WEEKLY FORECAST – JULY 21 – 27, 2013

ALL SIGNS: Note the very long “Start Nothing” times this week. (They’re just before the weekly messages.).

Mercury turned direct July 20, so recent delays and a mistake-prone atmosphere have just ended. We can all charge forward with new projects and relationships now. (I know some readers worry that another astrology columnist says we should wait until Mercury actually returns to the spot where it went retrograde before we start anything new. There is something to this, in that often the first week after the retro ends, we remain a little confused or lacking clear motivation — but if we waited until Mercury returned to its original position (before it went retro) we would have very little time to advance in anything! For example, the recent retro consumed 3 1/2 weeks, but the slow-down ate up about 5 weeks. If we waited until Mercury returned to its pre-retro degree (in Cancer this time) we’d extend the “start nothing period” to August 4, for a total of over 7 weeks,  to be followed by only about 10 weeks of “forward motion” before the next slow-down begins. That’s too much “twiddle our thumbs” time for me. I don’t think Nature operates this way, making an entire 40 % of our year useless or wasted. In my experience, projects started shortly after the retro ends, have succeeded.

I have received many emails asking for the Luck Forecasts for Aries, Taurus and Gemini. These were on the old web site, and might be in the applicable Archived columns. But to make it simple, here are the three forecasts for those signs, pasted from the old text. (They’re a bit shorter — sorry.)



          ARIES, the past 12 months have favoured and boosted your casual communications, short travel, and acquaintances. (Now to 2018 is one of the best phases of your life to accumulate friends. And don’t ignore people you’ve met since March 2011 – one or two of those will “stick” with you for many years/decades.) But to a large degree, the past year (June 2012-June 2013) has kept you very busy, while not yielding super-fruitful results.  The June 25 2013 to July 16 2014 period is different on both fronts: 1) everything is slower, haste ebbs; and 2) the fruit, or result, can be tremendous. This is the best year since 01/02 for real estate dealings. (In this  recommendation I am ignoring the real estate market – whether it is good or bad – probably good in the U.S., bad in Canada – you will tend to pick the winners, to get the best deal, to purchase a place thast expands your life and your understanding. This is the year, if you have one going, to drop a stubborn or fruitless lawsuit and steer your money (and efforts) into finding, buying and/or building a home for yourself. If you’re already well set up, think about revenue properties.

          This year ahead will also bless your soul and your children. It’s a great time to retire or plan a new retirement (financial) program, to renovate the kitchen, to revise your food intake, to meditate, do yoga, and to end stale relationships and situations, and begin new ones.

           TAURUS, the year ahead (June 25 2013 to Juuly 16 2014) won’t eliminate problems (and Lord knows you have a few) – but it will certainly distract you from them, and lift your heart from the rather heavy place it’s been in for the last half-year or more. You face puzzles, yet you might have completely forgotten that many puzzles dissolve in the face of knowledge, and knowledge is there for the taking, in libraries, newspapers and on the internet. The 54 weeks ahead (beginning June 25, 2013) bring a huge boost to your “information access.” You’ll probably read more,

And certainly will find yourself in many conversations, with relatives, friends, and strangers. Coffee shops might become your second home! The great thing about all this talk and reading, is that they contain deep things, secrets, the answers to mysteries, etc. – especially about 3 main subjects: health, finances and sex. Someone’s casual comment can become your key to a treasure of understanding – even to profit and good investments. Expect an increase in travel, phone calls, emails, visits, paperwork, errands and details. Pay special attention to paperwork involving taxes and pensions.

           GEMINI, your luck, from mid-2013 to mid-2014, lies in the area of money, earnings, purchases, sensual relationships, memory, rote learning, and surface indications. Your luck will come from accepting appearances, not from digging deep. (The latter can cause delays that cause a good prospect or potential project to wither, even disappear.) Nostalgia, antiques, kitchens, restaurants, children, gardens, mother nature – these are lucky for you during this period. Sensual, casual sex flows sweetly – and more successfully than “deep” or “binding” sex.

          Your money luck will soar – you might experience a financial event so beneficial it can boost your life for at least a decade, perhaps much longer. This event could be as simple as selling or purchasing your house or another large item, or landing a steady, lucrative job (at last) or taking a pension. Do everything you can to increase your income in an enduring way, rather than accept a one-shot reward. (A promotion or raise in pay is better than temporary overtime.) This is a superb time to start a “cash flow” business. Buying items to further your career is also beneficial.  So is spending to please a sweet person.


8:53 am Sun. to 11:07 am Mon., 7:01 am Tues. to 11:22 am Wed., 11:43 am Thurs. to 2:29 pm Fri, and after 7:19 pm Sat.


