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If English is not your first language, you should be able to translate this blog into your own language by using Google’s translation app. Hopefully I will soon have this translation feature back on this blog.

START NOTHING: 11:26 am to 4:05 pm Sunday, 2:57 am to 3:52 am Wednesday, and 11:23 am to 12:43 pm Friday.


ALL SIGNS: Last week’s warning is even stronger this week: avoid new love attractions. They’re a doorway to despair.

Don’t invest too heavily in electric cars. By 2025 onward, they will probably be replaced by hydrogen vehicles. Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024/25, and will both “kill” and birth, and/or drastically revamp everything electrical. This will also begin a great “era” (almost two decades) of atomic power generation. Perhaps a new discovery makes them safer. After this, 2043 onward (for over 2 decades) will bring a new type of astro-physics, a new type of space exploration, and new developments in optics and nuclear power. These will open a technological gate as big – bigger – than the one Apple stepped through (the I-Phone, etc.).

A couple of ravens live three trees northwest of my barn. I see them in the field, digging grubs or whatever. They must have a varied diet, as they only visit the field 2 or 3 times a month, suggesting they have 10 or 15 eating spots or kinds of meals. Almost always, I see them together — ravens are monogamous. The other day, as I was planting a bunch of lilies, one of them flew about 4 feet over my head, and about 3 or 4 feet behind me. Usually, you can’t get within a hundred feet. It wasn’t flying in a hurry, wasn’t going in the typical straight line, but went by me, wings leisurely flapping. I believe it was my first hello, raven style. (Gee, I’ve been in the neighbourhood five years, and they only now say “hello.”) I like to think it was the male — a bro kind of thing.

Dang it! When I first saw Mike Flynn on Trump’s campaign, I thought, There’s something bad about this guy. His frown and his anger. Now that he’s exposed as a Russian link, I wish I’d written something!  So this time I’m going to say it: I don’t think Rex Tillerson likes his job, and I wonder if he will last. I don’t think Trump is warm with him. I saw one small exchange in a small greeting crowd, Trump was shaking everyone’s hand and giving them a nice comment. Then he turned away from Tillerson, pointedly ignoring him. Something’s wrong. (But recently, with the Syrian bombing and the Korea escalation, Rex – an Aries – seems comfortable in his role. Maybe all’s well…  )

You know how, every once in a while I tell some sign not to marry for 18 months? (This will apply to Leo from May 10/17 to Nov. 6/18.) Well, there are mitigating factors: if you don’t seek marriage, you can still have sex, romance, light romance, or friendship.

But the largest mitigation potentially lies in your birth date. Since Leo is the one most affected now to late 2018, let’s look at them:

If you were born at the end of Leo (say 29 degrees, or approximately August 22) then your “marriage prohibition” loses half its strength quite soon — say, by June 2017.

Here’s how to measure between full-on “don’t go there” and, “well… maybe… okay… so go there… cautiously”:

Take your birthdate, then add the days between your birth date and  the END of your sign. For example, a Leo born August 12 would count 10 days, as Leo ends August 22. (22-12 = 10). Now, divide this number by 30. (In this case 10/30 = 0.3333.) Now, multiply this number by 18. This will give you the approximate number of months (in this case, 18 x 0.333 = 6 months) until the advice not to marry will reach its peak. This period is an ABSOLUTELY DON’T MARRY one. (In other words, in the present case, the strong advice against marriage lasts approx. 6 months, from early May to early November 2017 — and peaks in Nov. The 12 months following [remaining from the 18] will only be “somewhat” or “half” negative.) This is only an approximate method, so always give yourself an “extra month” — e.g., to be safe, this Leo who has a calculated “peak” of November 2017, would be wise to wait until December to chase anyone.

So we would advise this Leo (born Aug. 12) against marrying anyone he or she first meets in that first 6 months. But for the remainder of the 18-month period, in this case 12 months, this Leo can semi-relax — people who now enter, or bonds now formed, could affect his/her health a bit, but could survive as a marriage.

In the above example of someone born Aug. 12, this would equate to the “NO” pressure easing after November/17. For someone born 10 days earlier, i.e., August 2, the “NO” pressure will not ease until after about 12 months, or by May 2017.

If you were born July 23 (the very beginning of Leo) the pressure won’t ease until the very end of the “negative marriage period,” November 2018. If you were born August 22 (the very end of Leo) the “NO” pressure eases almost immediately, by late May 2017.

