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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  12:50 pm to 6:28 pm Sun., 0:55 am to 6:46 am Wed., and 4:19 am to 4:35 pm Fri.


The Weekly Forecasts will be much shorter this week, as I’ve injured my right arm and can’t type very well. Please forgive my typos!
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Victoria province in Australia, said a news report Aug. 5, has instituted virtually the same process I suggested here a week or two ago to eradicate Covid 19. It came about due to a big spike in Melbourne, pop. 5 million. Some things are less stringent than my plan: e.g., the confinement curfew is only 8 pm to 5 am, not 24/7. But it will be interesting to see the results…
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Romance continues, Aries — and now you can talk your way into someone’s heart. (Same next week.) Your home becomes a soothing place of family affection, the rest of August.

Sunday favours you early (focus on career) but around suppertime (PDT) you enter two days of money matters — buying, selling, etc. Monday’s difficult, Tuesday offers success. Wednesday dawn to Fri. afternoon brings errands, casual friends, paperwork, trips and text (etc.). Most things go well, but don’t start a fight or struggle with someone who is above you at work, or who is generally silent and inscrutable. Steer toward home and family, security, gardening, Mother Nature (hiking, etc.) Friday eve through the weekend — all’s good, at least to next Sunday morning. A Saturday project can be fun for all — a garden party?

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The main accent lies on home and domestic affairs until late August. This week and next, you can have some quite important conversations with family members. You will also leave the house fairly often on errands and other short trips. You might start working from home. As I’ve said before, stay away from violent places and far away from belligerent people — to January. Same period, you might be kicked upstairs into a management position.

Sleep in late Sunday: you’ll be tired until about suppertime. (And your efforts would tend to run into major obstacles.) But then you snap awake, filled with energy until Wednesday morning! Be a leader, start significant projects, and make new contacts. Monday is a little tough, but Tues. has some pretty good, smooth luck.

Wednesday dawn to suppertime Fri. shunts you into money concerns. Mostly, these go mildly well, but be cautious with background areas such as the government, or your own past misdeeds, as these might violate ethics or the law. Errands, communications, short trips, and paperwork fill Friday eve to next Sunday. All goes well, right into Sun. morning. Saturday would be lovely for visits and making new friends.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Paperwork, short trips, calls and communications, and swift, easy chores fill the weeks ahead. You operate well in such endeavors, so basically you’ll be happy. In fact, these chores will be even easier than they were a week ago; however, they will also speed up, so preserve your nerves from stress. Your money picture improves splendidly now to early September. You will make a little more, and might purchase a luxury item (or auto!).

Sunday is hopeful and friendly. But withdraw this evening to Wed. dawn — seek solitude and recuperation. Meditate, ponder and plan. It is a pretty good interval, with Tuesday being a little easier than Monday. You can make some good investment decisions Tuesday p.m. Your energy and charisma surge upwards from Wed. dawn to late afternoon Friday. You’ll get a lot done, but keep your eye on one thing: your hopes and social connections will not help you in financial or sexual areas. For example, don’t mix friends and money, and don’t ask their advice about your latest romantic partner.

Chase money Frid. eve into next Sunday morning. You’ll do well, as luck rides with you, especially Saturday morning to early Sun. morning.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remain money-wise, Cancer — it’s a good time, this week and next, to find bargains and sell items, to ask for a pay raise or more work hours. Use the Internet and other communications to find money opportunities. Now to early September, your physical charms radiate and attract others.

You might feel ambitious Sun., but take care with relationships. Around suppertime (PDT), you start to grow hopeful and social, and will stay that way until dawn Wednesday. This is a happy, optimistic interval. Tuesday goes better than Monday. Retreat from the bustling crowd Wed. morning to suppertime Friday. Get lots of rest, ponder and plan, be spiritual and charitable, and deal with civil servants, management workers, agents and advisers. All goes reasonably well, but see and sidestep a possible conflict between your ambitions and your relationships with peers.

