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START NOTHING:  Before 0:04 am Sunday; 4:09 am to 8:30 am Tuesday; 10:37 am to 12:38 pm Thursday; and 5:53 pm Friday to 1:21 pm Saturday.


All Signs — Mercury retrogrades from 11:34 pm (PST) this Saturday, Dec. 2, to Dec. 22. We should avoid all new starts, major purchases, and new relationships. (The last will be okay, just won’t grow to a full culmination.) As with most things in astrology, the exact time/date isn’t terribly important, for the “slowdown” that Mercury causes begins well before Dec. 2 (should be mildly evident this week in November) and the indecision it heralds will last a week or so past Dec. 22.

Now to Dec. 22, we should exercise patience, not forcefully push for answers or replies, and should keep an eye open for opportunities and relationships returning from the past. An old flame could re-appear for Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. For Libra, a former casual friend or contact could return. Taurus will see a former “sexy temptation” or investment return. For Cancer, former employment or tasks return; Virgo, a former home or “lost” relative, child; for Scorpio, former money; for Capricorn, former restrictions, gov’t contacts; for Pisces, a former career role or boss.

One reader asked a really intelligent question, one that some astrologers have chewed over for probably a few centuries. I thought I’d reproduce her/his Q. and my answer. As my answer is a bit long-winded, I’ve put it all in the AFTERAMBLE.

(The Pluto-Era charts/articles will continue next week. And I need to tell you about China, too. And fifty other things!)


     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Wrap things up, finish projects rather than start anything new, Aries. You are immersed in a lovely phase, lasting to late December, of understanding, gentle love, compassion, far travel, import-export, legal, cultural, media and intellectual affairs. But this entire time seems designed to bring up old philosophies and beliefs, friends and lovers. You have a unique chance to re-examine your life and your path, to get comfortable with yourself and your view of the world. You might even, until Dec. 8, meet a former spouse or lover, and re-unite as life-mates. Lie low, rest and contemplate (but do not make plans) Sun./Mon. Seek out and handle neglected taxes, or dropped/overdue communications with civil servants, advisors, agents, institutions and doctors. Sunday’s best. Your energy and charisma surge upward Tues. dawn to Thurs. morning (PST). Tuesday goes well, especially “between the sexes.” Wednesday holds a career or status problem. Thursday morning brings solutions — communications play a significant role. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate ongoing (not new) clients Thurs. pm to Sat. noon. Take care Thurs./ early Fri., when disruptions or sudden disagreements might spark. (Friday ends well.) Ideas, information and talk, media, etc. flow beautifully Saturday pm, and could lead to a brilliant idea regarding money, finances, debt, investments, a sexual attraction, a medical condition, or a mystery/investigation.


taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Life’s depths float to the surface. Wrap up all projects now, Taurus, or get them to “the next step.” Don’t launch anything new, including relationships, before Dec. 22. The main  emphasis lies on finances, sexual desires, mysteries and research, medical diagnosis, lifestyle choices, commitment and its consequences. An investment made now could profitably rise in future, but it might give you a few puzzles, delays or anxieties before it does. Happiness finds you Sun./Mon. Your mood lifts for no reason, you feel popular, friends gather, and your luck rises nicely (esp. Sunday)! You might meet someone subtly, deeply sensual — entering this would not be a mistake heart-wise, but it might erect certain practical problems. Retreat, lie low, rest and contemplate Tues. morn to Thurs. noon (PST). Deal with civil servants, quasi-government agencies, large corporations, agents and advisors, spiritual and practical.  Tuesday’s smooth, easy; Wednesday holds relationship snags; but Thursday am offers ease, solutions. Your energy and charisma rise Thurs. midday to Sat. noon. You’ll meet many people, could solve many problems. It looks like someone is very willing to work toward your happiness, esp. Saturday.