This looks unfair, but isn’t. For one thing, those August 22 Leos who have almost no “bad marriage period” have actually already suffered this “don’t marry” phase for 18 months, though the indicator has been in this Leo’s sex SIGN, not his marriage HOUSE. So he has already “run the gauntlet” although its effects were slightly indirect. (In this case, sexual or financial disappointment later, if he/she marries in the 18 months BEFORE this “Leo don’t marry” phase.) Also, as long as the south node (which is causing the difficulty) is in Leo’s marriage sign (Aquarius) even these late-born Leo’s will have to be careful, as the negative is low but still there for all Leos, in varying degrees, until Nov. 2018.

(Signs and houses are different, but they overlap or overlay each other. (E.g., if you’re born at 15 degrees Cancer, your marriage house runs from 15 degrees Capricorn to 15 degrees Aquarius. Both encompass “marriage,” but only 15 degrees of the marriage sign, Cancer, are in the actual marriage house. (The sign is impulse, the house is circumstances.)

There is one more way this 18-month “prohibition” does not apply — in about 1 in 10 cases, the south-node-in-the-marriage-sign/house, actually signals a destined mate, but I’ll have to explain this one (and how to tell if your attraction “qualifies”) in a later column.


  Aries.svgARIES:  March 21- April 19
Remember, Aries, start nothing new before May 3. Your energy and charisma remain high, but mid-week softly shifts you from “personal presence” to “where’s the money?” In your case, where’s MORE money, as many of you have been enjoying a nice inflow in March/April. Wednesday starts to bring in a different kind of money (slower yet more full — for a month) while the recent strong flow ends this Friday. (From Fri. onward you’ll be much more active, restless and talkative, into June.)  Sunday starts with a mellow mood and broad outlook, but by this afternoon ambition, authority and bosses grow more important, through Tuesday. You’ll make a good impression Sun./Mon., but disruption or quirkiness affects Tuesday’s results. (Many Aries are facing career strains — more on this, with possible solutions, in the PLATFORMS section under PLUTO FORECAST.) Happiness, friends popularity, flirtations, optimism, entertainment and wish fulfillment arrive Wed. to noon Fri. (PDT). (But DON’T flirt with someone new, nor start an affair: bad results!) Retreat Fri. noon through Sat. — rest, nap, study, contemplate, but do not make plans yet. Keep your temper around late noon Fri. — otherwise, these two days flow  easily — pamper yourself.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20 – May 20
Remember, Taurus, don’t start anything new before May 3. Until then, protect ongoing ventures from delays and misunderstandings, or reprise “nuggets” from your past – e.g., former opportunities that you could not grasp, which now return, especially in management, government, or institutional zones. You might also be approached by the government in the next two weeks – if so, it probably involves something you neglected to do. (If so, dive in and do it.) This is your last week of being feisty and intense – Friday starts six weeks of increased money flow. Bank it, as you will also have an unconscious urge to overspend. Daytime Sunday is filled with secret dreams, but 4 pm (PDT) Sunday through Thursday brings wisdom, openness, understanding – you become a “member of humanity.” Intellectual, travel, legal and media pursuits go well Sunday eve and Monday, but meet some disruptions Tues. Tuesday evening and night is sweetly romantic. (But DO NOT start chasing someone new.) Be ambitious Wednesday to noon Friday – this is not a good time to start any ambitious or practical ventures, so instead show the bosses your skills, especially Thursday morning. Although you might face an argument around Friday noon, the rest of this day and Saturday are sweetly social – your popularity rises, optimism visits you, and happiness exists!

Gemini.svg     GEMINI;  May 21 – June 20
Remember, Gemini don’t start any new ventures nor relationships before May 3. Until then, re-prise old or former opportunities, and/or protect ongoing projects from delays, supply shortages, scheduling mishaps and indecision. Work to finish a government related task early week; and raise your eyes to greet friends from the past late week. Friday begins six weeks in which your determination and sexual magnetism will intensify. Unfortunately, during the first four weeks of that interval you will be tired, in a hermit mode, and your charisma will be low. There’s a puzzle: low charisma and high sexual magnetism. Make sure it doesn’t get you into trouble, e.g., by chasing a married person, etc. Sunday daytime features relationships: go slow. From 4 PM (PDT) Sunday through Tuesday your financial, sexual and investigative faculties will emerge to nudge you into some type of commitment. Don’t. Sign nothing, make no commitments. Just watch and learn, especially Tuesday. This night can be remarkably romantic–but if you fell for someone now you would regret it forever. A loving, understanding, mellow mood flows through you Wednesday to Friday noon. Chase International, legal, intellectual and cultural goals, especially Thursday morning. Show your practical and other skills Friday PM and Saturday, impress the boss or your parents (or a court judge) but do not start a new ambitious project.

