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START NOTHING: 2:38 pm Mon. to 6:33 am Tues., and 2:33 pm to 4:47 pm Thurs.


The biggest problem this week is very similar to, and maybe even a further development of, something that happened Jan. 20 (and early 21). I mention the “problem” in every weekly message below — sometimes briefly when it doesn’t seem remarkable for a particular sign — it peaks Friday night, and involves repression of aggression.  Another aspect, a fortunate one, also affects the entire week, and peaks on Saturday afternoon. This aspect involves love and friendship, and is luckiest for air and fire signs — Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (air) and Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (fire).
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Remember I wrote: buy stocks (or any other investment, e.g. a house) Dec. 24-27? The market has climbed solidly (to date: Jan. 17) since then.

But also remember about 6 to 12 months ago I wrote: “Buy stocks when the Canadian banks yield 5% dividends”?  Well, Dec. 24, the Bank of Nova Scotia, one of the “big 5” banks, yielded 5.1%. The Laurentian Bank (smaller) yielded almost 7%.

Both these seem to hint that the present bull-ish market will last for some time, perhaps 6 months, perhaps longer. Here’s a possible scenario: Trump’s shutdown makes the economy decline, which makes the Fed lower interest rates, which makes stocks rise.

Me? I haven’t a clue. All I know is, these heights make me a little queasy.
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I don’t think the groundhog will see his shadow….
***   ***


 ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This week: Again, happiness prowls around you! Love: good. Friends: good. Assertiveness: good. Sex appeal: high. Determination: high. Popularity: rising. Optimism: tops, and propelling you toward rewarding prospects. Even if anything goes wrong (possible Fri., and briefly Sat. afternoon) it will hardly dent your shining good mood. Pursue/join/cultivate groups.

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Life’s deep side, mysteries, secrets, throw a kind of blanket over you. Your subconscious nudges you toward finances, investments, power urges, sexual congress, medical needs, even life style changes. These need a wee it of caution Sun. morning, but grow profitable, or easier, late day and Mon. 

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  A wise, mellow mod steals over you. Far travel, intellectual and cultural pursuits, rituals (e.g., weddings), media/publishing/advertising projects, and gentle love — all favoured, hugely favoured. If single, a love wish comes true — help it. Only one snag, Wed. morning (PST) — possible deception, or gov’t interference.

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Be ambitious, but realize aggressive action Fri. could wound some feelings or step on toes — in both cases, another’s reaction might be secret, or delayed. Be honest, firm, and diplomatic. A possible argument Saturday, but even more likely is that you simply have lots of ambitious energy. Someone both friendly and sweet/attractive could change your loyalties, or spark love.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This week: Your ambitions know no bounds, but you remain realistic, too. Higher-ups have information, might want to talk. Your financial (and sexual) worlds remain sweet, rewarding. Good for investing. (Sexual can mean “generational” also — e.g., one of my daughters, a Taurus, just had her first grandchild.) Approach bosses, parents, VIPs and anyone who can help you achieve your goal(s). Ask for more duties, more position, more pay… Continue to avoid gossip, behind-scenes power struggles.

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  An exciting meeting could occur. Relationships, opportunities, negotiations, new horizons and/or public dealings fill this interval — with mild friction early Sun. Then, this night and Mon., with good luck and solid results. Be diplomatic, eager to join. A good friendship might begin.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Ah, deep stuff. Investigate, reject surface appearances. You could embrace intimacy with someone — a small hint of the verboten — are you stepping over societal boundaries? Everything blooms with good fortune, except one: socializing won’t go well Wed. morning. A superb time to invest, undergo a medical procedure (esp. if seeking pregnancy) or to change your life style, commit/sign, and hold confidential discussions — but don’t agree to collude with anyone, esp. a boss. 

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  A mellow, wise, compassionate mood flows over you, and the world becomes a bigger place. You examine love and its future. A boon, a bonus, might come to you from a gov’t office, a large company or institution. Could involve investments, taxes, information or permission. But take care right up to 1:30 pm (PST) Sat. — your background, your past, your academic record – something can run afoul, reveal your secrets or erect a barrier to progress. Anger’s muffled Fri., on display Sat.

 GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This week: Sweet gentle love flows into you — perhaps for all humanity. More single Geminis than usual will marry this year; more attached Geminis than usual will separate or divorce. If you’re attached, separation will only occur if you’re unhappy or the bond has no vital signs. But if this applies, use the few weeks ahead to study/prepare legal aspects, or to talk with your spouse. If single, the weeks ahead offer real love, potential mating, even weddings. A hope can come true, this week, about love and partnership. Also in focus, beneficially: far travel, higher education, publishing/media, legal and cultural involvements.

