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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PT, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)  

 START NOTHING: 1:46 am to 2:03 pm Sun., 10:03 am to 5:57 pm Tues., 9:09 pm Thurs. to 0:54 am Fri., and after 1:43 pm Sat.



POSSIBLE SOLUTION to the Super Pac campaign financing dilemma: Pacs remain legal, but may only promote causes, not individuals nor parties. In addition, the top 100 donors to the Pac must post their full legal names in newspapers and on the internet. This way, no politician has more than an indirect connection to any money/power-oriented self-interest group, and the donor group has no real claim on the politician. An additional firewall needs to be built against corrupt influence (for there will still be claims, e.g., a Pac approaches a campaigning politician and says, “We’ll run this ad which gives a boost to, a real positive comment on, one of your key themes, partly because it advances our own key cause, and partly because it will help you get elected, which is our intermediate goal. Is that fine? Should we run this ad?”

“Yes. But what do you mean intermediate goal? What is your long-term goal?”

“I’ll tell you. It’s good. Run the ad? It’s part of a campaign, flooding the market.”

He gave the slightest of nods.

“Thank you. Have a seat… President.”


“The long term goal.”


“Unless your commitment falters.”

“And has that commitment begun?”

“I’m afraid so.”

Kinda like that.


FEELING GUILTY: A reader, P., wrote me to complain about my treatment of Hillary Clinton. (I admit, I feel a bit guilty about questioning their family morals last column, especially the possibility of incest. I doubt incest ever occurred, but my point was, if it did, would Hill again hide/embrace Bill? In other words, how far does her Scorpio practice of secrecy go? On the plus side, Hill’s certainly very intelligent, and I think she would make a good caretaker president. (She reminds me of Richard Nixon, actually. Super-competent but lacking pizzazz.) The only trouble is, the U.S. is crying (via Sanders, Trump) for a new direction, an historic change. Hillary is the furthest thing from that change. Electing her would, in a sense, state that the population wants the security of sameness rather than the (potentially healthy) risk of huge (but needed) change.

ACK!! — Sorry, Donald, after your caginess regarding David Duke and the KKK, the racial violence at your rallies, and your stealing from students, you’ve lost my vote. If there was ever an innocent class, it is the students, people who first, have little money, and second, want nothing more than to learn and rise in life. Watch what you throw away in the pursuit of the ultimate trophy, Donald. Some things, once disdained, never return. Donald is still interesting, and more complex than he seems, but I have lost interest. Maybe some day.

ODD, MEANINGFUL? The poor, white, uneducated flow like a massive river to a billionaire. The southern state Blacks, the historically downtrodden of the Americas, vote in choral union for a leader from (deeply, blondly white) WASP America.



A few clients and readers have been horrified by the precipitous – and seemingly irrational – climb in Vancouver house prices. (A recent report claims this city is the third most expensive in the world. Maybe some listened when I wrote “buy Vancouver real estate” 30 years ago!) Here’s my slightly edited answer to a blog reader’s worries about the skyrocketing prices:

In the Vancouver area (including suburbs) condo prices have been stagnant or falling for a decade, while house prices have doubled upward. This is actually a “catch up” by houses. In the 1990’s/early 2000’s, condos boomed, and prices skyrocketed. But then they stalled. Now, a 500 sq. ft. apartment on Van’s east side is worth, say, $ 300,000 – only a little more than 10 years ago. But an east side house of 2,000 sq. ft., at present (2016) is priced at, say, $ 1,000,000 – two times its worth 10 years ago. But look at values: First, the house has 4 times the area of the apt., so that equals four times the money ($300,000 x 4): $ 1,200,000. In addition, the house has a yard, typically about 3,500 square feet, so let’s call that worth $ 500,000 (ridiculously low) so the house is worth $ 1,700,000, and is only selling for $ 1,000,000. The apartment, though its price has barely increased for ten years (and in fact has slowly declined in the last five or so years), is still wildly overpriced in comparison to a house! Houses are STILL relatively undervalued.

This is bad news for buyers — but good news might hide in the prospect of future deflation — even then, though, it could take houses several years to fall in price. This ignores the possibility of other outside events. If I had 100 grand for a down payment, I would go where that is a significant down, and search there (e.g., a further-out Vancouver suburb – or a small town, or Arizona or Florida). In real estate, no matter how expensive the city, prices tend to become more “in your range” the further you travel from the center.





 Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

This is your last week of solitude and weariness, Aries – but now solitude becomes sweet, comforting, dreamy. Sunday features money, earning it and spending it – but you’d be wise to do neither. This afternoon to suppertime Tuesday (PST) brings talkative people, errands, communications, travel – and problems. Think before you speak or write. Only good time: late Monday night, when an opportunity might arise. To grab it, think hands-on work, NOT management or delegating chores. Let your thoughts drift homeward Tues. night through Thursday – here, many things go well, especially Wed. morning/noon hour, when luck and destiny seem to join hands to open a door to a big career boost – enter, don’t hesitate – and Thurs. from dawn to deep evening (9 pm PST) when home, family, security, garden and similar concerns meet good solutions. (If married, spouse is loving.) Friday/Saturday bring romance, creative surges and speculative urges, beauty, the pleasure of the moment, charming kids – all with at ease and nice luck. (A new “personal high” month begins Sat. night, too.)


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

This is your last week of revelry and fun before a month of quietude begins – so get out, mingle, flirt, laugh, pay for a bit of entertainment. Fun is as necessary as work. You can’t inhale before you exhale. (There’s logic here but space is too limited to explain.) A woman or two befriend you over the next few weeks – it’s a flirty friendship if you’re male. Your sexual side oozes magnetism and need for the next 11 weeks, but this might not mix well with a light, flirty friendship. Your energy and charisma shine Sunday, but the day’s a dud – just relax, impress friends. Chase money Sunday afternoon to 6 pm (PST) Tuesday. Be cautious, especially when driving, speaking, writing or handling tools, proposing or accepting “deals” Sunday afternoon through Monday – accidents, hurt feelings or embarrassment possible. You might spy an opportunity, late Mon. night or early Tues. am, to chase deep, real romance (rather than the light, flirty stuff, which will waste you time whenever it can, now to May 2017). Tues. suppertime through Thurs. brings errands, paperwork, communications, travel and casual friends. You could fall deeply in love Wed., when destiny seems determined to catch your eye, and heart. Careful pre-dawn Thurs., when mild disruptions loom. Be home, with family, Fri./Sat. – two excellent days to tackle repairs, landscaping, rental searches, security issues, etc.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

This is your last week of pressure, Gemini. Continue to aim high, to be ambitious and to fulfill your duties – but don’t try to jump too high before May 2017. DON’T yield to any temptations involving ambition – e.g., colluding for power, pushing for a promotion or pay raise. Maintain the status quo. You feel weary, slow Sunday, but your energy starts to rise after 2 pm (PST). Thus launches you into high energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness until Tues. suppertime. Get out, make contacts, start significant ventures (but if these are – probably – ambition-oriented projects, go slowly, be aware of your motives). This won’t be an easy interval, filled with obstacles, challenges – but it smooths out Monday night onward. You could face a choice: career (ambition) or real estate (family). Choose real estate, family, rest, recuperation, farming, nutrition, etc. – here lies the true opportunity. Chase money and sensual satisfaction Tuesday night through Thurs. Your taste in purchases is excellent. Be cautious pre-dawn Thurs. – otherwise this period is packed with good luck. Something might occur which I’d label destiny: it involves your relationships and your home, emotional security, with financial and health factors. Welcome it. Errands, casual contacts, travel, communications and paperwork fill Fri./Sat. – all is smooth, fortunate, so charge ahead. A good friend appears. Accept a career kudo. Now to late May, your relationships grow in excitement and intensity. You will feel very optimistic about a possible partnership. Still, volatility rules: intense attraction or angry rejection.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

