“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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I’m trying to give up politics. But before I go, let me boast. Here’s the text from my :

April 7 blog:  “Poor Joe Biden, not a chance.” (The Hunter Biden corruption scandal was not in the news yet.)

July 28 blog:  (regarding the Democratic presidential election hopefuls):

“Most of the smaller hopefuls, Castro, Yang, Hickenlooper, Klobuchar et al, are just too little known and/or lacking in charisma. (I like Yang, though ethnically many won’t vote in his direction.)

Harris is too heartless to be president. Booker, too self-serving — a sort of mini Michael Avenatti. Sanders, the Impossible Dream. Beto should put on his beanie cap and rejoin Our Gang. Biden’s mind is beginning to skip. Gillibrand stands with her feet too far apart — pugnacious.

Buttigieg is the best politician among them, but is stranded in a rare karmic trough. He’ll escape this next May, but by then (I think?) all the primaries are over. Perhaps he becomes a dark horse or somehow succeeds at the dem’s national convention? Only he or Warren could — could —beat Trump.

Warren, like Trump, will gain a rep as a hard, indefatigable worker — none will doubt her health, there will be no “Hillary swoons.” Like Trump, she will have a powerfully loyal base. Were they to face off in November 2020, it would be a contest of who could sway an independent crowd as large as one-third the entire electorate.

If Peter Buttigieg and Trump face off, the outcome is uncertain; these two are the most equal, and the most different. Buttigieg is a natural politician; it’s hard to imagine him being anything else. A high school vice-principal? He would be Trump’s greatest challenge. Peter Buttigieg’s Sun would “beat” Trump’s Sun. But Trump’s Ascendant (rising sign) would “beat” Butts. Trump’s Moon also would “beat” Pete. This isn’t a prediction.”

And August 4/19:  “Elizabeth Warren will fairly easily toss Bernie Sanders aside, simply by growing.”

(In early August, Biden was far away the front runner, Sanders was second, and Warren was  mired in the pack, with Harris, Booker, et al. At present, Warren leads everyone, including Biden. Sanders has fallen far behind, and all the rest are mired in single digits… with Buttigieg slowly rising.)
***   ***

A bit on Aries’ career in the AFTERAMBLE.
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent remains on relationships, relocation, opportunities, negotiations, co-operation — and on opposition, enmity, even litigation. (Which way all this goes is somewhat up to you — be diplomatic, eager to hear another’s suggestions.) You might, in the weeks ahead, meet your true mate. But there will be obstacles (or problems inherent in your “union”) esp. around Oct. 14, 27, and Nov. 5. So I’m not promising a rose garden, in love or business match-ups, but align this with the fact that, in love, weddings are favoured until December/19, and in business, legal agreements, same period. (This isn’t an encouragement to chase a business or career ambition — luck in this arena will blossom May to December 2020 — NOT NOW.)

Your energy and charisma remain high Sun. — A major stroke of luck might occur this afternoon (to 2 pm PDT) but it probably demands a split, a breaking away from a sexual, financial, research or career goal/agreement. Changing partners?

Pursue money sources (and look for bargains, good buys) mid-morning Monday to suppertime Wed. — results will please you! You might reach agreement with an investor or an intimate partner. (And if you did recently make a change, a “split” as mentioned above, you now feel it was the right decision.) A gov’t or corporate admin. contact can open your eyes, spark inspiration and reveal “secrets.” Charge ahead!

Errands, communications, short trips, paperwork — these fill Wed. night through Fri. All’s well, everyone’s friendly — but a wee bit of deception could trickle into communications around midnight Thurs., pre-dawn Fri. Saturday’s for home, kids, rest, garden, security, Mother Nature. A great day — but don’t grow too assertive or temperamental late night!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Continue working, Taurus. Roll up your sleeves, be “hands on.” Protect your daily health, also — eat, dress sensibly. If you want to buy machinery or tools, do so before noon on Thursday (PDT — B4 8 or 9 pm in Europe, B4 3 am Friday in China, etc.). Work will be intense (physical?) until Nov. 18 — but make extraordinary efforts to clear away tasks in October, as Nov. will throw a monkey wrench of confusion and partnership misunderstanding into the works.

