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START NOTHING: 2:01 pm to 4:13 pm Sun., 6:26 am to 6:31 pm Tues., 12:04 pm to 9:26 pm Thurs., and after 7:36 pm Sat.




I think men have been imprisoned in their role for centuries. We seldom consider men to be psychic, yet they are as psychic as women, and as sensitive. They’ve been taught otherwise (“big boys don’t cry”) and this role-formation has worked for millennia. But in more developed societies now, the male role is largely an empty shell. This is either a sophisticated weakness, or a true new direction. I think it’s the latter, as the last Pluto return (Nov. 1983) showed a marked convergence of male and female roles for the next 250 years – that’s a chunk of time that outlasts any fad or popular phase, disease or societal weakness – though sometimes national and civilizational declines have outlasted 250 years. Such a large portion of time is also mankind-moulding. Already, we have unisex, metrosexuals, elevated rates of women raping men/boys – and just today (Dec. 3) the U.S. designated women eligible for combat roles.


My ex-wife and I separated in 2009, divorced in 2011. But only now, in recent months, have I felt like a “wall of shock” has lifted and let me be half-natural with women in the dating area. Before this, I didn’t know how to approach a woman, how to open the door to intimacy (though I well knew how 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago). I still feel only half-competent in this. Two years ago, I visited a pretty woman a little younger than me. At the outset, she told me that there would be no sex, no shenanigans. I took her at her word (which is probably another manifestation of shock). We watched the NFL game and ate dinner, then I left. As I was about to open the front door to go, she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big, open-mouthed kiss. I straightened up and left, without responding. I had thought, of course, about us being in bed. That kiss was, in a way, exactly the invitation I wanted or needed. But I turned and walked away because 1) it was unexpected; and 2) I was still in post-marital shock. I had absolutely no idea how to handle that kiss; it took me a few days just to react to it. My heart was frozen, not in cruelty, but in shock. Now when I see old men living alone and not even trying to appeal to or accommodate a mate, I understand.


Christmas Day is best early (and grandly fortunate, good for friendship and love – and lots of talk!). After supper, subtly competing interests begin to swell.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Monday starts a month of ambition, pressure, career interests, prestige relations and community status. As is usual this decade, December might hold a career or status change, small or large. Remember, a change can be upward! (In fact, is likely to be upward, as your work is both expansive and lucky this autumn to next fall.) You continue to be other-oriented, and could 1) have a deep, affectionate intimate bonding; and/or 2) find an opportunity (mostly through co-operation) to gain financially with someone. These “2” last until December 29, so use you usual speed, act quickly when you see an opening. You impress everyone until 2 pm (PST) Sunday. This eve might feature a discussion/argument about your ambitious prospects (and perhaps about your “unusual methods”). Chase money Mon./Tues. (Best Mon., and pre-dawn Tues.) You could net a pay raise, extra hours, or a new client (and almost certainly a job, if unemployed). Tuesday eve to Thurs. eve brings “busyness” – errands, paperwork, communications, etc. Be cautious Wed. morning – after this, all flows smoothly. Home, family, property, security, retirement, nutrition and garden call you Thurs. night through Sat. Everything’s good Friday daytime, but barriers arise this night into most of Saturday – mild, solvable barriers. All’s well that ends affectionately.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Monday starts a month of mellow feelings, gentle love, understanding and a world-wide view. Far travel, higher education, media/publishing/broadcasting, fame, insurance, statistics, foreign-born people – one or more of these will be on your mind (and acting on it/them will improve your destiny). You will meet a few attractive, gracious people this week and early next – if you’re single, you could meet a potential life mate. If married, respond to your spouse’s “new beauty.” Work is intense, but that will lighten up in early January. Rest, contemplate Sunday daytime – all’s well. This eve (PST) could shine a slanting bit of light on your inner or private world – one which you don’t want loved ones to see. Your energy and charisma surge upward Sunday eve to Tues. eve. Start significant projects, especially in the areas listed above – love, far travel, higher learning, et al. Your luck runs high, especially in romance and sex, risk and finances. Chase money, buy/sell, respond to sensual lures Tues. eve to Thurs. night. However, refrain from action Wed. daytime. (Best time: 10 am to noon Thurs., PST.) Errands, communications, paperwork and casual acquaintances fill Fri./Sat. Act Fri. daytime – after this, everything’s “iffy.”


