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I’m not great in the stock markets, because I cannot, constitutionally, short stocks. I can only invest in optimism, despite my chronically “sober” outlook.

Destiny exists, yet the only inevitable event is past.


Cruz is today’s Goldwater – not Trump. Trump is unique, a melange of archetypes: Viking, bully, impulsive, unpredictable, both shallow-minded and swift-minded (the reason his sentences often lack their second half, because he assumes you already know the answer, and will be bored by it).

But don’t think Trump stupid, or a simpleton, or a “simple bully.” He stands out in this race partly because he introduced – to howls of protest and ridicule each time – virtually every major theme and idea of the entire current Republican slate. Without him, the Republican party is intellectually bankrupt. Every other candidate has taken up Trump’s ideas and tried to claim them as their own. But they suffer the fate of counterfeiters: their copies are faded, overly-complex, dry – and ultimately weaker versions. They try to excuse and bolster this lack of energy and genius by calling their version a more logical one. Trump’s intellectual virility/fertility has flown through the other candidates and their camps and their worried round tables like a wind, and still stands among them like a quiet furnace. The irony is that the candidates remaining now are all more eloquent and, on minor levels, more intellectual and deeper thinkers. But Trump is not looking at the last trade deficit or a senate voting record – he said at the beginning of his campaign, that he obtained his ideas from watching television and reading newspapers. This is how he sees the world: it breaks into big chunks that, to him, seem simple. The other candidates, being ordinary men (though Cruz among them comes close to heroic – he could be Loki to Trump’s Thor) these mere mortals can only see as they have been taught: they see statistics, and programs, committees and “we always stay above the gloss” because we know or suspect what rot might reek below. But Trump can sit at a Starbucks and watch the pedestrians, and see chunks of the world interacting, and “feel” a path toward success. His intelligence is intuitive and swift, but seldom rises to poetic heights.)


Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign motto is “A New America.” In his campaign ads, the camera pans over a beautiful city harbour at sunset as an image of this new, thriving America he envisions. Only trouble is, the city pictured is Vancouver, Canada – a tug boat in the ad is flying the Canadian flag. This is not just a mistake, but an omen.





Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

There’s so much work this year, Aries – and it’s so potentially fortunate – that you might want to give romance a pass. (Of course if you’re married, love is something that should be faced every day.)    However, the cosmos might have other ideas. All January, February, June and July, your ruling planet jets its way through your sexual sector, keeping your libido alive and responsive – maybe too responsive, as extra-marital temptations can also arise. You want a change, a deep change in your life, and sex (as well as financial actions) will be one of the first pathways you jump into to make that change. March through May, and again August/September, your urges quiet down, and you begin to look on relationships philosophically. Some of you might marry, but most Aries will still hold off, as your major luck continues to flow in a work channel rather than a love channel.

September brings a whole new world, love-wise. From this month into October 2017, singles among you will meet at least one (probably two) life-mate prospects. One is lively, friendly, cheerful; one is more gracious and reserved; but both radiate a special calmness and a smooth way of showing you that a door is open, should you wish to try it.

Love is friendly until mid-March. You look good and attract sweet attention in April. Sensual (but boring, long-term) attractions in May. A romantic surge, perhaps even fireworks, mid-July to flare August. Sweet feelings rise this autumn and make you dream of intimacy. Great friendships, social delights November/December. February 2017 – you’re on fire, you get what you want!


 taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Until late September, 2016 could be one of the best romantic years of your life, as both good luck and good karma combine. You get what you deserve and it should be good. This good luck also brings you just the kind of prospect you want – a good head on his/her shoulders, good looks, and a general aura of goodness. Romance will also be the way you like it – with plenty of physical, sensual gratification. You are already immersed in one of this year’s influences: in both January/February (to March 5) and June/July, relationships of all types flare with intensity. Although this intensity might intimidate you a little, make you do a checklist of your own shortcomings or possible emotional “skeletons,” overall the fire you face should turn into the heat of attraction – juts remember to make love, not war.

From late September on, your work duties expand tremendously, which will draw you away from your love nest, at least temporarily. You might also find yourself feeling “lust” toward a co-worker or someone in your field. But if you’ve already started a romance since August 2015, stick with it, as you’d probably found something much too valuable to throw away or risk.

