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START NOTHING:  7:02 pm to 9:01 pm Sunday, 4:27 am to 5:59 am Wed., and 5:42 pm Thursday to 5:07 pm Friday.



ALL SIGNS: remember, start nothing brand new before Dec. 22.

WESTERN EUROPE is platinum liberal, its population strongly democratic. Yet thousands upon thousands of Europeans — 1,500 in the small nation of Belgium last year — are giving up on life, opting for euthanasia. Among the reasons given for that grim step: being tired of life. Following the Europeans as arbiters of truth, justice, right thinking… seems a little foolish, not in terms of present ideals, but from a long, historical perspective, where empires’ boundaries are seen.

PLUTO is the planet of birth, death, and transformation. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, and will stay in this sign until 2024. Capricorn is represented by the letters S, H and Y. Look at some trouble spots that have arisen in the last decade: Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Spain….

TAURUS PEOPLE will experience a major change from May 2018 to early 2026. They will grow much more ambitious but also more tense. You Taurus people should reject the ambitious road now to mid-November/18, as during this interval your efforts/goals might tie themselves to a lead weight, perhaps an unsavoury one, or to a series of delays. Your security, your family and home — in these areas you’ll be wise and experience a smooth progress. It could be a minor thing, or it could be major. Honest people have crises; the dishonest drown. But you won’t need career luck in 2018 or 19, as your relationships, investments and other assets will be a fountain of luck and increase. Listen, Taurus: learn yoga, meditation or some other relaxation technique.   This will aid  you in the years ahead. Express yourself; don’t repress. Life is a stunning beauty, an unending lover.



  ARIES:  March 21-April 19
Remember, start nothing new and significant before Dec. 22, especially in far travel, educational, publishing, advertising, statistics, import-export or love zones. But do welcome anything returning from the past in these areas, including an old flame. (Of course, if that past situation was disastrous, reject any return.) The seven weeks ahead intensify sexual, medical and financial desires/involvements. This secondary, somewhat secretive trend can “define” or sculpt your reputation or lifestyle from late December onward — in good ways! Tackle chores  Sun., but carefully; make sure you have correct materials and have re-read any instructions.  This night to pre-dawn Wed. (PST) highlights relationships, opportunities, challenges and enmities, relocation and dealings with the public. You might have been attracted to (or felt increasing anger toward) someone over the past two months. This moves to deeper waters Wed. dawn to Fri. eve — and during the whole year ahead — and both phases are fortunate for you! Love attraction will be defined by sexual intimacy; other links by funding, commitment, etc. (And enmity by “dirty fighting.”) (However, don’t make a new, major commitment before Dec 22. Old projects, old loves — and ongoing ones — excepted.) Mellow, gentle wisdom Fri. eve through Sat. A Friday night meeting  could bring a strong love prospect — but a complicated one.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20
The emphasis continues on the deeper side of relationships: sexual intimacy, funding of projects, investments, investigation (including seeking medical answers) and lifestyle choices. Although in general you should avoid new starts and new commitments, if something good wanders into these areas from the past (e.g., an old sex partner, or a former investment opportunity) grab it. Otherwise, just continue with ongoing involvements. For eleven months, your relationships will be blessed, sources of fortune. But during the immediate seven weeks ahead, relations will grow intense, perhaps even fractious. Make love, not war. Anyone new you meet now to Dec. 22 is certain to disappoint; anyone you meet now to Jan. 26 is likely to prove burdensome, should you form a bond. Be patient, as these “trying days” will be followed by great good fortune! ! Sunday’s for romance, but it doesn’t flow well. Just enjoy the feeling, life’s beauty. Tackle chores Sun. night to pre-dawn Wed. You’ll make a lot of progress, esp. with formerly neglected tasks. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships soar with good luck Wed. to Fri. eve. Reassure mate of your love. Chase reprised opportunities and/or former associates, lovers. The “deep side” of these relationships is highlighted Fri. night (good luck) and Saturday (bit of deception, fuzzy thinking).

