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The time travel riddle solved?: (Maybe, in the AFTERAMBLE.)
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PLEASE NOTE: I am re-running the following “how to find true love” item again because I gave you the wrong data when this ran in the December 23 blog. If you read the original article, you only need to add one full year to each of the “gaps” I described there. But here it is again, in full, with the correct number of years:

Want true love? Try someone born 7 years + 18 to 20 days after or before your own birthdate.  (E.g., born May 1, 1980? Then May 18 to 20, 1987, will be the birth date of your “perfect paramour”. Or, to take away, gives us 1973, about April 11). When you locate the birth date(s) of your older and younger “high harmony mates,”  you can try advertising on the internet, but be sure to ask for a  birth certificate from any responder.

In some cases, this person will have the same Sun sign as you, although in most cases, he/she will be your adjacent sign — the Sun sign behind you or ahead of you. (E.g., Scorpio’s adjacent signs are Libra [behind him] and Sagittarius [in front of him].)

I usually advise against marrying or having a love-affair with your adjacent sign, because such a bond yields friendliness, politeness, and an initial sensual ease (you become intimate easily, sexually) but not emotionally. So the relationship tends toward boredom after a time. But biorhythms say this “gap” of 6 yrs 19 days is the closest you’ll come to a perfect biorhythm match (on sexual, emotional and intellectual scales) — unless you accept a 60+ year gap. (I haven’t calculated the exact figure.)

The question is, are biorhythms valid, and if so do they outweigh astrological relationship lore?

I suspect they both contribute. I have found the sexual/physical relationship bio-rhythm scale to be uncannily accurate. I haven’t noticed that the other two rhythms (emotional and social/cultural/intellectual) don’t work. In fact, I have seen many instances of the workings of the social/intellectual rhythm. When these are markedly different in 2 people, even between passionate lovers – they almost never marry. Often, one person believes in marriage and the other doesn’t; or one’s already married; or one’s a Christian, one a Jew, etc.

A low social biorhythm match often indicates different religions or “family philosophies.” (The social rhythm is 33 days, so multiples thereof would be perfect social/intellectual matches, while two birthdays 16-17 days apart [or extensions thereof] would have difficulty understanding each other, even in work and other non-love situations.)
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This week: Your ambitions, career striving, status goals and reputation remain in focus. And my caution also remains in effect: don’t press this area too hard, especially if you sense delays or are tempted to violate ethical boundaries. You’re beginning to look on the world with kind, understanding eyes — and a lucky turn might affect legal, travel, international, educational, media or cultural situations (this builds toward a peak early next week). Your courage and determination remain high. Use this to “become yourself”, to set yourself on a course YOU want to travel. (But leave career alone.)

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Your energy and charm remain very high, but this is not a period to chase relationships or love’s pleasures. Instead, you might have to battle your way forward — you will, and win! Others talk about important career data, or trends. Accept, but don’t follow these opinions slavishly. You might have to choose between open, honest and profound thinking/talk, and withdrawal and secrecy. All’s well that ends well, and you will!

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Pursue $, deal with $, and spend. This is a fortunate interval for buying, selling, seeking new clients or a pay raise, etc. You might talk someone into bed. Should you?

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Chase facts, details, be curious, ask questions, peruse the media. Errands, short trips, communications and paperwork fill these days. Wednesday night goes very well (and something romantic is happening this whole interval) but some deception or secrecy affects Thurs., and a possible disruption, even a break-up, can occur Fri. Still, love lives, somewhere!

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Head for home, relax, daydream, ponder — make a minor decision involving home/family and ambition/career. Inspired evening!

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This week: It’s your last week (for awhile) of serene understanding, of far travel, legal, cultural and intellectual pursuits. Yet, contrarily, this is also the worst week, on subtle and karmic levels, to plunge into or push any of these matters. Investments and intimacy blossom with sweet reward the rest of January. Avoid belligerent people, dangerous places, until  mid-February.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Lie low, rest, seek solitude, ponder and plan. These will go a lot better Mon. morning than anytime Sunday. You could see two good options Sun. — friendship, hope and flirtation versus deep things, sexual bonding, financial commitment. The latter’s lucky now, the former’s better long-term. Careful Sun. — many possible disagreements, obstacles.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Your energy and charm soar, and everything looks rosy! Charge ahead (except after the things listed in the first sentence of “This week” above). Be a leader, see and be seen, ask favours, start significant projects. All goes forward!