Rest, withdraw and lie low Sunday. Sex and/or investments/finances offer a plum before 2 pm (PDT) but in general partnerships and agreements are under a cloud, one might even end, or change irrevocably.

Your energy, pizzazz, timing and effectiveness are high and handsome mid-morn Monday to suppertime Wed. Pick your goal, and confidently go after it. Be a leader, persuade others, act, see and be seen. You, or someone you know, might merge, join hands, become lovers or life mates — Tuesday? Same day, happy co-operation with your mate or friends.

Wednesday night through Friday, pursue $ or bargain buys, pay bills and collect, butter up clients, etc. Luck rides with you in these, so be bold, get what you deserve. One caution: leave friends out of your decisions/actions. Saturday’s for errands, communications, short trips — good until mid-afternoon, then possible obstruction/ argument this night: drive carefully, practice safety with tools. Leave sexual advances for tomorrow (Sunday, Oct. 20) onward.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The focus remains on romance, creative or speculative projects, beauty, pleasure, self-expression and love of children. This arena grows more intense, and more hopeful, than in most years. A Libra might say “You’re the one.” You might grow closer to your kids than you have in a long time. (This is partly a longer trend, encompassing this last year and the year to come.) In general, your kids, if of age, are “finding their security” in a fortunate way all 2019.) Work and work mates will be pleasant and talkative (until Nov.).

Sunday’s hopeful and flirty, social and happy. You could meet a very attractive person, or see a great opportunity. But work, health and finances or assets stick a stump in the middle of your path. Charge ahead while watching these for “wrinkles.”

Withdraw into the background Mon. to suppertime Wed. Ponder and plan, rest, watch and listen but say little. Be charitable. Almost all flows smoothly. You could earn/receive a promotion at work, or praise for your sympathy. Your energy and charisma surge upward Wed. night through Fri. Get out, see and be seen, be a leader — and most of all, if you’re single, pursue someone Wed. night, Thurs. forenoon (PDT) and Fri. daytime. (Take care Thurs. pm and Fri. pre-dawn, when deception or fuzzy thinking/fears assail you.) If single, you could fall in love, or meet “the one.” If chasing someone, call him/her now.

Collect money, pay bills, shop and schmooze Saturday — to mid-afternoon. After this, retreat — arguments, anger can occur (and wreck a romantic date).

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Domestic interests outweigh everything else for 3 weeks ahead. Gardening, nutrition, kids, repairs, renovations… (Careful scheduling large renovations, as a period of confusion fills November.) If you’re married, love swells for your kids. If single, a fine streak of romance interrupts all that domestic stuff. Still, your home-front temper is assertive and hair-trigger (until mid-November), so be gentle with all.

Sunday nudges you to be ambitious — your path is both lucky (in hands-on work) and frustrating (in romance, creativity). A relationship might either break up, or enter a place where you both dig deep in your separate hearts for a solution. (After the “solution,” if reached, the relationship will be stronger than before.) NOT a good day to chase love, nor to start a new one.

Happiness returns Monday morn to Wednesday suppertime. Your popularity rises (mildly) and optimism, social delights and entertainment enter. All’s good, so charge ahead — you could meet love, or rekindle flames with your spouse. (But don’t charge ahead until Mon. daytime in Europe, Mon. eve in Asia.)

Withdraw from the hustling crowd Wed. night through Fri. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan. Most things work well, esp. in domestic zones. One exception: be cautious with legal, ritual, international, intellectual and travel matters. Your energy and pizzazz return Saturday — all flows well until mid-afternoon, but nighttime can bring arguments, or that assertive temper mentioned above. Live and let live, understand and nurture.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re still surrounded by papers, communications, travel options, errands and swift, easy chores. These can run up against delays or opposition (this week, around Mon. and Fri. pm.) so watch your words/driving/phone. Think twice before expressing anything or cutting that guy off in traffic. Important advice: be curious. Ask questions.