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20
Relationships fill your horizon. “Relationships” includes relocation ideas, business opportunities, negotiation, contracts/agreements, litigation, and dealings with the public (from running the cash register at Safeway to being a rock star). DON’T start anything new in these (or any) areas, but do remain open to anything returning from the past here — a former relationship, former business opportunity, etc. Spend Sun. restfully, near home or in nature. Projects probably will meet headwinds or snafus. Late this night to pre-dawn Wed., creativity, speculation, risk-taking, beauty and pleasure — and romance — are slated. Monday’s affectionate, but early Tues. could hold a sexual, health or financial “love under-cutter.” If an old flame appears, you could fall in love once again. Tackle chores Wed. dawn to Fri. eve — you’ll make great progress. (Remember, start nothing brand new before Dec. 22.) Your work will grow intense now to late January. You’ll work harder, but with more optimism — rightly so! Relationships blossom Fri. night, but could meet deception or misconception Saturday. (Late Sat. fine, happy.) Again, a former love might appear. Say yes.

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22
The yearly accent is on love and winning, but the monthly accent is on work, chores and health (until late Dec.). It’s a good thing this drudgery zone is so unimportant this year, since it faces a slowdown and indecision through Dec. 22. Start nothing. Do protect ongoing projects, and welcome any (good) associations, situations, job rolls or earnings opportunities from your past.  For seven weeks, romance will intensify — be gentle, esp. if you’re male, as this influence can make you physically assertive. Same period, you will be very inventive, creative about your career and status. Sunday’s for errands, but little good gets done. Steer your thoughts, heart toward home this night to pre-dawn Wed. Monday’s affectionate (hug those kids). A possible marital sore spot is smoothed over for the moment. Attend to garden, family, diet, security, sales territory at work. Romance, creative and speculative urges and pleasure enter Wed. morn to Fri. eve. Charge ahead, plunge in, your luck’s high! You might encounter a great career-work-money idea or “open door.” But remember, no NEW people, projects or situations (or purchases) until Dec. 22. Tackle work, health needs Friday night, Saturday. All’s well.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22
The emphasis lies on romance, creativity, pleasure, risk-taking, winning, self-expression, beauty and charming children. Until Dec. 22, stick with those you know — a new love formed now would get lost in a maze of indecision. To the same day in late Dec., don’t start any new projects nor big purchases. Although the eleven months ahead powerfully favour your home life, real estate and all foundational activities, the seven weeks ahead (to Jan. 26) inject an atmosphere of impulsiveness, friction, and haste into the home area. Be gentle with kids, spouse. A legal, educational, publishing or far travel project might end or be cancelled. Be careful with your money Sunday. Errands, paperwork, short trips and communications fill Monday to pre-dawn Wed. Charge ahead — but make a “to do” list before you set out. You’ll easily get things done. You could meet a vibrant, lively, slightly odd person — he/she might open a door to later confusion, if you cement the relationship. Steer toward home, spend time in the ‘hood, Wed. morning to Fri. eve. You’re fortunate here now, so go ahead with repairs, family conferences, gardening, etc. Study realty ads — but don’t “bite.” Romance, beauty, pleasure, self-expression and “winning moves” arise Fri. night, Sat. Love exists! But don’t chase or insist on sexual intimacy (nor invest) — this will throw a monkey wrench into everything (for awhile, not long).

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Be restful, Virgo. Spend time at home, with family, or working on security, foundational issues, this week and next. Focus on neglected repairs, “lost/returning” relatives, and all things connected to your domestic past. Don’t start renovations now, nor hunt for new real estate. (Both these will be quite fortunate in 2019 — better to wait.) Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday, but use this energy to pick away at a problem, rather than ignore it. (BTW, the “grey cloud” that’s hung over your home for three years will dissipate from Dec. 20 onward — for 28 years.) Chase money, buy/sell, support clients Mon. to pre-dawn Wed. Remember, start nothing nor buy anything significant before Dec. 22. These few days run smoothly, but don’t bother chasing romance. Errands, emails, phone, short trips and visits fill Wed. to Fri. suppertime (PST). Plunge in, as luck rides with you — but double check addresses and schedules, and make a “to do” list before you leave home. Speaking of home, that’s where you should be Fri. night and Sat. A sexy person, a financial/investment/debt inspiration, or medical news — these burst luckily into view Friday. But take care with your spouse (and/or salespeople, eager associates) Sat. You face seven weeks of intensified, hasty and meaningful communications to late January — you could learn a major, life-affecting secret or “gold mine of data.”