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Tackle chores — with some caution and awareness Sun. morning, then with an assurance of success into Mon. (Sunday’s late evening/night chores can aid your career, status.) Eat, dress sensibly.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Exciting meetings slated! Be diplomatic but eager to join, to chase/seize fortune. Fresh horizons, valid opportunities, relocation themes, negotiation and agreements/contracts, public dealings, fame, and strong love themes/questions fill this interval. Someone met before noon (PST) Wed. is either going to fool you (if love’s the circumstance) or help you climb toward your ambitions.

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Lust, power urges, subconscious promptings, heightened intuition, secrets and investigation, medical needs, lifestyle questions — these fill these few days. Careful Thurs./Fri. – your goals in this area will tend to step on or suffocate your (presently healthy) optimism and sociability. A lover, or one you lust for, could cruelly reject your “natural impulses”. Saturday carries a lingering whiff of these problems, but this day (and to some degree the whole week) hold a surprise — a sweet, powerful, friendly, non-embarrassing attraction. This person would make a good life-mate.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This week: Lust, power urges, subconscious promptings, heightened intuition, secrets and investigation, medical needs and lifestyle questions fill this week and the next two. Be honest, fair and ethical, and you’ll garner a good result.

This week has two main “events” —one causes friction (perhaps repressed) between an opportunity or love attraction, versus your ambitions, or a “decree” of a parent or other disapprover. Co-workers remain affectionate, humorous. Bosses remain impatient, short-tempered, pushy — and willing to advance you. Smile at his/her temper, pursue the goal. 

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Romance, passion, beauty, self-expression, teaching children, sports, games, speculation, pleasure — these don’t work well to about 2 pm (PST) Sun., then work very well! Show love.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Tackle chores, eat and dress sensibly. You will accomplish a tremendous amount as luck, rather than Red Bull, gives you wings. You could even grab a promotion, or gain some equity in your employer’s or associate’s company. A gracious, friendly attitude helps! Not the best time to pursue intellectual, international, legal or love objectives. Lucky days!

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Now two things come to a head: 1) the yawning division between your ambitions or status desires, and your marital status or practical “partnerships”.  And 2) a splendid work-career development or opportunity. These peak now (# 1 Fri., # 2 Sat.) just as you go through a short interval of important relationship focus. Best approach: diplomacy. Co-operate only if it’s legal, feels right with your “gut.”

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week:  Relationships rule. You have entered a year of major romance, if single. This can lead to marriage/co-habitation either now, or in 2021. You could meet this person any time before Dec. this year, but the present month is one of the most likely (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18). This week presents opportunities, relocation themes, negotiations and agreements (or break-offs). Be diplomatic, co-operative and eager to join. A quirky, talkative person attracts. Continue to avoid lawsuits and lawyers, but chase all other “intellectual goals”.

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Home, family, security — and sales territory at work — become important. Hug the kids, garden, repair, enhance security features, relax, “go fishing”. Sunday isn’t easy to early afternoon, but it’s not hard either — just plod through any chores. This pm, and Mon., bring success, satisfaction. If married, your sex life gets a wee boost.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Ah, romance! Your heart and mind might dance in twirling, ecstatic but confusing glimmers, perhaps because you have two choices in love. Pick one, and give him/her your all. Indecision seldom wins. You could fall madly in, now. One caution: sex doesn’t help or bind — nor does sneaking, extra-marital stuff. But innocent hearts will find ecstasy. If not in the romance sweepstakes – chase beauty, pleasure, adventure with spouse, or dive into creative or speculative ventures. Luck rides with you, as it seldom has!

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  To work. Tackle chores carefully, especially if they involve foundations, basements, water, or any kind of fire, heat, or combustion engines. (Electricity’s fine.) A co-worker or dependent might try to squelch your big ideas. Don’t fight, just hide the ideas for awhile. You might argue Sat., about a principle or religion. This day holds a huge love aspect.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week:  Work/employment, minor health matters, dependents and service personnel demand attention this week and the next two. This area is finally free of the delays and unwanted consequences of 2017/18. So tackle chores, make things, etc.

All week, climaxing Friday, sex and romance hit a wall; a sober, reality wall. Don’t chase sex, or romance will fail/end, at least briefly. Your home remains sweet, supportive — and work you do on it now could surprise you with the benefits it brings!