Sunday emphasizes ethical, legal, intellectual, international, religious, far travel and love interests — fortunately, maybe very fortunately, before 2 pm (PDT). This would be a “perfect” time to chase someone, BUT work and health factors will try to interfere or nudge you away. I’d be cautious about new loves, but embrace old/ongoing ones.

Be ambitious Mon. morn to Wed. suppertime. Appearing before a judge, dealing with parents or higher-ups, worldly status, business or practical ventures, prestige relations, investments and financial actions — all are favoured, so charge ahead.

Your hopes and popularity rise as fast as the wind lifts a flag, Wed. night through Fri. Social delights, romantic hopes, flirtations, optimism and entertainment fill this interval. All’s good — again, charge ahead. But avoid secrecy, lust, investments, and “restricting commitments.” A romance might begin to “speak” of life-mating. Withdraw Saturday, seek peace and rest, contemplate and plan. Harmonious to mid-afternoon, then “sensitive to anger” this night.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Continue to keep an eye on money, assets, earnings. You can find find true bargains this week and next. A sensual affair might blossom. Your memory is good, so it’s a fine time for night school, etc. Seek to raise your income, even if just a little — what’s gained will tend to last.

Sunday focuses on secrets, investigation, lust, strong financial urges, and medical or lifestyle actions. Where these link with home, real estate or food (industries, too) the results could be splendid, to early afternoon Sunday (PDT). But later, through midnight, “there’s trouble in paradise” — kids, or a lover, can pull away if you pursue money or sex too vigorously.

A sweet, mellow, wise mood steals over you Mon. morn to Wed. suppertime. Everything’s blessed so sail ahead, esp. on legal, travel, intellectual, media/publishing, international, cultural and love fronts. In the end (i.e., late Tues., pre-dawn Wed.) touch someone — a serious affair might result. Or approach/agree in a business situ.

Higher-ups grow more active Wed. night through Friday. Be ambitious, show your skills. A bid for a pay raise or equity can succeed before noon Thurs. (So might a bid for intimate squeezing.) Don’t bother to seek agreement, co-operation after midday Thurs. Friday’s splendid — chase opportunities, dive into a good project or venture. 2019 is very lucky for real estate — this Fri. might nudge you toward, or open the door to, an upscale home, a prestigious ‘hood.

Saturday’s optimistic, joyous, flirty and social — in a good way to mid-afternoon. This night “refuses” — avoid chasing sex, investments or lifestyle commitments. Money argument possible.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your energy, attractiveness, timing, clout and effectiveness remain high and strong, Libra! Lead, persuade, start projects — but watch scope and timing, as Oct. 31 will begin a few weeks of indecision, delays and screw-ups. You’re intense and assertive now, and can be in “the driver’s seat” with a suitor or lover or spouse. (But that also lays the burden of fairness on your shoulders.)

Relationships are significant Sunday — good, cheerful, friendly until early afternoon; then alienating, domestic/money frustrations lean in, interfere, until the wee hour(s) of Mon. Seek agreement(s) early, not late. Life’s secret regions blossom into consciousness Mon. morn to suppertime Wed. Investment, debt, research, lust, medical and lifestyle decisions/changes — these surround you — fortunately! Go forth!

A wise, mellow mood arrives Wed. night through Fri. Legal, international, travel, intellectual and cultural/religious matters go well. Love, too — spouses and lovers agree/join; and singles among you might meet the “best prospect” (for now) for loving/mating, up to noon Thursday (PDT — to Thurs. night in Europe, pre -dawn in Asia).

