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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone). PST is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Standard time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: 3:07 pm Sun. to 4:59 am Mon., 11:17 pm Tues. to 9:45 am Wed., and 7:14 am to 1:26 pm Fri.



After I mentioned using your investment planet last week, I received queries wondering how to find it.

Unfortunately, to find this planet, you have to know your time of birth (or at least your rising sign). This, because the investment planet is strong in the rising chart, but perhaps not so strong in the solar (sun sign) chart.

Still, the solar works somewhat. So, here is the investment planet for each sign, whether you’re looking at your rising or sun sign. (As noted, the rising is a stronger indicator in this area.)

SIGN                                INVESTMENT PLANET

ARIES                                 PLUTO

TAURUS                            JUPITER

GEMINI                             SATURN

CANCER                          URANUS

LEO                                   NEPTUNE

VIRGO                              MARS

LIBRA                               VENUS

SCORPIO                          MERCURY

SAGITTARIUS                 MOON

CAPRICORN                    SUN

AQUARIUS                      MERCURY

PISCES                              VENUS


The planet listed above for your sign – sun or rising – is also your sexual, lust, and procreative planet. When your financial/sexual planet is favourably aspected, especially by the Moon [Sun in Sagittarius’ case] you should have success in investing and/or intimacy, as well as in surgery, lifestyle changes, and research or detective work.

(Notice that Libra’s investment planet and Libra’s “own” planet is Venus – so Libra is constantly “investing” – often in relationships rather than money.)


I’m not sure why, but I seem to be popular in China. My Chinese clients mostly range from 20-40 years old, and many of them are very comfortable travelling the world. Many young Chinese are bi-or-multi-lingual, and have lived in London, L.A., New York. These are truly the new Americans. (Except they have a charming politeness versus Americans’ brashness.)





Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Your mellow mood continues, Aries. Well, that’s not totally right, for you are dealing with an intense relationship all December, or you are reacting quickly, perhaps angrily, to others. But that’s a minor thing compared to the gently rising wave of understanding, compassion and “human” love that fills this week. This “wave” (really only s gentle swell) is accompanied by intellectual pursuits, far travel, international themes, cultural involvements, media and publishing, higher education, possible relationship “proposals.” Some Aries will wed now. Be ambitious Sunday – rewards will come. Happiness arrives Mon./Tues. – your popularity surges, wishes come true (mostly about relationships). Optimism, entertainment, friendly flirtation complete the picture. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Wed. to noon Fri. (PST). Deal with charities, government agencies, institutions and the admin. departments of large companies. Things begun Wed. will intrigue you but likely fail eventually. If begun Thurs., success; if Fri., misguided (seemingly inexplicable barriers will arise down the road). Your energy and charisma surge Friday pm and Sat. – Friday’s good, but Saturday needs some care, especially in the afternoon. (Hint: don’t fight authority.) You might hear some career or business/financial news that sparks your ambition – good! A friendship changes.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

The accent remains on secrets, mysteries, mutual resources (e.g., family money/assets) big finances, investment and debt, sexual desires, health diagnoses, research, detective work, life style changes, commitments and their consequences. Your work is hard and intense all December, but it also makes you money, so keep on trucking.  Others treat you with grace and affection this month, so this is a fine time to present ideas, proposals, to relocate and/or to link up. Dealings with the public and contract negotiations go well. Sunday’s mellow, wise, and, after a possible rocky start (pre-dawn PST) turns into a lucky day, especially for love, kids, romance and art. Be ambitious Mon./Trues. – almost everything conspires to aid you in career or other prestige zones, so charge forth! Optimism, hopes for the future, popularity, joie de vivre, social delights, entertainment and friendly romance fill Wednesday to Fri. noon. Enjoy, Taurus, but don’t build future castles with this – especially Friday morn, beware “to good to be true” scenarios. Retreat Fri. eve and Sat. – think, meditated, recharge emotional and physical batteries.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

