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NOTE:  The annual forecast, the luck forecast & the karmic forecast for 2021 are now available under PLATFORMS, above.

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A woman who is one of my fiercest critics, wrote to accuse me of bad predictions. I said that Covid cases would decline after December and they did. Now they are rising somewhat due to the new variants, so she accuses me of being wrong. Actually, I mentioned this phenomena some months ago while writing about Bitcoin. Many years ago, when Bitcoin was trading at about $1200, I predicted that it would fall, and it did fall to $800. But as time passed, as you know, years later Bitcoin soared to almost $60,000 at present. Another example: in late 2019 and again early 2020 I wrote that bank shares would fall. They did, falling about 40 % in about one month (March/20). But guess what? Now Canadian bank shares are higher than they were BEFORE they fell. I can’t think of other instances right now, but I am sure there were two or three. I guess the takeaway is: use my predictions quickly, or they could go stale!

What happens is that I predict what is right in front of me, and it usually comes true, but within a month or year or a decade events and circumstances change and my prediction is no longer in force. Dante has a great little line in the Divine Comedy where he says that a certain kind of person can see ahead, but only a short distance. Unlike, the point is, God, who can see forever and clearly.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You’re still at a glorious peak, Aries! Your gift of gab is operating, you tackle your work with energy and efficiency, and others want to follow your lead. So, lead! It’s a great time for starting important projects, impressing others, selling yourself.

Sell yourself, your ideas, to powerful people Sunday. Monday to Wed. brings happiness. Popularity, social delights, optimism, flirtation — these visit you. Accept and issue invitations. 2021’s main “chance” or lucky open door, is evident these 3 days, esp. Tues. and very early Wed. (to 3 am PDT). A wish could come true, but it’s minor, a “test case” for the big wish of ’21.

Retreat from the crowd midday Wed. through Friday. Meditate, ponder, plan, be charitable, seek advice. Rest, and realize that fear or fantasy is only 10% true. Your energy returns Saturday, in time for adventure, escapades, a bit of light romance. (Not good for serious romance, as someone met now will fulfill your partnership needs or your sexual needs, but not both.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remain “out of sight,” Taurus. Rest, nap, ponder, and plan your future moves. Seek advice — Gemini best. Deal with banks, institutions, gov’t, medical plans, taxes, head office and management tasks. It’s an easy week with only 1, maybe 2, “dangers.” The first climaxes Friday, and indicates a conflict between your wishes/social urges and your money restrictions. The second hints that love this week (esp. “old love”) hits a pothole by April 10/11 — two days best spent alone, contemplating.

Sunday is mellow, wise — love exists. Be ambitious, communicate with higher-ups, and work to boost your worldly standing, Mon. to midday Wed. (PDT). Your personality might get in the way of success Mon., but Tues. is perfect for effort, impressing bosses.

Despite your present weariness, social connections begin to perk up Wed. pm through Friday. You can glimpse a bright future — it’s yours. Don’t mix $ and friends. If an outing is too expensive, just beg off. An attraction might flare like fire, but it’s made of mist and mirrors.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Wishes do come true, Gemini, especially in the 2 weeks past, and the 2 ahead. You’ve already seen your popularity rise, and a couple of hopes about travel are percolating. too. Remember, ’21 is your lucky year for international affairs, far travel, law, publishing/media, cultural venues, intellectual pursuits — and love. (Love of a marrying kind, with good dollops of sex.) Cultivate new and old friendships. It’s a good time to join a group. You’re feeling assertive — go with that!

Sunday’s for secrets, lust, recuperation, investigation and financial actions. A brighter world view arrives Mon. to midday Wed. — it’s a doorway to the “lucky year” described above (“international affairs, far travel,” etc.). A beautiful interval, esp. Tues. — aim high, aim far, Gemini! A love approach won’t be rejected, at least not entirely.

Be ambitious Wed. pm through Friday. Show skills, work hard, but don’t offer proposals, start projects, nor “push” higher-ups. Your energy, attitude might sow wariness toward you. A boss might approach with a money scheme. Light touch best. Saturday’s for friends, love, entertainment, joy, optimism — get out, see people. Someone is “reassuring.”

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The general accent remains on your ambitions, career, prestige relations, and worldly standing — this week and next, Cancer. A “leaning” toward management roles is a good thing. Bosses favour you until mid-April. You might feel your career is a huge weight. This feeling will subside in the last week of April, which coincidentally will begin a second phase of ambition lasting to mid June. Relations with the government will be pleasant and in your favour all 2021.

