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Religion is man’s attempt to take advantage of God.

Trump’s success in the face of a concerted, all-out attack by the other candidates (hired illegal Polish workers, is a closet Democrat, won’t disavow the Klu Klux Kl’s support, had 4 bankruptcies, etc.) shows that politics is not logical: it emerges from charisma and personality. The electorate responds to these, and attacks that try to show one’s choice is bad or wrong are dismissed quickly as suspect in a “consider the source” way. The choosing is largely subconscious – as voters, we have been observing the trend of the country for years: when we choose a leader, we chose the one whose personality “synchs with” or falls in with, these trends – and no amount of logical argument will dent this choice, or change it. The Republican politicos who bemoan Trump, and say it would be madness to elect him their leader, have only themselves to blame. They created Trump by their own selfishness, inherent racism (most obvious in Congressional intractability) and disdain for the average citizen’s plight. Win or lose, Trump has changed the boundaries of the party, and exposed its dry, empty rhetoric. Cruz, Rubio and Hillary – the whole establishment – are like bad hazelnuts: they’re empty and make aloud rattling noise, but give no sustenance. Only the dried-out kernel of a rotted nut remains inside, though the nut, the shell, looks just as shiny and handsome as any other nuts.

A week after 9/11, I wrote here that the U.S. would respond like “a wounded bear,” and that the nation’s vitality was ebbing. When the lower George Bush invaded Iraq, I wrote that this second war would be a “quagmire.” A baby born then would be a teenager now, and the quagmire has only expanded (Syria, ISIS, now Russia, etc.). (“Quagmire” was not a term I threw at every conflict – I forecast the first Gulf War, writing that it would be “sharp and swift.”) Now that wounded bear is biting itself. Trump is trying to revitalize the bear. Sanders wants to live off its carcass. Hillary and Rubio are pretending the bear isn’t wounded, just needs band aids. And Cruz, with his predatory grin, is trying to train the bear to dance.


Ted Cruz would make the best President of all the candidates, if he had a heart. He’s smarter than Machiavelli, and won’t be turned from his course. He epitomizes the cold pursuit of power. Cruz is very religious, so he tries to take advantage of God whenever he can. (See definition above.) Macbeth was more hesitant


Think of this: Rubio vs Sanders: Rubio wins, because his youth appeals, promises a fresh start, promises that problems get put off for another day. This is slightly preferable to the nation-altering, all-in, once-in-a-lifetime gamble of putting social idealist Bernie in the captain’s suite. (McCarthy must be turning in his grave.) (Again, this isn’t a prediction.)

Or Hillary versus Trump: the school matron versus the farm boy in boots, 19 years old and still in Grade Ten, too big for his chair, frustrated, and starting to realize his power.

(I wonder: if Bill had sexually used their daughter Chelsea, would Hillary have treated her as she did Flowers, Lewinsky, et al?)


All men are not created equal. (Sorry that this sounds chauvinistic – of course I mean women, children also.) The champion athlete with a 200 IQ is not equal to an obese Down ’s syndrome sufferer. Nature itself would judge them unequal, and sooner kill the poor Down creature than the athlete; nature will also “allow” the athlete to impregnate more women and produce more progeny. Nature absolutely supports and engages in prejudice and inequality. The strong win, etc. But both our subjects, Downy and Athlete, have a soul.  And the soul, being holy, being of pure spirit, being, in essence, a chunk of God, is not only equal in everyone but of the same material in everyone.  The same material must be equal to itself. (Therefore the soul cannot be more or less, large or small, more intense or less intense than itself. We might Say, “He has more soul than so-and-so.” But how do we even presume to know that? How can we be so arrogant that we believe we can measure soul?) Not even evil can touch the soul. Evil is the rejection of soul. (There are no “evil souls.” Dante showed that pure evil – Satan – is the absence of soul. And the absence of soul is the absence of life, of fire and spirit. [That’s why depression and melancholia, as they used to call it, are considered sins.] Dante’s Satan sits at the center of hell in a frozen lake, because he has no life, fire or spirit – only pride.)  And, because every human is the vessel of a portion of our spiritual soul, this vessel must be as respected as God’s Ark in the Old Testament. It is not that all men are equal, but that, because our soul is one, we must treat everyone with reverence. In this respect, all men are equal.

