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START NOTHING:  0:04 am to 7:56 am Sun., 2:46 pm to 3:43 pm Tues., 1:58 am to 8:10 pm Thurs., and 9:31 pm to 10:38 pm Sat.


QUICKIE PREDICTION:  The California wildfires should abate after Nov. 15/18. Not that they will suddenly stop, but this should  be the inflection point. (Placed Nov. 13 and 14.)
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 “In 2019 we might see a democratic congress and a republican senate.”  My words, in the August 5 blog (AFTERAMBLE). Guess I was right.
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I apologize for my slowness in answering emails and calls. My nickname is “Turtle.”
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Further on techie hints, this from a reader:

“Also, just fyi, I keep a paper copy of your column for bedtime reading for the week (no computer allowed in the bedroom) and I’m probably not the only one. The problem with that is that the “translate” button cuts off the text and makes it difficult to read.

For those in the same boat, just right click the Translate Button, and then click “Inspect”. That gives you the line for the website where the Translate Button is coded in. Then, just hit the “Delete” button on your keyboard twice, once to get rid of the text that says “Translate” and again to get rid of the box that covers up the text when you try to print it.

I’m no techie, but website coding is kind of cool.   Mirii
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ALL SIGNS: Remember, Mercury’s retrograde until Dec. 6, so don’t start any new, important relationships, projects/ventures, nor make big purchases. This period might contain “hidden treasure” — for this retro, sending us to the past, is occurring in the same sector/sign as the new, huge and very young, 12-month luck phase. During the next 3 weeks we might find a “magic key” in some past event, plan, contact, action or circumstance — that opens the door to 2019’s surge of luck or lucky project.
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     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This week: You remain in a soup of mystery, big consequences, digging into darker corners, and lust — both for intimacy and power — until Wednesday. By Thursday you gently abandon these as you enter a month of gentle love, wisdom, far travel, higher education, cultural, legal, and publishing interests. Two bonuses: not only will you love this month ahead, but an entire lucky year has just started in all these areas. (Read “Luck Forecast” about this, on PLATFORMS.)

But be patient, Aries, for it is exactly these areas — far travel, legal, etc. — that are affected most by the delays, indecision and false starts that exist until Dec. 6. Best use of this time to Dec. 6: 1) link with former loves, projects in travel, law, learning, etc.; and 2) ponder all these, how they worked or didn’t, to prepare yourself for the huge, fortunate year ahead — but don’t plan, not yet. Now through December, be careful (but interested, willing) with background matters — gov’t, health, agents, management.

0 to 8 am Sun.: all’s fine, start nothing.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Your energy, charisma and leadership abilities surge to a strong level. Get out, mingle, impress people! But don’t start anything significant. Sunday’s lucky to noon in love, learning; but sticky circumstances, practical dead-ends and difficulties with the gov’t or head office arrive Sun. noon to Mon. night. Tuesday’s hopeful, friendly, happy.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Chase money, buy/sell, hold a garage sale, ask for a pay raise, cultivate clients, etc. Be cautious buying: delay important purchases until Dec. 7 onward. Memorize facts, lists, methods. A sensual interlude might occur. A smooth, easy interval, one that quietly boosts your career or reputation — for now. (I say that because career is an area you should avoid until mid-2020.)

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Errands, paperwork, easy chores, contacts and communications, trips and visits fill this interval. You might “almost” feel a gush of attraction toward someone Thurs. Friday’s tough, and could be deceptive. Maintain caution. Saturday’s sweet, loving — great for a date, even daytime. (Remember, no one brand new. An old flame: yes!)

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This week: Remember, start nothing significant before Dec. 7 — no new projects, big purchases nor relationships. Something major might return from the past. It’s either a valid person or project that you can ‘take up” immediately; or a sign, indicator or clue pointing to what you might do soon. For example, a former sex partner could re-appear, or an investment you coveted but could not afford, or a research project that you dropped in the past. These should be worth pursuing.

This week (Thursday) turns you from open relationships to a month — and lucky year — of research, intimacy, financial opportunities, commitment and action. Keep this in mind: the people you were attracted to in 2018 can be fortunate links in the deeper financial and sexual waters of 2019. Protect your hips now to Dec. 2019. Your social life heats up to year’s end, involves a secret ally, or background link, confidential talks.