Your energy returns Fri. eve until next Sunday morning. Be a leader, get out and make new contacts, start new projects. Your luck is fairly good until you hit a wall mid day Sunday. You’re pretty charming Saturday!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re the star now, Leo! Be a leader, get out and make new contacts, and start significant projects. You grow more talkative over the next two weeks, but at the same time your inner world and your private world grow more affectionate and pleasing (to early September). Continue to be wary of lawsuits.

Sunday starts loving and mellow, but this eve turns you toward your image and reputation, worldly standing and ambition— until dawn Wed. Tuesday is better than Mon. Go slow, steady before dawn Tues. You’ll celebrate something Wed. to late afternoon Fri. Friends and potent glances! Sidestep (mostly Wed.) political, philosophical, legal and international zones and work, machines or health actions/decisions. Your energy declines (only softly) Fri. suppertime into next Sunday. Rest, nap, and spend the days in quiet places; recharge your emotional, physical batteries. It’s a good interval until about dawn next Sunday.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You remain in rest mode, Virgo. Nap often, recharge yourself. Deal with civil servants, agents and advisers, and head office of any corporation. Many conversations occur here. A good career phase (since April) has ended, but now the favour you felt with higher ups shifts to your social sphere. So, despite your tiredness, you remain fairly popular and optimistic into early September. Your libido remains strong to next January.

Sunday starts sexy, thoughtful, but runs into romantic obstacles… same fate for creative and sports activities. By supper time, and until dawn Wed., a mellow, wise and compassionate mood flows over you. Wednesday is better than Mon. for action and success, especially in travel, legal, intellectual, and international areas.

Look to your career for opportunities Wed. morning to late afternoon Friday. Most of your efforts go well, but avoid trying to combine sex and romance, or finances and creativity. A happy, popular, optimistic and flirtatious vibe hovers all around you from late Fri. afternoon into next Sunday. This won’t be a huge thing, but it will be a nice thing, especially Sat. and very early Sun. — respond to well wishers and relationship openings.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A nice social phase continues. You are popular, humorous, witty — and if single, meeting mate prospects. A philosophical phase has passed. Now to early September, higher ups will favour you… you might even be promoted.

Relationships fill early Sunday, but they also encounter obstacles. You veer into deeper waters this evening to dawn Wed. — into the deeper and more intimate sides of relationships, into secrets and mysteries, research and investigation, medical and lifestyle decisions, commitments and consequences. Monday erects various frustrations, while Tues. tends to further your goals.

A wise, mellow mood steals over you Wed. morning to Friday supper time, a good interval to handle long-distance matters, legal, intellectual, and cultural interests. However, avoid a conflict between a partner or potential partner and your domestic situation. Friday supper time into next Sun. emphasizes your worldly standing, reputation, ambitions and career. These run quite well until about 7 AM Sunday (PDT).

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The focus remains on your ambitions, Scorpio — a lot of talk here, and maybe some changes that will lift your hopes. You will face tests, and you will pass them. Your recent luck in financial and sexual areas -– since April — ends now. In its place, you will now receive some splendid openings in education, media, law, cultural and far travel zones until early September. Your work remains hard until next January; just dive in and get it done.

Sunday morning starts with work or health issues – both of which run into obstacles. This evening to dawn Wed. brings relationships, fresh horizons and new opportunities. Be cooperative and diplomatic for the best results. The deeper, more mysterious side of life emerges Wed. morning to suppertime Friday. A generally good interval for intimacy, finances and lifestyle decisions, but don’t depend on your intuition, and sidestep a possible conflict at work over directions or something someone says. Drive carefully, also.

Friday night into next Sun. brings a wide, understanding view of the world. It might also bring love, or at least affectionate understanding with your spouse or lover.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent continues on far travel, law, cultural values, belief systems and intellectual pursuits, Sage. Months of affectionate responses from others dissipates now. If you look closely, you’ll see that this affection and good luck has shifted to a more private and deeper level in relationships – into areas of commitment, intimacy, funding and consequence. Your intuition will be strong and reliable. A Cancer person might do you a favour. And, the romantic intensity continues.

