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WE SHOULD ALL AVOID STARTING NEW PROJECTS OR RELATIONSHIPS FROM: March 5 to 28, July 7 to 31, and October 31 to November 20.
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Well, did anybody buy stocks December 24 to 27, as I advised in the Dec. 16 Preamble? I took my own advice, but cautiously, as I’m a Gemini (a sign that faces financial dangers now to May 2020). Still, the stocks I bought Dec. 24 are up an average of 9% as I write this (Dec. 31).

One thing bothers me: is the profit long-lasting (which hints late December was the bottom)?  Or is it a quick thrill, and one should take profits before the whole market declines? (I worry the last scenario is true.  As I’m a Gemini, investing is one of the least promising, most dangerous activities Gemini can undertake before May 2020.) Still, I regret buying only $50k, rather than, say, 200 or 300. I’m such a coward!)
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Nancy Pelosi faces one of the toughest stretches of her political career, 2019/20, especially around Nov./19 to Jan./20.
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I think the NASDAQ will be worth buying when it hits 5,000. (Maybe 4900, etc.) It’s now in the low 6,000’s. Highest was 8100 a few months ago.
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Remember when the International Astronomers Union (or whatever it’s called) declared that Pluto was not a planet? Well, scientists now say the IAU was wrong, Pluto is a full-fledged planet. (According to NASA’s news site.) So, a raspberry to the astronomers.
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Want true love? Try someone born 7 years + 18 to 20 days after or before your own birthdate.  (E.g., born May 1, 1980? Then May 18 to 20, 1987, will be the birth date of your “perfect paramour.” Or, take away, gives us 1973, about April 11.) Try the internet, but be sure to ask for a  birth certificate.

In some cases, this person will have the same Sun sign as you, although in most cases, he/she will be your adjacent sign — the Sun sign behind you or ahead of you. (E.g., Scorpio’s adjacent signs are Libra [behind him] and Sagittarius [in front of him].)

I usually advise against marrying or having a love-affair with your adjacent sign, because such a bond yields friendliness, politeness, and an initial sensual ease (you become intimate easily, sexually) but not emotionally. So the relationship tends toward boredom after a time. But biorhythms say this “gap” of 7 yrs 19 days is the closest you’ll come to a perfect biorhythm match (on sexual, emotional and intellectual scales) — unless you accept a 60+ year gap. (I haven’t calculated the exact figure.)

The question is, are biorhythms valid, and if so do they outweigh astrological relationship lore?

I suspect they both contribute. I have found the sexual/physical relationship bio-rhythm scale to be uncannily accurate. I haven’t noticed that the other two rhythms (emotional and social/cultural/intellectual) don’t work. In fact, I have seen many instances of the workings of the social/intellectual rhythm. When these are markedly different in 2 people, even between passionate lovers – they almost never marry. Often, one person believes in marriage and the other doesn’t; or one’s already married; or one’s a Christian, one a Jew, etc. A low social biorhythm match often indicates different religions or “family philosophies”. (The social rhythm is 33 days, so multiples thereof would be perfect social/intellectual matches, while two birthdays 16-17 days apart [or extensions thereof] would have difficulty understanding each other, even in work and other non-love situations.)
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(Lots more in the AFTERAMBLE.)
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   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your understanding will blossom into a new, wider, more accepting, loving view of society and the world, Aries. 2019 will bring far travel, higher education, publishing/media ventures, cultural and philosophical interests, legal involvements — all with a big spoonful of good luck! So pick one or two, and charge ahead. (Push these to mid-April, then rest, re-plan until early August, then charge forth again, to early December.)

Oh, I forgot one thing: love. You might fall in love this year, with someone who would make a good wedding partner. You’ll find love most quickly when pursuing the directions just mentioned — far travel, education, etc. Libraries, transportation hubs, lawyers’ offices, schools, a neighbourhood philosophy club, church, etc. — these are fertile hunting grounds.

Your career and social standing are under pressure. Circumstances (and the boss!) insist that you work hard, but when it’s time for reward everyone falls silent. Be good humoured, long-suffering.

Some “don’t’s” before mid-2020: don’t quit one job unless you have another one to go to; no matter how unfair (or boring) your work burden feels, don’t protest, just lower your shoulder and get the job done; don’t push higher-ups to implement your favourite proposals. During this period, outside forces might cause a job change — that’s okay, flow with it. Ultimately, you could gain more from rest, contemplation and “family time” than from career ambitions.