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

You leave an environment of open relationships Monday night, as you and another (or just you) slide into deeper waters. Where there was excitement, now intimacy looms. You either grow closer or break apart. Where there were business or practical proposals or agreements, now funding, actual hands-on commitment arrives – or, as in love, a break-off occurs. Research, look beneath the surface. You might discover valuable information, receive an important health diagnosis, or change your life style, purchase a major investment, or sign up for a mortgage. Strictly reject extra-marital shenanigans. Sunday’s for happiness and socializing, but this evening suddenly becomes tense, nervy. Relax and retreat – this night to 7 pm Tues. (PST) brings weariness, dreams, inspiration, planning opportunities, management and closed-door meetings. Everything runs well – Monday’s excellent for finding or buying a home. Your energy and charisma climbs Tues. eve to Thurs. night – caution to noon Wed. – then charge ahead. Chase money, buy/sell, speak of love to an attractive person before noon Friday. The rest of this day and Saturday emphasize money and possessions also, but in a “let’s solve problems” way.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Love is sweet until December 29. Home is feisty until January 3. The phone rings until late next year. Be ambitious Sunday to 3 pm (PST) – you could write the perfect, eager email to a higher-up or snag a VIP’s attention. This eve you might have to decide between home and a different opportunity, or, if single, between security (which keeps changing these years, is “unstable”) and someone new. Monday through Tues. suppertime brings popularity, social delights, entertainment, wishful thinking, optimism and flirtation. Plunge in, as luck rides with you! A cycle of important relationships begins Monday night and continues to late January. As noted, live is sweet, so this could be a great time to chase someone, to propose, or to reach an affectionate agreement with your spouse. Retreat Wed./Thurs. – rest, contemplate and plan your and your family’s future. Deal with civil servants, institutions and “head office.” Be charitable, spiritual. Timing: better after Wed. noon (PST). Your energy and charisma soar Fri./Sat. – but most of the easy, good stuff comes Friday forenoon. Later Friday, Life says: “are you serious, or playing with this relationship?” It’s an either-or thing. Sat.’s a bit rocky around supper – but all’s well that ends with kindness, affection.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Deal with far travel, higher learning, media, cultural events and love Sunday until 2 pm (PST). Luck blesses your efforts. However, this eve a chore conflicts with love’s dalliance, and annoyance results. Two days of ambition, pressures from above, status and prestige relations starts Sunday night. A whole month of chores and employment issues starts Monday night. You can give your work prospects a lucky jump Monday – could even start the ball rolling toward a promotion and/or pay raise. Errands, casual friends, travel, communications, paperwork and details fill Wed./Thurs. Everything will go better if you start after noon Wed. rather than before. (In the forenoon, domestic concerns might interfere with accomplishment.) Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Fri./Sat. Friday forenoon holds good luck in finances, investments, intimacy, research and work. This night, you might have to make a fairly deep decision about work or health. Maintain a steady temper Sat. – let family affection outweigh the struggle to have the loudest voice. All week, your home will be a sweet, uplifting place. You feel compelled to communicate.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month of romance, creativity, risk-taking, beauty, pleasure and adventure begins Monday night. Before this, Sunday daytime tempts you with a financial, investment, intimate or “spying” opportunity. This night, you might have to choose between romance and sex, or between a gamble and an investment. Monday/Tuesday bring wisdom, a mellow mood, love’s gentle touch, travel, higher education, culture and media. Almost everything succeeds here. It’s a good time to seek or support love. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. Bosses are likely watching your performance – which won’t earn you high marks before noon Wed., but very likely will then through Thurs. (Thursday forenoon favours sex, intimacy, research, and financial actions.) Happiness arrives Thurs. night through Sat. – you could fall madly in love! Social joys, rising popularity, flirtation, entertainment, and wish fulfillment also crowd these happy days. You might need to choose between light, friendly romance, and deep, heart-pounding stuff.  Saturday’s choppy, but it ends well, with an affectionate message. It looks like romance wins, sex not so much.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Monday night opens the door to a month of home and security concerns. Every year (to 2024) the December/January period will bring some change in the home, great or small. Most Librans will “nail down” where they are really supposed to be, or will finally complete those major renovations, or decide just how big this family’s going to be, from 2018 through 2020. So don’t feel you have to rush to domestic conclusions or major actions right away, unless circumstances demand it (e.g., your front stairs collapse, or your roommate starts building a 20-foot spaceship in the living room). Your sexual magnetism, courage and determination remain high until January 3. (A potential life mate is around you, this November/December.) Your money picture also looks favourable – until December 29. Sunday daytime brings exciting meetings, maybe travel. A domestic matter might cause some disruption. Matters veer into deeper but very successful waters Sun. eve to Tues. eve – sexual desires, financial urges, secrets and investigation fill this interval. It’s as if your subconscious bursts to the surface and nudges you – follow your intuition. Wisdom, understanding, gentle love, far travel, higher learning, publishing and cultural venues fill Wed./Thurs. Be cautious before noon Wed. Be ambitious Thurs. night through Sat. – higher-ups might be observing your performance. Best Fri. morning.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your charm lasts another week, so take advantage of it. Your enemies (one enemy is simply a big workload) last two weeks, so keep your guard up. Socially, the year ahead shines with bright possibilities, so keep your chin up. Monday begins a month of restlessness, short trips, paperwork, details, casual friends, errands and communications. Be curious, ask questions, peruse the news media. You might change your car, phone system or method of travel. Sunday supports work accomplishment, but also brings an element of disruption. Take care with electricity, computers. Strong, good, lucky relationships come Mon./Tues. – co-operate, be diplomatic; realize others hold the winning cards, so join their parade. Monday, pre-dawn Tues. are best. Life deepens, swims with mystery Wed./Thurs. Be careful, avoid temptation before noon Wed. After this, almost everything goes well. Invest, research, change lifestyles, get intimate, seek closed-door counsel, visit a psychic, etc. Expand through change. Late Thursday night through Sat. brings far travel, international themes and cultural engagements, legal affairs, higher learning, love and understanding. These go very well to noon, a bit longer, Friday, then jumbled luck, mixed solutions and barriers, holds sway. However, all ends well here – after a Saturday argument or “pruning job” (e.g., cutting off a chore).


