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PREAMBLE: A long, long preamble today.  The Weekly Forecasts are a page or two down.

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My opinion? The FBI is dirty, and has been for at least a decade. Obama was dirty. Months ago I opined that Hillary “turned him” from the path of virtue to the darker direction. I hate saying this, as Obama was once my hero. I also suspect Mueller is dirty, and will be exposed at some point. No, I’m not saying this ‘cuz I love Trump! (I hope I’m not! — Those of you who think I’m a total Trump devotee, should go sit in the corner and remember that I have called “Trump University” disgusting, and the end of my faith in him. That was long before the election. In fact, I have probably criticized more things about Trump than about Hillary. The difference is, Trump can change and learn. Hillary can neither change nor admit: she will always be as bad as she is.

****    ****    ****

The U.S.A. will come close to war in 2026 (September?) then war might truly start from mid-2027 onward, unless cool and diplomatic heads prevail. Anyway, everybody will get a bit of a scare.

****    ****    ***

All signs: Remember, start nothing brand new and significant before Dec. 22 (5:51 pm, PST). Large purchases will likely be lemons.

****    ****    ****

Judge Roy Moore, running for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, has become notorious lately —across the world. Several women have accused him of molesting them when they were teens, one only 14, about 3 decades ago. Moore denies it, adamantly, and the charges can’t be proven, nor even viewed in court, due to the statute of limitations. The women, however, sound very convincing.

Moore is an Aquarian. The accusations came when the lunar south node was passing over his birth sun — the one time in 18 years he is most likely to face bad karma. This is partly what the south node indicates: old sins being retrieved and paid for; this node rules old (often bad) karma. All Aquarians are going through this now, to a greater or lesser degree, from May 2017 to early November 2018. But not all Aquarians have sinned, and many only have a wee bit to “pay for.” (Next in line: Capricorns, for 18 months starting November 2018.)

In Moore’s case, no one knows if he sinned, except he and the women. His chart gives clues, but nothing definitive. His birth time is unknown, so we can’t erect a rising chart. In his solar (Aquarius) chart, Neptune, the planet of fantasy, pornography and subtlety, lies in the house of sexual temptations, extra-marital affairs, secrecy, sins and crimes. I would think the temptation to perform dicey and secretive actions was very strong, for years, even decades, even now. Mars (testosterone) is in the house of secrets and “closed doors,” sitting with the south lunar node of temptation and bad karma. The god of war cradles the queen of temptation and fate in his arms. Moore’s Venus shows he sees young women as friends, and, if he “strayed,” he considered his abuses light, friendly and consensual. Draw your own conclusions.

Like most Aquarians, he is very stubborn, and will not quit. And if he won’t quit he won’t admit. Far off, will his bio-book tell the truth?

Moore might be “toppled” when Saturn enters Capricorn around Dec. 20/17. However, nothing in this chart is more than whispers, nothing is a solid indication. Moore’s downfall, if it occurs, actually began around Dec. 2015, although I don’t know what happened then. (Perhaps his decision to run [again].)

****    ****    ****

Spent October in China. Visited Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi-an, Beijing, and another place (can’t remember the name). Yes, a tour. I’ve wanted to visit China ever since I saw the Shanghai towers on tv.

This is a very different country. One of its cities (Chongqing) has as many people as all of Canada — 34 million, or one-tenth the U.S. pop. (Or so our guide said.) In all the big cities, apartment towers, most between 30-40 stories, form “neighbourhoods” of, it appeared, 10 to  20 towers. The towers are identical, which gives a  sort of monolithic picture, and makes one wonder how boring they might be to the residents. The unending repetition reminded me of Soviet era apartments, though China’s are taller and slimmer, better kept and painted — and much newer.

China is a Libra nation. There is a sameness about the country and the people; but it is a smooth, polite, mellow sameness that hides a deeper intertwining. There is a melding here that hints of Star Trek’s Borg, where all personalities are woven together to work toward the same or similar goals. In the huge cities, roads are mostly of two types: ordinary two to four lane streets filled with local shops, small hotels, etc.; and broad avenues, with five or more lanes on either side. The broad avenues are choked with traffic in all directions. Yet the vehicle snake moves. Bicycles compete with buses, mopeds, scooters and electric bikes as they all weave in and out with small vans, cars and trucks. No one challenges another. They simply cut in, and the driver who was cut in upon, lets it happen, as he cuts off someone else, who lets it happen, and so on. I didn’t see any fights, arguments, or accidents, in 22 days of travel, much of it on buses. Such intense traffic would very likely cause a few road rages in a western city.