Your determination and magnetism soar January/February. An Aquarian friend might not stay long, but he/she makes you happy. March starts 7 years of “different” money sources. You might grow charitable, give to Africa, etc. Romance sparks this summer and October/November. The latter period might lead to marriage, or to “war.” Get serious about chores in September. Someone’s attracted in December — and you’re feeling unusually sexy! Careful with finances, investments this autumn: be deliberate, not impulsive. (I think, not sure.)

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20-May 20

A bright new world is opening up, Taurus. You received a short hint of it last June to October. Now, March onward brings it in full, for 7 years. During this time, you’ll be more nervous or stressed than usual, yet also more friendly and social, and more ambitious. The most important 7 years of your career progress begins now. (With a lucky peak in 2021.) The more social you are, the higher you’ll climb, especially in February (hard work,) May (let your personality shine, be a leader), and November (opportunities). A quirky person can be instrumental: befriend nerds and geniuses!

Financially, you face huge good luck. Invest, Taurus. Research, then follow your intuition. If you’re unemployed and relatively broke, invest in clothes to get that job, or equipment, or a car to get to work. A person or group you met in 2018, perhaps negotiated with, now has the funds to implement a mutual project or venture. Or, it might be you who puts up the money. Either way, it’s commitment and consequence time. Don’t fear those consequences — they’re likely very fortunate.

If single, you might have met a viable partner last year. Now, intimacy and commitment arrive. Pregnancy can greet young couples. If you’re married, engage in a detective project, or an investment with your mate. You can change your lives for the better, before 2019 ends.

Take care in legal, international, educational, religious and ethical zones. You have a good, sensible view of these things, but progress can take longer than you anticipated. That’s okay: if you relax about this, you’ll advance; if you try to push these zones, you might get nowhere.

Your sexual magnetism surges in March. A powerful, yet friendly love affair could begin. (You’ll meet in a group.) September and November shoot sparks of romance and sensuality!

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Opportunities will fill 2019. If single, you could meet one you will marry. (Or marry someone you already know.) Business, public dealings, fame, relocation, partnerships and negotiations favour you all year. If married (even if not) adventure awaits you in distant places. Reach out, make contact in almost any sphere of life — others will respond with friendly cheerfulness, and might grant you something crucial to your success.

However, be cautious with investments, debt, life style changes, medical procedures, psychiatry, therapy, crime, police, unsavoury associations, lust and extra-marital temptations, secrets, collusion and “power corridors”. These can draw you, but into a subtle trap. Remain alert, stay on your “angelic side”.  Accept surface appearances — this year, they’re likely true.

Your hopes and sociability are high January/February, and a light, friendly affair might start — or a new friend will enter — or both. A love affair might start in April, when your sexual magnetism hits a two-year high. (An Aquarian might “call” you earlier in 2019, but he/she is undergoing deep inner changes, so the bond could be unstable.)

You shine in June, too, but there might be a “cruel turn” near mid-month. Romantic feelings know no bounds in October: your courage is high, so jump! Late year can bring a face-to-face meeting that lets you know what excitement is. Say yes to a bond, or seek one. This could lead to an optimistic early 2020!

Your career progress, from 2011 to 2025, is blessed with a combination of empathy and sympathetic feelings, hunches and intuition, and “expansive activity”.  (When you expend effort, the results tend to be bigger than you expected.) In 2019, you will be faced with a choice: join, merge, seek and seize opportunities, relocate or marry — or chase career ambitions. If ambitions and the urge to merge (etc.) can be combined, you could go places — fast!

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Ah, Cancer. Two main themes light your life in 2019. One, there’s a tremendous amount of work to be done. (Making it a great year to seek new or better employment, or to chase your career goals.) Two, there’s a tremendous amount of significance in relationships, especially business partnerships and love bonds.

You could view 2019 as a “preparation year” for the lucky relationship events of 2020. (For a more in-depth view of 2019/20 relationships, read your “Karmic Forecast” in PLATFORMS.) But 2019 isn’t only a prep year — it nudges you to deeply ponder your bonds and loyalties, what has been and what you want to be.

Generally, it’s not a good year to commit yourself to a major relationship, with one exception: if a bond develops quickly, without delay or doubt on either side, it could be destiny’s answer to your singleness. But delay, even from the outside world, hints that you should exercise your independence. (The more inexplicable the delay, the more it’s a warning.) That said, many forms of interaction are quite okay: romance, friendship, sex, friends with benefits, etc. Only “partnership” needs care or avoidance.

