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I lived seeing and analysing the flaws in others: this ensured my survival. But one day I decided to see and admire the good and the strengths in others; this ensured the species’ survival.


GEMINI, 2014 is split into two halves . The first, lasting to late July, continues the rain of good fortune in earnings, possessions and “surface” interactions with others.  (Surface can include casual, sensual links without love’s deeper profundities.) Your memory (which has surprised you mildly these last few months as you remembered things you’d forgotten you even knew) remains strong. Your luck in money surges March through early July, so  chase clients, ask for a permanent pay raise, sell items, etc. You could climb to an earnings plateau that can last many years! This first half of 2014 is also marked by a stunning run of romance. It’s especially powerful in February – old flame? – and June, although one affair/attraction is likely to fill every month to July. You’ll be amourous, courageous and unlikely to take “no” for a final answer. Be gentle – with children, too – as you could be a little too aggressive, harsh. Hope fills love, even though the one you chase might have many problems.


From July onward, your money luck ebbs. Save, be conservative. This second half is splendidly busy – you’ll be doing all your favorite things, talking/writing, reporting, travelling. A new casual friendship could last a long time. You could argue with that earlier (first half) lover, or you might meet someone stunning, mid-September to late October. (Again, an old flame possible.) Friction might be part of  the picture. Your hopes soar late year, about an investment, debt reduction, or intimate link. Avoid legal hassles in December.

All year, work and health continue to be  slow, burdensome – but you quietly march through these, and quiet successes and cures will be yours.



CANCER, 2014 continues your run of personal luck, though much of this luck involves your work. If you need schooling to advance, attend school. (But don’t start in June.) By August – and on into autumn 2015 –  your questing money ship will find a lucrative harbor. You could even double your present income.

For the first seven months, friction can assault your cozy home. Avoid this by channeling your aggression into repairs, renovations or gardening/landscaping. Be gentle with kids and spouse. Don’t move into a new home, and absolutely avoid beginning to co-habit with someone you love before July 27. Wait for August onward.

The entire decade ahead holds opportunities for true love – but 2014 isn’t a highlight. If you start a new romance before August, it is likely to explode someday into a cruel war of the sexes. That said, others treat you affectionately January to March; if you’re already attached, your partner is sweetness personified. June raises your hopes about love; you dream of a domestic situation. A message from a past love could bring a powerful November romance.

Until August, a career project might end unexpectedly; you might also (astutely, rightly) plunge into a career in food supplies, restaurants, or real estate. You might move your office into the home.

August onward, the money taps open wide. Do all you can to increase your income permanently. For example, opt for a pay raise rather than overtime. In May, someone upstairs likes and favors you. Money finds you in August/September, perhaps due to a “luxury” contact. Seek more – and more lucrative – work in December.




Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

It’s your last week of far travel, international contacts, law, education, and cultural pursuits, Aries – and it’s an easy, smooth week. An important trend has begun: now to July, relationships flare into heat and intensity. This can cause an argument at the gas station or store, an elbow in the ribs, a powerful urge to relocate, impetuous (but mostly appropriate) bids for partnership or public approval – and a sudden, intense attraction or love affair. Whatever happens, it’s a feisty, hectic, adventurous time, with the power to elevate you, or lower you. One clue: those you deal with will tend to hold the aces, the advantage. Another: partnerships/loves you do form will be tested by circumstance (yours in the reputational, career area, theirs in the security area). Be diplomatic, eager. Talk, travel, visit, read, chase errands Sunday/Monday – all’s well. Home, family, security call Tuesday to Thursday: get your rest. Adventure, romance, pleasure, sports, creativity and a winning streak arrive Friday/Saturday. You  could  fall madly in love!