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Pursue money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc. But proceed carefully, as obstacles exist, especially in social hopes/goals and intellectual/travel desires. Be diplomatic, try to relax. A secret attraction, or a secret business exchange, might draw you, and reward action.

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Errands, visits, communications and paperwork are slated. Proceed cautiously, sidestep arguments, work alone. Saturday night waves a social wand — engage, talk, laugh!

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This week: This is your last week of temptation, but it is also the strongest. It is trying to pull you into large financial actions, investments, unwise spying or sharing of secrets, and intimate lust toward someone(s!) who likely is committed to another. You’re hopeful and happy (unlike last month) until mid-February. Others will treat you with grace and affection the rest of January. (That will be important the last two weeks of Jan., when love could blossom with someone who would make a pretty good mate.)

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Friendly love, friends, optimism, entertainment call you! Your popularity rises. A wish might come true. Monday’s fine, but Sun. holds many snags. Someone might reject you because he/she doesn’t think your “standing” or prestige is high enough. Alienation possible. Just smile, be a friend, and all will work out on the good side.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Retreat, rest, study your own progress and make plans. Nothing to bother or impede you (other than a lack of energy). An excellent time to visit a psychic, astrologer or other, practical advisor. (E.g., stock broker, therapist.) You mesh well with institutions, gov’t — seek aid, permission. Meditate, ponder.

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Your energy, clout, leadership and charm surge upward! Start significant projects, enlist others, ask favours. However, proceed with some caution: deception or career worries might mar Thurs., while financial, sexual or social disruptions dent Fri. a bit. Still, love seems to be in the air — if choosing between prospects, choose the only that makes you feel romantic, that melts your heart, not your knees.

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Pursue money, but cautiously. Used items are not bargains. Don’t mix money and friends. Saturday eve/night — good career/ambition inspiration.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This week: It’s your last week (this year) of strong, open and honest relationships. But forming new partnerships is not in your best interests now, so muddle through without making commitments/promises, or signing anything. Your career scene heats up to mid-February. Humour bosses, as a promotion could be at stake. Co-workers treat you with affection the rest of Jan.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Focus on your ambitions, career, worldly status and prestige relations — strive hard, work alone (i.e., don’t seek co-operation). Job duties (esp. new duties) might conflict with your ethics or life philosophy. (Honour the job for now.)

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Celebrate! Everything’s splendid! Your popularity rises, optimism buoys your heart, flirtations and social joys spark several times. Enjoy others, Cancer. A good time to visualize the future, make plans with friends, and chase a wish/dream.

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Retreat, slow down, contemplate and form future plans. Meditate, find spirit, be charitable. This interval isn’t super-easy, as Thurs. holds possible deception (or a lover goes away for a day) and Friday provokes disruption, surprise — drive carefully. Still, you can earn points at work (an attraction might be involved — better if not).

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Your energy and charm surface — get out, see and be seen, but don’t chase any one/thing until 6 pm (PST) onward.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week: Ah, your last week of work and drudgery (until Jan. 2020). Perform your chores now, but stop short of increasing them, or your responsibilities. Guard against someone taking advantage, trying to load their burdens on your shoulders. Despite this, early week boosts your career and reputation. Avoid lawsuits until mid-Feb. You might travel afar soon. Love, romance, children — all melt your heart all January. Beauty is everywhere!

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Far travel, legalities, culture, intellectual pursuits, media/advertising, and profound understandings fill this interval. But that doesn’t ensure a smooth ride. Sunday is filled with stresses and snags, but Mon. flows well. You might need to choose between romance and lust, a choice that will recur all year.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.: All auspices are good — your career faces fortunate developments. Charge forth — you’ll succeed. (You’ll succeed more if you work smart, not hard.) Hesitate only long enough to find your target.

