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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone). PST is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Standard time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)  


START NOTHING: 6:03 pm Sun. to 3:26 am Mon., 10:39 pm Tues. to 2:25 pm Wed., and 8:06 am to 10:47 pm Fri.



Every time I write this column, I vow to make Aries’ weekly forecast shorter, at least as short as the other sign forecasts. But each time it seems to grow longer.


Most of us should limit our stock market investing to two to four days a month – to whenever the Moon is “trine” our investment planet. Trine: Aries, Leo and Sage are trine each other. Taurus, Virgo and Cap trine each other. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are also inter-trined. And finally, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are trine each other. So, say Mars is your investment planet and it was in Virgo when you were born. Then, all things being equal, you would choose the most successful investments when the Moon was in Taurus or Capricorn. (You have to be careful, as other interfering planets might get in the way – though this is easy to see and avoid.) Your local astrologer should be able to tell you which is your investment planet and where it was located when you were born. (It’s the planet that rules your 8th house – tho’ if you have to tell the astrologer that, you should get a new astrologer.)

These are also romantic groupings: e.g., Aries loves Leo, Leo loves Sage, Sage loves Aries – and it works in reverse: Leo loves Aries, etc. In astrology, though romance co-operates with marriage it doesn’t necessarily lead to it. Also astrologically, sex co-operates with marriage but almost never leads to it. So your parents or grandparents who criticized pre-marital sex (“Why should [your lover] buy the cow if you’re giving the milk away for free?”) probably had a point, at least for the last 4,000 years (about the age of astrology). The Hippie generation did change that, perhaps turning one of the great corners of history (leading to unisex, blurring of male-female roles, gender equality, birth control, pregnancy-on-demand and other sociological and medical developments that might revolutionize our future, and eventually equip us for long-distance space travel). Or, perhaps, the Hippies just steered us into another Sodom and Gomorrah. Modern pornography, for example, began in the Hippie era (1970’s).


BTW, these preambles might be quite short through December, as I’m trying to write the year ahead text.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

The emphasis remains on far travel, legal affairs, intellectual pursuits including higher education and publishing, statistics, insurance, cultural involvements, and love, especially Wed. eve through Fri. (Love is especially emphasized all week.) It’s a sweet, mellow week, a nice relief from pressures. In relationships, the “sweet factor” veers into intimate clinches – and if you don’t become intimate, the sweetness flees. For the rest of December, your relations stand out more starkly and with more definite, clear “yesses” and “nos.” Be diplomatic, avoid blame games or over-assertiveness. That said, this month still favours bonding, meeting, agreeing, embracing – and marriage or co-habitation (or promises) – can still occur. In business relations, diplomacy and humour is ultra-important – without these, you could damage an association. All this applies particularly applies Sunday – solve rather than stumble over, a loved one’s domestic problem. Life’s depths and secrets lure you Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. – with splendid results! So be lured and further, investigate: open doors to financial actions, investments, debt, or to sexual bonding (as discussed above, you either veer into more closeness, more commitment and intimacy now, or the relationship loses its open affection. Wed. eve through Friday emphasizes this whole month’s concerns – travel, education, culture, etc. (You might start a new project in these zones, but it probably won’t go far.) Careful driving or with relationships Thurs. morning to supper time (PST) – sudden, unexpected actions/events. You might even meet a startling new person, or be flung into an adventure. Career, ambitions, prestige meetings slated Saturday.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

