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Again, a long preamble! The Weekly Forecasts are far below.



TEEN HACKERS: That 16 year old they caught in England, who had been hacking the personal files of, among others, the U.S. CIA Director – caught only after a joint task force from England and the U.S. pursued the case – Instead of prosecuting the kid, they should enlist him to hack China, help build firewalls and encryptions, etc. (Evidently he easily cut through the CIA’s encryption codes — that’s scary.) The government’s anti-hacker stance is all wrong. Their political bigotry (“bias” is too weak) against non-conforming techies was revealed in all its glory by the insupportable, illogical, immoral and punitive treatment of Ed Snowden, who must go down in history along with Paul Revere – it’s not “The British are coming!” but “The Feds are spying — on you!”

ACCESSING THIS BLOG: IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS ACCESSING some parts of Astral Reflections, and you are going through one of those compilation sites such as “Horoscopes are Us,” try accessing me directly (astralreflections.com). Those compilation sites have a reason to prevent you from accessing my whole blog, as they want to keep you clicking in thru their site, so they can show more clicks and get more advertising revenue. They might also edit out portions. I had a fight with them some years ago because they were reproducing my whole column, but “neglecting” to put my name or any contact information on it. They’re a bit parasitic.

(BTW, someone emailed to tell me the long “item” in the Feb. 14 Preamble about the stages of decline of a democracy, from “Professors” Alexander Tyler and Joseph Olson, is reputedly false – that these “documents” are spurious and have been floating around the internet for years. So I began to research them, and found that Tyler really did exist, and historians say there’s a 50-50 chance he did write it….so you can view it as you want…)

YEARLY PREDICTIONS: Some of my “Year Ahead” predictions have already come true – with one big NOT. I said the reputation of Einstein and Steve Jobs would be sullied. Well, there is that critical movie on Jobs – but I think it was public before my prediction? Not sure. However, astronomers announced last week they have found proof of another of Einstein’s theories: that gravity travels in waves. So my prediction was 180 degrees wrong. (Though I was right, indirectly, that his name would be in the news again.) Einstein’s unexpected (to this dull astrologer) bright shining, brings up a doubt I’ve had for a long time about the lunar south node, and Pisces. More about this in a later column.)

In Syria, as forecast, a legal settlement was reached in early February. Whether the fighting continues (the second half of that prediction) I don’t know. I said Putin would have a bad year. He’s now being sued for corruption. (That’s all I know – don’t know by whom, or where.) Employment gains – U.S. unemployment has fallen to 4.9 %. “In general, stock markets should be down or flat” – so far, world stock markets have fallen 5% to 20 % in 2016. The DJIA, for instance, has fallen from 17,425 to 15,973 in the first six weeks of 2016 (I’m writing this Feb. 13.) The Shenzhen Exchange in China has fallen 24 % so far in 2016 — from 2309 to 1750.

DEFLATION: I wrote of deflation in the “Year Ahead” also – but I’ve been ringing that alarm bell since 2012/13. Now, on teevee, the same business pundits who refused to utter the word “deflation,” are braying it everywhere. I told you before, if you want some of the best advice on what to do during a deflationary period (and ours will probably last to the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 2024/.25, perhaps in a Japanese-style “slow death”) you should read Robert Prector and/or his “Elliot Wave” newsletter. Tell him I sent you.

Basically, the present trend is toward negative interest rates. (You lend a dollar, a year later you’re fully repaid with 98 cents.) It’s a weird echo/outcome of the Sharia lending “law” idea that’s haunted the back corridors of western financiers the last 5-10 years. (Remember, deflation is psychological, mood-induced. And nothing is coincidental.)

Now the worry is that banks cannot make money in a negative interest environment. Look around you: bank stocks have fallen in what I suspect is the first wave. I’d watch (rather than buy) bank stocks until September, which should be the approximate crisis point of the deflationary trend – you might then pick up some good bank stocks cheap. (However, I worry that banks will slowly decline after this, into 2024/5.)

