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Please ignore my recent prediction that gold prices would soften over the half year/year ahead – I was wrong, I think gold stays buoyant to September, then softens.

The Baby Prince (Kate’s and William’s) is effectively the last of his line. (He might have siblings – two, I think, probably sisters – but there will be no more kings after him, from his family line.) He might have growth difficulties but psychic abilities. This baby is a remarkable merging of Kate and William’s personalities. He will make affectionate friendships with foreigners. There will be many secrets in his life – he will be more secretive than any royal we’ve seen. He’s extremely possessive – if he wasn’t born rich, he’d become rich. He’s also extremely emotional, addicted to crescendos….his Grandpa, Charles, will love him very deeply.

Many years ago – I think about a year before Obama was first elected President, I wrote here that Africa would rise in the world, and that blacks in general would also gain more power. My reasoning, I wrote, was that blacks have heavier bones than whites (which happens to be true) – and Capricorns have heavier bones than other signs, so I guessed that blacks, in general, were ruled by Capricorn. (“Africa” is an Aries word, and Aries is the sign of “the home” for Capricorns. – I didn’t mention that at the time.) As Pluto would be in Capricorn from 2008 to 2024, it should bring a transformation and a growth of power to Caps, hence to blacks. This influence, 2008 to 2024, is a rare one, which only occurs every 247 years. Hence, an historic pivot point for blacks, marking 250 years to come, of ascendancy. That column was met with outrage by a number of African Americans. Of the emails I received, all accused me of ignorance, stupidity, or bigotry because I had dared to say they had heavier bones. That their future was brighter than at any time in history, that they would be validated and empowered and gain unheard-of political clout, that their homeland would rise in power among the continents – these predictions meant nothing, because I had dared to say they had heavier bones. Some stated they were members of organizations which would boycott my column forever because I was a white bigot.

Then Obama was elected President.

But something else happened, very recently. Think about this: for decades, centuries, white-controlled courts in the U.S. have railroaded blacks, illegally hiding evidence, tilting the whole court procedure against them, and winning cases against blacks simply by emotional tirades and character assassination, which substituted for evidence. Blacks were – and yes, still are – loaded into jails or onto the gallows by the bucketful. We all know this. It was only one aspect of a long period of cruel, demoralizing and evil oppression, for which America will probably pay, karmically, for some time (I think until the two races merge, which will occur).

(In Canada, where I live, even worse atrocities were practised on the Amerindians – medical experimentation, widespread sexual abuse, intentional starvation of whole Indian nations, etc. Indian children were ripped from their parents arms and placed in sexual prisons (called “residential schools”) where they were repeatedly raped. Canada was second only to Hitler and Mengele on the atrocity scale. The RCMP still murder Indians on quiet back roads. But that’s another story.)

The “something else” I referred to was the George Zimmerman trial. Here an Hispanic (read white man) was accused of murdering a black youth, Trayvon Martin. Suddenly, the entire kangaroo court system practised for so long against blacks was turned 180 degrees. Now the court hid damning evidence against the black (his boasts about fighting and beating people, and his possession of stolen property) but allowed the white man’s compromised past to be paraded before the jury. It forced the white’s lawyers to attend court until 10 pm, and to be there again at 8 am, so they could not prepare a key part of their defence. It allowed the prosecution to withhold evidence from the white man’s lawyers. It excluded the white man’s witnesses from the court until they testified, so they could not tailor their testimony to the evidence already revealed. But it let the prosecution’s witnesses watch the entire proceeding from day one, before they took the stand. Then it allowed one of the prosecution’s witnesses — who had watched the other witnesses — to (very probably) lie, without any threat of perjury. Virtually all the evidence supported the white defendant. The prosecution’s case consisted, almost solely, of one long emotional rant against the white man (just as in past decades, the emotional rant was typically against the black defendant).

