“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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ALL SIGNS: Finish projects rather than launch big new ones, as a 3-week period of delays, mistakes, misunderstandings and false starts begins October 31.
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ALL SIGNS: Your weekly forecasts might be a bit short this week, as I had to travel last minute.
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Someone should invent mascara that turns clear, colourless, when wet (wetted?).
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Life turns deeper, Aries. You’ve had hints of this for a few weeks, but now it becomes manifest, full-bodied. Attraction leads to commitment (or not), agreements/contracts morph into funding, surfaces are pulled aside so you see the inner workings and hidden forces. Dig deep, research, investigate, look for good investments or debt reduction, for medical cures, for lifestyle goals. Young couples might now “get pregnant.” All this begins Wednesday, and lasts to late November. However, “pure attraction” still exists (4 more weeks) and can spark more openings, opportunities, love matches and business hand-shakes.

Sunday to dawn Monday (PDT) emphasizes your domestic situation. Most things go well here, but some alienation or “choice” (likely between home and career — choose home) can distract you. This day or Monday, you could hear a rumour or sense an attraction — it’s not “false.”

Romance, creative and speculative ventures, beauty and pleasure fill mid-morning Mon. to noon Wed. The sexual draw will feel like “magic.” But this is not a life-mate situation, as Mon. pm will show. Tuesday can bring love luck, on an intellectual or mental level (still strong) but lust/sex, though luring you, won’t be easy. Wednesday begins a month of deep diving (as described above, first paragraph). This night brings inspiration, possible new agreement or friendly person who would co-operate with you on an unusual yet stable, durable venture.  Thursday continues this, or brings another project, one more “traditional.”

Work hard Wed. to noon Fri. Great time to buy/sell/operate machinery/appliances, but be aware of potential fluid-related problems Thurs. to late afternoon — e.g., make sure an excavator’s hydraulics are in good shape. Friday afternoon through Saturday brings relationships, but on a deep level — good, co-operative Fri., but the long-range auspices for any new bonds formed/started now are dim, contain future disappointment. Be “single,” both days.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Wednesday begins a month of relationships, accompanied by relocation themes, opportunities, decisions to co-operate (better) or not (hmmm…) — and negotiations, agreements, contracts, possible litigation or opposition. Realize others hold the cards for these few weeks ahead: please them rather than yourself.

Actually, you’ve been involved in emerging relationships almost all October — but now these (and new ones) will develop more strongly, fulsomely. You’ve been working hard for the last few weeks. Though “fresh air” comes in now, work demands will remain fairly intense until mid-November. (You’ll see them as interfering.)

Sunday to Mon. dawn continues to bring errands, trips, visits and calls. An important piece of paperwork needs attention, should hold rewards. A wish could come true about a relationship desire — but if you are not deeply serious about a bond, you and another could pull apart. If you are serious, beautiful things can happen! (Affects Monday morning also.) Be domestic Mon. morn to Wed. noon — most family, property, security things go well. Romance, beauty, creative and risk-taking urges fill Wed. noon to Fri. noon — again, most goes well. Friday eve, Sat., bring chores — eat, dress sensibly. Saturday’s tough — go slow.

gemini icon  GEMINI  May e21-June 20

Wednesday starts a month of work and health concerns, Gemini. However, the romantic (or creative) courage you’ve felt recently lasts to mid-November, so action continues on this front.

Chase money and seek bargains Sunday to dawn Monday. Some luck here, but don’t alienate anyone. In sex, default to the sensual, or casual; avoid deep, serious stuff. Errands, communications, curiosity, restlessness, and paperwork flow in Mon. morn to Wed. noon. Charge ahead. Ask questions. A “last minute” romantic moment might occur. Monday’s mildly disruptive. Good career ideas, impulses visit you.

Someone welcomes your approach Tues. Head for home, at least in your heart, mind, noon Wed. to noon Fri. Again, the cosmos favours you — all goes well. Work alone, if possible. Romance, creativity, self-expression, risk, beauty and pleasure call Fri. noon through Sat. Success (mild?) Friday night, serious obstacles Saturday.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Recent weeks have confined you somewhat to home, Cancer, or given you extra family duties. Until mid-November, remain gentle with kids, spouse — you feel assertive. Wednesday starts a month of self-expression, creativity, risk and reward, romance, beauty and pleasure. Unfortunately, if single, you might find either: a) others don’t want to form a lifetime love (i.e., life-mate); or b) you don’t. (In about 10% of cases, you might be facing your destined partner, anytime from last November [2018] to May 2020. How to tell? Well, maybe I’ll tell how later.)

Your energy, cheer, clout and effectiveness remain high Sunday to Mon. morn. You might decide about a “partnership” — re-read the sentences above. If unsure, default to independence. Pursue money, pay bills, seek bargains Mon. morning to Wed. noon. Your luck is very good. (An antique might please you!) Sensual attractions occur, could lead to the boudoir.