If local banks start offering negative rates, simply pull your money out and keep it in your mattress. If you simply hold your cash, and deflation “falls” at, say, 5 % a year, then you’ve earned the equivalent of 5 %, without doing anything!

At present, Joe Public has seen deflation for years in electronics, computers, clothes  and vehicles, but he doesn’t see it in food because merchants, especially large food stores and end-product producers, try to inflate prices, often through trickery. Even when sticker prices fall, Joe Public’s “end price” is only partially reduced. For example, though clothing prices have fallen since the “China  Invasion,” the true reduction is hidden: the department store price of a sweater might have fallen from, say, $ 100 to $ 70. But the clothing retailer, who used to pay $ 50 and charge $ 100, now pays $ 10 but charges  $ 70. That’s a reduction of 30 % for the consumer, but an increase for the merchant of  600 %. Put another way, the merchant used to charge two times his cost; now he charges 7 times his cost, while boasting that he’s lowering prices — which is technically true. Oil has fallen from $140 a barrel to $ 30, a drop of almost 80 %, but gasoline (in Canada) has fallen from  $1.40 a litre  to $ 1.05 — a drop of only 25 %.

Here’s a trick McDonalds uses: they post the prices of burgers and meals on a strip ten feet above the floor, and ten feet behind the ordering counter, in 1-inch high letters, so only an eagle could read them. This is to make you order without knowing the price, as McDonald’s counts on you being too proud to admit you can’t read those prices, or too embarrassed (you’d look “cheap”) to ask the prices. So you order blind, you’re “price blind,” exactly as McDonald likes it. Have you ever noticed that it now takes two “Big Macs” to fill you up, when one used to suffice? (I’ve noticed – but perhaps my stomach has grown.) This reminds me of another trick, practiced by tea companies and cereal companies. Let’s use tea: they keep the price of the box of tea bags the same, but reduce the number of bags in the box, or, worse, reduce by a small per cent the amount of tea in each bag. That the amount you’re getting is less, is not sufficiently noted on the packaging – in fact, it is disguised or hidden by tricks of design, “fine print,” etc. Merchants and lawyers, I’m sure, share adjoining suites down below.

Here’s what I cannot grok: economists say deflation is the worst environment to carry debt, because as prices fall, so do earnings, and it becomes increasingly harder to pay off, say, your mortgage, if your income has fallen by 10 or 20 %. (Conversely, inflation is the best period to contract debt, because rising wages make it easier to pay debt – it shrinks as a portion of your expenses.) On the other hand, if a company does, say, owe a million dollars, and has to refinance its debt, with negative interest rates, it should be able to refi at far less than its prior payments – say at zero %, or 1 %. But if the company was only paying, say, 3 % before deflation, then this rate reduction doesn’t seem large. More importantly, the reasoning goes, the company gets paid less for its product or service, so has less income to service the debt, even at 0 % interest.

With that in mind, I’ve started to buy (Canadian) companies like Labrador Iron Ore (LIF) (mines iron) and Westshore Terminals (WTE) (ships coal) which have no debt whatsoever, yet are flirting with the drastic lows of the whole commodity crash. (Surely oil falling from $ 140 to $ 26 is a “crash.”) For these companies to fail, there would have to be a complete stop – i.e., no cars, bridges or vacuum cleaners built, no coal burned. Some of the Canadian banks and closed-end funds such as Enerplus (EIT.UN) have unusually low debt – but even these “lows” are substantial if it becomes impossible to pay off. (I’m gambling on Enerplus – bought 8,000 shares – but I’m not recommending it.) If you want to gamble on debt, then long-enduring mining companies such as Teck and Sherritt are trading at one-tenth of the value of their assets (“book value”).

Still, I’ve got to admit, the best investing approach to deflation puzzles me. And please remember, I am not an economist nor a financial expert, and have no training in either area.