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Your optimism bubbles up, your popularity grows, and life takes on a happy shine! The sex-vs-romance struggle continues Thurs., but romance offers opportunities, perhaps significant love. However, Leo, work demands fight love’s horizons — the result could be disruptive to a relationship. Wait, be patient — this will iron out in a few days, and ultimately by March onward.  A romantic attraction “just won’t quit.”

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Retreat, lie low, meditate or contemplate. Examine your future: where is it going, and could that road be shortened or improved? Avoid contentious issues, angry people. Saturday eve/night could bring a secret, a sexual wink, or inspiration about finances, investments.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week: The party’s almost over, Virgo. This is your last week of deep romance. Remember, this serious type of heart adventure can be good, even destined, in about 20% of cases — if it has developed pell-mell without delay or hesitation. But if an affair has been, or is presently, plagued by delays, you’re likely in the 80% that should default to light romance, a “friendly” love. If you feel both are happening simultaneously, you could have a winner. In any case, enjoy yourself! Your home and family remain supportive and affectionate all month. Your sexual drives are powerful now to mid-February. Same period, don’t invest impulsively: think, deliberate.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Re-read the last 2 sentences above in “This week.” These — lust and long-term money — are slated, and tested. You might have to choose between a secure home and a relationship — or between (old) home and (new) relocation. Monday’s easier.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Gentle love, profound understanding, intellectual, legal, far travel, cultural and international pursuits, and social rituals (e.g., weddings) fill this lovely interval. Everything works! Great time to apply for school admission, buy travel tix, write a book or launch an advertising campaign. Go, Virgo!

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Your ambitions, worldly standing, career and prestige relationships fill this interval, but with a couple of rough spots — Thursday might bring deception, or an understated disagreement with a partner, co-operator or spouse. Friday features stress, disruption — careful with driving, speech, tools, electricity and computers. Still, you could shoot upward — probably via family, or real estate, or a related investment. (E.g., new furniture could raise your neighbourhood status.)

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  This wee interval is stuffed with problems, yet they tend to roll off your back — because your mood’s happy and buoyant! Make a wish. Flirt. Explore an optimistic daydream of the future.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: It’s your last week of significant domestic concerns, Libra. You might be discussing a reno or repair (or babysitting, etc.), or some solution this week. Errands, communications and casual contacts flow affectionately and gracefully, all month. You might meet/deal with someone who would make a strong partner, but this is better new week, and the next after.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Relationships everywhere, and not all of them easy. Sunday contains both luck and obstacles, but the obstacles predominate in the pm. Avoid deception (from either side). Be gracious, diplomatic — you can see who you don’t want to deal with in future. Monday’s fortunate, co-operative.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Sex, secrets, finances, investments, debt reduction, surgery or medical procedures, research and investigation, therapy, life style changes, commitment and consequence — charge after any of these. No barriers, all’s good!

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Gentle love and gentle understanding flow over you. Intellectual, philosophical, cultural, media, legal and travel themes call you, but your luck is very mixed. Home-vs-relationship — could have an exciting, unexpected end. Avoid deception (or unreliable people) Thurs. You might meet a potential lover/mate while travelling or texting, emailing, etc. Romantic and mate stuff is favoured, even while you skirt break-up territory.

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Be ambitious, chase career, business and prestige goals. Success might be elusive — in fact you might run into an argument Sat. — but this eve offers brilliant work/project ideas. Make a note.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week: Lots of easy chores, paperwork, errands, contacts, calls, visits. Just muddle through these, clear up or handle without increasing your involvements. Lots of work for you until mid-February. Guard your health, same period. Money’s mildly lucky now through January, so buy a bit of luxury, ask for a pay raise, etc.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Work, work, work! Monday’s easy, Sunday’s hard, filled with choices. (Nothing physically dangerous, though, unless you eat “wilted” food.) You’ll get a lot more done Sun. night if you don’t talk and don’t travel. This morning, money and romance DON’T mix… don’t try to buy love.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Expect an exciting meeting! Relationships are here, and they’re good ones. Negotiate, find agreement, co-operate. If you feel strongly enough about someone you meet, turn on the seductive charm. You’ve got loads of it! Relocation, public dealings also favoured.