The most obvious evidence of soul is in the eyes; though clues lie beyond this. But I can see evidence of soul in my dog, and cat, and the hawk in the sky; therefore we must not murder the animal, nor, if aware, ocean dwellers.  In fact, evidence of plant life sentience abounds, and where there is sentience, is there consciousness? (Plants turn toward the sun, close their petals at night, maple trees turn their leaves a half hour before it rains, etc. – that is sentience.) Where does it end? The ridiculous extreme is that we should eat nothing, animal nor plant, because they are all sentient. But what is the answer? Should I never tread on the grass, because I might inadvertently kill a bug? (In fact, must kill a few, as estimates range up to hundreds of insects per square meter as an average population.)


What happened to Bernie Sanders? Hillary insults and knifes him, steals his ideas, and Bernie at most makes a few abstract references to “people” who are riding a wave of campaign money from lobbyists. Bernie might be too good, too gentlemanly to win. Perhaps too idealistic. Everyone was surprised by his quick ascendancy and his massive popularity. Bernie’s a Virgo, and Jupiter is in Virgo now (August 2015 to Sept. 2016) – he’s a perfect example of this planet’s luck, idealism, and “expansion.”

But Jupiter went retrograde in early January, and stays so until May 9, so its luck tends to go in circles, rather than carry Bernie forward. The retro could also be responsible for Bernie’s inability or refusal to change tactics in the face of Hillary’s attacks on him, and in the face of the black vote not embracing him. A lot of African American politicians (all of them as traditional and Washington-dyed, I assume, as Hillary) love to say that during the civil rights movement, Hillary and Bill were everywhere, and Sanders “invisible.” Here again Bernie’s Virgoan shyness and antipathy toward grabbing the spotlight, toward public self-promotion, hurts him. He was in the trenches, in the blood-and-guts of the civil rights movement. He was arrested for his support of blacks and his fight against segregation. Yet he almost never brings this up. (Virgos hate to brag: actually, fear it.) Was Hillary every arrested for civil disobedience in support of Blacks? Did she ever smudge her lipstick?

BTW, I hope I’m allowed to criticize these establishment A.A.s who support Clinton. I’m not anti-black. The African Americans I most admire are the Black Panthers, Malcolm X, Luther King and the Black Lives Matter members. These people were/are among the true heroes of America. They have risked (and lost) their lives in defence of freedom and equality — something no President has done since George Washington.

Hillary’s goal has always been power (at least, since she met Philandering Bill). Was Bernie seeking power when two policemen dragged him across the ground while a plainclothes cop stood nearby, watching and smoking a cigarette? (Sanders, with others, was trying to desegregate Chicago University’s student housing. The school was refusing to let black students rent a room.) Yet the photo of Bernie being arrested in the 60’s – proof he was more deeply, viscerally involved in civil rights than Princess Hillary and Rutting Bill (who wrote and passed a law that threw 25 % of black youth in jail and cut them and their parents off welfare)  –  this great photo, Bernie doesn’t even use in defense against Hillary’s duplicitous attacks! Ah, Bernie, too good to be great?




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Continue to keep a low profile, rest, contemplate and plan. The twelve weeks ahead (to May 27) will steer you toward bigger ideas, a “world view,” and can bring love, weddings, other social rituals, higher education, media involvement and possible legal situations. Strictly avoid lawsuits, if you can. (If one arises, try to settle it before the lawyers sharpen their claws.) A smitten Sagittarian might chase you; so might a playful Gemini. Sunday brings hope, optimism, entertainment, a few friends – and someone comes bearing a secret. But this happy idyll might be snatched up in the jaws of argument or hasty impulse, Monday midday (PST). A major opportunity might face you Sun. to Tuesday, perhaps in the work arena. You might have to choose, these first three days, between (lucky) work and society/love. (Work’s better.) Deal with institutions or civil servants (or management chores) Monday late morning to Wed. late morning. Your energy and pizzazz rise nicely Wed. noon to Fri. noon. Strike early and swiftly Wed. (best before 2 pm PST). You learn a secret (or find yourself in a government or health unit). Start new management, “red-tape” or sympathy projects Thurs. eve to 10 am Fri. Chase money (and casual intimacy if you want) Fri. pm, all day Sat – you could hit the earnings jackpot!


