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Sigh. I guess it’s time to start writing the “Year Ahead” forecasts.

 SO, ARIES, the first half of 2014 will continue to deliver good luck and opportunity in your food and shelter zone. Much of this luck will come March onward, rather than in January/February. (These two months, give some time to your career, for someone up there likes you.) Until July, it’s a superb time to sell and/or buy real estate, to set your children on a good, happy course for life, to renovate, to give birth or become pregnant, to landscape, renovate, etc. This first half, also, contains an unusual amount of “adjusting” to another’s ways, power and personality. You have either an enemy or an ally – and, hint, even the enemy wants to be a partner instead. This applies to both love and business spheres. Someone who is irascible, or laughs too loud, or who pushes you now, is attracted. This is a tough one, because it can lead to real love, life mating, or to a link of constant challenge and argument. Partly, this is timing: if you meet (or met) your new lover, or a potential business partner or friend, between December 7 and 31, 2013, or April 21 to June 14, the relationship is likely to be rocky, or simply to suddenly, quietly die. If you meet otherwise, it could last as a vibrant link, even a lifetime love.

The second half of 2014 brings the best romantic opportunities in a decade. If you’re single, a love affair could develop into blissful marriage. If you’re in a love attachment, this last 6 months can turn it into something special – talk about marriage, and especially about the honeymoon (well, about far travel in general). If you’re married, these 6 months offer adventure, vacation, family joys and charming children – and a new appreciation of your spouse. This is also a splendid creative time, especially for writing or the performing arts. You’ll tend to be a winner in sports, games and gambling. Express yourself, try something new! (This whole trend lasts right into mid-2015, so you don’t need to rush it.)

Your career continues to evolve. Be flexible, embrace change – or get run over by the “machine of the times.”

From March, right into next year (2015) you will benefit from interacting with others, and always seeking “outside yourself.” You court failure if you insist on being independent, a lone wolf. Avoid legal hassles September/October. Lust and romance are inseparable in August – but keep an eye on practical barriers. (E.g., he/she has 22 children.)



TAURUS, 2014 continues the brisk work pace of late 2013. Until July, you’ll be sweating to produce – and perhaps making more money, also. It isn’t exactly the job you want, for it holds you captive to a degree, or holds you back from brighter, wider horizons. Still, it’s nice to be needed. During this first half of 2014, protect your health from acidic food, cold-hot alternations, head bumps, diabetic-inducing habits – and fights.

Starting in November 2013, and lasting to early March, 2014, you are lucky in legal, educational, cultural, far travel, international, and love zones. If you’re in school, jump eagerly into your studies in January and March – you could grab grades that surprise you! (DON’T start a paper – or a legal action – in February, as it will go in circles.)

You’re busy the first half of the year (mid-2013 to mid-2014) with paperwork, details, travel, errands, and friends. A “friend” has, or might, become a physical lover.

The second half of 2014, your home expands – or you might change homes. If so, you will move to a more spacious place, where thinking, learning and intimacy become easier. July 16, 2014 to August 10, 2015 will open various lucky doors, the best in 13 years, in food and shelter areas: home, real estate, family, children, retirement, gardening, agriculture, etc. If you can afford it, this is a splendid time to buy property, especially your own home. If you’re relatively broke, aim for a new, better rental situation – you’ll find it and grab it. Pregnancy is possible, even likely. This is one of the best periods of your life (July 2014 to August/15) to make a serious change – in where you live, how you live, with whom, what you live for, etc.

In January/February, continue to reject independence, and to seek interaction with others. DO seek advice. (Others continue to treat you with some scepticism, but these same sceptics are oddly willing – or perhaps waiting – to join with you in cultural, intellectual roles – perhaps even in a wedding.) From March onward lighten your links to institutions, government, administration, management roles – instead, focus on “hands-on.” Do your work yourself.

By the end of 2014, you’ll be very satisfied!



Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

The accent remains on far travel, higher learning, religion/life philosophy, understanding, the “big picture,” cultural venues, dealings with foreign-born people, and gentle love. If you’re pursuing someone, or in a young love affair, the other person seems inclined to end it. (Though he/she would probably be willing to live together – in other words, it’s all or nothing – seemingly.) By the 22nd onward, he/she will grow indecisive. Soon, this or another relationship will grow intense, fiery. For now, this week, throw your energies into completing a project or work task. That will leave you free for the relationship adventures to come. Some of you will relocate between now and July – to a better, more secure, economically right (even profitable) new abode. Others, if single, will meet true love or true enmity, same period. If married, maintain your sense of humour and gentleness – your mate will be a little feisty. Success: Sunday/Monday, Thursday.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

This week and the next two emphasize secrets, research, sexual urges, financial dealings, hunches, major lifestyle and health decisions. It’s a time of commitment and consequence. These themes are highlighted Monday/Tuesday. Listen, Taurus: do not act alone: at the very least, seek advice. Independence = trap, loss. Interdependence = treasure chest (perhaps a financial one, but more likely a treasure of emotions, friends, life understanding). Your romantic courage remains high, so speak your heart. Someone very compatible might be wandering through your life until March. Sunday’s for relationships – superb vibes! Wisdom, a mellow mood, intellectual pursuits and gentle love, perhaps travel, Wednesday/Thursday. Someone has a mind and physical beauty. Be ambitious Friday, maintain your rep, the status quo Saturday (but stick to routine this day).


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

The accent lies on face-to-face relationships, Gemini, now to late December – and especially this Monday (great, successful, approach others) and Tuesday (the eve is temperamental, too hasty). Be diplomatic, co-operative, emphasize others’ desires, goals, interests, rather than your own. Two unusual factors influence your relations over the months ahead. One, Venus, your love planet, brings affectionate responses and mild luck in sexual and financial links through early March. Intimacy is sweet, nurturing. Investments will tend to succeed. (Better to make them this week or next, or after January.) Two, starting this Saturday (Dec. 7) your romantic courage grows, right into July 2014. At the same time, if you’re attracted to a Libra or Aries, he/she will be in a marrying mood. (If you’re married, woo your mate – adventure awaits.) Wednesday/Thursday promote intimacy, financial success, secrets half-revealed.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The three weeks ahead hold work, drudgery, and health concerns. (Monday/Tuesday show this, might start a new work/health project – Monday better.) But all won’t be dull – your relationships in general remain affectionate until March. If you’re single, someone’s approachable. If married, your spouse could not be nicer. (Though this might not last, as an “irritant” enters your domestic sphere this Saturday to early July – beware knee-jerk reactions, sudden bursts of temper. Be gentle with kids. Look at ambition potentials in real estate.) Sunday’s romantic, kids charm, beauty floats before you. Crucial relationships enter Wednesday/Thursday – careful Wed. morn – after this, green lights shine, especially Thurs. Depths, intimacy, large finances Friday/Saturday: research, dig deep before acting.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead feature romance, creative surges, pleasure, beauty, nature, teaching children, and risk/reward. (The risk/reward ratio favours you – you’re on a winning streak.) Your work place remains pleasant, even affectionate. Sunday’s for home, rest, garden, kids, etc. – all’s good, affectionate. Those romantic, pleasurable themes fill Monday/Tuesday – a new love, or creative project, could begin. (Monday’s better.) Tackle chores Wednesday (careful to noon) and Thursday – success is almost certain, as you get things done quickly – and enjoyably! Relationships require care Friday/Saturday. You might be mistaken about someone’s feelings, or find it hard to express yourself, Friday. Saturday’s better. Your yearly luck is a bit low, so  you’re seeking security in romance, comfort in love: soon (next week?) you’ll talk about this to someone.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead draw you ever closer to home. You’ll feel sluggish, in need of a rest – take power naps, garden, hug family, especially Monday/Tuesday, when a new realty or home project might begin. (You won’t feel as sluggish this week, as you’re still “running” after mysterious people or things.) You could hardly ask for a better romantic atmosphere: you’re filled with courage, and someone “good looking” is affectionately receptive (until March) – if you approach.  This applies strongly Wednesday/Thursday AFTER 1 pm (PST) Wed. Tackle chores Friday/Saturday – think before acting. Stick to routine chores Sat. Saturday begins seven months of a more open, friendly attitude on your part (suspicions flee). These seven months (to July) turn the money tap on full – but they also unplug various money drains. Save, don’t spend: you’ll end richer! (A financial link might end, or a job, earnings source, changes.)