January/Feb. highlight attraction, but could also bring  conflict — or a career boost. Someone very sweet could fill February’s days. Your determination and sex appeal hit a powerful level May/June — avoid anything extra-marital.  May begins a 7-year phase during which you will feel constantly optimistic about a sexual attraction. This 7 years will, very likely, change your life in major ways — in ways you’ll like.

November might bring an old flame — but if this is someone who restricted or burdened you before, he/she will again. Others chase you in December.

Your career has been a bit of a wild horse since 2011. Now, at least by Spring, it settles into a “normal gait” for many years. (With lucky peaks in 2019, and mid-2022 to mid-23.) Bosses are critical and impatient January/Feb., but also are willing to promote you — be eager, ambitious, not angry.

April/May shunt you into management spheres and closed-door meetings.  Charge ahead with ambitions late May through June, but avoid being heedlessly aggressive. Who needs future enemies? Take a wee vacation from career demands October/November — or step back quietly and let trains already in motion drive down their tracks.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Romance in some form MUST visit you in 2019, Leo. If single, you could fall in love with a cheerful, hot-tempered, optimistic, impatient and idealistic person — just your type! This could be one of the (or the) most powerful sources of bliss in your life. If you’re not in the romance game, the same great fortune can enter your creative, child-raising, pleasure, speculative, sports, gaming or similar interests. One hint: dive in, don’t hesitate nor defer pleasure (et al) for a future day — grab it now. This is not selfish — it’s life, blossoming.

These matters, esp. romance, can flare any time. January/Feb. hints at partnership, marital-type love. You might discuss a wedding. A former sexual partner might appear in March, which brings up a 2019 dilemma – your romantic potential is splendid, but intimacy might be a little more elusive. You might have to reject a lustful bond to pursue a heart-lifting one.

Friends, a bubbling social life, can introduce you to a light, friendly romantic partner April through June — it feels good, so flow with whatever life offers — you’ll be filled with hope! Your sex appeal soars in July (which can get you in trouble) and August (when joy fills you — and a love could lead to marriage talk).

An aside here: March starts a 7-year phase in which your ambitions and your relationships tend to merge. You might “marry up” the socio-economic scale, or you might meet your mate on the job, etc. Remember this if/when a deep, idealistic love keeps breaking or being disrupted. (If so, ambition/career is the cause, perhaps subconsciously.) October/November might bring a casual, friendly link.

Strictly avoid legal hassles Jan./Feb. Higher-ups are impatient, temperamental late Feb. through March — be diplomatic, long-suffering. March starts 7 years of change and opportunity in career, worldly standing, and prestige relations. You’ll be a bit more tense than usual (so schedule relaxation time, sports, etc.) but the rewards of ambition could well be worth it.

All year, learn to work smart, not hard. Hands-on efforts will show little result or end in frustration, while those you hire or manage will do a splendid job. An opportunity to enter management realms comes May/June. Grab it! (Actually, work toward this all year — easy, smooth results!) Be gentle, not tyrannical on the home front Nov./Dec.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

2019 is a year of foundations and the warmth of new security, Virgo. If you want to succeed, to grow your life and bank account, focus on your home, family, residence. Sell and buy real estate, especially your own. If renting, seek a better place and deal. Buy furniture, decorate or renovate, build a great new garden, hug the kids, walk, hike or paddle in nature. It’s a great time to “get back to the land,” as the hippies would say. Enhance security, build a fence or install CCTV.

At work, expand or crystallize sales territory, or focus on premises, leases, location. You might buy a home you glimpsed in 2018 on your travels. In some cases, a new love bond might bring a new home. Young couples might welcome a baby.

Psychologically, you access a well of confidence and calm deep within you now. This can prepare you to take new, adventurous steps in 2020 and 2022, when lucky opportunities will call. If you have skeletons or are often weary, therapy can “clean out” your inner garbage can. (Or investigate a CPAP machine.)

Love. Hmm. This year, love can appear in three forms: 1) domestic bliss with someone comfortable (most likely to start or exist all year); 20 and/or deep, heavy romance with someone difficult or different (esp. January/Feb.); 3) and/or light romance with a caring, soft person (most likely June/July). Only the deep, heavy attraction needs caution. If this proceeds without delay – meeting to kissing – good. It could even be destined. But if there’s any delay, turn away — it could be a velvet trap.