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22
The general emphasis lies on errands, paperwork, easy tasks, casual friends, communications and travel, all week but especially Fri. night and Saturday. Maintain a running list of “to do’s” and take it with you on errands. Addresses, schedules, phone numbers, etc., could be wrong or forgotten. Don’t start any mail-out projects, phone or office system upgrading, etc. Not a good time to order stationery, etc. All this, to Dec. 22. The casual contacts you make now will treat you affectionately and graciously. You might toy with approaching one of these romantically. I wouldn’t. However, if a former casual friend returns and wants to bond further, say yes. Retreat and rest Sunday. Your energy returns late this night to pre-dawn Wed. Make an impression, catch up with phone calls and visits. You could meet someone who represents love. Chase money Wed. to Fri. eve — buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc. But buy nothing big and new — nor try to lure new clients. In everything above, stick with the old or ongoing, reject the brand new. For the next seven weeks, money will flow now to you in a very healthy stream — but you could also out-spend your income. Don’t! Save, be “cheap.”

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Your general focus lies on money, possessions, casual sex, memory and rote (or “fact”) learning. Remember, start nothing new before Dec. 22. Instead, protect ongoing projects and reprise old ones. A former sensual partner might return. Three things will intensify now to Jan. 26: your determination, your work, and your sexual magnetism. Also, until late January, guard against cuts and sharp tools, anger and “being pushy.” Your money picture looks great, this week and next. Sunday’s social, hopeful, but retreat from the crowd Mon./Tues. — rest, think, research — daydream about, but don’t plan, your future. All’s fine, a wee bit of disruption Tues. eve. Your energy, charisma and magnetism soar Wed. morning to suppertime Fri. — and good luck accompanies you. Seek, ask, lead, show off, persuade — but don’t start anything brand new. Those monetary, memory and sensual currents rise to the surface and flow strongly Fri. night, Sat. — a brilliant or unexpected meeting, inspiration or friendly expression could lead to a money, work or co-worker-related success. Step back from a deceptive person or situation Saturday pm.

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21
You’re still on top, Sage — filled with energy, charming, vocal, getting your way, and — definitely — being noticed. That’s the good. The bad — don’t start anything before Dec. 22; and avoid dangerous situations, dark alleys and biker clubs (for example!) for seven weeks — to late January. Romance might take a bit of a back seat these same seven weeks. More good news: the wet grey blanket that’s been thrown over your shoulders since early 2015 will lift in a mere 10 days (by Dec. 19) — you”re going to feel free, able to flex your adventurous, optimistic, friendly side once again — for decades! (This splendid “recovery” won’t be instantaneous. You still must wait until your 2018 birthday to truly soar. But meanwhile life improves, immensely!) Think about ambition, career Sun., but be cautious in action. Hope, popularity, happiness, social delights, flirtations and entertainment arrive Mon./Tues. Take care with money, spending, government charges Tues., but otherwise, all’s splendid. Retreat, rest and contemplate Wed. morn to Fri. suppertime (PST). No dangers here — a great time to clear up any gov’t-related concerns, visit the doctor, or deal with your company’s head office. Your energy and charisma surge upward Fri. night, Sat. You could meet a lively, good friend, or be suddenly favoured in romance or in a “gamble” such as a raffle.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Continue to lie low, Cap. Rest, study, research, mull things over, be charitable, attend to neglected tasks, interface with civil servants, and protect your health. Remember, don’t start any new projects nor relationships, to Dec. 22. Stick with the old or the ongoing. A former “statement” might return to bother you — but it’s fairly harmless, so smile and move on (rather than saying anything more). Your career, worldly status and prestige relations are highlighted Mon./Tues. Start nothing, but do display your talents, give your push to the boss’s interests, and be dutiful. Don’t “socialize” in this zone. Happiness, optimism, a wee boost in popularity, social joys and entertainment breeze into your life Wed. morning to suppertime Fri. Good fortune rides with you — a “medium” wish might come true. Dive into rest, contemplation and solitude Fri. night, Sat. Your home will be welcoming, bright. Protect your daily health. Now to Jan. 26, an important male might befriend you; sports will attract you, and you’ll grow determined to “shape” your social circle. Some associations might end, others sprout. Aries, Scorpio could play key roles.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Remember, Aquarius, start nothing new before Dec. 22. An old wish could come true this week or next. It could involve the return of an old flame or a former friend or social group. Certainly, your popularity, happiness, social joys, flirtation(s) and optimism ride a wave of good luck and good feeling for the next eleven days. A long-range note: the grey pall that has lain over your friendships and hopes since 2015 will lift next week — for 3 decades. (Perhaps that’s the best “wish coming true!”) Sunday lures with temptations, “secrets,” but don’t bite: nothing succeeds. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Sun. night to pre-dawn Wed. (PST). Love and friendship are favoured — with sudden brightness Tues. night. Your career, reputation, and ambitions highlighted Wed. morn to Fri. suppertime — and great good luck rides with you! However, two things: 1) don’t start new projects or career roles; and 2) despite your good career luck, proceed with caution and good humour (of the long-suffering kind) in everything relating to your boss and authorities (as they will be impatient, temperamental for the next seven weeks). Wishes, hopes, popularity and social joys flow in Fri. night, Saturday. Wish fulfillment and/or a splendid friend or lover involved!

