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START NOTHING: 10:16 am to 11:55 am Mon., 1:53 pm to 6:49 pm Wed., and 2:00 am to 4:01 am Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Remember, Mercury remains retrograde until Thurs. afternoon. So slowdowns, indecision and false starts still haunt this week — but this ends soon!
***   ***

As I predicted, the California wildfires did subside from Nov. 15 onward. That forecast was based on Mars (fire) leaving Aquarius Nov. 15. (The suspicion that a utility company was to blame for the largest fire, the “Camp” fire, is very likely true, as Aquarius rules electricity, which the utilities churn out.) Mars that day, Nov. 15, entered Pisces, a water sign, for 6 weeks (to Dec. 31). As you might expect, heavy rains began, I think, on Nov. 16. They should continue to year’s end. As befits Mars’ destructive bent, the rain dampened the fires but set up conditions for mud slides.
***   ***


    ARIES:  March 21-April 19:

This week: Your mellow, wise period continues, Aries. Remain cautious (until year’s end) of civil servants, administrative or institutional workers, and agents. It will be a good time, next week onward, to seek agents, advisors, and gov’t aid. (This week, start nothing new before Thurs. night.) Successful relationships now veer into deeper waters of commitment and reward, into early January 2019. Love becomes intimate; business associations/contracts hit the funding stage.

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  This week starts with friction Sunday (probably with gov’t or in a “confidential” or legal situation) — relationships are everything this day, so step lightly, be forgiving. (Your spouse, if you’re married, will note your self-restraint, and appreciate you for it.) Monday’s for friends, exploring.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Relationships, as noted above, turn into deeper waters of funding or intimacy, commitment and consequence. Only problem is, you’ll fail if you commit to something/someone new now. BUT the past 13 months brought you at least one lucky investment, sex partner, etc. — approach this one for present action/commitment. Caution: avoid deception, esp. Wed. Your ideals might waver. Still, overall a splendid interval.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  Far travel, law, higher education, publishing, culture, social rituals, philosophy and religion, intellectual pursuits, love, compassion and understanding — these are accented these few days, and this month — and become your main source of good fortune in 2019. So dive in — but not before late Thurs. night. Big things are brewing in your background. Focus on a wish, and it will tend to come true before next April.

4 am Sat. through the day:  Be ambitious. Progress is steady, no big barriers.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20:

This week: This is the tail-end of delays, false starts and indecision — from Fri. onward, you can march ahead with new projects and relationships. At present, and all month, relationships will tend to focus on the intimate, or on funding. In many cases, a lucky link was already formed in the last 13 months — this one (or 2, or 3!) is now ready for commitment, whether in love or practical areas. Others will treat you with affection and receptiveness all December. Your subconscious surfaces; your intuition rises.

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  Friction or “hidden” conflict both days. Maybe with a social bond, or with authority. Go slow. Get work done.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Relationships take centre stage — and please you with an array of possibilities, opportunities. Someone might even say, from a long distance, “come join me.” (Relations in general will be sweet, gracious all Dec. Good time for love vows — but best AFTER Thursday.) However, realize a certain sexual lure, investment or secret goal/association, while lucky and rewarding in itself, can interfere with or cancel your cherished wishes or social popularity. Reject deception.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  Sex, lust, power urges, financial commitments, consequences, lifestyle changes, medical procedures, research — these are slated — and difficult through Thurs. night (9 pm PST) then alluring, fortunate and inspired Fri./Sat. (And beneficial through December and the year ahead.) Yes, you can start a new venture in these areas Fri. onward. A gov’t, private or “agent” link could spell income for your future. Daydream about this.

4 am Sat. through the day:  Wisdom, understanding, and mellow relations fill the day. Find something beautiful and foreign.

    GEMINI  May 21-June 20:

This week: Relationships, fresh horizons and new opportunities — these fill this week and month, and are your main source of fortune for the 12 months ahead. But don’t jump into any agreement, commitment or relationship before Friday, as the recent zeitgeist of delays and false starts lingers through Thurs. Bosses and authorities remain temperamental yet friendly, to year’s end — be diplomatic!