January/Feb. will intensify sexual urges, and might nudge you to invest. In the latter case, your best investments will be in land; second best, anything involving food, shelter, mining, forestry. Your sex appeal (and courage) surge late August to early October. This same time heightens your investment urges.

Your thoughts turn to a former “friend” in November, with a wee sensual tug. I wouldn’t bother. December begins a year of big romance — though it needs care until May 2020.

Health-wise, this is a good year. Keep that bathroom scale — you’ll eat with relish, and your waist might expand. The past 7 years have held some serious health developments. From March onward, serious health conditions will tend to recede.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general picture is fairly simple this year, Libra. On one side, you’ll feel restless, will likely engage in a series of short trips. On the other, your property or home will try to nail your shoes to one spot… and will try to do this by creating problems in your domestic sphere. (I say “creating” but in truth these difficulties are a result of long-term neglect, wrong goals, or other “self causes”. Which gives a clue to their solution.) The problems could be physical (e.g., flooded basement) or emotional (e.g., a child has troubles).

You’ll walk into a flurry of errands, communications, visits, paperwork, and many easy, quick chores. Usually I’d say, Why waste time with these? But in 2019, something quite fortunate might arise from these errands, etc. For instance, an everyday email involving your job could introduce you to a bright new friend; even a witty, cheeky but charming and friendly love. You might, during your restless travels, come across a house or home you will buy this December into Dec. 2020. (Your domestic and real estate luck soar December 2019 onward.)

Romance won’t be a huge driver this year. But a major change occurs: March ends 7 years of romantic/marital attraction; 7 years of unpredictable, exciting love adventures with disruptive or unanticipated results. Those of you who felt Cupid and married since 2011 will always love your spouse. But the 7 years ahead shunt your romantic urges away from the marriage sector, and toward the zone of sex, intimacy, deep changes, financial worth, secrets and commitments and consequences.

From here on, both romance and sex will intertwine, and can swiftly change your entire life. Avoid extra-marital temptations: they could change your life in terrible ways. Young couples might face a surprise pregnancy, while some might need a fertility specialist.

February, June and August offer your best romantic chances. July might bring an old flame, but not one you’ve pined over.

Your career and worldly standing will flow with mellow ease now to May 2020. Although I’ve said above that home/property/family will be a big focus, do only what’s necessary in this area, not more. It’s a dicey time to sell or buy real estate. In selling, your price might be unrealistic. In health, watch your digestion and sexual organs. Your neurological structure might need attention.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Show me the money — that’s your theme song for 2019. Last year, you might have worked on a project (or simply made plans) intended to fatten your wallet. This year, that early effort should pay off. Even if you did nothing money-wise in 2018, 2019 offers great chances to turn on the $ tap. Ask for a pay raise, seek better-paying employment, gather new clients, sell items, etc.

You can find splendid bargains, but you feel generous, with a tendency to pay too much. Good money prospects appear in January, June, and November. From March onward, you will begin to see real estate as an opportunity (for 7 years, to 2025). This is one of the better times to buy (and sell) a home (before December).

Higher-ups are impatient, temperamental July/August. Generally, your career/employment are in good shape. This is a good year to start your own business. (Avoid starting during March, July or November.)

On one level, love remains mellow all year, and physical intimacy is easy to achieve. Late February through March opens the door to your heart. A sexy old flame could re-ignite a powerful bond. You’re very sexually oriented April/May, but don’t expect a smooth ride.

All year, a wedding is favoured, and relatively easy to achieve for singles. In July, gentle love can lift your heart and put your mind in a cloud of bliss. Late summer brings a sweet friend. Your sex appeal soars late November into December.

On another level, though, 2019 brings the first of 7 years of unpredictable relationships. Suddenly, you start to meet vibrant, exciting, unpredictable, perhaps even wonky people. Some acquaintances will open doors to opportunities in food and shelter areas, real estate, forestry and mining. Others might offer to share a home with you, or to partner with you in these areas (food/shelter, etc.). If married, your spouse can suddenly act more independently, or his/her condition might change.

In some way, home/security and love/marriage will hold hands. Yet, all this notwithstanding, you remain in a true love atmosphere the same 7 years. Romance could surprise you!