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Errands, communications, casual contacts, short trips and paperwork on the agenda. These might hit a tiny obstacle Sun. daytime. But this eve into Monday brings success. You might contact someone who could become a viable mate or business associate. All’s friendly, all’s fine!

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Head for home, Virgo, whether in actuality or in your heart and mind. These benefit from your attention: children, house/apt., garden, foundations, repairs, nature. (I didn’t mention spouse, because with him or her, a bit of a stand-off occurs Wed. morning.) Relax, ponder the joys of life. A superb time to go house-hunting, or to list your place for sale. Lucky investment vibes! Sex pleases, too. So does research.

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  You’ll feel the tug of attraction, but take care: don’t mix lust with romance. (Reason is, pushing one can push the other out the door.) Romance will win. (And why not? Intoxication of the soul is much more powerful than intoxication of the body.) DO NOT invest nor have surgery during this interval. Not before 2 pm Sat. PST.  AFTER 2 pm, Saturday opens a wide door to real estate luck and investment in property and computers/software. Excellent afternoon to start house-wiring (or less so, decorating) projects: adhere to safety rules, though.

 LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week:  Romance reigns supreme for 3 weeks. (Ditto creative, speculative, teaching and pleasure projects, and beauty —of life or a person.) Until  mid-Feb., you’re dealing with major stuff — possible business partnership, potential mate/marriage, relocation, negotiation/ contract divorce, or public dealings, even fame. If single, you’re thinking union!

However, until Fri. night (in other words, most of this week) a large problem exists. (You could ignore it, and can easily form a partnership anyway, but this problem would return to strain, even break, the bond.) The problem? It has something to do with income, possessions, and real estate or family/home. E.g., the one you want might not have the income you’re accustomed to, or has 29 children, or you want to live where you are, and he/she wants to live where he/she is.) After Friday, though, there comes 12 days of relationship success.

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Chase money, buy bargains (not electronics/computers/cars/bikes before Sun. afternoon).  All’s good. Perhaps a bit of sensual attraction.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Dive into contacts, communicate, travel, call, do errands and paperwork. Be curious, scan the media, ask questions. Love or practical partnerships (or distant shores) are “in the air” or part of conversations.

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Lean toward home. Hug the kids. Scan real estate prices. Relax and ponder, or do mindless chores (zen) or tackle repairs. Relationships are strained Fri. (deep incompatibility) and to midday Sat. (momentary temper). But hovering over all this, and free to fly after Sat. lunch, is a splendid, loving congeniality. (Maybe re-energizing a connection/ romance from late last week.)

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week:  Home, family, foundations, premises, security, Mother Nature, nutrition — these fill the 3 weeks ahead. Relax, nap frequently. Ponder your whole life: what’s been, and what’s to  come. Decide who still belongs in your life, and who/what have outlived their usefulness and freshness. Prune your garden. You remain hard-working to mid-Feb. — but this week you might have some difficulty aligning travel or communications with your work situation. Money, earnings are good this week — take advantage. Buy a small luxury item. 

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Your energy and charm surge upward. You get your way on the home front Sunday. (Do not invest nor risk health early Sun. morning.) All’s well, esp.Mon. — do what you want, be a leader, call in favours. Great time, esp. Sun., to start a renovation, landscaping, garden or similar project.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Push toward anywhere money lies. Beautiful luck rides with you — unless you gamble or take a big risk. You don’t need to risk anything — your money luck works in employment, sales, with clients, gov’t, etc. Ask for a raise. Start a new income project, esp. Wed. afternoon/night. All negotiations, purchases, sales, etc., end on a friendly note. A sensual interlude possible. 

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Communications, trips, paperwork, casual contacts, errands and media fill this interval — and will somehow interfere with or overrule job performance. (For example, you might need to skip work to visit your ailing aunt.) Emotionally, this can be a cruel “time” — Thurs./Fri. — so step, and speak, with the light touch of compassion. Saturday holds a wee temper tantrum, but also a splendid work/money idea, or (mildly sexy) friendship with a co-worker.

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week:  And the next two, emphasize errands, paperwork, communication, travel, facts and ideas, curiosity. In general, in practical terms, this is not an important time. But romance or a creative project or a gamble remains important, significant until mid-February. A surprise might come right at the end (about Feb. 12 to 14). The present week holds a problem with these (romance, et al) — $ and romance don’t mix, he/she’s too rich or poor for you, he wants to live in Iceland but you don’t want to give up your castle in Spain… whatever. This conflict peaks Friday.  