Watch your health, eat sensibly, late Fri. night. Saturday brings you in contact with powerful people (maybe just the cop who hands you a speeding ticket) and sparks ambition. All goes fairly well until mid-afternoon, but take care this night as conflict, argument likely.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remain quiet, watchful and contemplative, Scorpio. Your phase of weariness and low charisma will last another 10 days — then a powerful, super-achieving month will start. Until then, continue to rest, ponder, and act charitably and spiritually. Deal with civil servants, admin. workers, agents and advisors. Until Nov. 18, avoid belligerent people and “dangerous places.”

Tackle chores Sunday — you could strike it lucky with your compensation. Take care with driving, engines, fire, and words. Relationships arise Mon. morning to Wed. suppertime. Don’t be shy: reach out, accept, embrace a common goal — partnerships, relocation, negotiations, business or “fame” opportunities, co-operation and love — all are blessed!

You lean toward the depths Wed. night: hunches, secrets, learning or spying, large financial actions, lust and desire. Almost everything goes well here, also. One exception: don’t chase romance or a creative or risk-oriented venture — these don’t “hurt” you, they just don’t work. The gov’t might hold a plum for you — tax refund, assistance, disability bonus, maybe even a job offer/opening, etc.

Saturday’s wise, mellow, and brings international, intellectual, media and love influences — smooth, good before mid-afternoon (PDT) and argumentative, impulsive after that, into the night.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You’re still in a “wishes can come true” phase, Sage — for 10 more days. (We often don’t realize when a wish is coming true. If you recognize that you have many small wishes in your pocket, you’ll probably see that some of these have manifested already in 2019. If you want, write a biggish wish on a piece of paper, fold it twice, and put it under your pillow or your mattress. [Different results from different placements.]) Though an obstacle or two still exists, a pretty large wish about romance can come true now (strongly, healthfully to October 22; less expansively, more heavily after, to mid-November).

Your romantic sensors are in overdrive Sunday, esp. before 2 pm (PDT) — love or an encouraging incident might occur. (For married folk, joy in children or creative/beauty/ pleasure ventures.) But use caution: this same day, messages or words might be misconstrued, or your money/income situation might bite (just as you’re trying to impress someone?).

Tackle chores Mon. morn to suppertime Wed. — progress is easy, solid. Specially good for solving gov’t-related problems, or a domestic one. Eat sensibly. Relationships, opportunities, public dealings, negotiations and agreements — or fights and enemies — pop up Wed. night through Friday. Exciting meetings could lead to deep attraction, even love. Only potential flaw: alcohol, or home, plumbing.

Saturday’s secrets aren’t really worth seeking. The day’s mood is deep, sober. Okay to early afternoon, then be aware: avoid argument, careless driving all night. (After 11 pm, if you’re a night crawler, to 6 am Oct. 20, all PDT) real love might appear.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Ten more days of being tested, observed by higher-ups. Be ambitious, diplomatic, discreet — your natural qualities. (Shut up, Capricorn Howard Stern!) Bosses, parents, authorities are impatient and temperamental. This trend will dissolve partially Oct. 23 onward, and totally Nov. 18 onward. Meanwhile, keep a sense of humour! You might change jobs, or start something in property, security or territorial, food or shelter arenas (even demolition). If so, realize the end of October will bring confusion, mistakes and “re-dos” until November 20. Time your launches accordingly.

Sunday gives you much to think about regarding home, property, children, ending or changing jobs/projects. The right, cheerful answer (involves management or gov’t?) will come before early afternoon (PDT). Later, don’t let social considerations change your direction, path.

Sweet romantic notions traipse through your thoughts Mon. morning to suppertime Wed. Be creative, take a chance, express yourself. Good fortune accompanies you! Friends might wed, or embrace, giving you happiness. Tackle chores Wed. night through Fri. This is an excellent interval to buy machinery, as long as it doesn’t involve plumbing, water, or transportation. So no dishwashers or cars. Your efforts before noon (PDT) Thurs., and daytime Fri., will earn approval, even friendly help, from higher-ups. Your career stock rises!