You can accomplish a handsome pile of work Tues. pm. — or find employment. Errands, swift, easy chores, travel, paperwork and communications fill Wed. noon to Fri. noon. Again, good luck rides with you. Send a “love communication.” Head for home, family Fri. noon through Sat. Friday’s easy, comforting, but Sat. holds two challenges, which could lead to argument. Be diplomatic.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

A month of wanderlust, short trips, messaging and casual friends ends Wednesday, Leo — although your restlessness and “quick to speak” trend lasts to Nov. 18. Still, Wed. starts a month of domestic concerns: home, family, security, gardening, Mother Nature, etc. Be restful — this is nature’s “hibernation” time. DON’T start renovations.

You’ll be tired Sunday, to Mon. morning. Rest, ponder and plan (but plan for December onward — November’s plans will change). Not a good time to tackle large chores. Your energy, charisma, clout and sense of timing return in a surge Mon. morning to Wed. noon. Your luck’s splendid, so charge ahead, be a leader, see and be seen. But don’t try to convince someone of (or start) a domestic project Monday.

Pursue money, pay bills, seek bargains Wed. noon to Fri. noon. Again, all goes well. Casual sex good; deep, committed sex not. Don’t invest. Errands, calls, visits, paperwork fill Fri. pm and Sat. Friday’s fine, but watch your words Sat. Not that you would insult someone, but you might make them feel unmotivated or a bit gloomy!

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your mind’s been on money, possessions (and perhaps a sexy prospect) the last few weeks. But Wednesday starts four weeks of restless energy, errands, paperwork, short trips, casual contacts/friends, and communication. Still, the unusual money flow continues to mid-November — it will just be a little smaller.

Bright hopes, social delights, popularity and friendly romance fill Sunday and the first third of Monday. You might face a choice about a friendship, or see that two friends are going through something. Retreat, rest, ponder and plan Mon. morn to Wed. noon. But keep your plans long-range, as those involving November will change. Your luck’s good, so liaison with gov’t, agents, advisors,”head office.” Real estate luck is good Tues. pm.

Your energy, charisma, timing and effectiveness soar upward midday Wed. to Fri. noon. Again, luck — maybe very good luck! Lead, see and be seen, start short projects. Someone’s interested. Money, purchases, bills, “the cost of things” fill Fri. pm through Saturday. Friday’s fine, but Sat. holds obstacles. Go slow.

libra icon LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your heightened energy, clout and charisma lessen (only mildly) Wednesday, when a month of earnings, purchases, memorizing, sensual lures enters. You’ve been quite magnetic lately — and courageous. This continues to November 18, so you’ll tend to have the upper hand in relationships… and could attract/seduce like Casanova.

Be ambitious Sunday to Mon. morning. Your domestic problem(s) might briefly re-emerge. Monday morning to Wed. morning brings popularity, social delights, hopes for the future, entertainment and flirtation. Your luck’s high, so dance away! But Monday’s a bit different. First, it and Sunday are filled with inspiration/luck in work and earnings, but Monday daytime is also disruptive, might say “no” to sex, investments/finances, and “spying.”

Withdraw Wed. noon to Fri. noon. A new phase is coming: use this restful interval to contemplate the next few weeks — but don’t make firm plans, as they will change soon. Rest, sleep, liaison with gov’t or agents or advisors. All is well. Your energy and pizzazz soar Fri. noon through Sat. Use this energy to tackle domestic, family, security or property problems — you can get a good solution to at least some of it.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your month of weariness and inwardness ends Wednesday, Scorpio. That day, you’ll enter four weeks of heightened energy, output, charisma and effectiveness. Life starts anew! Get out, see and be seen, be a leader, start projects (but only ones you can finish before October’s end). One thing: yes, your energy and luck climbs now, but continue to avoid dangerous places and belligerent people. Work can seem to weigh you down — the cure? Delegate.

A mellow, wise mood fills Sunday and early Monday. A beautiful inspiration, or “beautiful event” occurs, affecting you and love, (or you and a creative project). Be ambitious Monday morn to Wed. noon — display skills, ask higher-ups for “a chance,” for more responsibility. It could result in a raise or promotion before this year ends.

Your popularity expands Wed. noon to Fri. noon as social delights, celebration, optimism, entertainment and friendly romance rush in. All’s good — your future looks bright! But withdraw Fri. pm through Sat. — rest, ponder, interact with agents, advisors, civil servants, institutions and “head office.” Friday pm is fine, but Saturday needs care — words, directions, gossip can undercut your reputation.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month of celebration quietly fades now, Sage, Wednesday begins four weeks of quietude and rest, to prepare you for December’s adventures. Contemplate, be spiritual, charitable. Liaison with institutions, civil servants, agents and advisors. People from the past will appear soon. One thing: despite this general quietude, a major romantic connection survives (or a new one flares) until mid-November.