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21 – July 22
Your ideas, your understanding of ethics, intellectual pursuits, far travel, cultural involvements and media — these have been confused, or uncertain for six weeks, but that ends now. Unfortunately, the “daily activity” planet (Mercury) has “gone retro,” so you still should not launch any new ventures, relationships nor significant purchases before May 3. Meantime, reprise opportunities from the past (in friendships the week’s first half; in career Thurs. onward). The general accent lies on career,  worldly position until Wednesday, when you enter a month of happiness, optimism and popularity! (If you and a friend have been working an an ambitious project, or if you’ve had the hots for the boss’s son/daughter, these fade now.) Sunday daytime’s for work and minor health cures, but this afternoon (4 PM) through Tues. brings relationships to the fore — pleasantly, easily Sun./Mon. Be diplomatic but non-committal. (Love is star-crossed until Sat. onward.) Caution Tues. daytime, when disruption, accident potential are possible.  Life’s depths (and your own subconscious, your hunches and intuition) rise to the surface Wed. to noon Friday. Don’t chase (new) sex; it could end with humiliation. Still, Thurs. morning is splendid — if an old home, property, furniture or similar opening arises from the past, plunge in!  A mellow, wise mood steals over you Fri. PM through Sat. — enjoy the mood, dream of exotic places, but avoid acting on it. Contemplate.

     Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO:  July 23 – Aug. 22
Remember, Leo, start no new projects, relationships, nor make important purchases, before May 3. Until then, protect ongoing ventures from delays, missed appointments, supply shortages, etc. (especially in your career zone until Thurs., and in your intellectual/travel/love zone Thurs. onward). Good former friends could reappear soon. Sunday morning’s romantic, beautiful or very pleasurable. But work seems to almost create itself Sun. afternoon (4 PM) through Tuesday. Well, dive in Sun./Mon. Tuesday needs caution: disruptions exist — but after supper good progress returns. All three days, dress and eat sensibly. Chase money, collect on old debts and pay neglected bills Wed. to Fri. noon. Buy only routine items (groceries, etc.). This whole interval is successful, benevolent, EXCEPT in love, sex, financial manoeuvres — avoid these. Friday PM and Sat. heighten these financial and/or sexual desires, but indulging them will almost certainly end in disappointment. Wednesday begins four weeks of ambition, dealing with authorities, prestige relations, worldly standing and neighbourhood reputation. Friday begins six weeks of popularity and optimism — could bring love to singles, and a wish could come true involving a foreign journey or intellectual/cultural interests.

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  Aug. 23 – Sept. 22
Start nothing new before May 3 — includes relationships and projects. Avoid important purchases, unless you almost bought an item in the past (more than a month past) and it becomes available again. Do reprise old opportunities — in travel, communications, intellectual/learning areas before Thursday; in finances, medicine and research Thurs. onward. Love, though, is verboten all week, unless you like pain — if an old flame appears, it’s still negative: likely he/she treated you un-lovingly before, and will again. Be home or in the ‘hood Sunday daytime. But from 4 PM (PDT) though Tues., romance raises its arrow, and beauty, creativity, invent, pleasure, adventure and charming kids fill in if romance ain’t available. Only Tues. daytime needs caution (disruption, abrupt words) — but remember, NO new love. Dive into chores Wed. to Fri. noon — this whole interval flows smoothly and offers much accomplishment (but with Mercury retro, make sure it’s a job that you really should do). But again: quietly avoid new love/marriage steps or goals. Wednesday begins a month of mellow thoughts, wide understanding, and “internationalism” — whether in action or thought. Friday starts six weeks of ambition, career changes (or investment in your career) — but also of impatient, temperamental bosses. Step lightly and keep your sense of humour!