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wow, this is your year, Sage! Your luck and confidence soar! Be realistic but not limited. You can succeed in almost anything you choose, and your success could expand beyond your expectations. You’ll probably travel internationally, attend school, write or publish (including internet), delve into a new philosophy or religion, attend cultural events and social rites, and embrace love — either love of another, or of all humanity. (The last is best.)

Two areas need care: 1) earnings, purchases; and 2) romance, creative ventures. (For details on earnings and possessions, read your Karmic Forecast in PLATFORMS.) In romance, 7 years of active but fairly casual amour end now, letting you “revert” to ordinary, more passionate involvements. Ditto for creative, speculative, pleasure and child-teaching situations.

Others will be attracted to you all year. Don’t waste this by settling for an “easy” sensual relationship — it likely will turn out to be not so easy, and could even open the door to poor luck. Instead, you could find that an affair I often advise against (deep, mysterious lust) actually benefits you. Someone wants to marry you. A Gemini, Aries or Leo could figure prominently.

Romance is powerful January/Feb. (Careful January.) You’ll either make an enemy (especially if you let your famous temper fly!) or a powerful, intense partnership, April to June. (The partnership is more likely, esp. as April’s so loving.) Romance turns deeply sexual May/June. True, wise love awaits you July/August. A social, friendly love could arise in October.

Your finances need careful action and thought. Short-term money (earnings, sales, purchases of depreciating items) lags, tempts, eludes. But long-term $ (investments, debt/reduction, home purchase) yield seemingly “unearned” rewards. (You’re dealing with karma here.)

For the next 7 years (starting in March) your work might lean toward travel, communication, paperwork and a multitude of friendly contacts. Be diplomatic in September, when higher-ups are impatient, temperamental — and don’t want to hear your creative/inventive proposals.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

2019 won’t be your year to win big prizes or to attract fawning crowds. Instead, this year offers you a much-needed and deeply rejuvenating rest, a breathing space. Quietude comes easily — use it to ponder your life. How did you get to this point, and where do you go from here?

You’re in the middle of a 14-year phase that has 3 goals: 1) transform you, from head to toe; 2) clear out your social circle, deleting old relations and bringing new ones; and 3) altering or entirely changing your life goals. This process, though it might leave you wondering or “out of the swim” for awhile, will ultimately prove to be a good one, refreshing you, and bathing your life with newness. 2019 is an excellent time to contemplate this process, and to quietly tinker with your direction.

Civil servants, administrative and institutional workers loom large from January to November. So do agents, advisors, and health workers. All these could surprise you with their generosity. It’s a great time to change your health habits, or your medication. Pondering, meditation, spiritual and charitable pursuits will bless you.

All year, seek to join others — in mutual ventures and in affection. If you, for instance, ask someone for a romantic date and they say no, you’ll still feel a nice glow of satisfaction because you had the courage to try. Others, even if they turn you down, will do so graciously, even affectionately. Now to May 2020, interdependence will lead you to smooth progress, while independence can inexplicably frustrate you.

You’re energetic and effective January/Feb. Your home demands attention. Romance, beauty, pleasure or self-expression become a driving force in March. This month kicks off a 7-year phase of sudden, unpredictable events in all these areas (romance, beauty, et al). Money or possessions (or possessiveness) will be inextricably tied to love.

You might begin what appears to be a casual, sensual affair; but it can become a full-fledged amour. Love is most favoured in January (you’re attractive), May (perhaps with a co-worker), July (exciting meeting and deeply sexual urges), September (gentle, mellow love) and November (friendly flirting, maybe an old flame).

Higher-ups are snarky, impatient and short-tempered October/November, so be diplomatic. You might end one job to embrace another. Strictly avoid legal hassles mid-August to early October.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It’s a wish fulfillment year, Aquarius. 2019 brings a buoyant boost in popularity, happy social gatherings, flirtations and light romance, entertainment and optimism about the future. Every even-numbered month (Feb., April, June, etc.) will tend to boost your luck. One thing: your wishes and social events can conflict with your money situation. Don’t mix friends and $ in 2019.

You will end many projects and bonds in the 7 years ahead — starting this Spring. Your attachment to home will swell; you might even change jobs, to draw your income from construction, real estate sales, food and shelter areas, forestry or mining — any Gaia-related activities.

Renovate mid-February through March. Control your temper and be gentle with children, same period. April to June sparks strong romantic urges. Your courage is high, so charge forth, approach, flirt — talk! A Gemini might be involved.