BILL AND HILL: I think Bill’s campaigning for Hillary Clinton will not help, and could hurt her campaign. As nice as he is, Bill, a Leo, unconsciously considers Hillary, a Scorpio, to be beneath him, and when he looks at her, as hard as he tries consciously, his subconscious is saying: “Keep her down.” It won’t be a disaster as it was the last time he “helped” her, but a slow, seeping wound, a non-co-operation disguised as its opposite.

Most of Hillary’s problems stem from her Scorpio personality: the secretiveness, the hiding of emails, the dirty attacks on Sanders, and her treatment of the women Bill seduced and in one case reportedly raped. I always tell my clients that a Scorpio woman, if she discovered her husband in bed with another woman, would shoot the woman, not her husband. Well, Hillary’s a Scorpio. On the plus side, Scorpio is very loyal, and usually kind and magnanimous in victory – so I think Hillary, if elected, would be a caring President – but also a “caretaker” President. She will spend huge amounts on her campaign from March through May, and again August/September, like throwing bills into the wind.

BERNIE SANDERS/HILLARY: Bernie will remain more popular than Hillary until September. He’s a Virgo, and Jupiter’s in Virgo until Sept. 10/16. Notice how he doesn’t lie? Very few Virgos lie – it’s the sign of sincerity. The ideas he’s espousing are typically Jupiterian – big, short on detail, long on idealism. This is his one presidential shot, though – there won’t be another.

After mid-September, H.C. and B.S.’s paths tend to muddle, luck-wise. So when is the convention?




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Lie low Aries. The weeks ahead feature weariness, rest and quietude, contemplation and planning. (Indulge these, but don’t overdo, as deep rest, withdrawal, can be a trap.) Catch up with neglected chores and duties. Interface with charities, spiritual groups, institutions and government agencies. You’ll be tempted – almost driven – until March 5, to dig further into mysterious areas, including sexual and financial ones – take care, impulsive investing (and sexuality) can be dangerous. (Remember this all June/July, when the influence returns.) Romance, creative surges and a gambling urge call you Sunday, but meet a testy “wall.” Tackle chores Mon. to Wed. afternoon. A job might climax Mon., but be cautious this day and before 11 am (PST) Tuesday, when confusion and/or foundational barriers interfere. The remainder of Tues. brings splendid progress – dive in! Stick to routine chores Wed. Relationships, opportunities, public dealings and relocation themes arise Wed. mid-afternoon through Friday. All’s well, so approach others, negotiate, seek partners – be diplomatic when opposition or stumbles occur Fri. Secrets, mysteries, research, medical diagnoses, large finances, sexual yearnings and lifestyle changes fill Saturday – fortunately, so charge ahead.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Wishes can come true over the four weeks ahead, Taurus. But these (two should come true) will be fulfilled by the cosmos, not by you – in other words, if you isolate a wish and pursue it, it likely will not come true. Let yourself be surprised! (There’s actually method here: if you “half-perceive” a wish, or it hovers around the edge of your attention, it likely will come true; if you focus on it, grit your teeth, it will not come true.) Relationships remain intense until March 5 (and you’ll return to intensity here all June/July) so be diplomatic, co-operative. Some of those who face you have the facts and ability to raise uncomfortable issues, or to coerce, to grab the advantage. Avoid these types. That said, your popularity and optimism will remain high until late March, and a sprinkling of light romance, if it occurs, might soon become a shower of deep, heart-pounding attraction. Be home, hug the kids and putter, garden, repair, Sunday – be careful with temper and sharp instruments. Romance, creative and speculative urges, charming kids and beauty – these fill Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. (PST). Monday’s illusive, could make you chase the wrong person (he/she’s tied to something/someone already). But Tuesday soars with luck – charge ahead! Mid-afternoon Wed. through Friday brings chores and daily health concerns. All’s well, though pre-dawn Fri. (PST) might hold a stomach upset, etc. Relationships, opportunities, relocation themes welcome you Saturday – welcome them! (Chase them; don’t wait for them.)