Saturday’s for relationships — negotiations, meetings, litigation, contracts, love, opportunities, public dealings, even relocation. “Workable” to mid-afternoon, then tending toward dispute, opposition into this eve and night — retreat into diplomacy!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Ten more days of this lovely, loving phase, Aquarius. (It won’t be so loving if you get into any lawsuits, so avoid them!) Pursue intellectual, travel, media/publishing and cultural goals — and love.

Sunday’s for errands, contacts, and paperwork. Charge ahead until about 2 pm PDT (10 pm Britain, 5 am Mon. in China). After this, retreat to a cautious stance: career, gov’t-related or management issues face (mostly mild) upheaval. Head for home, at least in your heart, Mon. morning to Wed. suppertime. This is a splendid interval for decorating, repairs or renos (but ONLY what can be completed before Oct. 31, counting delays). For hugging the family, ensuring the kids’ future (e.g. college fund) gardening, Mother Nature, etc. No obstacles, so choose something and plunge in.

Romance strikes Wed. night through Fri. — feelings, or actual events, can make your heart soar — and, a bonus, one you meet now (before noon PDT Thurs., or daytime Fri.) will also “fit” with your ideals, world view, and is probably a valid future wedding/social/ marriage partner. Only glitch: money. (And perhaps sex, but not wholly — wait and see.) Do you earn too little? Too much? Married Aquarians face great travel, creative, speculative prospects. Children will surprise you with their competence/talents! Saturday’s for chores — easily tackled, accomplished before mid-afternoon, hazardous later, esp. late night. Time your efforts accordingly.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Treasure lies deep during this lucky week, Pisces. Dig down, ignore surface appearances. The treasure can be emotional, financial, or informative. It can lead to commitment, gain, favourable lifestyle change, a medical cure, or sensual intimacy. Research, investigate, be brave, willing to accept consequences. Ethical, open, romantic love exists, too, but more as a thread, a breeze. Be cautious around violence, slaughterhouses, guns, and loud machines.

Sunday encapsulates much of the above — money, secrets, hidden forces. These, and your career standing, meet good luck to early afternoon, then a quiet but deep pressure to change your goals, wishes, beliefs, even social circle, starts to nudge you away from easy success.

Monday morning to Wed. suppertime brings errands, contacts, communications, travel, news — and curiosity. Follow that last, for your luck is good, and you might discover a new realm, new friends, new neighbourhoods, or valuable information.

Home, family call Wed. night through Fri. — another beautifully fortunate interval. So garden, embrace the kids, landscape, repair, find a new home (only if it’s a step up, status-wise). Shop for nutrition, buy a lawnmower, etc. At work, carve out your “territory.” (A career opportunity might occur Friday — it’s good.)

Romantic notions/feelings arise Saturday — so do creative ideas, vivacity, beauty, pleasure, and an urge to take risks. These “survive” until mid-afternoon (to 11 pm in Britain, to 6 am Sunday in China) — then 7 hours of “danger,” frustration or argument arise. Best to sit back and observe — far from the line of fire.



Trey Gowdy, who has just joined Trump’s team to fight the Democrat’s impeachment campaign, is a Leo with an Aquarian Moon — he’s very stubborn, very un-moveable, loyal and fight-oriented. But the curious fact: his Sun is smack-dab on Trump’s ascendant. The two will pack a “double punch.”
***   ***

But please, somebody, tone down those terrible Trump election ads. The voice-over is harsh, demanding, even angry/violent. It makes Trump look hard-edged and cruel. This hints at destiny’s hand — they think they’re putting out a persuasive, handsome ad, but destiny fooled them, seduced them into making and using an ad that more than anything shows Trump’s anger, his inner feelings. (Our subconscious often reflects our truer feelings/animus in art, photos, etc., when we think we’re showing something else. When logic lies, the eyes seldom follow suit.)