This is your last week of open, honest, above-board relationships, Gemini. Next week, relations will tend to veer into deeper, more private, quiet, intimate waters. The ones you deal with now might accompany you into those deeper zones. For example, a business agreement/opportunity you achieve now (or have recently) will enter the funding (and real commitment) stage; an emotional relationship might now turn “boudoir intimate” – and this too is a form of commitment, with consequences. You and a lover might decides to share a home, and/or a mortgage. You have lots of romantic courage this month – don’t let it go to waste if you’re single! Your workplace is affectionate, work’s pleasant, until early January. Sunday gives you a little preview of the “deeper waters” lying ahead from next week into January – and you could make or stumble upon a great home, realty, food or “domestic” investment (includes mining, forestry and agriculture stocks). And, possibly, if single, a sexy person who would also make a viable mate. A mellow wisdom floats through you Mon./Tues. – chase higher learning, media, far travel, anything intellectual, foreign affairs – and love. Be ambitious – but not too ambitious – Wednesday to midday Friday (PST). (In other words – now to May 2017 – don’t sacrifice morals or ethics, love, large sums of money, or even your present position, for an ambitious goal. The results would disappoint, at best.) That said, this is a pretty good interval: intuitive, dreamy Wed., disappointing in the wee hours Thurs., good Thurs. daytime, and a “dud” Fri. Happiness, hope, friends and social delights come Fri. eve, Sat. A friendship might change, or a new one come.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

This is your last week of drudgery, Cancer. The 21st will bring the fresh air of “new horizons.” But until then, take your chores seriously, especially Friday eve and Saturday, when you could face a choice between success through effort, and simple failure – there’s little “in between.” (Don’t rely on co-operation these two days.) Protect your health; eat and dress sensibly. All month, your domestic scene could be a little fractious – be gentle, count to ten before reacting, especially with kids. (On the plus side, sweet affection grows between you and kids/spouse – if you’re single, a hint of romance might already have wafted in.) Sunday brings relationships – difficult until dawn (PST) then fortunate, bringing peace, agreement, even new, lucky contacts. Look under surface appearances Mon./Tues. – you can turn the unknown into solid profit or a superb investment. Sex, intimacy also favoured. (Take a career chance midday Tues. – you could grab the brass ring.) Wednesday to noon Friday brings the gentle winds of foreign climes, far travel, legal affairs, heightened understanding, intellectual and cultural pursuits – and love. All goes well (except in the wee hours Thurs.) but ask yourself, especially as Friday comes, if you are aiming at a realistic goal in these zones, or fooling yourself (the latter probable). Be ambitious, but alertly and carefully so, Fri. eve and Sat.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

This is your last week of romance, Leo, so enjoy it. (Whenever I write “romance” you can automatically include beauty, creativity and speculation, self-expression, charming kids, adventure, and simply diving into the pleasured of the moment, without planning or regard for consequences.) You speak and travel well all month. Your home, family remain affectionate. Tackle chores Sunday – you might earn a pretty penny! Relationships confront you Mon./Tues. – you could make a new friend, even a new lover. (This latter might later develop into vows.) It’s a good time to smooth over old disagreements, sign contracts, negotiate, explore, co-operate, deal with the public, seek fame, jump on an opportunity, or relocate. Be diplomatic, cheerful. Life’s deeper side emerges Wed. to midday Fri. Be careful here, the depths could hide your real motives from you yourself, which is the first step toward seducing/tempting you into a dead-end, especially in finances, investments, debt, and intimate clinches. (All of these will seem like “can’t lose” situations in the beginning.) In general, things flow smoothly, and your family shows their sweet warmth. Friday pm and Saturday bring mellow wisdom, urges to travel, learn, attend cultural venues – and to love. Good, good – but avoid these 10 am to 3 pm (PST) Sat. You might meet a new friend, teacher, co-worker or future mate.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