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

The four weeks ahead emphasize your position in the world, Gemini. You’ll find out where you stand in the pecking order, and could climb a rung or two. Still, lighten up on the gas here, in career, prestige and ambition zones. Until May 2017, in career and in dealing with authorities, keep your head down and just do your job – changing careers, jobs or employers, or challenging authority, can lead you into a subtle trap. BTW, all the above does NOT apply to simple grunge jobs – if you are not seeking prestige, your job is fine. Work will be intense to March 5 (has been since early January) and will be high-octane again all June and July. Still, you’ll like and remain hopeful about your work during these periods, so the intensity can actually favour you. Don’t pick up “social illnesses” (e.g., a cold making the rounds) during these same periods. Sunday’s fun and talkative – but sidestep arguments. Be home as much as you can Monday to mid-afternoon Wed. Monday (to 11 am PST Tues.) needs some care, as co-operation (spouse, mainly) seems elusive. The rest of Tues. rewards, pleases – you might stumble across a real estate (or furniture, crockery, decoration) bargain. Romance and beauty call you mid-afternoon Wed. through Fri. – all’s fine here, but be cautious pre-dawn Thurs., when domestic or sexual bumps can upset your love. Tackle chores Sat. – success certain.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

You have just entered 4 weeks of day-dreaming, profound thoughts, far travel or international awareness, higher education, intellectual, media and cultural pursuits, and love. The last, love, is almost “urgent” – your romantic fires are lit intensely until March 5 (and will be again all June/July). (For marrieds, these periods bring creative career/business ideas.) Simultaneously, your sexual side is awakening, you’re starting to see physical intimacy as a potentially sweet, affectionate thing (until March 12). In the short term, it’s “now or never” – actually, this week and next, or never – until this summer, when romantic fires will flare again. One warning: don’t try to make a simple romance more profound (e.g., turning it into a wedding). This, and all the zones mentioned above – higher ed., far travel, etc. – should be given a light touch or avoided altogether, until mid-May 2017. (The trick is, if these – far travel, wedding, etc. – come to you unbidden, they’re good; but if you must chase them, they’re bad.) Chase money or shop Sunday, but don’t buy anything mechanical or made of steel/iron, and if a client or other says “no,” don’t push or you could garner a “NO.” Errands, communications, casual friends, details, paperwork (applications too) and short travel fill Monday to mid-afternoon (PST) Wed. Obstacles interfere Wed. morning, but the rest of the day is chock-full of good luck. Turn homeward Wed. afternoon through Fri. – all’s good, though Fri. pre-dawn is a bit disruptive. Saturday? Love in some form or another – you could fall madly in!