It looks like a strategy; but I think it’s a huge, painful mistake. I don’t like his campaign manager, either — impulsive, arrogant, not highly intelligent, blind to danger, and I can’t sense ideals nor inspiration in him.
***   ***

Eventually, international law/pressure will force Turkey to make a peace deal with the Kurds. Trump’s wrong to abandon them. But it fits his Sun sign: Geminis grow tired of stable conditions; and negative Geminis change alliances often. Gemini is the one sign Scorpio can’t penetrate or manipulate; it is Scorpio’s “death” (and sex) sign. The Kurds are a Scorpio “nation.” (Hillary C. is a Scorpio, also.) It’s sad. I forecast several years ago that the Kurds would be America’s staunchest ally, and that has proved true.
***   ***

The value of brands (e.g., Campbells Soup or Tide) fell pretty strongly over the past 20 or so years, as “no name” products were favoured by a cost-conscious crowd. But brands will regain value over the decade(s) ahead, in proportion to the rise of internet shopping and the decline of in-store purchasing. Brands will regain their “trust” premium — because, on the Internet, who can you trust but those you “know.”
***   ***

Watched the Canadian leadership debate yesterday. All very polite and restrained, all rather PC. (Except Maxime Bernier, who wouldn’t  shut up.) Canadian corruption is very different from American corruption. It’s more a function of age, familiarity and stuck-in-our-ways position and attitudes. Most corruption in Canada is contained in businesses and the stock markets. Canadian politicians, I suspect, lack the evil imagination needed for deep, deep corruption, such as exists in the U.S. media, Washington, et al. When American politicians lie, we feel affronted, angry, ready to fight. When Canadian (federal) politicians lie, we yawn. Like all northern nations, Canada just wants to live in peace, to live and let live.
***   ***

Was just watching the green trees wet when the sun broke through the drizzle and mist. Their hanging boughs of stuffed drapes coddled the black street like a mother, green everywhere like the ocean is water. Shakespeare said it best: “…the air nimbly and sweetly…” The picture slid down my sight like wine in the throat.
***   ***

The American social fabric is very tenuous. In large part, this is a result of the nation’s deep belief in equality. The American ideal of equality is perhaps the most significant, (ultimately) beneficial social discovery in 2,000 years. (Since Christ, who introduced the ideas of mercy and compassion, and of “sinning in thought” which informed modern civilization.) But it has dangerous passages, heaves up and down with public mood, and makes violence both more frequent and more unpredictable.

(Because now a beggar, as equal to the billionaire, can shoot the rich man. In a society with a firmer, probably much older social structure, the beggar would be more constrained, as he feels his place is deserved and secure: why then shoot anyone? — I have just described the U.S. and Britain)

Here’s an example: In Canada, someone who’s on a murderous bent because he’s lost his job and she burned the toast; someone who would translate that anger into actual physical assault; will – and forgive my apparent prejudice here – 99 times out of 100, come from a level of society that condones or accepts or often displays such expressions of anger. This level dresses and walks and stands and poses and speaks in a uniform way; the uniformity gives them security, or (less likely) the illusion of it.

So if you’re Joe or Irene, just walking down a deserted street downtown, and you see someone like this — or, more dangerous, a group of these — say in the next block, then you quietly turn and find a route that will not bring you into contact with them. Violence is predictable to a large degree.

In Canada, the choice of “uniform” is much more deeply embedded in the social position. So someone who wears a suit and tie is extremely unlikely to kill you from anger/rage, because the suit and tie are an announcement that this person has signed on to a set of unwritten rules and become immersed in a set of beliefs, one of which lays out specific rules of violent engagement — a rarity in their world. In  Canada, the middle class strives for, and achieves, a sort of Hobbit existence, happy in their shire, and uninvolved with the outer world of more stark, dangerous, adventurous, profound and ultimately destined questions.