An intriguing period of domesticity, real estate and property interests, nature, gardening, landscaping, etc. will end in eight days. Intriguing, because various “hints” (if not more than hints) have nudged you toward doing something hopeful and “fun” in this arena. (E.g., you’d have “fun” building new stairs or putting raised beds in the garden.) If you have such an alluring semi-plan, instigate it now – but avoid starting pre-dawn Sun., Wed. night, and Fri./Sat. (Times are PST.) Money comes swiftly to you, but it flows swiftly from you, also, all month – bank it, be stingy. Your sexual needs are heightened – and generally satisfied. Sunday’s romantic, teases you with beauty, pleasure, life’s poetry – luck arrives this afternoon. Tackle chores Mon./Tues. – all’s well, you’ll make good strides. Relationships arise Wed. to noon Fri. This area holds huge significance for you over the decade ahead. Many single Virgos will meet their true mate, perhaps already have (the trend began in 2011). This person is likely indecisive, dreamy, psychic, illogical – and might be chatty or scattered. He/she might also have a drug, alcohol or meditation addiction. (This alluring yet elusive “atmosphere” might also affect business dealings and practical partnerships/associations.) Be clear-eyed, Virgo. One thing: from Nov. 13 2015 to May 9 2017, you will not likely meet a good “keeper” in love: some flaw might exist. (This is not 99 per cent probable – maybe 90.) If you met before Nov. 13, you might experience some delay in marriage or co-habitation plans. Here, delay is your friend. This DOES NOT include deep or light romance, sex, friendship, nor even weddings (!) but does include setting up house. Use Fri./Sat. for investigations, research. Be cautious about investing, new debt, and “unapproved” intimacy.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your daily restlessness and busyness continues for one more week. Take care of all the little (and possibly neglected) details: tax receipts, addresses, answering emails, etc. Be curious, read the news, ask questions – this is your “free” learning time. (Free because nothing of huge importance calls you into other action.) You remain magnetic, both to those looking for sex, and those looking for a mate. The downside is, you can be too impulsive, too unrestrained. (Under this influence many years ago, a young Libra woman I knew, seeing a man she was attracted to but who was out of her range, threw herself on the floor in our office and started laughing uproariously to get his attention. He quickly left the room.) Sunday’s for home, yard, kids – with a bonus of good luck in “solitude.” Romance lures you Mon./Tues. – why not chase it? (You usually chase by receiving.) You could meet a viable mate prospect Tues. daytime. (Creativity, speculation, games/sports, pleasure pursuits and beauty can replace” romance.) Tackle chores and protect your daily health Wed. to Fri. noon. All goes well, you’ll accomplish a lot, but pull back late Wed. to the wee hours (PST) Thurs. Realize this area (hands-on work) is a bit of a time-waster for you now through mid-May 2017. Relationships have a “last chance” aura Fri. pm and Sat. (That doesn’t mean jump in, tho!) Take care with home, kids, security Sat. You might hear “deep news” about home, property. A new love affair might start Sat.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Follow the money, Scorpio. Seek new products, new clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. Shop, too – especially for home items, furniture, etc., Mon./Tues. Your job continues to be a bit of a burden, holding you back from other things – this will end by January, so just shrug and do your best. Your charisma and graciousness are showing – you could attract someone sensual, but not necessarily viable for the long term. Sunday brings phone calls, travel, errands, and good friends. Good day (before 3 pm PST) to write holiday cards. Home and family, security, property, rest and relaxation fill Mon./Tues., in a fortunate way. Good time to start renos, decorating, landscaping. Romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure, charming kids – these call you Wed. to noon Fri. This “breaks down” to the splendor of romance or the fantasy or imagination of creative urges Wed. night (10 pm PST) but is quickly followed by a barrier consisting of age or financial differences. Thursday is sweet, amiable (and romantic) all day, and could lead to an open door or opportunity socially. Friday morn holds only a bit of adjusting. However, the whole 18 months ahead advise you to step carefully in deep romance – only the light, friendly will bring benefits (one of which could include marriage). Tackle chores Fri. pm, Sat. Careful around chemicals, gas Sat. afternoon.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness still ride high, but your private life grows sweeter also. Civil servants, institutional workers, therapists and counsellors favour you all December. This is an excellent month to mull over the future, your direction in life, and to form plans. Those plans might include romance, as some of you are courting a person you met in a group recently; if not, you will find groups a fertile place to find a romantic partner. In any case, romance and friendliness combine now, so have fun with your lover (or spouse, of course). Your career, ambitions and reputation remain blessed by a once-in-35 year luck cycle, strongly beneficial until September 2016, but blessed even beyond this, to May 2017. Take advantage! Sunday’s for money, shopping, selling, contacting new clients, etc. – charge ahead, for luck rides with you until 3 pm (PST). Errands, short trips, calls, messages, paperwork, details, news, casual acquaintances fill Mon./Tues. All’s well – march forth, be curious! Home, family, property, security, retirement and similar concerns draw your heart and attention Wed. to midday Fri. This interval is mostly successful, but you might foresee that a planned project is going to take more money than you have. Realize this whole zone – “home” – is NOT favoured now to May 2017, so step lightly: do what you have to, but don’t expand beyond that. Friday pm and Sat. bring romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges – good, but pause Sat. afternoon, when misunderstanding could leave someone incorrectly thinking worse of you than the facts would show.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 21-Jan. 19