    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Relationships crowd your horizon, Gemini. Others want to see you, and you them. Relocation themes, public dealings, business and practical opportunities, friends and lovers will “call” you over the month ahead. But anything new in these zones, if encountered before Dec. 22, will not work in the long run. So start nothing new before that date. On the other hand, something “capable of success” might return from the past. Keep your eye open for old flames, former financial opportunities or returning relocation possibilities.  (An old flame returning before Dec. 9 could spell true love — judge by past experience with this person.) Your career, prestige relations, and worldly standing become important Sun./Mon. Luck rides with you early (esp. Sunday) but your peers still don’t give you praise or credit; and in the end money poured into a career investment might be wasted — wait until 2018 to take such action. (You’ll have plenty of work in the meantime!) Social joys, flirtations, optimism, popularity and entertainment lift your heart Tues. to midday Thurs. Tuesday’s great; Wed.’s problematical (in sex and work) and Thurs. brings solutions. Contact made with an old flame? Retreat to rest and think Thurs. pm to Saturday. A sudden disruption, or an unexpected meeting (both likely Thurs., early Fri.) shows you both sides: a social future, or a romantic future. Someone could spark your interest. Sexual, health and work problems can be solved Fri. Saturday pm boosts your energy and clout: enjoy, but make no promises.


    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead hold work and health issues, Cancer. Just plod on. Use this week to wrap up any loose ends and unfinished tasks. Don’t buy anything important (NO machinery!) nor start new relationships or projects, jobs, or health regimens before Dec. 22. Until then, a former job, employer or neglected task could re-appear — these are fine to tackle. Until Dec. 9, chores related to real estate, premises, foundations, security, sales territory, home or family are slated — these are highlighted Tues. to midday Thurs. (Success Tues., problems Wed., solutions early Thurs.) But remember — nothing brand new. E.g., don’t start renovations now. Earlier, Sun./Mon., a sweet, mellow mood steals over you. This brings good fortune tied to far travel, higher education, media, intellect, philosophy/religion, culture, law, or love. However, baby steps advised, because a practical barrier awaits you “down the road.” (E.g., you buy a ticket to Australia, then find out you have to work that week.) Sunday’s luckiest. The week ends, Thurs. to Sat., with optimism, popularity and joy. Issue and accept invitations, flirt, enjoy life! (Flirt – remember, if single, Oct. ’17 to Nov. ’18 is a giant romantic year for you.) You could meet and/or reach agreement with a fascinating, happy, friendly partner or “companion in opportunity.” Retreat Saturday eve: rest, recuperate.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your mood is romantic, your impulses adventurous and risk-oriented. A beautiful month faces you, Leo. But don’t start any brand-new relationships before Dec. 9. Another problem: any love begun between Dec. 9 and Jan. 26 probably won’t lead to a long-term, socially acceptable bond — that is, a wedding is unlikely. That said, a group of friends you reconnect with in the weeks ahead could hold, in their midst, an old flame, one that could powerfully reignite. You might also want to re-attack or revise a creative work, painting, writing. I don’t recommend this, you would only “muddy” it. Sex, secrets potential health problems and large finances enter Sun./Mon. These are fortunate, bountiful Sun., “workable” Mon. — but realize end result might be a bit disappointing, as a practical barrier looms (perhaps your family doesn’t approve). A mellow, wise mood flows into you Tues. to midday Thurs. Far travel, media, higher education, legal, cultural affairs, profound ideas and love draw your attention. Success Tues., obstacles (home, work, health) Wed., solutions Thurs. Thursday pm to Sat. noon (PST) urges you to be ambitious, which can cause ethical doubts or other “arguments” early, but solutions enter by Fri. pm., almost as if destiny was giving you a subtle nudge forward. (Remember, in all this, you should wrap up old projects this week, and start nothing new before Dec. 22.) A valuable inspiration hovers involving home/family and investment(s) — e.g., new mortgage, school savings plans for kids, etc. Keep this idea/opportunity in your back pocket — act on it after Dec. 22, if you want.