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  Romance (or your children’s talents, education, or a creative project) fill your thoughts — but obstacles and frustrations dot the landscape. Monday morning’s best, when friends and “light loves” can lift your spirits. Turn away from a bad-tempered person.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Tackle chores — you’ll succeed with ease! But you might face a choice between career and a relationship; or someone might not fully trust you. Reject deception, firmly. (Especially if it’s your own.) All month, you might enter a co-worker romance. (Could be triggered Mon. afternoon.) Make sure it won’t handicap your efforts, if single, to find real, true love in 2019.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  Now the full import comes, of this month’s and 2019’s lucky emphasis on relationships. Be co-operative, diplomatic.  Remember, most of your big luck in the 12 months ahead will come from another — a spouse, partner, or simply someone you decide to aid or befriend. Recent delays and indecision technically end — but don’t start anything before Fri. An exciting meeting could spark a major bond, even a life-long one.

4 am Sat. through the day:  Sex, intimacy, temptation, investment, research, change, medical procedures, all mildly favoured. A Capricorn might play a key role.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22:

This week: Tackle chores and protect your health, Cancer. Eat, drink, dress sensibly. After Thursday — and through the 12 months ahead — machinery purchases, new employment or expansion of your job will be quite lucky. A sweet thread of romance, pleasure and beauty winds its way through December. A former “flame” or attractive “contact” might appear now (before Fri.). Remember, don’t start any new venture, relationship nor significant purchase before Friday. Avoid legal hassles to year’s end.

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  Spend this interval at home, or nearby. You might have to solve a problem there. Proceed cautiously, think before tackling anything.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  A thread of romance, beauty or pleasure weaves a whole tapestry of delicious what-ifs and pondering. Not a problem or obstacle to be found, so charge ahead, express yourself. If you feel love, say so — success will likely follow. (Remember, no one/nothing brand new.) One “snag” — you might need to choose between legal, socially acceptable actions (in love and elsewhere), and work demands or health needs. This might leave you confused. Reject deception, esp. at work.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  To work you go. Protect your health. Exercise caution Thurs. (deception, anger, accidents possible). But go forth Fri., when your actions (and meetings) can lead to a last-minute career break or opportunity. You will likely experience a powerful inspiration that combines your intellect or education or travel or cultural experience with your central career goals.

4 am Sat. through the day:  Relationships face you — all’s good! Grab a “mild opportunity.”

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22:

This week: A pretty good week, Leo, but nothing really solid happens until Friday onward. Before this, your romantic luck stays high, but succeeds only with former flames or old faithful. (New romance is very favoured, the whole year ahead, but not until after Thurs.) Remember, start nothing significant before Friday. Your sexual side remains intense to year’s end. This, combined with your strong present romantic phase, can produce a volcanic experience! The same influence might nudge you to gamble with finances, other assets. DON’T invest impulsively in Dec. (You could win, big, but the chances of win/loss are, say, 1 to 5.) By mid-month you’ll either travel or send a message about love.

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  Errands, contacts, paperwork, short trips and paperwork fill this interval, but not comfortably. Be cautious, go slow, double-check, make a list before you set out. DON’T invest nor push for intimacy. Possible friend-event or mental “eureka!” moment Mon. morn.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Your domestic, realty and security fronts march forward with success, heart and warmth. A good time to tackle repairs you’ve neglected (but don’t start big new renovations, and wait until Dec. 30/31 to paint, decorate). One caution: deception sidles into these days — better to delay sexual, pregnancy, life changing, or investment actions for now.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  Romance intensifies. You could fall madly in love (though the process would likely be a feeling of pleasant attraction for a few weeks, then the “madly” part). Unfortunately, any new attractions formed before Friday will likely end, sooner or later, in a soup of frustration. Thursday isn’t the best time to push a lover or prospective lover. Friday, you could experience a  deep, powerful “inspiration attraction” — you could also meet your (future) mate, esp. this night.

4 am Sat. through the day:  Tackle chores. Protect your health — eat, dress sensibly. You’ll accomplish — steady but easy.

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22:

This week: The general accent continues on home, property, children, security, Mother Nature, nutrition and soul. (Especially late week.) Settle down to rest, ponder. Don’t start anything new and significant before Friday. That said, this is a good time (better Friday through the remainder of Dec.) to prune your garden — let go of wasteful or unproductive people, projects and situations, so you’ll have room to grow the new. Your domestic luck will be eerily high for the 12 months ahead — includes real estate! Communications are affectionate, gracious all Dec. — relationships burn with sexual fire — in business, opportunities flare up.