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month of money begins Monday night. Buy/sell, seek new clients or a pay raise, longer hours, etc. Your methods of earning and saving might change in the weeks ahead – a small, seminal change that might grow over the months to come. Sunday daytime is romantic, adventurous, pleasure-filled and creative. But things go well and not-well. For example, you might chat up an attractive person in the early afternoon (PST) only to see him or her grow tense, abrupt by evening. Plunge into chores and protect your health Mon./Tues. (Monday and predawn Tues. best.) You could impress the boss with your progress. A good time to buy herbs, vitamins. Relationships take centre stage Wed./Thurs. – bad relationships Wed. forenoon (skepticism, mistrust) better after. Be diplomatic, grab opportunities, contemplate relocation or a public appearance. If you’re single and looking, call someone an hour or two before noon (PST) Thurs. – particularly if you met recently in a group situation. Your social life hops happily until January 3. Your inner, private life is sweet, also, until December 29. Friday/Saturday bring depths, mysteries, financial and sexual fruitfulness (and desire) – great until just past noon Fri., then “tough.” Saturday brings mixed luck in these, but a good ending.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Continue to lie low, rest and recuperate (and hatch new plans) until Monday night – then a month of personal vigor, charisma, clout and effectiveness begins. Every (late) Dec./Jan. until 2024, you will be working on making your own wishes come true – and they will, some winters less so, some more. This should be one of the “more” times, especially in legal, international, far travel, educational, publishing, cultural, intellectual and love/social zones. However, in career areas, bosses are not amused, and neither are you. If you value your job, grin and bear it for two more weeks. Sunday keeps you quiet, relaxed in the neighbourhood or at home, where projects succeed nicely – but the evening brings tension, disruption. Romance, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty, pleasure and charming children fill Mon./Tues. – all’s well, charge ahead. If you feel for someone, express yourself. Tackle chores and protect your “daily” health Wed./Thurs. Be cautious pre-noon Wed. Relationships fill Thurs. night through Sat. You could fall in love or grab a practical opportunity before Fri. noon. After this, luck will be jumbled, good and bad – be alert, nimble and diplomatic for best results.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Be happy, be social Sunday, for a month of quietude begins Monday night. You still enjoy the favour of higher-ups all December. But avoid law suits, political or religious arguments until January 4. Sunday daytime promotes errands, paperwork, communications and restless travel. Thus eve, retreat from the fray – someone might be telling tales about you, or you might suddenly blurt out what you don’t want to. Drive carefully. Home attracts you Mon./Tues. – great days to hug the family, start renovations or decorations, to deal with garden, landscaping, security, property, nutrition, and retirement themes. Prune the stale and useless, nurture the new and growing. Romantic notions, pleasure, creative and speculative urges fill Wed./Thurs., but don’t jump in before noon Wed. Thursday night through Saturday emphasizes chores and health. Eat, dress sensibly. Luck is mixed, but good Thurs. night to noon Fri., and pretty good Sat. Friday pm, examine subtle feelings of alienation or “subsurface discomfort” – this might be alerting you to the developments of the month ahead, especially the first week of January, when governmental, institutional or head office situations might “surround you.” You could be drawn into closed-door meetings, or promoted to management, or face some restriction. Make sure your private life is sealed, not for public consumption. Above all, all week, rest, contemplate and plan.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