ARIES   March 21-Apr. 19

Recent delays end — you can charge forward with new projects and relationships. Sunday ends a month of privacy, home, family and security concerns. (Though these down-home arenas remain alive all year — in a friction-prone way now to late August, but in a lucky, perhaps very lucky way, to mid-2014. Read youur “Luck Forecast” above.) Monday begins a month of romance, risk-taking (gambling, speculative ventures) self-expression, creativity, teaching children, and the whole vast beauty and pleasure of life. You’ll ride a winning streak! (Only 10 or 20 per cent of Aries, tho, will find a life mate — those start appearing August 2014 onward.) Be ambitious Sun. and Mon. morn. This afternoon to noon Wed. brings social delights, popularity, wishh fulfillment. Retreat, contemplate and plan Wed. to Fri. noon. Your energy, charisma soar Fri. eve, Sat. — many problems, conflicts (career, home) but you could fall in love — problematically!

TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Recent delays end, so you can charge forward with new projects and relationships. A swift flow of money has also ended, but so has the baying of  the hounds of debt. Now to late August, travel and communications intensify, but also weary you. (These areas are lucky to mid-2014 — read your “Luck Forecast” above — but they involve burdens and obligations until late August.) Keep your own pace, don’t be rushed. Monday begins a month of down-home activities. The focus will be on family, real estate, security, retirement, gardening, agri, foundations, business territory, nutrition, stomach and soul. Your mood is gentle, wise Sun. thru Mon. morn. Be ambitious Mon. p.m. to Wed. noon. Social joys slated Wed. p.m. to Fri. noon. Retreat, rest and plan Fri. eve, Sat. — caution Sat.

GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Weeks of  delays and mistakes havve ended, so push forward now with new ventures and relationships, especially in home, family, retirement, security, travel, communications, paperwork and similar zones. Now to late August, more money than usual will flow to you: bank it, save it, for you’ll have an almost unconscious urge to spend — and could end up wiith less than you started with. On the plus side, this  period could also spark/reveal a new income source that can grow all year — and place you on a new money plateau for a decade. The weeks ahead bring short trips, visits,  casual friends, communications, paperwork, news, variety and curiosity — DO indulge that last one! Gentle love, Mon./Tues. (but a new love that forms these days is doomed). Be ambitious Wed. p.m. to Fri. noon. You find happiness, but the world despairs, Sat. — be cautious in health, sex and money.

CANCER   June 21-July 22

The month ahead accents money, earnings, buying/selling, possessions, memory, rote learning, and sensual attractions. Recent delays have ended, so charge forward to earn more, seek new clients, prepare a pay raise plan, etc. Relationships, opportunities and opposition arise Sun./Mon., but these are mostly “paper tigers” — lots of flutteriing in the wind, but little substance. Do NOT invest nor seek a loan Mon. These might succeed before 7 a.m. (PDT) Tues. A mellow mood, gentle love and intellectual acuity visit you Wed. noon to Friday afternoon. You’re ambitious Fri./Sat., but be careful Sat. Your assertive, determined side has risen lately (and will stay high until late August). This makes you sexually magnetic, but can also nudge you to, this Saturday, challenge a person (or organization) of immense strength — make no enemies!

LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Recent delays have ended. Monday morniing, you begin four weeks of increased energy, charisma, clout, timing and effectiveness. You’re in charge and in the spotlight! Start important projects, ask favours, call in markers. Others will look to you for leadership. However, now to Aug. 27, avoid lawsuits, international dealings/travel, contracts, biker clubs and dark alleys. Realize hidden enemies might lurk. Oddly, if you’re an athlete, you’ll excel. Your earnings picture improves: you might buy a sleek/beautiful but useful item — e.g., a rag-top car. You’ll attract admiration, and have a more potent effect on the oppposite sex, but this is not a good time (2013) to find a life mate. (Unless you have a water or earth moon/rising sign.) Tackle routine chores Sunday, early Mon. Relationships, intriguing meetings Mon. noon to Wed. noon. Intimacy, sex, high finance, lifestyle changes, mystery, commitment and consequence are slated Wed. noon to Fri. afternoon. Love, understanding Fri. eve, but irksome problems Sat. — caution, start nothing.

VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Recent delays and snafus have ended, Virgo. But this isn’t a time to charge out of the gates. If life were a race, you’d be meandering in a quiet, thoughtful way. That’s good. This is a recuperation phase, until late August.  Protect your health; eat, dress sensibly. Retreat, enjoy solitude, rest, contemplate and plan. Handle gov’t-related, admin and institutional or charitable obligations. Meditate, reconnect with your spiritual side. Despite your weariness, others find you subtly attractive, and the phone will ring, etc. You might, in the next five weeks, meet a very sexy person in a group, and/or someone sexy raises your hopes. It’s good, as long as it’s not verboten (e.g., extra-marital affair). Romantic notion Sun./Mon. Tackle chores Mon. noon to Wed. noon. Relationships lure Wed. noon to midday Fri. — all’s good! Sexual urges, investments/debt, lifestyle choices and critical health matters Fri. eve, Sat. — careful, all these are poorly-starred. Friends might fight.

LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Odd thing, Libra. The last four weeks were your time to make a leap for the career/ambition prize: yet Mercury’s retrograde said not to start anything. That reflects the major reality of your life this decade: that the opposite of career — home, land, family, security, perhaps retirement — are of such overwhelming importance that they call for your major attention/effort. Yet, paradoxically, this is the best, luckiest year (mid-2013 ro mid-2014) for your career, status and ambitions — in over a decade. What to do? You could abandon one of these polar opposites: choose career over home, or security over ambition. But big success can come to Librans who combine these: e.g., a career in real estate, or owning, operating a prestige restaurant, etc. Think about this during the four weeks ahead, when your hopes are high, and your “feel” for your own future is superb — make plans! (Think about it deeply Sat., when the dilemma shows.) Recent delays have ended. Your popularity grows. A light love affair awaits (but not this week). Careful Saturday: repressed anger could flare into something you’ll wish didn’t happen — diplomacy! (The whole month ahead needs diplomacy, as bosses, parents and authorities are impatient, temperamental.)

SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Rcent delays and mistakes have ended, Scorpio — charge ahead into the future. The weeks ahead emphasize (and support) your career, ambitions, prestige relations and community reputation. (Though the present week is not good for these — be cautious, especially Mon. and Sat.) Strictly avoid lawsuits now to Aug. 27. (If you’re a lawyer or “professional testifier,” this is a significant, beneficial period.) Your social life picks up in a gentle, sweet way. You could meet a viable mate before Aug. 15. Sun./Mon. bring errands, casual acquaintances, trips, communications. Attend to home, family, security matters Mon. noon to  forenoon Wed. Romance succeeds Wed. noon to Thurs. noon — make an approach! Kids please, show talents. Tackle work Fri. p.m. (successful) and Sat. (careful, follow safety rules, avoid confrontations).

SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Recent delays have ended, so step  forward confidently with new situations, projects and relationships. The month ahead brings your favorite things: far travel, international issues, higher learning, profound ideas, legalites…and love. Speaking of love, now to Aug. 27 your romantic planet travels through your sexual sector. This  can cause several things: a verboten or extra-marital attraction, a romance that becomes intimate very quickly, or the end of a romance (and perhaps the birth of another). Practice safe sex. Now to Aug. 27, you’ll be fascinated by research and/or crime stories, you’ll hanker to invest in speculative situations, and you’ll tackle lifestyle changes in a creative way. Be cautious in all these areas Saturday — protect your money and assets. Great domestic or realty progress Wed./Thurs.

CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Many changes loom. From 2008 to 2024, Cap, you are slated to undergo deep personal and social transformations. (The peak year of this influence depends on yoour birthdate. To roughly find your “peak year,” take the number of days between Dec. 22 and your own birth day, and divide by 2. Then add this number to 2008. E.g., if you were born Jan. 1 = 10 days after Dec. 22. Divide by 2 = 5. Add 5 years to 2008 = 2013. Your peak year of change would be this year, or roughly 2012-2014. If you wserre born after Jan. 1, your peak year is  still to come.) These changes are extremely beneficial, yet they might cause temporary withdrawal, a loss of humor, or “real loss” such as loss of a relative or  friend, a financial upheaval, etc. But out of these will grow a new world and a  new you that is  stronger, brighter, fresh and renewed. The weeks ahead (as every late July into August) will emphasize these changes, most likely through sexual, financial, lifestyle or health changes. To succeed, reject temptation and welcome new friends, create new goals. This year miight bring new love, real, cheerful, love — or a splendidly lucky relocation, contract, partnership, even fame. But somethingf ends, also, in the few weeks ahead. Sunday hints at the new. Late week, Saturday shows what must  be “let go.” You’ll do well, Cap.

AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Recent delays and mistake-proneness have ended, Aquarius, so plunge into new projects/relationships with confidence. (Though I would be careful this week, which rides over some pretty bumpy ground.) Lie low Sun. thru Mon. morning. Rest, contemplate. Your energy and charisma blossom nicely Mon. noon to Wed. noon. Tackle a “hard work” situation with a reliable, steady effort — not only now, but until Sept. 2015. (Until then, important people, bosses, parents, authorities, are watching — so is the gov’t. You can succeed, even be promoted! Mark O’Mara, who won the Zimmerman trial, is an Aquarian.) The weeks ahead feature relationships, relocation, marriage, opportunities, public appearances — and possible opposition. Be diplomatic, eager to join. Your health needs care: rashes, burns, cuts, possible “leg trouble.” Good money luck Wed. p.m., Thurs. a.m. Careful with speech, driving, tools Sat.

PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The weeks ahead emphasize hands-on work, health, machinery, service people, and duties toward your dependents. The immediate week ahead is a bumpy one, but you’ll succeed in personal matters, friendships, communications, career and money — almost all of this from Wed. noon to Fri. night. Communications and casual relationships prove affectionate and gracious (and carry  a hint of something secret but beneficial) the Mon. to mid-August. Romantic relationships intensify through Aug. 27 — ditto creative, speculative, teaching and pleasure involvements. You’ll find creative  ways to makke money, and/or you’ll spend on luxuries (and on love). You’re upbeat, oprtimistic and popular Sun./Mondday morning. Retreat, rest and connect with the spiritual Mon. noon to Wed. noon. Your energy and charisma rise nicely midweek. Chase money, buy/sell Fri. mid-afternoon, eve, but take care Sat. — not only is money “difficult,” but love, friends, legalities, could hit barriers, anger.