this month, or a bit longer.) Until March, your mate responds sweetly, is affectionate and supportive. Sunday/Monday are gentle, wise, mellow. Be ambitious midweek. Short trips, talk, paperwork Thursday afternoon to Sat. – think twice about your deepest motives before you speak/write. (They should be angelic.)


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The emphasis continues on romance, creativity, self-expression, courage, sports and games, speculation, beauty, and joys from children. Until July, you might be speaking much more than usual with a lover or “special friend” about marriage, about a wedding. You could surge into a heedless but joyful commitment in March. (Be alert, study what this means to you down the road.) But after March, although you’re still talking marriage, you’re beginning to feel that you’re talking around an emptiness. (As the I Ching says, you might be conquering an empty city.) If so, it would be best to wait until August onward, when a year of powerful romantic situations begins. Sunday/Monday are sexy, research yields rewards, as do investment and debt reduction. Intellectual pursuits, far travel, love and rituals fill mid-week. Be ambitious, but watch your own motives carefully, Thursday pm to Saturday.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The emphasis lies on home, parents, kids, security, real estate, retirement plans, gardening, Mother Nature. Sleep as often as you want: this is a sluggish, hibernation period for you. Hug the kids, plan adventures in the neighbourhood. You are beginning to make more money. Now to July, the money spout could really turn on. But you have to turn it off, when income turns to outgo. Bank $, or you’ll end up poorer than you are now. (And with a closet stuffed with useless items.) (Don’t invest – that’s better after July.) Romance works out, pleases you now to March, though it will be much better after Dec. 21. Until then, keep it in the neighbourhood. Relationships of all kinds, including an exciting meeting, fill Sunday/Monday. Sex, large finances, research and mysteries hover around you midweek. All’s well, even lucky. Profound ideas, legal, far travel and intellectual influences mingle gently Thursday pm onward – love, too.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The wheel of your life revolves now around a hub of errands, paperwork, communications, short trips, siblings and casual friends. This week and next are a good time to buy a car, if you need one – also, update telephony, office systems, your stationery, etc. Until March, your home brightens, affection and beauty prevail. If you must change homes, now (or January, NOT February) is a good time to do so, even to sell/buy property. But remember, your main luck, to July, resides in ambition, not security. (Be wary of investing in anything but home before March.) Until July, you are going to be more courageous, determined, assertive, hot-tempered, sexual – a real warrior in some ways! These seven months, if single, you want marriage, but you also want to be the conqueror, the one who decides and calls the shots. This can cause a few arguments or stand-offs. If married, these seven months might nudge you to lord it over the house, or to want to separate. Careful – this trend, too, will cease… To work, Sunday/Monday. Relationships spark, crackle and surge midweek! Thursday noon shuffles you into intimate, secretive zones, perhaps financial decisions or lifestyle changes. The less you act/decide, the better.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The two weeks ahead focus on money, and they’re smooth weeks filled with rather easy progress. Chase new clients, ask the boss for a raise, buy needed items, sell unwanted ones, etc. Now to March, friends, siblings are affectionate, gracious. Travel, visits, communications go well. Now to July, like Taurus you might face some quite large task or “duty project.” Listen, Scorpio: dig in, get this done. You’ll feel an urgency about it, or someone else will push you about it. But don’t rush: pace yourself, as you’ll be picking away at this job until mid-summer. The same period, avoid physical confrontations, biker bars, etc. (Scorpio athletes, though, will perform above expectations.) Romantic notions fill Sunday/Monday. To work midweek (and start on that big chore, if you spy it – this will be a very lucky start, ensuring the success of your efforts for the months ahead) – and protect health. Relationships, offers and opportunities fill Thursday pm to Saturday – remember one thing: your independence is valuable, partnership not so much, to late Feb.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy, charisma and clout remain at a yearly high, Sage. During the next two weeks, start something significant (unless you already have since late November). Be open, seek others, show yourself off, put on your good clothes. Like Gemini, you will have a constantly- firing optimism about romance (and/or a creative, speculative, teaching or beauty project) all the way to July 2014. This can – nay, almost surely will – bring an actual romance. (Or a flirtation which will, if you reject it, push away romance.) In fact, it could be you and Gemini who hook up. But some other signs are candidates also: Libra, Aries, maybe Leo or Aquarius.) Be home, nurture your family, garden, Sunday/Monday. Romance, creativity, et al midweek. Tackle routine chores (not unfamiliar ones) Thursday pm to Saturday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The focus remains on the background, on administrative chores, civil service, institutions, charities. Lie low, rest and recuperate, contemplate and plan. After Christmas, you’ll be ready to charge forth: for now, during this smooth, easy week, gather your energy, visualize how you’ll come bursting out the gate late month. Be spiritual, pray or meditate. You remain ambitious, affectionate, mellow and attractive. Someone faithful will show their loyalty/feelings. Now to July, bosses, parents, VIPs and authorities are abrupt, hasty, impatient and temperamental. You’ll need a lot of diplomacy, but you’re a natural diplomat. You might quit a job or career, to work on the foundations of a new one. Remember, Cap, this whole period (2008 to 2024) is “forcing” you to establish new goals and a new social circle. Stagnating is unwise! Errands, trips, calls fill Sunday/Monday. Relax, be home, embrace family and study the prospect of perhaps ending an association., midweek. Romance calls Thursday pm to Saturday – but be cautious: probably a dud.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Wishes can come true over the two easy, smooth lucky weeks ahead. Your popularity shines, someone is at least fond of you (or might be really hungering). (But you’re so stubborn you might even refuse to accept this due to some principle or resentment – or simply a negative, but wrong, view of your own circumstances, your “worth.”) Social delights, entertainment, light romance, these fill the days also. Now to March, your inner life or moments of solitude are sweet also, so you might even reject the social/romantic round – I wouldn’t. Now to July, your intellectual, travel, educational, cultural, religious, legal, philosophical and publishing zone heats up. This can cause much exhilarating activity – in fact it can also trigger a friendly but hot romance – but it can also spark an angry lawsuit, even disputes with authorities. Try to walk a different path. Chase and collect money, and spend, Sunday/Monday. Trips, calls, casual friends, errands, paperwork midweek. Thursday pm to Saturday brings “home comforts” – be sluggish, relax, but don’t make home or family your main focus: there’s something mildly wrong in this.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on career, ambition, prestige and status during the two easy, smooth weeks ahead. You’ll make headway if you work steadily toward your goal – no need to rush or panic, all’s well. Your friends remain sweet, affectionate until March: you could make a good new friend. Now to July, your sexual and financial interests heat up. You could enter a sexual affair that is also luckily romantic, AND adds to your “prestige progress” and/or somehow increases your income. (Protect yourself against STDs these seven months – and in general, health-wise, avoid burns, cuts, rashes, corrosive chemicals, firearms, explosives, belligerent people, biker clubs, etc.) Financially, you could make a big investment – but be cautious here, as impulse leads to mistakes. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Sunday/Monday – do something important. Chase money, buy/sell, midweek. Thursday pm to Saturday brings errands, short trips, casual friends and siblings, communications, paperwork – all’s smooth, but beware of subtle (moral) traps and time-wasters.


The End