All times/dates are PDT.

START NOTHING: 11:49 pm Sun. to 9:58 am Mon., 2:51 pm Tues. to 8:57 pm Wed., and 3:05 pm Fri. to 6:08 am Sat.

Hi, Everyone, not much of a preamble today, as I’m trying to “write ahead” so soon you’ll have both a present and a “week ahead” column.

Regarding my last column on race relations in America: I wonder if any African Americans have tried to launch a class action suit against a bevy of defendants: the feds, state governments, companies, individuals, etc., for reparations for slavery, then segregation, hate crimes, unequal educational and employment opportunities, etc., etc. The  barrier of statutes of limitation might crumble before the vastness and ubiquity of the crime(s) and the effect of the crimes themselves, which prevented blacks from suing at the time of the crime. In Canada the Indians have used the courts to gain massive concessions and land “grants” (more correctly, “land returns”). Both nations have similar legal structures… I’m probably fantasizing, but you never know…

There’s another factor: homogeneity. Biologically, between men and women, skin colour makes no difference. The only thing preventing more widespread mixed-race marriage is the lingering social disapproval. This disapproval is obviously eroding, perhaps eroding fast. At some point, America may be tan all over, as all the blacks, whites, reds and yellows intermingle and create one great genetically diverse people. (I say America, but I think the whole world will slowly do the same.) This is a step along our path to angelhood: when there are no more races, then bigotry has only has a few sanctuaries left: economic prejudice (“white trash,”) social hierarchy and intellectual prejudices; there might be others. Psychologists know bigotry is based in fear and envy. Only education (not security) can dissolve this fear.


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

You’re riding a winning streak! Romance, self-expression, creativity, love of/teaching children, sports, games, speculation, pleasure and beauty visit you, and welcome you, especially Tues. Still, with Mars in your home sector, all is not smooth – you might argue with your spouse, be impatient with children, or throw rocks at your neighbour. Be patient, soothe your own temper all month. Sunday’s for home, garden, nature, rest and relaxation. Romance (et al, pleasure, speculation, etc.) flows in Mon., but it hits a sexual or financial barrier: don’t pursue someone, at least until 9 pm. PDT. A friendly meeting Tues. morn could mean something more. The entire week, a struggle between home and outside duties/career needs care and wisdom: it’s probably best to let things work out, and take a passive stance. Let other re-arrange the world. Do plunge into chores Thurs./Fri., tho’—all’s smooth, and you’ll get loads accomplished. Relationships attract but destiny won’t co-operate Sat.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Pay attention to domestic matters: family, nutrition, home, landscaping, maintenance, etc., especially Mon./Tues., when a new project might begin in this zone. (Start it Tues., not Mon., when others don’t co-operate.) You’re very busy, lots of short travel, but take  time to sink into deep rest, also – your performance in coming months depends on your restfulness now. If vacationing, seek nature. Love has its say, but it doesn’t rule. Sunday’s for travel, communicating – a career breakthrough is possible; or, you could be freed from a limiting situation. (E.g., you get out of jail.) Mon. to Wed., all that home stuff. If friends fight, stay clear. Romance is in the air Wed. night to Sat. dawn – all’s smooth, easy! (These are good days for creative and speculative projects also – and for establishing your kids’ future: e.g., down payment on a college fund.) Tackle chores Sat. – but forget co-operation.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Life’s busy! Short trips, errands, notes, emails, calls, visits, reports, application forms, casual friends – these fill your days. Be curious and friendly. (Some Geminis will notice that new friends are seeping  in, after a decade-long drought.) Money flows swiftly – bank it, reject spending and those who push you toward it. Your home remains affectionate, a sweet refuge. Chase money Sunday – you could make a new friend. Those short trips, casual friends, etc. reach a peak Mon. to Wed. – “rejecting types” Mon., good ones Tues., and nothing new Wed. All week, esp. Wed., you can face a money dilemma: to go for the short, or the long term? Be home Thurs./Fri. – gardening, repairs, family meetings, all go well. Romance, beauty, pleasure, games and speculation lure you Sat. – but a deeper glitch (health? sex? money?) prevents success.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The emphasis lies on money, earnings, buying/selling, possessions, memory, rote learning, and sensual (but not long-lived) attractions.  Until the 27th, you possess more fire, determination, and sexual magnetism than usual, so you easily attract (potential) lovers, but  this same influence can make you impatient with lovers and children – gently does it. (Same influence deepens and aids your ambitions, career.) Take a short trip before mid-month; after that, you’ll want to stay near home. Your energy and charisma soar Sunday – start significant projects, invest, impress the boss. Avoid money loss Mon. Tues. brings money luck (which might relate to Sunday’s events) – perhaps a new money project. Casual friends, errands, travel and communications fill Thurs./Fri. in a lucky, successful way. Home, Sat. – pleasure forays might not end the way you want. All week, you’re lucky, but another has the power: join, don’t compete.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Lie low, rest Sunday: all’s well. You might have a spiritual or emotional epiphany. This night, it will be easy to talk or write about it. Your energy and charisma bounces back Mon. to Wed. Monday isn’t easy; you might have to overcome a domestic or security restriction. But Tues. sings with luck. (And Wed.’s a bit of a dud.) This whole first half of the week, a choice might  arise in your duties, work, or health arenas – the gov’t or a large company could be involved. Pick the work at hand rather than get wrapped up in managing, policy, or big plans. (Even tho’ they appeal to you now.) Chase money, buy/sell, catalogue your possessions Thurs./Fri. – all will proceed with smooth success. Saturday brings travel, friends, news, curiosity: a friend might be facing hard times, or relationship difficulties. Be quietly supportive. All week, you’re in charge!


