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Soon we might see either a sitcom or a soap opera about a bunch of people who act in reality shows – kind of like “Will and Grace do reality shows.” A reality show within a fantasy show. (My sister grew angry with me two years ago when I said “The Amazing Race” was scripted. I landed in the same sort of trouble when I was 8, and told a bunch of kids that Santa was fiction. A kindly old lady caught me and gave me a scolding. I’m sorry!)

I’m so good at offending people with what I see or say that I sometimes wonder if I should be one of those growly talk-show grumblers….

A few weeks ago the members of an ersatz “organization” – a sort of chat room for wannabe astrologers on FB – took me to task for my “unethical” July 28 preamble, which was about the George Zimmerman trial. This group claims that astrologers should not be allowed to address controversial subjects. They actually used the word “taboo.” Hmm. I wonder where that line of thinking leads. (Surely not to Santa Claus and reality shows?) I wonder if these same people will burst an artery when I suggest the U.S. should “marry” (i.e., embrace) Al Qaeda? (See below.)

But I’ll try to be less political, critical and curmudgeonly in future….

Canada has and will face (2008-2024) some territorial upheaval. The obvious “victim” would be its Arctic sovereignty claims. (But nations who oppose this country will be surprised at how stubborn and steadfast Canada can be.) Perhaps, too, Native land claims. (As I predicted in the 1980’s, Quebec separation will not happen in our lifetime, so that possibility is likely out.) As a CANCER nation, Canada is already encountering Pluto’s opposition to its oil production, refusal by  the U.S. to let it build another pipeline, etc. But Pluto also provides huge new opportunities: Canada will finally, in the next decade, sell its oil worldwide.

Cancer people are facing similar opposition (2008-2024) in personal and professional relationships. The difference here, though, is that the planet “causing” this opposition is Cancer’s planet of growth, luck, creativity and love. So every stubborn opposition Cancer meets “hides” a doorway to true love or creative business partnership, even to massive success. Cancer actors will reach the peak of fame now to 2024.

You Cancers have just begun a very lucky year (mid-2013 to mid-2014) but it is one in which you might have to choose between your own interests, and the demands of another. If you can find a mutual interest, and a way to hold or shake hands, you’ll meet your biggest success.

The same advice applies to the U.S.A, Canada, Iraq and Madagascar. The U.S. could find partners among the terrorists. Though it is likely anathema to Western ears, there is a symbiosis between the U.S. and the Islamic terrorists: both are extremely religious and feel they have a sacred right to utilize violence, both “fight for freedom,” both are extremely emotional, both are highly chauvinistic, both bury the truth in their enthusiasm, etc. And both, in their enthusiasm, wound their own kind – the terrorists kill their own countrymen, and the U.S. destroys its own “raison d’etre” – (constitutional) freedom. It spies on its own citizens (NSA) and denies them freedom of belief/speech. (Remember when comic/commentator Bill Maher was fired by his network because he said publicly that the 9/11 suicide pilots were “not cowards?”) (BTW, I am an American citizen; I hold dual Canadian/U.S. citizenship — just so you won’t think I’m trashing a foreign country.)

One party (U.S.) is hugely wealthy, one (Al Q’) bitterly poor. Has a more destined enmity – or marriage – ever been seen? If Americans could see that many of the “terrorists” are like them, perhaps they could learn a softer, gentler approach and win them over, rather than run them over. (Yes, I hear the clanging bells protesting that I’m being totally unrealistic. But 30 years ago, tearing down the Berlin Wall was considered unrealistic.)

BORING STUFF: You might wonder why the “world map” has stopped functioning. We “unplugged” it because, according to JustHost, the domain provider, it uses so much storage space or bandwidth that the rest of the blog slows down, won’t show graphics, etc. I’m trying to solve this problem now, but it  could take awhile.

I also promise to collate all those Luck Forecasts and put them into the “Platforms” section someday. It is just so hard to figure out how. This Word Press site is great in some ways, poor in others.