July/August draw you toward a person who “balances” you, could be a viable mate prospect. (Could be an old flame or ex-spouse.) Powerful sexual urges visit you late August to early October. Your social life gets a final wee boost in November — a great month to envision your best future, and march toward it,

A former money source might return in March. Hard work faces you May/June — plunge in! Your career luck rises in November — you could be promoted, or a former career/job role could return — or both. Stick as much as possible to hands-on work. Gently turn from managerial roles, as they might later surround you with boredom or frustration. This is not the best year to argue with the government, enter institutions, or deal with agents.

Sometimes we need advice, and sometimes our own impulses/intuition are far better. For you, Aquarius, the latter is true this year — avoid relying on psychics, counsellors, astrologers, etc. This is not a good year for solitude, withdrawal, rest, meditation — not even for planning. Charge ahead on your own optimism instead.

One thing’s for certain: you’ll be happy in 2019, and two major life wishes will come true!

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your career or employment, your status in life, meet very fortunate conditions in 2019, Pisces. You’ll face at least two opportunities to move up. (One of these might have already occurred in Nov./Dec. 2018.) These chances to climb the ladder will likely come through your work, but some of you will move up by marrying, even by being “adopted”. (E.g., a rich friend pulls you into his/her life.) However, don’t attempt to rise through social connections — if it happens, good; but if you pursue this, it will fail.

This year it’s not who you know, but what you do/produce. You can — and very likely will — reach a decades-long pinnacle. Be cheerful, eager, hard-working and, above all, think big. Elements of travel, media, law, education or culture can enter your occupational situation, in a rewarding way.

Chase money Jan./Feb. and April — but tighten up on spending or YOU could become the money source. February might open a door to a management position. June is the least helpful month for career advancement, but it’s great for home, family, decoration and love. July/August bring hard work; a former job role might tap your shoulder.

September brings money opportunities (possible $ partnerships) if you can avoid fighting, arguing. Invest in October. (An overseas opportunity?) November might bring a delay or reconsideration — if you haven’t yet grabbed the career elevator, give it one last try. (Another opportunity will arise in January 2020, but it’s intense, maybe harsh.)

All year, aim for deep, meaningful romance; yield to passion in love, art, games and self-expression. Don’t play the field or engage in a light, friendly love affair, try to be popular or become a party animal — these will disappoint or frustrate you.

You’re indecisive about your life direction in March. A partner, spouse or lover might be the cause. Be gentle at home, with kids, April/May. Your romantic passion flares May to July. Someone might chase you October/November… and you won’t mind!



Recently, I wrote that China’s technology planet was in a dicey degree, opening the door to intellectual theft. But I didn’t mention that, when in China October 2017, I was blown away by the ultra-clarity of Huawei’s photo screens — far superior to Apple’s.

I think (and I don’t want to tread on racist ground here) that the U.S. excels in technological innovation, but China excels in execution, in craftsmanship. I saw this on the high-speed trains in China, too. So, why don’t they co-operate? The U.S. could supply the innovators, and China the improvers/perfecters. Together, these two could become the dominant leaders of the world, perhaps even lead us into a new golden “city on the hill,” as the mystics like to call it.
***   ***

The U.S.A. will make some good moves, will display wisdom all 2019, but especially Sept. 28 to October 8. The anti-American/anti-Trump political scorn filling Europe (e.g., Macron, Merkel) will die down — at least for a while. Spain, Honduras, Hawaii, Yemen, Haiti, Hungary, Sweden, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland will tend to have a poor year, mostly involving or due to the hierarchy.
***   ***

A reader sent the following question to the COMMENTS section, and as it probably reflects the doubts of a number of readers, I thought I’d reproduce it here, verbatim, with my answer:

The Comment:
Dear Tim: I am wondering if you can site your sources for the comments you made in the after ramble for this weeks column. You are making some claims regarding Hillary Clinton and the FBI and what seems like criminal accusations against certain FBI agents. I am not saying you are wrong I just like to see facts backed up by actual independent sources. Especially under these kind of circumstances where people are accused of all kinds of things but there is no legal evidence to support such assertions. I have never seen any kind of data or news reports in the USA or else where that have stated these allegations as legal fact or evidence. So without this kind of acknowledged source what you write is Hear Say and not truth based on a evidentiary premise, but mere belief or propaganda. So I would be very interested to know your sources for these details of 19,000 emails gone missing by the dirty people, the crooked FBI investigation that was conducted but cleared Clinton of wrong doing etc etc you speak of it all in what seems a rather conspiracy theory babble way. So I would like to see the actual reports and facts. Or do you intend to be the judge, and jury based on your belief and not real evidence. Some how we have entered a place in time and history where people can spout all kinds of theories to meet their own biased belief systems, but it does not make it reality. I look forward to your feedback. Kind Regards, Debleah.