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Sex, secrets, finances, investments, debt reduction, surgery or medical procedures, research and investigation, therapy, life style changes, commitment and consequence — any or all are slated, but unreliable circumstances advise caution. A work project might end or “hit an accident”. Thursday can be deceptive about romance. Yet money and work meld splendidly — you’ll be paid — and lust with a co-worker possible!

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  An understanding, mellow mood sweeps over you. It won’t do much good when an argument or a work place incident happens, so be patient, follow safety rules Saturday. This eve/night, a date will warm your heart.

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: Chase the money, Sage. Your romantic urges and courage soar now to mid-February — and, all January, your physical charms and gracious attitude attract attention. This, in combination with this week’s sensual boost, could spark a new affair. But it (the affair) would be more fortunate if it began next week onward, rather than now. In starting now, it would emphasize the sensuality too much, and when it begins to fade, the rest of your bond wouldn’t be strong enough. The same influences/timing affect creative projects, raising kids, risks and gambles, sports and pleasure.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  This interval emphasizes romance, creativity and pleasure, and, to some degree, tells you what/who you can’t have. Sunday seems to offer you a choice: hang onto your anchors, or let go. Those anchors are hard to see, as if an ocean covers them, and you only grasp wavering, dancing glimpses: but they somehow involve home, security, family. Monday’s fine.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Tackle chores with aplomb, even start new projects — success steals in and wins the day for you. Not a major snag anywhere. Good for doctor visits, too. Good time to buy/repair machinery, tools.

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Relationships face you, and with mixed results. Be co-operative, diplomatic. Romance could flare in splendid ways! But you might face some deception Thurs. Friday indicates it will break up bonds that are possessive, or in which money is too great an element. “Real love” will survive, so look around Fri. night: what/who’s left?

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Secrets, lifestyle changes, sexual compulsions, major financial actions/choices — these are slated, but avoid any (hopefully productive) action before 6 pm PST. Then, inspiration or daydreaming might show you a solution — or show you who’s worth taking forward, and who isn’t. You can see what’s broken.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week: Your energy, clout and charm remain high, Cap. Be a leader, start projects, call in favours, tackle “necessary things” that seemed too big or daunting before. However, in all this, rely more on advice or others’ opinions, than on your own urges. Until mid-Feb., your home life will be intense, yet “natural”. Good time to repair/revise on the home front. You’re talkative now, but your inner world remains quiet, sweet, all January.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Home, family, security are in focus, though this interval can frustrate you, especially regarding goals, social contacts, and hopeful plans. Be patient, realize delay can be “invisibly productive”. Avoid gossip and therapists and civil servants.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Ah, sweet romance! Not a cloud in the sky, so plunge into love. Someone met now could be a staunch, sexy, affectionate and gentle partner or lover — though domestic “surprises” might await down the road. If not in the romance race, dive into self-expression, creative or speculative projects, beauty, (immediate) pleasure, or child-raining/teaching ventures. All’s good!

5 Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Chores and drudgery for awhile. Walk in (don’t leap) and slog through them. Be careful driving, with electricity, running water and computers. Not a good time to buy machinery or tools. Deception possible Thurs. (about a job, or someone’s qualifications, or someone gossips about your private life). Not a heavy threat, as your private side looks lucky and loving this month. Despite all, a note of romance might emerge, maybe in your own back yard.

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Relationships — are hard. Conflict, family arguments, subtle rejection possible. Go slow, be ultra-diplomatic. A friend or message helps you Sat. eve/night.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: This is your last week of feeling tired, unloved and boring. Next week you start one of the most buoyant (and lucky) months in many years! You’re restless, want to speak, travel. This urge will last until mid-Feb., and will probably reward you more late month and into Feb. You’re optimistic, especially about love, home and social circle, all January. For now (present week) be spiritual, charitable, and be willing to accept government help — without pursuing it.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Errands, easy chores, paperwork, communications and short trips fill this short interval. Sunday’s difficult, Monday’s easy (but be early, or it’s to no avail — see “Start Nothing” above). A particular, important wish will not fit with your finances. See this, and alter your wishes (because two major ones will come true in 2019). Leave bosses, VIPs alone.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Your home, family and property emphasized — in the best way. Charge into decoration, gardening, repairs, start renovations, etc. Call for a family conference, a hug session, dinner together, etc. No problems!