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20
The accent remains on your career, worldly standing, reputation and prestige relations. Be ambitious for eleven more days, but don’t start any new projects nor make big purchases nor new relationships. Just focus on ongoing projects — protect them from delays, memory lapses, supply shortages, etc. Or, reprise a former career role or ambition. These themes stand out Fri. night and Sat. — lucky money, earnings potential! (The “blanket” that has been stifling your career/status success since early 2015 will dissipate next week — for 27 years, or 2044.) A relationship disappointment might occur Sun. — be diplomatic, long-suffering. This night to pre-dawn Wed. turns relationships into deeper waters (“yes, but do you love me enough to buy that house?”) financially, sexually, and in lifestyle choice. Forget wishful thinking — work quietly to learn more about a financial, medical or relationship matter. You might receive a career opportunity. Do you grab it or not? Yes, if it connects to the past or an ongoing situation; no, if it’s new, and demands “new action.” A sweet, mellow, loving and understanding mood steals over you Wed. morn to suppertime Friday. Far travel, intellectual and cultural pursuits — and love — tumble down a lucky path. Be receptive, open your heart to the universe. One caution, Pisces: now to Jan. 26/18, don’t plunge into legal hassles.



This is the fourth article in a series.

HOW PLUTO MEGA-ERAS ARE DETERMINED:  I’ve written here previously about “Pluto returns” — my name for the chart erected for the time/date when Pluto re-enters the sign Scorpio. This occurs approximately every 248 years. I have attempted to show 1) that these Pluto returns have an uncanny tendency to occur simultaneously with a significant seminal event (e.g.,and most remarkably, Christ, and Columbus’ discovery of N.A.) and 2) that these return charts tend to indicate a) the significant (seminal) event(s) and b) the trends and characteristics of the 248 years following the return.

Well and good.  But another phenomenon occurs over a series of many Pluto returns.

In successive returns (to 0 degree Scorpio) the planet Neptune always “partners” itself; that is, this planet appears repeatedly in alternating, opposite zodiacal signs. For the past 4,400 years — 2439 BC to today — Neptune has been in Gemini or Sagittarius during every Pluto return – all 18 of them. In the first return (2439 BC) Neptune’s in Sagittarius, then, 248 years later in Sage’s opposite sign, Gemini, during the second return; then Sage in the third return, then Gemini in the next, then Sage, and so on, alternating every return.

Let’s go backward in time. From 4881 BC to 2439 BC, Neptune was first in Capricorn (in the 4881 BC return) then in Cancer, then Cap, then Cancer, then Cap, and so on, in every Pluto return — until the 2439 BC return, when Neptune appeared in Sagittarius.

Before 4881 BC (for an indeterminate period, I have not calculated it) Neptune was in either Leo or Aquarius at every Pluto return.

As you can see, Neptune’s placement is “backwards” — Aquarius/Leo, to Capricorn/Cancer, to (for our present series of eras) Sagittarius/Gemini.

In 2229 AD, Neptune will break this “backward placement,” and begin to alternate once again in Capricorn/Cancer, starting a whole new series.

I call these groupings of Pluto returns mega-eras. Our present mega-era, for example, runs from 2439 BC to approximately 2228 AD, with Neptune in Sage/Gemini. This “mega” encompasses 18 Pluto returns, or eras. The next mega-era begins in 2229, featuring Neptune in Cancer/Capricorn.