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Enjoy the last lingering days of pleasure, Aries. You’re going to be working hard soon, for a month (starting Thursday). But you’ll be back on the love track, too, at least partially – a flame (or pilot light) of romantic intensity starts for you August 27, and flares until October 15. If you’re single, this flame could bring you a potential mate late September onward. Thursday onward, tackle chores willingly, and protect your health – eat, sleep and dress sensibly. Sunday’s ambitions lead to little, but this night starts two days of popularity, happiness, flirtation and dreams come true! (Most likely Tuesday.) Retreat, rest and plan Tuesday night through Thursday – all’s smooth, easy – something big, and fortunate, could occur on the home front. Your energy and charisma return Friday/Saturday – use them to solve (or at least bear with) problems affecting your career, reputation, and/or love/marriage. Don’t begin an affair.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Be restful Sunday to Thursday – from this last day onward, a romantic, creative and winning phase begins. The more “beauty sleep” you get now, the greater the pleasure and success you’ll reach in the weeks ahead. Your work place grows affectionate, pleasant, now to September 10. Sunday’s mellow, wise, loving – you see the big picture, how society works. Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday: a small dam might burst, bringing either as problem or an opportunity to a climax – follow your “inner promptings.” Happiness, social delights, and optimism flow in Wednesday/Thursday – wish, and it might come true! (Something unexpected arises near midweek: a secret might be revealed about you, something you kept hidden – yet its exposure benefits you, frees you from fear and restrictions. Alternately, a sudden breakthrough might land you a government job or benefit.) Retreat Friday/Saturday: rest, contemplate, avoid trouble.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Dispatch any last-minute communications, get caught up with (e)mail, take that necessary trip or make that visit. Thursday eve will begin a month of down-home, security, family, retirement, gardening and similar interests. You’ll feel pleasantly sluggish, as late August to late September is your “hibernation” phase. (Despite that sluggishness, a streak of sweet affection, even romantic affection, could draw you toward someone, perhaps a neighbour, now to September 10. If you’re a parent, kids will light your heart with gentle joy.) Sunday’s sexy, mysterious, but if you act on it you could irritate someone! Monday/Tuesday bring awareness, understanding, gentle love, cultural venues, perhaps far travel or educational matters – handle them, this is the peak, the “high tide” of these concerns. Be ambitious Wednesday/Thursday – luck accompanies you! Hopes, friends, a wee flirtation arrive Friday/Saturday: your mood’s great, events not so great. This week might spring a “lucky” surprise involving money and friends/popularity.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Continue to shop, earn, to handle money and possessions, Cancer – until Thursday, when a month of travel, wanderlust, errands, visits, communications, paperwork and casual friendships begins. Your home is filled with affection now to September 10 – a good phase to decorate, plant flowers, etc. (And to hold a house or dinner party.) An ambitious project continues, but it’s running out of steam: act soon, or get back to the drawing board/discussion table. Sunday’s for relationships, and opportunity – and diplomacy! Secrets, financial levers, sexual desires, investigation, commitment and consequence fill Monday/Tuesday. You might take that big step! Midweek features profound thought, international or legal affairs, higher education, gentle love – luck rides with you. A sudden career or prestige breakthrough might come. You grow more ambitious Friday/Saturday, but obstacles abound. Start Saturday, not Friday.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Your energy and charisma remain high, but you’re near the end of a “me first” phase, a “start things” phase. By Thursday you’ll enter a month of earnings, possessions, buying/selling – and of sensual attractions. (Next week, August 27, your sexual magnetism will climb, until mid-October. This period will also bring a revived determination, and possible far travel, higher learning, and/or legal affairs – avoid the last.) Tackle chores Sunday – stick to routine ones after noon. Relationships and opportunities face you Monday/Tuesday: a formerly hesitant “dance” could lead to a sudden embrace. You might fall in love. Midweek brings mysteries, large finances (investments, debt, etc.) and sexual urges – pursue these, life’s deeper side is waiting to welcome you. International, educational, cultural, legal and love matters arise Friday/Saturday, but with obstacles. (The whole week contains a refreshing surprise in these zones.)