February might have brought a sweet, smart prospect, someone who can change your mind (rare!) and show you better ideas/principles to live with.  March is very social and can bring light romance (the friendly kind in which your heart doesn’t pound, but your laughter is quick). As light as it might be, it is not the best “fit” for you: don’t offer your heart this month; it might suffer a “friendly bruise.” March through May, no matter who you’re with, sex and intimate clinches lure you powerfully. This might leave you in a quandary about who you do love. Only two warnings: watch STDs, and avoid extra-marital attractions. June/July, an intensity like January/February’s returns. Now, though, you have the energy and charisma to meet this intensity and handle it with success. August/September bring red-hot lust back! What an up/down year, with the only constant being your good luck in romance. October’s for work, but someone sweet also catches your eye. November/December bring important relationships (or developments) but career or parental demands add stress.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20:

Before September, Gemini, you might have difficulty getting a romance off the ground. (Nevertheless you seem to have two of them – perhaps that’s why neither one blossoms into a full embrace.) It’s as if you keep having to relaunch a love affair week-to-week. If you do have a successful love now – and some Geminis (e.g., with an earth or water Moon or rising sign) will definitely succeed in love now – then the result will tend to be a comfortable, better home. A home of peace and light, of love and health (and, if you’re young, potentially a home of at least two babies). However, until September, most Geminis will actually prefer to spend time at home, puttering, relaxing and thinking – and will see romance or dating as a chore.

Despite this, March through May, and again August/September, relationships will flare with excitement and intensity. You will feel very optimistic about a possible partnership. Still, relationships will tend to go one way or the other: to intense attraction and impulsive embrace, or to heated words and angry rejection. You are dealing, both periods, with someone temperamental, enthusiastic, sporty, a loud laugher and a good friend (and an honest mate) but who could be moved to rage if you prick and pop his or her idealistic or political balloons with your pin of truth – don’t brave that path! All year, you will tend to harmonize well with people noticeably older or younger than yourself.

Late September onward (for a whole year) brings one of the sweetest, luckiest romantic times of your life. (About 6 such love periods occur in an ordinary 84-year lifespan.) In October dawning love can intertwine swiftly with dawning sexual togetherness, also. BUT – turn your back on anyone already attached. You might have to contend with your loved one’s emotional attachment with a prior “beau” even if that relationship ended long before. November/December might bring someone marriageable, or elevate a romance to marriage.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Small trends, until September, help you communicate and befriend someone you might want to love, or do love. But the biggest trends (2009 – 2025) indicate you will meet either your true love, or someone who frustrates you in the deepest way. But remember, 2016 is only one in a long stretch of 17 years. So you might have already met The One, or you will before 2025. To some degree, destiny hovers here, weaving the time and the person from life’s threads. If you’re married, you and your mate have gone or will go through an emotional wrestling match that, if it doesn’t break you up, will knot you together so deeply that no one could break you apart, ever. Generally, unhappy couples will part; loving couples will find deeper levels of love together.)

Intense love can scoop up your heart and send it on a wild ride January to March 5, and again all June/July. You’ll have more romantic courage – and magnetism – than usual. Be gentle with children during these intervals. In tune with the duality and restlessness of your 2016, you might almost run from love March through May, and August/September. During these months, your workload will be so substantial that you might feel you have no time for romance. Nevertheless, March might bring someone sweet and gentle, whose ideas or life style intrigues you – be careful, he/she might be a dead-end. May brings a round of social delights, and raises your hopes about a special person. August and September bring affectionate friends, perhaps travel for love.

September starts a full year of splendid benefits in your home space – before autumn 2017, you could buy a new home, and be glad you did so, for many years/decades. Singles might set up house with a love. October/November intensifies “mature” love – love between equals. This can lead to love, fights, or an “ambitious partnership.” December – and next February – bring lust or physical intimacy. All year, Cancer, co-habiting is favoured, but wedding bells might be elusive. If so, accept this: delays in formally tying the knot actually benefit you.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

You love love, Leo. But the first 8 months of 2016 — if you’re single – offer you “nice” and “pleasant” sensual satisfaction. There is little romance and little love in it, so you might find yourself bored, eventually, by someone who’s quite willing to share your boudoir.  Worse, this person might really fall for you – then where do you stand? Don’t use someone just to evade loneliness. That said, your intellectual and travel side remains very vibrant, and someone could enter, especially February, April and June, who turns on your mind, brings new ideas, shakes your concepts up a bit, perhaps a foreign-born person – this is not easy sensuality, but a potentially exciting, enduring mate.