0 to 8 am Sun.:  All’s well, but no future here.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Lie low, retreat and rest. Ponder your life on practical and spiritual levels — but don’t make firm plans, as circumstances have already changed, and will evolve differently than you anticipate. Sunday morning’s good for investigation, but this afternoon to Mon. night frustrates love, intellectual and legal matters — and relationships. Tuesday brings good insights.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Your energy bounces back — suddenly, you attract others, and they will co-operate, follow your lead. Tackle tasks that formerly intimidated you. (But if they still confuse/intimidate, forget it — wait until mid-Dec. onward.) A great interval — everything succeeds! (But remember, you’re in a state of delays and false starts, so start nothing big, important and new.)

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc. But don’t purchase anything important or expensive, as you’ll later change your mind about it. Not a good time to hire employees nor ask for a pay raise. Possible big bill or dumb purchase Thurs. night. Friday needs care: impulse and fuzzy thinking a dangerous combination. Saturday’s smooth, easy, affectionate, esp. at workplace.

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

All week:  Remember, Mercury’s retro, so don’t start any new, significant projects, relationships, nor purchases before Dec. 7. Until then, an old flame could become a new lover. Or you might “rediscover” past opportunities, relocation prospects, fame — or an enemy, one who is quite honest about opposing you. During the year ahead, these — relocation, relationships, opportunities, fame, enemies and allies — will expand to become the most fruitful, fortunate segment of your life.

Now to Dec. 6, don’t push these areas, but do contemplate them, esp. past events involving them, because these past events/circumstances might hold a valuable clue to future opportunities. Do NOT act on them before Dec. 6, though, UNLESS you’re reprising the past — e.g., re-linking with an old flame. Bosses, VIPs remain testy, so remain patient. A romantic thread winds through Nov. Thursday ends a month of drudgery, and starts a month of relationships.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  All’s good, but all’s “nothing,” too.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Events hold barriers, setbacks (esp. in assets, investments, seeking intimacy) but you’ll be happy anyway. You’ll feel social, popular, upbeat — the future looks bright! (And is!) It’s early, but if a former flame contacts you before noon Sun., you might be starting a year-long adventure, which could end in marriage. (Or in divorce, if you’re already married.) Tuesday’s happy, lucky, bouncy.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Lie low, rest, contemplate — but don’t plan. Use this easy, mildly fortunate interval to interface with civil servants, admin. workers, health professionals, counsellors and psychics, astrologers. Be charitable, spiritual.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Your Gemini nature shines through — you’re talkative, active, ready to show others the way (if only you knew the way: it’s elusive at present). You might go a bit overboard (or feel a surge of sweet emotions) Thurs. pm. Careful Fri. — impulse, argument and fuzzy thinking are a bad combo, esp. in relations with higher-ups. Saturday is loving — and you might fall in.

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This week: Thursday changes your general emphasis from romance, creative and speculative joys, children’s talents, beauty and pleasure; to four weeks of the opposite: work, health and machinery. These last, work, etc., are very expansive and lucky for the 12 months ahead — BUT you should not take any firm steps into new territory, new projects, relationships or purchases before Dec. 7. Instead, wait for this interval to end, or pursue old, reprised situations, or simply forge onward, protecting present projects from delays, supply shortages, scheduling mistakes, etc. Until year’s end, avoid lawsuits, complicated legal commitments (e.g., signed contract). (If you’re a lawyer, business thrives!) You might start an affair with the boss’s daughter (or son), or be offered a more creative position. (Better if this starts AFTER Dec. 6.) Your home, family remain sweet and supportive — even eager.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  Good, easy, but empty of results.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Be ambitious — show your best side to bosses, police, judges and VIPs. You’re lucky in this, and in work, Sun. morning. But then through Mon., relationships might veer into struggle and power plays. Avoid this, it can hut your rep. Tuesday’s fine — might hold a career surprise, maybe involving computers or “future friend.”

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Be social, get out, mingle, call — your popularity surges, optimism lights your eyes, entertainment and flirtations abound. This interval comes at the end of a romantic year and month, so a last-minute gush of emotions, or knot-tying, might occur. Mildly fortunate interval.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Retreat from the hectic crowd, rest, contemplate. Study your life, past paths and present situation. Are you spiritual, charitable enough? It looks like you have some “accounting for yourself” to do Fri. — try to avoid argument, esp. religious/political ones, and fuzzy thinking. If you want love, you’ll find it easiest on the home front Sat. (Sat.’s smooth, benevolent.)