The accent continues on love, mental expansion, far travel and cultural involvements. Don’t dive too wholeheartedly into this zone before mid-May 2017. (“Safety” – and until September, splendid luck – exists in short travel, facts and figures, daily business and casual friendship.) Now to late May, you will be working very hard, so plan a few short breaks. This hard work seems to be directly tied to your career/promotion prospects. Sunday morning is hopeful and socially joyful. But your energy and enthusiasm wanes this afternoon through Tuesday suppertime – retreat, rest, lie low, avoid competition. Contemplate and plan future action. Be diplomatic and don’t try too much – many minor difficulties arise Monday. Your energy and charisma, clout and effectiveness surge upward from 6 pm (PST) Tues. through Thurs. Get out, mingle, make contacts, present proposals, launch projects, impress people – your luck is splendid, so even if nothing looks lucky, charge ahead, start things: the luck will come! Be a little cautious pre-dawn Thursday (relationship friction). Chase money, buy/sell, seek/cultivate new clients, memorize lists or facts you can use later (perhaps to impress someone). Again, only good luck and green lights! A sensual affair might begin, perhaps with a co-worker. But it has little depth.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

This is your last week of temptations, Leo: to chase someone you shouldn’t, to invest, to research or pursue a secret, a mystery, to change your lifestyle. You want to grip life and hold on for results – but you shouldn’t. Instead, try to boost your monthly earnings, accept surface appearances, and don’t be afraid to “skate” – to glide along without sticking your sword into the ground. Casual sex is better than deep, soul-bonding sex, even with your spouse. (An aside to this: your romantic side will flare strongly now to late May, and again August/September – a love affair is almost inevitable, if you’re single. Might be someone appreciably older or younger, might be a co-worker – but both these are “lesser choices.”) Sunday’s pressure-filled, but this afternoon to Tues. suppertime (PST) brings social delights, popularity, optimism and flirtations – but the aspects are so bad, especially Monday, that you’d be wise to sit back and not risk significant action or commitment. Just be happy! Retreat, rest and avoid competition Tues. suppertime through Thurs. Although you’re tired, life blesses your attempts to interface with institutions, civil servants and management teams, to be charitable and/or spiritual, to love everyone “from a distance.” Your energy and charisma surge upward Fri./Sat. – you’re the leader, the star of any (reasonable) gathering – so speak up, present ideas and proposals, start important projects, impress both practical and emotional contacts. Saturday starts a month of wisdom, love and learning.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Relationships continue to be your main theme – this week. (March 19 starts a month of secrets, investigation, financial and sexual lures.) Remember, now to mid-May 2017 is not the best time to relocate nor to form partnerships in business or love. (Romance, light or heavy, sex, affairs, friendship – these are NOT included in this advice.) Now to late May, your home might be subject to friction, or you might be demolishing/constructing/renovating – successfully, IF you start well before mid-April. Sunday’s mellow until 2 pm (PST) – then career, status and other pressures begin, lasting to suppertime Tues. Be cautious, Virgo – Sunday and Monday contain obstacles, rejections, etc. (in many areas). Late Monday night and Tues. morning reward your efforts. Happiness, social delights, popularity, flirtations and light romance, optimism and fun arrive Tues. suppertime through Thurs. You’ll feel blessed, loved. Charge ahead, luck rides with you. Take care pre-dawn Thurs. – one you meet will not make a good partner, and attempts at intimate embraces could lead to surprises. Retreat Fri./Sat. – rest, contemplate, plan the future. Luck, again, accompanies you, especially if you: invest, make lifestyle changes, change jobs, buy or sell computers or electronics, interface with governments or institutions, act charitably or spiritually.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is your last week of work and drudgery, Libra. Don’t permit yourself to sink into the mire of unending chores – call a limit to it, refuse to be anyone’s “slave.” If in doubt about the fairness of your situation, withdraw to contemplate before acting. Sunday’s mysterious, but goes nowhere. By 2 pm (PST) the mood subtly shifts to a wiser, more compassionate view of the world; you feel mellow, philosophical. This lasts until suppertime Tues. Higher education, far travel, intellectual pursuits, law, social rituals – these are slated. However, so many practical and other barriers exist that “merely pondering” might be your best/safest approach. Be ambitious suppertime Tues. through Thurs. – your luck is splendid, so charge ahead. Show bosses your skills, promote your projects, seek employment. The only time to pause with caution is pre-dawn Thurs., when domestic and relationship strains prevent success. Fri./Sat. bring happiness, popularity, entertainment, optimism, entertainment and flirtations. Again, your luck is good – you could meet a future mate. Saturday starts a month of fresh horizons and opportunities.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is your last week (for a while) of romantic, creative and pleasure pursuits. Sunday holds relationships – be diplomatic, accepting. This afternoon (2 pm PST) until Tues. suppertime, life’s secret, sexual, financial, medical and “power corridor” zones open up. Don’t enter immediately – obstacles, refusals, bad investments, even anger can greet you this entire period, especially Sun. and Mon. I’ve already advised that, until May 2017, light romance and social involvements are better than heavy romance and private pleasure. This early week, there is an opportunity to make that choice in a firm, going-forward way. A mellow, thoughtful mood flows into you Tues. suppertime through Thurs. Now, all the luck is good – charge ahead in school, far travel, legal affairs, publishing/media, teaching, intellectual pursuits, and cultural/social rituals. (Well, be mildly cautious pre-dawn Thurs., when work and transportation issues might gum up.) Be ambitious Fri./Sat. – luck accompanies you, so ask for a raise or promotion. As the four weeks ahead feature work, you just might earn one. Now to late May, more money will flow to you. Mt advice: bank it, reject wasteful spending.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One last week of domesticity, Sage, then you’ll be launched into a happier, more adventurous atmosphere. (BTW, don’t over-emphasize the domestic now to May 2017 – do what you have to, maintain things, but don’t expand – e.g., don’t buy real estate or build a big new kitchen.) Sunday morning’s for chores or health regimens, but nothing much happens. At 2 pm Sunday (PST) you enter a relationship phase, until Tues. suppertime. Be diplomatic, flexible, keep your temper in check, at least until Mon. night. If you have to make a temporary choice between home duties and outside ambitious affairs, pick the latter. Life’s mysteries ooze to the surface Tues. night through Thurs. Now your luck is good – plunge into research, investigation, investments or debt reduction, loving intimacy, and career moves. (Be slightly cautious pre-dawn Thurs. when money, possessiveness and romance don’t work.) Great luck comes again Fri./Sat. – intellectual pursuits, far travel, international affairs, media, cultural involvements and legal affairs hang from a tree, waiting for you to pluck one (or more) of them. Do it! Now to late May, your romantic and creative (and risk-taking) side grows powerfully – and Saturday night starts a whole month of “double these.”


