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START NOTHING:  5:10 am to 5:33 am Mon., 7:37 am to 6:29 pm Wed., and 2:13 am to 6:42 am Saturday.


ALL SIGNS: remember, start nothing brand new before Dec. 22.

A few months ago Amazon bought the Whole Foods grocery chain. Investors freaked, and immediately dropped big grocers (Safeway, etc.) 10%, convinced that Amazon was going to take over the retail food world. I wrote here, in answer, that you should buy the stocks of dollar stores, since Amazon could not compete with them. Well, Dollarama’s profit went way up last quarter. Its stock shot up 25% today (Dec. 6) on the news. Dollar General is up 22% this year.

“There are valuable and good people on the other side of your fence, too, Josephine. There are good and bad on both sides. You are young, sweet and idealistic. I wish you well your entire future. But remember, it goes fast.”

I was going to give my kids one of those “Ancestry DNA” or “23 and Me” tests that outline your ancestral origins. But to purchase, you must sign a contract, which, it is suggested, is for the buyer’s protection. This contract gives Ancestry and 23 ownership of your DNA test results, and gives them the exclusive right to sell your DNA information to anyone — governments, insurance companies, etc. I wouldn’t buy this service; I wouldn’t even let them pay me to test my kids’ DNA — or mine. Crooks.

Don’t blame the sinner: search for the origin of the sin.

My hero?  Ja Du. He’s promoting not only transsexualism (yawn) but transracialism, too. His point: if we can changed our sex, why not our race? I think he’s on YouTube.

“I suspect Mueller is dirty.” — Me, Dec. 3 column (published Nov. 26). (Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel tasked with investigating and prosecuting Donald Trump and his staff for well, any crime they can find.)

“Mueller is dirty.” — Newt Gingrich, former speaker and widely respected U.S. Statesmen, December 6.

“The FBI is dirty, and has been for at least a decade.” Me, Dec. 3 column (Nov. 26).

(Since I made that comment, it has been revealed that Peter Strzok, the FBI’s head agent investigating Hillary Clinton, was actually working surreptitiously for Hillary, and acted illegally to keep her from being indicted. Among other things, he altered a document to change her “position” from guilty to innocent. He also indemnified her against perjury by refusing to record her answers in FBI interviews. To keep from boring you, I won’t list the other “crimes” Strzok committed. They’re in the news. So are reports that other FBI agents cooperated in this white-wash scheme, which included perjury, hiding/ignoring evidence, document alteration and special treatment. These are in the recent news also.)


   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This is your last week of delays, and of your mellow, thoughtful mood. A month of ambition, career and prestige relations starts Thursday. Until Jan. 26, you will be more assertive — but should guard against impulsiveness — in assets, investment/debt, research/investigation, and intimate clinches. If anything’s painful, get to the doctor. Secrets will be revealed — or more correctly, discovered by you. Remember, start nothing new or significant before Friday night. Sunday’s for travel, international interests, intellectual pursuits, and love. An old flame could be the root of love this day — seek! Monday to Wed. suppertime gives you a preview of the month ahead: ambition, dealings with bosses and VIPs, status concerns. All flows well, except Wed. morning, when you could get in your own way. Love “proves itself” Wed. Thursday starts the month of general career/ambition focus. But this week is even more significant, for it spells the end of 3 years of trudging and restrictions in love, travel, cultural venues, rituals, media, law and intellectual pursuits. (These zones will surge with good fortune in 2019: prepare for them with research now through 2018.) At the same time, you now begin 3 years of “natural ambition” and of a clear, direct path to your practical goals. Don’t cheat — it would “unseat” you. Be friendly Thurs. to Sat. dawn — happiness, growing popularity, flirtation, optimism, social joys — these rush in. But retreat, rest and think Saturday.

taurus weekly forecast   TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remember, start nothing significant before Fri. night, Taurus. This week remains in “mystery territory” through Wed. Then Thursday begins a month of intellectual, travel, legal, media, cultural and love involvements — which nicely dovetails with your major “luck source” now to Nov. 2018: relationships, contracts/agreements, relocation, and public interfacing. (Remember, though, relationships can be a bit fiery or intense in the weeks ahead. Make love, not war. Unhappy Taurus couples might now see hints of a looming separation. ) Your finances/ investments remain mildly fortunate this week — sex too. Sunday’s great for secrets, investigations, finances and intimacy. You get a “preview” of the month ahead Tues. dawn to Wed. eve (PST) as travel, media, legal, love, and intellectual pursuits are highlighted, and proceed well. But wait until Sat. to actually launch anything. A secret temptation might lure you — and offer initial success (perhaps long-term regrets)— Sun. through Wed. Your career, worldly status and prestige relations come into sharp focus Wed. night through Fri. Mostly good — avoid a bit of temperament Thursday morn. (PST). Happiness, social delights, optimism, popularity, entertainment and flirtation fill Sat.

   GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

By mid-week, Gemini, you exit three years of “wet blanket syndrome” in your relationships. (By 2019, this new “lightness” will lead to the chance for lucrative partnerships, life-mating, or for a new freedom.) You have related poorly to your age peers the last several years, but very well with other generations. (In fact, some Geminis have married someone appreciably older or younger — and sex was the primary “foundation.”) Going forward, you will gravitate toward intimacy, pregnancy, investments and financial building, research and lifestyle “trimming” until late 2020. These themes are highlighted Mon. to Wed., also, in a good way. (Some married Geminis might be tempted to become poly-amorous — if so, 2019 brings the payment.) Sunday’s for relationships, love, opportunities — and your luck is great! But be diplomatic, not forceful. And remember, start nothing new before Dec. 22 — old or former flames okay. Wednesday night through Fri. brings an open mind, new insights, media, far travel, legal matters, cultural and intellectual pursuits — and love. Thursday morn is a bit irritating, but otherwise march forth — all minor things flow well. Be cognizant of your image, your reputation Sat. Be ambitious, too — career action is favoured.

   CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A month of drudgery is almost over, Cancer. By Thurs. you enter a whole month of relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, agreements (and possible — but not probable — litigation), and dealings with the public. Although you receive a “preview” of this trend Mon. to Wed. morning, as relationships, etc., “pop up”, wait until late Fri. night, or Saturday (and next Sun., the 24th) to jump on any opportunities or to give another any commitment. (In business, too.) An added note: you will be very strong, courageous and “ready” for intense romance now through late January. Love’s flame could flare! But fireworks could also erupt — know the one you’re with. Sunday’s for work, but luckily so. Dive in. Monday to Wed. morning has already been described. Wednesday night through Fri. brings secrets, lust, financial lures, and possible medical concerns — best after Thurs. noon. Saturday is for pondering, love, understanding, intellectual pursuits, media, law, and far travel. Again, dive in — delays/mistakes are over, and strong luck rides with you! This week ends 3 years of hard, rather thankless work, and starts 3 years of serious relationship decisions. If you’re single, someone of a different generation could make the best companion/lover/mate.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Remember, start nothing new before Fri. (Dec. 22). Sunday soars with romantic potential. Dive in, or into the pursuit of beauty or pleasure. An old flame might be involved. You might fall in love the first half of this week. (But avoid creative efforts.) Realize Thurs. starts a month of work, and effectively shuts the romance door for a while. Monday/Tues. give a preview of this month ahead, as work and health issues rise to the surface. March forth (into work) as luck supports you — except late Tues., early Wed., when others might unexpectedly oppose you, and machinery needs care. Relationships face you Wed. night (PST) through Friday. Both Thurs. and Fri. mornings might contain a “legal/ethical” obstacle, but generally all flows well — seek someone, grab opportunities (even new ones Friday). Dig into an intimate situation Sat., or into an investment or debt-reduction scheme, or research, including medical. (I.e., visit the doc.) You can take a big step forward in any of these, both Sat. and Sun. (Dec. 24). Be gentle at home, with kids and spouse. This week ends 3 years of “dull” romance, and starts a 3-year phase of “real work.” (In these looming 3 years, protect your knees, skin and bones.)

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week ends 3 years of sluggish, restrictive conditions at home, and gives you a more direct, realistic (and effective) approach to romance, creative projects, beauty, pleasure, and raising/teaching kids for the 3 years ahead. The whole week mixes both these themes — home demands, romance blossoming, etc.  Sunday emphasizes home, nature, garden, security, etc. — in very lucky ways. Monday/Tues. highlight romance and beauty, but you’re still not quite ready to launch. But enjoy the days, the feelings! Plunge into work Thurs./Fri. — but step lightly around an accident-prone or argumentative Thurs. morn (PST). Relationships pop up Sat. and the following Sun. (Dec. 24)  — jump in, your luck is great, and reasons for delay have flown away. Ditto for opportunities, relocation, contracts, negotiations and (possibly) litigation — plunge in, grab the moment. Realize the weeks ahead (to Jan. 26) prod you to be impulsive and  courageous (reckless?) in communications, quick to discuss finances and sex. You might raise someone’s blush! The whole interval, though, is an excellent time to study investments (rather than make them) and/or to research almost anything. Aim for what you don’t understand, what “reeks of secrets.”