Secrets fill Sunday and early Monday. A good day to hunker down and work on security and Government related or management concerns. An investment opportunity might present itself. This day and Monday are inspired with good imagination and affectionate contacts. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Monday morning to Wednesday noon. International affairs, legal matters, far travel, intellectual and publishing pursuits draw your attention.

Monday afternoon and supper time brings a surprise, or tension. But the rest of this interval holds good luck, so dive in, especially Tuesday night. Love might pursue you. Be ambitious Wednesday noon to Fri. noon. Again, good luck accompanies you, so charge ahead with the ambitious projects and or Interface with higher-ups: the results should please you! Your hopes and optimism rise Friday afternoon through Sat., especially regarding romance or a creative social group. Friday is good, but Sat. afternoon and night presents obstacles, primarily money ones. You will still be happy, but be cautious also.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You have worked hard over the last four weeks, Capricorn. Wednesday brings a month of relief — you will feel like celebrating, almost. Your popularity blossoms, and social delights, entertainment, and flirtations arrive. You’ll be happy! However, the impatience and temperament of your bosses, evident since early October, continues to November 18… so maintain your sense of humor and a diplomatic attitude.

Important relationships fill Sunday and the first third of Monday. Remember, your best stance in 2019 is cooperation: realize that others might have contributions more valuable than your own at the moment. A lovely inspiration connects you to friends. Life veers into deeper waters Monday morning to Wed. noon. Finances, physical intimacy, medical decisions, lifestyle changes, and research all proceed benevolently and bring results. However, don’t chase romance nor get creative with your money Monday daytime.

Wisdom, international affairs, far travel, law, publishing, culture and religion draw your attention Wed. noon to Friday noon. The first sweet dawning of gentle love might occur. This whole interval is fortunate, so plunge in. Be ambitious Fri. afternoon through Saturday– you can advance, but you need to be wary of a critical higher-up, especially around Saturday noon.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A mellow, wise and loving month ends Wednesday, Aquarius. That day starts four weeks of ambition, career actions, prestige relations and worldly status. Until November 18, continue to avoid lawsuits.

Tackle chores Sunday and early Mon. morning. Money-related and career tasks go well, but management, secrets, and the government can interfere with your progress. Relationships fill Monday morning to Wed. noon. Monday mixes lovely inspiration with stress. Tuesday night could make a wish come true regarding an opportunity or a relationship.

Life dives the deeper Wednesday noon to Friday noon. This is a very lucky interval, so plunge into finances, investments, intimacy, medical cures and lifestyle changes. This will help you build a benevolent future. You will experience an echo of recent weeks Friday noon through Saturday — an echo of love, travel and intellectual pursuits. This flows well Friday, but Sat. afternoon and night brings obstacles. Advance with care.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

October has been deep, mysterious, and filled with consequence. This ends Wednesday, as a month of wisdom, gentle love, travel, International and cultural involvements, law and intellectual pursuits begins. However, a somewhat dramatic thread of that deep, mysterious October stuff still exists until mid November. This can cause money opportunities.

Passion, self expression, a gambling attitude, and romance fill Sunday and the first third of Monday. Beautiful, affectionate inspiration hovers around you. One advice: deal with deep, serious romance rather than light friendly love. Mon. morning to Wed. noon brings chores and possible health concerns, mild ones. Monday p.m. is stressful, but the rest of this interval sails along fortunately. You can do your career a big favor Tuesday night.

Relationships fill Wednesday noon to Friday noon. Good fortune fills this interval, so charge ahead. Be cooperative and willing to join another’s project. Jump on any opportunity, whether in love or practical affairs. Success might depend upon relocation. Relationships can veer into deeper waters Friday afternoon through Saturday — decide whether you want physical intimacy or financial commitment, or not. It’s put up or shut up time. A medical emergency might arise. Go slow Saturday, realize others are not on board, might be secretly opposed.


4 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ OCTOBER 20 – 26, 2019

  1. tiniface

    Hello Tim,

    I have followed your forecasts for many years. I appreciate you. The predictions for Aries this week are already happening (wink, wink). Your accuracy is uncanny. Sometimes, I find reading the predictions for my “cusp” sign very helpful. Ignore the noise. You are doing important work here. All the biggest blessings to you and yours.

    With love,

  2. rosebouquets

    Hi Tim,

    Is the mercury retrograde pre-shadow really a thing?

    Also, the last few weeks’ forecasts about socializing all came true — surprised as it isnt something that usually happens to me. I am hopeful about the love related forecast. Things sort of got stuck nearly a year ago: the attraction and connection is still alive and well. It would be nice to see some progress. Does my expectation have anything to do with it? Im saggitarius btw.

    Love your work! Thanks in advance.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, rosebouquets,

      There is no pre-shadow, and the “after shadow” some astrologers promote is more likely. But here’s the thing: Mercury slows down before it halts and turns backward. So delays and slowdowns do often occur before the “official” retrograde. That’s why I usually say “wrap up projects” a week or more before the actual, technical retrograde. As for the “after shadow,” I remain open minded but unconvinced.

      Cheers, Tim

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