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead feature errands, communications, short travel, siblings and acquaintances, paperwork, details, and daily business, especially Monday (best) and Tuesday (hard to obtain co-operation; drive carefully around supper time PST). A new travel, office system, communications or similar project might start these two days. Earlier, Sunday’s for shopping or earning money – charge ahead, some bargains await you. Home, family, security, retirement, garden, nature – these fill Wednesday/Thursday. Make changes/repairs in these zones, AFTER 1 pm (PST) Wed. Romance wafts in like a subtle, silent breeze Friday/Saturday. Be self-protective: details, the truth, are being fudged, or you aren’t seeing clearly. Saturday begins seven months of intense “personality” on your part: you’ll be determined, short-tempered, magnetic, and involved in a major unpredictable attraction. Do you really want to be married, or not? These 7 months answer that question.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Chase money for the next few weeks, Scorpio. A new earnings (or spending) project might begin Monday (better) or Tuesday – avoid machinery purchases. Earlier, your energy and charisma shine Sunday – start something, grab someone’s attention. Talk, emails, errands, siblings, casual friends, short trips, paperwork fill Wednesday/Thursday – though Wed. morning is abrupt, perhaps nervous, the rest of the day and Thurs. bring sweet meetings, happy surprises. Turn toward home Friday/Saturday – garden, children, security, retirement plans – these need attention. Saturday begins 7 months (to July) in which work – or perhaps a specific project – can be almost overwhelming; live up to your duties, maintain good health habits (eat/sleep/dress sensibly) and you’ll do fine. Avoid dark alleys, rough clubs.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness continue to soar, Sage! You’re in charge, you hold the aces, so use this time (especially Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week) to start significant projects, to take a chance, to enter unknown waters bravely. Rest Sunday: contact allies, information sources, government agencies. Your energy surges Monday/Tuesday: impress someone! (Be careful chasing romance/pleasure Tues. eve/night, especially if your career or reputation could be affected.) Chase money, new clients, shop for special items, sell unwanted articles Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. (Your financial/earnings sector yields sweet, mild luck until March – but a luxury item.) Trips, errands, emails, calls, visits, paperwork and details fill Friday/Saturday. Make a list before leaving home: your memory and logic are briefly “confused.” Saturday to July, you could begin a friendship that becomes light romance, then deep romance.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Sunday’s for friends, social affairs, happiness. Don’t overbook, though – your energy is low, as Monday/Tuesday will show. Retreat these two days: rest, eat sensibly, reconnect with your spirit, be charitable, contemplate and plan. This is a good prescription for the entire 3 weeks ahead. A love or philosophical disagreement Tuesday supper time is not worth arguing – by next week, the source, reason for this argument, will be irrelevant or non-existent. Your energy, charisma rise Wednesday (careful to 1 pm, unpredictable situations exist) and Thursday. Despite your overall weariness these weeks, you still draw others. They find you attractive, gracious, subtly magnetic (to March 2014). Be cautious with money, earnings, clients and bosses – and shopping – Friday/Saturday. Buy only routine items. A rumour/gossip might be spread behind your back: sluff it off. The people who matter won’t give it any notice. Saturday begins 7 months of critical action on the ambition front – more next week.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Wishes can come true, Aquarius! The three weeks ahead bring popularity, social delights, entertainment, light romance, optimism and happiness. Be ambitious Sunday – interface with prestigious people. (If nothing else, take a walk/drive thru the ritzy district.) Monday/Tuesday bring that popularity, optimism and delight – and could begin a group project. (Better to start this Monday than Tuesday.) When you do retreat from all this socializing (Wednesday/Thursday) you’ll find that solitude is still sweet. (It will be so to next March – these few months are an excellent time to seek favour from government agencies, banks, institutions, and your employer’s administration.) Your energy and charisma surge upward Friday/Saturday. Saturday begins 7 months (to July) of intensified love interests – someone might talk to you of marriage. But strictly avoid lawsuits, same 7 months. You might be in a fight for your ideals.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The accent lies on your skills, ambitions, your ability to hob-nob with bosses and VIPs, your prestige and community reputation. This trend lasts to late December, but is highlighted Monday/Tuesday, when a new career project might begin. (Earlier, use Sunday to contemplate all this, and where you want to go in future – it’s a good day for love and learning, too.) A wish could come true Wednesday/Friday, especially in home, real estate, security, friendship, mail and travel. Two happy days of social joys, perhaps a light flirtation. Speaking of flirtation, and of love, you can breathe a sigh, as this is your last week of face-to-face “confrontation” or intensity. You’ll be weary Friday/Saturday: rest, eat/dress sensibly, help others, deal with government agencies, meditate, plan. Saturday also starts 7 months of intensified intimate relationships, lust, financial hunger (investments) debt, lifestyle changes, health diagnoses, commitment and consequence. Go slow in all these: there’s success here, but there’s also loss if you act impetuously.


The End