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Romance, love, charming children, beauty and pleasure, creative and gambling urges — these visit you. It’s a complex time: 1) deception or worry can erode your confidence Thurs.; 2) a message, call or trip could raise a troubling spectre of clash, different ideas, or simple disruption. But 3) real, true romance winds its way through these obstacles. Involves a friend, and another friend. One of them is a teacher, instructor, scholar, lawyer or traveller. The other is a chatty acquaintance.

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Tackle chores, but with caution. Saturday highlights argument, dejection, limited thinking. This eve/night could bring $ inspiration.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week: Your revels will soon end, Pisces — this is your last week (for awhile) of popularity, partying, optimism, socializing, flirting, and wish fulfillment. That last one is possible all week — yet a wish is much likelier to came true if you don’t concentrate on it. If you have the choice between socializing and an interlude of passion, choose passion. Until mid-February, money will gush toward you — but if you can’t “hold it”, you could lose all advantage and end up spending more than usual. Be a tightwad! Superiors, bosses, parents and authorities treat you with tolerance and affection until early Feb.

Sun. to 10 am Mon.:  Here’s that money thing I mentioned. Careful Sunday, when higher-ups like you, but your hesitation or dreaminess might cause some suspicion. Not a good day for legal or intellectual pursuits. Monday’s easier.

11 am Mon. to 4 pm Wed.:  Dive into short trips, call someone (or many) who you really want to contact. This little phase has no problems, only good luck, so march ahead. A good time to start a mail or internet or telephony project, to re-organize the office filing system, to find those “semi-lost” tax receipts, etc. A friend made now could be a love later.

5 pm Wed. to 7 pm Fri.:  Focus on home, family, garden, renos/repairs, security. At work, study leases, premises, sales territory, machine foundations, etc. Look for flaws — perhaps water-related (or interest rate) ones Thurs.; electric or social ones (and the inability to solve them with $) Friday. One thing shines through: a good, even great combination of career and earnings — seek it, propel it.

8 pm Fri. through Sat.:  Passion. Romance, creative and gambling urges. These arise, but hit barriers (Saturday) — a money or “temper” obstacle, and a “rejection” or “this is reality” drawback. By day’s end, though, relaxation, a good movie, a good person, add up to satisfaction.




This thing about time travellers altering the future with their actions – which puts them in danger of not even existing, since the future is inevitably altered: It’s bogus. For example, in Back to the Future. When Marty goes back to 1955 and gives Biff something that will make him a millionaire, Marty should not have been able to return to the same future that he came from, because his actions in 1955 would have altered the future – perhaps so much so that he, Marty, would not even exist.

Here is the flaw: Marty in the present of the movie (1975?) must exist, 100% — not even a rough copy — otherwise there would be no Marty to travel backwards to 1955 and “alter the future”. Seen another way, the Marty who acted in 1955, created the very Marty who existed in 1975 — and who returned to 1955, to change his Dad’s life.

Do you see what this is? It’s a virtuous circle. Time travel CAN alter the future course of events, but it CANNOT change the future. In other words, it’s perfectly safe, at least against this oft-quoted “dilemma” involving changing the future. The future cannot be changed, it seems, especially not by people from the future. Think of time as an old-time record disc. The centre, where the hole is, is the big bang moment — the edge is infinity, or as far as light can travel. The disc is semi-rigid: you can hike anywhere you want in it. (At least in our time travel fantasy.)

One concern is that if time travel is discovered and developed, then inevitably becomes popular and frequent, so many alterations of the course of events —quad-trillions upon quad-trillions — perhaps even an infinity — would take place every second. These trillions of “events/flows” would be necessary to weave all the “present” actions together in such a way that the future will become exactly what it is; and will never change from being, will remain inviolable, will still be the same, despite all these actions (which are creating and altering the future, but not in one molecule changing it.).

Would such quad-trillions of events overwhelm the system? And what happens when you overwhelm nature itself? Probably, the trillions upon trillions would be no problem at all, just as trillions of H20 molecules flow down a creek or river — an ordinary event every day.