This “strange” (strange to us in the individualistic west) spirit of quiet co-operation deserves deeper study. I think it is one of the great strengths of China — and I don’t know how old it is, how long it has existed. It is more than a “spirit.” It’s a living cable or plasma that runs through every person and interconnects them all. The Israeli historian Yuval Harari has opined that it is Homo Sapiens’ ability to organize in bigger and bigger groups that has made us foremost on earth. Yuval says that our ability to fantasize, to give “life” to such artificial concepts as fiat money, companies, religion, etc., have enabled us to find common ground and organize in large groups, such as nations. If true, then China’s people have learned (or are genetically inclined) to co-operate in huge numbers. This co-operation seems to live, like an entity, seemingly naturally, certainly culturally, and I suspect sub/un-consciously, in over a billion people. This synergy is palpable, and far stronger than in the West.

I predicted, a few decades ago, that communism and democracy would yield to a third system, and I more than ever suspect that China is embodying, growing into, this third system.

This journey— or China generally — is not for those with IBS. Male and female toilets are generally a hole in the ground framed by a porcelain “doughnut.” If you want a sit-down toilet, go to a good hotel, or look, in public washrooms, for the handicap stall — it has a toilet seat.

I wouldn’t go on a tour — the guides often receive commissions from various “gift shops,” and tend to steer the tour to these places. For example, in Shanghai, we were allowed a total of  fifteen minutes to explore the French district, but made to stay in a high-pressure silk embroidery shop for an hour, while aggressive salespeople pursued us down every aisle, trying to sell embroidered pictures for up to 100,000 yuan ($20,000 Canadian, $16,000 US). In another instance, we were taken to a “real” Chinese hospital. Inside, people in white frock coats took everyone’s pulse, told each person (all 36 tourists) that they had bad kidneys, and tried to sell each tourist about $4,000 Canadian in pills to cure it. If you questioned or refused, they abruptly turned their backs and walked away. This scam is also practised on the Yangtze river cruises, in slightly different form. They offer a free acupuncture/acupressure  lecture, then try to get you to buy a treatment for about $50 Canadian. I went for the acupressure treatment. It lasted about 30 seconds. $50. They also try to sell boxes of herbs for liver and kidney diseases.

I DO NOT recommend “Best Bets Travel,” who sold this tour. You don’t really need a tour. The Chinese people everywhere are kind, courteous, and often curious. Several times, little children would run up to me and stare, because I was white-skinned. Once a child, about 5, approached me and shouted, “Hello!” “Hi,” I said, grinning, while his family stood about ten feet away, giggling. Chinese hotel workers were very helpful and went far beyond what hotels offer in service in America. Everywhere in China the food was good, but the good hotels outdo others in N.A. or Europe. The buffets, sleek and chrome, contained, perhaps, 50 different plates. However, almost no one speaks English. Look for men and women in their 20’s and in suits — many of them speak very good English, because it is taught in the universities. A friend of mine went to Beijing for a week, speaks no Mandarin, and wants to go back soon. She loved it. One hint: if you want to wander on your own, take a book of matches or a card from your hotel. Then, when you’re lost and want to return, give it to a taxi driver.

I suspect there is very little crime in China, at least in the large cities. Police are everywhere. Hong Kong, though, is very different. Police are almost unseen. Everyone speaks some English. The people are hard, sophisticated and rude — and humorous. It’s more like New York than Beijing.

About the infrastructure, more later. The two main mobile phones, Oppo and Huawei (not sure of the spelling) glowed with far higher definition than my iPhone ever has. In fact, I investigated buying their stock, but Huawei, at least, is a private company.


  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Remember, start nothing new, especially in educational, legal, media and far travel zones, before Dec. 22/23. Instead, protect ongoing projects and reprise situations returning from the past. A former lover might appear, or a former foreign destination might “call you.” Despite slowdowns and mistakes, these areas (travel, education, et al) grow affectionate and mildly fortunate. You remain “hot” (to trot?) about a partnership or prospective hook-up. Bond rather than fight — a big reward (money, assets, pregnancy, lifestyle change?) might come from a relationship over the months ahead. This week starts with a possible deception or confusion about money/possessions and ethics/travel/love. But if you plunge into errands and communications Sun./Mon. (phone/touch that “partner” mentioned above) you’ll soon regain clear thinking and confidence. Your home, family, garden, diet, become important Mon. pm to midday Wed. Monday’s successful to dawn Tues. But Tuesday daytime hits a snag or subtle opposition — involves your status or clout. Careful, avoid arguments. Romance, creativity, risk-taking, pleasure and beauty pursuits fill midday Wed. to Fri. Take the plunge, Aries, your luck is soaring — though with an unexpected but bountiful result. Tackle chores Fri. eve/Sat. Double-check instructions Saturday.


taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remember, Taurus, start nothing new, particularly in sexual, financial, health and lifestyle zones, before Dec. 22. Instead, protect ongoing projects and reprise situations returning from the past. DON’T invest. Neither make nor accept promises, commitments. DO research, check assets, study debt reduction and/or taxes. A former sexy link might reappear. Work remains demanding, intense. Just get it done.  Sunday through Mon. morn nudge you to buy, sell, seek money, and/or indulge a sensual option. Buy nothing important. Errands, communications and short trips arise Mon. pm to midday Wed. All’s well, but watch a legal or ethical snag Tues., and avoid accidents, sharp objects Wed. am.  Turn your thoughts toward home Wed. pm to midday Fri. This is a great chance to improve family love, to enhance security, to fill any holes you find in your foundations, figurative and real. Not a cloud in the domestic sky! Friday eve and Sat. bring romance, beauty, and self-indulgent pleasures. You might meet someone glamorous and mysterious Saturday, or you might find someone familiar hard to figure out. Still, a memorable day. Seven weeks of intense relationships begin this day.


  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Relationships, relocation possibilities, opportunities in general, and possible competition or “push back” — these fill your horizon this month. For best results, be diplomatic and co-operative. Look for joy, not anger. Remember, start nothing new before Dec. 22. Instead, protect ongoing projects, and/or reprise good ones from the past. A former partner, associate or lover might return in the 3 weeks ahead. Judge whether to embrace this “returnee,” by how things evolved in the past. Don’t sign up again for a toxic bond, but do give someone sincere and “innocent” a chance. You could fall in love again. (Although, in truth, your chances are better in 2019.) Your energy and charisma, low lately, climb nicely Sun. and Mon. morn. This short period starts with some deception/illusion, and might end with a quiet acceptance of reality, but hearts blossom in between. You’ll make an impression in anything: business, love, etc. Chase money, and ultimate clients or the boss, buy/sell routine items (nothing significant), Monday pm to midday Wed. (PST). Luck is jumbled, both good and bad alternate, so be alert, nimble. Errands and easy chores (telephone, paperwork, visits) fill Wed. pm to midday Friday. Everything goes well, flows smoothly — other than minor mistakes. Check addresses, numbers, schedules. Good friends are around. Head for home Fri. afternoon, Sat. — most things go well, so relax with family, repair, clean up — but avoid shopping at big “Home” stores, etc. Rest up — seven weeks of intense work begins (slowly) Saturday.


  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead focus on work and health. Remember, start nothing brand new — that includes jobs, projects, machinery purchases. Instead, reprise old projects, or protect ongoing ones from mistakes, supply shortages, misunderstandings, etc. — all to Dec. 22.  Your home remains a bit fractious, so step lightly with family. Lie low, rest and contemplate Sun. to midday Mon. Your energy and charisma rise Mon. pm to midday Wed. Get out, be seen, contact others, ask favours, show off your skills — but DON’T start anything new. Tuesday contains a bit of a relationship snag, so does Wed. morning, but otherwise this is a good period — you’ll get your way. Buy/sell, chase money, collect old debts and pay old debts, midday Wed. to midday Friday. Don’t purchase anything out of the ordinary. (Even new clothes, bought now, can end up quickly in the “never wear” drawer.) Still, these are good days — love might not be available, but physical intimacy is. Errands, visits, trips, calls, paperwork fill Fri. eve and Saturday. You’ll sway between chimeras and real goals, so think twice. Make a “to do” list before you leave home.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges — these fill the 3 weeks ahead, Leo. An old flame is almost certain to appear in some form (potent or otherwise). If you’re single ask yourself: why did we break up? Then judge whether to re-bond or not. This person is usually cheerful, but hasn’t been for three years. Happiness, optimism, social joys and flirtations colour Sun. to midday Mon. Love’s possible! Retreat, rest, contemplate your life thus far, midday Mon. to midday Wed. Monday’s great; Tues. holds a work or health snag, and Wed. is mixed. Tackle neglected chores, not new ones. Your energy and pizzazz shoot skyward Wed. pm to midday Fri. You’re the star, the leader — so lead! Get out, see and be seen, ask favours, impress others (that will be easy). All goes well, your luck’s splendid! But again, start nothing new before Dec. 22, in projects, relationships and purchasing. Chase money, collect and pay old debts. But don’t pay the wrong person, or a deceptively inflated bill (Sat.). A good week, Leo — and a lucky one.