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your solitude, weariness and burdens soon will end – a month of personal presence, clout, charisma, energy and effectiveness begins Thursday afternoon. A streak of mild good money luck has just begun, will last to September 10. You’re still attracted to a “sexy friend,” but this is going to fade soon (so make your move now, if you’re intending to – Thursday is best, before 6 pm PDT). Same advice applies to an investment you might have been eyeing, and feel hopeful about. Sunday’s romantic, the world’s touched with beauty, but proceed cautiously. Tackle chores Monday/Tuesday. Relationships and opportunities (and some opposition) face you Wednesday/Thursday – your luck’s good, so seize the day(s)! A relocation opportunity might arise, a lucky one. Careful Friday/Saturday (especially Friday) – sexual, financial, health and lifestyle choices need thought, not impulsive action.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Wishes can still come true, Libra, especially about romance, a creative project, a sports event or a “gamble” Monday/Tuesday, and/or about an employment, health, machinery or repair situation Wednesday/Thursday. (You could fall “madly” in love one of these days – likely Tuesday.) Earlier, Sunday, be restful, relax in nature’s garden. Avoid arguments: a self-important person might try to “instruct” you. Tackle chores/repairs Wednesday/Thursday. Relationships arise Friday/Saturday, but (Friday especially) various obstacles – some philosophical, some financial or sexual – make progress iffy. Be diplomatic and avoid trouble. Retreat from competitive situations. That should be easy in a way, as Thursday begins a month of rest, quietude and contemplation, some solitude and spiritual pursuit. About midweek, a relationship could burst – but also, a relocation or public prospect might burst with good fortune.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A month of hard work and ambition, of testing and having to meet bigwigs, ends Thursday, and a month of social delights, popularity, optimism, wish fulfillment, flirtation and entertainment begins. Complete any career/business projects if you can: Tuesday might bring a “stay or go?” or “end or begin?” question. Earlier, Sunday’s restless, enquiring: follow your curiosity, but don’t throw off comments that might irk others. Monday/Tuesday are for home, kids, real estate, construction, landscaping/garden, security, retirement planning, etc. All’s fine, but don’t go overboard. (Buy half the lumber you think you’ll need.) Romance sings your song Wednesday/Thursday. Should you yield to love? Of course! But beauty, creativity, speculation and charming kids also bless you. A legal disruption could involve your work around midweek.  Tackle chores Friday/Saturday – cautiously. Perceive all elements before you dive in.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Thursday ends a phase of mellow moods, travel, thinking and learning, and begins a month of career, prestige relations, ambition, reputation and community status. Work hard, display your talents, be reliable and go forth with confidence. Sunday highlights spending and earning – buy only routine things. (Taking the day off wouldn’t hurt.) Friends, calls, visits, communications and errands fill Monday/Tuesday – you might feel that love is appearing, but give it a few days; this might be a false surge of emotion. Focus on your home midweek – all is smooth, lucky, so charge ahead with renovations, repairs, real estate, children’s issues, gardening, etc. Romance, creativity, beauty and a gambling urge visit Friday/ Saturday – proceed with caution. Money and love don’t mix. This week (perhaps Tuesday) might suddenly bring a surprise in sex/romance, or in money/assets/debt.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

What I love about you Capricorns is that you always bring Christmas! The tiniest wee Christmas might come to you Monday/Tuesday (not dawn Monday) when shopping, earning, investment, debt and anything financial could reach a bit of a climax – but if the money tap gushes, make sure it isn’t your tap, but “theirs.” These two days might also nudge a sensual “temptation” into “action.” Earlier, Sunday, your energy and charisma will attract others, but the attraction might be somewhat hidden (furtive glances?) – take care. The entire first half of this week could bring a sudden disruption or a sudden new situation in a relationship, real estate, home, kids, garden, relocation, and/or business opportunities. (It boils down to: relationship versus security.) Secrets are discussed. Bosses favour you now to September 10. Communications, errands, paperwork and casual friends – all succeed, bless you, Wednesday/Thursday. Home, security Friday/Saturday – exercise caution.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Soon (Thursday onward) relationships will veer from “open and obvious/honest” into more intimate, committed, private areas. For example, a sparkling  attraction could enter the bedroom, or a business negotiation could reach the funding and “actual work” stage. The doorway to these more consequential areas could start to open Sunday night to Tuesday, when your urges overcome caution – in a good way, except around dawn (PDT) Monday. I’m not guaranteeing that these deeper relationship waters will be calm and smooth – in fact, they will be intense, perhaps like being with a sparring partner. Earlier, use Sunday to retreat, rest and think. You might hear surprising news about a work or health situation this week. Chase money Wednesday/Thursday – luck rides with you! Careful with speech, driving, casual acquaintances Friday/Saturday.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Weeks of boring drudgery and nagging health concerns ends Thursday, when a month of fresh horizons, exciting relationships and new opportunities arrives. But whenever we enter a new relationship or other area, we can stir up opposition or challenges. So grab the good, be diplomatic, and realize others hold the Aces – for now. Your intimate side sweetens now to September 10, and a present romance, or a “friendly attraction” might lead to physical commitment – don’t delay, as this doorway closes by Sept. 10. (Your romantic courage will ebb a little by Aug. 27, too.) Sunday’s optimistic, friendly, happy – could spark an attraction, or an argument. Retreat, rest and contemplate Monday/Tuesday. Your energy and charisma surge Wednesday/Thursday – start or continue anything; almost everything succeeds! Be careful with money, possessions and sensual attractions Friday/Saturday.


The End