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  Careful, esp. with money, possessions and sensual clinches. Arguments, alienation, monetary loss possible. Better to remain uncommitted — live and let live.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Errands, communications, paperwork and travel fill this interval, in benevolent, fortunate ways. Relationships, though brief, are marbled with affection. You can achieve peace, understanding with spouse, family, friends, a lover…. But an element of deception exists, or simply a conflict between your opportunities (or significant other if you’re young) and your domestic duties, promises. Choose the domestic side — it holds future luck.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  Your domestic concerns take centre stage — with conflict and frustration Thurs.; inspiration and “friendly closeness” Fri. onward. Friday holds your first chance (there will be many to late 2019) to take a good real estate action, to renovate/ repair/decorate, or mould your children’s future. Inspiration about a powerful relationship — but don’t fall for a dream or fantasy love.

4 am Sat. through the day:  Romance, beauty and pleasure tap your shoulder. No problems, so enjoy.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22:

This week: The emphasis remains on errands, paperwork, short trips, commuting distance, cars, trains, visits, contacts and communications. These still suffer a bit from delays and indecision through Thursday, so avoid starting new ventures or new relationships. Friday onward, errands, et al, will proceed more quickly and happily.

As noted in past columns, the whole 12 months ahead will tend to reward this zone of travel, paperwork, communications, etc.  Work remains intense to year’s end — you might pursue a co-worker (someone in the same field as you) but in most cases this will lead to a temporary affair, not life-mating. Your money luck rises all month — a good time to ask for a raise, cultivate clients, and/or buy luxuries.

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  Your energy and charisma remain high. Hopefully, this will help you handle this interval’s problems with dispatch. The main problem: your work or health situation interferes with your desire for friendship, travel and exploring. Monday might bring an exciting meeting — this person’s a viable mate prospect, but won’t be around too long (to March’s beginning).

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Pursue money. Cultivate clients, work longer, grab some overtime, hold a garage sale, etc. Your luck is good this whole interval. You might yield to a sensual interlude. One thing: deception might exist — or, simply, your work/health situation conflicts with your travel/visit/learning desires.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  This month’s main thrust — errands, paperwork, casual relationships, etc. — intensify now. Poor luck and irritations Thursday. Inspiration and good (friendly, even romantic) results/meetings Friday. Be curious! You could have a brilliant work-related idea. A co-worker might be alluring, and ultimately elusive.

4 am Sat. through the day:  Be home or in the ‘hood. Embrace spouse and kids. All’s well.

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21:

This week: Continue to deal with money, pay, possessions, learning and classes, and sensual possibilities. Remember, deal only with present or past situations — don’t start anything new before Friday (nor make personal, sexual, financial decisions/plans). Your romantic, artistic and “gambling” sides remain rather intense until year’s end — somehow, these can affect your employment, or be a source of work. Others see you as charming, attractive, receptive all month. (This helps boost love/partnerships and/or gov’t, institutional affairs.)

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  Lie low, rest, contemplate and observe. Luck is slim. Arguments possible. Follow safety rules Mon.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Your energy returns! (So does your magnetism. You could start a love affair this month; but make sure it’s not just a temporary sensual thing. Ask favours, see and be seen, be a leader. This is a beautiful interval, without obstacles. (Except the one that says, “Don’t start anything new.”)

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  These few days strike a note that will be repeated all month, and to some degree for 12 months ahead — fortunately! Well, not fortunately Thurs., when argument, deception, misbehaving kids and romantic disappointment are all possible. The whole interval, though, flows inspiration to you about kids, romance, creativity, gambling and their connection to your work or health. A co-worker fantasy is mostly just that. Friday, early Sat. bring friendship, inventiveness in work situations. From Friday onward, chase the money!

4 am Sat. through the day:  Make phone calls, do errands, write, ask questions, make new contacts, travel. All’s well!

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21:

This week: Your energy, charisma climb even higher. By week’s end you can add clout and effectiveness to this description. (‘Cause the period of delays, indecision and false starts ends Thurs.) For the 12 months ahead YOU will be the most favoured person. Remain gentle, esp. with kids, spouse, all month. Oddly, despite this period of high energy and high visibility, your inner world and confidential actions/contacts will be lucky, affectionate all Dec. (So if you do blow someone away with a temper outburst, you can make rewarding amends in private.)

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  It’s your wish time — optimism, popularity, flirtations, bright horizons, entertainment reign. Sunday’s filled with obstacles and friction, but this won’t dent your happy mood. Monday might bring an unexpected meeting — it can spark romantic words, or hints. If an old flame’s involved, it could trigger a lifetime embrace.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Lie low, recuperate, contemplate. But don’t make plans until you see just how broad your horizons are — they will expand, soon. Meanwhile, this is an excellent interval to deal with civil servants, institutions, “head office,” agents, advisors and old faithful friends. (Esp. if home, children and/or property are involved.) If nothing else, visit a psychic, astrologer or whatever to help you foresee and plan the banner year that lies ahead.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  Now your energy really soars. People who ignored you want to make contact. Listen, Sage, Thursday is tough, presents you with domestic problems. (Inspiration will come about these, very soon – perhaps in dreams or daydreams.) Late Thurs. night and Friday (and very early Sat.) urge you to take the world in your hands and steer it as you like! Start something, lead, call in favours, see and be seen — big things lie ahead!