    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The few weeks ahead involve you more and more deeply with home, family, real estate, security, Nature, gardening, nutrition and the basics of life. In this zone, a former opportunity or situation could return before Dec. 23. Until that date, don’t start anything new in any area, not projects, not relationships, not big purchases. Deal only with the ongoing, or situations/people that return from the past. Make no long-range promises, and accept none. A “long lost” relative might return home. Relationships blossom Sun./Mon. — an excellent time to reach agreement, show your attraction to someone, etc. But realize the “end note” could be disappointing if romance or home are involved. Still, love can be lovely! Sex, secrets, large finances, consequences, medical diagnoses, lifestyle choices, research and commitment — all tug your sleeve Tues. to midday Thurs. Again, commit to nothing long-range (or with long-range consequences). Collect, rather than distribute. Tuesday’s lucky, Wed. holds a problem (perhaps unseen) and Thurs. am (PST) offers solutions. A wise, understanding mood flows over you Thurs. noon to midday Saturday. Education, intellectual pursuits, law, culture, religion, big ideas, far travel, media — and love — any/all might be disrupted by work or health circumstances early, but Fri. pm brings success. You might feel, “I’m in love.” Doubts will come, soon, but that doesn’t change what you feel this Fri./Sat.


    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Errands, paperwork, casual contact, short trips and communications fill the weeks ahead, Libra. Get as much done as you can in these this week, then prepare for slowdowns and mistakes until Dec. 22. Make “to do” lists before you leave home or office. Double-check appointment schedules, phone numbers, addresses, etc. This is NOT the time (to Dec. 22) to start new office or filing systems, buy new phone or electronic equipment, a vehicle, travel tickets, etc. Instead, work with what you have. A former friend or one who loved you more than you did him/her, might re-appear in Dec. Be fair, honest and just, then your decision will be the right one, whether you decide to break or bond. Tackle chores Sun./Mon. — you’ll get lots done, easily. But a communications chore involving children or home could remain a tough problem. (It will be solved late Dec. onward, so don’t fret about it.) Relationships face you Tues. to midday Thurs. Tuesday’s great; Wed. contains a (domestic/money?) problem; and Thurs. brings workable solutions. Deeper waters surround you Thurs. pm to midday Sat. — finances, debt, investments, sexual temptations, investigations and medical diagnosis. You might meet someone who disarms you, might make you think, “Should I be with this person — instead?” Money and work combine beautifully. Remember, in relationships and money/sex, and all things, start nothing new before Dec. 22.


    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead emphasize money and possessions, memory and sensual attractions. A former income source could return before Dec. 23 — so could a former “sexy partner.” Embrace these if they’re an improvement, and/or if you had a good outcome with it/him/her in the past. Wrap up projects and involvements this week. Start nothing, buy nothing important now to Dec. 22. Instead, protect ongoing projects, or reprise situations from the past. Romance blossoms Sun./Mon. — so do beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges, and self-expression. Indulge your feelings. Both days flow with ease and luck — but realize a money/affluence problem might arise later with the person you’re sweet on, or with that gamble. Jump into chores Tues. to midday Thurs. Tuesday succeeds, Wed. obstructs, and Thurs. am brings solutions. Relationships, opportunities and far horizons fill Thurs. pm to midday Sat. Despite an early hiccup (a work/health emergency?) you speed toward agreement, co-operation, mutual admiration. Love has many disguises — and beauties. Eat, drink sensibly Saturday eve.


    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy, charisma, clout and confidence rise over the weeks ahead, Sage. I didn’t add “effectiveness” because indecision, delay and an atmosphere of mistakes will hold you back. Listen, Sag, use this week to complete tasks or communications. Start nothing before Dec. 22. Instead, protect ongoing situations/projects and reprise worthwhile things that might return from the past. One of these might be an old flame. Although this person might be indecisive about it, he/she has a life-bond in mind. Should you, or not? Depends on why you moved on in the first place. Get out, see people, impress others. But be a “homebody” Sun./Mon. — be with family, in Nature, garden, enhance security, etc. Both days are packed with good fortune (perhaps coming from a somewhat secret source, or the gov’t). The only thing preventing success is your own scepticism — or greed. (These will dissipate by late December, after bugging you from 2015-2017.) Romance pops up Tues. to midday Thurs. — so do pleasure, beauty, a creative or gambling mood, and charming children. Tuesday’s successful, Wed. holds a (money, secrets) obstacle, and Thurs. offers mild solutions. Act accordingly. Show your feelings. Plunge into chores Thurs. pm to midday Sat. — after a Thurs. or early Fri. disruption (or hot attraction, distracting you) you’ll get important things accomplished. Excellent time (Fri./Sat.) to see a psychic, therapist, counsellor.