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week: Thursday ends a month (and year) of domesticity, family, real estate, security and foundational interests (how’s my basement? what’s my education? where do I stand? and with whom?). You have just had the best chance in a decade to establish yourself on a firm, beneficial foundation. If you bought a new house/home, don’t worry — congratulations are in order! But Thursday (1:02 am PST) starts a month and year of splendid luck in romance, teaching/raising kids, art, beauty, creativity, sports/games, gambling and speculative ventures.

You’re going to have a huge Leo year! But remember, don’t chase any of this, nor launch new projects, relationships or significant purchases before Dec. 7. Until then, an old flame might return (by email, mail, or phone more than a personal appearance). Yes, in this case, chase if you’re able to. Now to year’s end, your sexual sense (and magnetism) are intense, hot. Take care — and avoid impulse in financial, investment action.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  A nice, easy (but lustful) time — nothing of consequence.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Wisdom comes, floats in like a mood. Think big thoughts, ponder love, far travel, legalities, insurance, statistics, cultural venues, intellectual pursuits. Your best inspirations, ideas arrive before noon Sun. Then barriers, twists of fate interfere, Sun. afternoon to 9 pm Mon. Tuesday is loving, friendly, could hint, briefly but sharply, at your future mate or business partner. (Don’t act on this yet.)

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Your career, worldly standing and prestige relations (e.g., with your boss) go well this entire interval. Not great luck, just mild smooth progress. Bosses nod and approve. Get things done. Buy NO status symbols or career-enhancing items.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Celebrate! You’ve navigated through challenges, earned your reward. Get out, be social. Your popularity rises, flirtations intrigue, and your optimism is infectious. (Good! Without hope where would we be?) Thursday, you might embrace a long-lost “friend.” Friday’s tough, esp. if you’re chasing sex or financial/investment goals — stay uncommitted! Saturday’s happy, affectionate, esp. around suppertime.

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week: Thursday ends a month (and to some degree, year) of errands, paperwork, restlessness, travel, casual contacts, and communication. It starts a month (and a lucky year) of involvement with security, family, rest/relaxation, earth and Mother Nature, parent/kid relations, and real estate. This is a splendid, super-lucky year ahead to renovate, pay out the mortgage, upgrade or install CCTV, landscape, change your rented abode, or buy and sell a home.

But DON’T do any of these before Dec. 7, as delays, indecision and false starts nip at your heels in almost everything — esp. in the matters just listed (home, real estate, etc.). You will be both hotly attracted and hotly ready to fight until year’s end — make love, not war.  You might invest with a spouse or partner into mid-February — agreement Dec., action Jan./Feb.). Pregnancy lures, lust too, all Nov.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  Relationships lucky, but results look thin.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Dig deep, Virgo. Reject surface appearances. Finances, lust, pregnancy, investments, research, medical procedures and lifestyle changes are on the docket. But don’t commit to anything before Dec. 7. Exception: if one of these “returns from the past,” it could be worth pursuing, committing to. Best activity: research, investigation. Difficulties Sun. afternoon to Mon. night — avoid gambling, chasing romance.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Wisdom, a mellow mood, float in. It’s a lovely interval for intellectual, publishing/advertising, far travel, legal, cultural, love or similar concerns. Don’t start any new, significant projects or relationships — stick with the ongoing or reprise the past in both.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Chase money, sell items, cultivate clients. Buy nothing large and significant — you won’t want it later. Sex can be sweet, Thurs. and (more so) Sat. Both days good for earnings, and learning. But Friday needs caution: others aren’t friendly, and salespeople, others, might mislead. Good week!