4 am Sat. through the day:  Chase money, hold a garage sale, make purchases, seek new clients, etc. All flows quietly but smoothly.

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19:

This week:  Continue to lie low, rest, watch and ponder. This is an excellent planning period — AFTER Thursday, and continuing until December 2019. You’ll succeed (again, after Thurs.) in closed door discussions, preparing a major project, obtaining gov’t permission (even aid). (For example, say you’re an academic, then 2019 will help you prepare a 2020 bid for tenure; or Capricorn engineers could design a project to begin in 2020. [The best projects, for you, will launch from May 2020 onward.])

Right now (all December) you’re a little too ready to speak your mind — why raise the dust? But do travel and be curious. Friends are affectionate. A “social” wish could come true. Is that really an old flame haunting your reveries?

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  The accent lies on career, prestige relations, worldly standing and reputation. But hidden snags or lack of co-operation bedevil your efforts. Just be cautious, diplomatic, and mildly friendly to all. A family member’s unexpected “wee crisis” might dent your “on time” record Mon.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  A wish could come true! This is a lovely interval, with not a cloud in the sky! You’re happy, life’s grand, optimism, popularity and a possible flirtation fill these days. Make friends, join a group. You’ll receive a “message” from someone — but watch out for unintended deception.

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  Now the bell tolls for the whole year ahead. It’s a bell of quietude (wow, now there’s a paradoxical metaphor) and of significant interactions with gov’t, admin. types, institutions, spiritual and/or charitable organizations, healers, counsellors, agents, advisors. You might begin meditating — but ask an astrologer first if you’re a good candidate for such. Ponder and plan. All this is good Friday onward, but a bit difficult (and unadvised) Thursday. An inspiration/dream about travel or communicating might lead to a family-related break-through or profitable real estate, restaurant or “shelter” idea by early Sat.

4 am Sat. through the day:  Your energy and charisma rise nicely. See and be seen, start things, lead the way. No hard obstacles.

     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18:

This week:  Remember, start nothing new before Friday. Wishes can come true this week, even more this month. And the cosmos will turn a huge wish (or two) into reality in the 12 months ahead. However, before Fri. wishes should be attached to the past. (E.g., a former lover might call, or a promotion/career role you applied for long ago might now be granted.)

Money continues to flow to you – and through you if you don’t bank it – all month. Also to month’s end, VIPs, authorities and higher-ups favour you. (So do apply for that promotion, or ask your parent for a favour, Dec. 7 to 31.) Avoid gov’t until May 2020. Your popularity grows, hope and optimism, flirtations and entertainment — all buoy your mood! Join a new group AFTER Thurs.

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  Your mind flows with insight and compassion. But Sunday’s obstacles nix (or steer the wrong way) far travel, legal matters, cultural, love, publishing, intellectual and educational pursuits. Just learn, watch, think. Monday might bring an exciting meeting or communication.

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Your career, prestige relations, worldly standing and reputation are all in focus — and blessed. Though it might be a little early to start anything, turn your efforts toward ongoing or past projects. Show your skills, lead, see and be seen. Only one possible glitch: your money fortunes and your social desires travel in conflicting directions. (I’d choose the social.)

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  Your popularity climbs, wishes come true, groups welcome you, flirtations mix with optimism — you’ll be happy! Wed. night is lucky, but might start a situation too early. (Like a premature child, it might have to struggle.) Thursday’s difficult, so be cautious, launch nothing. Friday and Sat. are fine, even inspired — a new friend possible! (The inspiration’s about money… could be genius, could be temporary fantasy.)

4 am Sat. through the day:  Retreat, rest, ponder, pray. All’s well, but your energy/charisma are taking a wee break.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20:

This week:  The accent continues on your career, prestige and reputation. Before Friday, you might be called to shoulder a former career role, or tasked with fixing a neglected situation/project. Friday onward, your career is favoured — for 12 months. Legal, travel, educational and publishing delays are almost over — these areas are lucky and favoured to year’s end. You’re filled with energy, intensity and assertiveness, also to year’s end. Train this energy on making money. (Tho’ some of you will use it to grab some “hot” intimacy. Things expand quickly here!)  Remember, start nothing new before Friday (late Thurs. night).