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Wish fulfillment is still a top possibility, Taurus. The accent lies on fun, flirtations, entertainment, light romance, optimism and popularity – all week, but especially Monday noon to 11:40 am (PST) Wed.  A Virgo, or a talkative person (Pisces? Gemini?) might help your dreams come true. However, Taurus, now to mid-May 2017, DO NOT depend on wishful thinking. Creating, taking a chance, combining speculation with action, will bring success; wishing, only disappointment. The 12 weeks ahead will give your sexual, financial and lifestyle desires a serious injection of courage and determination – enough to propel you to your goals here – but also tempting you to be impulsive, which can cause waste or mistakes. You have an excellent opportunity now (for 12 weeks and again August/September) to cure a multitude of ills or drawbacks; this is a superb time for counseling, therapy, even for surgery. (If you’re a business owner and possess a lot of machinery or an assembly line, these 12 weeks favour overhauls, additions or improvements.) Be ambitious Sunday through Monday morn. For Monday to Wed. noon, read above. Wednesday noon to Friday noon brings weariness, secrets, research, dealings with civil servants, head office, charities and institutions. Be restful, contemplate your plans. Aside from a mild dilemma Thurs. afternoon (be moral, or hide the mistake?) all runs smoothly. Friday afternoon through Saturday, your energy and charisma shoot upward – start a significant project, approach VIPs, bosses and important contacts. Tackle a job that intimidated you, approach a gorgeous person who’s “out of your league” – you might find you’ve leapt up to his/her league. If you have not yet taken a major chance on romance, this week and next, and May and September, urge you to join the chase! If married, Saturday is perfect for leading your family to adventure, fun – and educational savings plans.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Be ambitious but not too ambitious, Gemini. This is the time of year when you naturally shine, especially to bosses, parents, VIPs and authorities (e.g. court judges). But until mid-May 2017, your career also contains traps, dead-ends and temptations that lead to disappointment – and these are particularly highlighted this March and March 2017. So be good at work, keep your head down and do your job, maintain the status quo – DO NOT change careers, jobs or employers (and don’t push the boss, either) before May 2017. If you must do something, quit. (Many Geminis will make more money or stumble into a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle by quitting, than by being ambitious. This sounds illogical, but is not.) These ambition themes will come to a peak Monday noon to Wed. noon (PST). Take care both Monday and Tuesday noons and forenoons – disagreement lurks, could deflate your sails. Earlier, Sunday promotes wisdom, intellectual pursuits, law, far travel, cultural involvements, and love. (All’s smooth, so march ahead this day.) Midweek (Wed. noon) brings hopes, optimism, popularity, some flirtation, entertainment and a general feeling of happiness – all to Friday noon. Everything’s great here – a wish could come true – but DON’T seek physical intimacy nor invest (especially in machinery) Wed., or before 4 pm Thurs. Retreat Friday pm and all Saturday – rest, contemplate, plan, deal with charities, hobbies, government, corp. head offices, and institutions. All is well!


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

The two weeks ahead promote wisdom, intellectual pursuits, law, far travel, cultural involvements, and love. These will probably climax, and/or present you with an opportunity to start a whole new project in these areas Monday noon to Wed. noon. But step carefully, and be self-aware. This whole zone (legalities, weddings, far travel, etc.) holds pitfalls, delays and dead-ends until May 2017. These traps almost always are “stage two” (or three or four) of a temptation. (E.g., I buy a ticket to Rome because I’m fleeing my child support payments.) Be especially careful Monday around noon (PST) and Tues. before 2 pm. Earlier, Sunday into Monday morning accents sexual yearnings, financial manoeuvres, medical diagnostics, research and lifestyle changes. Go ahead, commit Sunday, as a smooth, mild luck accompanies you. Be ambitious Wed. noon to Fri. noon – bosses are watching, noting how you act under pressure. You’ll perform splendidly – but watch Thurs. around mid-afternoon: someone you count on might not show, or will quietly work against you. Happiness arrives Fri. pm and Saturday – your popularity surges, optimism fills your view, entertainment and flirty romance reward you. Send a message, even a card (before 4:30 pm Sat.) – it will find a receptive audience.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