If you have any trouble separating the wheat from the chaff, true love from mere sex, January to March 5, and all June/July, will put love to the test. Only real affection will survive these two blasts of the furnace. Domestic spats, frustration, a breaking off of wedding plans, can occur. Subsequent periods, March through May, and August/September, will bring hot romantic intensity. Late February to mid-March cam bring a sweet potential life mate. If you chase lust in March, disappointment will eventually occur. June brings happy, lively friends, but no one you’d be happy with in marriage. You start attracting people in July, even more in August/September. Your confidence is high, and someone could fall madly in love with you – and vice-versa!

September begins a full year of busy work, restlessness, communications and travel. This isn’t a strong romantic influence, but t does say you’ll travel in the service of love. If you’re not attached, friendly romance is likely to arise. If you’re married, engage your spouse (and kids) in communication projects and/or an adventurous trip or two. Talk will bring you closer – so will a few casual little gifts – a card, a little treat, etc.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

From 2009 to 2024, Virgo, if single, you are likely to meet at least one friend who slowly transforms into a great love. Between 2011 and 2026 you are, if single, almost certain to meet your true life-mate. Put these trends together, and the news is splendid. However, now to mid-May 2017, you might be wise not to marry nor start co-habiting with anyone. However, if you’re seeing someone first met before November 12, 2015, don’t worry about continuing the bond – for after May 2017 you might marry. (And you can keep him/her intrigued until then.) In fact, continuing with anyone met before last Nov. 12, is preferable to forming a deep bond with anyone you meet then to May 9, 2017. With all prospects, be open to romance, friendship, even physical intimacy – but don’t marry, yet.

You are very solid, logical, practical, no-nonsense, and in love you “burn hot.” Now (2011 to 2026) you have to welcome people who are almost your opposite: misty, indecisive, dreamy, and very hard to pin down – even physically, when you hug this sort of person they almost seem to disappear; yet, hugging you, they feel like they’ve embraced a rock, a heart as solid as a tree. Your emotions are direct and blunt: this person’s emotions slosh around in a big bath tub. You can feel alternately frustrated and intrigued. But this might be the one, Virgo.

In January/February and June/July you’re restless, and sex is on your mind and in your words. In March, that elusive type described above might first appear. This could be very significant – if the person drops into your lap, he/she might be destined to be in your life. But if you have to continually chase, and seldom catch this person, turn and walk away, unless you want a broken heart. All March through May, and again all August/September, you can be a bit of a dictator on the home front – be gentle with kids all year. These periods might also end a purely lust-oriented affair. You attract interest in September, but October/November excite your romantic side, and inject you with extra courage in love. December’s heavy on the home and work fronts, but January 2017 brings a streak of romance again. From September onward (into autumn 2017) sensual embraces will come easily. Don’t have sex with someone who you suspect will eventually bore you.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Until September, Libra, you’re in a restful state, which could be spent more valuably as a preparation for love, rather than in the pell-mell pursuit of love. These months are a good time to contemplate what you really want in love. If you’re older, it’s a good time to examine the past and how you arrived at this place. You can scan prior relationships, and by this know what kind of person you should love. In seeking a mate, this is half the battle.

September begins a year (to October 2017) of great good fortune, cheerfulness and camaraderie. You’ll attract others, as a buoyant mood always attracts. This can bring a significant light or friendly romance. By itself, this wouldn’t be remarkable. But until mid-2018 romance of any type can swiftly lead to married union – or to a friendly, volatile, unpredictable love affair that could at any time turn to marriage, or a break-up. You won’t be bored!

All year (in fact, 2009 to 2024) a domestic problem might interfere with love. At one extreme, this could mean you want to run the race of love, but you’re already married, or Dad won’t let you out the front door, or your living conditions make you shy away from inviting anyone over. You can to a large degree solve this domestic “bump.” It takes hard work, but it will “free” your love life, let it take wing. This domestic problem might be inside you: e.g., IBS, or childhood trauma. To reduce this domestic knot’s influence, avoid starting a love affair in January, April, July or October. To catch this knot and untie it, use the same months.