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

The accent remains on life’s mysteries and depths during this pleasant week. Few problems appear. Chase money, buy/sell Sunday/Monday – all’s well. Two good days for holiday shopping. Errands, communications, short trips, paperwork and casual acquaintances fill midweek. Head home Friday/Saturday – hug kids, garden, study security, retirement plans. Contacts with government agencies, head office or institutions yield great results Friday. The seven months ahead hold much work, sometimes an intense pace. The drudgery of this will be relieved by several things: friends and travel, love, discovering hidden things (a great research period) and a certain lifting of “other” burdens such as self-criticism/worry, and old obligations. Relationships continue to develop slowly but solidly.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

If you’ve been hungering for romance, I can promise you’ll at least meet it sometime during the next seven months. Your hopes will be high, same period. One major wish will come true (could be about friends, popularity, politics, “undeveloped territory” – or romance with a friend). Sexual, financial zones remain buoyant to March, but  your income might be a bit  slow. (It quickens, rises March onward.) Your energy, charisma and effectiveness surge Sunday/Monday – use this to relate, to serve others or make a connection. You’ll impress someone! Chase money, buy/sell, seek new clients Tuesday to Thursday – but pull back Tuesday eve to Wednesday dawn – temperamental, alienating factors could build to a rejection/rebuff. Messages arrive Friday/Saturday, and a new friend or love interest might appear. Charge ahead with letters, emails, calls, visits,  errands – life’s light and happy!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The general accent lies on work, health and dependents during this easy, smooth week. Be self-aware – now to next July, don’t become a dictator on the  home front. You can be unintentionally heavy-handed or critical, or expect too much of others. This is balanced, through March, by a sweet partner, or love in general. (Love itself, if  you’re wooing somebody,  turns in circles next week through January. If you’re unattached, a former love might return.) The seven months ahead can also end or rearrange a career direction, or involve your ambitions in real estate. Rest, lie low, contemplate and plan future moves, Sunday/Monday. Fulfill outstanding obligations. Your energy (and a wee bit of charisma!) return midweek. You could  encounter some argument or opposition Tuesday night to Wed. morn. Otherwise, this is a splendid few days, especially for intellectual work, travel and love. Chase money, buy/sell, do holiday shopping, Friday/Saturday.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Love and romance, creativity, self-expression, adventure, sports/games, a speculative, risk-taking  approach – these continue – and you win. (Next week, a work phase starts, so enjoy pleasures while you can.) Social delights, popularity, optimism, wish fulfillment, light romance and entertainment fill Sunday/Monday. A relationship might reach a “breathless climax” now – but if it does, it hints that this is about a 7 on the scale of “love of my life” – not a 10. (Still, such  a “light  romance” can be excellent for marriage.) Retreat to gather your emotional and physical strength Tuesday to Thursday – rest, contemplate, plan, contact long-term, faithful links. Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness soar Thursday night (late) through Saturday. You’ll be the star, you’ll impress others. Get out, pursue a significant goal. It’s possible, if you’re single, that you’ll meet a future mate Friday.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general accent remains on your domestic situation, real estate, security, Mother Nature, diet and nutrition, soul and rest. Yield to those urges to take a nap. Sunday/Monday emphasize ambition and worldly status – which might cause a tug-or-war with the urge to rest, to be home. Still, these are two favorable, productive days. Midweek brings a ray of relief, as friends, light romance, optimism and love of life flow in. Take care Tuesday night to Wednesday dawn, when sexual advances, health or financial matters meet resistance. Friday/Saturday favor money, shopping, and pursuing new clients or seeking employment (especially Friday). Money flows swiftly to you now to July – bank it, or you could lose it (and perhaps more). Romance – even the mere prospect of it – continues to please you now to March. An old flame might enter next week through January.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent remains on friends, communications, errands and other short trips, paperwork and details. (These themes, by the way, are essential to your “career climb” this year – to July, 2014.) Sunday/Monday bring wisdom, understanding of how/why society works, far travel and/or international contacts, intellectual and cultural pursuits, and gentle love. Someone who displays an attraction toward you these two days could become a major suitor/lover. (Same Friday.) Now, that’s not saying a huge lot, as almost every week from now to July will produce a romantic prospect. You’re emitting heat, you’re radiating magnetism, these seven months ahead. Midweek accents your ambitions, relations with higher-ups, and reputation: take care Tuesday night to Wed. dawn, as strife, accident, even the end of a relationship can occur. Friday/Saturday brings light romance, social delights, optimism, entertainment – happiness!