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: Thursday shunts you from a month (and year) of monetary concerns, learning, and sensual desires (not lust but a sort of friendly sex). And puts you in a month and year (just beginning) of restless curiosity, multiple friendly contacts, short travel (and some long), paperwork and errands, communications and possible scattered activity (which leads to scattered results). These, errands, short trips, etc., will expand mightily over the 12 months ahead, but DON’T start new projects here (or anywhere) before Dec. 7. (Until then, false starts, delays and indecision prevail.) Ditto new relationships: wait 3 weeks before starting. A former friend might re-appear. (If so, he/she is interested in a serious commitment — but are you?) Work remains intense until year’s end — you or your partner’s health needs care, same period.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  Your heath progresses — but nothing else does.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Relationships, opportunities, relocation, negotiations, enmity, co-operation and mutual goals, exciting meetings or partnership prospects — these are slated. But they’re only fortunate Sun. morn and late Mon. night into Tues. (Tuesday is friendly and suddenly “awakens you” to a romantic marriage possibility.) Sunday night, Monday, your domestic situation kiboshes good agreements, bonds. But remember, no new relationships, no new opportunities, etc. Deal only with the ongoing or the past.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Life’s deeper side floats up; so do your subconscious and your intuition. You’ll see things very clearly, esp. in financial, intimate, medical and lifestyle areas — and where you’re asked for a commitment. Remember, not a good time to start projects nor commit to new action of any significant kind. Reprising a former investment, debt scheme, or sexual link should turn out well.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Wisdom arrives. Indulge profound thoughts, dream of far travel, weddings, legal triumphs, publishing, cultural events, love, and intellectual goals. Again, start nothing unless you’re reviving a past project or interest. Friday’s difficult, confusing, in both work and relationships: be diplomatic, patient. Thursday might bring a gush of emotion or enthusiasm, perhaps re travel or love. Saturday’s lovely — and could bring love’s wink.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week: The first four days continue your high energy, charisma and clout. But Thursday starts a new month — and year — of money, earnings, purchases, client serving/selling, and of learning, memorization, and casual sex. (Casual means “for pleasure” not “loose.”) These interests will be studded with expanding luck, and might feature “two”s. E.g., you might receive two pay raises, or might dance with two casual lovers. In any case, one of the luckiest money years of your life begins Thursday. But DON’T launch new $ projects, nor buy anything significant, nor start a school course or a sensual (or any) relationship before Dec. 6. Anything you start now will encounter defeating delays an indecision. Purchases could be lemons. Romance continues intense until year’s end. Your private or inner life remains sweet, until Dec.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  Affection, creative urges please, but little has any result.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Tackle chores and protect your daily health. Good to noon Sun., and Tues. But in-between, Sun. noon through Monday, others (and circumstances) “fight” your progress. Don’t engage in idle talk. Be diplomatic in gestures, smile. You and someone (a new friend?) could share a laugh — or a shock — Tues.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, co-operation vs opposition, negotiations, agreements — these fill this interval. All goes well, but DON’T start new projects or relationships (before Dec. 7). Instead, butter up those you know, or contact those from the past.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Sex, assets, financial manoeuvres, research or detective work, medical exigencies, life style changes, commitment and consequence — these are slated. But DON’T commit to anything, sign nothing, before Dec. 7. A gush of desire (or an urge to invest) nudges you Thurs. night. Friday’s not good — believe nothing, and avoid romance, gambling (you’d lose in both, if pursued now). Saturday’s fine, good — a love might be sealed with deep intimacy!

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: Thursday ends a month (and year) of low energy and depressed luck. The same day starts a month (and year) of splendid energy, optimism, cheerful friendliness, and an explosion of personal good fortune! However, don’t dive in precipitously — anything launched between now and Dec. 7 is likely to expire on the rocks of indecision, delay, shortages and false starts. Exception: something/someone from the far past (at least pre-2018) can represent a valid opportunity. Examine before leaping.

Your home/family present frustrating conflicts (child has a rash?) until year’s end (for instance, this Monday). Same period, you might discover romance “in your own backyard.” However, it’s more likely you’ll end a romance. A special wish/hope, seemingly elusive earlier, might now come true — and social matters are “righted” or improved.

0 am to 8 am:  Might as well sleep or day dream. Important events will be rare.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Ah, sweet romance! It’s good to noon Sun., and “okay” Tues. (very friendly) but the time in-between tends toward rejection, boredom, even cruelty. Home demands conflict with your dawning sense of adventure. Keep your temper! And do chase pleasure, creative paths, despite my wee warning.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Tackle chores — you’ll get mounds done during this mildly fortunate, easy interval. Eat, dress sensibly. This usually would be a good time to buy machinery or hire service people (plumber, etc.) — but not now. Hire only to perform necessary repairs, chores.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Relationships fill these few days. Remember, others will tend to approach you, now into Dec. 2019. Thursday also starts a month of high energy and charisma. But don’t start new relationships before Dec. 7. (“Relationships” also includes: relocation, negotiation and agreement, opportunities, litigation and public dealings — including fame. Don’t start these yet, either!) Thursday might bring someone who really really wants you, but for how long? Friday’s unreliable, deceptive, holds friction on the home front. Saturday’s splendid — love has a sweet chance.