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Continue to rest, lie low, and contemplate the everyday world, the divine, and yourself, esp. Mon. to Wed. How have you gotten here, where are you going? Are there connections and clues you’ve ignored? (There’s a good substitute for self-examination: charity.) Overall, Virgo, you’re at peace – good. Sunday’s happy, social; you experience a lingering desire to change your social life, perhaps, if you’re single, to “seed” it with more adventurous types, or sexier people. You’re forming a big wish now, perhaps unconsciously, involving a sexual partner, or a major financial goal. This wish can come true (this August or in early 2015) if you bravely march into these areas now. Friends might fight, even split up: it’s not your fault, and you can’t fix it: fate is at work here. Your energy returns somewhat Thurs./Fri. – chase goals; you’ll achieve them. Guard your money Sat. Buy NO high tech, soft or hard ware.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A period of wish fulfillment, social delights, light romance, entertainment and popularity continues. You’ll be happy! Your ambitions meet luck Sunday – you could run into someone who holds an opportunity for you – or it could be something you read. If you’re under-employed, scan the ads: at the very least, a new idea comes that can lead to more successful job hunting. Your wishes, social life and romantic urges hit a monetary barrier Mon., but not Tues. – charge forth this day. You might begin a new entertainment or group project. (Wed.’s the same, but nothing substantial occurs.) This week confronts you with a dilemma: do you opt for home, family, security, real estate, or for ambition, career, fame, recognition? Stick with the home side for now, or find your ambition in those home areas (real estate,  etc.). Retreat, rest and contemplate Thurs./Fri. Your energy, charisma climb Sat.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Sunday brings a mellow mood, wisdom, gentle love and dreams of far travel. It’s a good day for any of these – and for applying to school, or fulfilling application requirements. The general accent remains on ambition, prestige relations, career and your public reputation, esp. Mon. to Wed. Work hard, show your skills: you’ll be rewarded, whether in a large or small way. But avoid pushing your agenda Mon. – higher-ups will think you’re too serious and cautious. Try Tues. instead (not Wed.). All week, perhaps climaxing Wed. or Sat., friends might pull away from each other, or you could need to choose between a casual friend and a more serious one. All August, be very careful about lawsuits: you could win, but now is not the time for impulsive action. Your hopes rise Thurs./Fri. – social joys, popularity and light romance wait for you to “join in.” Careful Sat. – retreat, be discreet, diplomatic.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Sunday’s for mysteries, investigation, investments, high finance, intimacy, lifestyle choices and health diagnosis – pick one or two, and pursue, for luck rides with you, particularly in the morning. However, this whole week pits these pursuits against the simple act of earning money – and some of you will choose the last. In love and sex, stick with old faithful for now. The general emphasis remains on far travel, international business/culture/contacts, on higher learning, philosophy or religion, wisdom and gentle love, esp. Mon. (barriers, disappointment) Tues. (good, success, perhaps a new project) and Wed. (empty results). Some Sages will marry now, perhaps someone met in the last 13 months. Be ambitious Thurs./Fri. – you could grab the prize. Your hopes and happiness rise Sat., but don’t throw money away.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The general accent lies on secrets, detective work, high finance (investments, debt) the occult, subconscious urgings, and the desire for intimacy, especially Mon. to Wed. Act Tues. for best results. Investigate any health concern. This week brings a relationship choice to a peak (Sunday thru Wed.): do you join/chase, or withdraw into a vast reservoir of privacy? Not only love is at stake – so is money, but in a way you can’t see yet. My advice: you could hardly pick a better (or at least luckier, more cheerful) partner than the prospect facing you now. (Applies to love and business.) Wisdom, compassion, gentle love and an expanded knowledge flow in Thurs./Fri. – you can succeed in far travel, legal, educational and publishing forays. Be careful Sat. night – ambitious actions might help your career short-term, but they will interfere with your real future.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Sunday’s a perfect time to tackle and complete chores – a neighbour, friend or loved one might even jump in to help. (Try the Tom Sawyer trick.) The general emphasis remains on relationships, especially Mon. to Wed. But only Tues. is a true “go ahead” day in this – domestic or career factors could interfere with a bond Mon. (and it’s a bad day to seek any opportunity) and Wed. is weak because most of the excitement ebbs. So leap toward another – or a far horizon, or toward an opportunity – Tuesday. All week, work is intense and contains a hidden reward – it might earn you a future pay raise, or bring you to a good investment. (E.g., you’re sweating over the lawn, and decide to buy stock in a turf supplier.) Intimacy is sweet. Singles might find a good “physical” match, especially Thurs./Fri. Take care Sat. – opinions, ideals, or your love whispers might meet deaf or unfriendly ears this night.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Plunge into chores, Pisces, get them done. A new work project might begin Tuesday – good. Eat and dress sensibly. Protect your health. Sunday brings passion, creative urges and romantic notions. Those chores accumulate swiftly Mon. to Wed. (Tuesday’s best for reducing the pile.) Relationships face you Thurs./Fri. in a lovely way – you can further love, gain co-operation in business (especially by giving some co-operation) and spy fresh new horizons. Grab opportunities. Careful Sat. – you’re feeling sexy, curious, might want to invest – but someone (or fate) is saying no. Don’t tread in the water unless you can see the bottom. All month, romantic and creative urges heat up – chase the one you want. Whether you capture someone’s heart or not, you’ll be delighted by his/her gracious, affectionate response. Choose between infatuation and “playing the field.”