Not so in America. There, the person who murders you in rage because they were fired or thumb’d off on the freeway, could be your neighbour, clad in Bermuda shorts and sandals, in a gated, bucolic subdivision. There, too, though, a person can make a lot of money. For example, in the U.S., real estate crashes happen at least 2 or 3 times in your lifetime. These crashes are extreme: in the 2007-09 crash, houses in some areas were selling for one-tenth their value in the prior peak. In many places, houses were valued at one-quarter of their prior peak. Banks were willing to lend.

Someone with only $10,000 could buy/mortgage a house and rent it out (rents remained high during the crash, as foreclosed homeowners had to rent, and banks were willing to lend). A few years later he/she would have a house worth twice as much; and today, four times as much. If he/she used that $10,000 as a downpayment on a $100,000 house (price at the “bottom”) and sold the house today for $400,000, the profit, or return on this investment, is $390,000, or 4,000%.

If he/she is of average wealth, but it is almost all vested in real estate (the family home), options are limited. But say he/she had $100,000 in other assets: cash, stocks, bonds, etc. And does the same thing: but buys 10 properties, not one. Then his/her profit, in today’s market, would be $3,900,000 — starting to open a wedge to affluence! Often, such ups and downs appear every ten or twenty years, so you can make money from one, then put that fortune into the next. All this is made possible by volatility.

In Canada, it’s much harder. The biggest real estate crash I’ve ever experienced in Vancouver was about 10%. Following the same process in Canada might bring you a profit of 10% versus 4,000% — with recent years being a huge exception (but also following within the boundaries of a long trend). In Vancouver, a $500,000 house in 2000 would be worth about $3,000,000 now — a price rise faster than in America generally, probably on pace with Silicon Valley. But this rise did not follow a dip of any consequence; prices have climbed almost uninterrupted since 1984.
***   ***

Aries has faced a long, tough road since 2009 in career, reputation, prestige and worldly status zones.

I have good and bad news, Aries. The bad comes in 2 parts:

      • 1) this overall career trend lasts until 2025; and
      • 2) it has worsened lately, and will “stay worse” until May, 2020.

This period, already in motion, could get you fired now to early December (2019) if you have deserved it. Keep your head down and stick with the status quo in career, etc. until May/20 — DON’T change careers, jobs, employers, etc. Quitting would be better.

The good has many parts:

      • 1) this overall “difficult” career trend will end in 2025;
      • 2) the more intense negative period that started last November will end, technically, May 5, 2020.
      • 3) Jupiter will be expanding your career involvements from Dec. 2019 to Dec. 2020.

But this year of strong career luck needs real astuteness, and the objectivity to see beyond the haze of dreams to reality: is a venture working, or not? At first you can feel optimistic and buoyant, despite the evidence that something isn’t working — not yet, you feel, for if you can just solve this, then — but when that’s solved, another obstacle rises, and this process repeats until it defeats.

Before May 5/20, a real danger exists that you might optimistically expand the wrong career/business venture/idea or dive too deeply into a make-it-or-break-it situation. Be skeptical. Good news

      • #4) After May 5, 2020, your career/status luck soars to a 12-year high, until Dec. 2020. Take advantage! (But remain serious, too. Bosses, parents, judges are in a sombre mood, not impressed by bounce, but by production.) This time might reward you for all the changes and struggles you’ve encountered since 2008/9. Change might be part of the package — and career change is fine May/20 onward.
        ***   ***

PELOSI’s unintended consequence:

If a majority in Congress can unilaterally start a years-long impeachment “inquiry” to damage a President of the other party, then any time the House majority is not the party of the President, they can “freeze” or damage or hamper or lame any President. They won’t need evidence, just as the Dems at present have no evidence (in fact, most of the evidence they have is exculpatory — i.e., shows the President’s innocence).

The problem is the future: the present Dems have discovered how to hobble every President from here to the fall of the empire — in effect weakening the entire nation perpetually through static stagnation, and perpetually hobbled leadership.


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