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The busy work, the errands, calls, trips and flow of paperwork will die down after this week. (This “ending” might be connected to a lucky change Fri./Sat.) In general, the week starts with difficulties, but switches to good luck Wed. onward. Sunday’s romantic, creative, poetically beautiful – until 2 pm (PST) when a work/health influence enters, until Tues. suppertime. Take care – argument, even physical violence is possible Sunday, and all sorts of snafus Monday. Just do your chores, eat and dress sensibly, and practice safety, especially around power tools and caustic chemicals. Now to May 2017, you will benefit from profound thinking, philosophy, religion, higher education, cultural and international affairs – and suffer delays, dead-ends and wasted time in “busy work” (as described in the first sentence above). Mon./Tues. give you an opportunity to make this “healthy choice” once and for all. Relationships arrive, please, excite, and succeed Tues. night through Thurs. Someone “contains” your future, is a sort of destined mate who would fulfill your dreams of a loving life. This person is around, you might even strike up a bond without realizing its depth or importance. That’s okay – the only thing you need to do is strike up a conversation and let life do what it will. Be mildly cautious pre-dawn Thurs, when domestic irritants could steer you off course. Dive into the depths Fri./Sat. – investment, debt reduction, research/spying, lifestyle changes, sexual intimacy, medical diagnoses – these are fortunate, flow easily now.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The more you talk, the more people you meet now to late May, the more you travel, the more your wishes will come true. You will start a month of really doing these Saturday. Until then, you’re “stuck” in a week of money, earning, selling, spending, etc. Sunday starts sluggishly – take all the time you want to rub the sleep from your eyes, until 2 pm (PST). Then to suppertime Tues., notions of romance, creative works, speculative ventures – or the simple pursuit of pleasure – run into barriers, rejection, irritations. Things get better Monday night onward. I’ve already advised you to aim for the “heavy” side of money, sex and health until May 2017, rather than spend your energy trying to earn a bigger paycheck. This Mon./Tues., you have the opportunity to choose that “heavy” (and beneficial) side. Do so! Tackle chores and guard your health (with sensible diet, etc.) Tues. night through Thurs. You’ll get a lot accomplished, might even impress the boss. A management or investment door opens Wed. – step in. Relationships arise Fri./Sat, — and again, your luck is good. You can meet great co-operators, new friends, valuable contacts. A week that starts tough, ends beautifully.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Your energy, charisma and clout remain high, Pisces. Continue to get out, get things done, st.art new projects and make contacts. Remember, now to September, especially, but even beyond, to spring 2017, you will gain if you support other people’s enterprises, lose if you unheedingly push your own agenda. So steer your energy into making relationships and boosting others’ plans. (Expert salespeople tell us this is the way to increase sales.) Until late May (2016) higher-ups (parents, bosses, judges) will be temperamental, impatient. Just grin and bear it – these higher-ups also forgive and forget once the moment’s gone, and, more importantly, seem very willing to pour more money into you project or your pocket. (Pursue this Friday/Saturday.) Sunday begins with busy things, errands, calls – but little really gets done. By 2 pm (PST) you enter a slow-down interval, to Tues. suppertime. Use this interval for rest, family affection, and household chores – don’t tackle big things, as frustrations and obstacles abound. Monday night (after 8 pm PST) a perfect time to send a note or message showing you’re eager for a relationship. Passion, romance, creativity, taking risks – these elevate your mood, and reward you Tues. night through Thurs. Your luck is high – jump in! A wish might come true about a relationship, relocation, or practical/ambitious opportunity. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. – again, luck’s high, all lights are green – jump in and get scads done – both days. A month of money starts Saturday night.

