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START NOTHING:  7:13 am to 7:45 am Tuesday; 7:58 pm to 8:14 pm Thursday (that’s all!)


ALL SIGNS: Mercury begins a few weeks (technically, Nov. 16 to Dec. 6) of delays, mistakes, forgetfulness, lost items, second-thoughts, and indecision. Former loves are likely to re-appear for air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius),

Don’t start new ventures, major purchases or relationships before Dec. 6. Work to finish ongoing projects, or to reprise formerly dropped ones.
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I’m trying a new layout for the weekly sign messages below. Let me know if you like the new layout, or prefer my old mishmash. (Of course, with my usual brilliance, I’m starting this new format with Mercury about to retrograde!)



    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The week:  The general emphasis lies on secrets, discoveries, lust, intimacy, temptations, financial action, commitment and consequence, life style changes, and medical procedures. Your intuition, hunches, are very accurate. You move from ambition to celebration to a deep rest. No major problems.

Sun. to 7 am Tues.: (Pacific Standard Time)  Be ambitious. Higher-ups are watching, noting. You’ll succeed, to Mon. midday. After this, (sweet) distractions grow, and unpredictable elements enter (more toward Tues. morning).

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Your mood is celebratory, as friends arrive, optimism shines, and everybody’s social! A “innocent” flirtation could lead to a boudoir moment. (This might lead to good “mate prospects” too, as long as social boundaries aren’t crossed, e.g. wedding vows.)

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Lie low, rest, contemplate and form plans. Be charitable, spiritual, deal with gov’t and “head office”. Mars enters Pisces Thurs., to bring 6 weeks of relative thoughtfulness — and more dealings with gov’t, management, institutions. Venus, your planet of love and partnership, resumes direct motion Friday, meaning others will now give direct answers to your persuasions. A “marriage” might finally occur.

Mercury turns retrograde Friday also, starting 3 weeks of delay and mistakes, mostly in far travel, legal, publishing and intellectual zones. Avoid these for the duration, if you can.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The week: A long relationship period (13 months) — a bountiful one for you — now quietly subsides, though perhaps with one last happy bang, late week. Do what you can to seal any deals, convey your attraction, embrace an opportunity. Three weeks of delay will hit your ventures, investments, sexual desires, starting late week. On the other hand, over a month of personal delays now end. Expect, in weeks ahead, 1) sensual opportunities, and 2) the return of former financial and sexual situations.

Sun. to 7 am Tues.: (Pacific Standard Time)  Mellow mood, wisdom, far travel, intellectual and legal themes fill these days. So do thoughts of love. All these succeed to midday, evening Monday, then hit a disruptive element into Tues. morn.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Focus on your ambitions, career, and relations with important people. This zone, blasted with difficulty for the last year and a half, now turns benevolent and fruitful. (For a long time — a peak of accomplishment here in 2021.) Thursday, Mars starts 6 weeks of intensified social life. Someone from the darker corners of your life might “return” or enter, as a friend.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Joy visits! Optimism, popularity, entertainment, flirtations fill these days. As mentioned above, you are finally free to call your own shots, esp. in sexual, power, work/health and financial corridors. A former financial opportunity, or former sexual partner, might return before mid-December. Don’t try to talk someone into your arms Fri. night.

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The week: You remain in work mode, Gemini. Your health still needs care and sensible habits (esp. eating habits). No big problems nor huge successes this week — it’s like porridge, bland but good, filling. Mercury turns retrograde this week, so don’t start any new ventures, relationships or major jobs now to Dec. 6. A former spouse or potential partner might return now to mid-Dec. He/she has a temper. Consider what life would be like tied to this person, before you leap. Could be good!

Sun. to 7 am Tues.: (Pacific Standard Time)  Read your “karmic forecast” (under PLATFORMS) for these few days. Sexual desires, financial inspirations, research and secrets, digging deep, temptations, medical procedures — any or all attract you now, but any of these can also hold subtle trap-doors. Careful! Examine your own motives. No apparent obstacles until a disruptive Tues. morning.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Mental awakening, intellectual bliss, gentle, deep love, far travel, advertising, communicating profound ideas — these attract you. While you can’t really dive into them while you’re clenched in the arms of employment/work, as now, these themes/activities are no longer problem-inducing, slow or screwed up. All’s smooth, easy here, including love (Thurs. morn especially).

9 pm Thurs. thru Sat.:  Focus on your career and dealings with higher-ups. Thursday starts 6 weeks of temperament, impatience, on the part of bosses and parents. Be patient, long-suffering, and don’t insist on your way. A higher-up might help bring your wishes true in the month ahead. Talk to boss, VIP, etc. about your work these few days, as it dovetails well with the general work emphasis. A longish delay (6 weeks) in dealing with children or with a lover, ends now. State your case Nov. 20. (Or if you can’t wait, Saturday.)

   CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The week: Romance should be on your mind, if you’re single. If married, focus on your kids, their talents, and your mate’s beauty. The joy and pleasure of the last month continues. This week “travels” from meeting to wedding. For the next 6 weeks, beware legal confrontations. You might work on an international, publishing, legal, educational or travel project for your boss — this could have a good result. An easy, smooth time. Mercury retrogrades Friday, bringing 3 weeks of delay, indecision and false starts, esp. in machinery, tools, chores, employment and daily health.

Sun. to 7 am Tues.: (Pacific Standard Time)  Relationships, partnerships, people who are your equal, and might want to hug or fight — largely your choice. These fill these few days. Everything runs smoothly until Mon. night/Tues. morn, when disruptions occur. Despite the smooth, pleasant atmosphere, take care with new people. They’re not bad — it’s just that something doesn’t fit.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Life’s secrets, big money, sex/lust, heightened intuition, lifestyle choices, medical procedures, investigation — these attract you. For the last 18 months, this has been a poor zone for you; sluggish results, temptations, wrong directions. But no longer. For the next 17 years, you’ll succeed in these “darker” or deeper things — in fact, major wishes will come true in this region, from Feb./19 to 2025. Act now, but only where these things (sex, assets, research, et al) connect to your career or worldly standing.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Ah, sweet love! If you’re entwined romantically with someone, use these few days to talk about love and living together. Great interval for higher education, far travel, intellectual and legal, cultural and love action. For the rest of November, your family will treat you affectionately. Recent work delays end now, esp. those related to home, kids, decorations or refurbishing. But other delays begin, esp. in work, health.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The week: This time revolves around home, family and security. You might have (in the last 13 months) made a fortunate move or real estate deal. You can “complete” that now, if any lingering strings remain. At the end of this week, you will “sum up” what you’ve done, and how you sit financially. Realize Mercury goes retrogrades Friday, so things will go backwards until Dec. 6. Start no new relationships, projects or ventures for those 3 weeks. An old flame might return.

If you’ve been hesitating to buy a new vehicle, do so Saturday (if you’ve had your eye on one, otherwise risky) or wait until Dec. 7 onward. You’ve been hot for someone (or at someone) for months. But it was the wrong person! Now that “heat” switches to private places, where you’ll take the lid off your more primitive impulses. Be honest, ethical, and you’ll be fine. But wait until Dec. 7 onward to approach intimacy with someone — if she/he is brand new, much better auspices. An easy week!

Sun. to 7 am Tues.: (Pacific Standard Time)  Tackle chores. Eat and dress sensibly. DON’T agree to take on extra work, esp. not new work or infant projects. All’s smooth until Mon. night, Tues. morn — wee disruption.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  An exciting meeting could occur! (Remember, an old flame is getting nearer, too.) Relationships, relocation, opportunities, negotiations and contracts — these fill this mid-week, and, unlike during the past 18 months, offer you a clear path and reward. Soon, if single, love will whisper in your ear — and marriage is possible, even happily probable (either 2021, co-habitation; or ’23, wedding). Finally, you can chase the far horizon, and find a profitable harbour!  One thing: co-operate, be diplomatic. This interval can also create enemies if you’re heedless.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Everything goes “underground”. Dig deep, explore, ask questions. Your intuition is tops now. You can be intrigued by investments or other financial actions, lust and private interludes, medical demands, lifestyle changes, research or detective work. All goes well (despite a wee disagreement Fri.). For 6 weeks, this zone will be intense, so remember: no impulse. Think it through, then act. Avoid extra-marital temptations.

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22:

This week: The general accent remains on easy chores, communications, errands, travel, paperwork and casual contacts. An easy week. Follow adventure and your curiosity. A wee gamble might lead to a strong relationship potential, or a business or relocation opportunity.

Sun. to 7 am Tues.: (Pacific Standard Time)  You feel romantic, can sense the beauty and paths to pleasure that surround you. All goes smoothly, except for a Tues. morning disruption. You might find that solid results elude you — a condition that affects “heavy” romance until May 2020. A small clue: if you are attracted to someone Mon. night, and try to move forward with it, you’ll see you were slightly “mistaken”. Still, a sweet time!

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Tackle chores and health concerns. You’ll get a lot done — and you could earn a money bonus, or pluck a  $ plum Thurs. Buy tools, machines if you need them.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Exciting meetings occur. Half of these are fruitful; half will get tangled in a web of indecision and delay. The difference? The talkative, alert, restless “meeting” will go backwards in the three weeks ahead. The smooth, calm, sensual one could have a future. Now to Dec. 6, avoid starting new projects or relationships. Protect the ongoing, and/or reprise past projects. This Thursday to year’s end intensifies relationships: be diplomatic! You might spark a powerful sexual bond.

