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I have often been bothered by the “chain of karma” as it flows through generations. A commonly accepted illustration of this is the concept of a parent abusing a child, who is affected by this so deeply, imprinted so indelibly, that he then goes on to abuse his own child, and his child abuses her child, and so on, through the generations. How does one break this cycle? In my own life, I thought, “Well, if  I don’t abuse, then at least in my one, individual case, the abuse stops.”


But if I was abused, why should I not abuse? I have the inclination, the urge, and certainly the excuse. Even if I fight or refuse these urges, I must still feel angry and revengeful. These feelings (since it is often impossible, for various reasons, to avenge oneself on the parent abuser) will find some other outlet – and these outlets, all being socially and emotionally negative, tend to lead to my abusing someone.


The only answer seems to be forgiveness. Let me reuse a slightly modified piece of my ‘Bible Readings” article (from “Platforms”):


There are many reasons to forgive, and these are well expressed by many leaders. One of the greatest is that when we do not forgive we curtail, maim, and embitter our own selves, and make our life small. But the chief reason to forgive is that if everyone forgave, there would be nothing to forgive – no sin, no crime, and no hurt. This is because almost all sin on earth, and the justification for the sin, arises from an original injury or abuse to the sinner. Those who batter, murder, rape or assault have experienced this in their youth or have observed it being done to a family member. Every pedophile, rapist, robber, murderer, bully or any other criminal will almost always feel that they are justified in their action because at some point in their lives they have been grievously wronged. (Some might doubt whether this is true or not – but I believe it is almost always true .) Had these people truly forgiven their abusers they would have felt no compunction to commit their own sin, because by forgiving they would have dissolved their own feelings of hurt, anger and vengeance. (And thus would have no motive to sin.) If they still feel the desire to abuse, then they have not forgiven.

I’m tempted to think this view is too simplistic. For example, it seems obvious that a man who has never been wronged might still be excited by a beautiful woman, yield to lust, and take advantage of her. But is this really true? When we say take advantage, we imply or assume that he is using his superior strength as a man to overpower the woman physically and enjoy her physical attributes. Or we might suppose that he does not overpower her physically, but that the implied threat of his greater strength causes her to yield to his sexual desires. In either case the man has committed the sin of lust. We can see that both these instances involve a deliberate use of force or intimidation – in other words, bullying.

But a child who has never been bullied is not likely to bully anyone else as an adult. A child who has not been harmed nor abused, is not likely to enter the deep inward  alienation from the opposite sex which is a breeding ground for lust. A psychologically healthy young man – one who has not been abused in any form drastic or slight – is not likely to yield to lust, and even less likely to act upon it. Instead such a young man would be likely to engage in the more common and more healthy interaction between men and women of friendship, courtship, flirtation, mutual consent, mutual desire, and other forms of interaction which lead to equality of relationship rather than dominance on the male’s part and submission on the female’s part. (I’m not universally blaming men and excusing women here: abused women follow the same pattern of abusing others, although they typically use other forms.)

Had the pathological lust-oriented young man forgiven the parents or other actors who had bullied, abused or otherwise turned the healthy current of his growth into an unhealthy Valley, hopefully, though not perfectly, in forgiving he would also obtain health, salvation, a cleansing, or (re)admittance to the open social channels of sexual interaction: he would come close to the innocent, un-abused man. He would not abuse his children at least, and they (not he) would be the vessels of normality and healthy sexual interaction. He would also avoid fulfilling his lustful urges. (Lust itself is deeply entwined with a desire to bully, possess, or control – lust, in essence, is related to a fear of the environment or of other human beings. Lust is also entwined with a desire to be alone or to embrace alienation in the deepest way.)

Words cannot reflect the myriad social and psychological complexities that exist – so any statement on the subject is open to an accusation of oversimplification. This is why sometimes the greatest truths are told in a paradoxical or seemingly riddled form. But the simple truth is this: had this young man’s bullying parents forgiven their bullying parents and had their bullying parents in turn forgiven their bullying parents and so on back to the beginning of mankind, no generation would have felt the need to bully the next generation. Hence, no bullying would have occurred after the first instance. Without bullying, there would be no lust. The same pattern should hold for sexual abuse, murder, thievery, violence, and every other crime. At this point in our development, it is impossible to not sin, to not commit crime. There is only one cure which can eradicate this constant thorn in the side of humanity’s progress. That cure is forgiveness. As we forgive those who have wronged us, so we are freed from the need to wrong others. As we forgive those who have wronged us, so we become people who find no satisfaction in the temptations of sin. Should all of humanity practice real forgiveness, there would very soon be nothing to forgive.



Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Plunge into a stack of chores, Aries. The weeks ahead feature employment, health, repairs, machinery, service personnel, and your dependents. You’ll hear lots of  “chatter” about these things soon, as your workplace communications grow. Despite all the work, a definite romantic (or creative, speculative, pleasure) streak starts Tuesday, lasting  to mid-October. Falling in love this “year” (to mid-2014) could mean falling into a home, also. Chase money, buy/sell, nurture new clients and prospects Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. This won’t be the smoothest ride – in fact, if it is smooth, wake up. Illusion, fuzzy thinking and deception abound – though so does inspiration. Just be sure you’re on solid ground, especially regarding plumbing, water tables, etc. Trips, visits, friendly chats Tuesday eve through Thursday. All’s fine. Home sweet home Friday/Saturday.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Sweet romance, pleasure, beauty, sports, speculation, charming kids – these fill the weeks ahead. You can speak, write – to persuade in love, or simply to express yourself. Take care that your “good times” don’t negatively impact your home, or get your family’s back up. If married, be faithful. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Sunday dawn to Tuesday afternoon. Start significant projects, ask favours, propose projects, solutions – especially to higher-ups. You might have to overcome some suspicion or mistrust – but you also, now, have a vision of your future, of where you want to go. This gives you the confidence and conviction to charge ahead. Chase money, ask for a pay raise, seek new clients, sell articles – or shop – Tuesday eve through Thursday. (But stick to routine Thursday, especially when spending.) Errands, communications, short trips, visits and casual acquaintances fill Friday/Saturday. All’s well this week!


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

The weeks ahead focus on domesticity, family, home, garden, soul, sleep, nutrition (and nurturing generally) – on security, foundations, and retirement. Yield to a sluggish feeling – take “power naps.” A recent spending spree (thankfully!) comes to an end. Now you can start whittling down any debt. Eat at home. Attend to your kids’ future. (E.g., begin a scholarship fund.) If single, you feel sweet about someone, but is it sweet enough? Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan future actions Sunday morn to Tuesday afternoon – think about your career, for possibilities are growing large in this area, but think about the foundation, or platform, you can build in order to launch a major “career campaign.” It could be decades long (the plan, and the expansion). Your energy and charisma return Tuesday eve through Thursday – speak of love, intimacy Wednesday. Chase money Friday/Saturday. A good week!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The month ahead isn’t an important one. You’ll be busy, but the stakes aren’t high. This is a great time to learn about things, but not to take major action, nor to commit to a big investment, etc. The weeks ahead do bring many communications, emails, calls, errands, short trips, casual acquaintances/siblings, visits, and much paperwork. Home will be sweet, affectionate to September 10. The ambitious intensity and determination of the last two months ebbs away now. Sunday morn to Tuesday afternoon brings hope, optimism, social joys, popularity, light romance, entertainment and wish fulfillment. A long journey or cultural event (wedding, bar mitzvah, etc.) might be on your mind. Retreat midweek, rest, contemplate and plan. Your energy and charisma surge Friday/Saturday – start significant projects, ask favours, accept attention!


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead emphasize money, possessions, buying and selling. Pursue new clients, ask for a pay raise, seek work, etc. The month ahead will also promote sensual attractions – and your sexual magnetism will soar, this Tuesday to mid-October. I wouldn’t bet against a love affair, if you’re single! (Though this will probably not be marriage material.) If you’re married, be loyal. Whatever your status, you might travel afar, enter school, publish, be in charge of a cultural event, or handle a lawsuit, in the next 7 weeks. Be ambitious Sunday dawn to Tuesday afternoon. There might be a disagreement (or negotiation) about money. Your optimism, social joy, and popularity rise Wednesday/Thursday: light romance might begin. Wishes can come true. Retreat Friday/Saturday – rest, contemplate, plan, meditate – all’s well.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness hit a peak over the weeks ahead. Start important projects, tackle tasks that previously intimidated you, ask favors, seek interviews. You’re on a success path. You’ll be better than usual at communicating your position for the next two weeks. Your money picture looks good, at least until September 10. You’re had high hopes about a sexual relationship or financial action – or about prospects in both areas. Starting Tuesday (to mid-October) the sexual attraction could actually become a burden; if it demands secrecy, back out. That financial project/plan, though, could become even more workable. You’re in the beginning stages of a year of popularity and wishes coming true – pursue both, to late September. This week is easy. Far travel, higher learning, legalities, ideas, cultural venues and gentle love fill Sunday morn to Tuesday afternoon. Be ambitious midweek. Friday/Saturday bring popularity and social delights, perhaps flirtations!