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Lie low, rest, deal with institutions, gov’t, large corporations. Engage in confidential discussions. Contact agents, advisors, spiritual leaders and charitable organizations. The first half of Sun. can be a bit fractious, but the rest of this period flows with peaceful goodness. An idea or decision about your home is inspired.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Your energy and charm burst out! You’re the leader, the decision-maker. Start significant projects or relationships. Luck soars! So can romance. (If single, you might be torn between a “regular type” and a quirky but entertaining person. I have no advice here.) Be bold, take a chance, launch an adventure. See and be seen — your personality shines. One thing: do not stay at home, nor let family matters prevent your success — fly! 

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Chase money, buy/sell, seek bargains, send bills and pay them, etc. This interval is neither easy nor particularly lucky, so stick with the known, or advance with caution. Read “This week” above regarding with romance and money, etc. This difficulty holds until late evening Friday. And, as often happens with major influences, the actual problem passes rather quietly, then, a day or so later — in this case midday Sat. — you or another might explode with temper about it. But shortly after (Sat. afternoon) one of this week’s main themes — friendly love, wishful love — peaks. After disappointment, comes happy relations, perhaps the spark of new love!

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week:  Until Feb. 18, the accent lies on money, earnings, possessions, purchases, sensual attractions, rote/memory learning. It’s a mild, diplomatic, easy-going time. Your home or base, territory in business, are highlighted during the same 3 weeks ahead. However, this week you might be tempted or nudged to lean heavily on your family or home base. That’s okay, but take care to avoid being overbearing or suffocating a child’s dreams/talents. Your inner or private world remains comforting, affectionate. Gov’t supports you. You might reject a real estate, furniture or similar purchase/improvement.

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  You’ll be happy. Social delights, popularity, optimism and flirtations lift your heart. Don’t bother seeking co-operation through midday Sun. After this, everyone’s your friend. 

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Retreat, lie low, ponder and plan. Everything goes well, though a communication glitch (or wrong words) could trip you up Thurs. morning. Otherwise, this is a tremendously lucky interval for planning, “seeding,” dealing with civil servants, admin workers, agents and counsellors. A good time to invest, research and to contact institutions.

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  This period is split between high luck in money, esp. involving home and children; and low luck in pressing your personality or personal goals upon family members, or trying to over-control a land, construction or similar project. The bad luck (which isn’t really bad unless you try to dominate) peaks Friday eve; the good luck ($, home, etc.) peaks Saturday mid-afternoon. (All times PST.) In all this, your clout, energy and presence are high and successful!

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: You’re in charge! Your energy, clout, charm and timing are at an annual high. (This lasts to about Feb. 18.) Be a leader, make contacts, see and be seen, ask favours. The actions you take now to mid-Feb., the projects/ventures you launch, bonds you form, will likely cause a major wish to come true this year. So launch things now with a hopeful, blue-sky attitude. You’re in the winner’s circle! You remain very chatty until mid-Feb. also, but your words could get you into difficulty this week. Romance and love are powerful themes this week, too.

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  Be ambitious. Higher-ups are watching. You’ll sail through any tests with flying colours, so be confident, tackle big projects. Tell and show bosses (or parents, VIPs) what you can do. Wee caution Sun. morning — speak, drive carefully. Otherwise, a fortunate interval. Some will even be promoted.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  A wish might come true — but not about money, so avoid this zone. Now talking and writing reward you, so express yourself. Everything blooms — popularity, light/friendly romance, social joys, entertainment, optimism — enjoy it! Best happiness: with a group.

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Retreat, lie low, rest and ponder — but don’t make plans nor “characterize the future” now. This would nudge you down the wrong set of tracks, with an ashen destination called “loss”. Instead, handle neglected chores, deal with necessary gov’t or head office business.

Talking, driving need care to Fri. night. A secret, a health condition, or a gov’t restriction —or a career problem — could emerge to oppose you. Saturday midday, you might react against this with anger. But Saturday also offers bliss — friends bring it, and “it” could be love.

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week: Continue to lie low, rest, ponder and plan. For the 3 weeks ahead, liaison with civil servants, institutional workers, advisors and agents. If you work in management or for a large organization (very common with Pisces) this time is easy to take, can advance you. Bosses, parents, authorities favour you until Feb. 3 — so time any interviews or discussions before then. But DON’T let the subject be your income, or any money/purchase theme — this area holds problems until late Friday evening. (In general, your money and your hopes conflict.) A “late exception” to this advice occurs Saturday, spelled out below.