Now, things were not entirely reversed – the white defendant was acquitted.But whether he was acquitted or found guilty doesn’t matter: what matters is the reversal of the “stack the deck against the black” to “stack the deck against the white.”  This flex point, this pivot or reversal, though seemingly unnoticed by anyone, was the most important aspect — no, core — of the whole event. (Interestingly, the biased prosecution — against the investigating officers’ advice — and the blatant attempt to hobble the white defence — were conducted by a white d.a. (? not sure here) and a lily-white judge! This actually illustrates another truth: that whites themselves will be a large instrument of blacks’ ascendancy.)

The reaction to his acquittal was interesting.

Some blacks howled with outrage, called for mass protest rallies. They demanded the white man be retried for the same crime in a federal court – a clear violation of the “double jeopardy” rule. The NAACP joined the chorus, and applied pressure in Washington. They wanted the white defendant tried for hate crimes, though there was no evidence to support this.

But – this made my heart lift – there was a surprising number — perhaps a majority — of black commentators who did not join the cry, who opined that Zimmerman was rightly acquitted. We should all just calm down, they said. When I looked at CNN’s coverage of the protest rally in Los Angeles, a city of 10 million or so, I could not find even 100 people in attendance. This told me the general black population was thoughtful, not incited by the blind racial anger of Al Sharpton and his cronies.

The astrological point is this: African Americans had gone from being enslaved, then oppressed, then unfairly judged in kangaroo-court rooms, to this: a kangaroo court which was slanted against the white defendant, and for the black accuser. And when the blacks (or a portion of blacks) did not get the conviction they wanted – they protested! Actually, worse, they demanded that the white man be a scapegoat. The black experience in America had gone from being the scapegoat, to scape-goating the white man. Wow. What a step.

Blacks are on the rise world-wide. My only hope is that they do not simply swing the pendulum the other way, but – as I suspect a vast majority of blacks are doing – that they seek an equilibrium, a thoughtful approach. Otherwise, blacks would be as besmirched as the whites were, with prejudice and bigotry. Let’s end it here, let’s watch the blacks ascend to more power with grace and nobility – as Obama has done. Let them be free and innocent of revenge, and therefore loved by God and Karma.

START NOTHING: Before 9:43 pm. Sun., 8:58 am. Tues. to 8:42 am. Wed., and 9:48 am. Thurs. to 9:30 pm. Fri.

ARIES   March 21-April 19

Ah, sweet romance! The weeks ahead bring a possible infatuation (especially next week, August 5 onward, so be patient if you’re single and looking). (There’s something odd about the late summer, autumn and winter ahead – even tho’ the main accent will be on home and career, security and ambition, a significant love  affair seems probable, one that will lead to months of thinking about marriage – or about a practical/business partnership if you’re married. But whatever happens, don’t rush into anyone’s arms – you’ll enter a superb romantic period from mid-2014 to summer ’15, a more “pure love” period than the complicated one lying ahead.) August also brings luck to speculation, creative and arts projects, teaching/raising kids, sports and games. Chase money (reasonably) Sun. night to Tues. A chatty person, and communications/travel generally, disappoint  Wed., please Thurs. Home, Sat. – be diplomatic!


TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Rest, lie low, contemplate and plan Sun. Your energy returns this night thru Tues. – Monday could be very successful, from noon right into the next dawn (Wed.) – you could take a step forward in love, might even feel “destiny” raising the hairs on the back of your neck. Chase money Wed. (carefully, beware deception, people who have hidden agendas) to Fri. Routine earning, shopping best. Casual friends, siblings, errands, visits, trips, communications fill Sat. – the evening grows jumpy, unpredictable. For the weeks ahead, when uncertain what to do, incline toward rest, quietude, family, foundations. These have a growth element, while ambition can prove fruitless.  You’ll be busy, perhaps due to gov’t or an institution’s demands.