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19:

This week:  The general atmosphere of delight and promise continues to Thursday. But this day begins a month of quietude, contemplation, and dealings with civil servants, institutions, management/admin., spiritual and charitable “sources.” (A matter from the past might return involving these — gov’t, etc.) You’ll feel the urge to plan, but don’t bother before Dec. 7. You remain restless, talkative (to year’s end). Higher-ups approve of your progress, actions (to Dec. 2). Remember, start no significant relationships or projects, nor make important purchases, before Dec. 7.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  Active, but to no end.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Your home, family, real estate, gardening, security, diet and soul are emphasized. These don’t face a rough ride, but a sluggish or puzzling one through Mon. night. Try to lighten up; don’t be overbearing toward kids, spouse. Tuesday’s better: friendly, but you might suddenly face the need to spend on the home or kids.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Ah, romance! And pleasure, beauty, self-expression, sports/games and speculation. All favoured! The kids you might have worried over now show resiliency and new talents. If single, do approach someone, but only someone from the past. (Or let it go, no harm either way.) Whatever you do, do something for pleasure.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Tackle chores, but cautiously through Friday. Eat, dress sensibly. Not the best time to work with water, moisture, nor to operate machinery, nor to communicate. Saturday’s fine — co-workers please, everyone’s friendly, and chores flow smoothly.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18:

This week: Remain ambitious through Wednesday, but don’t dive into any new projects (nor relationships nor significant purchases) before Dec. 7. Instead, just show diligence, skill, and your good nature. Thursday begins a month (and year!) of celebration, popularity, optimism, entertainment, and probable flirtation. You’ll be happy. Remember, money will gush toward you (and through you if you’re careless) until year’s end. Bank it! Intellectual, international, love, legal, cultural and publishing concerns, lately stalled, move forward nicely now to month’s end.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  Nice sensual atmosphere, but little result.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  Chat, write, text, travel, visit now. Errands, paperwork, easy chores slated. All goes well before noon Sun., and Tues. But you face obstacles and snags Sun. pm to Mon. night — go slow. Don’t gossip during the “obstacle” period, and avoid gov’t, management types.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  The accent lies on your home and family, security, mother nature, food and soul. Rest, relax. All flows smoothly and benevolently. A good time to slow down temporarily on the career front.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Romance stirs — but avoid any new links. An old flame might appear. Creative urges, speculative nudges. Beauty, pleasure and charming kids round out this alluring interval. You might feel a surge of emotion toward someone Thurs. night, but this would face numerous problems later. Friday’s awful — argument, deception, money frustrations get in the way of love and most else. But Saturday’s fine — loving, affectionate — your beauty sense is excellent. But remember, no one brand new! (An old flame fairly likely.)

   PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20:

This week: It’s a pretty satisfying, thoughtful week until Thurs., Pisces, despite some Monday difficulties. Focus on intellect, far travel, legal and cultural concerns. Thursday starts a month (and year) of ambition. You’re going to climb one rung of success or career at least — probably much more, as this is the luckiest ambition year in over a decade. (Read your “Luck Forecast” in “PLATFORMS” for more on this.) But remember, start nothing, no project, big purchase nor relationship, before Dec. 7. Promises will be broken before then, not maliciously. Your financial, sexual and medical sectors remain benevolent, but only to month’s end. You are very intense, fired up — and sexually magnetic — this week and next. This could lead to indiscretions before Dec.

0 am to 8 am Sun.:  Your energy’s high, but little comes of it.

8 am Sun. to 3 pm Tues.:  The accent lies on money, earnings, shopping — and on sensual/casual intimacy, rote learning and possessions. Guard your $ — remember, buy nothing significant before Dec. 7. You might be discussing money with an employer, and/or future prospects. Remember, many things are liable to change so don’t base your future on what’s said, and make no promises. (In actuality, your future is likely far better, so keep options open.) Tuesday’s friendly, productive, but Sun./Mon. aren’t great, need patience and caution.