March is for sexual yearning, power urges, large finances (mortgage, investments, etc.) research, detective work, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. These will powerfully attract you now, and for many March months to come. However, this March and next (2017) hold temptations and pitfalls in this zone, and the pitfall will be the larger the stronger is the temptation. Do what you must in these areas (especially this Monday noon to Wed. noon [PST] when this zone is highlighted) but don’t become over-involved. A paycheck, now to mid-May 2017, is better than starting a business. Same period, rely on surface appearances – don’t dig down to find “the real story” or you’ll miss the real opportunity. Earlier, Sunday through Monday morning brings relationships – mostly co-operative ones, perhaps even relationships that bring you an opportunity. Relocation, partnerships, negotiations and litigation, are also accented early week. All’s smooth, productive here. Wisdom, intellectual and cultural pursuits, media, far travel and legal matters – and love – fill Wed. noon to Friday noon. Again, almost every aspect is good, so charge ahead. However, Thursday afternoon, work duties or health matters might interfere with those more pleasant things. Friday noon through Saturday bring prestige, ambitions, career pressures and status goals – again, all systems are “Go” – so charge ahead! This week through May 26 will bring romantic or creative “action.” You might gamble. You might start a significant romance. Your courage and determination surge for 12 weeks in romance.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Tackle chores Sunday to Monday noon – all’s well, you’ll accomplish much (Sunday). For the 12 weeks ahead, Virgo, try to lighten up at home: you might be argumentative, domineering, or accident-prone. (Be careful with knives and hot surfaces, and rash-inducing chemicals, soaps.) This period might also nudge you to buy a home (or buy/sell real estate in general) – a very lucky theme for you until September. However, reject impulse: proceed with care and forethought. These 3 months will also be a splendid time for renovations, landscaping, and investment in your children’s future (e.g., scholarship funds – realize the “administered funds” are rip-offs, at least in Canada – instead, make the fund self-administered). This week and next are filled with successful, benevolent aspects (except March 13/14). The main theme is relationships – handle these lightly, DO NOT pursue a partnership, don’t relocate, and don’t marry before May 2017. Remember this Monday noon to Wed. noon, when these are highlighted. Be a bit selfish, a bit independent. Engage in projects which do not require co-operation. Take care, step lightly Monday noon (PST) and Tuesday morning to 2 pm. Life’s darker or more hidden side emerges Wed. noon to Friday noon – luck rides with you in research, investment, reducing debt, seeking physical intimacy, in obtaining a medical diagnosis, in lifestyle changes. (If studying investments, study them at home now to May – somehow this helps you make better choices.) But be careful Thurs. afternoon – not the time to gamble. A sweet, mellow wisdom floats through you Fri. noon through Saturday – all aspects are favourable, so charge ahead in intellectual, cultural, far travel, international, media, higher learning and similar areas. Love is a possibility!


