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There will be no more world wars like WWI and II. (This is a rehash of a 1980’s column.) We entered a golden age of peace in November 1983 – to last for the next 3,000 years or so. That’s pure astrology, which never has “reasons” behind it.

But I suspect the largest cause is simply the maturation of mankind: even in the mere 60-plus years since WW II, we have advanced hugely: welfare and social safety nets, state-sponsored medical for all, political consciousness (e.g., perestroika and the fall of the Berlin Wall) relaxation of racial tensions, advances in medicine, psychology and technological advance. (Now, for example, “Google translation” is turning most languages from barriers to bridges – this blog, for instance, is now read in almost every nation. This communication erodes the barriers: Egyptians can read London newspapers, and a Parisian can read a Sao Paulo website). These have been huge steps.

A more minor element contributing to peace might be the decline of racial divides (occurring through such things as “Google translates,” but also from an increase in understanding, migrations, and ongoing sexual homogenization of the races). With the racial element gone, it will be more difficult to incite whole populations to hate  their neighbour, and go to war against them. (Though not impossible – most wars occur within one race.) But when you eliminate racism, you tend to erode the bigotry of patriotism. (Eventually we’ll feel as much in common with a French, Italian and Chinese person as with our neighbour down the street. This phenomenon already occurs in cities: work associates are more important than neighbours.)

A subset factor (back to astrology) is that nations are going to weaken, to be replaced in a de facto way by city states and other, looser aggregations. One of the greatest causes of the new, “non-war” state of the world is with us: Al-Qaida and the Taliban. These have started conflicts which 1) promote a battlefield “policing” stance; and 2) have created police states in the West (NSA, Patriot Act, etc.). As implied below, the police state is the new “substitution” for open war.

Technology and the free (and enthusiastic) exchange of information will also reduce the ability of scheming hierarchies to start wars. In recent history, since WWII, we’ve seen that many wars are started by politicians deceiving their citizens. (Iraq, and joined-at-the hip Afghanistan; Viet Nam was continued in deception.) In earlier days (e.g., WW II) the hierarchy undertook huge propaganda campaigns to demonize the enemy. The I-Phone will undercut both methods of war-mongering. (My mother used to claim that if women ran the world, wars would cease. But in old literature, women were often blamed for starting wars — whether they were wrongly blamed or not — Njall’s Saga from ancient Iceland, Morgana in mythical England, Lady Macbeth, Brunhilde in the German Niebelungen  saga — thanks to Viviane McConkey for that last one…)

The Pluto era chart for the 1730’s to 1983 was one of friction and conflict. The 1983-2232 Pluto era chart is one of “flatness,” of peace and of an unusual concentration of power. (This will lead to police states  and powerful “hidden” hierarchies rather than large wars.) The 2232 era chart is also the beginning of a mega-era, to last over 3,000 years. This chart is surprising and uplifting. It hints at a huge spiritual awakening, and of a religion of spheres rather than of crosses. (Crosses fight, as Christianity has shown; spheres have no pointy edges: they assimilate or exclude, but don’t fight.) (For more on the new “spherical religion” see my Bible article, I think at the end, last few pages.)



Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

A beautiful, romantic, pleasure-oriented phase continues. Love could become meaningful Sunday (careful) and Wed. eve to Fri. morning (when love could be “sanctioned” – could inspire wedding plans). You’re mostly happy (many of you are still bummed about your career) and you’re still riding a winning streak – so start things, chase attractive singles, create or invent – take a risk! You will write, call or travel for love, or for pleasure, now to the 23rd. (About your career, 2009-2024: if you change, you succeed; if you hang on, you eventually fail. Accept the challenge of the new!) Your home is still vulnerable to strife, so step gently, especially with kids. Sunday’s for relationships, but they’re mostly irksome, so smile diplomatically. Fascinating depths rise up Mon. p.m. to Wed. afternoon: invest, change lifestyles, seek intimacy – all’s well, with good results! Wisdom, far travel, higher learning and gentle love bless you Wed. night to Fri. Be ambitious Fri. night, Sat.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