Sunday is for relationships and partnerships. All goes fairly smoothly. Remember, this is your year to make a major commitment to parenthood (pregnancy, lust), a financial/investment action, a lifestyle change and/or a medical decision. You might become wealthy. Monday dawn (PDT) to midday Wed. highlights these very things. Dig deep, treasure lies buried, esp. Tuesday.

A mellow, wise and loving mood steals over you Wed. pm through Friday. Intellectual pursuits, international affairs, law and media pack this interval. Be cautious: hidden facts can blow apart any intellectual or legal “presentation” you might be making. Someone, if they were telling the truth might say, “I can’t join/wed/agree with you, because my domestic scene/problem is too intense.” Be ambitious Sat. — even if they aren’t around, higher-ups will nod favourably at any work you do this day.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent continues on your intellectual and philosophical journey, Leo. These, as well as legal, publishing, love, far travel and related pursuits, are kissed with fate’s favour until late April. So plunge in — others will help, encourage you. You might even join a club or society that focuses on these interests — e.g., a travel club. Remember, your great good fortune in ’21 will be to find a business partner, a life mate, a major (public?) opportunity, and/or to relocate.

Monday dawn (PDT) to midday Wed. highlights these very areas — jump in, Leo — the water’s fine and the luck is great. One exception: don’t count on co-operation, nor make any bid, Mon. pm.

Earlier, tackle chores Sunday. All’s well, mostly. Wednesday afternoon through Friday nudges you into the more hidden, secret side of life: extramarital temptations, finances, debt and investment, medical and lifestyle decisions. Depend on your intuition. Do half-measures rather than full commitments. Some caution needed, esp. Fri., when deception or confused thinking might prevail.

Saturday is for all those legal, travel, cultural, philosophical trends. An easy, mellow day. Someone with a “heavy hand” looms in a work or legal/travel (et al) situation (hidden until next Sunday).

virgo icon VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’re swimming through the depths of life this week and next, Virgo. It’s time for decisions, to commit or split, to invest or not, undertake a huge lifestyle change, or stay put. In general, all these (including commitment and lifestyle changes) are blessed with good luck. Sex, $, secrets — all these pull you, basically in the right direction. Bosses remain temperamental, but are also willing to engage in deep projects.

Sunday’s romantic — let someone know you’re attracted. (Even better if it’s your spouse.) Children charm. Tackle chores Mon. to midday Wed. You’ll get a lot done during this fortunate interval. But avoid electrical or computer-related chores Mon., esp. late.

Relationships fill Wed. pm through Friday. There are opportunities here, but also conflicts (mostly Fri.) — beware of deception and sudden, flaring attractions. Saturday opens the door to depths, finances, lust, lifestyle and medical decisions. Good this day, but realize, esp. if you meet someone new, that romance and sex will not easily mingle.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You are in the midst of a powerful month for partnership in a powerful year for romance, Libra. Surrender to intensity. A Gemini, Aries or Aquarian might be involved. Welcome newcomers.

Despite lingering problems with home/family (won’t clear entirely until 2025) this is your chance to grab the wedding ring — or, if married, to land a partnership or profitable association, to grab a bit of fame, even to relocate. (You’ll have another lucky partnership opening from mid-May 2022 to mid-May ’23, so don’t worry if this one “escapes” — if it does, it’s because you’ve decided something’s awry.)

Be home Sunday, putter around, nap — all’s fine. The intense relationship stuff described above reaches a temporary zenith Mon. to midday Wed.: you could fall (madly?) in love. (Monday dicey, Tues. best.) Tackle chores and health/sanitation concerns Wed. pm through Fri. Exercise some caution: realize relationships are mildly “off track,” so argument can ensue (Friday) — love and domestic conditions fight each other. Don’t solve this by diving into a “fantasy love.”

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent remains on work, employment, dependents, daily health and tools/machinery for two more weeks, Scorpio. You might invest in new tools or machines, or buy a puppy. Coworkers are pleasant, gracious. Pamper your health; eat, sleep and dress sensibly.

Sunday’s for errands, meeting people, short trips, writing emails, etc. All’s fine. Monday dawn (PDT) to midday Wed. emphasizes home, family, property, security, and Mother Nature. Remember, your great good luck in 2021 involves real estate, domesticity, and anything relating to the earth, from mining to farming to your own backyard. This is a fortunate interval, so dive in, list your home for sale, or bid on a new one, etc. (Or just buy that armchair.) Tuesday best.