0 am Sun. to 11 am Mon.:  The emphasis lies on secrets, mysteries, financial commitments/ actions, research, medical procedures, lifestyle changes, and sexual desires. All these get slapped around by life Sunday — start nothing. Monday might disrupt money situations, or might introduce you to a friendly money person. Careful!

Noon Mon. to 6 pm Wed.:  Ah, sweet love, exotic shores, wide learning vistas and intellectual pursuits! These, as well as publishing, cultural and social rituals, philosophy and religion, find a lovely “home in your heart” (or in your thoughts). A lovely interval with no problems. You might feel ambitious, or be called, summoned by a higher-up. (Don’t fear this — it’s a good thing.)

7 pm Wed. to 3 am Sat.:  A sensual prospect could be blown out of proportion. You might dream of money or intimacy — this could show the way to success, or could be a flare-up of imagination, not to be relied upon. So, dream realistically! Your ambition soars. Don’t be too pushy, aggressive (NOR deceptive/evasive) Thursday. Very late Thursday (Friday outside the western hemisphere) to Sat. might bring a friendly meeting that can boost your career and financial future.

4 am Sat. through the day:  You feel buoyant, optimistic. Celebrate, be with friends. All’s well, all’s social!



100 years ago the male life expectancy in North America was 47 years; gasoline for cars could only be purchased in drug stores; and cocaine, heroin and marijuana were not only legal, but promoted. (Facts courtesy of F.S.) But the point is: 47 years. In just 1 century, we’ve almost doubled the length of our lives.

Scientists reportedly have confirmed that sea levels rose over 400 feet twice in recent geological history — confirming that the “Flood” myths of many ancient civilizations were true.

So, are the 900 year lifespans of many Old Testament seniors also based in fact? Maybe. While we as modern mankind congratulate ourselves because many now live to 90, 100, even 105, 110, we might be only on the front porch of the lifespan house.


6 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ DECEMBER 2 – 8, 2018

  1. MelanieJ


    I just want you to know that your predictions were so accurate that I couldn’t believe it! I am a Leo sun with Gemini rising and Taurus moon. In the forecast of Nov 18- Nov 24, you predicted that I will find a long “lost” friend, and in the morning of Nov 22nd, the Thanksgiving day, my first boy friend who I have not been in touch since 1997 came out from nowhere, found me through other peoples social media and called me that morning! He was not asking for anything romantic but being friends again, which fits perfectly as what you predicted. In the forecast of Nov 25- Dec 2, you predicted between Monday and Thursday, that an old flame will contact me, and this is a good mate perspective. Yes, at 3:30pm on Wednesday Nov 28, a man who we matched near perfectly and planned to have an romantic relationship in August but the plan later fall apart in early September texted me and told me that he was in town! He is a good mate from every perspective, it just didn’t work out in September. Now I am wondering what will happen this week, given you said I will meet my future life mate on Friday night. Fingers crossed!

    Thank you very much for your hard work and precise forecast and I hope I can find my life mate soon.


  2. Laila

    Hi Tim,

    I’m a libra sun sign 8°, aries rising 14°, moon Capricorn 28°, venus libra 18°.

    I wrote you once before at the beginning of the year asking about love, and your answer was that I’ll come.
    But months had gone by and i’ve only lived rejections.

    In September I talked a few times with a former lover, very good talks. We met on may 2017. As u recommended i had patience, and didn’t make any “hard” moves. But a few days ago i sent him a good luck message on something he published and he ignore me completely. I should not expect nothing else from this bond? If not, am i ever gonna have some luck in love?

    Btw, he’s an aries, rising aries.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Laila,

      I’m sorry, I don’t stand behind a general comment made without your birth chart. (For instance, you could have a Saturn in Cancer or Capricorn that “stops” all but the most destined love — or a variety of other obstacles.) Librans have not been in a “lucky” love phase for some years, but will have a big one in 2021. This year (2019) is a friendly one, good for casual or light romance (and for some Librans, will end in marriage). If you read your weekly forecast for Dec. 9 (not on the blog until Dec. 3) you’ll see another clue. Still, it all depends, ultimately, on your individual birth chart.


  3. GeminiSun

    hi Tim
    can I ask, for a sagittarius, when in the next many years – lets say until saturn in gemini- will there be a relocation/ movement for a sagg, in general. ?
    thank you so much again 🙂

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