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week turns you from busy daily action (emails, errands, etc.) to a quiet month of home and family interests. The Moon enters your domestic sign on Mon./Tues., but the Sun doesn’t enter until Thurs., so the whole week’s jumbled. Sunday emphasizes errands, calls, emails, travel, paperwork — in a smooth, lucky way. You might meet a friend who leans (at least for you) toward romance and marriage. (Better if he/she is not a brand new contact.) Monday to suppertime Wed., as noted, steer you toward home, family, rest, security, nutrition, Mom Nature. Despite this, love lives — you could fall in by Wed. Romance also visits Wed. night through Fri. — so do creative and gambling urges, winning, sports/games, beauty and pleasure. Caution late Wed., Thurs. morning, as money and partnership hit obstacles. Worst morning to ask for a date! Plunge into chores Sat. (and the following Sun., Dec. 24) — success is almost certain. Recent delays and mistakes fade now. Money will flow to you until Jan. 26 — but so will expenses, money demands. Don’t be too generous, Libra. The present week ends 3 years of sluggishness, weariness and restrictions in communications and travel. The sluggishness now enters your home, food/shelter and realty area until early 2020. This is good news. More later.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, Scorpio, start nothing significant before Fri. night. This week ends your immediate money interests, and shuttles you over to errands, data, curiosity, friendly contacts, paperwork and easy chores — for a month. (These, errands, et al, are highlighted Mon. to Wed. in a success-prone way, but back away from them Tues. night, Wed. pre-dawn.)  At the same time, 3 years of “tight money,” of sexual and earnings restrictions, ends. The 3 years ahead will push you to speak and write more slowly and carefully. Your sexual magnetism remains high for 5 more weeks — so does your determination to tackle a job. Sunday’s great for money — earnings, paying and collecting bills, etc. Don’t buy anything huge and significant — lemons still lure you. Monday/Tues. give you a preview of the month ahead — errands, etc. Be curious. Home, family, security, property, Mother Nature and nutrition fill Wed. night through Friday. Be cautious Thurs. morn as an argument or accident hover. Otherwise, plunge into domestic situations. Recent delays have ended in most areas, but remain in this home/family zone (until early Jan.). A good week, with a possible money-work “breakthrough” or valuable inspiration.

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remember, Sage, stat nothing brand new before Friday. Your charisma, strength, energy and clout remain high, but this week shuffles you from “personal impact” to money themes. Sunday’s beautifully fortunate — get out, make contact, see and be seen, be a leader. You shine! (Love and an old flame might fill the first half of this week.) Chase money, support clients, buy/sell, pay and collect outstanding debts Mon. to Wed. suppertime. All’s fine, but don’t force matters Tues. night, Wed. pre-dawn (PST). These days are a preview of the month ahead, which will feature the same money themes (now without delays and mistakes). Sensual contacts will also fill the weeks ahead. This switch from personality to money is actually a big one, for it ends 3 years of yucky personal feelings, delays, restrictions, and a general pall over you. And it begins 3 years of restricted but natural, slow but solid developments in money, sensuality (casual sex) possessions, and memory/rote learning. In brief, you’ll be kicking up your heels with new-found delight, optimism and luck, but will need to be conservative with money. Thurs./Fri. bring errands, light friends, media, news, communications, trips and paperwork. Careful Thurs. morn, when romance is not recommended, and tempers might flare. Otherwise, a good, easy interval. Spend the weekend (Dec. 23/24) at home or in the ‘hood — family matters, relaxation, food, even renovations, decorations or repairs — a weekend of rare domestic success! A good time to end things with someone.

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 21-Jan. 19

Remember, start nothing significant before Fri., Cap. Sunday finds you weary and contemplative — but this day runs very smoothly and luckily. Great day for research, and for governmental, institutional, medical or management matters. Your energy and charisma rise nicely (not hugely) Tues. to Wed. suppertime (PST). All’s well, so march ahead. Caution early Wed. morning — fender-benders, other “surprises” possible. Chase money Wed. night through Fri. — pay and collect old bills, protect possessions, and indulge a sensual urge if you want. Other than a possible Thurs. morn irritation, all goes well. Errands, contacts, paperwork, communications fill Sat. This week starts 3 years of “personality solidification” for you — your direction firms up, you know your strengths and weaknesses better, and you are willing to settle into a groove of work and accomplishment. Until Jan. 26, you might feel optimistic about a change of home, or a home improvement — or simply about your family’s love. You’re about to make an impact, Cap!