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: Continue to chase money. Indulge your senses. Use this easy week to wrap up projects — don’t begin new ones, or new relationships, before Dec. 7. An old flame might appear, a “friendly” one, in the few weeks ahead. You’ve felt uncertain about love for the last month and more; that now ends, so you will know who you want — but contacting him/her might be difficult.

Sun. to 7 am Tues: (Pacific Standard Time)  Turn your focus toward your home, parent/kid relations, security, garden, real estate, etc. But realize this zone holds little profit, with much struggle, at least to May 2020. (Until then, you’d be wise to focus on career, the outside world, rather than home.) All flows smoothly until a wee disturbance or opposition Tues. morn.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Romance, pleasure, beauty, self-expression, games/sports, risk and reward — sink into these! Other general factors aren’t romantic (etc.) so this won’t be a breakthrough interval, just an enjoyable one. Great time to work on your kids’ future, education, toys, etc. Don’t plan future pleasure: dive in immediately.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Tackle chores and attend to your daily health. Eat, dress sensibly. All goes well. If buying tools, machines, do so Saturday, not before. Work will be intense for the next 6 weeks. You might be ready to invest or research soon — but reject all realty involvements.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week: Your energy, charisma and clout remain high. But use this extra clout to wrap up projects. Don’t start any new ventures, big tasks or relationships before Dec. 7.  It’s an easy, smooth week without large problems. For the rest of November, a former money source might appear (perhaps from an investment or “handshake deal” you made some time ago).

Sun. to 7 am Tues.: (Pacific Standard Time)  Errands, paperwork, short trips, communications and casual contacts fill these days. Do what you must here, without expanding or launching anything. For example, under “paperwork” – don’t fill out an application for a new job, or write a new story. (For more on this, read your “karmic forecast” in PLATFORMS.) A mild disruption Tues. morning, so drive carefully, ditto handling machinery, electricity. If you appeal to someone for love Mon. pm, they’ll turn a deaf ear. If you appeal for aid, financial or otherwise, it will come with the kind of strings that tie you up.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Steer toward home, children, garden, security. Relax and ponder your life. You’ll discover a “sweet place” (probably Thurs. morning). All’s well!

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Don’t let love escape you, Scorpio. If you’re involved or want to be, speak up! Romance intensifies this Thurs. to year’s end. If single, you might become involved with a co-worker. (By co-worker, I always mean someone in the same field as you, not necessarily your office mate.) However, don’t push for sex — it might be denied for the next 3 weeks, esp. if you push. Long delays in gov’t, institutional or admin zones (answers not coming?) ends Friday. You’re going to travel a big money path soon!

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week:  You remain a bit tired, contemplative. (But you might already be feeling the buoyant cheerfulness that will grow to fill the year ahead.) Interact with gov’t, head office, insurance companies, etc. Make plans, but only amorphously, as circumstances will change over the 3 – 4 weeks ahead. Wrap up projects now, and start no new projects nor relationships before Dec. 7. An old flame might not so much re-appear, as reclaim your thoughts.

You are on the verge of a huge, bountiful new year (and decade) but before you “enter”, a lot of junk needs to be cleared out – emotionally, mentally, even physically. This process will occur between this Thursday and early January. Suffer it, keep your temper in check, be gentle with children, and know these 6 weeks ahead are cleaning you up, making you fresh and open to the new, bountiful fortune that awaits. A romantic relationship might end during this phase.

Sunday to 7 am Tues.:  Handle money, buy/sell, earn, etc. All flows well, but in general only do what is necessary in this area — for 18 months. Some wee disruption (in a romance?) late Mon. night, Tues. morn.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Errands, paperwork, easy chores, trips and visits fill this nice n’ easy interval. Be curious, communicate, ask questions. Friends please, flirtation blossoms (somewhat).

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Focus on your domestic zone: kids, spouse, garden, security, rest and relaxation. Again, almost all runs smoothly. You might face a bit of quibbling Fri. Don’t ask for co-operation. Still, all’s well. Recent indecision about your goals (and who to befriend) ends now.

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week: A smooth, easy week awaits you, Cap. Wishes can come true. Your popularity remains high, especially early in the week. Enjoy the happiness that surrounds you. You have had a rather wild ride with money since mid-September. That wild ride ends Friday, and in its place come six weeks of unusually hectic communications and travel. You might end some associations during this time.

Similarly, your career zone has been affected by delays and indecision for the last two weeks.  Now, going forward, you will encounter many affectionate meetings until early January. The doors might open to an exclusive group. All week, wrap up projects rather than starting anything new — ventures and relationships will tend to go in circles until December 6. So stick with the ongoing, or reprise contacts, situations, and opportunities from the past.