The End.

5 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — MARCH 13 – 19, 2016

  1. Kathydawn

    Just wanted to thank you for all the hours of excitmentment reading your horoscopes….my sign is Taurus I have enjoyed every reading….thanks so kindly…Fun….with a capital F…..i look forward to your next reading.

  2. firefish

    Hi Tim
    I live in the southern hemisphere. Could you please explain how the Equinox affects me, especially for my sign (Pisces)
    Love your recent Blogs BTW

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, firefish — sorry I’m so late replying. I am nit sure what your question is; however, in the most simple way, the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere — so the “spring equinox” of the north, approx. March 21, is the autumn equinox of the south, just as July is summer in the north, winter in the south. This does not, however, change the positions of the Sun, Moon or planets, as they do not change their place no matter where we look at them from on earth. Venus wilkl bein Pisces, say, whether we see Venus from the north pole, equator, or south pole.
      You might expect the rising signs in a southern birth to be the opposite of those in the north, but that’s not true. A person born at, say, noon in July, will tend to be Libra rising, whether he/she’s born in Australia or Canada, Alaska or New Zealand. (“Tend to” — the rising, in both cases, will sometimes be early Scorpio or late Virgo, but mostly Libra. (That’s because our clocks are only approximations of true time.) The rising sign is simply the eastern horizon when you’re born. Whether you’re born north or south of the equator, the east is still the same east, the same direction. So, all else being equal (many small factors “bend” this here and there) your rising sign (even degree) will be the same, north or south of the equator.
      So in your case — Pisces, in Australia? — the only difference to the equinoxes is that you will be facing spring and summer coming, on Sept. 21, and feel the chill of autumn approaching on March 21.
      These are the mechanics. I suspect, since astrology has such an obvious link to the seasons, that an (identical) Argentinian Pisces and a Canadian Pisces, will have some differences; in the end, we are biological creatures who cannot escape Mother Nature, so being born on a warm day, or on a cold day, must make some difference. But it would take a giant intellect to detect it on a broad, dependable scale.

      Best regards,


  3. marie-claude

    Hi Tim,

    First of all I love what you do. You are. Very intelligent man. Thank you.

    You said in the 2016 year ahead for Leo that we should avoid hospitals. I’m going for an elective surgery in May of this year, should I postpone it for next year to avoid the unknowns?

    Thanks again.

  4. lgted

    Dear Tim,

    Thank you very much again for your insights.
    For career, as a Gemini, actually I’m really looking at a promotion by May/June 2015. What would be the biggest obstacle?
    Also for romance, if the one who I feel attracted are around the similar age with me, could you kindly illustrate a bit more about what areas should I pay attention to?

    Thank you.

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