The general accent remains on secrets, mysteries, research and investigation, commitment and consequence, and critical health or lifestyle choices/events, especially Wed. to Fri. night. This influence can show as a financial adventure, investing or handling large debt, or as a sexual need, embracing intimacy. Both of these require commitment, and present you with the consequences. In general those consequences should be good. Sometimes, Taurus, you’ve got to take a chance – and this year (lasting to September 2016) Lady Luck will tend to bless you. So “change” and “risk” – these are your key words this month. Tackle chores Sunday – and watch out for a subtle, maybe hidden but deep conflict between your work demands and your “idealism” about a partner or spouse. Avoid noxious fumes/chemicals and smile nicely at frowning co-workers. Relationships confront you Monday to mid-afternoon Wednesday (PST). There’s only good here, so plunge in, jump on another’s band wagon, welcome a partnership, and try to solve any past disagreements. A financial break-through or solution might arise Tues. But the real action this week occurs Wed. eve to Fri. night – re-read the first sentences above. Luck is mixed here: poor for work/management/daily health; good for friendship, socializing, and happy, flirty romance. Saturday flows smoothly and productively: your mood is mellow, wise. Attend cultural events, lectures, foreign films. Write, travel, speak of love.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Relationships are front and center. Be diplomatic, but eager to join. You might meet a potential life mate or business partner, especially Sunday and Wed. to Fri. (If met before 1 pm [PST] Sunday, future difficulties will arise over your hopes and his/her domestic “destiny” – or between romance and sex – you’ll be expected to accept only one.) You have been in an intriguing romantic “atmosphere” the past few weeks. But now your sweet, “melting” feelings toward someone fade, while your friendly, teasing and “pushy” side takes over. This might lead to marriage or co-habitation. Realize the other wants it more than you do; i.e., is serious. (Not always a bad thing!) Don’t play games with someone’s heart. Tackle chores Monday to mid-afternoon Wed. All goes well – you’ll accomplish a lot. Good time to buy “seasonal” or “work” clothes and tools, equipment, car, computer, Mon./Tues. Relationships loom importantly Wed. eve through Friday – but luck’s mixed, especially in career and with co-workers. Jump on opportunities, sidestep conflicts or “wild” people. Saturday offers mild but good progress on sexual, financial, research and health fronts. However, look down the road before making big commitments. Overall, a good week!


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

The accent lies on work, daily health, service people (e.g., plumber, or IT tech) and dependents, especially mid-afternoon Wed. through Fri. Your home has been filled with affection and aggression (sweet’n’sour) the past few weeks. Now to Jan. 3, there will be a little less affection, a little more friction, perhaps ambition. My advice: be gentle on the domestic front Sunday, when ambition or haste/impatience could trigger a deep discord. Romance, beauty and pleasure, creative and speculative pursuits, games, sports and charming children fill Monday to mid-afternoon Wednesday. Everything is lovely here, so plunge in, enjoy this poetic interval. Tackle chores, protect health and deal with repairs, service people, diet and clothing Wed. afternoon to Friday. Luck is mixed here, especially on the home/family and career fronts. One seems to crowd out the other. In the end, good feelings, friendship, even a feeling of magical love prevail. Saturday’s for relationships (and repairing them). All flows smoothly, productively. Investigate opportunities, publicity potentials, relocation, agreements and litigation possibilities.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Romance – the beauty and poetry of life – continues. Express yourself, take a chance, try new things – you’re riding a winning streak! Your home life grows more affectionate, lucky, until Dec. 29. (You’ll surely see this Mon./Tues.) Volunteer your place for holiday dinners. Hold business meetings in restaurants or parks. All month, you could meet romance while travelling (even on the bus downtown) – or a casual conversation could unexpectedly turn to flirtation. Be bubbly, eager. Legal, educational and other ponderous matters are discussed, but there might be more talk than action. A Libran might become a special friend or ally. Sunday brings errands, friends, talk, emails, paperwork – take care in driving and with work, tools. Your home, family, property, security and soul dominate Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. All is well here, so embrace your family, start yard projects or repairs/decorations. You and your spouse are playful as kids. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and gambling urges rush in Wed. pm through Friday – luck is mixed, so remain alert, jump on opportunities, and be diplomatic. Thursday night (PST) is best – you could fall madly in love! But until suppertime this day, be prepared for a jolt – this could range from negative (a car accident) to positive: a sudden exciting meeting and a sudden feeling that you want this person in your life. Keep nerves calm. Tackle chores Saturday – undemanding tasks quietly succeed.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general accent remains on home, property, family, security, Mother Nature and the garden or farm, diet and nutrition, rest and relaxation, especially Wed. eve through Friday. You are mildly favoured to buy and sell real estate until September 2016 – this week and next give you a green light for this. (2019 will be much better, if you don’t mind waiting.) Now to early January, more money than usual will come to you, but you will possess an almost unconscious urge to spend and spend – don’t: bank it, save. Sunday’s for shopping, paying bills and sensual attractions – realize romance will probably not succeed, perhaps partly because you can’t express well enough what you want. Errands, communications, short trips, casual acquaintances and siblings fill Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. Charge ahead with these, as no impediments, no dangers ruin this lovely interval. Be curious, ask questions – you might learn of a great real estate investment or “opening” – perhaps a condo, or for some reason other people are involved. Your home, family and Mom Nature fill Wed. eve through Friday – luck is jumbled here, so be nimble, quick. Thursday night brings satisfaction, love, fantasy. Thursday daytime (PST) presents risks – be cautious. Not the best time to drive or handle big machinery (or even a computer). You might have to decide, quickly, on a financial opportunity or crisis. Saturday’s for love, beauty and pleasure – indulge!