Sun. to 7 am Tues.:  Your energy and charisma rocket to a splendid level. You will attract others. Use this energy to work toward your favourite goals. Everything goes well, but you might hit a bit of domestic turbulence Monday night to Tuesday morning.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Chase money, buy and sell, cultivate clients and look for bargains, especially in Computer areas. You’re might make a good money move Thursday morning. If nothing else, tell your boss you wouldn’t mind a pay raise.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Errands, paperwork, easy chores, travel and communications fill these few days. All’s well, so charge ahead. BUT, remember that delays and indecision affect the 3 weeks ahead. Don’t submit important applications, etc. Aim your missives toward the past.

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: The general accent remains on ambition, world standing, and prestige relations. Use this favourable, smooth week to wrap up projects rather than begin new ones. Now to Dec. 6, don’t start any new projects nor relationships. Instead, focus on ongoing tasks, or reprise situations/opportunities from the past. A former social group or lover might return in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

You have been very “hot,” talkative, temperamental and magnetic since mid-September — this ends now. Someone still loves you, and might show it before Nov. ends. (Btw, you won’t see it until December, but your bosses are going to consider you for promotion, or at least be charmed by you, all that month.)

Sun. to 7 am Tues.:  Lie low, retreat from the madding crowd, rest, ponder and plan. (But that last only generally, as circumstances are going to change soon — massively for the better!) Interact with gov’t, head office, institutions and charities. Be spiritual. Only one caution: don’t speak out of turn (or loose-cannon-wise) Mon. night to Tues. morn.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Your energy and charisma bounce back. Your charisma draws others, sparks co-operation. Ask favours, be a leader! (But remember, start nothing new, big.) Love taps you on the shoulder Thurs. morn.

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Chase money, buy/sell, seek bargains — but buy nothing important before Dec. 7. The 6 weeks ahead will bring a gush of money your way, but will also nudge you to spend. Save if you can! Many $ conversations will take place through year’s end. You might not notice it yet, but a grey cloud that has weighed on your spirit since May 2017 has lifted. Your future looks bright!

   PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week: Chase profound things during this easy week, Pisces. Think deep thoughts, seek a wider understanding, engage in intellectual, cultural, international pursuits. If you’ve fallen in love, admit it, discuss marriage and such things. In general, though, wrap up projects and ventures rather than begin new ones, especially in career zones. Until Dec. 6, delays, second thoughts and false starts will  prevail. On the other hand, recent indecision about sex, intimacy, investments and investigations ends now, freeing you to make a commitment — and  collect rewards. (Either take actions mid-week, or delay them until Dec. 7 onward.)

Sun. to 7 am Tues.:  You feel social, upbeat — the future looks bright, and others find you entertaining. However, don’t get carried away with this. Realize that now to May 2020 your social zone will be a bit disappointing, sluggish. (Focus instead on one-to-one love and pleasure— this has “the angels’ help.”) Tuesday morning might spark an awkward conversation.

8 am Tues. to 8 pm Thurs.:  Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan (but plan only vaguely, as circumstances will change over the weeks ahead). Seek spirit, be charitable. Deal with management, head office, institutions and gov’t. An investment you made recently might pay off. If that “investment” was a romantic “feeler,” it might also pay off now, but in this wee low energy interval, can you take advantage?

9 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Weariness ends — you shoot upward with energy, charisma and ambition. But remember, start no important relationships or projects (or purchases) before Dec. 7. Still, use these few days to impress others, to call in favours, to lead others. You’ll be impressive! Thursday starts 6 weeks during which you’ll be intense, assertive, sexually magnetic, and temperamental. Mostly, you’ll be assertive about making money. Good, I think!

The End.


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  1. crabbycancerian

    Hi Tim, I’ve enjoyed reading this blog since 2004.
    One question on the Nov 11 weekly forecast – it seems to contradict entirely with the Karma forecast for Cancer…i.e. great time to consider living together VS this is a poor time to begin living together. Am I reading too much into the Karma forecast?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, crabbycancerian,

      Yep, I should have caught that, explained more. Yes, until May 2020, it’s not a good time to marry or begin co-habitation. But you can still enjoy romance, sex, friendship, etc. I wrote: “talk about love and living together”– the living part could occur/start in June 2020, or anytime thereafter.



  2. Dian

    Wow! Love the new format. It is much easier to understand the week with the breakdown laid out so plainly.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Linah,

      It depends partly on your personal chart, but usually if you start a new job during a Mercury retrograde, you won’t stay there long. Promotion will tend to be denied or sluggish. However, if you need the money, take the job!



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