This is your last week of restriction, tiredness and low charisma, Cap. Patience! In the meanwhile, deal with government, institutions and large corporations, with health, warehousing or assembly line situations. (These areas will grow more and more significant until the end of 2017 – and they are areas you tend to thrive in.) Despite your low energy, friends are sweet and loyal all month. All December, too, bosses are impatient and temperamental. You can have three reactions to this: grin and bear it; or quit; or go back to the drawing board to build an unassailable plan/project. Think about a foreign voyage. It might come in the year ahead. Your energy and charisma take a wee step upward Sunday – mingle, start a quiet project, or study travel timetables/fees, school applications, a legal matter – all lucky this afternoon. Chase money, buy/sell, seek new clients or a pay raise, protect possessions Monday/Tues. – the auspices are favourable, so charge ahead. Be more cautious Wed. to midday Fri., when you deal with life’s daily tangles: communications, scheduling, errands, paperwork, etc. Best time for these: Thursday. But this entire zone needs caution until May 2017 – realize you can waste a lot of valuable time fiddling, adjusting calling, answering, being restless. Instead, think profoundly. Friday pm and Sat. emphasize your domestic arena: kids, spouse, home, garden, security, retirement, etc. Careful here Sat. afternoon (PST) – don’t be overbearing.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is your last week of “celebration,” Aquarius, so dive in and have fun while you can. (December 21 will bring a month of rest and seclusion, so you’ll have lots of time for recovery, sober second thoughts, etc.) High popularity, social delights, entertainment and friendly romance: these are slated until next Sunday. This Sunday (the 13th) is best spent resting, dreaming, being private. You could, by afternoon, meet a sexy person who wants the same thing, or you could engage in a healing conversation, solve a health problem, or develop a confidential, uplifting friendship. Research yields rewards. Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon./Tues. – suddenly, you’re the leader. Start significant projects, see and be seen, make contacts or tackle chores that formerly intimidated you. Good luck accompanies you. Chase money, buy/sell, protect possessions Wed. to midday Fri. (Thursday’s best.) However, realize this “daily money” stuff is not your strong side now to May 2017 – instead, deal with large money: investments, debts, mutual resources. Here, you have the best luck in 13 years! Errands, chats, short trips, paperwork and casual friends fill Fri. pm and Sat. Careful Sat. afternoon (PST) when your inner world or secrets might be “unveiled.” All December, higher-ups like you. Avoid a lawsuit. Realize a casual, mere “friendship” could become profound, even love.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis remains on career, ambition, your worldly standing and your community reputation for 9 more days. You should succeed fairly easily. (Then a month of happy socializing begins.) All month, love favours you, in a gentle, understanding way. You might be with someone quite wise yet unusually pleasing. It’s also a good month for far travel, school applications, legal solutions, cultural engagements and profound thought. December also lights up your physical yearnings, and could tempt you with a clandestine affair: I’d stay out. Worse, this month could nudge you to make an impulsive financial commitment or investment – careful! Sunday’s for social delights, relationships (you could meet Mr./Miss Right!) and optimism about the future. Have fun! But retreat, rest and contemplate Mon./Tues. – all’s well here, but you need some “down time.” You’ll deal successfully with civil servants, the disadvantaged or handicapped, and “head office.” Your energy and pizzazz return nicely Wed. to midday Friday. You’re in charge, so start something significant – but make sure it is not something that only serves you, yourself – if you want to succeed for the next 17 months, you will have to share, co-operate, even promote someone else’s needs/goals. Buy/sell, chase money, shop, protect possessions Fri. eve through Sat. However, avoid technical or machinery purchases. You might learn a secret about money.


The End.

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    Dear Tim!!! Have to comment before finish reading the forecast this time. I’m Chinese and I agree that Chinese readers love you! Hahaha …. I know about your website from other Chinese people.
    I have been living in the U.S. for serval years and honestly not everyone from my country are nice. But ….I strongly believe Chinese who read “Astralreflections” every week are nice people because they have gained some special wisdom of life. ??????

  2. Arxsyn

    I’m a Leo Rising, with Pisces Sun and Jupiter in Aries. According to astro.com both reside in the eighth house. Which is my money planet, Jupiter or Neptune? My Neptune is in Capricorn and it is trine my Taurus Mars and Midheaven. I’m new to this, what does this all mean? Where do l find my “fortune”. My Venus is in the sixth house in Aquarius.

    I am also curious how this ties in with romance/love as alluded to in your previous column… These trines and Trinities. ?

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