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead feature secrets, research, large finances, physical intimacy, and the lifestyle changes that result from these. (E.g., medical research/diagnosis reveals you have to stop eating burgers every day.) These changes, in most cases, will not be to your liking, if made now to May 2017 – yet the same period tempts you to dive into these zones, to have an extra-marital affair (you’ll call it love, but that’s no excuse – in fact it’s not even the truth) or to invest heavily. Go light, Leo! (Another clue: if life drops something in your lap, in these areas, good – but if you chase it or do it as a self-indulgence, watch out! E.g., Marilyn Monroe drops from heaven and throws her arms around you, good – grab her. But if you see her sashaying down the street and chase her, you’ll hit that meat truck you didn’t see.) Mars is making your domestic scene fractious until March 5 (and will again all June/July) so practice gentle forbearance. (These two periods might also signal the end of a lawsuit – or the start of one if real estate’s involved.) Venus in your partnership zone will make relations affectionate with everyone (except perhaps family) to March 12. You shine Sunday, but don’t argue or be a dictator at home. Chase money and shop Mon. to mid-afternoon (PST) Wed. Don’t buy anything (especially NOT used items) before 11 am (PST) Tues. This afternoon/eve could bring a windfall or a great purchase. Errands, communications, paperwork, short travel and casual friends fill Wed. mid-afternoon through Friday. All systems are go, but don’t stumble over a home or relationship matter Fri. pre-dawn. Spend Sat. at home or in the ‘hood with family – love, cozy love.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, fresh, new horizons, dealings with the public, possible fame (Bernie Sanders is a Virgo) – these fill the few weeks ahead. Listen, Virgo, now to mid-May 2017 relationships might seem disappointing, elusive, a dead-end, etc. However, they won’t seem that way at first, and at first you’ll be powerfully tempted to dive in. Be cautious. Overall, be independent, reject unsolicited advice. If a deal, a potential life mate, fame, etc., happens to drop into your lap now to mid-17, this could be a gift from heaven. But if you have to chase it, you’ll probably end up skewered on the sharp point of your own temptation. Study “opportunities” closely before you seize them. Are your own morals, ethics good, your actions unselfish? Then go ahead. From March 5 to late May, and again August/September, your domestic scene can be fractious or “changeable” – this might be due to your hankering for exotic places or slinky people. Lie low, rest and contemplate Sunday. Sex, big money and big changes won’t work. Your energy and charisma soar upward Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. (PST). Charge ahead, get things done, don’t be swayed (Monday) by a spouse or partner – follow your own instincts. A wee barrier Tues. morning (PST) then all’s lucky – resume your charge! (Especially good, Tues. afternoon, for real estate, home, foundations, kids, and ending unviable situations.) Chase money and shop Wed. afternoon through Friday – the only “difficult” time is pre-dawn Fri. (daytime in Europe, afternoon/eve Turkey to China). Errands, trips, communications and paperwork proceed splendidly Sat.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Work, daily health, dependents and service personnel fill the four weeks ahead, Libra. Don’t get bogged down in these. Don’t become a slave to your children, don’t let hands-on tasks drain your energy, don’t swallow bottles of vitamins. Instead, default to delegating chores, let your kids fend a bit for themselves, and eat sensibly, not fanatically. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs.   (This advice holds until mid-May 2017.) You make more and spend way, way too much more, now to March 5 and again June/July – most of this is an attempt to impress someone attractive, or to keep a partnership alive. Don’t go broke. A nice thread of romance winds through your days until mid-March. But remember, get that work done. Sunday’s for delicious hopes, popularity and social joys – but the one you want to love you, won’t. Retreat to rest, contemplate and plan Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. Just rest Mon. through 10:30 am (PST) Tues. The government or “head office” might “demand an answer.” Seek domestic solutions, government largesse or “forgiveness” all Tues. afternoon. Your energy and charisma surge Wed. afternoon through Friday – start projects, assume a leadership role, see and be seen, impress others! Be careful Fri. pre-dawn. Chase money, new clients, a pay raise, sell items and/or shop Saturday – all’s well, all’s lucky – but DON’T buy video games/lens, etc.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead bring romantic notions, love, creative surges, speculative ventures, beauty, pleasure, and charming kids. These can form a subtle trap, a trap even of your own making, woven from temptation and the kind of blindness con artists rely on. This advice holds until May 2017. But there’s another option, just as alive, and more rewarding: it’s really the other side of the coin: light, friendly romance, social joys rather than private pleasures, optimism instead of beauty. Aim for the group. That said, a romance might just fall in your lap. If so, grab it. If you have to chase it, slow down, walk away from it. Your courage, determination and sex appeal remain high until March 5 – but you can use this in work as well as romance. Be wise. Sunday’s for prestige, ambitions – but offers little progress. It’s a good day (until 5 pm PST) for editing, pruning, cutting away waste. Optimism, social delights, entertainment, popularity, and light romance/flirtations – all possible/probable, Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. Monday highlights that choice between deep love and light love, with the latter favoured. Tuesday morning warns against monetary shortages. (On the way to meet so-and-so, forgot my bus fare.) This noon to eve, though, is packed with good luck in communications and social joys – a friendly contact can boost your money/income prospects. Retreat Wed. afternoon through Friday. Rest, contemplate, plan, deal with charities, head office, institutions and government. Your energy and charisma soar Saturday – you’re the star! Swagger a bit and chase that attractive person.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Friends are fine, affectionate, but romance just ain’t working until March 5, so be patient. The emphasis over the weeks ahead lies on home, domesticity, kids, garden, nutrition, Mother Nature, hibernation (power naps) security, real estate and retirement plans. Give this area its due, without fully embracing it. Remember, until September your luck lies in the opposite direction: career, prestige, the outside world of ambition – and until May 2017 your good karma lies here also. To buy real estate during this time, or to focus exclusively on home, children, would be a mistake, one that could usher you into a period of frustration. Sunday’s wise, and usually would be mellow – but a belligerent person might be determined to poke their nose in. Be mellow, slide away from conflict. Be ambitious, chase your career or business ideas as never before Mon. to mid-afternoon (PST) Wed. – you are enjoying a once-in-35-years benevolence and support here until September. Don’t hesitate – well, maybe you should, Monday, when you might be indecisive or might try to combine home and career (likely a mistake). Tuesday before 11 am (PST) is a little dicey, too – but this afternoon/eve is splendid, could even open as door (quietly) to promotion. Happiness tiptoes in Wed. afternoon through Friday – friends, entertainment, flirtations, optimism lift your heart! Retreat Saturday – rest, and improve your home, sit the family down and work out agreements/plans for the future.


 Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 23-Jan. 19

The weeks ahead bring much busy work, but reduced consequences, so you can “relax in your busyness.” Errands, calls, emails, paperwork, details, casual acquaintances and siblings, short trips – these will fill the days. Normally this would be a good time to install new office, filing or computer systems, to start a major mail campaign, even to buy a new phone. But until May 2017, everything I’ve mentioned here, busy work to new phones, can waste time or lead to unimpressive results, even to negative results. So do your errands, etc., but don’t spend all day on them, and put off those “systems” if you can. (If you must proceed, i.e., a car just ran over your mobile phone, then buy an imported product – e.g., in the U.S., buy a Samsung or such, not Apple.) The international, foreign, intellectual or profound is your “safety” until mid-2017. You might be dreaming (deliciously) of quitting – a job, a relationship, whatever. This urge will come again, in June/July. I’m not advising here. Sunday holds mysteries (including that urge to end things – ignore it this day). Be diplomatic, quiet. The profound side of life – intellectual pursuits, higher education, far travel, legal affairs, love, compassion – enters Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. Monday is a bit confused, indecisive, and Tues. morning you could be held back by your own personality or history, but after 11 am (PST) Tues., your luck turns beautifully – chase a goal in these areas. Be ambitious Wed. afternoon through Fri. All’s well in career and status areas, except pre-dawn Friday (restraint solves all, if you’re awake). Saturday, simple, beautiful happiness – bask in it!


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The four weeks ahead accent money, earnings, buying and selling, rote learning and memory, and sensual (but not romantic) attraction. Stay “light” in all these areas – maintain the status quo without increasing your efforts/commitment. Any spare time or energy you have should be channeled toward investments, debt reduction, or research. Don’t seek light, non-committal sex; instead, go deep, profound. Don’t accept surface appearances; instead, look deep. All this advice lasts until May 2017, but is especially important for the month ahead. Bosses remain temperamental until March 5 (and will be so again June/July) so grin and bear it, be long-suffering. Your personal charm remains high into mid-March; many small, even innocent interludes will convince you of this. Sunday brings relationships, and argument is likelier than affection. Be diplomatic. Monday to mid-afternoon Wed. steers you into deeper waters, where investments, debt, mortgages, sexual yearnings, lifestyle changes, medical diagnoses, research, commitment and consequence swim about. Jump into this zone – Monday through mid-morn Tues. (11 am PST) brings obstacles or momentary indecision, but Tues. pm offers splendid luck. Reach deep, and grasp it! A mellow mod, wisdom and intellectual pursuits – and love – fill Wed. afternoon through Fri. All’s smooth, fine – with the exception of pre-dawn Fri. Be ambitious, career or status oriented Saturday – all lights are green!