What if this “unchangeable future” construct means time doesn’t really exist? Or more correctly that, seen from a certain viewpoint, time is static. It does not “move” but simply is there, from the big bang (which I suspect doesn’t exist) zero mini-second to — infinity? If the future is unchangeable no matter how many alterations we make to it (to the “present”) then not only is the course of time unchangeable; it also hints that destiny exists. Because we cannot change the future – no matter how many future-changing events/actions we engage in – then we are likely bound to a course that will get us to that unchanged future.

This hints at a solution to that age-old question: do we have free will, or is everything pre-determined? I think, ultimately, the only escape from pre-determination will be time travel, which affords one the opportunity to live in or visit life at any point along the time line.

People building a future time machine will need to protect the traveller, the human tissue and brain. This will somehow not involve drugs or physical preparation as we now know it. Instead, we’ll see a kind of weaving of nano-divided-by-nano rivulets of progression, of “time.” It will be important to understand how these rivers of time operate in the flesh, and discover a way to imitate and/or control them.

***   ***

Earlier, I said Nancy Pelosi faced a rough time politically now to May 2020. I still believe this, But I just learned that her first day as speaker will be Jan. 3. The moon will be in Sagittarius, a fortunate sign for Nancy, an Aries. (It’s also a fortunate sign for her moon sign, Scorpio.)  Also she starts her day (as I guess everyone does) with a very good aspect between two planets that “like” each other — and one of them — Mercury — represents her name, Nancy.

This aspect promises friendly relations and communications for Nancy in legal, media, international, travel, cultural or social pursuits; and in personality projection. It helps display her friendliness and sparks meetings with new people. So watch, the next 17 months: do a few good astrological indications outweigh “difficult karma”? (I put it in quotes ‘cuz I’m not sure anymore, what karma is.)

***   ***

Trump might be found guilty of many things, but I doubt he’ll be impeached (at least not during his first term).
***   ***

Remember a year + ago, and again a few weeks ago, I said Huawei, China’s big mobile maker had a much better photo resolution than Apple? A report out today stated that Apple’s sales plunged by the millions in China. Apple stock fell $15 US on this news.
***   ***

Look at events this January 13 (say 12 to 14) — it should offer a clue as to whether we are heading toward sinking or rising inflation/interest rates.

I recently forecast that inflation would soar in 2019. That was based on Jupiter squaring Neptune. This might still occur. However, Jupiter doesn’t always expand prices. Sometimes it reduces prices, making an item cheaper, and thereby expanding sales rather than prices.

For instance, Jupiter in Leo (next, in mid-2026-27) should be very lucky for gold bugs, but gold prices could actually plunge. This can be very lucky for the gold buyer, but unlucky for the seller (the prior holder, someone who’d bought gold before the price plunge). So “luck” lies very much in one’s point of view.

And in timing. I recently gave you the best example that I could see, to buy stocks or property last Dec. 24-27. A third determinator is your own knowledge and/or intuition. If Jupiter is  going to make gold soar or plunge, wait for a month or two, then see where things are headed. Most major moves in economies and stock markets build slowly and give us time, often weeks+, to adjust “safely” to them.

(The present bear-correction market signalled itself as long ago as January 2018, when a series of up-down-up-down swings began. This was a danger signal because the market was at an historic, almost hyperbolic, high. We experience shocks because we hate to suffer change, to believe the good times are over. This also works in reverse: we are slow to embrace good changes, or to believe in a young, strong stock market.)

The 2019 Jupiter/Neptune connection could lower bond prices, and so make interest rates climb higher in 2019. (I thought to 6%, versus present 3%.) But if Jupiter instead makes bond prices higher, and bond traders rich, the deflation in interest rates will probably be strong, even severe. So far, U.S.10-year rates have fallen from 3.15 to 2.7% — a significant decline. I’m not withdrawing my prediction — marked inflation — but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

Of course, deflation in interest rates usually coincides with inflation in real estate.
***   ***

The rain in Vancouver does not so much fall, as create itself in the swirling mist.
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My New Year’s resolution: to be happy, hopeful, cheerful and loving. My anti-resolution: to be a snarky, angry old critic and an egoistic, heartless snarf. I know I’ll fall into all these; self-control on the personality level, to me, is something mysteriously elusive. So all parts come out without much restriction. Other than the obvious qualities I try to embrace, and the laws on all levels which channel my (all our) efforts – other than a deep need to obey these laws (we would self-punish our own infractions) – other than this, there is no central command in my personality.