  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main accent lies on home and family for the next 3 weeks, Virgo. Don’t start anything major, especially in domestic zones. No renos, no construction, major landscaping, etc. A good time to review your children’s progress and education plans, rather than start any new ones. If you have anything worth stealing, check your security system. A formerly desired house or other realty opportunity might re-appear. Yes, grab it if it’s still a good deal. Be ambitious Sun. and Mon. morning — don’t start anything, just be dutiful, show your skills. There’s a wee money jackpot in there. Hopes, happiness, wish fulfillment, popularity, flirtations and social delights visit you Mon. pm to midday Wed. (PST). Relationships bless you early, but some alienation or “silent puzzles” might creep in Tues. pm. If you want to contact someone, try later Monday. Withdraw from the bustling crowd midday Wed. to midday Fri. Rest, sleep, think, deal with civil servants and other support workers. Almost everything goes well, smoothly.  Your energy and charisma rise nicely Fri. pm and Sat. State your case clearly and compassionately Saturday — someone might try to evade answering you. You’ll win!


  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead tilt toward casual contacts, errands, paperwork, emails, calls, and short trips. (One contact might not be so casual — if you’re single, someone is interested, perhaps intensely so. Also, a former contact might return, but I doubt this is the “interested one.”) Remember, don’t start any new projects, major purchases or relationships before Dec. 22. Until then, value what you have, and reprise old gigs. Sunday to noon Mon. brings a mellow mood, gentle love, travel and intellectual or legal pursuits. Sunday’s best, especially for love and marriage, after a deceptive or confusing morning. Midday Mon. to midday Wed. emphasizes your career, status, and direction in society (up or down?). Be ambitious, dutiful, display your talents, act to help a higher-up out of a tight spot — but DON’T start a new project or business. Monday’s superb (though you might not realize until something happens later, perhaps days or weeks later) — Tuesday pm needs caution (home versus career tug-o-war?) and Wed.’s argumentative. Wednesday pm to midday Fri. brings joy, social delights, climbing popularity, optimism, flirtations and wish fulfillment. Seek the group, rather than one-on-one interludes. Luck shines everywhere! But retreat, rest and lie low Fri. eve through Sat. Think, contemplate your life, seek advice, interface with civil servants, medical workers, etc. Don’t plan the future — it’s changing.


  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The broad emphasis lies on money, possessions, memory and rote learning, and sensual attractions. That last can range from buying (DON’T!) velvet curtains, to lying down with someone — someone, if new, who you kind of care about. But in your heart, you know love isn’t there. I wrote “don’t,” because you shouldn’t buy anything new and significant, nor start any project or relationship, before Dec. 22, nighttime. Instead, collect — and pay — old debts, protect and reassure old clients, sell items you’ve long intended to chuck. Or, reprise former situations/projects. A sensual relationship from the past might re-appear — this can be good, but be honest, kind, and state exactly where you stand. (I’m trying to protect him/her, but you even more, as selfishness here will “get you” later.) Speaking of sex, Sun. to midday Mon. is full of it, at least in your thoughts. So are big money, investments, investigations (medical and otherwise). Commit to nothing, and accept no promises. A wise, mellow mood flows over you Mon. pm to midday Wed. Monday to Tues. dawn (PST) is great, perhaps even hugely fortunate. But Tues. pm holds communication, travel and relationship snags. Wednesday’s mixed — careful with tools, machines, and work mates. This pm to Fri. afternoon pushes you toward ambition and practical, status-enhancing activities. Beautiful luck rides with you. Be dutiful, show your skills, but DO NOT start any projects. Errands, paperwork, easy tasks, travel, communications fill Fri. eve, Sat. All’s well. Saturday begins seven weeks of sexual magnetism for you.