    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Lie low over the weeks ahead, Cap. Your energy is low, and a period of delay, mistakes and second thoughts lasts until Dec. 22. Until then, start no new projects or relationships, and buy nothing significant. You could reprise past situations, if these are supportive and growing. More likely, you’ll encounter institutional, management or government agencies which want you to complete neglected tasks or applications. Sunday/Mon. are for errands, communications, easy tasks, casual contacts, and short trips. Sunday’s best. Both days flow with luck and good feeling, but don’t deal with secrets, confessions, or gov’t. These could trip you up. Home, family, Nature, security, garden, nutrition, soul, sales territory are accented Tues. to midday Thursay. You’ll succeed easily with these Tues., encounter glitches Wed., and find solutions Thurs. Thursday pm to midday Sat. brings sweet romance, excitement, poetic feelings, beauty, pleasure, joy, and charming kids. The atmosphere might be a bit disruptive (home, career demands distract you?) until Fri. morning, but this pm and Sat. boost your courage and pleasure. A casual acquaintance might flirt, or seem suddenly blessed with ethereal beauty. Express yourself! Chores, this eve.


    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A wish — an old wish — could come true in the weeks ahead, Aquarius. Your social life, popularity, optimism, and joie de vivre blossom now to late December. Until Dec. 9, avoid legal, far travel hassles. An old flame could re-appear, perhaps in a social circle you “visit.” A love affair could result — first, ask yourself: why did we split in the first place? If the answer’s okay, charge ahead. But don’t start brand new relationships, projects, nor buy anything important, before Dec. 22. Instead, finish/protect ongoing projects, or reprise ones from the past. Chase money Sun./Mon. — Monday’s okay, Sunday’s better, especially for money connected to career (e.g., grab a pay raise). Don’t mix social or wishful urges with these money themes, or you’ll spoil the results. Errands, communications, short travel, casual contacts and paperwork fill mid-week (Tues. to midday Thurs.). These go well Tues., hit snags (of prestige?) Wed., and flow smoothly Thurs. Head for home, at least in your thoughts, Thurs. pm to midday Sat. You might face a decision regarding love — casual or deep? That guy/girl or that one? By Fri. daytime you settle into home, nature, family in a comfortable way. (Closeness to family now will aid your career ambitions later.) You experience a deep inspiration or brilliant hunch/idea connecting money/income with career/prominence/ambition. Keep this in mind, in heart, then act on it after Dec. 22.


    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your worldly standing, your prestige, career and relations with powerful people are accented over the weeks ahead, Pisces. Don’t start any new projects, employment, relationships — or really anything important, including purchases — before Dec. 22. DON’T change careers. Until then, protect ongoing situations/involvements, or reprise promising ones from the past. (A former career role or duty could return in Dec.) This week, try to complete projects, or “insulate” them against the slowdowns, mistakes and decision of December. Order extra supplies, re-confirm appointments, dates, addresses, check orders, aims, etc. Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. — get out, see and be seen, collect favours owed, ask favours, contact VIPs and bosses, work hard, etc. — but don’t start/suggest a new project! Both days are fortunate, but Sunday more so. Yes, you’ve been dealing with a hard-nosed, sceptical “boss” since 2015, but that’s going to end soon (before Christmas). He/she might be the glitch in your ambitions Sun./Mon., so “steer around” him/her. Chase money, buy/sell (nothing major, though) schmooze with clients, enjoy a sensual interlude, protect possessions, Tues. to midday Thurs. Tuesday’s good, you succeed; Wed. features a legal or social glitch; and Thurs. morn offers solutions, progress. Thursday pm to midday Sat. sends you on errands and short trips/visits; brings paperwork, casual friends and communications. A monetary or intimate disruption  (forgot your wallet at home?) (your lover threatens to phone your spouse?) might occur Thurs., early Fri., but Fri. daytime brings right thoughts, good friends. Love, far travel, academic, legal or cultural themes somehow put you in a poetic, beautiful mood. Jot down ideas. Saturday pm, head home.

The End.