You have one last chance to combine money and career Sunday before 2 pm (PST). (Well, there will be other chances, of course, down the road – but now is a good time to come to agreement, or to strike that first spark of asking for a pay raise or whatever more subtle schemes you might have.) The difficulty is, this day, especially late, also holds a disruptive (money/communications) factor – don’t mix friends and money. Errands, paperwork, details, applications for school, job, government grants, short trips, news media, curiosity, casual acquaintances – these fill Mon./Tues. Charge ahead – luck is with you! Turn homeward Tues. night to Thurs. night – embrace your family, garden or renovate/decorate, tackle parent/kid problems, shore up your security. Be cautious, start nothing Tues. night to noon Wed. – after this, plunge in, especially until noon Thurs., when a money plum might hang on the nearest tree. Thursday night through Saturday accents romance, passion, arts, beauty, creativity, gambles and risks. (Creativity and romance are two of the greatest risks in life.) You could fall in love, especially Thurs. night, Fri. am. Saturday’s a bit rockier. A wish could come true, also – actually any time this week through late January.


The End.

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      1. Tim Stephens Post author

        Amino, the reason for my short answer is two-fold: 1) you didn’t supply your birth data (date, place, and time if known) and 2) you asked a question that belongs in a reading (my job).

        I wish you luck in finding a job — hint: look in old places, contact former bosses.


  1. diesgos

    Hi Tim, quick question: you say in the Taurus forecast for this week : Chase money, buy/sell, respond to sensual lures Tues. eve to Thurs. night. However, refrain from action Wed. daytime. (Best time: 10 am to noon Thurs., PST.) I have a job interview appointment on Wednesday, the 23rd, I did not choose it was given to me, would the outcome of this interview be negative, even thought I did not choose the time and date?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      If it’s afternoon (PST) you’re fine. Before noon, the interviewer will be sceptical, especially about your salary “value.”



  2. penelope

    Your preamble moved me Tim. You’re ability to share your vulnerability with us, amazes me. What you say about men is what I feel also. Yes, men can be psychic, sensitive and very romantic.
    And I have often felt it takes about 4 years to get over a significant relationship. Thanks for sharing.

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