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This momentous week ends 3 years of grey skies, of social dampening, wishes wilting, optimism fading. Now the “grey skies” enter your government-institution-admin, spiritual and health zones. This isn’t bad, as the planet causing this “switch” actually rules these things for you (gov’t, spirituality, etc.). In general, your shoulders will lift, you’ll see the future with new, buoyant hope now to late 2020. Your luck will be positive, good for 3 years ahead. (Though it might be a bit restricted until Nov. 2018, especially if you chase unwise temptations.) Until Jan. 26, bosses will be temperamental, impatient, so step carefully at work. Keep your sense of humour! Sunday’s for wishes, social joys, flirtations and optimism — a happy day! (You’ll daydream about this day right into mid-week.) Retreat, rest, contemplate (but do not form future plans) Mon. morn to Wed. suppertime. All’s well. Your energy and charisma rise Wed. night through Friday. Wait Thurs. morn, when tempers might flare, or bosses demand, then charge ahead. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, chase a sexy someone, memorize lists, enter school, Sat. (And Sunday, Dec. 24.) Good luck rides with you, bargains appear, and sales rise.

   PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Remember, Pisces, start nothing new before Fri. night. Sunday offers great luck and progress in your career, ambitions, status and reputation. Then Mon. to Wed. brings happiness, social delights, flirtations and entertainment — and optimism, and wish fulfillment. This entire week ends 3 years of restrictions, hard work demands, and slow progress in your ambitions. From here forward, you rise! (Especially in 2018 and ’19, when your career grows strongly, and higher-ups love you.) To “enforce” the change, the whole month ahead focuses powerfully on these future things: joy, popularity, wishes coming true, and friendly romance. Retreat, though, Wed. night through Fri. Contemplate, think over the past and your new, shining future. You’re going to go places, Pisces. Saturday brings a surge of energy, effectiveness and charisma. (Ditto the following Sunday, Dec. 24.) Start things, ask favours, make contacts, proposition VIPs, parents or higher-ups. One caution: until Jan. 26, avoid legal fights. (You might, though, sign a lucrative contract.)

The End.

4 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST~ DECEMBER 17 – 23, 2017

  1. happyliving

    Dear Tim,

    thank you so much for your dedication to help folks like me have an insight in our horoscopes. Your interpretation always moves me.

    There is one question that I am curious to hear your opinion about: what do you think about relocation charts? I moved across the world, from Germany to South California. In Germany my ascendant was Pisces, here it is Scorpio. My sun sign is Cancer. I have a bunch of planets in Gemini, I have many friends in this sign. Well, I do wonder if I should listen more to my relocation chart, since I’ve been here many years and definitely feel like a “different, evolved or whatever you many call it) person. Since the rising sign represents the “outer me” (from my understanding) it would make total sense to me. What do you think? Combine the Pisces and Scorpio ascendant? Not worry about relocation at all?

    And here’s my trick question: should I use my relocation chart when I calculate a synastry chart with my boyfriend (who also moved here from Europe years ago) since we met and live here in the US? The house placement/ascendent aspects differ very much depending on which chart I use.

    I would be utterly grateful to hear your answer.

    Thank you and keep up your wonderful blog and work.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Andrea,

      Use both your original (European) birth charts for synastry. You can also do a relocation for both of you, but it will be of secondary importance. Otherwise, relocation charts tend to reflect both the old and the new ascendant. The ascendant generally refers to events and environment/surroundings, the sun sign to drives, ego, what you want to accomplish within the ascendant’s environment.



  2. Bobby007


    The weekly forecast, should it be read according to generic date born for instance mine is 1 August 1970. So should it be read under Leo or under the Ascendant sign because my Ascendant sign is Pisces when an actual birth chart is generated.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Bobby,

      Read your sun sign (e.g., Leo) for your drives, goals, action, accomplishment, etc — it’s your pro-active chart. Read your ascendant chart (e.g., Pisces) for environment, situation, circumstances, events — and to some degree, character and decisions.

      Best regards,


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