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Take it easy over the weeks ahead. Catch your second breath, rest, lie low, avoid competitive situations. Be charitable, fulfill old obligations. Meditate, connect with the spiritual. Solitude, weariness, and quietude actually aid you now, as they give you the peace and insight to form good plans. (You best plans will focus on late September-October, and how to achieve your ambitions, career or other.) Sunday morn to Tuesday afternoon bring secrets,, sensual attraction, life’s depths – and major financial or lifestyle choices. There’s some mystery winding through all this, perhaps deception. Let things “sift” for awhile. Midweek promotes far travel, intellectual pursuits, legalities, gentle love and cultural venues. All’s fine. Be ambitious Friday/Saturday – you could see where promotion lies, Saturday.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The month ahead features wish fulfilment, happiness, optimism, social delights, flirtation, popularity, entertainment and group activities. As this is a lucky love/wedding year for you, September could bring a possible partner, via  a group (more likely after Sept. 10). Groups might also be involved in a potential pay raise or other money luck. (It’s a good time to join an investment club.)Your view of the future, though optimistic, will be correct. A “lawsuit warning” dissolves after Tuesday. (And won’t return for two years.) Relationships face you Sunday morn to Tuesday afternoon. Themes of love, travel (over oceans) creativity and “risk” play over events like the colours in a kaleidoscope. Tuesday eve through Thursday brings mysteries, secrets, research, sexual urges, and financial doorways. Wednesday’s best – commit to something. Gentle love, wisdom Friday/Saturday.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Be ambitious (not ambiguous!) and hard-working during the month ahead, Sage. VIPs, parents and bosses are watching, measuring your performance. You might talk to a potential business partner. Your social life remains affectionate. Your sexual drive, strong lately, cools off Tuesday onward, when six weeks of intellectual discovery, creative expression, and perhaps of far travel, begin. (However, these are subordinate to your career ambitions.) Same period, beware lawsuits. Tackle chores Sunday morn to Tuesday afternoon – read instructions twice, measure well, as your thinking is fuzzy. Be careful with water appliances. Midweek confronts you with relationships – some co-operative, some competitive. Be diplomatic, seek common ground. Friday/Saturday bring mysteries, depths, detective work, investments, large finances, and sexual urges.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The weeks ahead emphasize intellectual growth, far travel, legal affairs, publishing (of any kind) cultural rites (e.g., weddings) and venues (e.g., a foreign film fest) and compassion, wisdom and gentle love. You understand how to climb in society; now you’ll understand why you want to. Sunday morn to Tuesday afternoon bring beauty, pleasure, winning gambles, charming kids, sports, and romance. All the world looks softly beautiful. Tackle chores Wednesday/Thursday – and protect your health from minor irritants. Friday/Saturday bring relationships, opportunities, some opposition, negotiations and agreements. You’ll deal with one challenging person (Friday night) who could be true love in disguise.  (This person thinks you’re stubborn and frustrating.) You might decide to relocate. An easy week!


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The weeks ahead brings secrets, mysteries, and the need for research or  detective work. Look beneath the surface: be polite, but don’t accept someone else’s assessment of a situation. Your subconscious bursts to the surface, so your intuition, sexual urges, and financial assertiveness are high. This is a great month ahead to invest, change your lifestyle, get a health diagnosis, or begin an intimate affair (though if begun now, it likely will not lead to marriage – and make sure it is NOT a triangle, extra-marital, etc.). Be close to home, or in nature, Sunday to Tuesday afternoon.  These are good days for rest, contemplation, and renewing family affections. (However, avoid trying to fix that leaky pipe, anything involving water.) Romance calls Tuesday eve through Thursday, but this month is so sexy you could wind up confused by the difference. Wednesday night shows you what/who is the real thing. Tackle chores Friday/Saturday.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships, good and bad, fill the weeks ahead. Good = opportunities, partnerships, love/marriage, friends, mutual projects, negotiations, dealings with the public. Bad = opposition, challenge, competition, enmity, break-ups of partnerships, of love/marriage, litigation, strained links. Which it is, will be determined by your own attitude, and by your past actions. Generally, the bad will get rid of the bad, and the good will grow from praise, attention and support – by you, of another or others. Sex, finances are both rather lucky to September 10. Considering this a peak lucky-romantic year for you (to mid-2014) the monthly accent on relationships could produce true love, even marriage potential – perhaps this Friday/Saturday.  Sunday morn to Tuesday afternoon brings casual friends, trips, visits, calls: drive carefully. Midweek finds you sluggish, thoughtful. Take naps, garden, be home. Creativity, beauty, pleasure, romance Friday/Saturday!


The End