Libra.svg LIBRA  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general emphasis is on short trips, visits, communications, paperwork, details, casual friends/siblings, news, and curiosity. Your energy, assertiveness and determination flow in one channel: toward relationships: a partner (or finding one) fame, public dealings, negotiations and contracts, litigation, an enemy, a business or other opportunity, or relocation. You now (all December) can state your case, can pursue others or meet challenges with an extra bit of grit and courage. You’ll likely get what you want. (This Thursday will be pivotal – and could bring a surprise – sudden attraction or sudden opposition.) Your energy and charisma flow strongly Sunday – use them, if you can, to overcome a domestic, family, security or property problem, one that might have been around for years – but without being cruel or violent. (Unless the situation calls for it.) Chase money, buy/sell, memorize something or chase someone attractive Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. All systems are go, so go! Those short trips, errands, et al come in Wed. eve through Fri. Luck is a bit mixed, unpredictable, but it’s splendid Thurs. night, especially for buying/selling luxury items, gifts, beauty – and physical gratification. Saturday steers you home, in a pleasant, successful way. Be with family, in the neighbourhood, cook, sweep, landscape, garden – but don’t launch long-range things that will depend on co-operation from a partner, others.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The general emphasis remains on money, earnings, buying/selling, memory, possessions, and sensual attractions, especially Wed. to Fri. All December, your chores restrict you: the burden is heavy and long. You might rebel against this work Sunday, especially around noon (PST) when you’d rather talk, take off, or otherwise wander and think. (If you are working this day, be careful with tools, machinery and chemicals. Don’t let someone distract you.) On the plus side, your physical and social charms glow all month, drawing an admirer or two – this provides some sweet relief from drudgery. Your money picture looks good, too. Mon. to midday Wed. boosts your energy and charisma. Start significant projects, get out, see and be seen, contact important people – you’re in charge! You might fall in love Monday, might stumble on a lucky money source, or talk a boss into a pay raise Thursday. Attempt anything – all auspices are good. Chase money, buy/sell, seek new clients, protect possessions Wed. eve through Fri. Your best luck comes 6 pm to midnight Thurs., when you should be with a loved one. Before this, love can be misguided, and work duties could frazzle your nerves: be careful around machinery and electricity. Saturday brings errands and easy progress. Talk, be friendly, be curious, listen to the news. All is well.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The general emphasis remains on YOU. Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness achieve a yearly high this week. This is the time to start significant projects, to make a major step or turn, to pursue someone who might seem unattainable. All month, your hopes are tied up with romance, creative projects and speculative risks, adventure and pleasure. Sunday’s social (but someone doesn’t show up) as entertainment, optimism, flirting, happiness and popularity visit you. Careful with your money – don’t spend just because others do. Retreat, rest and contemplate Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. This interval is filled with luck and co-operation, so contact civil servants or management at big corporations, visit institutions and shut-ins, be charitable and spiritual, and above all, make plans for the future. You might meet a very exciting, untamed, possibly oddball person who throws a lightning bolt into your heart. (If he/she doesn’t pop up, go hunting for such a type.) This is also a great interval for creative writing, despite some weariness. Your energy and charisma reach that yearly high mentioned above on Wed. eve through Fri. Your wish for bold romance might come true as you run into an exciting person. Or, you could go “negative” and start a major fight. Either way, adventure is in the air. Thursday night (after 6 pm PST) is luckiest, and could bring love – love with a good security or domestic quality. (E.g., if you married this person you’d also have a beautiful home.) Chase money, new clients, a pay raise, sell unwanted items, pay bills and go shopping Sat. – all’s well. (But don’t buy major items.)