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  Sept. 23 – Oct. 22
An old flame or ex-spouse might appear this week — don’t bite. You would forever regret it. (If he/she shows next week, no problem. Now if you phoned him/her this week and said, “Don’t show until next week,” that’s a problem.)  On the plus side, work and health delays end now. On the waiting side, almost everything else continues to work through delays, second thoughts, and mistakes until May 3. Start nothing before then (even in work and health).  Friday begins six weeks of intensity in legal, intellectual, travel, International, cultural and love zones. Strictly avoid law suits these 6 weeks. If you have an ongoing love, or meet someone well after this week (hopefully after June 20) you could be headed for a wedding. Slightly earlier, Wednesday begins four weeks of research, deep sexual drives, financial actions, medical diagnosis, life-style choices, and commitment. (During these four weeks, make sure you are not pursuing someone who is already attached.) Sunday’s for short trips and errands. This eve through Tuesday nudges you toward home and family. Sink in, nap and rest, garden, repair etc. The whole interval is productive, but be careful Tuesday, especially around electricity, with computers and while driving. A nice romantic streak comes Wednesday to Friday noon – but if you act on it, you could hear the resounding thud sooner or later, of everything falling flat. So just enjoy the mood (or your permanent squeeze) have fun, seek beauty and pleasure — especially Thursday morning. Tackle chores Friday PM through Saturday, but don’t charge in heedlessly Friday — Saturday better.

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23 – Nov. 21
Remember, Scorpio, avoid all new romantic urges/prospects this week. Don’t start any new projects nor relationships before May 3, and buy only routine items. Instead, protect ongoing projects from delays and mistakes, or reprise past opportunities. Your works scene need special care, as this is where the stakes are most likely. A former job role might return. Relationships remain intense until Friday: this day begins six weeks of strong physical desires, and impulsive financial actions — don’t be too quick! Chase money, buy/sell and protect your possessions Sunday daytime. From 4 PM (PDT) this evening through Tuesday, errands, communications, short trips, paperwork and casual friends occupy your time. Sunday/Monday reward efforts; Tuesday tries to hinder them. Head for home, hug the family, garden and take care of all security issues Wednesday to Friday noon. This interval goes very well, especially Thursday morning, when an easy solution arrives. Romance tickles your fancy Friday PM through Saturday, but remember the song “When fools rush in.” Instead of committing or chasing, just enjoy the beauty and pleasure of your poetic mood. (You’ll be creative, too, but create merely for the enjoyment of doing it; don’t “invest” in this long-term.)

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Remember, Sage, don’t start any new projects or relationships before May 3. Instead, reprise past opportunities or protect ongoing situations from delays, misunderstandings, missed appointments, et cetera. Your work continues to be hard and heavy, but that will end Friday. This day starts six weeks of intense attraction and powerful relationships. (I should say “powder keg,” as this influence also promotes fights, disagreements and “love-hate” feelings.) From Thursday onward, for two weeks, an old flame might appear. But I think the best love results (if you’re seeking someone new) will come May 20 onward. You might be wise to wait. You’re enjoying a romantic atmosphere now, but Wednesday begins four weeks of work and health concerns. (Another reason to wait until late May to pursue someone.) Earlier, your charisma and energy remain high Sunday. But this eve through Tuesday accents money, paying, collecting, etc. — buy only routine items. You’ll succeed Sun./Mon., but can encounter rough seas Tues. daytime (night’s fine, even sensual).  Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips and casual acquaintances fill Wednesday to noon Friday (PDT). Your luck is good; you’ll get a lot done. Remember, NO NEW love this week. Your home remains affectionate this week and next. Friday PM through Saturday accent your home, kids, garden, nature hikes, repairs, security, etc. — all’s fine here, but again, launch nothing.

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Remember, Cap, start nothing before May 3. Instead, reprise past projects or relationships, and/or protect ongoing situations from delays and mistakes (especially in romantic, creative and domestic arenas). On Wednesday, you shift from domestic concerns overall to a month of romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity and “winning risks.”  (But DO NOT dally with someone met this week — or the last two — eventual heartbreak would occur.) Friday starts six weeks of intense work, too, so keep your health up — eat, dress and sleep sensibly. Lie low, rest Sunday daytime. Your Energy and charisma soar this afternoon (4 PM PDT) through Tuesday — but don’t launch anything. Get out, mingle and impress others — lead the way into adventure, sports or simple fun. Take care Tues. daytime, when erratic action can cause mishaps. Chase money, buy/sell, butter up clients, etc., Wed. to Fri. noon. All flows with smooth ease, so go ahead (nothing new!). You might feel a sensual attraction: turn away! This week and next might bring a long-lost relative “home.” Errands, trips, communications and paperwork fill Fri. night, Saturday, do what’s needed, but nothing else.