Romance calls in February, June (romance finds you) August (happy friends sometimes “produce” a love prospect) and October (when your own charms are like a silent wolf-whistle). A friendly, even casual relationship in March through May, and again August/September, could turn into a life-mating. January/February and July/August, avoid over-spending on love.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Many social joys fill 2016 – at least until late September. A surging popularity, flirtations and friendly romance fill your days. From these friendly flirtations a deep bond might develop a bond that can lead to marriage, but in many 2016 will give you intimacy and affection, without marital strings. Whatever you do this year, Scorpio, don’t hide in a closet – get out, extend the hand of friendship – you could be surprised at how eagerly people greet the new, happy you. You are presently in a long (2011 to 2026) “true love” phase, in which The One is almost certain to appear. However, this year (to mid-May, 2017) you can experience disappointment if you aim for deep, heavy romance or infatuation – light romance is your safety and your joy. (A Virgo might be involved.)

January to March 5, and again all June/July, your sexual magnetism and courage flare like a hot fire. You can seduce almost anyone, so the need to discriminate is in your court. Try to avoid: co-workers, sensual attractions wherein you know you won’t remain interested for long, and deep, jump-off-a-cliff romance. Keep a social element in all love.

You flirt with all sorts of possibilities in January, but these end in a heap by February, as you pull back to decide what’s going on. March triggers romance of the pure kind, but remember my warning. April’s for work, but you might hear of or speak to someone who could be a viable life-mate. This goes through some confusion in May, then clears so that by June you might have to decide: is he/she for me? Sweet love, and wise love, arise in July. September’s friendly, and love could blossom in a social group, club, political party, etc. In November you draw attention and affection, but you’re starting to see how complicated everything is in a relationship, and you have some decisions to make.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Bah, humbug, could be your reaction to the question of love – many times before autumn, but not after. Before late September, you’ll experience expansion and good fortune in your career, status and similar ambitious zones, which leaves you less time for love. In addition, you’ve grown and matured since early 2015. (This process continues to late 2017.)  You feel sober, and are looking at your life in a no-nonsense, “I’m getting older” – and do I have enough money? – way.

Despite this (or perhaps because you’re repressing the love urge so strongly) you will at times burst into “Romantic Sage” with red cape and blue tights, ready to win love with a new intensity, courage and determination. This intensity and courage will be a magnet to the opposite sex (same sex for gays) from March 5 to late May – three whole months – and again all August and September. (You could feel indecisive in love, especially if you’re male, mid-April through June.) These times of intense, sudden love will be balanced by similarly long periods – January to early March, and all June/July – of “repression” – times when love just doesn’t seem to work, or you experience major obstacles to romantic fulfillment. (If you are already in a loving bond, these “obstacle times” become cozy, snuggle-by-the-fire times.)

So love goes to extremes before autumn: first you repress it or it seems to desert you (e.g., Jan./Feb.) then it comes back like a force of nature, which of course it is (e.g., March through May). But by September this up-and-down ends: you begin a whole year of wishes coming true, including love’s wishes. From this point on, your social life will expand easily and happily. From your group(s) a splendid mate prospect could arise. You are likely to meet and welcome a person who is at first only a friend, then becomes a lover, even a life-mate. He/she is likely to be graceful, calm-appearing, intellectual – and when he/she thinks of love, they also envision marriage. Always.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Until late September, Cap, you will be under one of the two most romantic influences possible. This is not romance, period. This is romance that tends to lead to a wedding, or to a long-lived love. You’ll find that love, this time around, tends to capture your mind as well as your heart. You will tend to meet someone whose ideas and ideals, advice and urgings are good for you – although you might not realize this until months, even years later. Your amorous prospects rise if/when you travel internationally, attend post-secondary school, practise law or hire a lawyer, or engage in media, publishing, religious, philosophical and cultural venues. You’re far more likely to find true love in a library than on the beach.

In a broad view, you are in an odd time (2009-2024) in which you alternately feel lonely, misunderstood, and optimistic, as if a wish was about to come true. In a complicated way, a wish might really come true January to early March, and all June/July. During these 4 months, your social calendar looks crowded, and from a social (or club or political) group, an assertive, slightly fiery and humorous person might emerge – and could “give you the signal” at first sight – or might just walk up and “take you.” But this same person – or your interest in this group itself – might also suddenly end. I said it was complex! If you want this attraction to last, form it around garden parties, kitchens and cafes, home and kids (if applicable) – anything domestic, for this love will need a “home” to survive. From March through May, and again August/September, you can feel as if your amorous courage and fire has deserted you, or you might wonder if you should graciously exit. Some bits: be careful whom you chase in March: look deep, into both parties’ motives. Sweet, pure romance blossoms in May. July brings your opposite – and opposites attract. August is frankly sexual, lustful, yet someone comes along who rings beautiful bells in your thoughts, who entrances your entire consciousness. September brings romance in the broadest sense, yet few of the little things (holding hands? Setting a date?) work easily.