  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy, charisma and clout continue to be high and strong, Sage. See people and be seen, display your talents, be a leader, ask favours — you’ll succeed! UNLESS you start brand new projects or relationships, or buy large, significant items (clothes to houses, TVs to cars) before Dec. 22. If you do, you’ll later wish you hadn’t. Many fire and air signs (you’re fire) are meeting old flames or former associates until Dec. 22. In your case, it’s hard for me to tell who and how. A former spouse (or boss) could re-appear (so could a former career role). You’re feeling hopeful about your romantic future. But Saturday starts seven weeks in which you’ll find romance to be restrictive and burdensome (or just not very available). So act this week, or hold your peace. Relationships (and perhaps that “ex”) fill Sun. to Mon. noon. Feelings could peak. Sex, secrets, large finances, investigation and hidden factors fill Mon. pm to midday Wed. Monday eve to Tues. dawn helps you; Tuesday daytime (PST) holds a snag; Wed. is mixed. Love (again, a chance to rejoin with an ex) wisdom, media, publishing, education, profound ideas, far travel, cultural and legal affairs fill Wed. pm to Fri. afternoon. Your luck is splendid here, so charge ahead, plunge in — but don’t start anything new. Be ambitious Friday eve through Sat. – show talents, be dutiful, but don’t start projects.


  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Lie low, Cap. reject the bustling crowd — work with faithful allies, or civil servants, institutional workers, advisors, psychics, agents, healers, your accountant, etc. Start NOTHING before Dec. 22nd. Instead, reprise past interests, or protect and further ongoing projects, bonds and situations. A former or neglected duty could return to demand your attention. Don’t bother making long-range plans, as circumstances will shift. Listen, Cap, now to next November is your time to grab a special goal, wish or love, and run with it. Don’t neglect this opportunity, as 2019 to mid-2020 won’t be so easy. BUT the time to start anything is NOT now — wait until Dec. 22 onward. If you start now, you could waste much of 2018 chasing a promising but dead-end goal. Sometimes, waiting is the shortest route to success. So for now, wait. Tackle chores Sunday to Mon. noon. Progress certain unless you let illusions prevail or follow unclear instructions Sun. morning (PST). Relationships thrive Mon. pm to Tues. dawn, but someone’s being overbearing Tues. pm — you? Wednesday’s mixed, but this pm to Fri. afternoon brings great good luck in big money, investments, debt, sex, health diagnosis, and research. (Remember, start nothing new — instead, perhaps, collect the old.) A sweet, mellow wisdom steals over you Friday eve, Sat. Love could appear, so could good books, travel, scholars, intellectual, legal or cultural pursuits. Your luck’s mixed but okay. Saturday begins seven weeks of hope and optimism involving your home, family, security.


  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your upbeat mood continues for three more weeks, Aquarius. Optimism, social joys, wish fulfillment, entertainment, flirtations and happiness fill you. An old flame could return, esp. Sun. and Wed. onward — good, if you just want a good time. But if you seek something more, study this person’s actions, words. If you’re being treated casually, then return the favour — just have fun. Don’t start any brand new projects, relationships, nor make big purchases before Dec. 22. Until then, deal with past or ongoing situations and people. Despite this sober note, you’ll have fun! Sunday to noon Mon. bring just such things: romance, hope, beauty, joy and pleasure. An attraction could peak with a gush of emotion. Don’t buy anything Sunday morning (PST) – deception exists. Tackle chores and protect your health Mon. pm to midday Wed. You make progress to Tues. morn. After this, various glitches interfere — but you can still advance. Read instructions three times. Relationships spring up Wed. pm to Fri. afternoon. Pursue someone, agree to an editing meeting, contemplate new horizons, on earth and in business. Your luck is splendid. Reach agreement, esp. with a threat or old enemy — or  partners, spouse. But remember, no brand new relationships, opportunities: they contain a “dead end.” Sex, secrets, desires, temptations, financial manoeuvres, debts, medical emergencies/diagnoses, and lifestyle choices fill Fri. eve and Sat. — luck and results mixed, so tread carefully. Friday begins seven weeks of possible criticism from bosses or authorities. Keep yourself “clean.”


  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You and your achievements are being studied. Be ambitious, show your skills, be dutiful, display a love of responsibility. But DO NOT apply for a new position, change careers, or start any new career-related project, even within your present company, before Dec. 22. A former boss or career role could return. If you liked him/her/it in the past, consider returning. A former partner could approach and say, “Hey, let’s —.” Again, was the past good with this person? If so, consider the proposition. Rest, be contemplative, hug your family and take care of your house/apartment Sunday to Mon. noon. Romance, creative urges and pleasure tug your sleeve sweetly and fruitfully Mon. pm to dawn Tues. (PST). But luck is mingled then to midday Wed. Tackle chores Wed. pm to Fri. afternoon — you’ll make great progress. (Read instructions twice, and avoid starting new projects.) Relationships face you Fri. eve and Saturday. Some good, some bad here, so be diplomatic, co-operative. Someone from the past might represent an opportunity. Friday begins seven weeks in which you need to avoid legal hassles, but can make money from international, educational or love contacts.