Romance calls, Wed. pm through Fri. — but be cautious, esp. Friday — the “whole truth” is not apparent. Applies to gambles and risks, also. Tackle chores Saturday. Okay for equipment purchases before 12 noon (PDT).

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ah, sweet romance! (Everybody likes it when you’re in love, Sage, because laughter replaces temper. Yes, you have a temper, most of you, but you’d have to be a saint to stay mellow. There is so much foolishness in the world.) Your creative and inventive engines are turned on. Someone is confronting you, who is eager, lively, ready to argue if you are, and very interested in you, until late April.

Many of you single Sages will come out of this April with a new or deepened/refreshed love. At this point, be sure to communicate. The absence of words will be interpreted as an absence of caring.

Gather money Sunday. Shop for bargains.  All is well. Errands, swift and easy chores, communications and travel, paperwork and curiosity fill Mon. to midday Wed. Be slightly cautious Mon., when small things can go awry, or car trouble visits you. Tuesday is superb, so go or communicate. Write love notes, or enquire about a distant opportunity.

Steer yourself toward home sleep, kids, garden, security and Mother Nature Wed. pm through Friday. The first two days are smooth, but Friday holds deception or fears involving relationship(s). Wait and see before committing yourself. Saturday is for love, pleasure, joy, and beauty… good. But realize a domestic problem lurks, waits to bend love’s path.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The main accent continues on security, job territory, and all domestic issues such as home, family, garden, repairs and decoration, nutrition, etc. This area has grown fortunate recently — good time to plant flowers, or to look at house prices. Remember, Cap, ’21 is a very lucky year for earnings and “everyday” purchases, but that can also include real estate that you do/will live in. Work is hard and intense — do your best, but have a “cut-off’ hour, to quit on every day.

Your energy and charisma are buoyant Sunday. Start — or finish! — something. Chase $, seek bargains, respond to any sensual openings, memorize something, Mon. to midday Wed. good luck runs with you, so be brave, act, esp. Tuesday.

Errands, swift chores, trips, calls, paperwork — these fill Wed. pm through Fri. — but not in the luckiest way. Act Wed., Thurs., but be cautious Fri., when work/health and communications (or driving, or machinery) can tangle people up, cause angry reactions. Strictly AVOID a “fantasy love.” Saturday’s for home, kids, (everything in the first sentence above). All’s smooth, easy… sit on a patio somewhere, sipping a lemonade.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Communications, paperwork, errands and travel fill the two weeks ahead, Aquarius. Though you have been immersed in these things for the last two weeks, the pace now quickens from a flow into a flurry — a lucky, affectionate flurry. You might travel to meet love. Romance is intense, fiery.

Remember Aquarius, ’21 is your year to be you, to start an adventure, to make a big life change. Apparent or not, you are growing luckier and more in command of your life. Luckiest thing to do: do what YOU want to do. A major wish will come true for the brave.

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday. Your energy, charm, clout and effectiveness surge upward Mon. dawn to midday Wed. (PDT). Be a leader, start a significant project. You’ll ride a winning streak, esp. Tues.

Chase money, schmooze with clients, seek bargains, absorb sensual environments Wed. pm through Friday. Be cautious, though, esp. Fri., when deception hovers, particularly if you’re trying to buy a gift for a loved one. Errands, easy chores, travel and communications, Saturday. Meet friends, do something casual.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main emphasis lies on money, possessions, shopping, memory(ies) and a sensual attraction that does not guarantee (and might not even include) love. This area becomes more active now to April 19 or so. Your home life might be argumentative (perhaps because someone resents/won’t agree to, your monetary stance). One money source might end, another “planted.”

Sunday’s for fun, friends, wishful thinking, light romance. Retreat, seek solitude and quiet Mon. dawn to midday Wed. This interval “echoes” 2021’s tendency to turn the luck taps on gov’t, civil service, management, head office, nursing, resting, contemplation and spiritual progress. Focus on these, not on outside luck. (That comes in spades, in ’22.)

Wednesday pm through Friday boosts your energy, charisma and effectiveness. However, this might not be the best time to start any projects other than demolition. Be cautious Fri., when your ideas/inspiration could knock heads with a family member or a creditor. Keep an even keel. Saturday is for money — a mild, beneficial day. Shop, earn. A sensual interlude is available, if you can slow down enough to see, accept it.


(Sorry, no AFTERAMBLE this week.)