My Answer:

My source was the Department of Justice’s Inspector General (probably the most authoritative source in all America) which found that over 19,000 emails between dirty FBI agents Liza Page and Peter Strzok had been “wiped clean” (the I.G.’s words) by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, after Mueller* discovered their emails held evidence of their conspiracy to de-throne Trump. (Google “19000 emails missing DOJ IG”, or read the I.G. Report, or whatever you prefer.)

(* If Mueller really believed in the truth, he would have left the emails for others to see and judge. This is a prosecutor who destroys evidence.)

As for Hillary’s emails, the June 2018 Inspector General’s report confirmed that 30,000+ Clinton emails were deleted.

For more detail, I quote Wikipedia:

“In 2014, months prior to public knowledge of the server’s existence, Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and two attorneys worked to identify work-related emails on the server to be archived and preserved for the State Department. Upon completion of this task in December 2014, Mills instructed Clinton’s computer services provider, Platte River Networks (PRN), to change the server’s retention period to 60 days, allowing 31,830 older personal emails to be automatically deleted from the server, as Clinton had decided she no longer needed them. However, the PRN technician assigned for this task failed to carry it out at that time.[98]

“After the existence of the server became publicly known on March 2, 2015,[99] the Select Committee on Benghazi issued a subpoena for Benghazi-related emails two days later. Mills sent an email to PRN on March 9 mentioning the Committee’s retention request.[98] The PRN technician then had what he described to the FBI as an “oh shit moment,” realizing he had not set the personal emails to be deleted as instructed months earlier. The technician then erased the emails using a free utility, BleachBit, sometime between March 25 and March 31.[100]”

But Deb, I wonder if you have confused me with CNN, the New York Times, and other media that frame opinion as fact, and frequently broadcast and publish false, unsubstantiated stories?


7 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JANUARY 6 – 12, 2019

  1. rd38

    OK. My turn. Yes, Debleah’s editorials are getting off the point of why we are on here. However, the deleted emails don’t prove much unless someone has un-deleted and read them. I don’t support Clinton and have a feeling Democrats are more likely to be tempted by greed because – and this is partially speculation- many probably grew up in less privilege upbringings than Republicans and initially pick their parties based on the generosity a Democratic government has shown them during a history of financial struggle. Then they fall into the temptation a political life can offer. I am so surprised you are a Gemini, Tim! I didn’t think it was possible we could choose sides!

    Print this or not. Maybe its too much of what you are trying to avoid in topic (although you seem to start it!). Regards.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, rd38,

      Yep, I’m a Gemini. So I choose sides all the time: half of me loves Trump, and half of me hates Trump! I admire and reject. In the macro picture, the Dems are right, as we are, humanity, heading for a world without borders or nations. One side of me admires that; and my other side rejects their dirty tricks and violence. Dems are bullies. But then, Trump’s a bully, too. Basically, I root for Trump because he’s “besieged.” It’s like at a football game, I always cheer for the underdog.

      Cheers,(no inference intended)


  2. rd38


    You will never convince Tim that Trump is anything less than a breath of fresh air and that all sources of news reporting POTUS’s improprieties come from false sources while the opposition’s own are to be believed without question. Save your breath! Tim is a wonderful astrologer but card carrying member of the trump cult. Even Steve Bannon, who reportedly carries a musket for defending himself, has distanced himself from Trump, as has anyone who worked for him. Trump’s greatest contribution thus far, has been inserting the grammatically awkward phrase “false news” into the general public’s vocabulary.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hey, rd38,

      I don’t love Trump. I was early to say, long before he was elected, that he could be dictatorial (I compared him to Mussolini) and that the “Trump University” was unforgivable. (Go back and read my 2016 columns.) But he’s a fellow Gemini, and I cringe at the slurs and slanders flung at him from everybody who wanted HC to win. But thanks for saying I’m a wonderful astrologer!