I have not investigated what this shifting Neptune placement means, although I suspect that it adds its indications to every mega-era. For example, the Gemini-Sagittarius mega-era Pluto returns (2439 BC to 1983 AD — dominating until 2228 AD) saw the creation and promotion of literature, world-wide travel and exploration, and religion — all Gemini/Sagittarius themes.

But in the prior (and rather short) mega-era of about 2,000 years. (4881 BC to approx. 2438 BC)  Neptune was in Cancer/Capricorn, showing a possible emphasis on home, family, possessiveness, construction, order, hierarchy, governance and status symbols.

Earlier, before 4881 BC Neptune was in Leo/Aquarius, so we might have seen the rise of social groupings, and the first “coronations” (i.e., kings, formal leaders).

The above three mega-era descriptions are used solely on the signs Neptune occupies during the “mega.”  Let’s see if the Neptune mega-indications bear out through an historical lens:

Our own mega-era (2439 BC to 2228 AD) began with the building of the  pyramids in Egypt, and the first (surviving) religious text (the Pyramid Texts) as well as the first (surviving) literature text (the Epic of Gilgamesh). We can see the first literature and first religious text as seminal, for both stirred a wave of consciousness which grew to fill our 4,600 years — many religious texts, including the Bible, and millions of book titles, not to mention trillions of newspaper pages. But I think the pyramids — the third remarkable “event,” alongside literature and religion — were not seminal but were actually the climax or culmination of the previous Cancer-Capricorn mega-era (4881 BC to 2439 BC). Cancer rules the home and Capricorn rules tall buildings, especially non-domestic buildings. This Cancer-Capricorn era brought the first writing, the bronze age in many places, and cities built with brick and drainage systems (in India). Egyptian pyramids were the culmination of this building trend, but were also overtly Cancerian — they were designed around the “you can take it with you” belief. (Cancer loves to hold on, hates to let go — of people, possessions and money.) Although writing began in this Cancer-Capricorn mega-era, it was largely used to record possessions and grain storage, etc., a very Cancerian focus. The Cancer need to preserve and possess led to the impulse to record amounts (say, of coconuts in storage). Literature, written stories, were not even attempted, probably not conceived, until the Sage-Gemini mega era (2439 BC to today).

In brief, the Cancer-Capricorn mega-era brought buildings and the first (seminal) writing. The following (present) Gemini-Sagittarius mega-era has focused on communication, literature,  transport and travel/exploration — all of which have traditionally been Gemini and Sagittarius characteristics. It’s easy to show the differences between these two mega-eras, but if this evolvement is any clue to a wider pattern, the “flow on” from one mega to another seems to be dual: 1) what is in infancy in the first mega-era becomes more fully developed in the succeeding mega; and 2)  what is the primary activity of one mega-era is replaced by another primary activity. (E.g., the bronze age — showing crude manipulation of metal — is replaced by machinery, and ultimately by technology).

THE IMPLICATIONS:  1983 was/is the last Pluto era within the Gemini/Sagittarius mega-era. Therefore, this era should show us the peak of literature and religion, while simultaneously ending their reign — or morphing into new methods and “writings,” just as the bronze technologies in one era led to the Industrial Revolution in a following era. We should expect, in the 2229 mega-era, just as massive an “improvement” on literature and religion, as existed between a bronze-age axe and an iPhone.

The next era, at 2229, begins a whole new Cancer/Capricorn mega-era. So the general accent should change, to once again emphasize home, architecture, hierarchy/bureaucracy, psychic communications, organization, parenthood, pragmatic outlook (versus the idealistic-religious outlook of the now ending mega-era) possessiveness, and a reliance on emotions versus intellect/logic.