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Sunday’s romantic, Monday morning too. A few seductive glances couldn’t hurt. But the monthly accent on work and daily health, on dependents and service people, on repairs, tools and machinery, continues. Eat and dress sensibly. Monday noon (PST) to Wed. noon “doubles down” on this zone, and both tempts you to dive in – to start a new project – and offers you a lucky opportunity. But now to mid-May, 2017, this entire area also holds pitfalls and subtle, winding pathways to disappointment. So: 1) I don’t advise starting a new machinery, nutrition, etc. project; 2) the opportunity (Mon./Tues.) is to let go of hands-on, detailed work and instead to jump into a management role. (The latter applies even to homemakers: e.g., don’t vacuum the floor, tell your kids to do it. P.S. Now to May 2017, don’t become a slave to your kids/pets.) Take care Mon. noon and Tues. morning to 2 pm (PST) – argument, financial barriers exist. Relationships fill Wed. noon to Fri. noon – good luck accompanies you in partnerships, relocation, dealing with the public, negotiations and challenges from others. However, be careful Thurs. afternoon when domestic problems could interfere with agreements. (E.g., a new date runs because you have four children.) Relationships veer into deeper waters Fri. noon through Saturday – a social/romantic attraction could become intimate; a business agreement obtains funding (or not). Research, commit, change lifestyle, invest or pay down debt. All’s smooth, lucky! Libra, the 12 months ahead bring love making with a friend, or much travel/phone time with someone who could become your mate someday.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Tend to your home Sunday (and Mon. morning). Hug the kids, adjust their educational future. Get some sweet rest. The general accent this week and next lies on deep romance, creative and speculative ventures, charming kids, self-expression, and pleasure. These are highlighted Mon. noon to Wed. noon. Take care, in a “daily” way, Monday noon (argument, dangerous tools) and Tues. until 2 pm (PST) (monetary and sexual obstacles). But in a larger view, realize that until mid-May 2017, all these matters (creativity, gambling, private pleasure, etc.) are subtly “karmically besmirched.” To succeed, aim for the 180-degree opposite: light romance, creativity by committee, social joys and group pleasures, optimism and fun. This early week offers you an opportunity to “cross over” to that lighter side. Tackle chores Wed. noon to Fri. noon. Eat and dress sensibly. You’ll get a lot done. Careful with communications, driving and tools Thurs. afternoon. Relationships bloom Fri. noon through Sat. – lucky new potential partners, new, fresh horizons, new opportunities pop up – embrace others, praise their efforts and find common ground. Don’t challenge or fight. During the 12 weeks ahead much more money than usual will flow to you – and if you aren’t careful, through you. Bank extra income, be cheap in spending. Better to sell machinery than buy it. A pay raise or overtime very possible. Unemployed? Seek now through late May.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Sunday and Monday forenoons bring errands, casual friends, messages, short trips, general busyness. All’s well – in fact this is a lovely week with hardly a cloud. The general accent lies on home, humility, real estate, security, nutrition and “Mother Earth,” especially this Monday noon to Wed. noon. Be cautious here: until May 2017, you’ll regret it if you dive too deeply into these domestic, realty, etc. areas. Give them a light touch – and find safety and good luck by focusing on career, ambition, prestige and “outside” affairs. (This divide, between home and outside ambitions, will “present itself” twice in these few days – each time, pick optimism and luck, not quietude and security.) Careful Mon. noon and Tues. to 2 pm, when an argument or negativity can hinder you.  Romance, joy, poetic beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges visit Wed. noon (PST) to Friday noon. All’s fine, but take care with money and possessive attitudes Thursday afternoon. (You could hear or intuit a secret about the home, or a family member, or real estate in general, Thurs. pm.) Tackle chores Friday pm and Saturday – “all systems go.” You’ll accomplish a lot, could even set yourself up for a future promotion. The entire 12 weeks ahead boost your testosterone (yes, women too) and sexual magnetism, and also gives you courage and determination – and a romantic (or gambling, venturesome) urge. You can guess the result, according to your own situation and needs.