  3. debleah

    Dear Tim: I respectfully disagree with you that I am attempting to create fake news as you assert in this weeks “After Ramble” and I will outline why I take this position by bringing fact to the debate and not supposition, as you have done by purporting and spreading facts that are just not accurate. I will try to be unbiased in my writing as this to me is not about whether you support or like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for that matter. No it is about something more important and meaningful: Truth!!!!
    This is important because like you we have many people who spread false facts and false narratives because they want to affect the thoughts and minds of people around the world. It is quite simply the same kind of disinformation campaigns we have seen in Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia and from many other Countries and entities around the world who do not want to spread fact, but rather they want to influence people to there way of thinking even if the facts bear out to not be true. You create “Context” but not truth, and you create this context to support what you want reality to be. And you have fallen into the trap that so many have during this time in history to accept the notion and lie. That media outlets cannot be trusted, that Government Agencies cannot be trusted. This context is all designed by forces that want you to believe their proganda and thus in the end do their bidding for them. Because the old saying goes: “If a lie is told enough times, then people will begin to believe that the lie is in fact the truth”. Donald Trump, and those people surrounding him know this fact very well and are using these very tactics to make people believe their version of the facts. Large news organizations unlike yourself face a set of legal standards and laws that they must abide by in the disemmination of information. And if they are found to report misinformation then they can face legal consequences for that behavior. You and the sources that you quote like Wikipedia are not held to such a standard and you can write/say whatever you want even if it is a lie or in this case not completely factual. So I suggest that if you are going to make such statements that you do your research and make sure you have the facts correct and that what you are saying is actually the truth and not just a set of statements you want to believe and thus mislead others into believing as well. Below you will find a critique of the factual errors you have made in your statements regarding this posting of a misleading context. The majority of sources out there reporting the same slant as your story are actually Right Wing news sources and their mission is not to find the truth but rather to support their guy and discredit the Muellar investigation. So I think a better source for the true facts on this matter is FACTCHECK.org who is not a media outlet but rather an independent watch dog who’s mission is to find the true facts. This article goes in-depth to explain why your take and assertion of these facts are completely false. https://www.factcheck.org/2018/12/trump-giuliani-distorts-facts-on-ig-report/

    Here are the facts and corrections to your misstatements:
    1. The first error in your assertion about the as you call them Dirty FBI agents is that they deleted 19,000 emails. They were not emails but rather text messages. And they were not deleted intentionally as you want people to believe but rather they were deleted by error due to a software issue. Also another false fact that you want people to believe is that these text messages contained information that was bad and/or damaging. The DOJ said unequivocally in their report that there was no malicious intent by any party. For you to assert otherwise is again a dangerous precedent and one being followed by the US President and that is to discredit branches of Governments so as to undermine the rule of law and the faith and trust that people put in these organizations. This is a dangerous game for anyone to play and if we fall prey to this conduct we play right into the hands that want us to inch closer and closer to a dictatorial rule.

    2. The FBI agent you have in question in this article testified to congress under oath regarding this matter and was put through a full FBI investigation. He did not commit any felonies, nor did he break any laws, nor did he in any way effect or undermine any ongoing investigation in the FBI. He was fired mainly because he simply texted and sent emails that he did not want Donald Trump elected. Was this of poor judgement yes!!!! And should given his position as an FBI agent kept his political views private, yes he should!!!!! But he did not and because of that he was fired. But he was expressing an opinion, and the last I checked he was within his constitutional right to do so. He did not commit any crimes, nor did he let his own political views effect his role as an FBI agent.

    3. The Wikileak article that you quote as to the facts of the Hillary Clinton email scandal has so many inaccurate fatcs. That it would take me hours to refute them all. If your readers are smart people and if they take the time to research the matter fully and seek out unbiased sources of thruth. They will see that she also committed great lapses of judgement in this matter. But she did not commit any crimes and was cleared by all levels of government and criminal departments such as the FBI etc.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      I’m approving your comment, Debleah. But as I wrote earlier, I don’t want to turn these comments into a political forum, so I won’t approve any more long, non-astrological comments from you. It’s a shame in some ways, as I very much sympathize with your quest for or insistence on the “truth.” But I suspect your sources also — in fact, where are they? You disparage a very detailed and seemingly balanced account from Wikipedia, yet offer not one source to dispute it. Like your other protests, it seems to be based on your own emotions and biases.
      Best regards,

      1. Tim Stephens Post author

        I deleted your last comment, Debleah. Though you refuse to accept my sources, your only source seems to be FactCheck.org — a virulently anti-Trump, anti-Republican site. Really? Really? I think I’d trust the I.G.’s report.
        All the best,

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