The End

8 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ DECEMBER 3 – 9, 2017

  1. doudini2

    Hi Tim, soon after your consultation, one longterm relations. ended and I barely look back. But new/ maybe old person- We connected online for years but not really friends, quite strangers, i was just fan of his work along with hundreds of other artists. Then i almost met him in spring but I could not go for that event. Recently i asked for advice on my trip to his home town/area Nov 29-dec 5. I initiated as I needed help for locations. Absolutely no romantic motives, in fact I am not attracted to his looks. He was not very talkative either, but we met for nature outing with other people on 3rd Dec, barely spoke all morning due to crowd between, but then had lunch together upon my suggestion, after freezing all morning. With great humour, he became quite personable after being very formal. I could tell he’s not friendly with strangers. During funny banter over lunch table, a distinct moment of penetrating visual contact occured (I felt warm and awkward, my heart pounding, wondering what the hell just happened, as it reminded me of a similar eye contact moment I had with someone special in a past). After lunch we said surprisingly warm goodbye like old friends, a hug. Gentle but daring expressions of interest haven’t stopped since. When I am not clear if he meant what he wrote, he immediately clarified that I am not mistaken about his interest. My accomodation was 1.5hrs away, so we only talked over messages. My last day we agreed to meet but his work got busy, so instead I was just invited to visit his work for a tour(I found that a big gesture by someone I just met) and a quick and sad goodbye. He admitted to missing me already. He’s 52 (gemini), I’m 38(sagg). Is it a bad start due to Mercury or if we were connected online and tried to meet in past perhaps this will be forgiven by Mercury as an ongoing situation that just became more involved? We did technically “start” something by physically meeting on the 3rd. But we messaged overtly since november. We are not dating nor proclaiming love yet. We suggested we might meet in the middle of country. He lives in a state 4hrs flight from me. Coincidentally, I have been looking for jobs or projects in that state for months as I really like that mountainous place. Oy vey.

  2. Makron

    Hi Tim,
    I’ve a question regarding your advice of not starting new relationships until Dec 22 unless it’s a former flame.
    I’m an Aries guy. She is July-born, so either Leo or Cancer (sorry don’t know exact date).

    I had asked her out same time last year, but she had politely refused (we were friendly before that).

    After almost no word for almost a year, she has been reaching out these past weeks.
    I want to ask her out again.

    Should I do so now or wait till Dec 22?

    (On one hand, she & I are not exactly for former lovers….but on the other hand it is something that’s revisiting from the past…. thus my confusion)

    Thank You!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Makron,

      That’s a tough one. I’d go ahead, ask her out any time after 10 am (Pacific) today, Dec. 6, or Dec. 7, 10 am (Pacific) to 2:30 pm Fri. Make your date for these times, or for Dec. 11, or, better, for Fri., Dec. 15, after 6 pm. Good luck.


      PS: She is probably a Cancer.

      1. Makron

        Thank you Tim!
        Interestingly, when I asked her last year (around mid Nov), your weekly advice for Aries at that time was to “not to ask anyone out as they will refuse.”
        But I did it anyway, and of course met with failure.
        Should’ve listened to you back then.🙂

        Anyway, thanks for suggesting the dates this time. I got totally busy with work, so instead will ask her sometime between Dec 11th – 15th.
        Do these days look good? (Sorry for asking again but this time I’m definitely going for it 🙂)
        Thanks again!

  3. KurakAkuyek

    Hi Tim,
    What kind of actions you have in mind for “clean” (Aquarius forecast this week)
    Friday begins seven weeks of possible criticism from bosses or authorities. Keep yourself “clean.”

  4. Ewok

    Tim –

    I really appreciate your comments on Trump. I think we are interpreting his behaviors in different ways, but an honest dialogue is always great!

    Just some comments on the recent mercury retrograde – the Scorpio guy that you gave me advice for a few weeks ago broke up with me today and that’s pretty consistent with your Gemini prediction for this week. I’ve been really enjoy reading your weekly posts. They are to a large extent quite accurate, and I want to appreciate you for that.

    Warm Regards,

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