Sunday highlights this romantic intensity, but also features the two main obstacles to it. These obstacles seem to comprise money and possession issues, and restrictions based in your own life. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Sun. eve to dawn Wednesday. Monday is a bit difficult; Tues. is more successful. Relationships confront you Wed. morning to late afternoon Friday (PDT). You will encounter fresh horizons and new opportunities. But avoid a conflict between romance and money, or between a creative project or urge and financial realities.

Subterranean forces, hidden treasures and heightened intuition lie between Fri. night and next Sunday. Dig deep, investigate, and look some major questions right in the eye, especially lifestyle, sexual/pregnancy, and medical questions. Some nice possibilities here, especially from Sat. dawn to Sunday dawn.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The journey continues into the deeper sides of life — finances, sexual intimacy, medical problems, lifestyle changes and investigation. This zone is often associated with silence or secrets, but for the next two weeks the secrets will be revealed and there will be a lot of conversation about these deeper issues. Your workplace has been very pleasant the last few months, but that ends now. Instead, now to early September your relationships in general will grow more affectionate and significant. Your home life remains intense, so be gentle.

Sunday emphasizes your home. Relax, repair, hug the kids, and have a lemonade on the back porch. This evening until the break of dawn Wed. will excite your heart with romantic possibilities, creative or sports involvements, and with beauty and pleasure. Tuesday runs a little better than Monday. Tackle chores, deal with machinery and/or employees, and protect your daily health Wed. morning to Fri. suppertime. You’ll get things done, but avoid a showdown at home, especially Wednesday.

Relationships arrive Fri. evening into next Sunday. This is a nice little interval, so go forth and seek others. Be cooperative and diplomatic. Saturday night, Sun. morning offer some great opportunities, especially on home and talk or travel fronts.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis continues on relationships, Aquarius. Lots of opportunities here: see them and grab them. Relocation possible. Be cooperative and diplomatic for best results. Realize others have all the cards. Some important conversations can occur; one might be about the possibilities of marrying or forming a practical partnership with someone. A long, slim romantic streak – since last April — ends now. Affection, camaraderie, and all round pleasantness fills your work scene now to early September.

Sunday is for errands, paperwork, travel and communications. These might face irritating obstacles; if so, relax and wait for a better day. Steer toward home Sun. night to Wed. dawn. Hug the kids, mow the lawn, do repairs and have a nice lemonade on the back porch. Tuesday will be more successful than Monday. A nice romantic interval arrives from Wed. morning to Friday suppertime. For some of you this period might bring a marriage proposal or some such. Avoid speaking about private problems, your interactions with the government, or any background situations, especially Wednesday.

Friday evening into Sunday morning brings mysteries and secrets, financial opportunities and intimate openings, medical and lifestyle decisions. Someone wants a commitment; that’s OK, in fact it might well benefit you, especially Saturday morning to Sun. dawn. Partnerships yield rewards.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on work, health, machinery and employees or employers. This is a pretty good week, so dive in and get things done. You will be very busy for two weeks. A nice romantic streak has just begun and will accompany you into early September. This means, if you’re single and looking, the last 10 days of August and the first five of Sept. might bring you a fascinating mate prospect. Money continues to flow through you very quickly until next January… form a plan around this, specifically about trying to hold onto that money, and additionally to try to make this income permanent.

Sunday focuses on just this: money flow. You can meet a couple of obstacles here, and they probably come from your friends or social group. Sunday evening to dawn Wed. brings errands, short trips, communications and paperwork. Monday contains a couple of irritations, while Tues. runs quite smoothly.

Head for home and family Wed. morning to suppertime Fri. — hug the kids, garden, repair, decorate, go camping and make sure you get some deep rest. If you can, sidestep a conflict between your money urges and needs, and your social needs. For example, don’t listen to your friends’ financial advice. Friday evening into  dawn Sun. brings passion and romance, and maybe some good work/money events.


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