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START NOTHING: 5:50 pm to 7:54 pm Sun., 5:19 pm to 7:22 pm Tues., 5:50 am to 8:02 pm Thurs., and 9:21 pm to 11:31 pm Sat.


Remember I wrote a few months ago that yellow was the colour of violence? Shortly after, the “Yellow Vest” protests and riots began in Paris, then spread across France, and even popped up in Canada at an Ottawa protest. The Paris riots are in their 9th week as I write this, Jan. 12.
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Regret is the enemy of opportunity. Depression is the great enemy of good fortune.
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In the January 13 column (published Jan. 7) I said to watch January 12 to 14 for a clue as to whether 2019 will bring rising or sinking inflation/interest rates. Well, Friday, January 11, as I write this, the U.S. announced that the CPI (consumer prices) fell 0.1% month/over/month in December 2018. (Okay, the clue came one day early — astrology isn’t an exact science. Nor even a science, though it relies on scientists.)

(Toronto rents rose 9.3% in 2018 — to about $ 2,300 Cnd./$1,700 U.S. a month. This rise, though, can’t be called a clue, since it largely occurred before the “inflation/deflation” aspect formed in November 2018 [it lasts to Dec. 2019].)
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This week: You’ll love the month ahead, Aries. Your confidence, determination — and sex appeal — will be high. A wish can come true, perhaps a major wish. Your popularity, optimism and happiness will float you down a river of contentment! This week takes you through love, then work, then serious relationships.

Sunday:  Deception and rejection. Start nothing. Just relax, be home, be secure.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  Love is everything. Romance, creativity, risk, raising kids, beauty and pleasure. You might face deception, or pursue an unrealistic drama/dream Sun. Also, you might face a career dilemma, or need to act quickly but without rancour, to “plug a hole”. As Monday grows, so does your luck in love, intellectual, legal and international activities. If single, you might start a powerful, meaningful affair.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  To work. Protect your health, eat, dress sensibly. Wednesday’s a bit jumbled — you might run into legal or ethical boundaries. Respect them. Thursday’s successful, or at least easy/smooth — but the job you do might not be needed. In Asia only, a good day to buy machinery, tools.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Relationships. They go very well Thurs. night through Fri. morning, could even spark true love. (If married, be alert for opportunities to travel afar, attend school, publish or dive into a cultural affair, or win a law suit, etc.) However, things grow more contentious, disruptive or disappointing Fri. eve through Sat. — be patient, diplomatic.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This week:  Your ambitions will be in focus for four weeks, Taurus. So will your relations with authorities and higher-ups. Your performance will be noted or less formally reviewed — you’ll pass/win any “test”, unless you stay in bed! For the same duration, your management skills shine brighter than usual. Aim yourself accordingly. Institutions, gov’t, big businesses, will be quick to respond to your proposals. Sensual intimacy, financial, medical and both investigative and “under the radar” actions have happy outcomes. But commit no crimes: jail certain.

Sunday:  Though your emotions want to push you in one direction, that direction is unknown, or deceptive. Romantic fantasies aren’t built on solid evidence. And the gov’t is against you (a short exception to the general trend).

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  For pre-dawn Mon., re-read Sun.’s last sentence above. Otherwise, concentrate on home, family, property, security, nature and nutrition. Lovely, fortunate things can happen here. If you’re hunting for a mortgage, you’d be accepted now. Or buy furniture, or redecorate. Full renovations are probably too much, unless your main motive is to impress your boss or important clients, etc. At work, plan a territorial expansion, or a prestige upgrade of premises.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  The very thing that worked a bit earlier Tuesday won’t work now. You could face an irritating, unexpected obstacle in dealing with authorities, gov’t agencies — so leave them alone until at least late Wednesday. But I’m missing the point. The point is romance, love, pleasure and beauty, risk and self-expression — enjoy one or more.  (And career, of course.)

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Tackle chores and protect your health (eat, dress, rest sensibly). In general, you make headway, and should work diligently even if obstacles stymie you, for your efforts stamp a plus sign on your career folio. (Or with a parent you’re trying to butter up, etc.) Research or investment wins, esp. early Fri. Be cautious about a Sat. night date.

 GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This week: You’ll love the month ahead, Gemini. If single, true love could develop or appear. You’ll be socially optimistic. For the first two weeks, others treat you with grace and affection — even strangers in the store. Then relationships turn deeper, Feb. 3 onward, into intimacy or funding — into commitment, and the kind of consequences that change your life. At least at first, the results will please you, perhaps immensely. Single or coupled, your thoughts turn to far travel, love, international questions, intellectual or cultural pursuits — and luck holds your hand in these!