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The general emphasis lies on money and possessions – and a sensual attraction. This is your last chance until mid-2014 to ask for a pay raise, or to collect a handful of new clients. Shop any time this week – sell unwanted items, too. Finances of another sort arise Sunday/Monday – two averagely good days to invest or  seek debt counselling. Your sexual urges rise to the surface. A doctor’s diagnosis or a lifestyle change seem imminent, but might be  delayed to 2014. Midweek brings wisdom, a mellow mood, gentle love, far travel or international contacts, intellectual pursuits, profound thinking – generally in a lucky way, but be cautious Tuesday night to Wed. dawn – upsets, glitches and alienation can occur. Be ambitious Friday/Saturday – you could rise to a new position, or line up friendly allies for a future push. An easy, smooth week. Now to July, work can be burdensome – keep your health strong; eat, dress sensibly, etc. If seeking work, apply to governments, institutions.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy, charisma and clout remain at a yearly high for one more week – an easy, productive week. It starts with relationships, then relations are tested, then understanding and love come. Now to July, a romantic dream can come true. The same seven months promote pleasure, creativity, beauty, sports, speculation and risk-taking – but all in a group, not alone. Group creativity, for example, could be working on a film or playing with a band. To March, your earnings picture looks good – splurge a little on the holidays. Sunday/Monday bring important relationships: be diplomatic, perceive another’s desires/thinking, but realize you have as much to offer, and as much right to a relationship of equality. Some might decide to co-habit. Midweek brings mysteries, sexual longings, financial prospects, health diagnoses, and a possible lifestyle  change. Back away from these Tuesday night to Wed. dawn, when caution flags fly. Friday/Saturday open a door to wisdom, understanding, faraway places, higher learning, and love.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This easy, pleasant week is your last period of solitude and lower energy. Tackle chores and obligations Sunday/Monday – you’ll get things done. Midweek brings crucial and casual relationships, with much good luck, especially Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. But be cautious Tues. night to Wed. dawn, when argument (over who’s in charge?) unpredictable events and possible alienation/rejection lie in wait. Chase “deeper waters” in intimacy and in finances Friday/Saturday: success looks likely! Two splendid days to invest, but also to visit the doctor, perform detective work, or contemplate a lifestyle change. (However, beware “lifetime” commitments – circumstances just  don’t support them at these two days.) Now to July, be extra diplomatic with bosses, VIPs and authorities. You might veer toward real estate, or be establishing premises for a business venture.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The general emphasis remains on popularity, group affairs, light romance, entertainment and wish fulfilment – but this is the last week of these for awhile. Take advantage. Sunday/Monday bring romance, creative urges, pleasure and beauty. Take a risk, you’ll likely win! A Gemini might be involved. Tackle chores mid-week, but be careful Tuesday night to Wednesday dawn. Follow safety procedures. Protect your health midweek, also; stick to sensible habits. Relationship excitement, fresh opportunities, a relocation impulse – these visit Friday/Saturday, in fortunate ways. Strictly avoid lawsuits now to early July. The same period, though, can be productively hectic in higher education, all intellectual and communication pursuits, in cultural venues and rituals, insurance, statistics, advertising – and love. If someone is interested in you, you’ll know it: there’s no shyness here.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Ambition, prestige relations, your community status – these fill this week. (The weeks following will be much more enjoyable, social.) Sunday/Monday add a competing note: these days nudge you to sit down, relax, be secure and home-loving. Whether you charge out the front door, or stay in your warm confines, is your choice – not much rides on it. Midweek brings pleasure, beauty, a creative surge and winning hunches – and romance. Take care Tuesday night to Wednesday dawn – disruption, rejection hang in the air. Otherwise, Tuesday to Thursday is lucky, benevolent. You have recently wandered into a place where the stakes are high – in large finances, in working with other people’s resources, in health and lifestyle developments, and in sex, intimacy. This trend will last until next July: step carefully, don’t commit yourself impulsively. These months could very nicely boost your net worth and income, if you act with thought and awareness. Again, same seven months, sexual attraction might initially appear to be romance, but it isn’t – and vice-versa. Tackle chores Friday/Saturday – you’ll succeed.



The End