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Continue to rest; recharge your emotional and physical batteries. Work in the background, deal with government and “head office” types. Meditate, contemplate – re-acquaint yourself with your spiritual core. The boss remains testy, temperamental all December: grin and bear it. By January, this same person will realize that their temper was poorly placed, and came from problems within, not from you. Sunday’s for ambition (and temper-prone bosses) – you’ll sort everything out by evening. Optimism, a bright future, joie de vivre, social delights, entertainment, flirty romance – these visit Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. (Realize these great things will be mildly reduced by your weariness. Still, luck is good. You might be happily surprised by your family’s love, or by how smoothly a domestic or property matter is pushed forward.) Wednesday eve through Friday brings the nadir, the bottom, of your tiredness and low charisma. This little interval reflects the whole month, in a way. Luck is mixed, good and bad. Don’t communicate Wed. night. Thursday, until suppertime (PST) brings sudden events, break-offs, perhaps a tug-or-war that pits your career against your security or home/family. Be careful with stress, nerves, driving, electricity and machines. Thursday night brings peace, poetic feelings, good fantasy, friends, money opportunities, and hope. Saturday brings your energy back – enjoy, without starting anything important.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The general accent this week and next (especially this Wed. afternoon through Fri.) is on joy, popularity, social delights, entertainment, wishes coming true, friendly romance, and optimism about the future. Not a bad smorgasbord! December is one of the best months (every year) to visualize what you want, to dream of the future, because what you dream of might actually come true. All month, you will be having “everyday conversations” that somehow turn profound, or be dealing with a friend and realize it might be turning to love. All December, too, bosses, parents and VIPs favour you, making this a good time to seek a pay raise or promotion. (My advice: seek the promotion, but don’t push for a pay raise. This holds until May 2017.) Sunday might bring one of those casual-cum-profound meetings/chats. Take care, protect your secrets and commit no crimes. Your career, business meetings, worldly status and prestige relations are accented – and greatly favoured – Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. There is only good here, so charge ahead. Wednesday eve through Friday brings that happiness described in the first sentence above. Luck is mixed here, so be alert, nimble. Avoid money dealings Wed. night. Thursday daytime can bring an exciting meeting or a sudden break-off. This night is splendid for friendship, money/career and beauty (see a good film, or love your mate). Retreat, rest, contemplate and meditate Saturday – all’s smooth, easy.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

(You do know that “Pisces” means fish, don’t you? Poisson in French. Like a fish, you swim everyday through an ocean of nuance and meaning, impression and intuition — and logic floats by you like a bit of flotsam from a shipwreck somewhere else.) The general accent this week and next lies on ambition, career, prestige relations, worldly and neighbourhood status, and dealings with authorities, bosses, parents and VIPs. These climax (and perhaps start a new project or trend) this Wed. eve through Fri. Take care these days – timing is everything. You’ll meet resistance or barriers Wed. night to pre-dawn Thurs. Daytime Thurs. brings climaxes and surprises – and “opportunity in crisis” – in money and sexual zones. This night offers beauty, love, heightened intuition and imagination, and possible money solutions. Saturday brings happiness, joie de vivre, friends and social delights, entertainment, friendly flirtation and entertainment. All is smooth, but avoid making long-term commitments. All December, your sexual magnetism and desire remain intense – but don’t be impulsive in intimacy nor investing. All month, too, far travel, higher education, gentle love/compassion, legal and cultural affairs will meet good luck.


The End.