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
That friction in the home, which you have felt since March, dissolves Friday — the same day starts six weeks of intense romantic feelings and discussions. (If you are married, these six weeks bring adventure, sports and fun with the kids.) Your money picture continues to look good this week and next. You might actually be in the process of ending it with an old flame. Whatever happens, do not fall in love — nor respond to any new attraction — this week. (And for best success, you can wait until late May to approach love.) A long-lost friend might get in touch. Sunday day time might bring a small wish true – you’ll feel popular, optimistic and happy. But retreat this eve (4 PM PDT) through Tuesday – rest, contemplate, deal with civil servants, institutions and “head office,” be charitable and spiritual. But do not make plans – they are still premature. Your energy and charisma surge upward Wednesday to Friday noon. Get out, mingle, impress others, and use your extra clout to get things done that should’ve been done long ago. Best time: Wednesday night, Thursday morning. Friday PM through Saturday shunts you toward home and family. All is quiet and fine on this front, so do some domestic things, but not boldly, don’t launch anything new. Wednesday begins a month of domesticity, “hibernation,” contemplation, rejuvenation and “therapy for the soul.”

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20
Remember, Pisces, don’t start any new projects or relationships before May 3. Also, avoid important purchases, same period. Instead, protect ongoing ventures from delays, mistakes and misunderstandings, reprise opportunities from the past. Your own indecision has abated somewhat; now you only feel indecisive about others and how to respond to them. Wednesday begins a month of easy errands and communications. Friday begins six weeks of domestic intensity (to June 4). During this time, be gentle and diplomatic at home, don’t push your spouse, and strictly do NOT begin living in a new place nor enter into cohabitation. Late this week through May 3 an old money source might reappear. Pay and collect neglected accounts. Be ambitious (but launch nothing) Sunday daytime. This eve (4 PM PDT) through Tuesday raises your hopes, fulfills a fairly routine wish, brings social joys, popularity and flirtations. (Speaking of flirtations, though, do not start a love attraction this week, nor attempt to raise an ongoing affair to a new level — dalliances begun this week and/or the last two are doomed to failure.) Retreat Wednesday to noon Friday: sleep, relax, research and investigate, contemplate, be charitable and spiritual, and deal with government and other bureaucracies — but don’t make any plans, as they would change soon. This little interval flows smoothly and easily. Your energy and charisma take a leap upward Friday PM through Saturday. Get out, mingle, make contacts –for this is the most valuable thing you can do until May 10. Don’t launch anything. An okay week!


7 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — APRIL 16 – 22, 2017

  1. KurakAkuyek

    Thank you for the reply, Tim.
    I was just wondering to what extend you define head office since it is written as “head-office”
    Have a good week ahead,

  2. KurakAkuyek

    Hi Tim,
    In Aquarius, what does “head-office” imply? are influential elderly family members or parents the reason(s) for that in-quote?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Kurak,

      When I write “head office” it’s the same thing as a government office, a hospital, any institution. It also refers to management, policy, and/or delegating tasks. Beyond this, I’m not sure what you mean?



  3. naasia

    Thumbs up Tim, for giving an insight into the 18 months period ahead. As a Leo born on 15 Aug, I came out with approx. 4 months + 1 month extra for myself.
    I guess this sector is not just for marriage but extend to all kinds of relationships – personal or professional, right?

    And btw, hats off to you, coz no astrologer would be so honest in divulging his/her methods of calculations with such frankness (trust me, I’ve been to MANY in desperate times..).


  4. aLibra

    Lol.. Well money’s certainly at the root of many of my problems, so you’re bang on yet again… I guess I’ll just have to build a tiny house! XD Thank you for the answer.

  5. aLibra

    Hey Tim, I got a question. You keep telling us Libras that our home is/will be a source of friction for the next several years. I’ve experienced it somewhat mildly but is this a case of no matter what I do there will always be something wrong with my living situation? For example I like where I live right now, but it’s far from work. I’m afraid that if I move, I’ll just be trading one inconvenience for another or worse. Is there any way to break from this influence or take advantage of this aspect instead of fighting it?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, aLibra,

      I wish I knew. The main problem seems to be money. One way to “fight” this influence is to dive deeply into it — buy/sell real estate, do a huge renovation, build a house, etc.



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