Sun. to 6 am Tues.:  You can see for miles, figuratively (e.g., in your thoughts) or actually. You want to sail the seas, go to school, learn, love, and be a full, accepted member of society. This keeps you wise, mellow right now. A disagreement with spouse, mate early Sun., then everything is fine — chase ideas, far places, learning and love.

7 am Tues. to 4 pm Thurs.:  Your ambitions, career, worldly standing, and relations with VIPs, bosses and parents are on the agenda — an agenda of success! Almost everything goes right, and almost nothing wrong, so charge ahead, show your skills, apply for a better position, etc. (Even if you don’t get the position, the fact that you applied for it will earn you points down the road.)

5 pm Thurs. through Sat.:  Now the problems appear: deal gingerly with money discussions, $ wishes, and money commitments, until midday Sat. Don’t mix money and friends. This is a social interval, but occurs while you’re in a low energy/charisma month. So there will be joy, rising popularity, parties or other social functions, flirtations and optimism — but all these will be at “half-strength”.

Saturday afternoon (and to some degree all week, despite what I just wrote about $ problems a few lines above) a lucky money-career juxtaposition could equal a money plum — pluck it if you see it. A clue: the $ problem involves an assertive, even aggressive person, while the $ plum points to a more quirky, friendly, maybe gracious person.



I often mention “marriage” when I mean co-habitation. In astrology, partnership/marriage is ruled by the seventh house, but weddings are considered a legal/ritualistic action, ruled by the ninth house. So when I write “don’t marry”, I mean don’t start living with someone, start sharing property ownership, finances, sex, etc. If you are already living with someone and want to wed, this advice does not apply. Similarly, if I write “don’t wed”, it doesn’t apply to marrying, or co-habitation. (Although, far down the road, if you marry during his period, you might experience problems in becoming wedded, and/or other legal or travel problems.)
***   ***

Don’t know why Americans are so upset about Russian interference in their elections. (Well of course I know why, but I’m trying to be rhetorical.)  A First Nations member of the Canadian parliament said on TV that the environmentalist movement fighting to prevent a Canadian oil pipeline being built includes many Americans, funded by American interests. We’ve been told for years that the First Nations were obstructing the new pipeline by not letting it pass through their territories. Now a prominent First Nations leader says that’s a lie: Indians are upset and angry that they cannot gain the money and employment that the pipeline would bring.

If the pipeline is not built, Canada suffers (and already has, for years) massive economic loss, because Canada cannot get its oil from producing province Alberta to international export province British Columbia; hence, cannot get it to the world. So Canadian oil (Western Canada Select) often sells for less than half the world price, because its pipelines reach only into the U.S. 

Canada’s only option is, of course, to sell its oil to the U.S. But this keeps Canadian oil as much as $20 to $30 less than the international price per barrel, because that’s all the Americans will pay. So, it finally dawns on Canadians that they should have this pipeline to international wealth. In fact, an American company, Kinder Morgan, was going to build it. Plonk! Like the expected actor in a play, as soon as the pipeline was applied for, the environmental faction leapt in and worked to prevent construction. They’re successful so far, and have been for — what? the last 5? 10? years. 

My point is this: no Canadian oil pipelines to the ocean(s) = super cheap oil for the U.S. Now, what was the American “environmentalists” motive? And who is funding them? And are we/they still trying to blame First Nations, or still claiming they’re the “environmentalists'” brothers in arms?


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  1. KurakAkuyek

    Hi Tim,
    I am wondering what do you mean by “characterize the future now”.
    To ponder is ok but not to plan or characterize the future (for Aquarius this week). Does generating different outcomes/scenarios base on current situations considered as ‘characterizing the future’ or ponder?
    With thanks,

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, KurakAkuyek,

      I meant contemplate the future, but don’t make any firm plans, and don’t let your view of the future be rigid or permanent — don’t “characterize” it. An intelligent question!



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    Hi Tim,
    I am a huge fan! Everything you post is very affirming and inspiring. Do you recommend any books for financial astrology and how to manage your finances for the year? Thanks soul much for your time.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, imansss,

      There are books on financial astrology, e.g. “Financial Astrology” by LCdr. David Williams. But I don’t take these texts seriously, as they are steeped in their times, and might not apply to our current markets. I would read financial and stock market tomes (non-astrological) and watch the markets — much more informative than astrology books.



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