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness reach a yearly high this week and the next three, Pisces. However, use this energy and magnetism to attract others or gain their acceptance – in order to join their cause or project. Now until mid-May 2017, the best thing you can do is to be interdependent, to relocate or chase opportunities, to seek marriage (or even a date) to approach others, to join. The worst thing you can do is be independent, to refuse advice and go your own way…right into a swamp. (In truth, your private life and solitude will be sweet, and your intimate relationships affectionate – but remember your “outside life.”) You especially need to remember this now to late March. Strictly avoid lawsuits before March 5, and again all June/July. Tackle chores Sunday, but take care (especially around 5 pm PST) with tools, driving, angry gestures. Relationships arise Monday through mid-afternoon Wed. Now you can profitably and luckily exercise my advice above to go out to others. You could meet your future mate, or land a splendid contract, opportunity or client/agent. Life’s mysteries float to the surface Wed. afternoon through Friday. All’s well, especially in large finances (investments, debt, etc.) sexual intimacy (avoid extra-marital temptations) research, medical diagnoses, and lifestyle changes. However, be cautious (if you’re awake) 11 pm Thurs. to 4 am Fri. (daytime Europe, evening China) – drive carefully. Saturday is filled with splendid good luck – for you, in far travel, intellectual pursuits, cultural venues (e.g., weddings, foreign films) and love. Express your thoughts.

The End.

11 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — FEBRUARY 21 – 27, 2016

  1. penelope

    Thanks Tim! I appear to have lived a lower bowl life oddly…raising kids, renovating and a very uninspiring freelance career for the most part! Cheers!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Jazzed,

      The lunar south node (difficult karma) is in Libra’s “nutrition and daily health” sign: so best not to abuse this area (food, drink, drug intake — all foods are drugs, btw) until the south node leaves that sector.



  2. starhelk

    Tim – noticed your comment on the south node vis a vis Einstein and Jobs. Does this mean you are re-thinking your advice to Geminis to avoid career moves until 2017?

  3. Animo

    Hi Tim,
    You said to rest Mon to tue for gemini andBe home as much as you can Monday to mid-afternoon Wed. But I had a job interview on Mon afternoon, will it go smoothly?

  4. penelope

    Tim, I just love your preambles! Maybe more than my Virgo/ Sagittarius predictions! You know I (Virgo) don’t lie!! Keep ’em coming!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Thanks, Penelope — we tries our bestest. (Btw, Virgos can lie — they just feel very uncomfortable with it. Bernie Sanders is a Virgo — look at him in comparison with Scorpio Hillary. Her dishonesty is obvious to the observer; with Bernie, it seems his honesty shines.)



      1. penelope

        Ooh, I love it when you reply so kindly, Tim!
        Yes we virgos lie occasionally but we are very keen to be honest. On the other hand we sages are prone to exaggeration!
        Do you think an individual with an upper bowl chart just loses any gains in life…as one astrologer put it? Sadly I have this…it seems to be true…as the bowl is upside down and everything empties ?

        1. Tim Stephens Post author

          Hi, Penelope,

          Usually a predominance of “lights” above the horizon indicates ambition and ability to make a mark on the world, or to pursue leadership/politics. The bottom of the bowl filled (most planets below the horizon) indicates a primarily private life, but one that can also succeed in real estate, raising kids/family life, creativity, sales, etc. This was part of Christ’s statement, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” (One more indication that biblical personages understood astrology. — the 4th house, bottom of the zodiacal circle, or birth chart, represents both humility and the earth, Gaia, etc.)



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