A Reader’s Question:

Tim, here is a thing that has always puzzled me about astrology. Why is time of birth the critical fact? it would seem to me that if astronomical alignments in some sense determine or at least influence character, those influences would be most effective at fertilization. Making such a deal about birth time seems to fall in with old-timey fantasies that babies ‘arrive’ when they are born, whereas they have already been present for nine months, separated from the outside air by only a very thin maternal covering of tissue. I do understand that time of implantation is next to impossible to determine and so that would be a major inconvenience to observational correlations, but isn’t this a large weakness of the theory?

— Elf teacher

My Answer:

Hi Elf teacher,

You’ve partly answered the question for me: conception or fertilization charts are impossible to obtain, unless we use a bio-technology that isn’t available yet. Astrologers can’t stand beside the bed, waiting for a couple to copulate. Even if they could, the effort would be futile. There are branches of astrology that do 2 things: 1) try to determine the moment of conception; and 2) try to use charts for that time. Since this involves rectification, and rectification doesn’t work with any reliability, such “branches” have seldom made any inroads.

The phrase “birth chart” refers to the moment of the first breath. not to conception. The chart of conception, even if the astrologer stood by the bed watching the sex act, would still be inaccurate, or a “best guess,” as a man’s sperm will fertilize the woman’s egg anywhere between 30 minutes and 5 days (some say 7 days) after his orgasm. So, with “fertilization astrology” we would never have a rising sign, nor be sure of the Moon’s position, nor even of the Sun’s degree — or even the sun sign, in many cases! (Unless, as implied, we have a bio-tech that can monitor the woman’s body and sense the exact moment of sperm-egg attachment.)

The following might partly assuage your doubts: when a series of events take place, there is an origin or first chart, then a chart for a following (connected/derived) event, and a third chart for the next event, etc. ALL these charts will show a certain hierarchy or similarity — in that the second chart will ‘reflect’ or ‘be a child of’ the first chart. For example, say you wanted to buy a house, so you went to the computer and began to study the listings in your area. Then, finding two or three “possibles” you hop in your car and go to view them. You like the house on 222 Elm Street, so you contact the realtor and then, perhaps a day later, enter the house and view it. Then you make an offer. Then after counters, you agree on a price, etc. Then you deal with the lawyer. Then you give the money. Then you are given possession. Then you move in. The actions and events I’ve just listed give us ELEVEN “chart opportunities.” It gets even worse: The real, effective chart is NOT for the second, minute, hour, day, etc. that you turned on the computer, but for the moment you conceived the idea/desire to look for real estate. (Which could be years earlier!) So, the time/date of the original impulse being impossible to find, we instead can erect a chart for these later, easier to time/remember steps: seeing, viewing inside, offering, etc., right up to moving in.

The striking thing is, all of these charts, although they vary, will essentially give the same indications about buying this house. There are differences, of course. So when I have real estate questions/clients, I erect a chart for the time/day of the first offer for financial investment purposes; a chart for the possession date to judge investment and enjoyment; and/or a chart for moving in to view the life he/she/they will experience in this place.

As you can see, finding the “original chart” is virtually impossible. I have not, in 37 years, met more than one or two clients who can remember when they first saw a prospective house, much less when they first felt the impulse to go looking for a house. Similarly, in the case of the copulating couple, we not only can’t determine the moment (or even hour — or even day) of conception. In fact, too, even this, if determined, would not be the original chart. We might go back to the couple’s first moment of the desire to have a child (almost impossible to know, in most cases). But is this the original chart? Maybe we have to go back even further, to the moment they first met, long before they fell in love! For the granddaddy of all origin charts, we would have to go back to the creation of the earth.

Despite this “loss” of the original chart(s), we can pretty accurately tell, from the derived charts, what the future will hold. For instance, in the house purchase example above, charts for the offer, possession and/or moving in date can give us very accurate indications of what effect buying this house will have on the client’s life and finances.

So, in birth charts (note the word “birth”) we erect the horoscope for the moment the baby first breathes. This actually makes sense, for we are reading the chart to see this person’s life ON EARTH, IN THE WORLD OF ACTION AND EVENT, rather than seeking a picture of his existence in the ante-room or foyer of life. Yes, the child is already alive in the womb, and “a part of life on earth,” but he/she is not yet separate from the mother, so perhaps can’t be termed a separate entity. But the real reason we use the birth chart rather than the conception chart is a practical one: we simply can’t date or time conception.

Hope that makes sense!