My mind is a democracy.  I swim in a soup of consciousness and find it difficult to rank one view or experience; or even sometimes one morality above another. I’m hungry for them all, and I hope I live a hundred more years so I can keep tasting the fruits and beauties, and the almost hypnotic mystery of life. The payment for the cornucopia of my semi-rudderless experience is indecision: do I say something or not, act or not, examine or accept? Everything is an exploration, almost never a known. That’s true and not; for I am more and more convinced that we sense an intuition around many things, and in many situations. Those times when you say, “Damn, I KNEW I should buy that stock!” — you actually aren’t lying just to draw attention to yourself. You really did have that “notion” or whatever — that psychic nudge. Some if the biggest fiascos of my life occurred because I ignored that nudge. I have finally learned that the more “honour” you pay it, mainly by believing in it and by acting on its “advice,” rather than standing back to examine it, the stronger and more reliable your intuition will grow. One caution here: you’re dealing with subconscious forces, all of which are as good as nature herself, but they’re powerful on some levels. So remain good in heart, invoke goodness, and though this (listening to your hunches, intuition) can bring you winnings in casinos or race tracks, if you focus on such your luck will soon turn negative, and you will feel rudderless, and might have given your subconscious too much influence on your daily life.

So — a result of my inability to rank experience, my ambivalence and liking of (even joy in) all but physically painful experience and severe financial loss — as a result of my inability to discipline/control all my nature, all comes out; it’s inevitable. (Unfortunately, this leans me toward hesitation and indecision in social situations. Fortunately, I’m a loose cannon, so I overcome my social hesitation by shooting my mouth off with some bizarre statement or other.)


6 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JANUARY 13 – 19, 2019

  1. kstarr

    Wow, you wrote for Cancer “Friday provides disruption, surprise – drive carefully” and I did have two dogs run out in front of me this evening (separate incidents). Thank you for he heads up! I was watching for something to possibly happen. My entire weekend plans were also cancelled due to impending weather. This is not the fist time you’ve predicted something eerily accurate for me!

  2. GeminiSun

    “time doesn’t exist” but also “we cannot exist without time” i love it…

    time exist, also it doesn’t exist at the same time, is my opinion. and i call it the “zero point” why?
    because i experienced time travel in 2017. everything, our lifes, world, astrology is made off opposites. I experienced 2007 again but opposite ten years later. This made me see things, i never thought were possible. the future is already her and is coded in the past. The “problem” is, people are interested in the future, but forget to see the past…! its not right.. the past is VERY important.. dont forget it, dont ignore it..

    numbers are important to. “it””they””the universe” is communicating with os through numbers. when you experience time “travel” you will experience synchronicity, if you want it or not.

    ps. a good movie : Lucy.

  3. penelope

    The Afterramble.
    intuition…really resonates with me. I’ve often done the ” I should’ve bought that coat dress etc” and now its gone. Could kick myself!
    I watched Nova last night on PBS. On quantum mechanics and the “spooky entanglement” theory purported by… Can’t remember his name…a colleague of Einstein, I think. I found this theory fascinating and think it’s probably correct. Don’t know why. I just feel it. Einstein did not agree. Tim I think you’d enjoy this episode!


  4. penelope

    Hi Tim,
    I was fascinated by your astrological formula for finding an ideal paramour!
    I also used the formula for the Biorythmn method. Biorhythms have proved to be very accurate in my past. What astounded me was for both methods using younger version, my father’s birthdate came up (Oct 9) and even the year of the “Horse” which he was.
    Ironically I was estranged from my father at 8 years old due to divorce.
    Now I’ll go onto read your fascinating afteramble. Thanks Tim. All the best for 2019 and good health.

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