4 pm Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Errands, easy chores, paperwork, short trips, communications and casual contacts — these are slated, and go well. Look twice: addresses, figures could be wrong. Also, you might find things you should have sent, called, before — this is the best time to tackle these. All’s well.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Turn your attention to home, family, security issues, sales/business territory, nature, diet, stomach and soul. Relax, ponder life’s goodness, nature’s depths/beauty. If a family argument starts Thurs. night, it could grow to monster proportions. Then, Friday promotes friction (or you do?). Your kids/family might not understand your position or thoughts. That all changes Saturday, when affection reigns supreme. A bonus: 5 months of delay and personal indecision ends! (Freeing you for 7 months of “direct action.”)



APRIL 2019 will be a significant month. Iran will hit the news, maybe start a nuclear program or confrontation. World-wide, April will bring changes, deep ones that affect health, medicine, nuclear power/bombs, research, police-death-investigation, therapy, psychiatry — and most tellingly, the hierarchies of many nations will change or be under threat; and it won’t be viewed as a good thing. Includes the Catholic church. Now, I say April, but many world events take a long, slow time to evolve, nothing suddenly appears in a vacuum… and often the events we see in the media will occur a month or two earlier or later….
***   ***

A reader asked me to look at China’s real estate market. When I was there in 2017, I had two huge impressions: 1) that China is mostly forest, huge tracts of unused/undeveloped land exist; and 2) that the cities are so massive population-wise. One (was it Chendu?) had almost as many residents as Canada’s entire population — about 34 million.

In Hong Kong when we were there, the government was subsidizing young couples to help them buy a 200 square foot apartment (about the average size of a North American living room) because prices were so high.

Astrologically, China is a Libra nation. I think realty prices will at best stabilize to 2020. At worst, they could “nova” (increase drastically) in late 2018, 2019, then jerk downward. We might see a crash around April 2019. But China was born lucky in real estate. (I’m considering modern China to be born October 1, 1949.) This luck, combined with population pressure, should keep China’s prices buoyant over the long term. Still, I’d expect a general negative weight on prices (or simply on sales, i.e., a reduction in yearly transactions) now through May 2020. There might be even more government-induced/supported mega-realty projects during this period.

As time goes on, 2020 into 2025, investors in Chinese realty will see their wishes come true.

China will face a hostile military situation in January/February 2019. (This happens about every 2 years, so I don’t want to over-emphasize it.) Iran might seek some partnership dealings with China at this time — or, less likely, might attack Chinese assets.

China’s success (long term) lies in computer and high tech zones. However, their high tech planet, Uranus, lies in a morally bad degree — hence, for example, the U.S.’s valid complaint that China has stolen their technology. China’s telco, Huawei, sells mobile phones that can spy on the user, which caused the U.S. Army to ban them for soldiers. Long run, I suspect China will use high tech in a sexually-oriented way. China is always quite hopeful about partnerships with other nations, and will gain from these associations monetarily. China also gains from foreign and domestic investment, very much. This will become a rich country.
***   ***

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have a bad period, 2019 to spring 2020. In 2019 he’ll be so buoyant and cheerful that it’s hardly noticeable — but gloom grows obvious in 2020. His two most “dangerous” periods are June through August 2019 (a female’s involved) and, stronger, March/April 2020. He will remain a prominent figure in Canadian politics until 2025, then he will “go underground” — not in the criminal sense, but he will subside from significant public life, to make deals with cronies.
***   ***

Wondering when all these mass murder incidents (*) in the U.S. will end? Well, 2025. And in some ways, this trend toward killing groups of strangers — or some similar “death path” — will last/occur until 2229.

On the other hand, this same influence will (and has, since 1983) boost medical research/ discovery, healing techniques, and technological advance; huge advances which in turn change the vectors of society. (E.g., the mobile phone, credited universally with changing social habits and behaviours, was invented in 1973, but did not become “public” or widely embraced until 1983, the year AMPS, the first wireless system, was created in North America.)

This hints that the era ahead (1983-2229) might focus more on the system, structure, and human result of technology, rather than specifically on technological discovery/advancement.

(*Almost 2 per month in 2016 and ’17, involving 21 states, says FBI.)
***   ***

This thing of crowds gathering in restaurants or outside homes to shout at, insult and intimidate politicians or celebrities they don’t agree with. (A la Maxine Waters, the dishonest, bank-defrauding pol.) An easy solution: give these politicians one of those extremely loud (gas cartridge?) bullhorns — a few blasts should dampen the enthusiasm of those bullies and jerks. For a home, have several big versions on the roof! (Or whatever.)


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  1. rd38

    The charges against Maxine Water, you refer to were 7 years old and they were dropped. Just another s**t stirring site brought them up.

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