GEMINI   May 21-June 20

The weeks ahead highlight your natural abilities, Gemini – you continue running around, visiting, writing, reporting, communicating, and handling many small chores. Variety is the spice of your life, and there’s plenty now. Be curious, make contacts, ask questions. Sunday’s happy, social, but not important. Retreat this night thru Tues. – relax, rest, contemplate, plan, see the matrix of life and discover your own journey thru it. A real estate, home, or kid-related opportunity could occur Mon. p.m. – “invest” in it! Your energy and charisma return Wed. to Fri., but tread lightly Wed. – you might unintentionally insult/reject a friend. Drive carefully. Stick to routine tasks, projects thru Fri. You’ll be happy! Shopping, sensual attraction Sat. – notice how friends and home don’t mix? If you want friends (and you should, super ones await) now to 2018, you have to get out.


CANCER   June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead emphasize money, earnings, buying/selling, sensual attractions, and memory (rote learning, nostalgia, etc.). A new project might begin in these next week. You’ll be ambitious, determined and magnetic all August – sexually magnetic. Be gentle with the opposite sex. (Same sex if you’re gay.) Sunday emphasizes your status, prestige, but nothing important happens. Happiness, social delights, optimism arrive this night thru Tues. A friendship or love wish could come true. (If you’re single, love isn’t easy these years – but you could meet your true love amidst struggle.) Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Wed. to Fri. – handle gov’t-related or management duties. Step carefully Wed., especially with higher-ups and authorities. Your energy and charisma surge upward late Fri. night, Saturday: luck mingles with opposition: wear kid gloves.


LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Your energy, charisma, charm, determination, effectiveness and clout reach a yearly high over the weeks ahead. (Peak: August 5 to 7.) Start new projects, tackle chores that previously intimidated you, seek favours, see and be seen – impress people! Be cautious in one area: far travel, legal affairs, publishing and cultural rituals: here the trends can flow against you before August 27. But love, friends, fame, opportunity, public dealings, contract negotiations, partnerships, work, home, family, investments, finances, sex, earnings, communications – these and other areas are yours to succeed in! Sunday’s mellow, compassionate, wise. Your ambitions awaken Sun. night thru Tues. – you can make great strides Mon., but be self-aware, examine your motives closely. (If you sniff selfishness, back away.) Wishes come true Wed. to Fri. – you’ll be popular, optimistic, happy! Careful Sat. – retreat, find “quiet joys.”


VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead feature rest and recuperation. Quietly recede from the hustling crowd, avoid competitions. Instead, contemplate and form plans for September; meditate and reconnect with your spirit. Be charitable. Fulfill all management, gov’t-related and institutional duties. A sexy friend is here, or on the horizon. Judge this clearly: don’t let your hopes cloud reason, but don’t reject “happy intimacy” for small-minded reasons, either. A very sweet, perhaps short, affair could bless you, regenerate your heart. A financial or investment wish could come true. Sunday holds clues, but is a poor day to act. Wisdom, a mellow, compassionate mood flows over you Mon./Tues. – love could occur! Be ambitious Wed. to Fri., but take care Wed. – DO NOT invest this day. Sat. Brings popularity, social joys, but they’re best before 3 p.m. (PDT): later, resentful or erratic people enter.


LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A month of popularity, hope, social delights, wish fulfillment, entertainment and light romance started last week. A  fairly major wish could come true next week. But money factors limit your wishes and (romantic) hopes – making money and happiness seem to be two very different roads, until late 2015. Exciting meetings or new horizons appear Sunday, but with little result. You’ve probably been disappointed this year with your investments (and your sex life: promise keeps turning to elusive mist) – but Mon. gives you a chance to at least make another, more successful bid for monetary or intimate goals. (Still, remember, the general trend calls for caution.) A wise, gentle, loving mood steals over you Wed. to Fri. Careful Wed. – bosses are temperamental all August, and they might show it this day. Before shouldering a task, make sure you study it, sift out the illusions and “soft sides” of it. You’re ambitious Sat., and could earn praise, respect, even a promotion – but others might resent it, oppose you.


SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It’s crunch time, Scorpio. All August, higher-ups are watching, judging your skills, energy and commitment. If they like what they see, you could be promoted as early as mid-2014 to mid-2015. (In a big way – a smaller promotion, or increased duties without a “new job label” could occur this August, 2013.) Be forward, eager, show your stuff! For the whole 2 years ahead, choose your words for maximum effect, especially when talking to bosses, VIPs, etc. – even prepare a little speech, or take speaking courses. (Ask a Capricorn friend about this – he/she will steer you right.) Tackle routine chores Sunday. Relationships, opportunity and opposition, arise Mon./Tues. – you could open a splendid social door, or travel to a “dream come true.” Investigate, Wed. to Fri. – something’s wrong, maybe hidden Wed. A gentle, wise mood floats in Sat. – you’ll need it this p.m.


SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Bosses and parents favour you for the next two weeks. In a romantic relationship, it’s time (all August) to commit or split. (If you’re married, reject outside temptation.) All month, too, guard your health – if sharp pains or a burning sensation occur, see your MD. The broad trend is gentle, intellectual, loving. The weeks ahead favour international travel, import/export, legal matters, higher education, publishing, love, and cultural rituals (e.g., weddings, bat mitzvahs, religious observances). You’ll expand your understanding, especially of humanity and society. Sunday’s pleasurable, romantic, but has little consequence. Tackle chores and health concerns Mon./Tues. – new, bold advances Mon., “routine only” Tues. Relationships Wed. to Fri. – you might meet someone exciting – perhaps too exciting, Wed. Be diplomatic, careful, safety-conscious. Lucky finances, sex, research early Sat., all difficult late.


CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Hi, Cap. The weeks ahead – next week’s the peak – emphasize detective work, research, finances, investments, debt, intimacy and sexual urges, lifestyle choices, commitment and consequence. Your subconscious will rise to the surface, so your intuition will be high, sensitive. Dreams reveal answers. If health problems surface, see a doctor: diagnosis is needed. A relationship intensifies – you might either bond deeply (sex, share living quarters, accept kids) or split, whether temporarily or permanently. This “surfaces” Saturday. (A split frees you for a major new bond.) If married, turn your energy into home repairs, garden, etc. – not onto your spouse or business partner! Legal, travel, educational and publishing matters proceed affectionately and luckily to mid-August. Home sweet home Sunday. Romantic notions Mon. (love could be destined!) and Tues. Routine chores Wed. to Fri. Practice safety Wed.


AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Relationships fill the few weeks ahead, Aquarius. The sensual, intimate side of these blossoms with mild sweet luck until mid-August, so don’t spend time dithering. Your workload intensifies all August, so plunge in, but alternate with periods of deep rest, and practice safety w/tools, driving, chemicals. Rashes, burns possible. Minor stuff, but take care, esp. this Wed. To succeed generally, be eager to join, co-operative, outgoing. Fresh horizons appear – so might love, publicity/fame, potential business partnerships. In all these, a disapproving boss, agency or parent can cause barriers. Sunday’s restless: read, travel, gab. Take care of home and security issues Mon./Tues. – potential splendid luck Mon., in finances, investments, sex, detective work: gov’t might be an ally. Romance, beauty, pleasure, sports, games, creative surge, charming kids Wed. to Fri. However, be careful Wed. Co-worker flirting could lead to regret. Practice safety Sat. p.m. – earlier, maybe good work news.


PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Work, work, work – the weeks ahead hold some drudgery and some health concerns, probably minor ones.  Dress and eat sensibly. Take care of your dependents’ needs – get a jump on back-to-school if you’re a parent, protect pets’ health. Despite all the work, a streak of affection, even of sensual attraction, runs through the first two weeks. In addition, your romantic courage remains strong all August; passion intensifies. (So does your creative and pleasure-oriented passion.) The months ahead – 11 of them – bring either career luck, or romantic/creative luck. You might have to make your choice between these, soon. Buy only necessities Sunday. Mon./Tues bring communications, short trips, casual friends – but, esp. Mon., these could lead to, or open the door to, the fulfillment of a relationship wish. A future lover, even mate, could be met. Careful Wed. – a money (or romantic or child-related) problem or disagreement could affect your home. Practice safety near electricity. Same, somewhat, Saturday p.m. “Star-crossed love” possible.