The accent continues on your career and reputation, on prestige relations, and your community status. In 2012, fifteen years of wishful thinking and “rose coloured glasses” combined with worry, ended. You can now see your forward path clearly: sit up,  see it, and march forward! (If you started a new career project in the last 18 days, stick with it.) Success might involve accepting another person’s point of view. Tackle chores Sunday with “tool safety” (routine chores Mon. morn). Relationships bless you Mon. pm to Wed. eve.  Be outgoing, meet another more than halfway. Sex, investments, debt, research, commitments and consequences arise Wed. night to Fri, eve – mostly fortunately! (Avoid commitment Wed. p.m.) Wisdom, travel, learning, cultural venues, and gentle love visit you Fri. night, Sat. This isn’t the best time to launch these (e.g., to start  a foreign film festival or travel to Kyrgistan) but it’s a good time to plan, contemplate.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Still talking, writing and travelling, Gemini – or you should be! Life’s fun, you’re energetic, and casual acquaintances are everywhere. Make friends. Money continues to flow swiftly to you – bank it, wait until late month or Sept. to spend. Romance, creativity and pleasure visit Sunday, but the road to love isn’t easy. Give it a rest, this day. Tackle chores Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve – most things run well here. It’s a good time to buy equipment, tools. Relationships confront you Wed. night to Fri. eve. – lots of good here, you could even discover a new partnership prospect or a future spouse. Another person can lead you to an opportunity.  If relocating, do it after 2 am (PDT) Thurs. Life’s depths swell to the surface Fri. night, Sat. Be a detective, take no one’s words, nor appearances, as the truth – finances, lifestyle, health and/or intimacy could be at stake.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Continue to chase money, to buy/sell, catalogue possessions, and seek higher earnings or more clients. Your health and energy are strong (relatively) and you remain determined to achieve something, probably something ambitious – a career project. Be gentle, treat kids, spouse kindly. You might feel the recent buoyancy that will lift your steps now to next July; you’re an a lucky streak, but it combines with work, or might be disguised as luck in your work. Be home, with kids Sun./Mon. Careful with tools, fire. Romance, creative urges, and pleasure visit you Mon. p.m. to Wed. eve – lovers are happy, children charming, beauty’s everywhere. Soak it up, as Wed. night to Fri. eve bring a pile of chores – you’ll handle them all with quick success, except in the area of plumbing or boats. Relationships arise Fri. night, Sat. All’s okay, but sidestep arguments.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Your energy, charisma, effectiveness and clout remain high, Leo. (Not so high as some years, as you have to watch – or bow to – institutions, gov’t, or “head office” – or some health problem, perhaps a stomach ache, keeps a small rope around you. Still, high!) Your ability to express yourself is very strong this week and next, so it’s time to state your case, to a boss, lover, judge, etc. Sunday/Mon. are for travel, errands, casual acquaintances, communications: be careful in all these, as “sharp elbows” are out. Head for home Mon. eve to Wed. eve. You can make great progress in this sector: repair a wall, ‘scape a garden, heal family hurts, etc. (Or take a mini-camping trip.) Romance, beauty, creativity, sports and speculative success await you Wed. night to Fri. eve. Thursday’s best. Tackle chores Fri. night, Sat.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Continue to rest, lie low and avoid competitive situations. This is a good time to contemplate, plan, reconnect with the spiritual, be charitable, and to form links with gov’t agencies, institutions and large corporations. You’ll write/talk easily to these large bodies for  the next two weeks. You’ll discover secrets, same two weeks. Your social life still percolates, others still find you attractive, but you seek solitude. You’ve just begun a perfect year for making a wish come true in the food/shelter area: buying a new home, having a baby, etc. You might see clues about this Wed. night to Fri. eve. Some of you will cross an international border to find your new home; some, an ocean. Sunday/Mon. are for money, shopping, earning: DON’T invest. Short trips, communications and casual friends fill Mon. eve to Wed. eve – all’s fine, so plunge in. Romantic notions Fri. night, Sat. – go slow.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your popularity continues. Optimism, wish fulfilment, entertainment, light romance or flirtations, group involvements and plans for the future fill your days. Now an additional hopeful note enters, perhaps because a Gemini or Virgo has befriended you, or because you find it easy to communicate your optimism, and others are interested. A partnership or marriage has recently played an important role in your career, and will all August – or, career and other ambitions are “fighting” your links. (A boss or parent is impatient, so step lightly.) Your energy and charisma are high Sun./Mon., but relationships are strained. Chase money Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve – buy/sell, seek a raise or new clients; success awaits. A sensual love affair might begin. Home, kids, security, nutrition Fri. night, Sat. (Careful with love, Sat.)