Our present era (1983-2229) is the last of the Sage-Gemini mega, and so should contain a major wilting or “dying off” of the trends and themes of the last 4,400 years (or, as suggested above, a major further development of one or more of our own mega’s accomplishments). In one way, this last era of 18 is a dead-end era. This, combined with the massive overweighting of planets and Sun/Moon in Scorpio in the 1983 Pluto return, hints at a stagnant era, one characterized by long periods of stability or quiet growth, interrupted by sudden, serious disruptions. The Credit Freeze of 2006-09 was an example of a serious disruption. But our era might also contain the seeds of the next mega-era (occurring from 2229 AD onward). We will probably see these seeds or hints of them most clearly in the present 2009-2025 A.D. Pluto “phase” (Pluto in Capricorn) and again when Pluto transits through the sign Cancer, which (without an ephemeris or accurate calculations) would be about 2130-2150 AD — a phase in which housing and birth will be revolutionized, and the U.S.A. will undergo an upheaval designed to regenerate the nation. I suggest these two signs will show significant clues to the mega-era waiting for us in 2229 onward, because these are the signs Neptune will occupy in this next mega era.

Our own era (1983-2229) will bring astounding technological advances; this is already apparent. But when I think of it, I feel a wave, we are only at the shallow sucking end of it; the crest is far away, huge and inevitable. To some degree, our advances might be lost or irrelevant in the new mega-era. We are the peak of our time; our time being the last 4,400 years, and our peak being 1983-2229.

The 2229 era (and new mega-era!) will begin with a very important contact; it’s hard to say whether this contact is spiritual or technological, but it will be draped in the robes of angels. Icons, pictures, hieroglyphics, colour sensitivity, these will replace literature in the traditional sense. The Bible will become an artifact.

We might think we’re in a weak era, a fin de siècle phase, sophisticated, weak, complex. Some of this is true: the most powerful nation win the world is consumed with divisions and squabbles, and its law is over-written, its elites impervious to advice. But overall I think ours is a strong, fertile era, a renaissance such as the world has never known. The European Renaissance (1300-1600 AD) was only a whisper in comparison. This view is, of course, subjective, but it must be admitted that since 1983 we have advanced hugely in politics, international co-operation, tolerance, world consciousness and in the desire to protect the entire world. The Paris Accord is an example. We have embraced (or at least our children have) the concept that our fates are intertwined with everyone else’s. (This idea came from the prior era — it was Scorpio writer Dostoevsky’s main idea, and almost expressed by J. J. Rousseau’s “general will.”) We essentially believe mankind is good; and from good, goodness will flow.

The main “hope” of the populace in our present era, the main distraction, entertainment and thing-sought-after, will be romance, especially social romance — light, intensely earthy but light in heart, maybe group affairs, though anonymity would be prized.

So a strong era, but the end era; fertile but also stagnant, unchanging, like the pond. When the pond freezes, it can cause disasters, like the credit freeze and following fiascos of 2006-9. I mentioned somewhere that there could be nuclear war; but I should have added, not a world war. It will be limited.

Did you see, by the way, where I wrote that the 1983 era would find women equalling men, even to the point of raping them? The present exposures of male sexual offenders (Weinstein, Moore, Franken, Spacey, Cosby, etc.) is a step along this road to equality. It will be achieved.

Our present era, being the last of about 18 Pluto eras, will probably see the end of Christianity and literate religions overall (Islam, Judaism also) and of both democracy and Communism. (This political system “end” is somewhat manifested in present day China’s “capitalist communism,” but will go far beyond this embryonic system.)

I have, in the last article, mentioned some predictions for the  decade or two ahead, based on the 1983 Pluto return chart. But in a next possible article, I’d like to look at the 2229 AD chart, to “see” some indications for the entire future mega-era of 2229 AD to — ? (I’ll calculate this last date some day.)

FACTOID:  DID YOU KNOW that if you add the orbits of Uranus (84 years) and Neptune (164.8) you get within a few months of Pluto’s orbit (248 years). We’ve already seen that we can separate groups of successive eras into mega-eras, by Neptune’s appearances. I suspect Uranus will play some significant role also, but I haven’t yet looked for a pattern, much less for predictive indications. Uranus might have some other, completely different purpose.

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  1. Daniel

    Thanks greatly for your extensive search and research of our world History as regards to Pluto the planet of Life and Death. I have learned a great deal of knowledge and insight through your Preamble and After Amble through the years. These knowledge is priceless to me personally and I know millions of your readers worldwide feel the same feeling as I, though, unexpressed through this medium.
    Honorable Tim Stephen, thanks for being Alive for us to broad our minds, scope and our horizon and I hope you shall live many more years to bless humanity world over. In fact, I am secretly hoping to see you as the Oldest living Human Beings in the World Record pass and surpasses all the previous Records recorded.
    Daniel, Finland

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