Late September begins a whole year of great good fortune in career, status environments, business and politics. You might be a little busy for love, yet your magnetism surges October/November. If you’re free, a light, friendly romance could begin. January 2017 will bring “the wrong person” and March 2017 the wrong person but the right love. Any of these can lead to a wedding that is more status-based than true-love-based (which can work). But take care, be alert and self-aware, October intro 2017.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Study the difference between lust and love, Aquarius. (Lust wants to make someone an object that you can exercise your desires upon; love has no object; it survives without nourishment; it makes someone a light and their light turns to illuminate you.) The first eight months of 2016 will immerse you in lust. (Unless of course you reject such notions and bury yourself in finances or research instead – which is the 2016 road to profit and wealth for every Aquarian – and an almost obligatory path if you’re married. Many married Aquarians will welcome a new baby.) This lust is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you remain honest and strictly avoid extra-marital “opportunities.” But realize that an affair started between August 2015 and September 2016, if it leads to wedding bells, might create a marriage that is short on loyalty.

From early March to late May, and again July/August, you’ll be dancing a social round that brings you into contact with many new people. From these social delights a friend might emerge toward whom you will always feel a little casual – yet you and he/she can be lively, entertaining, witty and sparkling friends-cum-lovers, even eventually a “couple.” Beware a merely sensual attraction in March – you might later find yourself bound in chains of boredom. June is always romantic, and August leads you to bright, challenging relations with your equals (in love and other things). September is totally sexual, but might also bring someone who speaks to your soul with a kind of song that threads through their words and eyes.

Late September begins a full year of “wedding vibes.” Sometime then to November 2017, you could fall madly in love, or feel the sweet sensation of someone loving you first, then fall madly in. If you’re married, plan long (international) trips or attend school together. If single, you’re most likely to stumble upon love in a library, school, law court/law office, at travel terminals, or while travelling afar or working with cultural or media organizations.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

You are the unluckiest and luckiest of the twelve signs this year, Pisces – at least to and including September. You’ll be unlucky if you remain independent, alone, and self-sufficient. You could be the luckiest person in the world if you seek outside yourself, want a partner, and use your considerable charms to attract and bond with others. This applies to everything – friends, business associations, etc. – but it specially applies to love. Many of you will meet and marry someone who is open, honest (mostly) and unlike you in many, sometimes intimidating ways. This person will be solid (when they hug you it’s like a ton of earth embraced you – talk about grounding!) and detail-oriented, precise and logical. Many Pisceans will be ringing wedding bells. But if your marriage is unhappy, 2016 can bring separation, and 2018 a legal confirmation.

You might face a decisive fight over money, or in career (bosses are temperamental) or in a court of law, March 5 to late May, and again August/September. In this, depend on the kindness of others. If you push your own case with too much strength or passion, you can alienate those who would help you (including your own lawyer). Even January/February and June/July can draw you into this if the action is to be legal. My point is, you might be too busy for love. But remember this: the more you love, the smaller these difficulties will be. Time given to a spouse or lover is not wasted – it actually advances you further toward success than hours of labour. Those February/early March and June/July periods might strike the sparks of an intense, almost hectic, perhaps argumentative sensual affair. Enjoy this if you want, but realize real love will supplant it.

You’re very attractive in March – a Taurus or Virgo might chase you. May brings casual acquaintances, one of whom might turn into an affectionate, gentle affair. July sparks your deepest romantic passions – you could overwhelm someone! September brings your equal – this could eventually lead to marriage, but be diplomatic and receptive to new ideas, new ways of courting. Remember this: even a minor attraction any time before October, can eventually lead to marriage, a lucky, bright, optimistic marriage. October begins a year of deep, secret dealings. Love turns private and intimate; attractions grow sexual, and you must strictly avoid extra-marital or other tawdry temptations. But if someone’s been playing hard to get, or coy, now is the time to say: let me in. For married folk, autumn 2016 to autumn 2017 can bring pregnancy.

The End

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