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Chase money or go shopping during this mildly productive Sunday, Cap. (Same Monday morning, but results are mostly nil.) Monday noon (PST) to Wed. noon brings the core issue of this month: errands, details, paperwork, reports, communications and short/local trips. Do what you must here, without plunging fully in. (This advice lasts until May 2017.) You might be tempted to start a relevant project: a mail-out, new phone system, buying a car, etc. Instead, aim for the “upper octave” of these: profound ideas, far/international travel, law, publishing, higher education – grab an opportunity in these Mon./Tues. and Sat. Home calls you Wed. noon to Fri. noon. With the exception of Thurs. afternoon (when you might be a little domineering, or suffer a tiny set-back) this is a lucky interval – a good time to make some changes at home, to hug the family, landscape, meal plan, etc. Romance, beauty and pleasure flow to you Fri. pm and Sat. – so do a creative or speculative urge, self-expression and joy. You could meet love – you could also fall madly (and luckily!) in love. (Many single Caps will wed this year.) A travel “ticket” might come through. Now to late May, Cap, be wary of hidden competitors or enemies. Stay away from dark alleys, biker clubs, collusive people, etc. It’s a good time to build your security; a bad time to stick your head out of a speeding car’s window. These 3 months will allow you to shuck off, if you want, a governmental or management burden.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your charisma shines and your energy’s high Sunday and Monday morning. Use Sunday (not Monday) to start significant ventures, to make contacts and impress people. (Your major luck until September lies in the zones of investment, entrepreneurship, sexual prowess, and similar things. So making contacts when it’s lucky – as Sunday – is a smart, perhaps essential prelude to acting in concert with others – which investments, sex, et al usually entail – no pun intended.) Monday noon to Wednesday noon features money, earnings, shopping, sensual attractions, and memorization or rote learning. This area is NOT favourable to you before mid-May 2017, so don’t plunge deeply into it – instead, for success and safety, look to the “heavier” side of these – an investment in appreciating assets is far better than buying a depreciating asset such as a car, or furniture. Deep, meaningful, soulful sex is good, casual bed. All to mid-2017. Careful Mon. noon and Tues. until 2 pm (PST) – argument, negativity can affect your progress. Friends, calls, errands, short trips, paperwork, details and communications fill Friday pm and all Saturday – superbly! You’ll get a lot done, and spend some needed “human chatting.” For the 12 weeks ahead, two men will befriend you, and an old friend, though she/he looks askance on the “newbies,” will accept them for your sake. Same period, your hopes can be tied up with travel, friendship and communications. A light, friendly romance could curl your toes.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Your energy, charisma and clout remain high, Pisces – in fact they reach a yearly peak Monday to Wednesday. All week and next, start important projects, but keep this in mind: the most significant, rewarding and bountiful project you can possibly commence is to form relations with others, to join others’ bandwagons, to relocate, to deal with the public, to negotiate and form agreements, to, in general, chase opportunities. The worst thing you can do is to act independently, to refuse advice, etc. This advice holds until May 2017.  Earlier, rest up Sunday through Monday morning: contemplate, plan, deal with charities, other organizations. Monday noon to Wed. noon highlight your energy and capabilities – as suggested, go forth! However, sidestep an argument Mon. noon (would hurt your job-related income) and don’t push higher-ups Tues. before 2 pm (PST). Chase money, buy/sell, find new clients, perform shopping Wed. noon to Fri. noon – all is smooth, mildly lucky, except Thurs. afternoon (beware legal commitments, buy nothing with a contract). Errands, communications, short trips, casual friends and siblings, media and curiosity fill Fri. pm and Sat. – again, all goes well – you could even meet a future mate. The 12 weeks ahead can try your patience at work. Bosses will be temperamental, impatient (but quick to forgive – remember this if tempted to fight back). During the same period, your career could literally pump money your way. Ask for a pay raise (when the boss isn’t impatient). (March 28 – and, a bit, 31 – are good days to ask.)