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Be ambitious; chase the brass ring. But don’t be ambitious in legal zones unless you’re a lawyer (until Aug. 27). Your ability to gain the ear of higher-ups increases this week and next: they like what you say and how you say (or write) it. It’s your last week of relative smoothness/joy with a business associate, mate or prospective spouse, so take advantage, especially Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve, when your charisma and energy attract others. These are a superb few days to start an important project, tackle formerly intimidating chores, call in favours, or simply impress others. Earlier, be restful, enjoy solitude Sun., Mon. am. (Togetherness = friction.) Chase money Wed. night to Fri. eve – a nice little run of luck accompanies you in shopping, earning, attracting new clientele, etc. A sensual affair possible. Friends, acquaintances, coffee and chatting, Sat.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A gentle month continues. Dream, contemplate, seek wisdom, read, travel, attend courses and lectures, join cultural venues. Every day, you’re learning a little more, understanding a little more deeply how society, love and politics work. Bosses and parents continue to favour you, for one more week. Take advantage before Fri. Sexual and investment urges are strong – both are  a bit impulsive now, but superbly lucky through next June. (Now’s not a bad time to start on the financial side.) Sun./Mon. bring hope, friends, happy plans – but irksome events interfere. Ah, well. Retreat, rest, think and plan Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve – success accompanies you in dealing with gov’ts, institutions and “head office.” Your energy and charisma soar Wed. night to Fri. eve – start significant projects, especially in far travel, education, publishing, law, love or cultural zones. Chase money, shop Fri. night, Sat. – no electronics, no high tech.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Eleven days left of a “mystery streak,” Cap. Use this time to dig deep thru research or detective work. Reject surface appearances. Your subconscious floats to the surface, bringing intuition and ideas/nudges that align closely with your destiny. It also brings heightened sexual urges and  financial courage and inspiration – act on these (but stay legal!). Lifestyle changes and health concerns (seek diagnosis) are also slated. Make commitments, embrace consequences. Be ambitious (or at least well-behaved) Sun. to Mon. early afternoon – a spouse or partner might oppose your efforts; sidestep this diplomatically. Optimism, plans, entertainment, happiness, light love, flirtations – these brighten your life Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve – your luck’s good! Retreat, contemplate, plan, deal with gov’t and “head office” Weed. Night to Fri. eve. Your energy and charisma rise quickly Fri. night, Sat!


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’re so lucky, Aquarius, at least in relationships. Your “natural mate” is Leo, and Leo is the simplest sign to please: just keep the praise flowing, and Leo will follow you anywhere. You’re presently in the middle of a relationship month (to Aug. 22) – so turn up the praise, seek others, discern their desires/needs and make an effort to fulfil them. Others will be your vehicle of opportunity, advancement, not only for 11 more days, but generally to late Sept. (All these things, praise, opportunity, etc., will prove extremely lucky from summer 2014-mid-2015, but a little practice now can’t hurt.) Perceive opposition when it arises, and deal with it. Sun./Mon. are for wool-gathering, ideas, far travel, culture (success elusive). But switch gears Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve, take a more ambitious approach. Bosses, parents are watching, and you’re impressing! Hopes, popularity, happiness – love? – Wed. eve to Fri. eve. Retreat, rest Fri. night, Sat.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Dive into chores, Pisces. You’re in a great year for two things: 1) advancing in career, esp. if you use your creative or “people sensing” talents, and 2) romance, creativity, speculation, teaching, pleasure and beauty. These could combine: a romance could lead to the “status” of marriage, or marriage “upward.” So chew on those chores diligently in the next 11 days, in order to free yourself more completely for the true love and luck that will start late month. (Not that you lack romantic courage, nor a sweet prospect, now – but it gets better later.) Sun. and Mon. a.m. bring a secretive mood, sexual desires and financial developments: careful, don’t commit here. Far travel, culture, higher learning, understanding and gentle love slated Mon. p.m. to Wed. eve – you could discuss marriage. Be ambitious Wed. night to Fri. eve – luck walks with you! Suggest a more significant role for yourself. Happiness, hopes Fri. night, Sat. – within reason….


The End