Sunday:  The accent continues on buying, selling, possessions. But conditions are deceptive, disruptive. Start nothing, sign nothing.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  An easy but busy interval. Paperwork, errands, travel, media, communications and casual friends fill this time. Sunday’s awful, pre-dawn Mon. too. But the rest of Mon., and Tues., are stuffed to the brim with good luck. Fancy someone?  Send a note or call. Be curious, ask questions. Your world is opening to new worlds!

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Home, family, garden, security, territory — these become important now. Your path isn’t smooth, but it isn’t bad, either. Some disruption, perhaps an upsetting message early. But your “underpinnings” — security, family love, financial growth — remain on track. Wee confusion Wed. — don’t seek agreement.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Romance is real, especially Thurs. night and Fri. morning. Pursue it! Ditto creative urges, risky chances, beauty and pleasure. Friday night and Sat. erect obstacles. However, late Saturday can offer a brand new relationship, or bust one apart.

 CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This week: The depths of life burst to the surface for the weeks ahead, Cancer. Sexual intimacy, financial decisions and commitments, secrets and investigations, potential medical procedures and lifestyle changes — these are slated. (By Thurs. onward, you’ll begin to speak/write of these things, in a confidential way.) You remain ambitious and determined until mid-February. Your work scene remains pleasant, affectionate. Yes, commitment can be good.

Sunday:  Your charm and energy impress people! But it’s a day of difficulties and obstacles — so tackle them, solve one or three!

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  Chase money — you’re sure to find some. (Though you might have to pay some, too — that’s okay, it looks like you’re finding bargains.) Be very cautious Sun. night/Mon. pre-dawn — you might experience something cruel with a partner or lover. Also, most of this early week could confront you with a disruptive or confused — or unexpected — relationship message. Still, Mon./Tues. offer long, sweet intervals with love — or with work.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Errands, paperwork, trips, communications and easy chores slated. Expect some surprises, lost address, misunderstood directions, etc. Be curious! You might meet a “friendly affair” prospect. Deep bonds, deep love go well.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Face homeward. Kids, garden, spouse, security, nutrition, meals, all grab your attention. Tackle projects early, Thurs. night to midday Fri., when productive good luck flows. Your spouse might not be on board, and it doesn’t look like you can convince him/her. Friday (early) offers a boost for your ambitions — hard work, machinery involved.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July  23-Aug. 22

This week:  Marriage needs discussion. You might be on the verge of saying “I do”. This entire year (it started last Nov.) is splendid for finding love and keeping it. If single, you’re likely to meet a wedding prospect before mid-February. (Not if you become entangled in a lawsuit, though.) Be diplomatic, eager to merge and co-operate. This is a huge year, Leo. If married, seek distant opportunities (or public exposure) now.

Sunday:  Lie low, rest, ponder, heal. Don’t act — frustrations and mistakes abound.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  Your energy and charm rise powerfully — you’re the star of the show, and good luck abounds! But realize in the big picture, someone else is the star this whole month. (Maybe an unusual, even quirky person looms large, if you’re single). So use your cheerful charm right now to attract and bond with someone. You’ll be admired, approached! Two things: Sun. night, Mon. early daytime, avoid malcontents, keep your heart/mind, and your job, separate. Two, Sun. to Wed. can disrupt a valuable link if you talk too much at work.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Pursue both money and bargains. Send bills, and pay them. But proceed with some caution. Good bargains are hard to find, maybe even misrepresented. But your work and wage are strong and fruitful — dig into this angle for success, Wed. and Thurs.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Errands, quick trips, paperwork, communications and casual contacts fill this interval. It starts very well, Thurs. to midday Fri., when you express yourself with subtle flair. Love might blossom with someone who would make a great mate. Careful Sat. — most things go awry or unexpected meetings occur.

 VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week: Expect a lot of work now to February 18, Virgo. You love work, so this should be a natural, satisfying few weeks ahead. Your sex appeal remains at a 2-year high (until mid-Feb.). Bosses favour you until Feb. 3. (On that day, a wee romantic streak starts.) This week and next favour buying tools or machinery. (NOT computers/software before Thurs. this week.)

Sunday:  You’re happy, social, fulfilled! However, don’t launch new relationships — they would deceive you.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  Retreat, rest, recover. Ponder, plan, contact civil servants, institutional or corporate admin workers, therapists, agents and advisors. All goes well — you’ll receive true-blue information, aid, even permission. Avoid competitions.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Your energy surges, your charms surface. Start significant projects, be a leader (esp. at work), ask favours, make new contacts, see and be seen. But realize many snags exist — a possible love disruption or accident Tues./Wed., and puzzlement Wed. But love, creative projects and pleasure flow nicely through this wee interval. Show someone (a puzzling, dreamy someone) your feelings Wed.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Pursue $. Pay bills and collect. Buy/sell, seek new clients, etc. Best time: Thurs. night and early-mid daytime Fri. You might discover a grand home/property bargain. But don’t even hope about romance — leave it for next week.

 LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: Romance is the big theme for the next 4 weeks, Libra. So are creative efforts, speculative risks, raising/teaching kids, beauty and pleasure. This is significant for singles, as your marriage planet sits in your marriage sector until mid-February. It means romance can lead to co-habitation. Friends, casual contacts treat you with gentle affection the rest of January.

Sunday:  Deal with home, family — and problems therein. (Check the plumbing, outside water table.) A hoped-for relationship or “engagement” might be turned off by domestic/security circumstances. (Money, he’s married, etc.)

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  The relationship problem mentioned above under Sunday still exists Mon. morning. After this, everything succeeds and lifts your heart! Popularity, wish fulfillment, optimism and flirtations bless you. If you feel love, say so! Travel favoured. Still, home factors — probably family opinions — might interfere with romance, right into Wed.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Withdraw. Lie low, rest. Ponder and plan. Contact civil servants, institutional or corporate admin workers, therapists, agents and advisors… but don’t assume success. Domestic and home matters go well, good time for repairs, even for seeking gov’t (homeowner) aid. Not a good “love” period.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Your energy and attractiveness surge upward! Use your increased clout to tackle home problems Fri./Sat. Communicate with spouse or a love Thurs. night to midday Fri. — your reward could surprise you! Saturday night: either sudden attraction, or sudden rejection.

 SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week: The four weeks ahead shine the spotlight on your home, kids, garden, security — your foundations (including the effects of any childhood drama). This zone will fare a lot better than it did last Jan./Feb. Get lots of rest, improve your diet, and hug the kids. Work’s intense until mid-Feb. Your earnings (and other money concerns) look great for the next two weeks.

Sunday:  Enjoy one last taste of romance or beauty (or chocolate!) — enjoy, but realize you’re smoking a pipe dream. What appears true now won’t be later.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  Partly Sun., and partly early Mon., take safety precautions at work — careless words or driving can cause problems. After this, your career and worldly standing/reputation get a huge boost, especially if you promote yourself. (And why shouldn’t you?) Great $ luck — even a splendid new $ project.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Your popularity grows (not a huge bunch, as you’re in a generally restful, “rehab” period). Optimism, flirtations, entertainment and social delights buoy your heart. Almost nothing will dent your good mood. That’s good, because various niggling problems do arrive: a possible break-off/dispute with a co-worker or family member. Someone says no to a money possibility.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Withdraw from the bustling crowd. Seek solitude, rest, nap, ponder and plan. Deal with agents, gov’t, large companies, charities and spiritual groups. Best time: Thurs. night to midday Fri. — a splendid work/money opportunity, grab it! Or at least identify it and begin discussions. Friday night and Sat. become tricky —avoid communications, travel and paperwork.

 SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: The whole 4 weeks ahead emphasize easy but swift tasks — errands, paperwork, communications and travel. Be curious, ask questions, peruse the media. You might visit a place you’ll move to three years from now. Romance is significant until mid-Feb. A casual or friendly flirtation could lead to intense attraction. Your own physical charms radiate until early Feb. Maybe it’s time to jump in!

Sunday:  Chores and health. Both are under a bit of a cloud. Proceed slowly, know a very attractive deception might lure you. Words don’t reflect your meaning. A “cruel” money or jealousy barrier might crimp romance.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  Sunday’s last sentence above, applies into Mon. morning. After this, though, love, law, learning, far travel and big ideas go well. You could receive an invitation, or discuss a wedding. Everything’s great. A fine time to ponder the big questions, start (to read or write) a book, etc. Lucky!

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  A possible relationship disruption late Tues., early Wed. This interval focuses on your ambitions, career, worldly standing… and ultimate success looks likely. Two good elements: management, and money.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  A wish could come true, Sage. Popularity, social delights, flirtations, entertainment and optimism lift you on their breeze. Romance could explode — this could be the one. But $ concerns haunt the landscape of love — settle these, or back away. Best before mid-Friday.

 CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week: Begin a mid-level money project now and during the weeks ahead. Money wishes, as long as they’re realistic, can come true. You are in a cycle of ending some things, some relationships, and establishing others until mid-Feb. Still 2 weeks to gain a favourable answer from the government.

Sunday:  Relationships are more likely to grow contentious than loving. Beware. Any love formed this day will have a painful future, studded with betrayal, shattered fantasies and hidden anger. Be well, alone.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  “Be well alone” applies Mon. morning also. Be gentle with kids. You don’t like where you are. Afterwards, Mon. and Tues. shower you with benefits and open doors in sexual, financial, investigative and medical areas. March ahead! The gov’t is an ally.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Your wide-visioned side emerges, a mellow and understanding side that usually favours you in far travel, cultural, intellectual, legal, love and similar zones — and these things do go well. But some snags exist in communications, home finances, and relations with gov’t, institutions, “head office” and/or agents.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Your dealings with important people come to the fore. March forth. The only thing that can stop you is something domestic, or a lack of preparation. If you’re buying or improving real estate, gov’t aid might be more accessible than usual. You might have to make a quick money choice.

 AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: Your energy, charm, clout and effectiveness, sense of timing, all rise to a yearly high during the four weeks ahead. Start important projects. Be cheerful, optimistic — lead those of less conviction. A wish might come true, this week or next (or, really, anytime in 2019). Could involve love, home, a legal, educational or travel matter. Behind the scenes communications might throw your plans for a bit of a loop, Sun., mid-week, and late Sat. You remain restless, talkative until mid-Feb,

Sunday:  Work and heath, both face problems. Careful with love’s deception. Avoid gossip, and confidential discussions. A bad day — just grin and bear it.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  Continue to avoid gossip, discussions with gov’t, management, early Monday. Don’t be “blackmailed”. After dawn Mon. through Tues. exciting meetings, opportunities, public recognition, relocation ideas, negotiations and agreements are touched with a wand of good luck! Approach someone, accept someone’s approach.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Life’s subterranean forces surge to the surface: intuition, urges toward sex, power, financial gain, subconscious promptings. You can study, research and “predict” how any of these will turn out, and you might obtain aid, gov’t or other, but beyond this, don’t act, don’t commit. Ordinary communications might break down.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  A sweet mental mood floats into you now. A wish could come true, esp. about friendship or affection, perhaps about a legal, intellectual, far travel or similar situation. You can talk yourself and another into love and out of love, whichever you choose. Only negatives: gov’t or “head office” doesn’t help; avoid gossip and the broadcasting of your secrets. Late Sat. might bring a decision: grow deeper, or turn away?

 PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week: Retreat, dream, visit psychics and other counsellors, interface with civil servants and management workers… all this for 4 weeks. Be restful, ponder and plan. Money continues to flow your way until mid-February — bank it, avoid a subconscious urge to spend and spend. Bosses and VIPs still favour you to early Feb., so start angling for a pay raise, or present a proposal. This week, hopes for a relationship might (temporarily) crash on monetary or possession/jealousy rocks.

Sunday:  Romantic passion or the pursuit of beauty, sports or self-expression fill your heart now, but obstacles, deception and fantasy urge you to play with caution. Money says one thing, friends or hopes say another; the two don’t mix.

8 pm Sun. to 6 pm Tues.:  Until Mon. morning, read the last sentence above about money and hopes. The rest of this period sprinkles work, co-worker relations, and machinery/tools with good luck. Excellent time to buy machinery, with one exception: the electrical or computer components might be awry. Check first. (Don’t buy computers or software before Thursday.) Splendid time to seek employment.

7 pm Tues. to 7 pm Thurs.:  Relationships matter, esp. practical ones. Some disquieting factors enter Wed. — possible competition over ambition’s prize, deceptive associate. But your social and hopeful sides aren’t affected; you still believe in love and romance, friends and the future. Not a good time to seek co-operation, nor to sign anything.

8 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  You can take great strides forward Thurs. night into midday Fri., in career, prestige zones, and earnings. If in doubt, ask for that raise and/or promotion. You could get both, if not now, then a bit later (before 2019 ends) due partly (or mostly) to the “bid” you make now, the skills you display now. Forget romance, parties — they’re duds, this interval. Saturday needs care — might present you with a money (perhaps a tax) dilemma. Avoid sexual, criminal temptations.


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JANUARY 20 – 26, 2019

  1. Smac

    Hi Tim,

    My mom introduced me to your column several years ago and I’ve been a huge huge fan since.

    I was born in Vancouver, B.C. on July 25, 1986 at 2am and I’m hoping you can help me with a decision.
    I am off work due to an injury (I was hit by a car late October) and I’ve been in a rut since: emotionally, physically and spiritually. My aunt offered to let me stay at her place in Toronto for a few weeks in February to get away from it all. Now, you mentioned there is romantic potential in February if I’m not involved in a lawsuit. I am wondering if this ties in at all to this potential trip. Should I go on the trip? I avoided getting romantically involved with anyone last year prior to November as you advised (thank you! It turns out I dodged a few bullets!)

    If you have some input/advice I’d really love to hear it. Thank you!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Smac,

      If you were hit in late October, the accident was “designed” to keep you at home. However, this path (staying put) has a negative leaning (cuz Pluto was involved, and Pluto is, now, a path to bad karma). I would go to Toronto, and don’t be surprised if sparks occur there with someone attractive.



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