The End.

17 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — MARCH 6 – 12, 2016

  1. sswan

    Hi Tim,
    I have been reading your column for years. Great stuff.
    For the week of March 6th, to the 12th, you say.
    DO NOT pursue a partnership, don’t relocate, and don’t marry before May 2017.
    My daughter is getting marry on July 31, 2016
    Her birthdate is August 23, 1988.
    Should she get marry this year?
    I love you website I read it every week. Thank you for your time.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, sswan,
      Unfortunately, she should delay until mid-2017 onward. (This is solely based on her Virgo Sun — if it is Virgo. She’s a Leo if born east of England, and in the morning.) There also might be mitigating aspects in her and her fiance’s charts. That would require a reading.

      1. sswan

        Thank you Tim for your reply!

        My daughter was born around 3:00 pm in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
        There’s a urgent reason why we need to have the wedding happen this year.
        Thank you again.

        1. Tim Stephens Post author

          Hi, sswan — I suspect that might be a reason not to wed (the urgency). One thing I’ve learned thru personal experience is that it’s better to ruin a wedding, than the 30 years that follow it. (Yes, she’s a Virgo.)

          1. sswan

            Hi Tim
            Thank you very much for your reply.

            My husband has prostate cancer for about 1 year. Even though the tumor was taken out since February 2015 there is the risk the tumor might spread to other parts of his body (leg). We don’t know how long he can survive the cancer. Doctor gave him one to two years since 2014.

            Thank you again!

            1. Tim Stephens Post author

              Hi, sswan,

              I’m very sorry about your husband. Still, I’m afraid my advice still stands. I think, ultimately, her father would rather know that she waited to make a good marriage, than rushed into something. If you still want to proceed, I can give you wedding dates that will bring the best possible result. (Unfortunately, I charge for this, because it requires charting, etc. But if you just want a date based on their sun signs only, give me a call and I won’t charge you.

              Best regards,


          2. sswan

            Hi Tim,
            Thank you very much for your reply.

            How much do you charge for giving us the best wedding date?

            I really appreciate what you said.

            1. Tim Stephens Post author

              Hi, sswan,

              I charge by time — $ 120 for a half hour is my minimum. That’s about $90 U.S. In that time, we could also look at various other things.

              Best regards,


  2. lgted

    Thanks a lot Tim.
    You mentioned several times that Geminis shouldn’t change career/job before May 2017. But it’s first time that you pointed out that probably ‘quitting’ is an option. So does it mean that Geminis can quit the current company but not changing the industry? Any potential risks for Geminis who are thinking about changing the career later this year?
    Thank you very much,

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, lgted — Gemini’s career is under slightly grey skies until May 2017. If you stick it out where you are, the influence will pass. If you start a new career, job or employer, you will be making this grey cloud “permanent.” It is better to quit than to change. (When this happened to me as a young man, I quit work, bought a small lot on an island, and intended to build a small house. Within one month, a builder offered me 3 X what I’d paid for the lot, so I sold it. In one month, I made more than my job would have paid me in a year. This was the start of my wee fortune. We seldom know how things will work out…

      1. penelope

        Wow Tim I appreciate what you said here! As we age…we need to pass on these personal golden nuggets of wisdom…!

  3. LeoV

    Dear Tim

    Thank you so much for your insight.
    I am a Leo women with a moon in Virgo. In this Virgo week’s scope you wrote “don’t get married before May 2017”. Does this advise concern unly the sun sign or also the moon sign?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, LeoV — only the Sun sign — though it hints that you should not get pregnant until you’re positive of the strength and durability of the relationship (not a major consideration after May 2017).



  4. tracie

    Could you please talk about real estate in Vancouver? I’m feeling a little heart sick about the prices.
    Thank you!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, tracie,

      In the Vancouver area (including suburbs) condo prices have been stagnant or falling for many years. House prices have doubled. This is actually a “catch up.” In the 1990’s, condos boomed, and prices skyrocketed. But then they stalled. Now, a 500 sq. ft. apartment on Van’s east side is worth, say, $ 300,000. That apt. has barely inched up in value since the 1990’s. But an east side house of 2,000 sq. ft., at present (2016) is priced at, say, $ 1,000,000. First, the house has 4 times the area of the apt., so that equals $ 1,200,000. In addition, the house has a yard, typically about 3,500 square feet, so let’s call that worth $ 500,000 (ridiculously low!) so the house is worth $ 1,700,000, and is only selling for $ 1,000,000. The apartment, though its price has not increased for ten years, is still wildly overpriced in comparison to a house. Houses are undervalued! (This is bad news for buyers — but good news might hide in the looming deflation — but even then, it could take houses several years to fall in price. (This ignores the possibility of other outside events.) If I had 100 grand fore a down payment, I would go where that is a significant down, and search there (e.g., Maple Ridge or another suburb).



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